Love on the Spectrum U.S. (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Hi there.
Hi, I'm Dani.
-You're what?
-What's your name?
-What's your name? I'm sorry.
-I'm Dani.
-Dani. Nice to meet you. I'm Adan.
-I can't hear you.
-Oh, my name is Adan. A-D--
Yeah. A-D-A-N.
It's actually Adam in English,
but I prefer Adan.
Have you heard of autis…
Have you ever heard of autism?
Do you know what autism is?
I do.
It's, um… It's a disorder that
people are born with sometimes.
It makes it harder
to read people or interact.
How do I know this?
I was born with it myself.
I am too.
Nice. Nice.
Like, I, like…
I didn't realize it until,
like, when I was five,
then my dad explained it to me.
And it took me
a while to grasp it, but, uh…
Yeah, it can be.
-I had that similar experience.
-What do you do for a living?
What I do for a living is
I have an animation company
known as Danimation Entertainment.
My gosh. You have
your own animation studio? That's awesome!
It's funny you mention that.
I'm studying animation
right now at Cal State Fullerton.
Oh, wow!
-Well, this is so amazing.
-What do you like to do for fun?
I like going to animation events,
like for example, San Diego Comic-Con.
Animation is my life.
And what are your goals, your life goals?
To get into the animation industry,
for either, like, character graphics,
character design, or environment design,
or even motion animation.
That's awesome!
It's so cool that you've been
focusing on your goal, Adam.
Thank you.
Well, you told me
what you like to do for fun.
Yeah, like, I do ani…
Like I said, conventions.
I also like to draw in my free time.
-Same. Same.
I was working on some original characters.
One of my characters, his name's Scales.
He's from another planet. He can
breathe underwater and swim really fast.
I make him raspy, like…
I have him talk like this.
I've got a character. She is
a happy-go-lucky little circus clown girl
-named Mindy.
Hi! I'm Mindy!
And I'm gonna perform
a juggling act for you!
It's funny. Whenever I think
of voices, like of incompetents.
Like, two guys screwing up,
like… "Hey, I got her!"
"No, I got her!"
It's like, "You idiots!
Don't let her get away!"
-"I'm not! He's letting her get away!"
"Me?! You're the one
who let her get past you!"
-"Why?" It's like, "I'm so--"
-Ren and Stimpy!
It's like, "Get down
from there!" "That's not Santa Claus!"
"It's a memorial!"
"A memorial?"
"I didn't know Santa Claus was…"
And then, like, I was thinking,
what would happen if it was two--
Time to wrap it up.
-If two droids--
-Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you too.
"You gotta get rid of her."
-"Well, okay." I'm so nervous. Oh, bye.
I can't wait for my fourth one.
-Hi, I'm Dani.
-Dani, I'm Clint. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-How are you enjoying the festivities?
-It's wonderful, fantastic.
First time ever here.
-Oh, very good!
-Are you a native of Southern California?
-Yep! South of California native!
And where are you from?
-Well, I grew up in Ohio, actually.
And what are your goals in life?
Oh my goodness.
Well, I guess
to be successful at speed dating!
No, I'm a physical therapy assistant,
so, you know, I like
to help people actually help themselves.
What's your favorite thing
about Southern California?
So what I really like
about Southern California
is the animation industry.
Have you gone
to any animation conventions,
-like Comic-Con?
-Um, I'd like to. Um…
I'd love to be able to see that, though.
Oh, wow.
Well, very good. Um…
Have you heard of the word autism?
Have you heard of autism?
Yeah, um, a little bit.
I did not know I have autism
until my aunt told me.
Oh, okay.
Oh, very good.
But it's good
that you're successful with that.
I'm going to have you wrap it up,
and we're gonna rotate.
-Well, nice to meet you, Dani.
-Nice to meet you too.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Please hand me your cards
whenever you can,
and then we'll let you know
if you have a match.
It's so hard to choose.
They're really great candidates.
Adam, he's fabulous,
definitely so fabulous.
He's a great animation enthusiast,
and I think
he's definitely, like, a right fit.
