Love on the Spectrum U.S. (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Do you enjoy cooking, dining out?
-You know what? I don't know how to cook.
I'm embarrassed to admit.
Have you traveled anywhere?
I'm not a real big traveler.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
And, uh…
Should we get some walking in?
-All right.
-All right.
This is an area
I haven't been through before.
Oh, you know what that is over there?
We call it Turtle Hill.
The views are panoramic.
You would love it.
I remember my very first job
was a newspaper route,
and it was in that neighborhood.
-Shall we keep exploring?
-We should.
-All right.
I think Steve is a sweet guy.
Maybe a little nervous,
as am I of, course,
you know, when you meet someone new.
-We could go around the other way.
Is there an instant attraction? Mm, no.
However, that's not the only thing
that's important to me,
and sometimes that develops over time.
So I'm enjoying our conversation
and our time together right now.
Oh, there's some koi.
Oh my gosh!
They're huge.
-Boy, you're not kidding!
-They're beautiful in the light.
Boy, they're so beautiful,
I think I'm gonna go for a swim,
enjoying them all.
-Well, don't go fishing here.
-Oh boy.
-We might get in trouble.
Oh boy.
Should I say, "Oh boy"
or should I say, "Oh koi?"
There you go.
-I appreciated that!
-Thank you!
Oh, that makes me feel good!
Thank you. Oh my gosh.
That's funny, oh boy.
Always worried about
what people are gonna think, oh gosh.
Well, this was really fun.
It was a great afternoon.
Oh, thank you so much. I agree with you.
-I didn't know what to expect.
But what a wonderful surprise.
It's really something.
-So thanks again, Steve.
-I want to thank you, Candida.
It was a good afternoon.
-Very nice.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Great. Great.
-Bye, Steve.
-You know it.
-You have a great one. Thank you so much.
What's the hardest thing
about dating?
I really dislike the awkward silences
that come about just naturally.
Um, trying to find a way to fill them
and always trying to make sure
you're dressed nicely
and you've got your hair done,
makeup done,
and you're sitting the right way
and not making a mess with your food
and you're making polite conversation
and looking at them, answering questions,
trying to ask questions,
but you don't know what to ask them
'cause they've already told you
all the things that you might ask.
So that part's hard.
'Cause there's only so much you can say
about the weather.
It sucks. It always is going to suck.
That's just the weather.
In Greenville, Kaelynn
is getting ready for a date with Peter
after meeting him at speed dating.
I'm very nervous
because I'm afraid we're gonna
run out of things to talk about.
So now I'm googling
topics to talk about on a second date.
Okay, we found one called "43 things
to talk about on a second date."
"Ask them about their favorite subjects."
That's just, like, low-hanging fruit.
On the list of topics to talk about,
ask them to supply the topics
to talk about?
"Talk about your hopes and dreams."
That's a little too serious.
This is not helping
with the whole nervousness thing.
Do you see this in bold right here?
"The stakes are so much higher."
I mean, I think that's true.
First dates are a little more polite,
just kind of get, like, introduction.
And then you get to know someone more
on a second date.
That's why we're nervous.
Like, if he doesn't like you because of
who you are, you don't wanna date him.
It's not like we wanna, like,
trick him into dating you
under false pretense.
Like, you want him to like you.
-Do I normally do this with my left hand?
No, I don't.
See, I can't even think straight!
I forgot how to do my other eye!
I'm too nervous!
I'm gonna forget how to speak English.
All right, you wanna pick out
what you're gonna have there?
-I'm looking at the menu.
It's a really fancy restaurant.
-So what are you gonna have?
-It's just drinks and dessert.
And why are you guys
checking this beforehand?
'Cause I'm bad at reading.
A lot of pressure in the moment.
It's a lot of pressure on top of being
dyslexic, so it's hard to read menus.
The letters and the words
kinda move around on the page.
Even though they're not actually
moving, it kinda looks like they are.
That can be embarrassing
'cause they expect someone my age
to be able to read, you know, properly.
And I can. It just takes me longer.
Uh, tres leches cake, um, key lime tart.
Um, chocolate raspberry torte.
So far I'm feeling the chocolate thing.
And they've got a Moscato rosé.
Oh, I like that.
All right.
