Love Is Blind (2020) s01e13 Episode Script

After the Altar: Married, Single, and It's Complicated

1 [dance music playing.]
The lover can catch my eye - Do you tap the top of these or bottoms? - Um, I think I think it's the top.
Why would it be the bottom? - So you don't break the part you drink? - Let's do bottom, then.
No, that's weird.
That doesn't work.
It's the top.
Eye contact.
Eye contact.
While we're drinking it.
[instrumental music playing.]
Francesca and I's friendship is, uh, it's pretty exciting.
Is she beautiful? Yes.
Is she a beautiful woman? Absolutely.
And if I, like, reached out for advice, being able to call her out for lunch, say "Hey, can I talk about a relationship thing since you went through the same?" But she's also, like, calm and she talks to you and she asks questions, but she also listens well.
On the other hand is, Giannina is spicy, she's very, um, forward, she's very If she wants to, she's gonna speak her mind.
Or yell her mind.
I mean, it's, like, she'll just yell.
That's how she communicates a lot of times when she gets angry.
How are you and her now? Like, where do you guys stand? - It's just a lot of little fights, right? - [Francesca.]
Over stupid things.
Like, such stupid things.
We shouldn't argue over stupid shit.
If it's an argument, it should be big.
Like, "You said 'no' to me at the altar.
" Right? So, we had a wedding.
I said no, which I want no woman or man to ever get to the altar and have to go through that.
With that pain and hurt, I felt, like, "Oh, like, she's probably fine from it.
" But I know that it, like, still hurt a lot, right? So - How old are you now? - Twenty-nine.
- [Francesca.]
How old is she? - Twenty-seven.
- Okay, so she's my age.
- Yeah, so, I love her with all my heart.
I know she loves me with all her heart, and um, but do I love you enough to want to be in a relationship with you and let go of the things that bother me? [quiet music playing.]
I feel like you should start thinking about yourself first maybe more.
You're the sweetest person I think I've ever met.
You're so sweet.
And it's, like, very nice to be around, and you can definitely tell, like, your needs don't come first ever, I don't think.
I feel like you'll never be an asshole.
You could never be.
It's not who you are.
But you can still be you but still Damian comes first, maybe.
You literally need to do what you wanna do.
Know what I mean? Yes.
Lately, I've been, like, you know, fuck it.
So [laughs.]
This is what I wanna hear.
- [Damian.]
- Fuck it.
- It's got a good ring to it.
- You know? Yeah! [laughs.]
["Smoke There's Fire" by Red Means Run playing.]
You better start running You know there's trouble coming Where there's smoke, there's fire Where there's smoke, there's fire - [Giannina in Spanish.]
Hi! [screams.]
- [woman gasps.]
Are you cleaning? Of course.
But why? It was already clean, Mom.
Clean to you, but not to me.
- [Milady in English.]
How is everything? - Everything's good.
- [Milady.]
Yes? - Uh-huh.
- [Milady.]
What about my other son, Damian? - [Giannina.]
Damian's good.
Okay, Giannina, you and Damian have two years.
What do you think about this relationship in the future? How more time to be married with him, or I don't know.
It's not that we don't love each other.
It's just, like It's not even about specifics.
It's about just how we handle things, how we react to things.
Just difficult sometimes.
I'm more, like, straight on and, like, very to the point, and sometimes we just clash, and it's just, like, "Oh, I wasn't expecting you'd take it that way.
" We are Latin women.
- I think this is a good point.
- [Giannina.]
I know.
Maybe he está acostumbrado a American woman, more calm, more quiet.
We are [screams.]
- Yeah.
I'm like - This is our personality! He has to understand that.
And he does.
He accepts me, but I don't know.
- [dramatic music plays.]
- [Milady.]
But what happened with la otra muchacha, Francesca? Chesca? Chusca? I don't know.
Is a girl? Just a friend? No the ex - [Giannina.]
Don't believe that fake shit.
- Girlfriend, nothing.
- No, nothing - Because I saw a lot of pictures.
Crossing the street.
Holding the hand.
[shutter clicking.]
- Okay.
Number one, I don't like that.
- [Milady.]
Just a friend.
- But still.
It's, like, I trust him.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm secure in my relationship, and Francesca, like Is a friend.
Just a friend.
No ex-wife Ex-girlfriend.
- No? Is just a friend.
- Ew, no.
I know that her and Damian are friends, and that's what caused, you know, the rumors to happen n the first place.
And I know Damian's side of the story, and I believe in that.
