Love Lesson 010 (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Why did you slap me?
Pang, what's wrong?
-Why are you saying her name?
The woman who just slapped me was Kanta.
This isn't funny.
-It's not funny.
I'm not joking.
-How could she be here?
-I saw her. She was wearing a wig.
Is there something wrong, Miss Pang?
Did you see that woman?
-The one who slapped me.
Did you see the woman who slapped me, Aon?
You seem drunk, Miss Pang.
There was no woman.
Miss Kate,
did you see her?
-I didn't.
-How didn't you? That woman just now.
Pang, that's enough! No one saw her.
Pang, I don't mind other jokes.
But when it comes to Kanta,
don't joke.
-Don't make fun.
-I'm not joking.
I really saw her. This is not a joke.
Hey, get her some water.
-Get some water.
Do you know what you've done?
I slapped my backstabbing sister.
You saw what she did to me.
I should have done more.
You did wrong
and you dare feel proud?
You know that if Mr. Benz
knows of your existence
and everything will be for naught.
In vain how?
Someone will discover your body
and cremate it.
Then you'd be officially dead.
You want that?
-But look at what she did. She
-Your life.
Your choice.
Think it over.
Don't sigh at me like that.
I really saw Kanta.
She was drinking with me for an hour.
Pang saw her
but why didn't anyone else did?
I don't know,
but I checked security footage.
But the cameras went dark.
What just happened?
Let me check.
A lot of people at the event saw her.
Get home safe.
Are you sure you wanna move in with him?
Yes, Mom.
It's not my fault. Miss Mind ordered me.
She ordered me.
Take all of this away.
You can't stop me.
I'm not stopping you.
I'm telling Som
to take this stuff to the van.
And tell Manop
to drive Miss Mind.
Wait, Mom.
You're not stopping me anymore?
I'm not, darling.
I know you well.
The last one's here.
Let me sit.
Do you think you can live here?
I can live anywhere you are.
Sweet talking.
Thank you.
how are we going to sleep?
I only brought my essentials, Non.
Just your essentials? Jeez.
You slapped me over a tease?
It bit your face.
Watch out for them.
All right, let me think.
How are we gonna manage?
You're washing glasses? Let me do it.
-It's okay, Non.
-Come on. Let me do it.
Jeez, you two lovebirds.
Let me take that.
Let me help.
Thank you.
Hello, guys. Oh, Kate.
-What are you doing back here, Mr. Pete?
-Mr. Pete?
What are you doing here?
I asked someone at the counter
where you were.
They said you were here.
I'm here to take you home.
It's okay.
I can wait.
Get him, buddy!
Piggybaby is my girlfriend!
-Fuck you!
-Awesome, buddy!
Get him!
What the hell?
What's with you?
Calm down, buddy.
Mr. Pete came to take you home.
I'm rooting for him, Miss Kate.
Mind, don't tease me.
But you can go back to work.
I'll wait behind the bar.
I'll see you after work.
-I'll go back to work.
Miss Kate left.
Why did you come?
-Uh, what?
Miss Kate already left.
She got off work and left.
-But she just
-I was working with her all night.
I was with her all night.
She left.
No one's in the bar now.
Miss Kate just texted me
that she just got off work.
-What text?
-Oh, Mr. Pete.
-Miss Kate.
-What's up?
Let's talk on your way home
so you can save time.
I see.
-I'm off.
-Hey! Where are you going?
Did you do the books?
I emailed it to you. Didn't you check?
-When did you email it?
-Please check.
I'm off.
Let's go.
I'm gonna go up and shower.
Okay, I'll be right up.
We work at the same place,
live next to each other,
but you left first, why are you late?
You paid my rent
so I have to report everything?
No. I'm your boss,
you're my employee, right?
I just worry about my employee.
You met him a few times
but let him take you home.
If you two run off together,
I won't get my money back.
I'll pay you back.
I won't run, okay?
Not all men are bad. Give me a break.
Hey, your father is male.
He just offered me a job.
-You can't.
What job?
If you leave, who will help Aon?
What? I'm not quitting.
The job is during the day.
I'll do it before the bar opens. Chill.
Can you do two jobs?
-It'll effect my bar.
It won't kill me. Worry about yourself.
Non worries about everyone.
That's why I love him.
is the water heater broken?
The water wouldn't get hot.
All right, I'll take a look.
Let's go.
It's broken?
Water's very cold.
The water's hot, Mind.
Very hot.
It's actually not broken, Non.
I just wanted to take a shower to relax.
You wanna play?
There. How's that?
-I'm soaked!
-Stay still.
I'm here. Did you solve it?
Yeah, that's the one.
You have to memorize this equation that
asset equals debt plus cost.
That's it for today.
See you tomorrow. Bye.
-Aunt Kate?
I have a headache.
