Love Lesson 010 (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Why did you sell the bar?
You said you would never do it.
You said you loved the bar.
Bartending is your only skill
so what are you going to do now?
How are you going to make money?
It's really you.
You are my true love.
Wait! What's happening?
Wait for what?
-Wait for what?
-What are you doing?
I love you.
-Hold on! Hey!
-Come on.
Shit, are you a pervert?
Hey, you can't just do whatever
even though you get hard.
It's hard!
Kate, hold on.
Hey, listen to me, please.
Come out so we can talk.
Kate, what's the matter?
Kate, what's the matter? Calm down.
What's wrong with her?
Kanta, where are you? It's hard now.
Non's in love now.
You can send me back to Benz now, right?
Not yet.
I've met all your conditions.
What else do you want?
The portal between heaven
and the human realm,
can only be opened
on Valentine's Day.
That means
you will send me back
on Valentine's Day, correct?
However, while doing the mission,
you broke many rules.
I told you
not to let your close ones know,
but you still did.
your haunting caused a car accident.
Don't bother my husband!
And finally,
you told people that
you are going to go back.
Honestly, these mistakes you committed
should have made me cancel our agreement.
But I'll give you a chance.
Help Nonpawit
succeed in love.
Then I will send you back to your lover.
You have until this Valentine's.
Aunt Kate, what's the matter?
You keep looking at Uncle Non's house.
Did Uncle Non do something to upset you?
What did you say?
Did Uncle Non do something to you?
No, he didn't do anything to me.
I'll take care of him. What did he do?
What could you even do, little sir?
Go to sleep.
Go. It's late.
-What did he do? Please tell me.
-He didn't do anything.
What did he do?
You make her suspicious of me.
Oh, why are you brooding here?
Your dick can get hard now, can't it?
-So how is your pillar?
Is it healthy?
-Is it functioning?
-Well, sis.
When I kissed her,
I was really happy and my dick got hard.
And I knew that she felt the same.
After that,
I wanted to have sex with her but
she didn't want to.
You idiot. Why?
Did you need to have sex immediately?
Did she have to do that immediately?
Wow, you
No, but it's one of the ways
to show love, right?
Has she accepted your love though?
She Is she ready?
Did you check if she's ready for more?
I'm so dead, sis.
-Yeah, you are.
-Oh, no.
Can't you think before you act?
Shouldn't you follow some steps
or something?
-What should I do?
-Will I even get to go back?
Why are you still here though?
My dick can get hard now.
Kate hasn't reciprocate yet
so I can't go back.
That's it?
What should I do now, sis? Any idea?
Aunt Kate.
Do you really want to have
a hotpot that much?
Are you bothering him?
-Come here.
-It's okay.
Uncle Non doesn't want to feed me.
He wants to feed you.
Come, let's eat.
There is liver.
Come on.
-Let's eat together.
Come on.
What is it, Uncle Non?
I'm fine, Turbo.
Come, let's eat.
Come on.
Let's eat together, alright?
I'll be back shortly.
Aunt Kate.
What's the matter with Uncle Non?
He's walking away while curled up.
He probably
needs to poop.
She doesn't like this
but you still persist.
Go to sleep now.
Should I just smack you?
Just sleep.
Need help with that?
No need.
What's the problem now?
Sis, it's
I don't know why it gets hard so randomly.
When I feel happy, it gets up.
I really didn't think about sex
at the time
but I couldn't control it.
What should I do?
Is this because I haven't used it?
Should I put it to work?
Yeah, sounds good. Let's go.
You're falling back
to your repulsive nature.
She won't fall for you if you do that.
I was joking.
What's next?
Let's see. How is it now?
Still hard.
-It's so hard that it can break jaws.
Very strong.
I'd like to see her photo.
Master, are you alright?
You said someone saw her.
It's true.
Because she's standing over there.
She's watching over you.
Because she still loves you.
You're right about love
but not the position.
It's this way.
You need to offer good merit to her.
Tell her to let go of her worry
and that you'll meet each other again
in the next life.
Or if you don't want to face her,
I can perform a ritual on your behalf.
Um, master.
Is there any way to
What if I want her
to come back to my life?
It's possible.
Not really.
You fraud.
If it was possible,
all your ancestors would fill the street.
So what would you like me to do?
What ritual would you like me to perform?
Would you like me to offer her good merit
or exorcise her?
You may scan this.
Then I will take all her possessions
and burn them.
See? I told you she was over there.
-Really strong!
Are you here?
Where are you?
Can you let me see you?
