Love Lesson 010 (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Well, do you like it?
Of course. Thank you.
But I've prepared more surprises for you.
There's more? Are you pulling my leg?
There's more.
Where am I?
Did you check this area?
Did you check everywhere?
To the back of the mountain! Go!
Help! Help me!
Where am I?
Help me.
Ms. Kanta.
Who's there?
I asked who you are.
How did you know my name?
Think about it.
Am I dead?
I'm really dead, aren't I?
I don't wanna be dead.
I've only been married for one day.
I love Benz and he loves me so much
he can't live without me.
Do you understand?
I don't wanna be dead!
Do you want to go back to him?
I do.
I wanna go back!
In today's world,
people have less faith in love.
No emotional bonds.
Sex is treated as food.
They get it when they're hungry.
Change restaurants when they're bored.
As a result, the world
is deprived of the beauty of love.
But not you.
You believe in love
and value love.
So what?
We'll give you a mission.
What mission?
What mission? Tell me.
We want people in this world
to value love again the way you do.
How am I supposed to do it
now that I'm dead?
If you complete this mission,
you'll get a chance to live again.
You can do that?
Because you've been chosen.
You believe in love.
This guy
views sex as a toy. He's sleeping around.
-But we believe he's one of many people
-Stay still.
who could value love again.
But someone must guide him.
You think a guy like him
could value love?
No way.
If you can make him value love again,
you'll get back to the one you love.
How am I supposed to do that?
What do I do?
Who are you?
I'm the god of love.
You must make Nonpawit
believe in love again
by this Valentine's Day
because it's the only day the portal
between Heaven and Earth opens
and allows me to send you back.
This is the reward
for those believe in love.
You have three months.
Wait a minute.
-What do I do?
-You'll find out.
From now on, everyone except
your husband will be able to see you.
And be warned,
if you try to let him know
you're still here,
our deal will be void.
Whose room is this?
How's that, foxy lady?
On the floor?
What were you doing?
You said you were single.
-Single my ass!
-Wait! Calm down, bro!
-Calm down!
How many times have you met up with him?
My first time here.
-I didn't ask you, asshole!
Ploy, why are you doing this?
Because you never gave me orgasms!
You never made me moan once!
You're a one pump chump, idiot!
What are you gonna do?
Why shouldn't I do this?
If you hadn't shown up,
I would've cum three times, prick!
-Ploy! I'll kill him!
-No, Nick!
-Hey, stop!
I can do that?
-You're dead!
-Hey, Nick!
-Get back here!
-Hey, stop, Nick!
-Damn it, he's getting away!
Oh, shit!
I'll get you!
Oh, damn it. Why now?
Jeez! High quality too.
-Shit, get out!
-Get out, asshole.
You prick. Ouch.
-Get out.
Shit! Ma'am, don't look at that.
It will cover everything
whether you're in the country
Let's talk outside.
Let's go, ma'am. Ma'am?
Ma'am? Smell this.
You creep!
Why are you covering? Let go.
Timo, where are you? Get dressed
Freaking kid.
-Hey! What the hell?
-Come here.
-Here you go.
Hurry, get dressed.
Hey, you, get dressed quickly.
It's obscene.
Will you stop being so sleazy?
Don't you see the trouble you've caused?
What? How am I being sleazy?
Kitchen at night,
bathroom during the day.
And you just slept
with someone else's woman.
How is that not sleazy?
You're a creep, aren't you?
You love watching people fucking?
Why are you doing this?
I'm not a creep!
I'm being nice, warning you.
Learn to listen.
You should see a shrink.
They can help you. There are treatments.
Go get treated and help society out.
You call that driving?
Huh? Get out!
A ghost?
What the hell?
Listen carefully.
Stop being sleazy
and find someone to love.
Or you'll be in for a world of hurt.
I asked if you understand.
I understand.
That's it.
Chuthamat! You reached the sales quota.
Very good. Excellent.
What's your excuse this time?
It's not an excuse, but she fainted
after she saw that naked guy.
She went into shock.
And to sell it to her in the ICU
-That's a little too mean.
-Why didn't you close the deal?