-You've got your dessert and your drink?
-I'll text it to you. You're ready?
All right.
I'm leaving.
All right, good luck.
Team Peter, let's go!
I have nothing to say.
James is at
the New York Renaissance Faire,
waiting to meet Emma
for their second date.
Oh, yes, very nice breeze.
Gotta get… Ooh, gotta get that breeze.
I have to catch the breeze.
Hi there. How's it going?
Yes, good afternoon to you.
You look beautiful.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
I love your cape and everything.
I spent lots of time
assembling the pieces for this clothing.
This "outfit," I prefer.
-Oh yeah.
-Sounds better than "costume," yes.
I'm wearing all black.
And you know, black,
darker colors, absorb more heat,
but I don't think I'll die of heatstroke.
I'll survive.
I hope you don't have
any objections to hair gel.
Oh no, I really like it.
-It looks very nice.
-Oh, thank you. Yes.
My mother doesn't like it.
Long as you like it,
that's all that matters.
So I actually wish to ask,
do you have a favorite color?
Um, yeah, so I…
I clearly really like pink.
-But I really like blue too
because it's really calming.
It's the color of intellect!
-The color of the sky and of clear water.
Well, I mean, I suppose
that having blue eyes
might make me slightly biased
in favor of that color.
Me too. I'm with you.
Yes, it's not too bad. Oh!
Yes, so what do you think of the fair?
How does it look so far?
It's really nice. I love
all the cute little huts and everything.
And it's a lot bigger
than I expected it to be.
Very good. Very good.
Watch out for the mud.
Oh, this must be
where they have the jousting.
-Oh, I wonder when they're doing that.
-I don't know.
Ooh, you must be a total badass
to wear something like this!
-I am. Thank you, sir!
-You wanna feel the weight?
-Isn't that something?!
I presume a whole new meaning
to having a heavy head, now, doesn't it?
Yes. That's--
Gentlemen! This lady and I would love
to have our photographs taken with you.
-Is that possible?
-That is absolutely wonderful.
Take him first. I'm just…
Excuse me! Will someone please
take a photograph of us?
Any takers?
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
It's not real.
Can we get someone
to take a photo, please?
Thank you!
-One, two…
-Oh, yes.
Three! Go!
Thank you, good sir.
-Thank you so much for the photo.
-Thank you very much, gentlemen.
-Thank you, sir.
-We do have one request, though, friend.
-What is that?
You see any Englishmen walking around,
you let me and my brother here
know about it.
-Oh, yes. If I see one, I'll let you know.
-We'll be sure to tell you.
-Have a wonderful day, gentleman.
-Thank you.
-Yes, thank you. Yes.
-Have a good one.
-To you as well, my friends. Stay safe.
-Thank you.
You're not bothered by me asking
to take photographs with people, are you?
-Oh, no, I love it. I'm about it.
-Enjoy your day.
-Yes, thank you.
That one helmet reminds me
of, like, a stormtrooper.
-Like Boba Fett.
It does look like
a Star Wars stormtrooper, doesn't it?
Darth Vader's helmet
is modeled after a Japanese kabuto.
Even the word "stormtrooper" is derived
from the German word Sturmtruppen,
which translates in English
as stormtrooper.
Oh, wow.
Oh, wait a minute. Uh… uh…
I'll presume we have to pay
for ourselves here, so…
Wait, it's five dollars.
Oh boy.
Oh, I guess it's not a big deal.
I think I should remove my cape,
just to be on the safe side.
Damn! Sorry.
There are wasps flying around.
-Oh yeah.
-Maybe they're attracted to the gel.
Here goes nothing.
-Come on, Emma, you can do it!
-Sheep shearer, yeah!
Hit that thing!
Wait, you're left-handed, right?
Uh, yeah.
You're leading with the wrong side.
If you're a lefty, do it the opposite way.
-Oh, well.
-That's not much better either.
-I don't think it's happening today.
-No, you gave it your best effort.
Come on, James, you got it! Whoo!
You did good. That was really good.
Oh yes. Thank you very much.
Who's up next? I need a real man!
Oh, ouch!
I believe it's going well.
I have no idea what Emma thinks,
but I'm enjoying it immensely.
I'm having a really great time right now.
