Love Is Blind (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

After the Altar: Two Years Later

1 Everybody wants to find true love, and we've done some crazy things to get it.
Damian Powers, will you marry me? I will marry you.
I will be your wife.
- Yes? - Yes.
Two years ago, we fell in love and chose someone to marry without ever seeing them.
Oh, my God.
True love is deeper than just what somebody looks like.
Oh, wow.
Some of us are still in love.
- I love you.
- I love you.
You know, I met not just my wife, but my best friend.
Kiss her! Married couples to my right, engaged to my left.
But some of us are still searching.
This is the part where I ask for your number.
How many more times can you date somebody for two years? I don't wanna lose him.
He's my person.
He's my family.
I've taken up for you more than anybody, and that's fucked up.
We're married.
It wasn't an easy situation for me.
Everyone knew I was serious about Barnett.
Shit happens.
- I have a gift I wanted to deliver to you.
- Okay.
So, I can't.
I'm sorry.
Francesca, this is Giannina.
- Hello.
Hi, how are you? - Hi.
Love is fucking crazy.
He's mine.
- You're messing with the wrong bitch.
- Are you ready for it? I don't care to forgive her.
How do people even operate like this? That was bullshit.
That was bullshit.
But love is still everything.
- To real love! - To love.
Are you ready for it? Ooh Ooh You're pumpin' through my veins You make me feel alive Come here.
You make me wanna cry now Come on.
Make me love you crazy You look really pretty.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Tell me about my son.
How is Damian? Damian's good.
Ever since I can remember, I've been dreaming of finding a soul mate, and I found him.
Giannina, do you take Damian Powers to be your lawful wedded husband? Of course I do.
And from this day on I promise to give you the gift of being your rock, because this I promise, Damian, I'm yours.
And then my whole world just turned upside down.
Damian Powers, do you take Giannina to be your lawful wedded wife? I do not.
Leave me the fuck alone.
I thought I'd never want to speak to Damian again.
But, um, we ended up talking that entire night, and we realized that the love was still there, so I ended up giving him a second chance.
I just can't picture my life without him at all.
He's my big, strong man.
That's what I call him.
He's shown me unconditional love, and it's so rare to find somebody like that.
- Damian's good.
- Sure? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
Nothing happened.
We're just having some problems.
Don't tell me that because I'm going to cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
- You know I love Damian, Giannina.
- I know.
He's a good match.
How many times you are together? - More than two years.
- Two years.
Two years.
Two years.
- I'm gonna be fine.
- You are the best couple on the world.
No, no, no.
He love you.
You love him.
I know.
I know.
I know.
We're trying to figure it out.
It's like, not easy.
Okay? It's not easy.
Things are different and messy.
We're still not married.
We're not living together.
But I still believe in marriage.
I still believe in love, and I just love him so much.
He love you, and I know you love him.
I know.
You are my obsession Nothing like the smell of the air Gotta let yourself lose control - Brother! - Sis! Oh, my God.
- What's up! - Hey.
What's going on? - Okay, with the fresh braids.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, Dad.
- How you doing, baby? - Good.
- Uh-oh.
- Good to see you.
- Mm.
Good to see you, too.
Oh, hey! There he is.
I know that the pods and that whole experience may seem a little unusual.
- My best man.
What's up, Bill? - How you doing, buddy? - Screw that.
- How you doing, man? But I think it's just natural and almost a reflex to judge someone based on how they look.
That's why I was so appreciative of Love Is Blind, because it allowed us to take that element out of the picture, and it allowed us to form such a strong connection over a short period of time.
If this is giving up, I was like right on the cusp, okay? Love Is Blind was like the hand reaching out, like, "No, don't give up.
" - Give it a second chance.
- Like Rose and Jack on the Titanic.
Like, "No.
" That was, like, Love Is Blind for my love life.
I think I'll have a glass of wine 'cause it's my birthday.
It is.
- Cam, did you wash that chicken? - Yep.
- No, you didn't.
- Yep.
What's the matter? - He didn't wash the chicken.
Cam - Well, you do cook it.
- So it's a really high temperature.
- I know, but it's not the same.
- You don't need to wash the chicken.
- I don't know who said that.
- Well, several government organizations.
- I don't trust them.
- It's true.
- Well, I like to wash my chicken first.
And my produce.
People's hands reaching and touching at the grocery store, they could have dug in their butt, and then they go on and grab the broccoli.
