Love Life (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Bradley Field

[female narrator] Every 36 seconds,
a marriage will end in divorce.
A married person
typically spends about two years
thinking about divorce
before going ahead with it
and will usually wait
approximately three years
to remarry, if they do so at all.
In spite of these bleak statistics,
the overwhelming majority
of couples continue on,
taking hopeful step
after hopeful step down the aisle,
willing to gamble for love.
I think you do dishes.
When I pull them out of the cupboard,
there's shit on 'em.
Welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Field.
I don't understand the point of the gum
if you're still smoking.
This is the kind of shit
I deal with at home.
And you see that?
She just, like, rolled her eyes.
Don't talk about me
like I'm not in the room, Bradley.
Is this better, Kate?
At least you're looking at me
instead of your phone for once.
Oh, please.
You love your phone.
You take it with you
every time you have take a shit.
Do you have to say that in front of him?
He shits just as much as we do.
Oh, my God.
Everybody shits, Kate.
[cell phone chimes]
Don't you dare.
[cell phone chimes]
- [groans softly]
- Oh, my God.
Jot that fucking down.
Write it down.
[narrator] Lately,
Darby had been feeling stuck,
longing to escape the discomforts
and uncertainties
of her postgraduate existence.
To make matters worse,
she was constantly faced
with a phenomenon she deemed
"the impossible woman."
The impossible woman
was impeccably dressed,
her skin remarkably un-sweaty,
her handbag light,
as if all she required
to glide glamorously through life
was a metro card and a tube of lipstick.
- Darby, by comparison
- Sorry.
felt lost and claustrophobic
in all areas of her life.
- Yo.
- Hey, stranger.
You look different.
I'm digging the scruff. It's great.
You're sweating, like, a lot.
Yeah, I've been on a subway car
with no AC,
and I had to carry your shit
for six more blocks.
Why didn't you take a cab?
I'm not made of money,
Mr. Monopoly man. God.
[sighs] Sorry it took me, like,
six months to drop this off.
Honestly, I was using your charger.
I needed it.
Well, thanks for cleaning out the office.
- Yeah.
- What's in here, anyway?
The aforementioned charger
and, like, an umbrella. Yep.
And your "out to lunch" rock.
Great. I needed this.
Oh, and one of Kate's,
uh, scarves, I think.
Oh, yeah. Well,
have to get that back to her via post.
You know, with the divorce and everything.
Wait. What?
- Oh, yeah.
- When did that happen?
A few months ago.
We were together 11 years
and, uh, married for one.
Embarrassingly short marriage.
Oh, my God. That sucks. I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
You know, wasn't meant to be.
You know? How 'bout you?
Have you, uh, you know, found "the one"?
- Uh, found some losers on
- Mmm.
- It's close.
- That guy you brought to the wedding?
- Augie?
- Yeah.
Oh, no. Augie moved to DC.
Well, that sucks,
'cause you guys were really cute together.
You and Kate seemed really cute together.
Are you in a hurry?
You want a drink or something?
Yeah, sure.
Water? Uh, soda? Tequila?
Um, it's kind of early for tequila.
Wine, it is.
[chuckles softly]
Wow. This is a real shithole.
Yeah, I'm, uh I'm squattin'.
Hey, you actually like art.
Here I thought you were cravenly profiting
off of the idiocy of millennial culture.
Actually, I've been, uh,
collecting since college.
Since college? For real?
Oh, fuck. I'm behind.
You still taking photos?
Yeah. Yeah.
- This is Oh, thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
This is gorgeous. All this stuff.
Oh, my God. This couch is so soft.
Is it weird
that I'm just petting your couch?
No, not at all.
All you gotta do is schmooze rich people
for some investment capital,
and all this could be yours.
So did you land somewhere?
I felt bad when we folded.
Yeah, like,
I picked up some catering jobs,
and, um, I run this,
like, iPad photo booth
at these horrible parties.
It's whatever.
What about you?
Well, I kind of feel bad
about telling you this now.
When the, uh, museum shut us down,
well, I got creative,
and I got this investor
to turn my museum-touring concept
into an app.