Well, I'm not so sure
if he will be a great date,
but he has great animation knowledge
and is pursuing a career in animation,
which is awesome.
I found my top three.
Mark, Adan, and John.
Okay. Thanks for coming.
At Subodh's parents' house,
preparations are underway
for the arrival of a special guest.
Oh, Rachel is coming
for the girlfriend and date.
No, don't use the word "girlfriend."
Remember, we talked about it, Subodh?
Rachel is coming for the date.
She's meeting everyone.
I'm excited to meet Rachel.
Are you excited
for her to meet the family?
-All right, great.
-Are you cooking for her?
Pad thai vegetarian.
So, Subodh, you know
she's not your girlfriend yet, right?
I'm just a little bit confused,
tiny confused.
-Yeah, shall we clarify?
So right now you guys are dating.
-This'll be your third date.
But dating is different
than having a girlfriend, right?
A girlfriend is someone
that's your companion.
You get to spend more time together.
It's a relationship.
-Does that make sense?
Okay, so are you thinking
of asking her to be your girlfriend?
Uh, should we do a kiss
right away on the lips?
Let's talk about that
away from the parents. Is that okay?
When are you gonna ask her
to be your girlfriend?
How are you going to do it?
-Quickly? No, at the end of lunch, right?
-Are you going to ask her?
And then if she says yes,
then maybe you can ask her
for permission to give her a kiss.
That's the nice thing to do.
You have to always ask permission.
Think I'm just scared of the kisses.
-You're scared?
She's here? Subodh, go, go, go!
-Go to the door.
-Go open it.
Hello, Dani.
This is Vivian from speed dating.
I just want to let you know
that you have two matches.
And Mark and Adan
would love to meet you
and get in contact with you.
Oh my gosh.
So take care, have a great night.
Thank you, Vivian.
Good night!
I can't believe you got two matches, Dani!
That's amazing!
Can you tell me the qualities
you're looking for in a partner?
Somebody that's very warm
and very down to earth,
understanding, accepting,
and is not into these material things.
And what are your fears
when it comes to dating?
I would say rejection.
It hurts.
It's Saturday in San Francisco,
and Steve is getting ready
for a first date.
The sun is out,
a little bit of a chill,
and to go down to the waterside
on top of it,
with the wind
and the choppy waves
and the excitement.
Steve is meeting Connie.
She like science fiction
and rats.
She doesn't like roller coasters
or carbonated drinks.
Steve? Hi!
-How are you doing?
-It's good to meet you.
-Yes. Yes, yes.
Oh my goodness.
Do you prefer Steve or Steven?
-I think I prefer Steve overall.
-Okay. Okay, okay.
Only because I used to feel
that the name Steven was so serious…
…where Steve is more, like, easygoing.
I think.
It's kind of a funny thing.
Years ago, I used to work
for the Gray Line tours,
and we used to have a booth
right down there up at the very front.
So you're from San Francisco?
-You were born--
-Well, I was born down in Los Angeles.
But we came up here
when I was very little.
So most of my years
are here in San Francisco.
Well, I was born in San Francisco.
All my children were born here.
-Uh, uh…
Do you watch Star Trek or sci-fi?
-You know, not really.
-Oh, okay.
Okay, so you probably don't know
San Francisco is headquarters
for Starfleet Academy.
that's one reason
I made a point to have my kids born here.
-Oh my goodness.
So that's from Star Trek.
You know,
I haven't seen those sea lions
in I don't know how long,
but you know what?
-I love them.
-Me too.
Would you like to go see
how they're coming along?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
-By all means.
Oh, look at these guys.
Oh, they're so cute!
They're so adorable.
I'd love to go up
-and give a nice hug to one of them.
-Sure. Good luck with that!
I wonder if these two are
about to make love to one another.
How would you feel
about taking a nice boat ride?
Yes. Yes. Sounds okay.
Oh, beautiful.
-Oh, okay, go ahead. Go ahead.
-Oh, are you sure?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm.
-How's the date going so far?
-So far so good. Phew.