I'm enjoying
the Medieval Renaissance fair,
and I also appreciate the fact
that Emma seems to be enjoying herself.
She genuinely seems
to be having a good time,
so that's the important part.
I'm glad that she's having a good time.
After things
didn't work out with Solomon,
Dani is preparing
for a night of speed dating.
Do not get too excited, Dani,
when finding matches.
What do you mean by that?
Just because you found matches
and find something in common
doesn't mean they're the right person,
they're the right fit.
I was thinking about questions
like, "What is your goal in life?"
-Okay, that's a good one.
-"What is your goal in life?"
Another question would be,
"Are you planning
to get an MBA or master's?"
So, if they hate animation,
want nothing to do with it,
is that a deal-breaker to date him?
No deal.
Animation's my life.
Do you wanna write down questions,
or can you remember them?
I think it's best.
Start with the small talk,
then some compliments,
then ask some questions.
Dani is making
a list of questions to ask.
-Number one is,
"What is your goal in your life?"
"Have you been to animation events,
like festivals, screenings,
and conventions like San Diego Comic-Con?"
And, um, "Have you heard of autism?"
"How would you make me laugh?"
"Do you have any pets?"
I won't literally say
all of these questions all at once.
I can't spew out
all these questions like that.
No, just one at a time, right?
All set and ready.
Okay, well, have a good time,
but not too much of a good time.
-Thank you, Sandy.
-Enjoy yourself.
-Don't forget all the questions.
-Will do, Sandy.
-Bye, Sandy. Bye, Patrick.
-Have a good time.
-Thank you.
-See you tonight.
Here we go.
What is
your greatest dream in life?
-Going on a honeymoon.
-Where do you think you'd go?
I am going for Europe, Asia, uh,
Americas, or South America, and Australia.
After recently stepping out
on his first-ever date,
Subodh is catching up
with autism expert Jennifer Cook.
Hi, Subodh!
Hi, Jennifer.
How are you?
Tell me, how did it go?
It went great! She likes travel and games.
-And you like travel?
And what was her name?
-That's a very pretty name.
So did you ask her
if you can see her again?
That's fantastic! And what did she say?
And how did you feel when she said yes?
I feel great about this.
That's awesome!
I think there's a couple things,
though, that he could work on.
-Right, Subodh?
Audi, I think
we're reading each other's minds.
That was going to be my question.
Was there anything
that you're not sure about still?
What about, uh, pulling out her chair?
I don't…
Did you pull out her chair on the date?
-I… for…
-You forgot.
And what about topics that you
didn't know much about, like TV shows?
I don't want to talk about that.
No, but Subodh, that's important,
because it's something
that, uh, Rachel really likes.
Uh, it's too…
We're not going to intervene with this.
-Okay, Jennifer can help you, then.
-What do you mean?
Does it feel uncomfortable to talk
about something you don't know about?
Uh, I think it… Yes.
I think a lot of people feel that way.
It's easier to talk about
something that we know about.
All right.
But when we ask questions,
that is a way to show the other person
that we're interested in them.
So you could ask Rachel
questions about TV,
even if you don't really like TV.
I'll just go for the listening skills.
-Good job.
-That is exactly right.
-You got this!
How does it feel, Subodh, if I say to you,
"Subodh, you have
a really handsome smile"?
How does that feel inside?
It is great.
So you know what?
If we can think of a couple of things
that we can give compliments to Rachel,
I bet she would feel really good too.
-You think so?
-Yeah. Yes.
She's so sweet.
-Does she have a nice smile?
Oh, you have to tell her that.
All right, yes.
Did she make you laugh? Did you laugh?
Just a little bit, not too much.
But not silly. We don't want to be silly.
-Right, that's exactly right.
But maybe she says something funny,
you can laugh,
or you can say, "That was really funny."
The number one thing to do is have fun.
Some fun, yeah.
Okay, I'll let you say bye-bye now, okay?
-Bye, Jennifer.
-Have fun.
-Hey. How are you?
-Hey. I'm good. How are you?
-I'm good. I haven't seen you in so long.
-Good to see you.
It's good to see you.
What you been up to?
-Oof, working, mostly.
-How about you?
I… don't even know where to start.
-I know, it's been a while.
-I know.