- You not rinsing it and you gonna eat it? - You should wash your produce.
Not the meat.
You don't need to wash the meat.
Everything looks so nice.
- Well, Cam, thank you for cooking this - Yes.
- amazing meal.
- Yeah.
Cam put it together! To chef Cam.
- To chef Cam! - Chef in the house.
- I'm just thankful to have everyone here - Yes.
for just an amazing time to celebrate Lauren's birthday.
We've had such an amazing year together.
- Two years.
- Two years, yeah.
Come on.
Don't forget.
- No, I'm not forgetting.
- It's only been two years.
But I'm thankful for you as a partner and I'm thankful that you chose me as your husband.
Aw, Cam And that you continue to choose me every day.
- That's sweet.
- Aw.
We got our anniversary party.
We're doing a dual anniversary party with the Barnetts.
Kind of unusual.
- Nice.
- That'll be fun.
Yeah, after talking to Matt and Amber, we figured it would be kind of fun to do it together because we bonded over the fact that we went through this experience together.
I'm really excited to see everyone again, these very special, very unique people at our anniversary party.
You know, we got a chance to become good friends.
I don't know, it brings back those old memories, too, with Damian and Giannina coming.
- Oh, really? - Yep.
Carlton and Diamond in the same room, I hope that it's - It could get a little heated.
- smooth.
I'm looking forward to it.
You know, when we get the group together, it's always a fun time.
I hope so.
I wonder if Jessica's gonna come.
I mean, we invited - Hmm.
- Jessica - Jessica - She We did? Yeah, we sent an invite out.
Oh, okay.
- No, that's her voice when she - Sorry, Jessica.
- We are gonna come off like assholes.
- I know.
Jessica's got a new man.
- Yeah, a lot happening in two years.
- A lot to think about.
I'll drink some water to that.
- It's good.
Good food.
- Very good.
- Excellent.
- I'm loving it.
I wonder if Mark's gonna come.
I hope he does.
I know he's got his hands full with the baby coming and - What? - New baby mama.
- Yeah.
- Somebody got a baby coming? Yeah, Mark and his girlfriend.
They have a baby coming in April.
Mark and Jessica.
You know.
Remember them? Mark Anthony Cuevas, do you take Jessica Nicole Batten to be your lawful wedded wife? I do.
Jessica Nicole Batten, do you take Mark Anthony Cuevas to be your lawful wedded husband? I cannot.
So they decided not to get married, but they had a No, he had the baby with somebody else.
- Oh.
- Jessica's not involved in that.
He's moved on.
Like, are you surprised that Mark is about to have a baby? A little bit.
It happened kind of fast, but I know - Kinda? - Yeah.
It was like two weeks, and she was pregnant.
So what's the timeline on you guys having kids? Oh, my God.
What's the timeline on you having a baby, brother? - We're on God's clock over here, baby.
- Amen.
But me and Cam said probably within the next year we should get started, because I am getting older.
You don't sound that excited.
I mean, I am excited.
I think that it's kind of scary, though.
- Just being honest.
- It is.
I don't wanna pressure Lauren into having a baby.
- She gets enough pressure from the world.
- Yeah, the media.
- Yep.
- So I'm ready when she's ready.
I mean, I'll be ready soon.
It's really up to me.
I mean, you know, it's my it's my snatch.
It's coming out of me.
I'm the one that has to carry the baby.
I'm the one that's gonna get the stretch marks and the saggy boobs.
We've already talked about the boobs.
So all that is going to happen to me.
All Cam has to do is shoot the club up.
You're always hugging each other, still, two years later.
The way they look at each other, the way they respond to each other, is just showing me what love can be.
I spend a lot of time around them, and at a certain point, as a father you's like, "Okay, she's in good hands.
" My dad He never really had a problem with Cameron because he was white or anything like that.
My dad was gonna ask the questions because his daughter met this man through a wall and we were talking about getting married.
So my dad is like, "What? What is this?" "We have to ask some questions.
I need to get to know you.
" Like, my dad came to terms with that.
That's a daughter's dream, just to know that I fully got his stamp of approval.
Love, love, love, love You're a shining star.
And the world loves you.
That's what I'm proud of.
- You guys are gonna - Yeah.
- You're gonna get us teared up.
- The world loves you.
- I know.
It is it is - That's nice.
That makes me proud as a father.
You're the blueprint for America.
That's what I take from the last two years.
