Love, Victor (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Creekwood


VICTOR: Dear Simon,
you don't know me, but my
family just moved to Atlanta,
and today was my first
day at Creekwood High,
and I heard all about you.

How you started messaging with
another secretly gay kid at Creekwood.

How you wound up making a crazy
romantic declaration of love.

And how you had your first
big kiss on the Ferris wheel
in front of the whole school.

And I just want to say
screw you.

Screw you for having the world's
most perfect, accepting parents.

The world's most supportive friends.

Because for some of
us, it's not that easy.

I can't believe that 24 hours ago,
I was actually looking forward to
having a fresh start at Creekwood.

That I thought I'd finally get
the chance to be myself.

Or at least figure
out who that even is.

Okay, this is it, Salazars.

Our beautiful new home.

Ooh, Armando, it looks nice.

What a great building.

I think we're gonna
be really happy here.

- Yeah, right?
- PILAR: I miss you so much.

I would crawl back to
Texas on broken glass
just to have five more minutes with you.

Pilar, say goodbye to your boyfriend.

I'm trying to have a nice
family moment here.

My kidnappers are making
me hang up.
Send help.

Hey, can you cheer up?
Maybe Atlanta won't be so bad.

Mom and Dad made me move
a thousand miles away
from the love of my life.

If you had a girlfriend,
you'd understand.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Ah, so you're gonna do the
wiring for all these old buildings?
Oh, not do the wiring,
Oversee it.

Middle management, baby.

What a great gig.

- Uh, thanks?
- FELIX: I saw you guys pull in.

Hi, I'm your new
upstairs neighbor, Felix.

If you guys need a cup
of milk, I'm your guy.

- I really need to pee right now.


Small bladder.
I feel
that, man.

So, you guys going to Creekwood?
Uh, Pilar's a freshman,
and I'm Victor, a sophomore.

I'll pick you
up tomorrow at seven.


- Okay.

And I got a little something
for us to keep in touch.

Um, can't we just text?
But where's your sense of whimsy?

- 'Kay.
You ready?
- [GASPS.]

- Aah? Aah?
- Oh, my God!
- Mi amor.

- Yes? You like it?
- I do, I do.

- What'd I tell you?
- ISABEL: Nice sunlight.

- ARMANDO: Oh, this is great.

VICTOR: You know, Simon,
most kids would hate
changing schools midyear
because their dad got a new job.

But honestly, I was
excited to start over.


It's not like my life back
in Texas was so terrible.

There just wasn't a lot
of room to be different.

Look, you guys.
got a salad instead of ribs.

You're like my Aunt Karen.

- BOY: He's Aunt Ethan.


VICTOR: And if you were different,
it was so much easier to
pretend that you weren't.

You are so stylish.

You have to let me set
you up with my sister.

Oh! You're so sweet.

But things are so busy
at the salon right now.

Well, okay.
Well, let me know
if you change your mind.


Hey, he's a little, I don't know,
but he seems a little flojito.

- Stop it!
- I don't know.
I'm just saying.

I don't know.


VICTOR: But I figured
here, in a big, diverse city,
people would be more accepting.


And maybe I'd finally have the
chance to figure out who I really am.

At school, at least.

If I were Jesus, where would I want
to be to watch over this family?
Probably not nailed to a cross.

Good morning, everyone.

- Good morning.


Happy first day of school, flaco.


- Who is that?
I couldn't remember
if we said seven, or 7:15.

So you showed up at 6:45?
I stood outside your door
for five minutes before knocking.

I didn't want to seem
too eager.




FELIX: Man, you're lucky.

I would kill to be the
new kid at school.

What? Why?
The whole world is your oyster.

New school, you can be
whoever you wanna be.

The rest of us had our destinies
determined years ago.
Take me.

First day of fifth grade, I got hit
in the crotch playing dodge ball,
and this jackass named Andrew started
a rumor saying I lost a testicle.

Ever since then, they
called me "Lone Stone".

I mean, now it's hilarious.

I've reclaimed it, but
for a while there, it really hurt.

But the point is, you are blank canvas.