-Oh, by the way. You look beautiful.
-Thank you.
Is this the wines?
Yeah. You a big wine girl?
I like the sweet, fruity ones.
People hate me
because I love sweet stuff.
I love sweet stuff too.
So have y'all decided on
anything tonight?
-I think I just want a Moscato rosé.
-I'll get a Black Betty.
-Done. I'll be right back.
-Thank you.
-Appreciate it.
It's gonna spill.
-I like it.
-Ooh, this one's good.
Do you have, oh, um,
a worst online dating experience
-that you can think of?
-I've gotten stood up a lot.
Well, not, like, where I go to the place
and they're not there,
but it's like,
"Hey, we're planning this," and then--
-And it doesn't work out.
Yeah, that sucks.
Yeah, what's your worst… worst experience?
I've got several.
The most recent, there was this guy,
and he starts telling me
about all his drug use.
Then he whips out his index finger,
and he had a tattoo
of a butt plug on his index finger.
-You're lying.
-No. I'm serious. Dead serious.
What do you say to that?
I don't know!
That was really bad.
I guess on the subject of dating,
have you had any, like,
long-term relationships?
I did. I had one. I was…
I dated her for two and a half years.
-Oh, wow.
-What about you?
Um, I dated a guy who was blind.
-And he had a guide dog.
It was cool 'cause we had
the dog-training thing in common, I guess.
And that ended pretty poorly.
He was like, "I wanna have children
and I wanna, like, move to a city,
and I know you don't like loud noises,
and I know
you don't wanna live with children
since you work with children
all day long, and you just, like,
just aren't compatible
with the life that I wanna live
because of your disability."
"And so I just think
you're too disabled for me."
-Uh, which is funny because he was blind.
-That's insane.
But I liked him a lot,
and so I was kind of crushed
for a little while.
I don't want to ask this, but like--
Yeah, go ahead.
I just kind of want to know, like,
what, I guess, do you have, or…
-Yeah, so I have autism, actually.
Um, and so, like, I think it was
more prevalent when I was a child.
I was, like,
really sensitive to loud noises,
and, like, had
really particular interests.
And as an adult,
it kind of just means
that, like, I like routines.
I may be a little bit more literal
than other people.
I could kinda pick that up.
You're very, like, planned.
Yes. I appreciate a plan.
I appreciate structure, routine.
I'm kind of literal.
So how has that been
kind of like, I guess, throughout life?
It's been hard. Um…
It's hard to relate to people sometimes,
especially if we don't have
things in common.
So, like, growing up,
having friends was very challenging.
Just because all the little girls,
you know,
when they were ten, 11 years old,
were into Justin Bieber,
and I was into bird-watching.
I could name every bird
by its flight pattern--
-Can you still do that?
-More or less, yeah.
I'm pretty good at it. I, at one point,
had all the state birds memorized.
So do you know those birds right there?
What birds?
-You see 'em perched up there?
-That's a pigeon.
-Hey, y'all.
-Thank you.
-Here you are. Lady first.
-The gentleman.
-Thank you.
You're welcome. Enjoy.
-It looks really good.
-This looks amazing.
-Yeah, it does.
Disturbing fact about birds.
They only have one hole for everything.
-That's disgusting.
It's pretty nasty.
-Do you wanna go for a walk?
-Yeah, sounds good.
She's even better
than I remember, honestly.
Um, she's super sweet, very genuine.
Um, just kind, all around, beautiful.
Great girl.
It's really nice down here.
I like Peter. He's a really nice guy.
Um, he's really fun.
I think that's what I like about him.
The raspberry chocolate
was really good, yeah.
A little too raspberry,
but it was still good.
-It was really good.
-It was still really good.
I do want to see you again.
I really do like hanging out with you.
-Yeah. I had a good time.
-Yeah. I hope you had a good time with me.
-I definitely did.
-But yeah, I need to get your number.
So I hope I get to see you again soon.
-Yeah, no, we'll definitely hang out soon.
-Yeah, sounds good.
-Okay, bye.
Is it important to you
to find someone special?
It is.
It really is.
If it ever were to occur,
I would, uh, probably be crying
many tears of happiness
and, of course, joy.
Sounds like you've got
a lot of love to give the right person,
if she comes along.