Oh, my God, of course you did.
Um, who did this one?
[Bradley] Oh, that one.
That one, I bought off this guy
that used to sit outside
the East Broadway F stop.
I kind of love it.
Kate hated it.
She called it
"the thing that burns my retinas."
Well, yeah, I mean,
but that's what makes it great.
It's intense.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
You hungry? Want me to order a pie?
[Darby moaning]
At this point,
I feel like I'm starting to sweat,
because I've been sitting
in my suit for an hour,
so I head out to come down the stairs,
and I feel pretty good about myself.
No. What?
And I walk out,
she's at the bottom of the staircase
with my parents and my friends.
They're getting ready to go to the venue,
and she looks at me and she says,
"I'm not marrying
whatever's on your face."
So I went back upstairs, and I shaved.
No. That's tragic.
I like the beard.
I don't know.
My family really loved her, you know, but
I've just been avoiding them
ever since the divorce.
Besides, I'm sure I wasn't perfect either.
Yeah, maybe.
Or maybe she's just, like, lame.
[Darby chuckles softly]
I want you to know something.
Like, I'm not some creeper.
I didn't have you picked out or anything.
Me neither.
I always thought you were cute, though.
[vehicle honking]
[siren wailing in distance]
- Hey.
- [Bradley] Hey.
Are those bagels?
And that's not all.
- Light and sweet, not unlike myself.
- Oh.
So I don't have anything
till 3:00 today. You?
- I have work.
- Mmm.
Come back after?
You're definitely divorced?
Like, you're sure?
I'm not gonna come back
and Kate's gonna be waiting for me
with a butcher knife?
She'd use a gun.
He could be with whoever he wanted.
Why me?
Are you fishing for compliments?
Okay, but, Mallory, his ex
is the hottest woman I've ever seen.
Great. She's his ex. He's with you now.
I wish my boss was fuckable. Come on.
We need more tiny tacos, Mr. Wojcik.
[narrator] After her shift,
Darby went to Century 21
and bought a new outfit
she couldn't afford,
then went directly back to Bradley's.
And again the next night,
and the night after that.
- Hey! Hi.
- Thank you.
Of course.
- Okay, uh, 9A.
- [exhales]
- You're the best, Lenny.
- Need a hand?
[narrator] These two people
who once spent every day together
in a brightly-lit office
were now spending every night
entangled and panting in the darkness
[Darby moaning]
and their previous relationship
as employer and employee
furthermore infused their sex
with something practically transcendent.
Fucking on the job, you dirty little slut!
Fuck. Yeah.
I'm a dirty, lazy slut.
I haven't finished any of my work.
[chuckles, moans]
[soft piano music playing]
I feel bad. If I don't like it,
it was really expensive.
[Bradley] Please don't.
- I don't know.
- Thank you.
Ugh, looks like those pictures
of smoker's lung from health class.
Come on, Darby, just try it.
Hmm? Salty?
- Mmm. Tastes overpriced.
- Good.
Hey, B.
- Oh, my God. Lola.
- How you doing?
- Mmm. How are you?
- Well
- Well, you look amazing. Congratulations.
- [scoffs]
Don't blow smoke up my ass.
I know what I look like.
Can't believe I'm out with clients.
Try talking to the fuckers sober.
It's hell.
Um, do you want to sit down?
I can just scooch over.
Oh, um, Darby, Lola.
Lola, this is, uh, Darby, my girlfriend.
[Lola] Oh.
- Good for you.
- [Bradley] Hmm.
- Kate didn't deserve him.
- I agree.
Sure. What the hell?
In my third trimester.
Yeah, okay.
- Oh.
- [Bradley] Mmm.
- Hi.
- [waiter] Yes, ma'am?
Uh, can I get a half glass?
- Something, uh, big and red.
- [waiter] Coming right up.
Thanks. You know what?
- Make it a full glass.
- [waiter] Certainly.
So, um, Lola and I
went to school together.
No, actually, I went to school.
Mr. Business here sold weed
out of the computer lab.
[Bradley] Hey.
- No student loan debt.
- [Lola chuckles]
Um, I'm gonna hit the head.