Stop playing on the phone
and take a shower.
So far I haven't found anything wrong.
But to be sure, I suggest a brain scan.
Is it expensive?
I think it's around 20,000 baht.
Is it okay
if he gets the scan next month?
As his mother, it's up to you.
-I'm his aunt.
-I'm sorry.
It's up to you.
But if it's possible,
I'd like him to get scanned soon.
Because if we find something,
we can treat it quickly.
-Let's play a guessing game.
-The winner gets the remaining meatballs.
All right.
Do you know why footballers
lead children onto a pitch?
I don't know. Why?
If they led buffalos onto a pitch,
they'd eat all the grass.
Give me that.
-What now?
Do you know what scares doors?
What scares them?
Fire doors.
Give me that.
-Don't be a cat when I get back.
-What cat?
A drunk cat, what else?
Thailand embraces in its bosom
All people of Thai blood
I'm gonna take you
to try cocktails in Yaowaret.
Very good! I'll give you
a 200-baht discount.
But you need to move on.
You need to give yourself a chance.
So you'll find someone you love
and someone who loves you!
Who would I find, Pang?
Don't swipe right, Benz.
Swipe left and say no.
Is there something on my face?
Why are people looking at me?
You're pretty. They think you're a celeb.
Are you done?
No, I'm gonna get another bowl.
You want one?
I wanna use the bathroom.
Behind the shop. Over there.
There's a bathroom in that alley.
-Non, are you done?
I wanna use the bathroom back home.
You got it. Okay. Just a sec.
-Stop eating, Non.
Let's go.
Ma'am! I'll leave it on the table.
I bought the medicine. I'm almost there.
Can you hold on? Okay.
Hey! Benz swiped right.
What do you mean, swiped right?
What does that even mean?
-I have to see Mind.
-He swiped right for Pang!
What does that mean?
Oh, you mean
Benz swiped right for Pang
so he fancies her?
What do I do?
She's stealing Benz!
Do you understand? What do I do?
You shook me like I was a puppet!
Get some exercise, baby,
so you'll be as pretty as I am.
Your wife just died.
You're bringing a new woman home.
Oh, Goofy.
Lek, what's wrong?
What got you so shaken up?
So scared you ran off and forgot him?
Make merit for Kanta, okay?
Just now
I saw Kanta in your house, Benz.
She was staring at me like this.
Take him back first.
How are you, baby?
Did you see Kanta?
Who are you calling?
I'm telling you not to call.
What's wrong with my phone?
Where are you going?
Going to her, aren't you?
Kanta, right?
Are you here?
Thank you.
Excuse me?
Can we get two more?
What's going on, baby?
Mind, what's going on?
Can you hear me?
She has dengue fever.
And her platelet count is low.
Make sure she doesn't do anything
that could cause a wound
because she'll bleed out
and that could be fatal.
Can she be cured, Doctor?
I can't answer that yet.
Right now we can only treat her symptoms.
But we'll do our best.
Thank you very much.
Do you know
how dangerous dengue fever is?
If I'd gotten her to the hospital
later than I did,
she could have died.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'll take care of Mind better. I promise.
Are you gonna move out
of your canal house?
Give her back.
I can take care of my daughter.
You can leave.
Oh, is it Pang?
Hello? Good morning.
Greetings, I'm Pichit.
Uh, Pichit who?
Pichit from the search team
responsible for Ms. Kanta's case.
What's going on? Has there been progress?
It's been reported a ring was found.
I'm not sure if it's Ms. Kanta's.
Would you mind checking, Mr. Benz?
The ring?
How could they find it?
That chief god said it couldn't be found
Yes, it's Kanta's.
Got it.
Our team will go straight to that island
in case her body is in the area.
If there's progress, I'll contact you.
-If they find me
Thank you very much.
I'll be finished.
-Hello, Pang?
The rescue team called to say
they found Kanta's ring.
I looked at it. It's true.
It's really hers.
Benz? Where are you going?
You don't have to go, Benz!
You let them find my ring?
Why did that happen?
I didn't have that kind of power.
They found the ring because of you.
You've tried to let him know you exist.
I'm telling you now.
If you don't stop,
the powers that be
might let them find your body.
Prepare to get cremated.
Don't do that.
No. They can't find me yet.
-I'm doing everything
-Stop worrying about yourself
and complete the mission.
You still have a chance.
You can't see her.
Can I talk to her for a sec?
Just to say hi.
Not even one second.
Madam's order.
Okay, that's fine.
So please give her the flowers.
Tell her they're from Non.
What did you do?
I gave him the order.
Can you not act like this?
What now?
Mind's mom won't let me see her.
Help me.
Please let the doctor check on her.
Do you mind stepping outside?
Do I have to?
How are you doing?
You're dressed like this
because my mom wouldn't let me see you?