You guys proved that being brave and just following your heart, how powerful that could be.
- Yeah.
- My birthday makeup.
He's still a little nerdy.
He's getting hipper by the day, though.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, girl.
What's up? - Trying to find something to get into.
- Let's go to a strip club.
- I'm just kidding.
- No.
What are you wearing? Why do you Why Why you asking that? I think you should come by my shop and put on lipstick.
Put on lipstick? Do I need to push up the boobs? Do I need to Have on lipstick, looking cute.
Hurry up.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, friend.
I'm on my way.
My dating life has been unsuccessful, I would say for several reasons.
One, I started a new business and I've been working extremely hard.
I'm coming.
And then two, I know what I want and I'm not here for the BS.
I need someone who is genuinely real with me.
Ladies, take notes.
You have to stay prepared.
Keep that nice black dress in the car, as well as your heels, 'cause you might get that phone call and vroom, you pull up.
Ebony and I met two years ago from the pods.
Does size matter, or is it the motion in the ocean? There's no motion in any ocean without the thing that makes the motion go.
Oh, my God.
What? God damn.
Ebony is telling me to get cute and hurry up, because where she works is definitely a hot spot in Atlanta.
Crush it Girl, you got it Crush it Girl, you got it Crush it Girl, you got it Crush it - Girl, you got it - Crush it, crush it - Like red carpet - Hey.
Hey, girl.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
- Look at you! - You look cute.
Look, I need to come to the gym with you.
- You look good, boo.
- Yes.
Hey, girl.
Yes, girl.
I mean, I had to throw on a little something-something.
Look to your right, but don't look like you're looking.
- That's Brett, and that's his friend.
- Ooh.
- His name is Rumeal.
- Okay.
Why I had you get dressed up.
- Rumeal.
You roll it off the tongue? - Okay.
- Think he's cute? - Let me see.
Well, you know.
You know her? He's definitely my type.
Get up and let's go say hi.
- I don't know, Ebony, girl, like Okay.
- Come on.
You're already dressed.
I definitely want a strong relationship.
I want a strong foundation between my husband and I, my future husband and I.
So I made a really deep connection with Carlton in the pod.
Will you marry me? Oh, my gosh.
I'm never gonna break your heart.
But Carlton was not completely honest with me.
You led me to believe that you "really was into me.
" - I do.
- You don't.
Because if you did you would have been here and told me from day one that, "Diamond, I am bisexual.
" This is why I don't deal with bitches like you.
Oh, I'm a bitch now.
I want a guy that can be truthful with me.
I want to be with someone who would accept me for all my flaws and everything about me, and love me for who I am, including whatever happened in my past, including how different I am.
I just want something real.
- Hi, what's going on? How you been? - How you doing? - Was gon' say hey, but y'all was talking.
- You know how we do.
Right? - Hi.
- Rumeal.
Nice to meet you.
You're tall.
Sit here or there? - I'm gonna sit over there.
- Sit here.
No problem.
He look good.
Good, good, good, good, good, good.
Not only that, he's tall, like, extremely tall, so I can wear whatever heels I wanna wear.
How you been, Brett? Thank you, girl.
- Working.
Working hard.
- Working hard? Rumeal, tell me about yourself.
So, been in Atlanta for about three years now.
Born and raised in Baltimore.
- You from Chicago? - From Chi-Town.
- I'm from Michigan, so - Really? What part? I'm from South Side.
Everybody from Chicago is from the South Side, I feel like - I really am from the South Side.
- I believe you.
I believe you.
No, I got, uh, I got really good friends from Chicago.
He's definitely handsome, so that's a plus, and I really like his raspy voice.
I saw you over there and I told Brett, like, "Man, she kinda fly.
" So it's really unique that it's a whole mutual friend thing.
"Hey, Diamond, I see you" I can't even do it right.
So you're from Chicago.
What brought you to Atlanta? Actually, school brought me to Atlanta, and so far I've been here since 2014.
She hasn't even looked at me.
She's, like, engulfed.
Feeling neglected? It's okay.
No, 'cause I have you.
So, what kind of guys you entertain? - "Entertain.
" Like it.
- Yeah.
Genuinely, just a good connection and really good personality.
- Okay.
- And that we vibe right.
We vibe good.
Are there character traits that you look for that compile a good personality? - I wanna make sure he's a family man.
- Okay.
Um, I want to see if we have the same goals, because, like Where do you see yourself in five years? Definitely family.