I think you're right, Cian.
I know that you are.
There you are.
Oh boy, now we're talking.
How are you?
Man, well, now that you're showing up…
Gloves and all, right?
That's right!
May I have a seat?
My goodness.
We haven't gotten together
in a little bit.
You're reading my mind.
Did I hear correctly
that you had a date this week?
How did it go? What happened?
Well, a very nice experience with Candida.
-That's the lady's name.
What can you tell me about her?
She's unusual, very, um, unique.
I don't know if I would say
she's a feminine version
of you, necessarily.
It's probably good to broaden out
a little bit your parameters
when you're trying to meet, I think.
You are absolutely correct.
I know a lot of women
looking for gentlemen
that are doctors and attorneys and…
"Let 'em be doctors and lawyers and such."
That was one of those songs.
-Oh, I remember, that does ring a bell.
-I forgot who did that song. Yeah.
I don't know
if I ever told you this.
My father said to me…
…"You know, Steve,
these women are
looking for master's degrees."
I often say to myself, you know,
even if I'm not one
of those successful gentlemen,
you know, I have a great heart,
and I don't want that to go
to any type of waste…
-…if I can help it.
Sounds like you're on the right track
and enjoying it.
Oh, yes. I thank you so much.
Stan, you do a whole lot more
than you are probably aware of.
-I appreciate that.
And, you know,
you're always soothing to me,
and you make me feel good
after I've seen you.
Oh, that's the other way around.
We suck up good energy with each other.
Oh, we do. Oh my gosh.
That's why when I don't get a chance
to see you on the weekend…
-Oh boy!
-Oh boy!
No, it just doesn't feel
quite the same.
At Huntington Beach,
Subodh is waiting
to meet Rachel for their second date.
Hey, Subodh.
-Hey, Rachel.
Hey. How's it going?
Going good.
Hi, how are you?
-I'm good.
-I… I… I… I have to put…
Mind if I run over?
-Would you like to have a seat?
-Yes, please.
-Thank you.
-That's great.
How you been?
-That's good.
Let's talk.
Rachel, you look beautiful.
Thank you, and you look handsome.
Look handsome?
Yeah, thank you.
Let's ask those important questions.
Uh, what kind of TV shows do you watch?
I watch American Idol,
Dancing with the Stars.
And what else do you like to do for fun?
I like to sing and dance.
I dance to the song called "Uptown Funk,"
and I like to sing
to all different show tunes.
Would you like to get a drink?
I would love to.
-What do you like?
-Soda. I like diet soda.
Let's win 13.
He is so nice.
And win all those games.
And he's a real gentleman too.
The way he asked me,
that I looked beautiful.
Oh my God, this here,
that's part of being a gentleman.
So what do you do for fun?
-I like to read travel books.
-That's cool. You like travel books?
What about you?
I like to play poker. I like poker.
The poker is kind of difficult for me,
but I play blackjack a lot.
Blackjack's my favorite. I love blackjack.
What do you do for work?
I'm a mail-room assistant.
I give the mail
to different people in the office.
For my work, I know how to count a lot.
-Oh, like accounting?
Oh, counting. Okay, yeah.
I do accounting at my work too.
Yes. I am so great with numbers too.
That's cool.
Accounting is hard to do.
Have you pressed the wrong number before?
No, we just want to fix it.
We just want to fix the errors.
That's really cool, you know?
Oh, there's a bird coming.
-You like birds?
-I don't like birds.
Oh, it went. Bye-bye. Thank you.
-Should we go for a walk on the pier?
-Yeah, let's do that. Yeah.
Do you have a favorite type
of movies you like?
Oh, comedy.
-Comedy. Me too. I love comedies.
-Yes, comedies.
-It's nice down here.
Uh, has your mom and dad been to Hawaii?
They've to Hawaii before, yes.
They went on their honeymoon once
in Hawaii.
-In Hawaii?
I think we should…
When we go on a date,
we like to go on a honeymoon, too.
-Yeah, that's cool.
-You wanna go on honeymoon too?
-Yes, I'm doing that one.
Oh, cool.
You could eat poke in Hawaii.
-Oh, that's cool.
-Hawaii is a nice place to go.
And Vegas. You like Vegas?