-Before she went into shock?
-How was I supposed to know?
That there'd be a naked guy
and she'd go into shock?
It was an accident.
I don't think so.
You didn't reach your quota
because you were too busy
taking care of your nephew!
Can you stick to work?
That's too personal.
I am talking about work!
I'll let you choose
between keeping working here
and staying home with your nephew.
That way you'll have personal time.
Turbo, let's go home.
Get some rest.
You'll pass out.
I'm fine. I'm still here.
Didn't I tell you
not to let your husband know
you're still here?
What? I haven't done anything.
-I was just gonna tell Pang
-You're gonna tell her.
Say, "Pang, I'm still alive
but you can't tell Benz
because I made a deal with a god." Right?
You can't tell those close to you or
your husband will know you're still alive.
Wanna keep going?
Of course!
Am I supposed to be in this
for the next three months?
Whatever you want to wear,
imagine it.
The usual, a large
for the price of a small.
Come here.
Eat up.
-Oh, Non.
-Hey. You're okay?
You're cuter every day.
-Oh, hello.
-Hi there.
Stop buying squid from this shop.
Feels like I'm chewing gum.
You gonna eat it?
I am.
Hey, where's the dip?
Downstairs. Go get it yourself.
You should walk more.
Jeez, you only care about pussy juice.
It's called a dip.
-What's the order?
Oops, uh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind me
telling you I like you a lot?
You like me?
You really like me?
I'm here for the job.
There's the ad on your website.
Have you hired someone?
Oh, right.
-The job.
Yeah, come in.
Come on in.
Non, someone's here for the job.
Hire her. I'm calling dibs on her. Come.
Hey, this is Non, the owner.
-What was that?
-My leg.
My leg.
-You're such a creep.
-No, that was my leg.
Hey, Miss!
Come back for the job!
I thought you forgot about my birthday.
It's your birthday.
How could I forget, Bonus?
Come here.
Come here.
Ow! You crazy lady, let go!
I told you to find someone to love.
Why haven't you done that?
Why do I have to? Huh?
Go be crazy somewhere else. Go.
-Get out.
So you're not gonna do it?
Why do I have to, huh?
It's my life. It's my penis.
Fine. Then you won't be able
to get it up until you're in love.
What the hell?
What are you pointing at?
Get out, you crazy lady. Creep.
It's my business who I fuck!
Is she your new employee?
She's rude. I'm not okay with that.
Just some crazy lady. Let's continue.
You can do it.
Thank you.
Mr. Nonpawit,
please come to the exam room!
Yes, I'm Non.
Please come to the exam room.
-Your blood test results are normal.
Hormone deficiency is not the cause.
I suspect neurological infection
in your penis.
-Due to excessive use.
Or it's the karma
for having hurt other people.
Miss, may I talk
to the doctor alone? Thank you.
Dream, we discussed
we weren't serious about each other.
You can call me names
but you must help me.
I wanna be cured. I can be cured, right?
Can I do a thorough examination again?
Yes, of course you can. Of course.
I'll use your case as a case study.
You got it, Dream.
As long as you cure me,
I'll give you anything.
Hey, Dream. Wait a minute.
-What is this?
Hey, jeez.
Try and diagnose
the cause of this patient's
erectile dysfunction. Please.
Excuse me.
It's probably nerve damage in this case
-because it lies very still.
-Oh, it really does.
-Yes, it just lies there.
-Very strange.
But he's still young.
I don't think it's from an accident.
Maybe from underlying diseases.
Maybe it's psychosomatic.
This case should be studied, Doctor.
Is he on some medication?
This must be it.
She's a psycho.
This I'm serious. She's a psycho.
-What's the cause of this?
-That's not it.
-This is it.
-I'm not crazy.
Hey, hands off!
-Yes, it must be psychosis.
-He must be a psycho.
-It must be the cause.
Leave me alone. Why are you harassing me?
Go away.
Don't try to cure it. It can't be cured.
So I can't get it up
because of what you said?
I don't care who believes it.
I for one don't.
Shit! Hey!
Believe it now?
Are you a ghost?
I'm not a ghost.