Today, you paint the brush strokes
that define who you want to be.

So, who are you, Victor?



Welcome to Creekwood!
So, who do you have first period?
I don't know.
I think I'm supposed
to meet with the vice principal
and get my schedule.

Is, is he cool, or
- Oh, well
- She's very cool.


- I am Ms.
Vice Principal.

- Hi.

- Head to class, Lone Stone.

FELIX: All right.

Uh, Victor Salazar.
The new

Well, I'm new,
too, as vice principal.

Just got promoted from drama teacher.


- Wow, that's a big promotion.

The old VP, Mr.
decided to go to India,
you know, to find his bliss,
and got bit by a monkey.

- VICTOR: Oh, my God.

- Now he's in quarantine in Delhi
until further notice, so
here I am.
Vice Principal.

- Well, um, congrats.

- Thanks.

Let me take you to your locker.

Pull up your pants, Brian!
So, um, you make any friends? [CHUCKLES.]

Uh, yeah, yeah.
just Felix.

Oh, okay.
Well, you gotta
start somewhere, right?
You know, the Winter Carnival's tonight,
so maybe you'll meet your crew there.

- Maybe.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Don't dismiss the power
of the winter carnival.

Good things happen there.

You know, my favorite Winter Carnival
story belongs to Simon Spier.

Uh, who's that?
Well, he's kind of a
Creekwood legend, you know?
He made a big declaration of love
to this mystery guy he'd
been texting and emailing.

And then he rode the Ferris
wheel 'round and 'round
until the guy showed up.

And then, in front of the whole
school, they had their first kiss.



Your locker's over here.

So, um,
you know, people here
are cool with that?
You know, him being
Gay? Yeah.
Oh, they cheered.
It was
It was beautiful.

You know, it reminded
me of my first kiss,
which was also with a gay boy.

Where's your backpack? You're at school.

VICTOR: I couldn't believe it.

Creekwood seemed even more
accepting that I'd dreamed.

Hi, new kid.

Uh, whoa.
What are you doing?
Taking a picture for my new Creek
Secrets post about the new kid.

Victor Salazar.

Well, give me some deets.

Where are you from? Why'd
you move? Are you cuffed?
- Cuffed?
- Locked down.

I, I'm sorry.
I really don't
In a relationship.
Did you
move here from 1984?
Easy, Lake.

Hey, maybe let the
new kid open his locker
before shoving a camera in his face.

Hi, I'm Mia.


Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about her.

No, it's cool.
No one's really been
that excited to take my picture
since my mom used me as a model
for her piano lesson flier, so
You were a piano lesson model.

Oh, yeah.
Check this out.

Wait, uh, why is the piano
the same height as your face?
Well, you see, it's a standing piano,
- so it's good for my back.

- MIA: Oh.


Okay, well, hi.

Still waiting for my answer.

Is there a girl back home, or?
VICTOR: Here was my chance.

All I had to do was tell these
open-minded city kids I'm still
figuring out that department.

But instead, I said
No girl back in Texas.

So do mess with Texas.
Got it.

Uh, I'll, I'll see you around,
I guess.

- VICTOR: Yeah.
I'll see ya.

- Yeah.

Dude, you just made Mia Brooks blush.

- Okay.
- You don't understand.

She is the hottest girl in our class.

She basically never dates,
and you just made her blush.

You're blushing, too.

- No, I'm not.

- Yes, you are.

At first, I couldn't tell
because of your beautiful
cinnamon complexion,
but you totally are.

You're falling in love! [CHUCKLES.]

Being your best friend's
gonna be a wild ride, isn't it?


- All right.
Here you go.

The locker rooms are right here.

Gym first period.
I do not envy you.

Just got dressed.
still digesting breakfast.

Why do we even have P.
I mean, it's not like we're gonna become
professional dodge ball players.

Baby powder.
Bring it


I know it's a dangerous game ♪
But I know what I like,
boy, I got my own reasons ♪
So tell me, do you want to play ♪
Do you wanna come through ♪
Slide in like your old guitar ♪
FELIX: make eye contact with
you, just run the other way.