- Okay.
- Definitely a family.
I wanna be married.
- Okay.
- Um, kids.
Bravo to Ebony.
I'm so happy that she looked out for your girl.
I feel I need to get her a drink.
- What do you look for in a woman? - Definitely class.
- Great sense of humor.
- Okay.
Um, definitely, um, someone who's a team player.
- Okay.
- Um, and I would say, uh, intelligent.
Uh, definitely ambitious as well.
I'm definitely God-fearing.
- Okay.
- That helps out a lot as well.
- Yeah, that's number one.
- Yeah, for sure.
- You're single, right? - I am.
- I wanna double check.
- I'm very single.
Yourself? - Yes, sir.
- Awesome.
- You You fit the bill.
- Yeah.
Diamond's fly.
She from Chicago.
I'm a sucker for Midwest women.
I'm a breast man, so, you know, C C cups or more.
Anything less than that, I really can't do.
Uh, but that's just my preference.
Shout out to the ladies with the A's and B's.
- So you was eyeing me? - Absolutely.
This is the part where I ask for your number.
- Okay.
I'll give you my number.
- All right.
- Which car out there is yours? - It's around the corner.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
You need me to walk you to it, or - No.
- No? Said she wanna be my main chick Said she got what it takes Every little movement Every little thing you do - Yes, thank you so much.
- Cheers to you guys.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
We are drinking espresso martinis, and they get us in - So pumped.
- just the right mood.
- All jacked up on espresso martinis.
- Exactly.
- We need adult supervision.
- That's true.
Welcome to, uh, date night with the Barnetts.
Date nights are usually not this, uh, sophisticated.
Our date nights aren't usually romantic.
They're more - Sweet.
- crazy.
Giddyup, baby! Ah-ah-ah! Ya-hoo! Whoo! Trying to kiss my car, or what? Jeez.
- Put my shoes on.
- How's my hair? Nice.
People don't necessarily ask me where we met.
More of, "Oh, how long have you been married?" "Two years.
" "Oh, how long have you known each other? How long were you dating?" - "Oh, we've known each other two years.
" - Will you marry me? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Whew! Yes.
People typically think that we met at a glory hole.
- Because I said there was a wall - Stop, Matt.
You had to make it weird.
Oh, my God.
- Did you have that the whole time? - Yeah.
I kind of feel bad about trying to splash mud on you now.
It's okay.
You want rosé? - Yes.
- Okay.
Do you want to eat off plates or just like savages? - I'm a savage, baby.
- Okay.
I'm a savage, but also I'm a classic, so Okay.
This is reminiscent of our first anniversary.
I like to do things the same way.
- Just a little different every time.
- You're consistent.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Your eyes look so pretty right now.
- I can't see your eyes.
It's too bright.
There you go.
Think we can ask for funnel cakes at the anniversary party? I might have already asked.
Our anniversary party.
Oh, gosh.
It'll be interesting.
Us and the Hamiltons.
The dual anniversary with us and the the Hamiltons.
I have to say "The Hamiltons" 'cause they're so fancy.
- You did it wrong.
"The Hamiltons.
" - "The Hamiltons.
" Ours is like, "The Barnetts.
" Like, "The Barnetts.
" Ugh.
All right.
Hold this for a second.
I'm getting cold again.
Yeah, well, we should have got a fire going.
Oh, my God.
A fire pit would have been amazing.
Anyways - Damian and G are gonna be there.
- I'm excited to see them again, but But maybe Voldemort.
Yes, Voldemort.
I have zero interest in associating with Jessica after the way that she disrespected me.
You were so confused two weeks ago.
I want to make sure that you're doing what's right for you.
It just seems awfully bold to go to a party celebrating a couple that you tried to break up.
If that person were to show up, you don't have to interact with her.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hang out with me.
- Hang out with people you like.
- Yep.
That's enough.
Stop now.
You haven't learned this about me yet, but one of the, uh, many life skills that I have mastered is acting like somebody doesn't exist.
Your bad love is trouble God knows we're in deep If hurt's gonna rain down Amen, so it be I'm a hole lot to deal with My touch, one in a million Say you'll always love me Even if it hurts - What's up, C? - Lauren, what's up? - How you feeling? Good? - Good.
How are you? - Good.
You look amazing.
- I love the hat.
- I love everything.
- You look amazing.
- I have something for you.
- What? A birthday present.