But I don't feel good about it.
That's not the issue.
That's not the issue.
It's hard, especially because we've fought so hard.
Like me and Damian [sighs.]
[melancholy music playing.]
We've been through so much.
And, like, beautiful things.
And then also things that you never thought that you'd have to overcome.
But it's because we choose each other, and we know we're different.
[music rising.]
And it's what keeps us together, too.
Other people are not the issue.
[emotional music playing.]
Well, you've been working out.
Yeah? - I don't work out, unfortunately.
- [laughs.]
You just look like this? You don't work out? - No.
- [Damian.]
No? No.
But you have.
Look at those arms.
You just flexed your arm when I said that.
I did, right when you said that.
I was like, all right.
- What, you wanna feel? - [both giggle.]
- Kind of.
- [Damian.]
Yeah, go ahead.
Here, I'll flex.
Okay, all right, that's all I need from that.
Thank you.
- God damn.
- [Damian laughs.]
Yeah, you look amazing.
I've been trying to get facials and have better hygiene.
So, I'm continually growing day by day, and it's okay to feel nice.
It's okay to find self-love and wake up in the morning and look and feel better.
Like, I never moisturized my face once before I met Giannina, and now I do.
Like, three steps a day.
Morning, afternoon, you know, after I get out of the shower at night, with moisturizers, and under-eye cream, and beard oil, like, all types of stuff.
So, self-love.
Take care of yourself.
Love yourself.
See? So, I actually got, um filler under my eyes.
- You look so good.
- Which I was super against my entire life.
I love how you're, like, embracing it, though.
It's great how you're like, "Fuck yeah, I got this and I'm down.
" Yeah, so like, Botox and all this stuff, I've always been really entwined with natural beauty on people, and I realized, like I was like, "Nah, there's no way, filler" I'd do caffeine creams, sleep 12 hours.
- Shit doesn't work.
- And, yeah, I was, like, "Man.
" So I ended up getting this filler.
- Looks amazing.
- I wake up in the morning and feel rested.
- [Francesca.]
You look so good.
- So Thank you.
My mom's like, "What are you doing? What are you getting now?" I was like, "I got Botox.
" She's like, "I thought you got filler.
" - I was like, "Now I got Botox.
" - Got Botox, too? When? Yeah.
Do you see where it's at? No.
How am I supposed to see? When did you get it? - Uh, last week.
- It takes two weeks to kick in.
Not this Botox.
I got Botox in my underarms.
Wait, why? So you don't sweat? So when I wear light-colored shirts It's like an insecurity, right? - It's not good for you in your armpits.
- [Damian.]
Is it? - [Francesca.]
- Didn't wanna tell me before? You didn't tell me you were! Apparently, when you sweat out through your armpits, a lot of toxins can get in your body.
If the Botox stops it, the toxins stay in your body or sweat out from somewhere else.
So, you're gonna get really sweaty balls or something instead.
Or a sweaty butt crack.
Sweaty butt crack, sweaty balls? If it stops from your armpit, it starts somewhere else.
Am I a toxic person now? - You're fucking toxic.
Get the fuck out.
- [Damian.]
Get the fuck out of here.
[both laugh.]
[music building.]
Francesca and to Damian, - cheers to us taking - I love us.
- love and care of ourselves.
- [Francesca.]
- [Damian.]
- And to getting fucked up.
[both laughing.]
I'm glad that I'm here, and I'm glad that I got to see you today.
And I'm excited to hang out more this week.
Speaking of that, my fellow castmates have an anniversary party, and Celebrating just, like, where we're at now.
I know Giannina will be there, but you're in my life whether she likes it or not.
It's the harsh realities to it, but it's also like, I have nothing to hide.
I would love for you to come with me, if you'd like.
What? Like, as your date? Or like a friend? - What? - God.
- Well, you got me Is that the wine? - You're blushing.
No, I'm kidding.
- See what happens.
- Yeah.
Yeah, go as friends and see where the night goes.
- [Damian.]
Giannina - I'd love to come.
I want you to get drunk with me.
So drunk.
Blackout drunk.
- Plastered? - Plastered.
- Plastered.
- Drunk.
I can probably do that.
Will you go down swinging? Could you miss them bringing? Will you even make a sound? Yeah, this will be fun.
[upbeat rock playing.]
All I wanna say to you Is I'll do me and you do you I was coming home from work on a Friday.
Dad called me and he said, "Amber came over and made Sangria for Mom and herself.
" "And, uh, now I don't think Amber can drive home.
