Love Lesson 010 (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You're so heavy.
Get in.
-I wanna say
-Get up!
-Of all the cocktails
Those in Mr. Non's bar
are really great. The best even.
Okay, I'll make a deal with him. Get up.
Get up.
Lie down. Oh, Benz!
Ouch, Benz!
What the heck?
Non, stop! Calm down!
What's the matter?
-I'm calling a doctor.
-Oh, hold on, Mind.
It's okay.
I'm fine, Mind.
How could you be there to save me?
I followed you so that
I could apologize to you again.
I don't think it's right.
I saw you drive into the river.
-What happened?
-Be careful with him.
Non, can you hear me?
Non, please be okay.
Yes, thank you.
Since I'm talking to you right now
I'm sorry for everything, Non.
I'm sorry, Non.
I am truly sorry, Non.
-It's alright.
-I am sorry.
I'm really sorry. I
I feel ashamed, remorseful.
I don't know what to do.
Just forget it, Mind.
Let bygones be bygones.
Non, how are you?
Non is banging. Let's go.
Are you crazy, Aon?
I should smack you just for that.
So how are you?
Wow, Mind.
Have you been here all night?
I'm getting the doctor.
Good luck, Mind.
Hey, don't tell me that last night,
you did it in the hospital?
Don't be absurd. I just woke up.
Let me borrow your phone.
We need to clear things up.
Miss Toon posted a black screen
and said, "It's time to move on."
What does this mean?
Did you guys break up?
-Yes, we broke up.
You have her and now you're leaving her?
Didn't you say you were serious about her?
I loved her. I was serious about her.
But she wasn't serious about me.
Do you have a clip then?
Argh, you!
Why did you break up with her?
Don't you remember
how hard it was to woo her?
When can I go back then?
-Go back to where?
-To the countryside.
I see.
What's next?
Miss Mind? Miss Mind, okay.
Don't meddle in this.
If you meddle again, I will let it wilt.
I don't care anymore.
-Let what wilt, Non?
-My heart.
Don't let your heart wilt.
Your prick will follow otherwise.
Get out now, Aon.
Aon, get out. You too. Everyone out!
He's stressed. Let's get out.
What did Mee do?
Why are there so many likes?
Pang uses Tinder too?
Don't swipe right.
Do you know what she did last night?
Mom, I cooked Kaeng Lieng
Kung Sod for you.
It's your favorite, isn't it? Eat up.
It looks tasty.
By the way,
who are you?
I'm Benz, Mom.
-Benz! Yeah, I remember now.
-That's right.
What about Kanta? Is she here too?
Kanta, she
Kanta, perfect timing.
-I'm Pang, Mom.
-Ah, Kanta.
You're here. Mom was waiting for you.
Where did you go? Have lunch with me.
Come on, hurry up.
Let's eat together. I'll get you a chair.
You need to eat a lot, okay?
Look at you now.
Why are you so thin?
Is there so much work at the hospital?
Yes, Mom.
Have some rice, and some fish too.
We have steamed fish. Here, have some.
-Kanta, are you okay?
-A fish bone got stuck in my throat.
Is it dislodged?
-I'll be back.
How is it, Pang?
It's dislodged now.
-Eat with me some more.
-Ah, Benz.
And Kanta too. You're all here.
Have you eaten?
There's a lot of food today.
-Come on, Mom. Let's eat together.
-Eat with me.
Eat with me.
How've you been?
Do you get to follow your dream?
No. Mom forced me to work at the hotel.
What? She's still that controlling?
Hey, but did you know?
When I was in England,
I took a designer course
and even finished it.
Oh really? That's awesome!
It's great that
you got to do what you wanted.
-You did great.
-I have you as my role model after all.
-Me? Your role model?
-That's right.
Enough or you may get dizzy.
You followed your dream.
You didn't care about being insulted.
And now, you're successful.
You won the bartender championship.
Like this, right?
Toss it in the air!
You opened your own bar too.
I want to be as successful as you.
You can do it.
Bartending isn't that hard.
Just shake it like this.
No, I don't mean being a bartender.
Let's go back.
It's time to take your medicine.
Nope, don't want to.
Come on, let's go.
-Let's go now.
-What's wrong, Mind?
-My mom's minion is here.
-Okay. Then follow me.
Miss, go.
-Go where?
Can't you go faster?
The speed limit here
is 40 kilometers per hour.
