Love, Victor (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Stoplight Party

Wow, we're pretty high up, huh?
It didn't look that high when
we were on the ground,
but now
Are you afraid of heights?
Oh, no.
This is
I love this.

The trick is not looking down.

Just look at me.

Wait, wait, what's happening?
I think they're booing us.

Waiting for the time ♪
Waiting for the place ♪
And I, I, I ♪
I, I need ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪
- Good morning.

- Morning, flaco.

I didn't see too much of you
at the carnival last night.

Did you and that boy have fun?
Wh-what boy?
The weird kid from down the hall
- who looks like Rachel Maddow.

- Oh.

- Yeah.
Yeah, we had a good time.

- Oh, my God!
- That thirsty little b
- Aah, aah.

Pilar, I don't think Jesus wants
you to finish that sentence.

Eric just liked one of
Giselle Rodriguez's selfies.

Okay, so your long-distance boyfriend
clicked hard on a picture.
Nobody died.

Giselle might.
Next time I visit Texas.

Hey, so, I need $500 to
join the basketball team.

Uh, it's for travel and uniforms.

What are the uniforms
made of? Fifty-dollar bills?
I would also like $500.

Nobody's getting $500.

You guys want some spending
cash, you get an after-school job.

Vámonos, vámonos.

Can you please make
sure that your brother
- really brushed his teeth?
- Yeah.

I did.
I'm a child, not an animal.

I'll check if his toothbrush is wet.

- Good luck finding it.

- Come on.

Amor, Victor is the most
responsible kid on the planet.

- We can't just give him the money?
- I'm sorry.

But if he needs it to join the team
Moving across the country
is expensive, okay?
And it's not my fault we had to do that.

So, you turnt up for day number two?
I don't know, I just wanna fly
under the radar today.

You know, just go 24 hours without
appearing on that stupid Creek Secrets.

Well, the bad news is
you made it zero hours.

But the good news is this
time the story is positive.

You've been dubbed a hottie?
I would give my appendix to be
called a hottie on Creek Secrets.

I mean, if I still had an appendix.

Thanks a lot, Dr.

I went on a Ferris wheel with
some girl.
Why is this news?
Mia is not just some girl.

Everyone is obsessed with her.

Even the bathroom graffiti
about her is respectful.


My friend here
will have the cold brew,
and I will have the usual.

Wait, are you guys hiring?
Just, mm, fill
out this application.

- Okay, great.

- Not here!
On your own time, buddy.

- You're getting a job?
- Yeah, I have to pay for basketball.

My dad's doing well, but
we're not Creekwood rich.

Hey, yeah, door's open.

All right, give me, like, two minutes.

So, did you see the post about you
and the new kid on Creek Secrets?
- Can you believe it?
- Yeah, I can believe it.
You posted it.

Wait, your dad lets you write checks?
Also, your dad still has checks?
Yeah, somebody has to pay the
housekeeper when he's not here.

Where in the world is
Harold Brooks this week?
Uh, Berlin?
Some, uh, fundraising
thing for the university.

We have to have a party.

You know.
Small, curated guest list,
some digestifs, fromage, apéritifs
Whoa, do I speak French?
No more parties, Lake.

You can invite Ferris wheel boy.

Come on.
I know you
wanna tap that Tex ass.

Oh, okay.
Okay, there
is something about him.

I mean, that entire time
we were on the ride,
he didn't brag about himself,
or do any of the, the lame
stuff guys usually do,
like accidentally graze my boobs.

So, yes? It's Friday night.

Come on.
Who else has a baller mansion
with zero parental supervision?
Now that you're dating Mia,
you think you can put in
a good word with Lake?
I kind of have a thing for her.

I've been writing a period
romantic novel about us.

The year is 1875, and a
young sheriff named Felix
has just moved in next to a
widowed candle maker named Lake.

- No, no, no.

- And
Don't spoil it.
I'm not dating Mia.

Well, Creek Secrets says otherwise.

One of the commenters already
gave you a combined couple name:

Dude, you're insane.

No one's gonna care about this.

Hey, Simon.

So, last night, I asked this girl Mia
to ride the Ferris wheel with me.

She seems really cool, and I don't know,
maybe I just wanted to fit in.

But I guess I overshot,
because literally overnight,
I have become

I'm telling you, nothing happened
on the Ferris wheel.
I swear.

He's lying, man.
Look at that smile.

He's in the mile-high club.

He said nothing happened.