At least, that's what
I do.
Oh, hey, Benji.

Hey, Felix.

Nice shoes.

Vintage Nike Cortezes?
Yeah, my mom
got 'em at a garage sale
just 'cause they were my size.
didn't even know how cool they were.

Not saying that my shoes
are cool.

No, they are.

It sounds like those
shoes were your destiny.

If you believe in that kind of thing.

Yeah, I do.

Believe in, um, cool kicks.


Well, it was really nice
meeting you, um


Benji's chill.
Also, he's gay.

Just so you know.
mean, I don't care, but
you don't want people
to get the wrong idea.


That is so gay.

How is me getting to second
with Holly D'Agostino gay?
You had the whole house to yourselves,
and you only got to second.

You might as well have
had sex with a dude.

Hey, you like what you see?
No, I, I wasn't, I
I'm just
playin', man.
I'm Andrew.

I'm Victor.

Welcome to Creekwood, new kid.


ANDREW: Let me get that!
Let me get aah! Ha ha!
ALL: Oh!
- COACH FORD: Dominic.

- What?
Is that a muffin? No food on the court.

Play basketball.
BOY: Go, go, go!
Oh, I can feel the seconds ticking away.

ANDREW: Do something with it.
take that.
Thank you very much.

Appreciate it.
Come on!
- BOY: You got it!
- ANDREW: Here we go.
Hey, hey!
Somebody get him!
BOY: Woo! Nice.


All right, all right.
Hold up.
Hold up.

Victor! Victor, sweetie, come here.

Come here.
I gotta talk to ya.


You know, I, I'm not
just a P.

I also coach varsity basketball.

- Cool.

- Is it cool?
I've been doing it for 24 years,
and I have zero
championships under my belt.

I need that championship trophy, Victor.

So do you wanna join the team, or what?
Well, yeah.
Yeah, of course.

- You're on the team.

- Thank you so much.

Hey, no problem.
Andrew, where are you?
Come here, come here.

Yes, Coach?
Victor's on the team.

How 'bout that, ah?

Um, I, I used to play
point guard back in Texas
Oh, well, I'm point guard, so
Uh, let's not stress about
who plays what, ah?
Uh, just, uh, fill out this info sheet,
and I'll need a check for $500.

Wait, it's $500 to join the team?
COACH FORD: Yeah, yeah.
It's, you know,
it's for, uh, uniforms, equipment
That's not a problem, is it?

Testify ♪
VICTOR: Where I'm from,
$500 is a lot of money.

But I guess at Creekwood,
it's just a drop in the bucket.

- BOY: What's up, man?
- BOY 2: Dude.



- PILAR: Stupid machine.

Man! Ugh!
How's your
first day of school going?
Everyone here sucks.

You thought everyone
back home sucked, too.

They did.
The world is full
of fake, crappy people.

Pilar, you have to try.

Victor, stop.
I did try.

I sat down with some girls from
my math class to have lunch,
and they said I looked like Dora
if she was exploring a thrift store.

MIA: Oh, hey.

The vending machines here are the worst.

Took me my entire freshman
year to get a water.

This is my sister, Pilar.

Hi, I'm Mia.
Uh, may I?
So, uh, how's day one going?
I made a ton of friends.

People here are so nice.

Somebody trolling you? Who?

Alison King and Katie
Don't worry about them.

They're gonna get pregnant
and drop out.
Trust me.

Anyway, yeah, forget about those
You'll find your people.

My people are back in Texas.

And even though that sounds like
a bad country song, it's true.



She seems really upset.

Yeah, she always is.

I get it.

I mean, I was a total
disaster my freshman year.

I can't imagine transferring
on top of everything.

Victor, right?
I just donated to your
Good luck, man.

What GoFundMe?
- Who started it?
- BOY: Andrew started it.

To help you join the basketball team.

'Cause you're poor, or whatever.

No offense.

My GoFundMe was the best.
helped me fund my trip to Israel.

Excuse me.

Yo, what the hell?
Hey, man.
How ya doin'?
You started a GoFundMe?
It sounded like those basketball dues
were gonna be a little steep, so
I sent a link around, and
people actually donated.