Why didn't you tell us? Stop!
He screamed so loud.
Brother, I wanna rent a jet ski.
Hey, hold on!
Wanna rent a jet ski?
-Pay first.
-I don't carry cash.
-Transfer then.
The heck?
Come on, swim after us!
This reminds me of our school days
when you often sneaked me out.
It's been so long. I can't believe
we still have to escape even now.
Hey, Mind.
You can't run away forever.
You know this, right?
I know.
Let's go.
You don't have to run.
Come in.
Non, how are you?
The nurse said you fell into a river.
Yes, but I'm fine now.
Mind saved me.
Ah, that's good then. You're lucky indeed.
Take a rest, alright?
When you recover,
let's have a meal together.
I won't bother you anymore. Take a rest.
-Okay, thank you. See you later.
-See you later.
I'll be back.
Wait, Mom.
What's your plan?
You never liked it
when I was with him then.
So why are you being kind to him now?
What're you trying to do?
You were young back then so I was worried.
But you're an adult now.
We can be direct with each other.
No need to lie or hide.
Then if I tell you I still love Non
and I'm going to date him again,
will you be okay with it?
Wow, it looks gorgeous.
Really gorgeous.
I wanted to bring you here
a long time ago,
but there was no opportunity then
because you needed
to get back home early, remember?
Right, I was afraid of being scolded.
Whenever we went on a trip,
you had to send me back on time.
Then today,
do I need to send you back home on time?
From now on, I won't let anyone
interfere with my life.
We will have one another.
For life.
Non, what is this?
I don't know.
What is it? Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Yeah, be ready.
-I'm sorry. I will remake it.
-No need.
The others will do it.
Chef, please follow me.
Benz, you make a lot of mistakes.
You should reflect on this.
I promise it won't happen again.
Let's see the customers' comments.
"Did Aimaem hire a new chef?"
"The food doesn't taste the same."
"Yeah, some days it tastes sweet,
other days it tastes salty."
"Different taste every day.
Does the chef forget the recipes?"
"Fried wontons Pad Thai is supposed
to be crispy but it's sticky."
If you hadn't established
this restaurant with me,
I would have fired you already.
I understand, Pete.
How about this?
Give me one last chance.
But that project we've started
is progressing nicely.
The only thing left is to get
that talented bartender on board.
If he agrees to this collaboration,
I think the old customers will return
and the new customers
who are drinkers will increase.
Then, don't worry, Pete.
If I fail at this project,
you don't have to sack me.
I will quit.
Are you sure about this?
I am.
I trust you.
Thank you.
-Aon, two glasses of water.
-Got it.
Piggybaby, Piggybooboo thinks
he smells something burning.
-Did you forget to turn off the stove?
-It's not the stove.
It's the smell of an old flame.
Look over there.
Come in.
-Good evening.
-Ah, Chef Benz. Hello.
Non, this is Chef Benz.
He's proposed the collaboration
between his restaurant and your bar.
I'm Chef Benz from Aimaem Thai Fusion.
-Ah, yes.
-We finally meet face-to-face, Mr. Non.
Benz likes your cocktails very much.
He has already created new menus.
With the greatest chef
and the greatest bartender,
the event will be perfect.
-Isn't that overstated?
-Not at all.
-He's really interesting, Non.
-Aimaem is super-famous.
The project sounds interesting, Mr. Benz.
Right, but this project
won't be able to succeed
without a national bartender
like Mr. Non.
That's right.
Say yes. If you do it,
your bar will get famous.
I will consider it.
I will contact you when I make a decision.
Okay, no problem.
Please consider it.
We'd like to collaborate with you.
Okay then. Let's go.
-Let's go.
Non, say yes now.
Your bar will surely become famous.
Trust me.
Why are you striking a pose?
Non, it's interesting.
This chef is famous.
-I'll sleep on it.
Though you should go home to rest now.
We worked hard yesterday.
-I don't want to go back home now.
-Go back and take a rest.
-Save energy for our trip.
-You have time?
I will hurry back home.
And I will take you on a trip tomorrow.
-Let's go.
-I will walk you out.
Don't stay up late, Non.
-Or you may look rough tomorrow.
See you when I'm free.
-Non's hugging her.
-Stay safe.
-Go all out.
-Okay, text me when you're home.
-See you.
Hey Non.
You just had your heart broken
and now you return to your ex?