I'm here, Benz.
I'll come back to you as soon as I can.
Call me if you have any questions.
-Thanks. Then I should get going now.
Okay, see you later.
Let's go home.
Yes, you're doing great.
She'll fall for you in no time.
Thank you.
No, Kate.
Kate, it's not what you think.
She only thanked me, why are you up?
How persistent!
If you are still here
because you're worried about me
Kanta, there's no need to worry about me.
I wish that your next life
will be full of happiness.
There's someone here. Hey, come here!
Come here.
Are you hungry? Let's have some food.
What is this, an order?
-Not an order.
-Then is it a demand or what?
I'm worried.
You tutored students the whole day
and had nothing to eat.
How do you know
that I tutored students the whole day.
Eh, I just happened to see it.
So you "just happened" to be
around three places I went.
-I miss you!
Long time no see. How have you been?
Wanna have a meal together? I'm so hungry.
Aren't you hungry?
Hey, Kate.
Let's go for a dinner, Non.
Come on, please.
I bought this for you.
I came to you immediately
after buying this.
You're not going to dine with that woman?
Take it.
Though if you feel lonely eating alone,
you can come eat with me.
-Great job!
Continue doing this, okay?
Show her you're sincere.
It softens her up.
-Trust me.
Don't be overbearing.
You worked all day without a break.
So here's some food.
Fried dough and soybean milk.
-I just came to say sweet dreams.
Today's breakfast
is grilled pork and congee
from the famous Talat Noi.
You probably had these before.
And this.
Jie Jong's blood tofu soup.
Pretty popular around here.
There's also royal Thai coconut
for your dessert.
Hey, hold on.
I came to say good night.
Can you stop doing this?
You mean telling you good night
then going to my house?
Stop telling me good night.
Stop doing things for me.
Stop buying food for me.
Something like that.
Can you stop?
But I do this
because I want you to know I love you.
No. I know that
but can you do it normally?
Can you act like the usual you?
I want you to be yourself.
I'm sorry.
Shit. What happened?
Shit! Sis!
Sorry for startling you.
Let me ask you.
Why don't you reciprocate Non's feelings?
You know already that
his pillar can get hard again
because he truly loves you.
It It makes me afraid.
Afraid of what?
Can you tell me?
What are you afraid of?
Him reverting back to his past self.
I knew it, just as I thought.
Listen, I've been by his side
since the beginning.
I know he has changed.
He stopped thinking with his cock.
He has a heart now.
He thinks with his heart.
Can you believe me?
It's true.
I understand this.
Sis. I just don't get
why he's in such a hurry, you know?
Why does he have to pressure me?
It's stifling.
Because of me.
It's because of me.
He's in a hurry because of me.
The leader of the angels told me that
if I can't help you and Non get together
by Valentine's Day,
I won't be revived.
Shit, Valentine's Day.
-You know it's tomorrow, right?
It's tomorrow.
-Are you insane?
I know it's tomorrow.
I'm not trying to pressure you
or anything.
-What is this if it's not pressuring?
Right, you don't need to
do it for me. Though
Can you at least consider it?
I get her.
I get why she's afraid.
Ever since becoming my neighbor,
she's witnessed everything.
So, how can she love me?
But it's tomorrow.
Valentine's is tomorrow.
There's only a day left.
Will you make it in time?
Will I get to go back?
Of course you will.
One day is not nothing.
One day is a lot.
I will win Kate's heart at all costs.
And you will get to return
to your loved ones.
Sis, trust me.
Don't forget our meeting
at eight o'clock tonight.
It's a gathering of fellow singles
and I will be your tour guide.
Let the world know that Valentine's Day
cannot hurt us single people.
Please come join me!
How are you, Toon? Are you tired?
Just a little.
-Please listen.
I would like your help with something.
What is it?
-Ah, Kate.
-The road's packed.
It's okay.
This is Valentine's Day after all.
I'll leave checking the storage to you.
Put this in there?
I sneaked in through the back door.
Where are you?
The storage?
Follow me.
Let's see
whether Non's love mission will succeed.
Hello everyone. I'm Non.
This is Kate, the one I love.
I confessed my feelings to her days ago
but she didn't accept them.
I understand though.
She's not at fault here.
I was horrible in the past.
However, today,
I would like everyone to be my witness.
My love is genuine
and she is the only one for me.
Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you.
Who did you do it with?
Did you just do it with someone?
Do what?
Who did you shag?
Shag what? I walked in with you.
Then go explain it to her.
-Hey, Aon?
-What is this?