So far much nicer than… than I expected.
Oh, it's great down here.
It's wonderful. It's a beautiful day.
I don't know what my hair looks like, but…
But most importantly,
how do you feel about Steve?
Oh, he's very nice!
-Hello, there we are!
-This is very cute!
Hi, guys. Come on back here.
-Come on in. Welcome aboard.
-I'm gonna have you sit here in the back.
-Thank you.
Welcome aboard.
If you have any questions, I'm right here.
Okay, thank you. Thank you.
What do you hope
for your future, Abbey?
To have a good, cute boyfriend!
We could live near the beach.
We could go to water parks.
I don't want to be alone.
I want to find someone so I feel safe.
David is at Huntington Beach
waiting to meet Abbey
for their third date.
-Hey, Abbey!
-Hey! Hey!
-This is for you.
-Thank you.
Oh, it's so cute!
I bet you'll love it.
Oh, thank you.
So nice.
Look at the ships.
One, two, three…
-…four, five.
She just licked off my makeup!
Oh my goodness! It's so cute!
Yeah. You love the leopard, right?
Oh my God, David,
this means so much to me!
-I'm gonna love it!
-They're sweet like you, Abbey.
-Thank you!
You're welcome.
I wish we could share the gummies,
'cause sharing is caring.
Well, I don't want to spoil
my appetite for dinner.
Maybe you can get your own gummies.
They do make me feel thirsty for water.
Yeah, I know.
Those towers like that over there…
Well, that's where great white sharks
usually swim by.
Great white sharks?
Yes. I know they're scary.
I bet great white sharks
does count as animals that live in Africa.
Yes, 'cause lions and sharks
are dangerous, and grizzly bears!
Imagine what you and I do
if we go have an adventure.
What should we do?
I say we travel to Italy,
and then travel to Africa.
Italy and Africa.
Paris, France?
Yeah, and London.
-There's the pelican.
-But we're not birds, we're people.
Ooh, there's another pelican!
That's two. Two pelicans.
Are you like the Count?
How does the Count laugh?
-Ah, ah, ah!
-Ah, ah…
Comes with thunder and lightning.
How does Ernie laugh?
What do you want to do in the future?
Make my own world with a theme park and--
I want to take care of little kids
is what I wanna do.
And work at a play area,
like at the mall, is what I want to do.
You can come visit
the world I'm creating sometime.
Yeah, and I'd like to take care
of little kids is my goal.
You could bring them with you.
You can take them with you.
Clementine, sit!
Hey, Clementine! Clementine!
-She doesn't want it!
-Go get it!
-Run, Clementine! Go for it!
Run for it!
The sun looks like
the one from The Lion King.
-One, two, three, four, five…
-There's six.
Six pelicans. Ah, ah, ah!
One seagull! Ah, ah, ah!
Back to Count!
What would Cookie Monster do?
Eat cookies.
You notice that one of my photos,
like, was shaven?
-Yes, I did. Yes.
I shaved my hair,
all my hair, off last August.
That was my COVID science experiment.
And then my boyfriend broke up with me.
I didn't know I was gonna be single
this year with no hair.
Oh, for goodness' sakes!
So that… So I didn't time that very well.
Do you have kids?
-Or how do you feel about kids?
-No. Oh, I feel wonderful about them.
-I don't have any.
Uh, I've never gotten myself married.
You mentioned in your profile
that you do
a good Paul McCartney impression.
Oh yeah! I love it!
Why not?
I love just, you know,
hanging out on the Emerald Lady.
-With Connie.
-Oh yeah!
-That's actually really cute. Really cute.
-Thank you. Oh my gosh.
-Thank you very much.
We love it.
So guys, who wants
to drive the boat first?
-You can go first.
-Oh, gee.
That's awfully nice of you, Ryan.
I brought a little something
for you here, Captain.
Oh, thank you.
Oh man, that's a good look!
You are the king!
-Then I can look like you. Beautiful.
-Two hands on the wheel, though.
-There you go.
-Both hands on the wheel.
Oh yes, yes, yes.
