Love Lesson 010 (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Tommy's margarita.
Thank you.
That's it? You will get her
in the next life at this rate.
You only have three months.
Go back and talk to her.
Come on, what do you expect me to do?
Grab her by the throat
then order her to be my wife?
I can't do that, can I?
-I've planned everything.
-What plan?
That glass of Tommy's margarita
will quench her thirst at first sip
and tempt her to have more.
When she finishes it,
she will order another.
Then, I will get to talk to her again.
Get to know one another,
If she doesn't come back, I will end you.
You're pretty. I'm a fan.
Wow, it tastes so good.
Really good.
Wow, you look radiant.
Bang someone in the toilet?
Hey, back to work.
A margarita, please.
Aon, I leave the rest to you.
I have to go.
Non, wait.
-Listen to me.
-What, Mind?
I know you're still angry
but I want to see you.
I have nothing to say to you.
Can you listen to me, please?
What's there to listen to?
Was the photo not obvious enough, Mind?
Please listen to me, Non!
-I understand your feelings.
If you understood,
you wouldn't bother me right now.
Get out.
Mister, you still love Mind, don't you?
That's why you're angry.
Since you still love her, just forgive her
and return to her.
You won't need to waste time
with Miss Toon then.
Your cock will be able to get hard again.
And I will get out of your life.
It's so tasty, Mr. Chef.
Is it?
This is tasty too.
Hold on, let me taste it too.
The container is ready, Mr. Chef.
Thank you.
A pomelo girl?
I've prepared the pomelo, Mr. Chef.
Thank you.
Won't you compliment me? Aren't I cute?
The cutest in the world.
You miss Som-o, don't you?
I want to help you, Benz.
Pang, you're early.
Aren't we meeting at half past eight?
It's only eight o'clock.
I'm here to sing you
the Thai National Anthem.
The time is eight o'clock.
Thailand embraces in its bosom
All people of Thai blood
Every inch of Thailand
Belongs to the Thais
-It has long
Wait outside.
I'll follow when I'm finished here.
Can I sing a hook? It's beautiful.
I'm going.
Benz, let me sing the last sentence.
Prosperity, hurrah!
Thank you!
-Oh, this!
-Tong ten.
-Tong eight.
Greetings. It's a good day.
A policeman!
I'm not gambling! I'm really not!
Help me!
-I've been caught. help me!
-Right, what's happening?
-I got caught!
-Why are you handcuffing me?!
-Mom, calm down. Mom!
Huh? Hello.
He's a security guard, Mom.
-He's not a cop.
-He's a guard, Mom.
Goodness, you startled me.
I came in to tell you that
you have a visitor.
-A visitor?
Oh, who are you here for?
I can call them for you.
-Who are you here for?
I'm Benz.
Oh, Benz.
I'm your daughter Kanta's boyfriend.
Right, Kanta's boyfriend!
Oh, I miss you so much.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
Oh, I'm glad.
Let's have lunch, Mom.
-I cook a lot for you.
-What are these?
-This is fish fried rice.
Your favorite recipe
of fried noodles in thick gravy.
Benz, I understand your feelings.
If you can't bear it,
you should tell Mom the truth.
As long as Kanta's body
hasn't been found,
I have faith
that she is still alive.
Kanta, is that you?
Come in, girl.
Oh, when did you arrive?
Come in.
-Kanta, come in.
What is it?
She's here. Kanta came.
Eat your lunch.
Kanta is working.
She will come later.
Working again?
Oh no, auntie!
Damn it!
No matter how hard they try,
they will never find my body, right?
Because if someone finds your body,
it will be cremated.
Then, after completing your mission,
how can you go back?
It will confound the whole country.
May I contact Pang?
I only want Benz to stop
searching for my body and
Complete your mission
so that you can return to your family.
Yes, sir.
Okay, no problem. Yep.
Got it. I'll be quick. Please set it up.