And I know y'all anniversary is coming up too, so I have something for you for your anniversary.
You so sweet.
- Thank you.
- Sparkly.
After our show came out, I honestly found myself in a very dark space.
- I gave you your ring back.
- I don't give a fuck about a ring.
Fuck a ring! Fuck you! Fucker.
- Lost your damn mind.
- Nah, fuck like me.
- Fuck you.
Shut the fuck up! - Peace out.
Ooh, you so fucking Ooh! You mad because I'm telling the truth.
There were so many people judging me.
Regardless of what happened with Diamond and I and our situation, which was completely devastating, it's almost forced me to be stronger, because it's like, are you going to bend or are you going to break? Seeing you is refreshing, because I feel like a lot of things that have happened Oh, yeah.
I I haven't honestly done a great job at handling it.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, like I mean, it's a lot to handle, you know? It is, but, like, when you imagine, like, trying to handle it and feeling like you're alienated from everyone else.
The people in our circle don't fuck with me.
They don't.
If they don't fuck with you, that's them.
They don't need to be in your life.
With this group from the pods, I feel like a lot of times I have to get defensive.
Like, "Get up off of me," because I don't feel like they understand me.
But do you not see how my energy of trying to explain myself You don't have to explain yourself Yes, you do, when you want to be accepted by your friends, people you started an experience with.
You need to be accepted by you.
- I do accept me.
- Right.
- But when other people don't accept you - Fuck 'em.
So the way I see this group is we're all on this beach, and I'm in middle of the water.
There's sharks surrounding me, and I'm screaming for help, and they're not trying to save me.
How are you still giggling and happy, and somebody that's a part of your group is hurt? I feel crazy still being emotional about it so much time after, but I Why? That was such a huge part in our lives.
- Are you kidding me? - I didn't get to talk to my ex-fiancée.
- Mm.
Now, I'm gonna be honest - I wish she'd answer her phone.
I feel like it's bad blood between you and Diamond.
Here's the thing, I don't think she'll be able to love somebody like myself.
Who are you to say that, though? The first question that she asked me once I told her something was, "How are you sure that you don't wanna be with a man?" Put yourself in her shoes.
In the Black community.
Yeah, let's do that.
- What do you mean? Bi-phobia? - Yeah.
I'm not saying that doesn't exist.
- 'Cause it does.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But at the same time, you have to realize she's receiving a lot of information.
It's a Black community thing.
Let's just say that.
- I think - So, what are you really concerned about? I think that the main thing was that maybe she wanted you to tell her sooner.
But why is she victimized? I didn't say she was a victim.
I'm trying to understand perspective.
I didn't ask her who did she sleep with.
I didn't ask her how many sexual partners she had, how many abortions has she had? Has she ever kissed a girl on a drunk night, which most girls do.
They be munching carpet and don't even talk about it.
People like me don't get to bounce back from the situations that heterosexual people get to bounce back from.
If you're heterosexual, your boyfriend, your baby daddy, anybody can just hop into any type of bed that they want to hop into, play you like a game, do whatever they want to do, and then it's like, "That's my man.
 I'mma stick by him.
" Let it be a fluid man, "Oh, well, you know his gay ass.
" I'm not even gay.
Stop mislabeling me.
You seem angry.
You seem defensive.
I understand that you're passionate 'cause I'm a passionate person, too.
But do you see what they're saying? - You see them saying this or that? - I'm talking about the cast.
- Fuck the cast.
Who's the cast? - You're talking about The problem with the cast is the cast is so much trying to be the cast, but some of us, this is our real life.
It's not about this show or a moment.
If they need that, sorry to this man.
I'm sorry that you need that.
Put in with a Black woman who's married to a white man, and let's make him look stupid.
That's what it is.
- You gonna reduce me to that? - Yeah.
I've taken up for you more than anybody in your comments when people was coming against you.
Did you not see the people I was arguing against? Why are you getting upset? You got on the defensive.
- I just asked a question.
- That's the easy way out.
Well, I felt that Diamond should feel some type of way.
That's fucked up.
I'm tired of it.
- Stop it.
- Fuck it.
Oh, Lord.
You want some liquid chalk so your hands aren't sweating? Maybe.
Rub it in like lotion all over your hands.
So don't use it to masturbate.
That's like Olympic people, do it with one hand.
Oh, God.
At least we'll look good at the party.
Don't make me laugh.
Can't lift when I laugh.