Awesome, there you go.
Lookin' good, Cap.
-Wow, is this a Volvo?
You know what?
You're not gonna believe it.
It is. It's a Volvo Penta.
-Yeah, you're right.
-Oh, for crying out loud!
What do you know!
-Connie, you wanna try driving too?
-I've never driven a Volvo before.
-Here you go, Captain.
-Oh, thank you.
-Lookin' good. Go ahead, help him drive.
-Which way are we going?
So you guys can work together.
Turn the wheel to the left.
-See what the boat does.
Turn it! Look up, though.
Watch the boat turn.
-Look over here, guys. Porpoises.
-You see porpoises?
-Yeah, looks kinda like a dolphin.
-Yes, yes.
-Gee, I'd love to see one.
-There you go, look.
You know what? Oh my gosh, that is neat.
-We don't see 'em often.
-Only for a second.
Oh, that is neat.
Oh, I'm so glad you pointed that out.
-I'm sorry. I didn't do it on porpoise.
-On porpoise!
Oh my gosh.
Hey, thanks for… for…
for everything today.
-I had a great time. Very nice time.
-A pleasure. Oh, I am so glad.
I have
a very fine compliment for you.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
You are a wonderful Connie-versationalist!
Okay, well, thank you. Thank you.
-That's really cute.
-A pleasure.
No, my name really lends itself
to humor like that, yeah.
-It sure does.
It's a great name.
And you're a great lady.
Well, I feel like the date…
I had a great time.
It still leaves me…
-uh, Stevie Wonder-ing… about you!
Very nice!
Uh, myself, I would say
I'd like to get to learn more about you.
So how do you feel about that?
You know, the more we talk,
the more we're learning.
Yes, yes.
And I'm glad that you ask
the questions that you do.
Oh, thank you.
It's interesting, yes.
I think Connie suggested
wanting to see you again, Steve,
so I don't know
if you have an answer for that.
As far as going out
on another one of these dates,
may I think about it for a little bit?
Yes, definitely, yeah.
Oh, thank you, yeah, sure.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-So, I--
-Great meeting you.
-Okay, so I guess… Is a hug okay?
Okay. Okay. All right.
-Thank you!
Thank you so much again.
-Oh, thank you.
-Bye-bye now.
Okay, bye-bye.
Oh, right-o.
Connie is very interesting.
She might not be, you know,
exactly my type,
but she's very enjoyable.
What kind of things would you like
to share with a partner?
What I'd like to share is common interest.
If a guy really loves animation like I do,
it's a bonus.
I really need someone who can depend on me
and we can work together.
Partners in crime.
After matching with Adan
at speed dating,
Dani is waiting to meet him for dinner.
What are your kind of thoughts
on seeing him again?
Well, I thought it would be
pretty interesting to explore him.
Although he's not
the most attractive looking…
than my other, um, dates,
I think it's more important
to look for the personality and spirit
more than the looks,
because I don't want to get seducted
by the looks again!
-Hello, Adan.
-Hey, Dani. Good to see you.
-It's been a while since speed dating.
-Same here.
-Let's just have a seat and talk about--
-Sounds good.
All right!
First time ever
at what this is called, Yamashiro!
Yamashiro, nice.
The only Japanese words I know of is, uh,
And, actually, that's really it.
I like your hair.
Thank you. I like your earrings.
Who gave them to you?
My aunt gave me those earrings
just to go for the nice look.
They definitely match the attire
and the appearance.
It all goes perfect together.
The full matching set.
All right.
-Good evening. How are we doing?
-Hi. Doing good.
-Oh, thank you.
-You're welcome.
I'm gonna go
for the Drunken Dragon's Milk.
All righty, sounds wonderful.
That's what it's called?
Drunken Dragon's Milk?
Yes, it is. All right, guys.
-Thank you.
-Makes sense.
A dragon drinkin' alcohol,
that'll definitely increase the fire.
I get the joke.
-We have our drink.
To a wonderful evening.
What do you think about personal hygiene?
I think it's extremely important.