" [all laugh.]
We had a lunch date! But, you know, hanging out by the pool, it got hot.
There's nothing better than havin' your daughter-in-law come over and spend the day with you at the pool.
- No, it's great.
- [Deborah.]
What? It's lots of fun.
Dad said, "I'm gonna come pick you up so you can drive her home.
" I'll never forget his face when he walked down those steps, and we are down there, and we are just having a good ol' talk.
I kind of think we're at the point where your mom might love me more than you? - I've got your friends.
You got my family.
- No way, José.
They love me so much, they would leave their wives slash girlfriends for me.
We have a rule here.
Whoever cooks, cleans.
- Or no.
Whoever Shit.
- No, you said it right.
Yes, you exactly said it.
No, whoever cooks doesn't if you cook, don't clean.
We're gonna go have a drink, so you guys can do what you want with this.
- [Barnett.]
Don't have the whole drink.
- Yeah.
Let Matt get used to cleaning up.
Just a tad.
That was a good meal.
Matt did good.
- He's still learnin' about adult things.
- [Deborah.]
He's learning.
- I know.
- [Amber.]
I know.
I just, um I I hate it that y'all have such a Seems to have an issue with the whole baby thing.
I just don't I'm Matt is so analytical.
He has it in his head that there's this checklist of things you have to do in life to be ready for a kid.
I feel like the longer he waits to achieve the things that are on that checklist, it's just, the more unrealistic it's gonna become, because you're never gonna have the perfect situation to have children.
But you wanna stack the cards.
You've already got reservations about it.
You want to at least eliminate a lot of the issues.
Biggest thing is financial.
You think you're running out of time? [Amber.]
No, I mean, obviously, like, I wanted to have kids sooner.
But also with everything that's been going on with me health-wise [melancholy music playing.]
It's scary.
Um A few months ago, I ended up seizing on our bathroom floor, and Matt was just terrified.
He didn't know what to do.
And Um Eventually I just kind of stopped and snapped out of whatever that was, and I looked at Matt and I said, "Let's go to bed.
" Um I'm just scared that the longer we wait just the harder things are gonna be on me physically to have kids.
The next morning, he told me that happened, and I had zero recollection whatsoever, so I reached out to my doctor, and I've been diagnosed with epilepsy.
I just feel like shoes just keep dropping on us, and he's more concerned with his own fears and he doesn't acknowledge mine at all.
Especially when it comes to how scared I am of having high-risk pregnancies, and in his mind, I feel like he thinks he can put it off forever, and there will be no repercussions.
As much as I would love to see you guys have kids, - 'cause they'd be so freaking adorable - [laughs.]
I think you mean loud.
- [Amber laughs.]
- Loud.
When you get 'em, everything changes.
And you gotta be willing to go with that change.
And if you're not, well, it makes life difficult.
One day, he's just gonna say, "I'm ready.
" He will.
Yeah, but why is it fair that it always has to be on his timeline? [sighs.]
Because He's gonna be the breadwinner.
The men are to be the head of the house.
That's the way it is in the Bible.
And it sucks sometimes to be a woman, and you wanna say, "Okay, listen to what I want.
" But pressure to have kids has never worked out for anybody.
[sighs, sniffs.]
You just gotta trust your husband.
["The Fault Lines" by David O'Dowda playing.]
'Cause if you make him do something he don't wanna do? [scoffs.]
It's just trouble.
I keep my hopes up And I'm turning the stone [sniffs.]
["So Deep in Love" by the Paw, Stuart Winters & Alex Nova playing.]
Just like the sun on a summer morning [Cameron.]
All right.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
It's all in the details.
You see the little bit of sparkle? - Yeah.
The gold, the black, the white.
- A little bit of bling.
It's gonna look so good.
This is, like, the sexy corner.
You know, I feel like some of our LIBers will try to romance the ones that didn't work out the first time, like, "Hey.
Would you like to have a seat with me in the sexy corner?" - "You're lookin' so good.
" - [Lauren laughs.]
"The last two years have been treating you well.
" - "So good to see you.
" - [Cameron laughs.]
Oh, my Lord.
The pod, babe.
- [Cameron.]
It's not exactly the pod, but - [laughs.]
This is the couch! Wow.
- It's like, flashbacks.
- [Cameron.]
Flashbacks are happening.
- Crazy to think that was two years ago.
- [Cameron.]
I know.
We were just two strangers talking through a magical wall.
We're really blessed that we were able to find love through this experience.