Just shut it down.

- ANDREW: Shut it down.


Listen, man.
There is nothing
that you need to be ashamed of.

Yeah, I heard you're living
in Lone Stone's building.

I know money's a little
tight on that side of town,
so really, anything I can
do to help out the needy
You're just trying to humiliate me
because I destroyed you
in that basketball game.

Oh, you think I
give a shit about some stupid
gym class basketball game?
I do.

- He's crazy.


Just give everyone their money back.

You got it.


You okay?
Ow, ow! Get it, new kid!
I'm fine.

BOY: Whoo!
Hey, I'm sorry about what
Andrew is a dick.


I did think you should
probably know that Lake, um,
she published a post about
you on Creek Secrets.


I think you could still
come back from this.

You just gotta show
everyone it was a one-off,
and no better way to do that
than to hit up the Winter Carnival.

So, what time should
we head over? Seven?
I can swing by your place,
- or we could just hang out till then
- Please, just stop talking.

I don't want to go to the
Winter Carnival with you, Felix.

I don't know you.
We're not friends.

We're just two guys that happen
to live in the same building.



ARMANDO: on the move!
ISABEL: God, you're making
me feel like I'm a crazy person!

don't tell me to calm down.

I knew something like
this was gonna happen.

We pull them out of school
in the middle of the year.

We take them away from
everyone that they love
- ARMANDO: You are so dramatic.

- ISABEL: Okay
ARMANDO: Please, I just
need you to be positive.

- Remember, this is for our family.

Oh, my G

Papi, why are you home so early?
Because of the fight.

Oh, yeah.
Your sister
shoved a girl into a wall,
- and now she's got a week of detention.

- What?
- ISABEL: Yeah.

- Why?
This girl and her friends
wouldn't stop calling
Pilar these terrible names.

- She had it coming.

- She had it coming?

This is why she's like this.

She gets it from you.

Wait, now
what is that supposed to mean?
- Really, no.

- Guys, guys, guys.
Come on, come on.

It was just a rough first day.

She takes a while to get
adjusted to new things.

Like, like, you remember
when Adrian was born?
She would call him "the creature".

And then three weeks later,
he was "her creature".

She wouldn't put him down.

You're right.
You're right.
just, she needs some time.

Thank you.

how was your first day?

It was, it was great.

Um, I really like it here.


- Well, that makes me happy.



What part of "quietly
think about your actions"
- did you not understand?
- I, I'll talk to her.

- ISABEL: Thank you.

- ARMANDO: Of course.

- It looks great in here, Mama.

- ISABEL: Yeah?

Yeah, I spent today trying to fix it up.

Make it feel like us, you know?
Hey, is everything okay?
Between you and Dad?
It's just, like, these
last few months
I don't know.
You just
didn't used to fight so much.

Well, marriage is hard
sometimes, mi amor.

Even the really good ones.

I don't know, I just
spend so much time
pretending that I'm not
worried about what's
gonna happen to us.
I don't know.
All that
pretending, it can just be so


I'm sorry.
I shouldn't
burden you with this.

But you've always been my strong one.

For everyone else in this
family, I pray for guidance.

I pray for help.

But for you, mi lindo,
I just say thank you.

Thank you, Jesus, for my rock.

At least I never have
to worry about you.


I know it was this that had ♪
VICTOR: Dear Simon,
you don't know me, but my
family just moved to Atlanta,
and today was my first
day at Creekwood High,
and I heard all about you I'm
kind of excited to start over
there just
wasn't a lot of room to be different.

Screw you for having the world's
most perfect, accepting parents.

For some of us, it's not that easy.

I don't expect you to write me back.

Honestly, this message
kind of got away from me,
and you probably
think I'm totally insane.

But I just need you to know
that you're very lucky, Simon.

Sincerely, Victor.

And I speak quietly ♪
And he can't find me ♪
Then I'm out behind me ♪
Watching myself go ♪
Victor to Felix.

I, I don't know if you're there, but
: I'm here.

- Over.


I, um
I just wanted to say that
I'm sorry about earlier.