Not just to yourself,
but also who you hang out with.
If you don't have good hygiene,
you'll not only get yourself sick,
but you could also infect others.
I'm so glad.
That's the characteristic
I'm talking about.
That's good. That's good.
'Cause you're not gonna wanna
date somebody who has terrible hygiene.
If they don't have good hygiene, how the…
they're not gonna have
good relationships, or worse.
So, this is the one random question
I will give you, magical question.
All right.
Whenever I go to a red carpet,
would you mind holding my purse
while I get some pictures?
Not at all.
-Oh, wait, "would you mind"?
-Would you mind holding my purse for me?
Oh, ah.
I wouldn't mind holding your purse
at a red carpet event
so you could take the photos.
Yes! I knew it!
That is the most important characteristic
of a trustworthy person.
Oh, I agree completely.
-Oh, yeah.
What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who's supportive,
someone who's kind,
not afraid to speak their mind,
willing to talk about serious subjects.
Like, actually willing
to confront problems.
Someone who feels confident
about themselves.
Yeah. I think this is
the good traits I'm looking for.
-Good traits.
-That's good.
But you are a trustworthy person,
I could see in the heart.
And I notice that seeing
from the heart and from the soul
is much more important
than the most seducting looks.
No, I agree completely.
Like, beauty is not on the outside.
It's on the inside.
Like, you may… Like, someone could look,
like, kind and caring,
but, like, at the same time, their heart
could be cold, ruthless, and calculating.
I mean, like the saying goes,
"Don't judge a book by its cover."
And I think I chose you as one
of the candidates for the speed dating,
because I agree the point
that never judge the book by its cover.
-Nice. Nice.
'Cause the heart and the soul
is more important than the looks.
Oh, I agree, completely.
Reminds me of the film…
Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.
Despite Gaston looking all attractive,
like, being the guy every woman wants,
at the same time,
he was worse than the Beast.
He was a villain.
But Shrek actually
just made the breakthrough.
Fiona had a choice
between, like, to stay human,
or to choose her ogre…
like, her ogre appearance.
And because she loved Shrek,
she chose to be ogre, like, as well.
It's not about how you look.
It's about how you feel on the inside.
And I think this is what true love means.
-I couldn't agree more.
-Hey, Subodh!
Hey, Rachel!
-How are you?
Great! Uh, please… Please come in.
I'd like to introduce you to my family.
Hi, my name's Rachel.
Rachel, nice to meet you.
-You too!
-Wanna come take a seat?
-All right, how was--
-So nice to have you here.
My gosh, tell me more
about yourself, Rachel.
Okay. I'm from Bergenfield, New Jersey.
Then I moved
to California when I was ten.
-What are you taking out, Subodh?
-I just wanted to show you the airlines.
This is this airline called Lufthansa.
This where you can go to Europe,
and your mom is Italian,
you could sign up for Lufthansa.
Oh, that's cool.
And this is the SAS,
it stands for Scandinavian Airline System,
which is part of Star Alliance.
You could sign up for the mileage program,
and you could earn more miles
for Italy and the rest of Europe.
Oh, wow.
My favorite thing to do is dancing.
-Singing and dancing.
-Wow. What kind of dancing?
I like to dance to everything.
-Subodh loves to dance too.
I just prefer to do it like,
that way, like romantic way.
I'm really good at the waltz.
-Do you like doing the waltz, Subodh?
-No, I prefer to do it the romantic way.
-That is the romantic way.
-Waltz is a little bit romantic.
Are we ready to start on lunch?
Let's do it. Are you hungry?
-Ready for some food? Okay.
-I am hungry.
I made pad thai for you.
That's very nice of you
to do that. Thank you.
That's my favorite.
Have a seat.
-How is it like living with Subodh?
-It's really great.
-Subodh's a pretty good roommate.
-He cooks all the time.
I know because he made pad thai for me.
That was so nice of you to do that.
Tell me more about your dates with Subodh.
The dates have been really fun.
Uh-huh. You had fun?
Yeah, I did. We have fun together.