And, you know, 'cause a lot of people did not.
They're out in the dating world trying to find love in the DMs, on social media.
It's certainly not easy.
Dating is not for the faint of heart, and you have to be willing to kinda take your lumps and get back up.
I can't even imagine being single now.
You don't need to think about being single.
Give me the lips.
[both laugh.]
We all emerged out of the other side - Mm-hmm.
- changed forever.
and Mrs.
["Ain't Gonna Wait" by Extreme Music playing.]
G, how's it going in there? It's going.
Get up, get up 'Cause the whole world Ain't gonna wait for you Get up [Jessica.]
G, I'm pretty much done.
I'm excited.
You look gorgeous.
You look like a freaking mermaid.
Like a Grecian goddess.
- [Jessica.]
We're mermaid twins.
- [Giannina.]
We're mermaid twins.
We got this.
- [Jessica.]
Really get in there.
- [Giannina.]
You got it? Yes! - Yes! - Like Shakira.
Woo! [shutter clicking.]
- [Jessica.]
A gift for each couple.
- Aww! Look at you.
- So - The perfect guest.
I feel bad for Jessica, because everything with Amber and Barnett, and the whole Mark situation.
Of course, you wanna, like, roll up with your new, hot boyfriend and just say, "Can I just pretend that didn't happen?" - Well, cheers.
- [Jessica.]
Cheers to an eventful night.
- [Jessica.]
We'll be the sage of the party.
- Right.
Just clear it out.
- Have a good time.
- [Jessica.]
And just have fun and dance and take good pictures.
And just be us.
And have fun.
So, are you nervous at all to see Mark - in, like, this new stage of life? - [scoffs.]
There's a reason it happened the way that it did, and, I, I mean I'm not nervous to see him.
I mean, it's been a while since we've caught up.
I think my biggest fear going into the party is seeing Mark's - girlfriend.
- [dramatic beat drops.]
And what their dynamic's gonna be.
Is she going to approach me? Does she have negative feelings towards me? What is that interaction going to be? - [Jessica.]
Dame's coming, right? - Yes.
I haven't seen him in a week.
- We've just had, like - [Jessica.]
Has he been out of town? No, we've just been, sometimes this happens.
We don't take it personally when it's, like, "Oh" "I miss you.
When can I see you?" "Okay, well, I'm working today.
I'm gonna have, like, a full day.
" "What about you?" "Same.
" So that's just been our thing.
"Okay, haven't been able to see you.
I'll see you at the party.
" - Totally.
- "You're gonna look sharp.
" "You're gonna look great.
Can't wait to see you.
" - Oh, it's so nice.
- Yeah.
How do you feel about Barnett? It's interesting, because after we wrapped, he reached out to me on Instagram.
So, we were cool, and then all of a sudden, he blocked me.
I've been blocked since then.
So I haven't seen what's going on in their lives.
- [Giannina laughs.]
- Any of it.
Amber's blocked me as well.
From both of them.
Yeah, so I haven't, yeah, and I totally get it, right? [Giannina laughs.]
- I guess.
- [Giannina.]
Oh my God.
I don't need to be friends with him.
There was a moment in time where we had a connection.
The ship has sailed, and many ships have sailed since then.
- I mean - I feel like this is a great place to be.
Ah! All right, wanna do the cards, so we can - Yes.
Let's figure out the card situation.
- get this show on the road? What am I going to say to the Barnetts? I have no idea.
- Um [laughs.]
- I'm gonna need your help.
- Just be, like - Just "XOXO.
" "I'm honored to have been a part of your love journey.
" [laughs.]
I'm not sure how they feel about me at this point, but in a perfect world, they're past this.
I mean, gift, peace offering.
Meet me halfway here.
Maybe I helped them solidify their relationship.
- What is this? - It's, uh Can you make it a punny, very objective couple thing? - It can be very punny.
It's wine glasses.
- Okay.
[both laugh.]
- [Amber.]
What? - I'm staring at you while you get ready.
- Baby, I've got - It might make you go faster.
- Uh, you excited for tonight? - I'm anxious.
Just think of it as a celebration of us making it this far.
People are there to celebrate with us.
I'm a little anxious about doing something - so big.
- What you said the first time in Mexico.
Now, you know that's a lie.
What's a lie? Hold on.
- I'm not gonna go there.
- Okay.
- Talked to Kenny.
He's coming at least.
- [Amber.]
I have somebody to dance with.
Might surprise you tonight with some new dance moves.
I learned how to do the sprinkler.