I won't be long.
Okay. The heck!
No, I didn't swear at you.
I will be there as soon as I can, yes.
You always pop out like a ghost.
-It startled me.
-Hey, we need to talk.
-Aren't you going to woo Miss Toon?
Didn't I say you have only three months?
You're doing nothing!
Come on, stop nagging.
I know I have three months.
-I know that.
-Right, then do something.
Do what?
Do I need to start yesterday
and succeed today?
Stop the sarcasm and do something quickly!
Don't follow me.
Hey! I said don't follow me.
What does that mean?
It means stop bothering me!
What kind of language is that?
Everyone, I'm dressed like this today
because we're visiting
a famous restaurant.
Everyone, we're done here.
Let's go to another restaurant.
-I'm going to take you to
-Miss Beautiful.
Someone has a present for you.
Follow me if you're curious.
Everyone, a boy gave me a Post-It note.
He said it was from someone else.
"See you at Centenary Park."
-Is he here?
Everyone, that is one gigantic present!
Everyone, please countdown for me!
-What is that?
It's so pretty!
Who made this for me?
I did.
Isn't that your ex?
Do you like flowers?
I do.
I'm Non.
Do you want to take a photo? I can help.
Give me a big smile.
Very cute.
Damn, a bee!
-A bee!
-The heck, it's a bee!
A swarm!
Miss Toon.
Miss Toon, you have to go that way.
-Come on!
Hey Miss Toon,
the swarm is heading to you!
Ouch, bees!
A swarm of bees!
Mr. Non, help!
Miss Toon! Oh hey, that's a soft drink.
-Give me.
-Mr. Non!
Come here, insects!
Hey! They split up!
Miss Toon!
This way, hurry up!
-Hey, hold on!
-Damn, what's your problem?
-Keep calm.
-Mister, I need it only for a moment.
Hey, go get it! Goodness.
No, how can I work if you take my laptop?
-That's your problem!
-Return my thing!
-What're you doing? Get out!
-Don't meddle!
-I'm begging you!
If you want it back, pay your debt first.
Mister, please. Have mercy.
If you want the laptop back,
pay your debt!
Hey, she knows. Come here.
-Let's go.
Should I attach a sidecar for you?
You're really something.
It's just a laptop.
Is it worth getting hurt?
Hello, Prem's mother.
I will Um, I will send
send you the new link for online class.
My laptop is broken right now.
Of course, I'll be quick.
I'm really sorry for this.
We're at page six right now.
Let's start on question 32.
You read up on it.
We will discuss it later.
Does it look like a bun? It's a laptop.
It's okay, I can use my phone.
-Take it. I don't use it so take it.
But if you use a phone,
Prem won't be able to see clearly.
Hear that? Take it.
Think of this as an employee benefit
from your handsome boss.
Wow, everyone!
I used only a little bit of it
but there's a lot of bubbles.
There are the fresh
and seductive aromas
which pull others to stay close all day.
Wow, seeing her like this
makes me want to poke at her.
Wow, Aon. Your mind
is always in the gutter.
Non, I admit I'm a pervert.
Unlike you, I have no one to do it with.
You have a lot of girls.
Are you feeling pent-up?
Do you want my help?
Yes, I do.
Great, let's go.
-Where did you go?
She's asking for the electricity bill.
Are you nuts?
I'll get it for you.
What the heck?
Be honest with me.
Are you trying to make someone jealous?
Trying to make Mind jealous?
The heck, it's not about her.
Not about Mind?
This freaking chair is too small.
Why don't you do it then?
Aren't you afraid
you will regret it later?
Not anymore!
He has turned over a new leaf.
Don't make him waver.
-Continue your good deeds.
I'm just curious.
This man, Non,
never got serious with anyone
but he suddenly did with Miss Toon.
Aon, are you done?
Ah, yes. I'm done.
-I'm coming.
-You're too chatty. Go.
Stop smiling.