And by the way, a Ferris
wheel is a not a mile high.


Nice greeting.

Eric just got tagged in a
photo with Giselle at the mall.

- The mall, Victor!
- Whoa, she's hot!
Oh, sorry.
She's hot.

Eric loves you.
Don't be crazy.


Uh, I, I hope people haven't
been giving you too much crap
about the Creek Secrets post.

This school is desperate for drama.

People are, are still
talking about the time, um,
a pigeon flew into the cafeteria,
- and ate a chicken nugget.

- Hashtag "cannibal pigeon".

Never forget.

Victor's best friend here.

Top o' the mornin' to ya, lassies.

It's actually 1:00 p.
, but, uh,
Victor, did Mia tell you she's hosting
a little get-together tonight?
What's the occasion?
The occasion is a free mansion
with zero adult supervizh.

Starts at nine.

Also, it's a stoplight party,
so dress accordingly.

Wait, what?
Dude, I always want to
go to a stoplight party.

- Or really, any party.

- Um, what's a stoplight party?
Everyone wears a color to
show their relationship status.

If you wear green, it means
you're single, ready to mingle.

Red means you're in a relationship,
and yellow means you're
into someone at the party.

- You guys didn't have this in Texas?
- We had church barbecues.

If you wear a sundress
that's above the knee,
it means you go to hell.

Victor, you have to wear yellow
to declare your feelings for Mia.

I mean, you like her,
right? Why wouldn't you?
Why did you say it's a stoplight party?
People hook up
faster at themed parties.

Haven't you seen Eyes Wide Shut?
- What's up, nerds?
- Andrew.

- Did you get a haircut?
- I did not.

Right on.
Uh, well, we're having
a stoplight party at Mia's tonight.

You know, it's funny.
I would
have thought you'd be too busy
taking random charity
cases on carnival rides.

Bye, Andrew.

Oh, you know what? There's
a freshman with scoliosis.

You could take him on
the spinning tea cups.

I can't believe you like
He's such a jerk.

I know.
He's so mean.

Excuse me?
Oh, hey, man.
What's up?
It's Benji.
From school?
Oh, I, I just wanted to
interview for the barista job.

But it, it's cool
Lucky for you, I'm the
assistant manager.

Come on back.
Let's talk.

So, Victor, you have any
experience making coffee?
Um, I have experience drinking coffee.

Well, it's not rocket science.

You know, once you can
pull a shot of espresso,
you can basically make
any drink.

First, you take the portafilter,
and fill it with grounds.

Think I just need
to kiss you goodbye ♪
And then pack it real tight.

See how tight that is?

These words will
keep them in this bed ♪
Ah ♪
And while that brews, we steam the milk.

But I know this as good as it gets ♪
Now you try.

So baby we can take it slow ♪
There you go.
You're a natural.

Ooh ♪
- I am so sorry.

- It's fine.

You know what? This,
this was a bad idea.

I'm, I'm sorry to waste your time.

You wore yellow!
Yeah, I did.

And like you said, why wouldn't I?
What about me? I want to make
it super clear that I'm into Lake.

I think it's clear.

You two look like a couple of
bananas getting ready to split.

We're dressed like this for a party.

Uh, you didn't tell me anything
about a party.
Whose party?
This girl, Mia.
She likes Victor.

Oh! All right! Who is
this girl? Is she cute?
- Dad, don't be weird.

- Oh, she's gorgeous.

Kind of like a young my mom.

All right, macho.
uh, you go to your party,
and, uh, show this Mia
girl a good time, okay?
- Okay.

- Right.

Hola, mi nena.
How was your day?
"Great, Papi.
Thanks for asking".

Come on, people are here!
Why aren't you wearing yellow?
I just I thought if there is
something between me and Victor,
I'd want it to be natural, you know?
Not forced by some weird party game.

Wait, why are you
wearing red? You're single.

There's nothing
hotter than being unavailable,
so, when Andrew sees me wearing this,
he'll think I'm dating someone,
and want to get with me.

- But you're not dating anyone.

- Sure, I am.

His name is Bruno.
He's a
freshman at Georgia Tech.

Look how hot we
look together, hmm?
That is one hundred
percent your cousin Robert.

Lake, that picture's
from your nana's funeral!
Nana would have wanted
me to find love with Andrew.

Back to you.

- Want to know what I think?
- Not really.

You like a boy for the
first time in forever,
and you're scared to
put yourself out there.

Sometimes in order to be happy,
you need to be vulnerable.