You guys chat it out.
[Lola and Darby chuckle]
So, uh, how do you know Bradley?
Um, we used to work together.
Oh. Are you a curator?
No. I wish.
I just I was just a tour guide
for the museum thing he used to do.
Oh, wow, yeah. We invested in that.
Oh. Yeah.
Should've stuck with real estate.
[chuckles] That's funny.
Uh, so what do you do now?
- [waiter] Ma'am.
- Oh, bless.
- Um, I'm a photographer.
- Mmm.
Me too.
- No way.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
What are you working on right now?
I'm trying to
get out of editorial, mostly,
but you know how a favor
can turn into a six-month project.
- Oh, my God. Totally.
- Yeah.
What about you? What's your thing?
Um You know, just sort of,
like, lifestyle stuff.
- Moment-capturing, that kind of thing.
- Very cool.
Are you, uh, commissioning
or working with a gallery?
Not not right now, but I'm looking.
- Well, it is the Wild West these days.
- Hmm.
Every millennial with an iPad
- thinks they're a fucking artist.
- Mmm.
- [Bradley] Excuse me.
- [Lola] Hey.
Seriously, though, um,
have Bradley connect us.
'Cause I'd love to see your stuff.
I could hand off some gigs.
- Oh, absolutely.
- Okay. I gotta run.
This little fucker's giving me
some serious heartburn.
Oh. Thank you.
Always a pleasure to see you.
Nice seeing you.
Hey, do you still smoke?
Uh, I do.
Um You sure?
It's fine. Just a couple puffs.
- Great meeting you.
- [Darby] Great meeting you.
Can't wait to see your stuff.
- See you, B.
- Isn't she great?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
She's gonna be a great mom. [laughs]
[soft clattering]
You're not moving in
with him already, are you?
What? No. No.
I'm doing a darkroom thing.
I'm taking this photography class.
Bradley's friend stressed me out.
She was like, "Let me see your stuff."
- I was like, "I don't have stuff."
- Someone clearly found my Adderall.
No, no.
I'm just having
a small-but-real life panic.
Why? Because of Bradley's friend?
Yes. [breathing heavily]
They're so successful.
They're like They have perfect skin,
and know about wine pairings.
Dude, you can't compare yourself to them.
I just feel like such a loser.
Do you seriously think
they had it figured out at our age?
They were probably, like, doing ludes.
They're not that old.
My mom always said
ludes were her favorite drug.
I just want Bradley to know
that he's with,
like, a woman who knows what she wants,
and she's not afraid to go after it.
Sure. Totally.
But, like,
you don't have to perform for someone.
You should be loved
for the little derp-de-derp that you are.
But maybe it's good.
Like, this is just
the kick in the ass that I need.
Cool. So my real question is,
is this a single penne stuck to a sock?
No. That's private.
[photography teacher]
And I tell you this because it's truth,
and truth is ugly.
But truth is also beautiful.
The only people
who will make it as a artist
are people who have passion.
Not passion like, "Oh, I love hamburger."
I'm talking about real passion.
Who among you would die for your art?
[camera shutter clicks]
[Mallory] This apartment is amazing.
I can't believe he has
his own washer and dryer.
[Sara] Oh, my God.
Um, you have to up your underwear game
if you're gonna date this guy.
This is like some
Little Orphan Annie shit, Darby.
- Ew.
- Honestly, this place is a fucking palace.
If you fuck this up for us,
I will kill you.
Yeah, it's, like, legit.
Please don't spill cab on the sofa.
Focus, please.
As if I would waste a drop of this.
Do you want me to pose for you? Not nude.
Oh. Unless you frame my head out.
- [Darby] Then you'd do nude?
- [Sara] Yeah.
No, the assignment was "inner life."
- So
- [door opens]
- Ladies.
- That's brilliant.
- [women] Hi.
- Oh, nice. You found the cab.
- [Sara] Mmm.
- We did. It's very nice. Thank you.
[Bradley] So amazing.
You guys enjoy.
- Thank you.
- I got you more Nicorette.
It's on the nightstand.
You're the most amazing woman ever.