I shouldn't have taken
my bad day out on you.

Are you going to the Winter Carnival?
I'll pick you up at eight.

I'll see you at 7:45.


Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

FELIX: Let me show you.
I threw
up here about four or five times
I tried to tell the truth ♪
But the world got in the way ♪

- Now it's much too late ♪
FELIX: Oh, you have
to try the apple cider.

It's like drinking Christmas.
I'll go
get us two.
You get the churros.

- I
- You know what? That sounded racist.

You go get the apple
I'll get the churros.

I I can get the churros.



SIMON: Dear Victor,
glad you reached out.

First of all, welcome to Creekwood.

I know beginnings are rocky,
but I really hope you end
up loving it as much as I did.

I'm sorry that you don't have anyone
in your life that you can open up to.

And you're right.
I have no
idea what it's like to be you.

I can only tell you what I do know.

For me, figuring out who I was
and declaring it to the world
was the scariest thing I ever had to do,
even with parents who are so
liberal they have special sneakers
just for protesting.

It was hard, but we
found our way through it.

Who knows?
Maybe your family could find
their way through your stuff, too.


VICTOR: What are you doing here?
- Oh! Well
- Hey.

This is our new home.
I decided
we should see what it's all about.

It's great.
I love spending
time with my family.

Oh! Such a nice try, but
you're still grounded.

Come on, let's get a candy apple.

Ooh, candy apples.

Last one there's buying.

- ARMANDO: Oh, eh! Wait!
- ISABEL: That's you! Come on! [LAUGHS.]

- You're paying.

- ADRIAN: But I don't have any money!
SIMON: And maybe you'll
find the people in Creekwood
who will support you
like my friends did.

The people you can tell anything to.


SIMON: And if you're very lucky,
maybe somewhere within
the halls of that school,
you'll find the person who's
gonna change your life forever.

A few years ago,
I told my now-boyfriend Bram that
he deserves a great love story.

That I deserve a great love story.

And you deserve one, too, Victor.

Hope this helps.

I'm here if you need me.

Love, Simon.


It's coming around again ♪
VICTOR: Dear Simon,
maybe you're right.

Maybe I do deserve a great love story.

You never let me in ♪
We could be beautiful, beautiful ♪
You've got the bluest eyes ♪
VICTOR: But I'm not sure
what that looks like for me.

- MIA: Hey.

- Hey.

Um, would you wanna ride
the Ferris wheel with me?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'd love to.


You're the color if you only knew ♪
Every star in the sky, that's you ♪
If you saw you the way that I do ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
VICTOR: Because my
story is nothing like yours.

We could be beautiful ♪
Oh, it's true ♪
You're the color if you only knew ♪
Every star in the sky, that's you ♪
If you saw you the way that I do ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
Ooh ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
Ooh ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
It's coming around again ♪
We could be beautiful ♪
VICTOR: Last night I asked this girl Mia
to ride the Ferris wheel with me.

I don't know.
I just wanted to fit in.

- But I guess I overshot.


Because literally overnight,
I have become popular.

I definitely want to take things
to the next level.
Or any level.

- Send him a sexy message or two.


She just invited me to her house
with a whole bunch of emojis.

Either she's be gonna making
you eggplant parmesan,
or you're getting lucky this Friday.

I'm sorry.
I just, I just need a minute.


I am tired of being this
family's punching bag.

- Hey, Victor.
We were just
- Fighting.

Look, I get that you guys
are going through something,
but you need to do better.

LAKE: I just don't get
Do you not like her?
Is there someone else?
Are you gay? What is it?
- I do like her.

- Well, then, start acting like it.

- Hey, Victor? A word.

- Is everything okay?
Tito just saw your two friends kissing.

You need to tell them
not to do that here.

I'm basically scared
shitless about being here.

How am I supposed to know how to
fit in when I have no idea who I am?
Sometimes it's easier to
just plaster on a smile,
and let people see what they want.

VICTOR: My brother asked
me to make a wish tonight.

I wish that 16 will be the year
I finally figure out what I want.

There you go.

You're a natural.



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