-What is this?
-Don't tell me that
You two were shagging?
You prick, come with me.
-She misunderstood me!
What's going on?
Are you jealous? You're okay.
But he's more amazing.
-Amazing what?
-Stop talking.
-You, go help him sort this out!
-Go where?
-Kate misunderstood.
Because of you. Go!
-Ouch, that hurts!
-Hurry up.
Honey, wait for me here.
-We'll continue later.
Everyone, follow me.
Don't misunderstand Non.
Follow me.
Let's carry on cheering for Non.
-Non, wait for me!
-Wait for us!
Park here!
-Kate, please talk to me.
You misunderstood.
-We're in front of Kate's house.
-Let's cheer for Non.
-Kate, you got it all wrong!
-Will Non do it?
Will he be able to win Kate's heart?
Kate, it's not what you thought.
That wasn't me.
It was me! It was because of love!
Stop your nonsense.
Please come out so we can talk.
-Come out please, Kate.
-Turbo, where is your Aunt Kate?
-Aunt Kate?
Aunt Kate isn't back yet.
Where else would she go now? Think!
-Hey, where is Kate? Tell us!
Everyone, Kate is missing.
Please help us search for her.
She should be around here.
-Tell me when you find her.
-Oh my.
Call her.
Hey, help us search for her.
Social detectives,
please share this clip.
If anyone sees Kate,
please inform us immediately.
The situation right now is that
we need to find Kate.
-Any clues?
-I haven't seen her anywhere.
-How is it?
No one's seen her yet.
Only an hour left.
-What's next?
-I'll search myself.
Where did she disappear to?
Everyone, right now
finding Kate is an urgent matter.
If anyone sees her,
tell me in the comments section.
-I think I saw her back.
Is that her?
Yeah, it's her!
Take a photo.
-Send Toon the location.
Hurry up.
Hey, she's walking away.
Everyone, please help us.
Help us search for Kate.
Found her!
For real? Let me see.
-Got her, Aon.
Where is she?
Rama VIII Bridge.
Hey mister, park here for a moment.
Have you found her?
Not yet. One moment, okay?
Hello, what?
Non, I found Kate.
She's near Rama VIII Bridge.
-We found her.
Rama VIII Bridge.
Okay, Rama VIII Bridge.
-I'm gonna delay her there.
-Okay, see you.
See you.
Go to Rama VIII Bridge.
-The heck, sis.
You got it all wrong.
The one who slept with Bonus wasn't Non.
It was Aon.
I know that you're afraid
but can you ask your heart again
if you love him or not?
Life is short.
If Non died tomorrow,
wouldn't you feel miserable rejecting him?
Don't exaggerate.
How could he die tomorrow?
I'm not exaggerating.
Look at me.
I died the day after I got married.
I thought marriage meant a happy ending
and never-ending bliss.
Who knew I would suddenly die?
If you hold back because of fear,
then you need to fight that fear.
I don't want you to feel sorry
when you look back.
-Kate is over there!
-Non finally found her!
-You misunderstood.
-Follow me, everyone.
It's not what you think.
Why did you bring such a big crowd?
Hold on. I can't keep up. I really can't.
It's like this.
Kate, please listen.
In the storage,
I was the one doing it with Bonus.
Not Non.
-I have a clip. Wanna see?
-Eh, no.
Thanks, but no.
See my swelling eyes?
Since you know the truth,
you should reciprocate Non's feeling.
-Right, everyone?
-Right, everyone?
-Say yes!
-Please say yes!
Everyone, a moment please.
What time is it?
Two minutes to midnight.
Kate, tell me what you want me to do.
I will do anything to prove my feelings.
I mean it.
What more do you want?
I can take him in your place.
Hey, miss.
What else do you want him to do?
He declared his love in such a grand way.
Why are you resisting?
Just accept his love.
If you don't want to, I can take him.
-Take a photo!
-They're so cute!
-Take many photos!
-So sweet!
I'm so happy for them!
Finally. My eyes hurt
from staring too hard.
Hey, take a lot of photos!
Take photos!
Hey, she's awake!
-Get the doctor.
Do you remember this story?
Miss Kanta, the newly-married bride
went diving for her honeymoon
and was carried away by the wave
three months ago.
Recently someone found her body
on an island of our neighboring country.
she is still alive.
At present, the related department
is in the process
of bringing her back to Thailand.
she has no severe injuries
but is still unconscious.
Medical staff will examine
her condition in detail.
Overall, this is both pleasing
and unbelievable
that she's even alive at all.