Excited to talk to some of our old pod squad, right? Pod squad.
Yeah, people are in relationships now, like, long-term, serious ones.
People are having babies.
- What about you, Cameron? - What about me? When are you guys popping 'em out? I'm I'm not in any rush, per se, but, uh Y'all using condoms? - No.
- Cool.
- That's the best part about marriage.
- Barnett, what about you, man? Um, I'm not actively not trying.
- You're not actively not trying.
- Hold on.
I confused myself.
I am not doing anything to prevent having kids.
And y'all are both on the same page? Uh You wanna be a dad.
I see you actually wanna be a dad.
I do, but where we live now, it's an apartment complex.
I'm not really wanting to have a kid at an apartment, basically.
- That makes sense.
- She's She's like She's "Baby's not gonna know where they are for the first couple of months anyways.
" I mean, that's a valid point, too.
Ah, man.
So Kids.
When we got married, I still had my house.
Here is my my home.
Aw, baby.
It's so little.
We moved out of the house into Amber's old apartment with her roommate, and I used the money from selling the house to pay off student loans.
There's my student debt from where I never graduated college.
- How much we talking about? - Round abouts 20 grand? You know, we don't have privacy, and we need a house to to have a kid.
And also, like, it's it's kinda Thinking about it, it's like it's disrespectful maybe to have a baby in a house or apartment with a roommate.
Like, my roommate's got to deal with a baby crying? Like, that's Yeah.
If it happens now, she'll be excited, and I'll be like, "Okay, let's do it.
" Let's do it.
But, if we wait until after, that's fine, too.
- Yeah.
- Damian, are you trying for kids? - Yeah? - I want kids, yeah.
Hundred percent I want kids.
I want a big family.
Yeah, man.
Um, but we're two years in.
I haven't asked her to marry me again.
She hasn't asked again.
You know what I mean? So it's Obviously with Amber and Barnett, and Cameron and Lauren's anniversary coming up, it brings back, you know, memories of my wedding day with Giannina.
What if we would've gotten married? Where would we be now? Would we be, you know, all three of us be celebrating? I don't know, you know, where it goes from here.
I'm just figuring it all out.
She's scared to get married again because of what happened at the altar, which, I mean, that would traumatize really anybody.
- Yeah.
- It's a memory I can't erase Could I see my life with Giannina? Yeah.
- I could.
- Yeah.
But at the end of the day, not every person's gonna be that 100% perfect match, you know? I feel like their relationship is I don't understand it, honestly.
Uh, I don't know.
I don't know.
Never mind.
 I don't want to talk about it.
I don't wanna get myself in a hole.
How many more times can you date somebody for two years? I wanna hammer out kids like he hammers curls.
Ten-year reunion, we're grilling out with our kids playing by the pool.
I was about to say that.
At my worst, at my worst, at my worst At my worst, at my worst, at my worst Oh, this is good.
I'm not drinking no more because I'll have to pee.
Oh, my God, your bladder is stressing me out.
- It's stressing me out.
- I'm not gonna lie.
Honestly, from day one in the pods, I was like, "Okay, I'm interested in Barnett.
That's it.
" It's not you, LC.
You know, obviously it didn't work out for me in a relationship way there, but it propelled me into being more honest with the people I am going on dates with.
I try to be more upfront with people about what I want, what my expectations are.
Are you dating? Mm Not really.
Right now, it's just me and my cat, still going strong.
- Hello.
- Oh, look, it's Gigi! I'm so happy.
- Hi.
You look so cute.
- Hi.
You look so cute.
I love this anklet.
- Oh, my gosh.
It's so good to see you.
- How are you? Oh, my God, I like It's good to see you.
- Awesome to see you.
Am I sitting here? - Yep.
Well, yeah, whichever.
- Is there wine? - Yes.
We've ordered wine.
- This is delicious.
It's a red wine.
- Is it? It matches you.
- Oh! - I know.
- She's like a whole vibe.
- I didn't think about it.
Got a vibe here.
I actually just got the nails, too.
- Gigi, this is pretty.
- Thanks.
I wanted to do black.
Let me see that hand.
- Where's your ring? Where's the ring? - What ring? Mine in the toilet.
- Isn't yours at the bottom of a pool? - What'd he give you at the reunion? - It was that ring.
- I thought it was a different one.
- It was that ring.
- He has some balls, man.
Not at the right time.
Sorry, I'm done.
No, please tell me.