How can liking her post be enough?
Hey, stop nagging! Everything is perfect.
The only thing I ask of you
is to not meddle.
Why are you here?
-Wait, Non.
Non, what do I have to do
to make you forgive me?
Can't you stop bothering me?!
You can scold me but please,
don't walk away like this.
-Non, I didn't mean it.
-You didn't mean it?
You didn't mean to sleep
with that foreigner?
-Don't follow me!
I've just finished there. Clean it up!
-Do it now!
-Um, okay.
I have faith that we will
find Kanta's body no matter what.
Did you know? There's a book I read.
It said that from when
Steve Jobs was born,
he never gave up.
Why was Steve Jobs so strong?
Because he couldn't speak Thai
but still tried to do it.
His accent might have sounded terrible
or incomprehensible,
but he never ever gave up.
Mr. Benz.
My boss needs to talk to you.
-Mr. Benz.
This is the last day
that our team will search
for Ms. Kanta's body.
Why is that? Why are you going to stop?
Can't you keep going?
It's like this, Mr. Benz.
Our team has been working on this
for almost a month.
The chance of finding her body
is almost zero.
-But what if she's still alive?
-Her body.
If it'd been in the sea,
we would have found it long ago.
I suggest moving on.
I'll take my leave.
Let's go.
I'm so cool. So handsome.
What are you doing?
Why don't you appeal to her
and make her fall in love already?
It's been almost a month now
and there's still no result!
Got your knickers in a twist?
-Ouch, are you crazy?
Yes, I am. I'm very crazy right now.
You aren't me so you can't understand
how frustrating it is
to have to put my life in your hands!
This cologne smells nice.
I'm begging you.
I'm humbly begging you.
Please, I'm begging you.
-Please have mercy.
-Hey, you!
-Please give me your word.
-Not until you give me your word!
Alright, I will! Stop rubbing there!
-You will wake it up!
-I won't stop.
I get you.
I want to finish the job as soon as I can.
But I can't control matters
of the heart, so what else can I do?
Should I order it
to fall in love right now?
I can't do that.
I'm doomed!
Aww, there, there.
Honestly, I don't want
to stay with you for long.
I will try though, okay?
Keep rolling.
Move your left shoulder up slightly.
Bye, everyone. See you.
-I'll be going.
-Good night.
-Good night, dear.
Now, we
Mr. Non!
-How are you?
-Mr. Non.
Good evening.
Good evening.
I have flowers for you.
Thank you.
-Are there any bees in there?
-No, not this time. See?
-She paid in full?
-She did.
Don't be late next time.
-Or I won't return it.
-I know.
Let's go.
If you're late next time,
we won't return anything.
She knows.
What is it?
I'm returning your laptop.
Then why didn't you call me?
You don't want to see me?
Oh, that's frank.
Ouch, that hurts.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
I'm not hurt.
The fuck.
So dramatic.
Ouch, shit.
-What is this?
-Spray for bruises.
What bruises? I'm not hurt.
The smell of balm is obvious.
It's a normal camphor smell.
What's the matter?
-Just startled.
-I see.
What is it?
And you said you weren't hurt.
You can say it as it is.
Don't get enamored. I'm your boss.
I didn't!
Here, use it.
-No, take it back.
-Take it.
Just use it. Admit that you're hurt.
-Don't be shy. We're neighbors.
Older brother!
Older brother!
Go, she's calling you.
What? She isn't appealing?
You take her to your house every day.
What's the problem?
Are you spying on me?
Older brother!
Need me to peek at her?
I can't see.
Let me see.
Is she gone?
-He's here!
-Ouch! Hey!
Ouch, shit.
Older brother!
Older brother.
I have a surprise for you today.
It's 0.01 from Korea.
For hardness.
For excitement.
Is your tool functioning now?
I can't do it anymore.
Is your prick going to be soft forever?
Oh, I will help.
-Show me.