I don't like Vegas,
because I don't want to waste my money.
-I just have to work to earn more money.
Do you wanna fly a kite?
-I'd like to.
Let's go get one.
That'd be cool.
I never flew one before.
Thank you very much
for joining me here today, Emma.
That really means a lot to me.
I'm so glad you chose…
that you decided you would come here
to check out this place.
Yeah, of course.
Thank you so much for inviting me.
This is really cool.
Did it meet or exceed
your expectations, I hope?
-I think it's exceeding. Yeah.
-Excellent. This is great.
-I'm glad you're having a good time here.
So have you ever seen
jousting before?
I've seen videos of it,
but I've never seen it in person.
-So this is all new.
You know how we have modern-day sports,
jousting was what they did
for entertainment back then.
You can get injured, like in any sport,
but, like, deaths are…
hopefully, they're rare.
-It was the medieval times, keep in mind.
But no, an actual proper war lance,
meant for real combat,
would be made of heavy wood
with a reinforced iron tip,
and would punch through
someone's armor and impale them.
-Yes, good day to you, sir knight.
-Good luck!
-May the best of luck be with you.
-Best of luck to you!
-Let's go!
-Whoo-hoo! Come on! Go!
-Kick their asses!
-Go get 'em!
Here we go.
Oh, wow!
Oh my God, that was…
I can do this all day!
-Come on! Yeah! You can do it!
Let's go!
Oh, okay.
-Well, it's over now.
-Oh. Oh, shit!
-Oh, wait. I think it's part of the show.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
How dare you?!
He won fair and square!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Don't let him get away with that!
It's just a flesh wound!
Ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
-Uh, yes.
Ha! 'Tis but a scratch!
-Oh, he's dead!
Whoo! Yeah!
So, um, this…
This was great, yes.
Well, I had an excellent time here today.
Yes, again, thank you for joining me.
-Thank you for coming here.
-Of course. This was so cool.
-Good, I'm so glad.
-I really have enjoyed hanging out.
And I think that you're a lot of fun
and, like, really smart and everything,
and, like, really passionate.
Um, so yeah, I'm going
to some Halloween parties in October,
so, yeah, I mean,
if you would be interested
in joining me at one of those parties…
One of them is in Boston, so…
Yeah, I would love to go to that party.
However, I would like to go as friends
if you're open to that.
Like, I really do have
a great time with you,
and I would love to meet up again,
and I really do mean it.
Of course, yes, I understand.
Um, well, yeah,
I'll have to figure out getting in contact
with you then and everything.
-But, um…
-Of course. Mm.
Yes. So, um…
I don't know what…
I guess I should probably head out, then.
Oh, okay. Oh, I don't know.
Should we just shake hands
or something, or what?
-Do you wanna hug?
-I have no objection to that.
Okay, yeah.
Yes, okay, so…
have a very nice night, then.
I'll be seeing you soon.
Yes, of course.
I hope you have a nice day.
And I wish
your mother a happy birthday as well.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
I'll let her know you say that.
Oh, great, yes. Thank you.
Have a very… Have a very nice night, then.
Having not found
a connection with Candida,
Steve is back online looking for romance
with the help
of personal assistant Shorae.
What do you think
about this online dating world, Steve?
Boy, quite an assortment
of different women…
…from all walks of life.
Yes, I can see where people
that get onto these things
can spend a lot of time
checking everybody out.
Let's look at Connie here.
Oh, right.
And it looks like she really likes you.
-She read your profile.
-Oh, wow.
"Not looking for perfect."
That's good.
That's right.
-Oh, there.
Oh, hi.
She's adorable.
She looks cute bald as well.
That's right.
And to shave such beautiful hair,
that takes guts.
She has pet rats.
Oh my gosh!
Take some cheese with you.
That's right.
Sounds like you both like water.
-We're in the Bay area.
-That's right.
-Maybe we can go down to Pier 39.
And jump onto a boat.
Oh, that sounds great.
That sounds awesome.
Very. Very.
Oh, hello there.
We can do it together
if you want.
You just put your one hand
right here on top of mine,
and then you put your other hand
on the other one.
-Isn't that cool?
Look at that!
-I'm flying my first real kite!
Is that cool or what?
Yeah, this is cool.