Aon, I think I still love Mind.
Benz, don't be stressed.
Mr. Non will agree to the collaboration.
Trust me.
But he said like
The guy at the front door.
Please make some space for your order.
-Bring water now!
-I have water! Use my water!
-Everyone, stand back!
-Hey, are you okay? Still feel hot?
-My goodness.
It's okay.
The air was so hot that it sparked.
That's not funny.
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
-Yeah, it's alright.
-Sorry. Though I helped, right?
-Let's go.
This way please. Be careful.
Let me walk you out please. I'm sorry.
I'm genuinely sorry.
Are you crazy, sis?
Why did you try to set Miss Pang on fire?
If she got hurt,
who would take responsibility?
-Argh, stop.
-You ruined my name.
-Stop scolding me.
-And now my bar too?
I didn't intend to start a fire, alright?
I just tried to make her fall so she would
go home and stop bothering Benz.
What? Why do you want to separate them?
Don't you see that Pang likes Benz?
-So what? Who is he to you?
-But why did you have to do that?
What's your relationship with him?
You won't answer?
-Okay, I'll ask Chef Benz.
-Hold on!
Benz and I are married.
A day after the wedding, I drowned
because I saved his life.
An angel took pity on me
so he gave me a mission,
to help you, who had lost faith in love,
fall in love once again.
In exchange,
I will have my life with Benz back.
Do you get it now?
I get it now.
I get why you're in a hurry.
You want to return to your hubby.
-So what?
-Why are you fighting?
You two are the same.
One wants to return to her hubby.
The other has a soft penis.
Freaking absurd.
-You told Kate about that?
Stop, hold it together.
No one else can know, understand?
Only us. Don't be shy.
Yeah, it's not a big deal.
-Who is it?
So you are a ghost?
I'm not a ghost.
See? Touch me.
-How much did you hear, Aon?
Okay, I'm not a ghost.
Aon, about what you heard,
I beg you. No more people
can know about this.
-I'll stop recording then.
Are you going to
get back together with Non?
Yes, I love him.
I don't believe love is enough.
Which era do you think this is?
Seriously, can he take care of you
with just a bartender's salary?
He's not just a bartender.
He's a champion bartender
and has his own bar.
Just a tiny bar no one knows about.
Then if I make him become well-known,
you will approve of him, right?
Then please wait and see.
Do you know that Song Wat Road
is in the top 40
most stylish areas in the world.
It's a combination of Thai
and Western Chinese art. Really classic.
It's like a collaboration between
the beauty of ancient times
and the civilization of the present.
-Your coffee is here, Non.
Try it, see if it's good.
Do you want cake? I can feed it to you.
Ah, Non. A collaboration
is really a hit right now.
Are you really not interested
in this collaboration?
-I don't know. What do you think?
-I think it will be great.
Creating a new cocktail recipe
to pair with the food
is truly challenging.
If we succeed,
it will be one of your milestones.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Non, when you become famous,
my mom will approve of you.
Won't you do this?
-Stop acting sweet.
Okay, I'll do it.
-I'll support you.
Okay. Thanks.
Let's continue eating.
Tell me if you would like to add
something more, okay?
Ah, it's alright. Everything is perfect.
I'm really lucky to have you
as our event organizer.
You flatter me.
This is a special zone
we have prepared for VVIPs.
Moreover, a celebrity
is going to participate in the event.
-We also have invited an influencer.
They will promote the event
on social media as well.
You're doing good.
How is it, Earth? Let me taste it.
Aon, are all the drinks ready?
We can't afford to make any mistakes.
Kate, finish that and get change.
Okay, no mistakes.
-See? And you said no mistakes.
Don't make any mistakes today, please.
-Do we have enough vodka?
-Why do you look stressed?
How can I not?
I have to impress your mom after all.
Okay, everything is almost ready.
Bring it on, chef.
Don't worry. I'm giving it my all.
-Is everything alright?
-It is. Please don't worry, Miss Mind.
Miss Mind.
-I'm really grateful
that Miss Mind has invited
our small restaurant
to host this event in your hotel.
It's an honor to work with you
and Chef Benz.
It would be my pleasure.
Okay, the event is about to start.
-Let's do our best.
Uh, ma'am.
We truly are sorry.
Our bar zone hasn't opened yet.
I'd like a drink now.
Non, what should we do?
-What are you wearing? Are you possessed?