Let's tell the world.
Well - Jess! - Oh, my God! Hi, cuties! - Hi! Hi! - You look beautiful.
Oh, my gosh.
- I love you.
I miss you so much.
- I miss you.
Two years ago, I really kind of crashed and burned in front of the world.
- Hi.
- Hi, sweetie.
But in terms of going through the experiment, I wouldn't take anything back, because I was vulnerable and I was messy and I made mistakes, but I think it's helped a lot of people to see my journey.
Welcome back.
When I got back, I'm like, "Ugh, I miss it.
I love it here.
" I've been thinking back Well, I mean, it's not California weather today.
- How was California? - It's okay, though.
Everything since I've gotten there has just been so amazing.
And it's just where I belong.
How are you guys? - Good.
- Good.
Does he kinda look like Damian, back there? This guy.
No! It's just you.
It's just me.
Gigi, we're dying to know this.
- We really thought about this earlier.
- Oh, my God, what? Did y'all's sex life get any better? - Oh.
Oh, my God.
- Is it Damian with a capital "D"? Or Damian with a lowercase "D"? So when you're actually open with your partner and you communicate what you want, things get better.
Yes! Do not be ashamed of telling your partner what you want.
I kinda opened that can of worms up myself.
You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life? Have you noticed that I don't return the compliment? But no one has to worry about me and Damian's sex life.
If you don't talk about sex in your relationship, then maybe you should be talking about it.
I think Damian started feeling that pressure again where we were like, "Okay, we've dated for two years.
" Um You know, like, "Do we want to live together soon?" "How would we, like, raise a kid?" Like, "What's next?" Is he more of a timestamp person, and you're like, when it happens it happens? Yeah.
Right now we need to focus on ourselves and just say, "Okay, if we're meant to be, then we're gonna be meant to be.
" "We're in it for the long haul.
But this is our time.
" So you aren't seeing other people or anything like that.
I mean, not not that I know.
Like, we have the respect and we told each other that.
Gigi, girl, you beautiful.
What's holding you back, girl? Go out there.
I know there's men dying to get to know you.
I can see you, honestly, girl, with a soccer player.
I can see you, girl Ooh, a successful soccer player, too.
Come on, y'all, get in her DMs.
Get in her DMs, y'all.
This is our time to to figure it out because I don't wanna lose him.
- Aw.
- Yeah.
Like, he's my person.
He's my person.
He's my family.
You've been through a lot together.
Oh, my God.
He's my rock.
- To say the least.
- A lot.
It's everything.
Like, that No one else, no other couple will ever.
Just all smiling.
And that's a great thing.
It's day by day.
It's day by day.
- Okay, so, how's your cute boyfriend? - How are things? I saw your boo.
- Oh, he's good.
- He really is cute.
- Y'all are so gorgeous.
- Thanks.
A surgeon.
A foot surgeon.
- I say, girl, you winning.
- Yes.
I have weak ankles, so Is it just boyfriend? - Yes.
- Okay.
Nothing crazy.
I'm not running to the altar like a track star or anything like that.
- Nine, ten days have passed, not engaged.
- Yeah.
Once I left the altar, I didn't date for a very long time, because I wanted to really take my time and memorialize the experience that I just went through.
I mean, this was a huge deal.
It was an engagement, and I took that engagement very seriously.
And, you know, although I felt like I got in over my head, it still was a huge deal to me.
I've never been engaged before.
But I was so in love with Mark and I accepted his love happily, but, in the end, I just felt like there were other things at play.
We're just keeping it chill.
We've been getting to know each other for seven months.
We're taking our time.
- Is he coming? - No.
He's not coming.
- I wanted to meet the future.
- I know.
No need for him to meet the ex-fiancé.
No need for him to meet Mark.
- Oh, God, no.
- For sure.
Speaking of Mark - Speaking of which.
Y'all hooked up? - Yeah.
Um, I'm not gonna lie.
Like, I hate to admit that.
Might've been much easier for me if y'all connected in the pods.
Uh, not for me.
Maybe we have the same type.
She did like Barnett, and then she liked Mark.
It's interesting.
I'm not letting her connect with my boyfriend.
- Get to the juicy part.
- Um Yeah, basically he was going to Chicago, I thought, for his dad's birthday.
That's what he told me.
So I dropped him off at the airport.
The next day, I saw it on Reddit, some girl posted a picture of him and this girl all over each other, holding hands, arm around each other, the whole thing.