-What shit?
Huh? And I must make a guy like you
fall in love by this Valentine's.
So if you want to get it up again,
find someone to love.
Like you once did.
Did you see it, Mom?
I wired you the money.
Yeah. Ouch.
I'm getting by this month.
I'm fine. Don't worry.
That's all.
Yeah, I gotta go. We're having dinner.
-You're getting by.
So why are you putting off my rent?
Ma'am, hello.
Repaying your parents is admirable
but you must look at
your own abilities too.
This morning
a motorcycle showed up at your gate
a few times.
How much did you borrow?
I'll definitely have enough to pay you
at the end of the month.
You're sure?
Please take care of my house.
I will.
Let's eat.
I'll take you to eat
shabu-shabu next month.
It's okay, Aunt Kate. I'll eat anything.
Have you found anything?
Nothing yet.
You really didn't find anything?
Hey, Prayut, Prawit!
Stay around that rock!
I think I see a body. Fly lower!
Can you zoom in?
The drone must get lower.
Get lower.
Is that it?
Hey, get lower.
That's a sex doll, not a human.
Jeez, what idiot
threw away a sex doll there?
It's yours, isn't it?
Well, you'll have to excuse us.
Hey, let's call it a day!
Don't give up yet.
I believe Kanta will come back.
She loves you very much.
She's gonna find a way back to you.
Believe me.
Don't give up.
Come on.
Move a little.
Holy shit.
Jeez, you idiot.
Why are you drinking at this hour?
We're about to open.
Hey, that's booze, not milk.
Be careful. If you're too pussy-crazed,
your bar's gonna go under.
-Hi there.
I've decided to work here.
Because I wanted to be near you.
You really want to be near me?
-Wanna be near me?
That's too close.
Come on in. Come on.
Come on in. Come on.
Please come in.
Come. Non! Get up.
Idiot, get up. Stop drinking.
No need for an interview.
She passed. I approve.
Are you crazy? How else
will we know if she's capable?
Would I be applying if I wasn't capable?
No, come back tomorrow.
I'm not in the mood today.
-Learn to value other people's time.
Who the hell is she, Non?
I think you should hire her.
So she can help you manage your time
because you'll be very busy.
I agree.
Non, who the hell is she?
She doesn't sound like your hookups.
More like your mom.
A relative, not his mom.
Shit. She heard me whisper.
Don't mess with her.
-She's a bully.
But from now on,
I'll watch how he behaves like his mom.
Hey, so I have to be in love
in order to get it up again?
Senior Non!
This one?
This is the one. She's compatible
with me in every way.
Prepare to go back
to whichever spirit house you came from.
Do you like this outfit?
It's the best.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
It's still shy.
-Ah, I love you.
I love you.
I love you. I love you so much.
I love you so much.
You brat! You call this love?
Benz? This is the bar.
Try their cocktails
and see if you like them.
If you do, I'll come back
and make a deal, okay?
But I need to go pick up my Japanese
tour clients from the airport first.
Don't be a cat when I get back.
What cat?
A drunk cat, what else?
I'll be right back.
Sis, don't
Don't cry over that horrible guy.
He's not worth it.
It's bad enough he's making
you lie that you're his relative.
Forget him. Find another man.
A pretty girl like you
will find someone so much better.
Jeez, I'm not crying over that Non guy.
Forget it.
Do me a favor?
My friend over there
is very sad right now.
Will you comfort him for me?
Look at him. He's so sad.
Jeez, sis, comfort him yourself. Go.
No, I can't. We're fighting.
Please, I'm begging you.
Look at him. He's so sad.
I don't know what he's sad about.
How am I gonna comfort him?
Come on.
I'd like another one of these.
-What do I do?
-You got it!
-Hey, I know.
"I don't know what you're sad about.
but don't give up."
"There's always hope."
"Please keep going."
"Keep going."
I don't know what you're sad about but
please don't give up.
There's always hope.
Keep going.
Your face's so red
like it's gonna crack, Benz.
Are you okay?
Uh, we're not there yet?
Uh, are you okay?
Why did you drink so much?
You can't handle alcohol.