Our crew will follow up on the situation
and keep you updated.
Please make it, sis.
Relatives, please wait outside.
How's Kanta?
Still unconscious.
They're working on it.
I'm sorry.
-I didn't believe
-It's okay.
If someone had told me this,
I wouldn't believe them either.
-How is Kanta?
-How is she?
We have checked her over.
The most concerning point
are her low vital signs.
She needs a ventilator
to keep her condition stable.
Her survival chances are 50-50.
Oh my god. Wait
I'm happy for you.
You're going to return to your lover.
What are you happy for?
I'm still unconscious.
Why am I still unconscious?
-I did everything you asked.
-You get to go back.
The rest
is in the hands of the medical staff.
May you have a healthy body
and wake up soon.
May love protect you.
BP has dropped. No vital signs.
-Get the doctor.
-How are her vital signs?
-No vital signs.
Ready a defibrillator.
How's Kanta?
Her heart stopped beating.
The doctor is saving her.
-Her heart stopped
Please, doctor!
Everyone, step back.
-How is she?
-How is Kanta?
The doctor's been
defibrillating her heart for 15 minutes.
Would you like us to continue?
-Please continue.
BP dropped. Still no vital signs.
Step back.
I will not die!
-How is she?
-How is she?
We've been defibrillating her
for 30 minutes now.
Would you like to continue or stop?
At this point, if we continue,
it's highly likely that the patient
will have a stroke and fall into coma.
Both of you, please take your time.
Rest in peace,
Don't worry about your mother.
I will take care of her
like she's my own mother.
Thank you, Kanta.
For everything.
I'm glad
that we got to love each other.
-Doctor, come here!
-Doctor, the patient is awake!
Wear this.
It will help increase sales.
This is a bar, not a brothel.
I refuse.
You can't refuse me.
I'm the boss.
You're an employee.
If Kate won't wear it,
can I wear it instead?
Who would want to look at you?
Shut the heck up.
You challenged me many times now.
Wear this now.
Help increase sales.
What's the matter?
Why won't you wear such a good dress?
Don't wear it, Kate.
Let me tell you and this isn't teaching.
Sales are at an all-time low
because you always
give your friends free drinks.
You even fight with the customers.
No wonder the bar ended up like this.
This is my bar!
I can do anything with it, understand?
If you won't wear it, get out!
Don't wear it, Kate. Come.
-Keep up the good work.
-You get out!
-May you have an empty bar.
-Get out!
You think you're so great?
Do I have to quit too?
You can't quit, boy.
I like you.
You're cute.
You're chubby.
I like you.
I can't stay though so I'm out.
-I'm out too.
-Where are you going?
-You'll see me again.
-Get out then!
You'll see me out there.
-See you!
-I'm gonna kick you!
You're awake.
How are you? Are you okay?
It's me, Benz.
Are you okay?
Benz, you can see me now?
Why do you say that?
Of course I can see you.
What's the matter?
What is it, Kanta?
Don't be afraid. You're back.
It's alright now.
Don't cry, Kanta.
Oh, Pang.
I bought you seedless grapes
that you love so much.
I'll prepare them for you.
Ah, Kanta.
Drink some water.
May I talk to Pang?
Of course.
How are you?
And you?
I'm sorry.
Benz and I aren't together anymore.
I'm here
because I want to take care of you.
Though if you're uncomfortable with me,
you can tell me.
Let it go.
Just let it go.
No one is actually at fault here.
What happened
is because you and Benz
thought that I was dead.
I was dead so no one did anything wrong.
I'm being honest here.
I'm not angry anymore.
Thank you.
I'm home.
You're back.
Let me hug you.
-Miss Mind.
-Congratulations, Miss Kate.
The bar is so pretty.
Congratulations, Mr. Non.
Thank you very much, Mr. Pete.
Congratulations, Miss Kate.
Thank you.
Everyone, we've arrived at Non's new bar.
-Non, say hi.
Greetings. Please come by
my new bar sometime.
Every dish is satisfying.
I'm alone right now.
I feel really lonely.
I'm on the way. See you, babe.
There are various kinds of love.
Some love wholeheartedly
but are willing to let go
to maintain an amicable relationship.
Some chooses to love themselves.
Some are hurt by love
so they cannot love again.
Nevertheless, one day
they will realize that a gentle love
surrounds them.
Don't be afraid to love
because whether it is reciprocated or not,
love is a beautiful wonder.
I want to you to assist him.
However, you have only three months.
Before next Valentine's Day,
will you do it?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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