It is cool!
It's like we're doing a scene
from Mary Poppins right now.
Rachel, are you having fun?
I'm having a great time, actually.
-Are you having a great time too?
-I had a great time with you.
-I had a great time with you too.
It was cool.
Yeah, It was very cool.
-Very cool.
I was thinking
about going on a third date.
You want to?
Oh, yes.
-I would love to go on a third date.
-I would love to.
-I would love to, you know.
-I don't want to keep my parents waiting.
So I guess I'll see you soon, then?
Oh, yes.
-See you soon.
Have a good day, okay? I'll see you soon.
Have a good day, Rachel.
Bye-bye, Rachel.
Bye, Subodh.
-Bye, Rachel!
Okay, he asked me
to go on a third date with him.
He just asked me on my third date.
Oh my God.
I can't believe it.
In Hollywood,
Dani is about to experience speed dating
for the first time.
When time is up,
I will tap on your shoulder,
and you have around five minutes
for each date.
Here I go.
Hi. My name is John.
-I'm Dani. Nice to meet you.
-Really nice to meet you.
So do you have
a particular type of goal in your life?
Yeah, that's a good…
So, actually, I'm an aerospace engineer.
Aerospace. That sounds really cool.
As you can probably tell,
I'm a pretty big nerd.
Aerospace engineering is really amazing,
and I think animation
could work with aerospace stuff.
-Technology and motion graphics.
Have you been
to animation conventions or screenings
or events to do with animation stuff?
-Animation's my life.
-No, I've never been.
Have you heard of, um, autism?
I have. I have.
Wow, yes.
And so, um, what specifically about it?
Can you enlighten me?
I teach animation to autistic
and other neurodivergent youth.
-That's awesome. That's really cool.
That's cool. Aside from that,
what do you like to do outside of work?
So what I do outside of work,
sometimes I just love to draw
and, um, talk about all kinds of…
Sometimes I like to research on Google
on anything that is related to animation.
I love to travel too.
I've been to Tampa, Florida,
because I teach animation there.
Do you travel elsewhere,
like, just for recreations?
I've been to England.
I've even been to China.
Nice. That's really cool!
-Mexico and Canada.
What's your favorite place and why?
England is one of my favorite places
because, um, it's not just the beautiful…
the British port area,
but this is where I taught animation
at the University of Plymouth.
We're actually about to rotate soon,
so I'm letting you know.
-Time to get up.
-It was really nice to meet you.
-Nice meeting you.
-Hi. How you doing?
My name is Mark.
Nice to meet you. I'm Dani.
Dani. Nice to meet you, Dani.
Love your outfit.
Oh, I thank you so much.
Also, your jacket looks really nice.
Kind of reminds me
of the Marvel Black Panther.
Oh, thank you.
I feel like the Black Panther sometimes.
Dani, what makes you happy in life?
-I think--
-'Cause you seem like a very happy person.
What makes me happy in life
is because I love animation.
It's my dream. It's my passion.
And I think Marvel
kind of goes hand in hand.
Oh, really? So what's
your favorite animation character?
Well, my current favorite character
right now is Kid Cosmic,
made by the one and only Craig McCracken,
who did the Powerpuff Girls,
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends,
and Wander Over Yonder.
-Well, that's…
I can tell that makes you
real excited in life.
Oh yes, and what are your goals in life?
My goals are to actually help people,
make other people's hopes
and dreams come true.
Oh yes.
And make a positive contribution
to society.
Positive contribution to society
is the power.
And do you know what autism is?
Is that something that they're born into
or is that something
people develop over time?
People that are born with…
and it's a different way of thinking.
Oh, I see.
-I'm gonna have you rotate very soon.
Thank you.
Nice meeting you, Dani.
You have a beautiful smile.
And I wish you all the love and success
in everything that you do.
-Oh, you too!
-All right, bye-bye.
John, he's really great.
He's got a great engineering knowledge.
I think it would work
for high independence.
Mark, he's
a charming, sweet Black Panther.
He also has beautiful teeth.
Yes, 'cause hygiene's
important to you, right?
Yes, he's got
really awesome beautiful teeth.
I just need to choose more.
Is there any more?
A couple more.
Please, I wanna see more,
so I can get my better selection.
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