Don't die.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Something wrong?
I dropped my phone.
I looked everywhere.
Nothing's wrong.
-We're here.
-Yes sir.
You good?
Come out right now, you wicked ghost!
I'll get you. I'll hunt you down.
Where are you?
You bitch! Come out!
I'll hunt you down today!
Where are you? Come out!
Come out! Where the hell are you?
Why did you call me?
I was just calling you.
You said I'd get it up again
if I was in love.
You kept saying, "I love you" to her.
You stupid or something?
You call that love?
You think oral sex is love?
What's wrong with me not loving anyone?
It's my life. It's my penis.
You think I wanted to mess with your life?
I told you I was tasked with it.
So what's your problem?
You loved someone once, right?
Would it kill you to do it again?
It's not that easy!
Do you know what kind
of family I grew up in?
When I was a kid,
my parents fought.
Dad told Mom to find a new husband.
Mom told Dad to find a new wife.
I was standing there.
They didn't give a shit about me.
But after all that,
I still believed in love.
And I made it my mission
to never treat love
like my parents had done.
I loved a girl once.
I loved her so much
I gave her everything.
After five years of dating,
I saved up to go to England
to surprise her on our fifth anniversary.
Her door opened and I saw a guy
wearing only a towel
with her in her apartment.
Non! Calm the fuck down!
-Get off me!
-Calm down!
Idiot. Calm down, asshole.
What do you think I felt?
-Was that all why you
-That wasn't all.
After I broke up with Mind,
I tried to open my heart
but I couldn't get past it.
I got scared just seeing her
looking at other men.
I tried to forget about Mind
but I couldn't do it.
I got drunk every day
so I wouldn't think about Mind.
It wasn't easy getting myself
to be able to live with that.
Hey, I understand you.
Hold on a minute.
If you understand me,
make my penis work again.
If you do that,
I'll find love in my own way.
All right. Fine.
I'll do it.
I order you to work again
right now.
Hey, that might work.
-Go try it. Go.
-Hey, I'm coming with you.
Let me see too.
It's not working
because I didn't say the word "penis."
It won't get hard.
I got it.
I did say your name.
Nonpawit's penis,
I order you to work again!
-I know why
-You know everything!
You know everything but you still fail.
It's not hard. Don't you see?
How many times now?
See you at your place. I'll be there.
Sir, why can't I make
his penis work again?
Once you put a curse on someone,
you won't be able to lift it.
The only way
for Nonpawit's penis to work again
is by him falling in love
as stated in the condition.
Why is it different from
when I can order people to stop?
-Or to walk? I
-You didn't set conditions.
But when you put
a curse on Nonpawit, you said,
"From now on,
you won't be able to get it up
until you're in love."
I'm screwed. Can
-Can you help me? I didn't know.
-Before using your power, stop.
Think about the consequences.
Shit, I'm gonna get an earful.
Huh? So you mean
if I don't fall in love,
my penis won't work ever again?
What the hell? This is serious business!
Calm down. Hey, calm down.
Don't do that. Calm down.
Hear me out. All right.
You're a handsome man.
And you're capable and nice.
It's not hard for a guy like you
to find love. Trust me.
And your next love will be good
because I'm right here. I will help you.
Hey, Non.
Why are you so late?
The event already started.
What if they don't hire you next time?
Jeez, I'm here now.
Don't forget to hit the follow button
because I'll give you
updates on everything.
That's it for today.
-Is that okay?
Tommy's margarita.
I didn't order that.
I made it for you.
I saw you dance and thought this drink
would freshen you up.
Thank you.
Wow, you look radiant.
Bang someone in the toilet?
Hey, back to work.
A margarita, please.
I'm begging you.
I'm humbly begging you.
-Please, I'm begging you.
-Please have mercy.
-Hey, you!
I'm gonna try and make myself
love Toon as fast as I can
so you can go back
to your heaven as soon as possible, okay?
I know you're still angry
but I want to see you.
I have nothing to talk to you.
You can say it as it is.
What are you doing?
Why don't you appeal to her
and make her fall in love already?
But I can't control matters of the heart.
I'm doomed!
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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