No one can stop me, Mind.
I'll come again
I knew it was you.
If you didn't deny him,
he wouldn't have done this, Mom.
But I don't wanna see his face.
Manop, take him away.
-Please come.
-Get out.
-Come. Let go of her.
-Let go.
Hey, calm down.
If you don't wanna see my face,
you can wait outside.
You dare talk to me like this?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I know I was wrong.
But I care about Mind as much as you do.
Please let me help here.
But I don't wanna see your face.
-Manop, take him away.
-Take him away.
Please calm down.
Go. Just for now.
Go. Just for now.
Don't let him in again.
I won't.
Why do you keep
objecting to our relationship?
if I really objected it,
I wouldn't have let you move in with him.
I gave you a chance.
Now look at you.
Focus and think.
And these days,
if it's not that important or urgent,
can you not call for me?
I'm super-busy.
I'm off.
Did you find Kanta's body?
The odds are very low.
It's like finding a needle in a haystack.
If there's progress, I'll contact you.
Thank you very much.
Your wife's calling you.
I already told her
not to call when I'm at work.
She's so frustrating.
-Yes, baby?
Yes, what's up?
Kanta probably wants you
to have it as a souvenir.
How about this?
Why don't we make merit for her?
Maybe her appearing
in front of other people
means she wants some merit.
Who are you making merit for?
My late wife, sir.
She died recently.
Let go.
We all leave each other
either alive or dead.
That's all there is to it.
No attachment means no suffering.
But I'm not dead.
Pay attention during the libation.
Just as rivers full of water
Fill the oceans
So does that given here
Benefit the dead
May whatever you wish
Or want quickly come to be
May all your aspirations be fulfilled
As the moon on the full moon day
Or as a radiant, bright gem
Here's your snack, Turbo.
Wow, this is the limited skin!
You really bought it for me, Uncle Non?
Yes, I did.
Aunt Kate, Uncle Non bought me
the limited skin.
Why did you ask him to buy it for you?
-Hey, don't scold him.
I did it myself.
Why did you spoil him?
-Come home.
-My bar's doing well.
Go where you need to go. Go to work.
I'll watch him.
Jeez, what company is this?
Your boss is picking you up.
How did he come? By car or boat?
-What's he saying?
They don't quit because of bad jobs.
They quit
because of bad bosses.
Thank you for the translation.
So I want to be a good boss to Miss Kate.
Are you doing okay?
Uncle Non, I'm gonna die!
What? You're not. Come here. Sit down.
Why are you still here? Go to work.
I'll watch him.
Leave him with me. You two go to work.
shall we, Miss Kate?
Let's go.
Turbo, not too many snacks.
I won't, Aunt Kate.
Not too many, Turbo.
Her fever's down
but she's still thrombocytopenic.
You need to make sure she doesn't bleed.
I will, Doctor.
Thank you very much.
-What is it?
-Can you get my perfume?
I stink. I haven't showered for days.
Of course.
Thank you.
Tell Som to get Miss Mind's perfume ready.
Okay? Right now.
Are you hungry?
You can go and find
something to eat. I'll wait up here.
I'm not hungry yet.
I told you I cleared
my schedule for today.
I can stay with you all day, baby.
What do I do?
Something wrong, ma'am?
Manop, Miss Mind ran away.
Go find her.
I will.
Hey, Mind!
How did you come here?
You're still warm.
I missed you.
Mind, this is dangerous.
Come sit down.
How did you get here?
I missed you.
Are you okay? You're burning up.
I'm okay.
Hey, Mind!
Hey, hang in there. Mind!
-How are you feeling?
-Where's Non?
Where is he?
You sent him away again?
Mind, don't do this again.
What if something happened to you?
I wasn't afraid of anything.
I just wanted to see you.
I wanted to be near you.
-This one, right?
What's this?
I was taking my customers to lunch.
There's a sign "Homemade Pork Balls."
I only saw people in the back.
Didn't see a single pig.
She recycled the joke.
He's so smiley.
Must be from Pang.
Let's eat.
Dinner at my place tonight?
They are called mint rice. Pretty small.
They are
Thank you, boss.
Chef Mi! It's boiling!
How could it be?
I didn't turn on the stove.
How was it on if you didn't?
It's okay. Go.
-Go get a rag.
-I really didn't, Benz.
How was it on?
Take good care of her.
I will. Don't worry, ma'am.
On my birthday,
bring him here for a meal
so that he can meet your father.
Did Dad find out, Mom?
Did you tell him?
Turbo had another headache?
All right, I'll be right there. Yes.
Thank you. Goodbye.
What's wrong with Turbo?
He had a headache and passed out again.
You don't need to drive so fast.
That won't do.
We could be late.
-Hey, watch out!
How could you brake like that?
The light turned red.
-Do you have insurance?