The lawnmower.
What do you think about seeing Jessica? Jessica? Next question.
Just anxious seeing everybody again, 'cause [sighs.]
[dramatic pop building.]
[jazzy music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- We haven't met yet.
- Rory.
Oh, my God.
I like it.
How are you? [woman laughing.]
I missed this.
I'm so excited.
It's kinda crazy.
I haven't seen these people in two years, and we got Kenny, his new fiancée, Wes, and Rory, the resident therapist.
I think everybody can benefit from a little one-on-one Rory time.
Oh, wow.
- [Amber.]
Oh, my.
- [Cameron.]
How y'all doing? [woman.]
How are you? Look at you! - [Rory.]
Look at you.
- You look amazing.
Thank you.
Since it is my anniversary, I felt the need that I needed to go, you know, add a little extra zhuzh on it, okay? - Purple's my favorite color.
- Is it? I knew that.
I was representing for the married couples, you know? It was important that I felt cute.
It was all for me.
Ooh, girl.
I see you.
What's going on.
I'm Matt.
- [Diamond.]
Yeah! Hi! You look pretty.
- Hello, beautiful.
Yes, the sparkles.
It is amazing to see everyone from the pod squad.
Like, wow.
I mean, they're It just brings back so many memories.
- You look good.
- How's married life? - [Amber.]
- [laughs.]
Depends on the day.
It's great.
Have you met my husband? Oh, my gosh.
He's so weird.
He drives me so crazy sometimes.
- But once he knows he's driven - [Diamond.]
You love it.
I know.
Once he knows he's driven me crazy, he's like Then I'm like, "Shut up.
Stop looking at me!" [Diamond.]
I think I should get a drink.
A wine.
- So, what are you doing? Did you - Red, please.
Thank you.
Yes, you getting spicy getting that red wine.
I see you.
Y'all saw my man.
Did y'all see him? I know you did.
Girl, he's mine.
He's handsome, Diamond.
You guys make a nice couple.
Thank you! You guys are so Stop! You're gonna make me blush! [all laugh.]
I'm sorry, I forgot about the snort.
We look good.
We look good, right? Not yours, so back off.
Ah! - Well, how did you guys meet? - [Diamond.]
So we met at a dine-in car wash.
Well, let me tell you what happened.
He's for real Yes, girl.
Really because of Ebony and her guy.
This is actually his friend.
So, they introduced us together.
Diamond brought a date.
He is very cute, so I guess there's hope.
Is this all that's coming? I haven't seen I haven't seen Damian, or G, and then, who else? Oh, Jess.
- Who? - [Cameron.]
Yeah, who? I'm not allowed to talk about that.
- [Cameron.]
You don't know who that is.
- No.
Oh, hey, Damian! - What's up? - Look at that model walk.
Look at his model walk.
- Okay.
- Somebody's been to the gym.
- Looking dapper.
How are you? - Thank you.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
- [Diamond.]
Where's Gigi? Not here yet? - [Damian.]
I don't know.
- You guys came separate? Okay.
- [Damian.]
You're supposed to rub me.
- I rubbed you this morning.
- I got the velvet.
Get out, Matt.
- What? - Get outta here.
Good to see you.
 You doing okay? - [Damian.]
Yeah, I'm holdin' in there.
- Good, yeah.
This is my fiancée.
- Hi.
- [Damian.]
How are you? Are we huggers or - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi, honey! - Kelly! Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, boo-boo.
- Hi.
- Good.
- Come here a second.
- [laughs.]
Let me see.
Turn around.
Oh, thank you.
- Did you bring a date? - No.
- You can be my date.
- [Kelly.]
I am single! Do you take Kenneth to be your lawful wedded husband? I don't.
I dated off and on since Kenny, and things just haven't worked out, but it's okay.
Like, I am very confident in what I know and what I want in life, and I'm just not gonna settle for just anyone.
So I'm just trying to discover who that Mr.
Right is right now.
["CoCo Bongo" by DieMonsterDie playing.]
Always with me, never letting go Baby's floating for an ocean Across the ocean Yeah - [Giannina.]
Hi! Good to see you.
- Oh, my God.
I'm really excited to just celebrate love tonight.
These awesome couples are celebrating their marriage, and I'm so happy for them, and, um, that's great.
It's just It's been two years, so Damian and I should be celebrating.
But love is in the air and you never know what's gonna come at you.
I have some for still in paradise It's not and we're fleeting - You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
You look nice.
Thank you.
Very pretty.
Very, very pretty.