So just yellow up.
Angel I drop on, I was up too ♪
Y'all sister at? Y'all
ain't really nothing knew ♪
I'm into that kick clap in the boom ♪
Now bitches whack,
step back, any room ♪
Yo, mile-high, what's up?
Hey, bro, how ya doin'?
- What's up, man?
- How ya doin'?
Sub, sub, sub, subliminal ♪

You are so lucky you get to wear green.

I just had to wear red.

'Cause of my boyfriend.

He's in college.

Uh, lacrosse scholarship.

Hey, Salazar.
Why don't
you come on back?
The rest of the crew's out here.

Sorry, it's a team thing.

Do you mind? Uh, I'll be right back.

I'll be, I'll be fine.


So, uh, this Bruno guy.
it, uh, is it, is it serious?
So, you're not actually friends
with that loser, are you?
Uh, no, no.
We're just neighbors.

- Hey, Vic, you seen Mia yet?
- Why, is she looking for me?
Look, man, I know that you like her.

You just You can't wear that shirt.

- I can't?
- Well, it's just so
Unless you
want to come off thirsty.

- Is that what you're going for?
- No.

Why don't you take this?
I have to exercise my
second amendment, anyhow.

Yeah, that would be
the right to bear arms.

Falling into you ♪
Ooh baby ♪
I'mma love you differently ♪
Mia, you are so lucky.

I'd never be allowed to
throw a party like this.

My parents are up my
butt about everything.

I'm always like, "Guys,
get out of my butt".

There is no way.
I can't do that.

This love has no
ceiling, I cannot deny ♪
- What's up, man?
- Hey.

Even if I could, I
wouldn't turn on you ♪
And I would stop the
world for you and I ♪
I wanna let you know ♪
I'll never let this feeling go ♪
This love has no
ceiling, I cannot deny ♪
Yo, leave a message.

Hey, boo.

Wondering what you're up to tonight.

Um, call me.
Miss you.

Adrian told me I have to
step up my bedtimes stories,
because they're
getting a little basic.

Oh, well, uh, I got a
scary story for him.

It's about a man, about a
vasectomy that didn't take.

And him and his wife have a
third kid they never planned for.

Oh, um, do you think
that, uh, Pilar's okay?
She was in one of her moods before.

She was just stomping
around slamming cabinets.

Well, did you ask her about it?
Here we go with the judgment.


Pilar, honey, it's me.

Mom, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Nothing!
- Oh, my God.
Go away!
- No.

Not until I get an explanation.

Eric's not answering his phone,
and I know he's hanging
out with Giselle,
and I had to do something
to get his attention.

So you're sending him dirty pictures?
What if those got out, huh?
You would never be the first
Latina President.

You're gonna take away the
iPad and the laptop, too?
I'm not a little kid.
You can't stop me.


What am I supposed to do, Mom?
He's a thousand miles
away and I'm losing him.

Do you know how hard it was
for me to find someone I like
who actually likes me back?
I don't know if you've noticed,
but I'm not for everyone.

Ay, honey.

You don't have to be for everyone.

You just have to be for yourself.

And if Eric is your person,
then he's not gonna do
anything with Giselle,
because he loves you for you.

Not because you're throwing
your boobies in his face.

you are a young woman now.

And I can't stop you from
making your own decisions.

I am going to trust you
to make good ones.

- Mom, let go.

- I'm trying.



And can I just say, your body
is developing beautifully.

- Get out.

- You get that from my side.

And then, I was like, "If
I kiss you, do I get an A?"
Yeah, I just got
like, a really funny text
from my boyfriend Bruno.
You're not even holding your phone.


Where've you been?
Oh, hey.
Um, I've been with the guys.

- Are you okay?
- Ah, well, you were gone a while.

So, in order to calm my
crippling social anxiety,
I made a new friend.

Can you believe Lake
has a boyfriend? Ugh.


Even his name is cool.

All right.
Let's take
it easy, all right?
Victor, happy to hear that things
are going well at Creekwood,
and that your social
standing is on the rise.

There's nothing wrong
with wanting to fit in.

Sophomore year, I
tried to grow a goatee,
because I thought it would
make me look badass.

Instead, it made me look
like an armpit with lips.

You just have to make sure
that if you're riding the
Ferris wheel with a cool girl,
it's because you want to.

Not because other people want you to.

Don't be so desperate to fit in
that you betray yourself or the
people you care about, okay?
- This is hilarious.