Subodh, by the way, um,
has not dated prior to dating you.
-So you are very special.
And, uh, in our culture,
um, me and Sunil never dated.
We have arranged marriages.
And we met, uh,
and we were married 15 days later.
-So we're married now 35 years.
-That's great.
So they don't have
much experience with dating.
-I know nothing about dating.
-That's the garden.
-Wow, so pretty.
Look, this is a cactus.
It's pretty.
I love the garden. I love it.
I had a great time with your parents,
by the way.
I got to know them.
I got to learn more about you.
It's kinda nice.
Rachel, I got a question to ask you.
Hey, Steve.
Oh, hey there.
-How was it? Tell me!
Well, I'll tell you this.
Uh, Connie has numerous questions,
and every question will lead me
into an adventure of conversation.
I think, if I'm not mistaken,
Connie might have an interest
in getting together again,
and I'm not certain
the chemistry is there.
Oh, I see.
In that way, and, uh…
I understand.
Sure, but she's a very nice person.
It sounds
like you had a really nice time
regardless of the chemistry you had.
Yes, that… that's right.
-You know--
-Nice experience, right?
It's another experience,
and I have to tell you
that these dating experiences
for me are a big deal,
because I'm not used to them.
They're special. They're special.
They're special.
Thank you for calling.
Oh, listen, a pleasure,
and thank you for chatting along with me.
Bye-bye now.
-Good night. Good night.
Rachel, I got a question to ask you.
Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Well, of course.
"Of course!" You said, "Of course,"
and it's gonna be a yes.
-Of course.
Rachel, is it okay
if I can kiss you on the cheek?
-Yeah, it's fine.
Give you this kiss.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you for the kiss.
-You're welcome.
-You're welcome.
I can't believe this is happening.
I didn't know he was going to ask me.
I was surprised.
You're so sweet.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
My first boyfriend.
Oh my God!
I'll stop hugging.
Okay. That's fine.
It's fine.
I'm so happy that I got a girlfriend!
Really happy!
Hi, guys!
-I see you're holding hands together.
Subodh, you have something
to share with us?
Rachel is my girlfriend.
-Oh, that's wonderful!
-Oh my gosh, how exciting!
That's so exciting!
When he asked me, I said yes,
because I know hearts means love.
-And I think we both found it.
-'Cause the hearts on this dress…
…I think he was attracted to the dress,
because it has hearts.
-And that's how he fell in love with me.
-So sweet.
Oh my God.
I feel so happy.
Thank you.
Maybe Subodh waited this long
so that he could find you.
Maybe, yes.
Probably, yeah.
-It's very special.
-How do you feel, Rachel?
-I feel… I feel good.
-Oh, good!
-It's like I'm part of your family now.
-Yeah, I'm so happy.
-You are.
You're my family too.
She's beautiful, she's sweet,
and she seems to care about him.
Come here.
This is so special.
This is the start
of a wonderful thing together.
Oh my gosh. I'm so happy!
Love you both!
Thank you. Me too.
Oh yes!
Today I'm crying,
because every little thing
has to be celebrated,
and this is a huge celebration.
Every little thing, I celebrate for him.
I'm so happy.
All right.
Love you, beta.
-Love you.
Love you.
All right, thank you.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome. Enjoy.
So, I guess,
as what in Japan says, "Itadakimasu."
What about you? What are you
looking for in a relationship?
Somebody who's independent, dedicated,
always supportive,
who can accept a person for who I am.
Who can manage all the finances.
A healthy relationship means knowing
how to manage finances and everything.
-Couldn't agree more.
And I think you're on the right track.
I hope so.
Have you ever tried ginger?
I have. Um, I don't think it's bad.
It's not one of my favorites,
but, uh, I think it's all right.
Do you like it?
I do like it. Sometimes I even…
Traditionally in Japan,
they also like, um, wasabi.
Just like in Cars 2,
when they, like… Mater saw wasabi
and thought it was pistachio ice cream.
"That looks delicious!"
Don't know what's happening.
Like, "Same old, same old.
What's up with you?"