-Wait, Bonus, stop!
Wait, Bonus!
I have someone I want to get serious with.
You said you're never serious with anyone.
I changed my mind.
Then why can't it be with me?
Didn't you say you loved me?
I'm sorry.
Motherfucker! Shit!
Use it at home.
Wow, look at her.
Adorable, pretty.
My kind of girl. Swipe right.
Hey, that's the same girl as mine.
Don't swipe right, swipe left.
Do you want to see whom she will match?
-What? Wanna fight?
What are you doing?
Tinder app. Here, see.
Every woman here looks fantastic.
Wow, look at her profile.
Her legs are so slim.
We can choose
what kind of relationship we want.
If you want a friend, check this box.
If you want true love, check this one.
Anyway, thanks.
Come on, how can you move on, Benz?
So instead of moving on,
he moved out. Stupid.
Give me something strong.
Got it.
Hey, I want a glass of something strong.
Got it.
-Something strong.
-Hey stop!
-Here Ouch! Huh?
-Thank you.
-Is it mine?
-Here, something strong.
Thank you.
Everyone, welcome to
Hua Lamphong Station!
They say this is one
of the oldest stations
in Bangkok and is very beautiful.
Let's take a look.
-Huh? Where is everyone?
-I remember it looked ugly.
I'm okay.
-And about
-Excuse me, miss.
Where is Toon?
The toilet.
Oh I'm sorry! Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
-I'm really sorry.
-It's alright.
Excuse me!
Are you Miss Toon?
I knew you had to be Miss Toon.
May I take a photo with you?
One, two.
-Thanks for your support.
Ah, another photo please.
And may I hug you this time?
Um, no. Please let go of me.
Please. Ouch.
Huh? Did someone faint or something?
Miss Toon!
Miss Toon!
You pig!
Hey, Fatty!
You will be fine.
You won't get pregnant.
This is my first time.
Ah, mister.
No one will meddle now, meow.
Miss Toon!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Please don't shoot me!
I'm sorry. I won't do this ever again.
Don't prey on anyone again,
you shitty pig.
-Take this!
-Freaking fatty!
-Mr. Non!
Miss Toon.
Are you okay? I'm here.
I'm here. You're safe.
You're safe now.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
You're safe.
I know. I have the fee for Turbo.
Can we not talk about this, Mom?
I will send you the money, okay?
You're still here even after we're closed.
Take your friend home.
Hey, isn't it too stupid
to get upset at your friends here?
Talk it out peacefully and
don't sulk. It's waste of time.
I miss you.
Thank you
for risking your life to save me.
I'm happy to do so.
Turbo, why didn't you lock the door?
My bad.
See you around.
Hey, come out and talk to me!
Come out, Kate!
-What's the matter?
Were you too drunk to remember
what you did last night?
What did I do?
Turbo, why didn't you lock the door?
Ouch, it's you again!
How dare you bring a woman to my house?
It's my house!
My house!
Open your eyes! It's my house!
My bad.
See you around.
Turn around.
Do you know you ruined my life last night?
-Don't be overdramatic.
-I'm not.
You don't know how important
last night was to me.
What? You wanna get married
after having sex?
Don't pretend to be invested?
-Today's your first, as is tomorrow.
-Don't you feel guilty at all?
-Can I say sorry?
-What is this? What are you arguing about?
-I said sorry but you're still upset.
So chatty. Sis, take care of him.
What is it?
She ruined everything last night.
If she hadn't meddled,
you could go back home by now.
-It can get hard again?
Let me see.
I'm ecstatic when I'm with Miss Toon.
Don't tell me
you're starting to fall for her?
-I like Miss Toon.
She makes me feel love again.
That's it! That's what I'm talking about!
Be ready to go back
to your home sweet home.
Great! Awesome!
The more you stay at home,
the sadder you will feel.
Therefore, you have to
go outside sometimes.
You may feel better.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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