[Darby] Oh.
Jim has never said that about me.
- You're not that amazing.
- I'm pretty amazing. What can I say?
I'm the best girlfriend
that's ever existed.
Lacks insight.
Too much effort.
It's How do I say? Sweaty.
- Sweaty?
- Mmm-hmm.
Like, his face is sweaty?
You're trying too hard. Keep trying.
Sorry, just
Keep trying, but I'm trying too
This is something.
Look how the light is directing the eye.
[narrator] Darby quietly withdrew
from her photography class
and, little by little,
stopped taking photos altogether.
It was so much easier to just drift away
on the raft of Bradley's life.
[both speaking indistinctly]
[all] Surprise!
[all cheering]
[woman 1] Hi, B!
I think he's really surprised.
- ["3 Days" by Rhye playing]
- [indistinct conversations]
Yes, this guy, um, who used to
paint outside the East Broadway F stop.
Our joke is that we call it
"the thing that burns our retinas."
[chuckle softly]
- Oh. Hello.
- Mmm.
Do we have any more champers
in the laundry room?
I think so, yeah.
[baby babbles]
Essentially this acidic varnish
that will coat the canvas
- so that will harden the shell.
- Uh-huh.
They're working on it.
Still running tests, but
Oh, cool.
Hey, look at Bradley.
[Jim] It's so cute. Oh, my God.
You wanting to have a kid one day or what?
Slow down, Jimmy.
Stealing kisses
In those misses within beats ♪
Stealing kisses in those bloody sheets ♪
I'm killing you ♪
- Ay, oh, ay!
- Yeah!
Whoa. Yeah. Oh.
Wow, your body's just
[Sara] You look like a reptile
trying to do a body roll.
Stop. Ow!
Oh, shit.
Hey. You good?
Lot of strobe lights at that party.
Yeah. It was fun, though, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, no. It was fun.
- Okay.
- [drum beating]
- My friends really love you, you know?
Yeah, no, they're really great.
You okay?
Yeah, I just need somebody to, uh,
keep me from shoving that bucket
up that drummer's ass.
You just need a massage, babe.
- Maybe.
- [indistinct PA announcement]
Let's get a drink somewhere
before I piss myself.
- Come on.
- Yes. Let's go somewhere we can dance.
Sweetheart, you can't
dance with your boot.
- Do not hold me down.
- Not trying to hold you down.
I'm trying to look out for you.
Yeah? What do you say?
Got another one in you?
I don't feel like wandering around
looking for a place to drink.
I'm sure there's somewhere close.
Hey, isn't that place
with the picklebacks around here?
Yes. Oh, my God.
The place with those giant Styrofoam cups
and hot firemen.
I'll pee in a Styrofoam cup.
I'm 'bout to get a UTI.
[Sara] Okay, I'm ready.
You have to see this place. It's insane.
They serve all their drinks
in one Big Gulp size.
Wow. That sounds amazing.
I think I'd rather sleep.
Okay, old man.
Come on. Came out to Brooklyn.
Took your friends to dinner.
Cut me some slack. I'm tired.
- Okay.
- [Sara] Picklebacks.
You guys coming?
Um, no, we're gonna sit this one out.
- Please! Please!
- Have fun. Have fun.
- Good-bye.
- Mom, Dad, please?
- Get out of here.
- Carry me?
- I can't. Okay, yeah.
- Bye.
Would you be little bit Ow.
- I'm
- Sorry.
You know you can go
with your friends, right?
No, I want to stay with you.
And I don't want to, like,
be in a weird fight.
We're not in a weird fight.
[indistinct PA announcement]
- Darby.
- Thank you, Lenny.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Hey, baby.
Hey, what's wrong?
Oh, my God. Hey.
Hey. What's going on? What's wrong?
[sniffles] My dad
My dad died.
Oh, my God.
He just dropped dead.
In the shower. Massive heart attack.
[gasps] Baby
[sniffles] It's so crazy.
He's run three marathons.
He hasn't eaten red meat
since high school.
You know, fuck, man.
[sobbing] I can't believe I wasted
so much time not talking to him.