- [gentle music playing.]
- [Damian laughs.]
Giannina took my breath away.
She looked stunning when she walked in.
To me, still the most beautiful girl at the party.
Just she looks strong.
She looks, you know, like Giannina.
Did you see the pod photo booth they have here? - No, they have a pod booth? Where? - Yeah.
They rebuilt the pods for, like, a pod scene for a photo booth.
We should do it.
I fell in love with who she was before seeing her.
She continues to surprise me.
She continues to just amaze me.
That love that I had in the pods with Giannina will last a lifetime.
- You look great.
- Missed you.
Missed you, too.
Missed you, too.
Cheers to real love! Real love! - [dance music plays.]
- [shuttering clicking.]
Oh, I wasn't ready for that one.
Now let's do one as if Wes has just told a really funny joke.
Okay, everyone look at Wesley and laugh.
[all laugh.]
Do you, like, have a Pinot Noir? I'll do that.
- Thank you.
For old time's sake.
- [Danielle.]
We've been waiting I know.
Where's Mark? I was just about to ask! I knew you were.
Where's Mark? - [Diamond.]
He's coming.
Carlton's not.
- [Jessica.]
Oh, is he? [Diamond.]
'Cause he had a big blowout with Lauren.
He cursed everybody out.
It's a whole mess.
And Lauren told me.
That sucks.
I think y'all saw the little scandal I got wrapped in in LA.
So, me and Francesca are good friends.
- And she's actually in town.
- Uh-oh.
I invited her to come meet everybody.
- Oh, cool.
- Oh! [Damian.]
We're just friends.
So - Really, we are.
Just friends.
- You can tell me the truth, Damian.
You know, that's how it start sometimes, you know, you confide in each other.
Talking about some, "They broke my heart.
" "Oh, they broke my heart, too.
" Next thing you know, you under the sheets, child.
[dance beat intensifies.]
- Oh, Francesca's here.
- Okay.
- Hello, hello.
- [Francesca.]
How are you? - [Damian.]
Good to see you.
You made it.
- [Francesca.]
This looks fun.
No, absolutely.
So - Mm, what am I witnessing right now? - [Jessica.]
Do we know who that is? - [Danielle.]
With Damian? - [Jessica.]
I don't know her.
- So, this is Cameron.
- Hey.
- Francesca.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- [laughs.]
Glad that you could make it.
- Everyone looks so good.
Oh, my gosh.
Does she know she's on the wrong Netflix show? Things just got really weird.
Did y'all see this? Am I the only one seeing this? - [Lauren.]
I see it, too.
- [Diamond.]
The balls! Oh my gosh.
I'm freaking out.
Everybody else in their conversation, drinking wine.
La, la, la.
I'm, like, "Uh-uh.
" 'Cause this girl just walked in here on Damian's arm.
- [Diamond.]
I had to move away - This is Lauren.
My wife.
- Hi, you look amazing! You look so pretty.
- [Lauren.]
Thank you.
This is my train.
I named her Veronica.
That's amazing.
Great to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Wow, you look Damian knew what he was doing by bringing that girl to this party.
- So, what are you doing in the A? - Um, I came for a photoshoot.
If I was Gigi, I would feel some type of way.
It'd be fun for her to meet everybody.
I met her friends.
I wanted her to meet my friends.
[music intensifies.]
Are you good? - I don't know why I'm so nervous.
- [Damian.]
No, it's a lot.
I'll introduce you to Amber and Barnett.
- [Francesca.]
I'd rather get a drink.
- [Damian.]
What do you want? What you're having.
I'll come with you.
- [Damian.]
Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
Raise your glasses.
Oh, I'll bet she's funny.
I'll call it what it is, some fucked up bullshit.
- [Jessica.]
What? - [Diamond.]
What you mean what? How you gonna walk in with Francesca? I should have worn my brown dress.
Oh, fuck me.
Francesca, what are you doing here, babe? Like, these are my friends.
This is my city.
Like, that's my guy.
What do you want? - [Damian.]
I don't know.
- [Francesca.]
What do you want? Uh, can I get a whiskey Coke? Thank you.
- [Diamond.]
Bitch, you look so good.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Well, I'll introduce you to the other crowds of fun people.
- Okay.
- [Damian.]
So I've been thinking about you [Francesca.]
I'm gonna need a lot of drinks tonight.
Good evening, guys.
- Diamond! Hey, girl! - I wanna make a quick announcement.
- Uh-oh.