Unless I disguised myself,
Benz's friends would remember me.
This event is full of them.
So you're dressed up to observe Benz?
That is secondary. My main objective
is to keep an eye on that bitch Pang.
So you're afraid your backstabbing sister
will steal your hubby.
Don't ruin the event. If that happens,
Chef Benz will be in trouble.
I know that.
Greetings, honored guests.
Kulyada Grand Bangkok Hotel is pleased
to welcome you to The Taste of Thai event.
Today we're going to experience
the culinary delights
from a collaboration project
with Aimaem Thai Fusion.
Today, they're collaborating
with the champion bartender
from Love at First Sip Bar.
Please welcome Chef Benz.
And Mr. Non from Love at First Sip Bar.
I hope everyone will have
an enjoyable time today.
Thank you.
Ah, they're here.
Hurry up.
-Is everything ready?
-Ingredients and equipment?
Are you tired?
We haven't even started yet.
Okay, do your best.
Ah, thanks.
Miss Tass.
You can sit here
if you're looking for a seat.
-Then may I sit here?
-You may.
Where is Miss Kate? Why is she so slow?
Um, she's changing.
There're so many guests and we haven't
even served the welcome drink yet.
She's probably almost done.
-I'm here.
-There they are!
I know what you're thinking.
Come on, couldn't you let me dream?
How does she look? Stunning, isn't she?
-No, I'm not.
-She looks okay.
Do I have to wear this? It's so tight.
This dress is good.
If you change, your wage is the same.
If you wear this dress,
you get triple.
Give her quadruple.
Don't let the drinks fall.
-I know.
-Be careful.
-I'll go greet the guests.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm sorry.
-I'm really sorry.
-No problem.
I'm sorry.
You said you wouldn't make a mistake.
The dress is too tight.
Be careful.
Do your best, beauty.
This handsome brother supports you.
Mind has done a wonderful job
with this event.
It's adequate.
The highlight are the chef
and the bartender.
Ah, is that so?
Please wait and see.
Miang pomelo and Hotaru Ika
is a dish that mixes
Thai ingredients like pomelo
with overseas ingredients like Hotaru Ika,
which is available
for only one season a year,
and served it in a caviar bowl.
It produces a sense of revitalization
and stimulates digestion
which is suitable as an appetizer.
The first drink for today is
white wine called Chardonnay.
The signature is the sweet-and-sour taste
and soft floral scent.
The drink is garnished
with yuzu zest and cognac
and slow cooked at 40 degrees
to maintain its freshness. Enjoy.
The food tastes exquisite.
Pairing it with the cocktail
emphasizes the taste making it
even more palatable.
But, wow.
The bartender is easy on the eyes.
Where on earth did you find him?
He's my lover, Master.
Oh, I didn't know he was yours.
It seems I embarrassed myself.
I'm happy for you.
Wow, your future son-in-law
is both talented and handsome.
Let's eat.
This is lon scallop.
It's served with side dishes
and seasonal greens.
The grilled scallop is topped with
lon zebra tilapia sauce
and spread with French butter.
It's served together
with brown rice and seasonal greens.
This drink is a combination
of Thai fruits.
It is a modern craft
made of rambutan I have fortified,
which results in a mellow aroma,
with the lime and lemon I have clarified.
When eating with seafood,
the taste becomes mellow
and even more delectable. Enjoy.
-What's wrong?
-What is it?
-Is something struck in your throat?
-It's the scallop!
-Hey, Chef!
-What kind of a chef are you?
-It's in his throat.
-Are you alright?
Okay, I'm okay now.
-Don't mind me. Thanks for your concern.
-Take it easy.
I'm sorry, Master.
The portion was big
and got struck in his throat.
It's alright. This is his style.
Love at first bite,
choke at the next bite.
Right, Go?
Master has a slogan saying,
"Eat the palatable,
throw away the unpalatable."
See? I told you!
This clip will reach 1 million views
for sure.
I'm sorry.
It's so delicious that I didn't
chew properly before swallowing.
I'm fine now. Please continue.
-Are you sure you're okay?
I'm okay. The food is great.
Chef Benz, you've been doing great.
I know you can do it.
Thank you for your faith in me.
-Thanks for today.
-No problem.
Your mustache.
Shave it off.
It tickles.
We would like to offer our gratitude
to all the guests for your participation.
We hope that you had an enjoyable time
with the food and drinks.