There's been a small accident.
Yes. All right.
Have you left yet?
I'm about to.
Is the outfit I prepared okay?
Of course it is.
I'm falling in love
with the man in the mirror.
You can't. He's taken by me.
Okay, hurry. I missed you.
I will. See you.
I'll be there on time for sure.
Okay, see you.
Can you come pick me up at my school?
I have a headache and I'm sick.
Aunt Kate was in a car accident
out of town
so she can't come.
All right, Turbo.
I'll pick you up.
Yes, Uncle Non.
I have to take Turbo to the doctor
because he's sick and has no one else.
I'll try to get to you.
Watch your step.
-Are you okay?
Are you okay?
He had a headache
so I had him lie down.
He felt better after a cool cloth.
-Thank you very much.
-You're welcome.
All right.
Turbo, are you okay?
Let's go.
Oh, Turbo!
Are you okay?
Come here.
Hang in there, Turbo.
It's okay, buddy. It's okay.
Hang in there, buddy.
-Make yourself at home.
-Thank you.
The lucky man who owns your heart,
where is he?
He's lucky to have you but you aren't.
All our guests are here
but he's nowhere to be found.
Non had an errand to do. He's on his way.
Tell them to bring out the food.
This dish is called "Qin Shi's Paradise."
We used pregnant green mud crabs.
Steamed them and took out their meat.
The eggs are about 80% cooked.
We seasoned them
with sesame oil and mustard.
It's a combination of
Western and Eastern flavors.
They're topped with caviar
from Russian beluga sturgeon.
Please enjoy Qin Shi's Paradise.
Thank you.
Please enjoy.
Please try it.
What is this, Benz?
What is this for?
And why are there candles everywhere?
Kanta, please understand.
I don't.
I don't. Understand what, Benz?
What is this?
Come on in, Pang.
What did you cook, Chef?
I could smell it from the alley.
Are you exaggerating?
The moment you invited me to dinner,
I bought a laxative to clear my stomach
because I wanted to eat a lot.
Stop making jokes for a minute.
You find that funny?
Please sit down.
Thank you.
Where are you now?
I'm still at the hospital.
The doctor had Turbo admitted
but I have to watch him
because Kate's not here yet.
Can you leave for a bit?
At least see my mom blow out her candles.
I don't want her to be mad again.
You got it. I'll be right there.
Leave there right now, Non.
Kanta, can you hear me? Kanta!
Kanta, help me!
It's over.
Hey, what's wrong?
-It's over.
What's over? A TV series? A sad ending?
What's wrong?
Benz's having dinner
with Pang at our house.
It's just a dinner. It's nothing.
I'm in trouble.
-It's Listen.
Today's Mind's mom's birthday.
She wants to introduce me to her family.
I have to go. She's waiting.
I'm very late. Can you watch Turbo?
She's almost here.
Kate will be here soon. Can you watch him?
-She's almost here?
-Okay, go.
-Thank you.
Ugh, what the hell?
So, I'll get out here.
I'll hire a motorcycle.
Bro! Hired motorcycle!
Go there, bro.
Oh, let's go.
Where are you going?
Pretty boy, I need the bathroom!
Hey, wait, bro.
Pee here. I'm in a hurry.
I need to shit! Want me to do it here?
Are you crazy?
Thank you very much, baby.
-Bro, will you drive me there?
-I'll wire you 500.
-Yes, let's go!
Hey, wait.
Hello, sweetheart?
-Hurry up.
-Where are you?
Huh? You're not home yet?
-Hey, get off.
I need to see my girl!
I need to see my wife!
Get off, jeez. Som!
Ah, stay there!
Tonight I'll give you
Put them there.
It's over.
What's wrong?
I was being loud, wasn't I?
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
When I'm upset,
Aunt Kate comforts me like this.
It's okay.
That was fun.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Thank you very much.
-Come again.
-See you around.
-See you. Thank you.
-Drive home safe.
Thank you very much.
See you.
Dad? Mom?
Happy birthday, ma'am.
Kate's coming.
-Hey! How are you?
How are you, Turbo?
I'm okay now.
What did the doctor say?
I don't know either.
But you're here. Ask the doctor yourself.
-I'm off!
-Where are you going?
-Where's the doctor?
-I don't know.
Call them yourself.
Was the headache very bad?
It was bad earlier but I'm okay now.
Okay. Good boy.
You're okay now?
And are you hungry?
I am.
We'll go eat later, okay?
Aunt Kate,
I wanna go home now.
Come on, let's go home.
-Get out!
-Dad, no!
I've raised my daughter
and never hurt her feelings.
I'm so screwed.
What have you done?
This is someone's life.
-Prepare to be permanently dead.
I can't be dead.
I'm focusing on my mission.
-It's about to succeed
-Then complete it
Before someone finds your body.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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