- First, I wanna say to my girl, Lauren - Hi, boo! - You workin' that dress.
Girl, thank you.
You see the legs? I'm about to get in the gym tomorrow.
For real, girl.
But no.
Seriously, I wanna congratulate you two because you guys are a perfect couple.
I feel like everybody dream of your relationship, and I'm so happy that you guys found each other, like, seriously, it's fate.
- Thank you.
- [Diamond.]
Can we all agree? - Can we give them a hand on it? - [cheering, applause.]
We gotta shout out Amber, too.
Y'all two guys found love, and I'm so happy that you guys found love.
Like, honestly, it makes me feel like there's hope that I will one day find that love.
You will, girl! - [Amber.]
Yes, you will, girl.
- Thank you.
The girl that went into the experiment was scared.
She wanted to find love but didn't know how to find love.
Now, I'm ready to find love.
I'm ready to be happy.
I'm ready to find my king.
What Amber has and what Lauren has, that's That's fairy tale, right? I want the fairy tale.
What are we toasting to? We're gonna toast to real love.
To friends - [Amber.]
To the pod squad, honey.
- To the pod squads.
All day, every day.
Clap it up, y'all.
Here we go.
It's time to turn it up! ["In It 2 Win It" by Red Means Run playing.]
Sweet victory The taste of losing Always sours my mouth Fine with it, I'm done with it Yeah, I'm spitting it out Hey, hey, I'm only in, I'm only in it to win it [Amber.]
Smile at me.
- To a lovely evening.
- [Jessica.]
To a lovely evening.
I can't get it.
I was gonna say hi to the Barnetts, but I might wait on that.
She doesn't want me to say hi.
Does she? You know what, it might be a big person move for you to just be, like, "Hi.
" Like, "Hey, guys.
Happy anniversary.
" Okay, we got it.
We got it.
I'm so surprised Mark has not showed up.
I thought he was coming.
I haven't talked to him.
Don't know if he's coming or not.
- Truly, I don't care.
- How do you feel? Do you feel like - Hello, honeys.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, boo.
You look so cute.
- [Amber.]
Thank you.
We were just talking about our best friend.
Well, your best friend, Mark.
Me and Mark, we didn't really match at all or hit it off really in the pods much, but we all stayed friends and stuff, and a few months ago, he slid into my DMs, and we started hanging out, and you know, I thought we agreed that we were going to be exclusive.
But come to find out that was not the case.
He was lying to me, to my face for six weeks.
I mean, what kind of person does that? You know? Like I mean, an asshole, that's who.
It's just so hard, 'cause I feel like I just keep falling for these charming fuccbois and I I don't know what to do.
Why he's not here? Why do you Why is he not here? What happened? I understand them not being here 100 percent.
Mark is being supportive for his girlfriend.
And I love that.
I love that for them.
Which is why I thought they weren't coming either, so I didn't think he wasn't coming, but my concern was because of her.
My loyalty is to LC.
I know your loyalty is to Mark.
I personally feel like she needs an apology.
- I see you're uneasy.
- I don't.
- You don't feel she needs one? - I don't.
- [Diamond.]
Why? - Because you're two adults.
And you were talking.
And there was no label.
- We have all dated.
- Here's the thing, though.
I'm sure he didn't tell you.
But literally, day one, we hung out.
Day one.
Like, and multiple times after that for six weeks.
Like, I was, like, "Hey, I have asthma, I'm not trying to get COVID.
" "I've been really good about it.
" "I don't wanna date anyone right now who's dating anyone else, especially.
" He's like, "Don't wanna date anyone.
I'm not like that, LC.
" "I'm not that kind of guy, LC.
" And I was, like, "Okay.
" As a grown woman, I never assumed that anybody was exclusive with me.
During a pandemic.
During a pandemic.
That's not relevant.
It is relevant.
I got COVID.
- [Amber.]
That's not relevant.
- That's why it's relevant.
And it was fucking terrible, like, truthfully, it was, like I lost ten pounds in ten days.
Like, it was not an easy situation for me.
I'm not trying to change your side.
I'm not.
I would never want to.
But I just want you to know that, like There's two sides to a story.
Mark isn't there to defend himself, so obviously as his friend, she'll stick up for her friend.
But it's been two years since she won Barnett.
LC's been top of my list.
How tired are you of getting the marriage questions? - I haven't gotten marriage questions.
- Really? Wanna get married? - [LC.]
Sure, let's do it.
- All right, cool.
That was super easy.
I guess we can go now.
Maybe that's why she's not willing to hear my side.