You know, just being angry
over stupid bullshit.
Hey, listen.
I'm sure he knew how much you loved him.
I don't know.
I mean, I hope so.
Okay, it says, um,
you're supposed to apply a new
I know how to put on a nicotine patch.
I can't believe my dad's
not gonna be in there when I walk in.
I mean, part of him will be. You know?
His spirit will be in there.
I don't really believe
in that kind of shit, Darb.
No. Me neither. I don't know.
I was trying to say something sweet.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry. I just
I just don't need you
to say anything right now.
Thanks, babe.
[inhales deeply]
[indistinct conversations]
Oh, man.
Oh, Mom.
- How you doing?
- All right.
Uh, let me make you a plate.
Oh, Mom, I can't eat right now.
- I'm so sorry, Bradley.
- Oh, Trish.
- It's so awful.
- Mmm.
Uncle Joe was my favorite.
He loved you so much.
And we just have to be grateful,
because it's truly the most painless way
for a person to leave this Earth.
A heart attack?
Well, at least it was quick.
Uh, I'm Darby.
Oh, Bucky.
- Uh
- Um, Trish. Bradley's cousin.
Of course.
Well, um, thank you for being here
for my family.
Uh, I'm gonna see
if anyone needs help in the kitchen.
Oh, um, Sharon, do you want me to hand-dry
these, or is air-drying them okay?
Oh, just throw them in the dishwasher.
They're from Target.
But can you put the lasagna out?
Yes. Uh, of course.
Thank you.
Don't put it down without a trivet.
A trivet?
Aunt Sharon just restored this table.
Sorry, it's it's beautiful.
Um, is there anything else
I can help with?
Uh, don't think so.
Why don't you, uh, take a break,
get something to eat?
No, I like a job at a party.
It sort of makes things less awkward,
even when the party's a funeral.
No, that Um, that came out wrong.
[Darby exhales]
[groans softly]
- No hug for your Uncle Rory?
- Sorry?
Aren't you one of Harvey
and Lorraine's triplets?
Uh, no, I'm
I'm, uh, Bradley's, uh, girlfriend.
I didn't know he was dating a model.
Oh. Oh, my God.
Oh, Kate, thanks so much for coming.
Hi. You okay?
- Oh, my baby girl.
- I hope it's okay that I came.
[Sharon] What are you talking about?
You never need an invitation.
- Oh. Oh.
- [Sharon crying]
It's okay. It's okay. Let it out.
Joe loved you so much.
[Kate speaks indistinctly]
- I'm gonna get a glass of water.
- Of course.
Darby. Hello.
Hi. Hi, Kate.
I think the last time I saw you
was at my wedding.
Yeah, that was a really beautiful evening.
I know this is incredibly awkward,
but I just wanted to say,
I didn't think Bradley and I
would end up dating.
Oh, honey,
we're not gonna do that here, okay?
It was good to see you.
[Darby] Hey, there you are.
How are you holding up? Are you, like
Do you Do you need anything?
- How can I help?
- I'm okay. I'm, uh
I'm trying to hang in there for my mom.
- Yeah.
- You know?
But it's nice
to feel all the love in the room for him.
It's, like, an amazing turnout.
And it's so good that Kate's here.
- Yeah, my mom really loves her.
- Mmm.
But I should probably get back in there.
I just want to say that
Losing a parent's probably the most
devastating thing a person goes through,
and, um, I'm not
I don't know.
I'm not saying that I can relate.
Like, I I can't
I'm not implying that I can,
'cause my parents are alive.
Hey, listen.
I'm I'm really glad you're here,
but I should probably get back in there.
Yes, yes.
You look so cute
in your First Communion photo.
- Hey, Darby?
- Mmm-hmm.
I really need to get back in there.
Yeah. Mmm-hmm.
[Darby] Mmm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Okay.
As many of you know, we lost my father
a few years before
Bradley and I got married.
Joseph offered to walk me down the aisle.
So anyway, we're standing
outside the sanctuary,
and he's being so tender,
and he's telling me
how beautiful I look in my wedding gown,
and then just as the bridal chorus starts,
he adds, "Especially your tits."