- This is the girl he's having a baby with.
- Yes.
- And so I was like, uh, "What the fuck?" - Yeah.
And when I confronted him about it, he just got so defensive the whole time.
I was like, "I don't want to date someone who's dating or hooking up with others.
" And he was like, "Oh, my God, no.
" Like, "I'm not the kind of guy, LC.
" Like, "I would never do that.
" "I'm not the kind of guy who wants to date a bunch of girls, like, sleep around.
" Literally his words.
We were dating.
We were talking every day.
He was really just gaslighting me.
Like, all of a sudden, we weren't dating.
And then he didn't even apologize.
If I did get any kind of apology, it was always followed up with, you know, "I'm sorry, LC, but you weren't my girlfriend.
" And I'm like, "Oh, my God, that is so not the point.
" The night I found out about everything, I did DM her a message, like, "I did not know about any of this, just so you know.
" Like, sent her a whole thing, never responded.
After a couple days and she didn't respond I was like, "She's staying with him.
" She called me and told me about it, and I was like, "No!" Like, "Oh, he's so sweet.
" - I know, right? He comes off so sweet.
- I did.
I didn't know.
At the same time, I remember Jess was telling me things I talked to Jess.
I told you, "I don't know, because what he been doing What I heard.
" I'm not surprised, because when we were engaged, one day I was trying to get in touch with him.
I'm like, "Where were you?" And he's like, "I was just at lunch with a friend.
" - Named? - "Like, what friend?" And he's like, "Oh, I spent I spent time with this girl.
" "It was the anniversary of her dad's death, and so we spent six hours talking.
" And I was immediately like, "How could you spend six hours with another girl talking about emotions right now?" "We're about to get married.
" That told you it was more than just a friend.
It was.
And after the show, they started dating for a year and a half.
They had a dog together and moved in together.
So apparently He was sleeping with her at the time, and now I've found out it's been multiple other women.
That right there is character.
That's your character, and that is, like, how you go to sleep at night.
Like, he had been fooling me the entire time.
The worst thing for me is feeling like an idiot.
I was probably one of the most hated people ever to be on a reality TV show.
Just, for him to just watch that all happen and never He never, you know, came forward with anything.
So Um That was really hard.
I hope he now commits and doesn't continue to step out.
It was shitty before.
It's 100 times more shitty if you do this to your pregnant girlfriend.
- Is she gonna be there? - I have no idea.
We don't know.
La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la It's a 2013 Porsche Panamera sport edition.
I think everybody has something in their life that expresses 'em.
Porsche expresses me, you know? It says that I like sexy I'd say "nasty," but that sounds bad.
Ooh, baby, come a little closer I wouldn't mind I wanna get to know you Something I can't deny I'm lost in your eyes - Hi, beautiful.
- Hey, cutie pie.
- I'll park real quick.
I'll be right in.
- Okay, yeah.
I wanna touch your fire I'm lost in your eyes La-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la - Hello, hello.
- Hello, hello.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.
- Come sit.
You look beautiful.
- You look good as well.
- Thank you.
Francesca and I met a few months ago.
We set up a dinner with friends, and it turned into this big scandal.
And for Giannina, that was hard.
I'm pissed at the paparazzi.
It's a lot.
I'm trying to figure it out, to balance it.
I'm used to solving problems.
This is one that's more difficult to solve than others.
Do y'all have any shots? No.
I wish.
We'd be in a lot of trouble.
So we know, for our flights, they're grouped by region, varietal or style.
- Sweet.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What's a flight? - A flight's like samples.
- Okay.
Should we do that? - I believe it's a little sample tray.
Francesca just came into town for a photo shoot and some work.
I love hanging out with her.
- Surprised we aren't going for bottles.
- It's five o'clock somewhere.
Francesca's like, hot, right? Too hot to handle.
But I love the new hair too.
- Thanks.
- I can see you got that done.
- Very pretty.
- You look amazing.
Francesca flirting with me, it makes you feel good, confident and special.
Y'all have, like, a fun wine to, like, throw down? Ooh.
- He's trying to make some bad decisions.
- Yes.
- I like this new Damian.
- Something very strong? - It's just gotta go down smooth.
- Okay.
- That'd be great.
Two, please.
- What just happened? Okay, okay.
- No, I mean - Trying to cause some trouble.
Maybe, yeah.
- Cheers to seeing where life takes us.
- Cheers.

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