There's his side, her side, and there's Aubrey's side.
- You're right.
There's three.
- Oh, I'd love to know Aubrey's side.
Everybody has had different perceptions, and I know how they met.
And I know that you feel like maybe you were betrayed Does she not feel bad about this? She met him in March, from what I understand.
She also got COVID, - because you know what - I'm not surprised.
- Shit happens.
- [LC.]
And we were all taking that risk.
We were hanging out with people, taking a risk.
- Wait.
Why's that a risk? - I thought he was with his dad.
Can I just halt for two seconds? Why is it taking a risk when you're dating someone you thought was "exclusive"? You don't know he was dating - Put yourself in her shoes.
- [repeating.]
It doesn't matter.
If you were legitimately concerned for your health [Diamond.]
If Barnett you wouldn't trust anyone.
We're married.
I get that.
But I - [repeating.]
We're married.
- [Diamond.]
You sayin' it's taking [Diamond.]
I guess "Mrs.
" is the only title Amber seems to recognize.
Just because you have a ring on your finger doesn't mean us single ladies does not deserve the same respect.
You made it seem like it's all her fault.
Like, "Girl, you didn't have the title.
" You didn't have the title either in the pods when Barnett messed around with three different women.
Right or wrong? No, you did not.
If the roles were switched, you would have had a fit.
- You saying it's taking a risk.
- [Amber repeating.]
We're married.
How's that taking a risk? You're not dating somebody, you're talking to them But "exclusively.
" No, hold on.
Can you let me finish? [Diamond.]
Oh, whoa.
Excuse me.
- Not cheating, but lying.
- [LC.]
That's what I have a problem with.
Allegedlymultiple women.
I've heard stories about that.
- [LC.]
I've seen messages.
- Stalkers that were lying.
I've seen texts.
You're a grown-up, and you should know better.
Plan for the worst.
At the end of the day, what Mark did was downright wrong.
[dramatic music playing.]
Diamond and I are obviously both standing up for two very different points of view.
But where I can see the right and the wrong on both sides, I feel like Diamond and LC are more prepared to put the blame all on a single person.
I don't think it's fair.
It started out as a flirtation-ship, and the first time they hung out was where they started dating.
- All she's trying to do Okay, see? - [Amber.]
I understand it happened quickly.
- [Diamond.]
I'm trying to say - Let me finish.
Girl! You have interrupted me several times, Amber.
I am literally not done with my train of thought and [Lauren.]
What do we do, Barnett? It's your wife.
She can handle herself.
I like, that's a strong, confident husband right there.
- "Just let her do it.
" - I trust her completely.
- I like that.
- [Barnett.]
I'm stressed out.
I'm stressed.
- You're still fucking talking.
- You're still fucking talking! Because I'm not done with my train of thought! Can you pause? Let me tell you.
I've been talking this whole time.
You have been talking the whole fucking time! Been trying to talk, and every time you cut me short.
It's really pissing me off that you won't let me even communicate.
Even if Mark is your "bro," this needs to stop.
Not cool.
I don't like women who do that.
I'll be quiet and let you go.
But let me say something! [Amber.]
You were trying to cut me short.
- Okay! Wow, Amber! - And you won't let me finish my thought.
- Finish, then! Finish! - Thank you.
- Finish! - Thank you.
Like I said, the risk was taken.
I know how they met.
I know it wasn't intentional for it to be drug out, 'cause he didn't mean to.
He didn't know they were going to start dating.
You know there's another girl, too, in Alpharetta.
- She's 23.
DM'd him.
Did you know that? - She wanna finish so goddamn bad.
Let her finish! Go ahead, Amber.
Go ahead.
I don't wanna interrupt, I don't want you to interrupt.
- Making sure everyone knows.
- [Diamond.]
Let her finish.
Go ahead, Amber.
I can't force him to make an apology.
That's between you guys.
And honestly, that is so far in the past for where he is at right now.
He has a whole new life.
[music rising.]
You don't want no trouble I got a knack for the flair With that real hustle Living life But I don't care or play for trouble We don't respect excuses, All we respect is muscle Either it's kill or be killed, You don't want no trouble My life is like a video Full point and there he go Tossing cake to hangers-on But make it pretty though Even when it's moving slow I just keep on planning more Like my ladies stripped Or they get even Do it yourself Do it on your own terms Make 'em second guess you When they all come calling Living life without a care Prepared for trouble We don't respect excuses All we respect is muscle Either it's kill or be killed You don't want no trouble
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