It's like…
It was the funniest scene!
"A little more, please. It is a…"
"There we go!
Now that's a scoop of ice cream!"
"Do not go for the pistachio ice cream!"
"It has turned!"
Love that.
I was laughing.
Oh, me too. Me too.
It fell apart.
It's been a while since I used chopsticks.
What was the worst date you've been on?
I have to be honest, uh…
I'm not gonna lie.
I've never actually been on a date before.
I've been on dates many times.
Like, what…
I think one
of the worstest dates I've ever had
was he only eats
nothing but chicken and beans.
Just the chicken-and-bean diet?
Yeah, chicken and beans.
That's all he wants, and he doesn't want
his food touching each other.
I have another question for you.
Have you got your driver's license yet?
I have. I don't have a car,
but I do have a driver's license.
I'm so glad.
This is great.
-All right, guys, how was everything?
-Really great. Thank you.
We don't like it at all!
I see, all right.
I hope you guys have a wonderful evening.
-Thank you.
-Thank you!
-Come back to Yamashiro.
-Thank you.
Anyways, I guess it's been a nice dinner,
and it's really nice talking with you
on our official first date.
Thank you. I feel the same way.
It was a pleasure talking to you,
getting to know you better,
and, uh, just hearing about
what you've accomplished
is, uh, very inspirational,
and it gives me hope for the future.
-Shall we?
Sounds good.
After you.
Thank you, Adan.
It's really great
getting to know you, Adan.
Great to get to know you too, Dani.
Would you be interested
on the second date?
-I would be, yes.
Maybe at an animation event. Who knows?
That would be nice.
-Look forward to our second date.
-Second date.
-Great seeing you, Adan.
-You too, Dani.
-Thank you.
-All right, thank you so much.
This was my first official date,
so, like, the experience
is a little frightening,
but at the same time, it went really well.
So you think you like her?
I do, mm…
I think I do like her. I really do.
So you asked him on a second date?
Yes, I sure did.
-So you wanna spend more time with him?
-I would like to spend more time with him.
I just want to get
to know him a little bit more.
Yeah. No kiss, though?
No kiss.
No kissing on the first date.
It's Christmas.
-Hey, Abbey!
Hi, David!
Abbey has invited David over
to celebrate.
-You're welcome, Abbey.
I'll do that one.
What you do is you look at the box,
and then you copy the box.
And then you have a glass of wine,
'cause it won't look like the box at all.
-Oh. Right.
Apparently, you go like this.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, there it goes.
Clementine's begging for gingerbread.
-Oh no, no, no, no, no, no!
It's slipping! It's slipping!
It's slipping! No!
-Oh no!
Oh, I'm sorry, Abbey.
I'm sorry that happened.
It fell apart.
-I'm all finished!
A toast.
-To our gingerbread house.
Hey, Abbey.
I got something for you.
-I got this from Las Vegas.
And it has our hearts
connected to each other.
Oh, wow.
Wow, I love it!
What is it?
It's a heart.
-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.
And I know you've been so sweet to me,
and I bought something to think of you
and how you treat me very well.
-Take a look.
Reese's Pieces,
Haribo gummy bears!
That's five different kinds
of candy I like.
-Ah, ah, ah!
Ooh, I wonder what's in there.
-You know my friend Jennifer Beers,
who's known me really long,
-she fed a baby lion!
A lion, but it was a baby.
You're my lion, and I'm your lioness.
Oh, it's cute!
Thanks, Abbey. I love it!
It looks really good.
Yep, keeps my head and ears warm.
-Would you like to be my girlfriend?
-Would you like to be my boyfriend?
-We wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend.
-Oh, you do?
-Oh, just now?
-Oh, it's official, then?
So, Christine, how do you feel
about Abbey finding love?
Very cute!
David, your eyes are covered with the hat,
but that's okay.
Well, congratulations, you guys!
That's very, very, very exciting news!
For me, this is like, you know, a gift.
Such a gift.
It's just a beautiful thing,
and I'm grateful.
Good job!
I feel, like, overjoyed.
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