We would like to thank
Aimaem Thai Fusion for the dishes
and Love at First Sip Bar
for the cocktails.
We hope that Kulyada Grand Bangkok will
have a chance to serve you in the future.
Also, please don't go anywhere yet.
We still have the after party for you
to enjoy to your heart's content.
Thank you.
-Non, I'm going to the restroom.
-Okay, don't be long.
Did they eat something strange?
How long have you been here?
A while.
Thank you.
Um, Non.
Non, are you tired?
I brought you water.
Oh, slow down before you choke.
Happy to hear your voice.
-This water is so refreshing.
Give me some celebration drinks.
No problem. What would you like to drink?
I usually have wine.
I don't know much about cocktails.
Give me your suggestions.
Alright. Then what about sangria?
It is red wine combined with brandy
and some fruits.
It's light and refreshing.
-Go ahead.
This is sangria.
It's really light.
However, I think I prefer wine.
Do you know the difference
between wine and cocktails?
Wine is delectable without garnishes.
But cocktails need countless garnishes
to make them enjoyable.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Right, Mind?
I think I prefer cocktails, Mom.
Drinking them never gets boring.
Then drink the rest for me.
Okay, Mom.
-You must be tired working for so long.
Ah no, I'm not tired.
I thought you would have
clocked out by now.
Thank you again for helping me today.
The boss would have scolded me again.
I would be so dead.
It's alright.
I'm Pete.
I'm Kate.
Nice to meet you.
Does your boss scold you often?
Yes, every day.
Please excuse me.
I think being a boss is not easy.
-Is that so?
-Scold too little.
The employees won't listen.
Scold too much.
The employees will be unhappy.
I understand both sides.
Think of it this way.
If your boss scolds you,
it's a learning experience.
In case you become the boss one day.
No way, it won't happen.
It definitely will.
When that day comes,
you can find the right balance
that makes both the boss
and the employees happy.
Don't you think so?
I will try.
Next time I get scolded,
I won't have such a headache then.
-May I have you phone number?
So that when you need some advice,
I can give it to you.
I see.
I will contact you.
-When I have some advice.
-Excuse me?
-I'll call you later.
-What did you say?
-I said I'll call you later.
-Ah, okay.
-See you around.
No way.
You've been working hard.
Have you eaten yet?
Not yet. I'm too busy cooking for others.
Hear me out then.
When you're done here,
what about I take you out for a meal?
-Eh, okay.
Then I will wait over there. Be quick.
Hey, which one is the strongest?
Nope, they're all weak.
Then make it for me,
and make it super-strong.
What? What do you need it for?
To get someone drunk?
I'm gonna make Pang so drunk
she'll run back home.
Hurry up and make it.
You won't be in trouble.
-Then I'll make a Long Island iced tea.
-No iced tea, give me a cocktail.
-Hey, have faith.
This iced tea
will get her wasted in no time.
Oh my!
You're still here, Tass?
We met a while ago.
-Ah, right.
-Wanna drink together, Tass?
-Okay then.
Let me put my handbag down first.
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
I just came back from New York.
We likely never met. Let's cheers.
Alright, nice to meet you.
Two glasses of the same stuff.
More! Four glasses!
-Wait here.
-Great. Thank you.
Wow, Pang.
You drank these alone?
Are you drunk?
Not alone. I drank with this friend.
A new friend from New York.
Where is this new friend then?
-Bringing more booze.
-Don't you have enough?
Boy, give me more booze.
Give me.
Cheers to your success, Benz.
Actually, if today
Kanta were here with us,
it would be wonderful.
Kanta hasn't been
with us for a long time.
You need to move on!
I know I should.
-But I can't do it.
-Of course you can.
You can do it but you don't.
-You can!
When you love someone,
really love someone,
it's hard to forget about them.
But you need to move on.
You need to give yourself a chance
so you'll find someone you love
and who loves you!
-Who would I find, Pang?
You lunatic!
Why are you doing this?
Stop right there!
You, stop!
Why did you slap me?
You know that if Mr. Benz
knows of your existence,
someone will discover your body
and everything will be for naught.
On my birthday, bring him here for a meal
so that he can meet your father.
The lucky man who owns your heart,
where is he?
Non had an errand to do. He's on his way.
Greetings, I'm Pichit
from the search team
responsible for Ms. Kanta's case.
Kanta, please understand.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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