[all laughing]
Joseph was a tit man!
Sharon, I'm sorry.
I had to share that story.
Well, he was a tit man.
He was a tit man!
Thank you.
Sadly, I never met Mr. Field.
No, I did, at your wedding.
At your wedding. I did.
Um, so I didn't really know him,
but I know he is a great guy,
because he made the most amazing son,
who is also a tit man.
[Darby laughing]
Because the apple doesn't fall
far from the tits.
To Mr. Field.
[Darby] Oh.
[guests murmuring]
[retches, spits]
I'm sorry.
I think I'm allergic
to something in the lasagna.
[Bradley] Mmm.
[knock at door]
- [Sharon] Bradley?
- Yes, Mom?
Everything okay in there?
Yeah, Mom, everything's great.
[clears throat]
I'm sorry you had to leave early
because of me.
It's fine. [clears throat]
I can drive back up there tomorrow.
Think I made a good impression
on your mom? [chuckles softly]
["This Is The Last Time"
by The National playing]
Please don't be mad at me, Bradley.
I'm not mad, my dad died.
Oh, when I lift you up ♪
You feel like a hundred times yourself ♪
I wish everybody knew ♪
What's so great about you ♪
Oh, but your love is such a swamp ♪
You don't think before you jump ♪
And I said I wouldn't get sucked in ♪
This is the last time ♪
Oh, don't tell anyone I'm here ♪
I got Tylenol and beer ♪
I was thinking that you'd call ♪
Somebody closer to you ♪
Oh, but your love is such a swamp ♪
You're the only thing I want ♪
And I said I wouldn't cry about it ♪
[Jim] Okay, this strategy has paid off.
Boom. Sara, go.
Mmm, can you do my move for me?
No, I can't do your move.
I just invaded your territory.
Jim, I literally don't give a single fuck.
I really don't give a fuck either.
Wait, am I the only person
invested in this game?
[women] Yes.
[Darby] Hey.
[Jim] Oh, excuse me, ma'am,
this is a private residence.
- [Sara] Oh, my God.
- [Jim] Well, well, well.
I thought you were gone for good.
We were gonna do an Amber alert.
Yeah, you owe us $4,000 in utilities.
Sorry. I'll set up a payment plan.
And you missed my birthday.
I'm sorry, Mal.
[Sara] Yo, what is in this box?
Um, yeah.
Bradley realized he was
not ready to be in a relationship.
Also, um, I [exhales]
I got really drunk at his dad's wake.
I threw up, like, lasagna and bourbon,
and, um, I think I made a toast.
- Okay.
- It was really bad.
No. That is okay.
I mean, I puked at Jim's
cousin's bar mitzvah, in the men's room.
- [Darby] Okay.
- Next to the rabbi.
This happened in front of his ex-wife.
Oh, okay. You win.
So no more free laundry.
I had to give the key back.
[Sara] Hey. Whatever.
We have machines around the corner.
Someone's been pissing in them,
but you check for puddles.
Yeah, okay.
I don't know. We almost made it a year.
- Yeah. 11 months.
- Yeah.
That's really good. You get to round up.
- Good.
- Okay, okay.
Come on. Everybody in.
- Okay.
- Everybody in.
- We're sorry, Darby.
- [Sara] We love you.
[Darby] Oh.
Thanks, guys.
I don't know her.
[narrator] Another summer arrived,
and the sting of her breakup
with Bradley subsided.
With that, Darby was finally able
to pull revelation from the wreckage.
[Darby] Hey, Eugenia?
Hi. Um, it's Darby.
I used to be in the photo class with you.
- Uh-huh.
- Um
Listen, I was wondering
if you would ever sell me
that, um,
"inner life" photo that you took.
I just think it's amazing,
um, and I could give you,
um, 50 bucks for it.
A hundred.
Oh. Um
Okay. I didn't know we were negotiating.
We are.
That's great.
Uh, I will be honest. I don't
You know what? I could go to an ATM.
[narrator] It was just a photo,
and yet, it was the beginning
of a much bigger life.
Mmm. That's awesome.
Did you take that?
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