- Funniest thing we've ever done.

- What is this?
- Here, take the marker.

Leave him alone.
the hell are you doing?
Dude, what do you care?
He's a, he's a loser.

He's my friend, okay?
Come on, Felix.

And it says "looser", you idiots!
That's on me.

What is it?
Eric broke up with me.

What? ¡Voy a matar a rata sucio!
Oh, I am so, so sorry.

He said long distance was too hard.

At least I didn't send the picture.

Ay, mi amor.

I know it hurts.

And I know it's hard to see right now,
but there are way better guys out there
than your high school boyfriend.

But you and Dad were
high school sweethearts.

And you were meant for each other.

We were lucky.


All right.
There it is.

Over here.
Come on.

Uh, what are you doing there?
There was a Sharpie situation
and a line for the
bathroom downstairs, so
- Uh, you can use mine.

- Great.
Thank you.

All right.
Come on, bud.

You're fine.
You got this.

I can't believe Lake has a boyfriend.

- No, it's just her cousin.

- That's worse.

I can't compete with family.

No, I'm just gonna lie down
on this nice, cold floor.


Okay, um
Let us know if you need anything, buddy.


You're a good friend.

I try.

So, um, have you been hiding
up here the whole party, or

I'm not a big party person.

Lake made me throw this thing.

So, your parents don't mind?
Uh, well, my mom's not in the picture,
and my dad travels a lot for work, so,
I can pretty much do whatever I want.

That sucks.

I didn't mean to be rude.
It's just
you know, living in this
big house all by yourself,
it sounds a little lonely.


We didn't always live here.

Before my mom left and before
my dad was university president,
we lived in an apartment across town.

It was always cluttered
with books and papers.

And there was never enough
hot water for the shower.

Yeah, that sounds rough.


I'd do anything to live
in that apartment again.

But instead, I pretend I love it here,
because I have my own bathroom,
and a pool.

And no rules.

And who wouldn't want that?
Sometimes it's easier to
just plaster on a smile,
and let people see what
they want, you know?
Yeah, I do.

Um, I'm basically scared
shitless of not fitting in here.

It's, like
how am I supposed to know
how to fit in, or who I'm
supposed to fit in with,
when I have no idea who I am?
I get that.

Could I get a blanket?
Thank you.

You, you wore yellow.

I did.

Shh! Shh! Shh!
- Hey.
You're late.

- Dad.

- You guys been drinking?
- What?
Drinking? I've never been sober-er-er.

No, no.
Too many "ers".

Go home, have a glass of
water, and sleep it off.

Good night.
You come inside,
before your mom hears.

Don't be mad at me.
I'm, I'm not drunk,
and I know it's past my curfew,
but the bus took forever, and
It's okay, Vic.
I know you
were being responsible.

How'd it go with Mia?
That girl, Mia.
How'd it go?
- Good, I think.

- All right.

That's great.
That's fantastic.

That's great.

Uh, hey, Pap.

How did you know that
Mom was the one for you?
Well, um
we both had, uh, these after
school jobs at this crappy diner.

Oh, she was a terrible
waitress, your mom.

Like, if you'd ask her for a Coke,
she'd bring you an iced tea.

If you asked for an iced tea,
she brought you a hot tea.

But nobody cared, though, you see,
because she was that charming.

She was that beautiful.

So, I asked her out.

I mean, at that point, I was mostly
thinking about how I was gonna,
- you know
- Dad, come on.

So, we went out for pizza,
and she started talking
about her grandfather,
and how he had just
died a few months ago,
and about how close they were.

And while she's telling me
this, she starts to cry.

And the next thing I
know, I start to cry, too.

I mean, here I am, one minute
I'm just trying to hook up,
and the next minute, I'm crying
about some dead old
man I never even met.

I never felt so connected to anyone.


And that's when I knew.

Or whatever.

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

Hey, Simon.
Thanks for
the words of wisdom.

All day, everyone liked me
because they thought I liked Mia.

Here's the twist:
Now that I've spent some
time with her, I do like her.

She's funny, and kind, and she gets me.

Did you ever feel super
connected to a girl and think,
I don't know, maybe this could work?
- Hello?
- Victor, it's Benji.

It's late.
I hope
I'm not waking you up.

I-I'm up, up.
Wh-what's going on?
Look, I know today's barista
lesson didn't go perfectly,
but since none of the rich-ass
kids at school need jobs,
you're kind of my only applicant.

So, the position is yours.

- Um
- If you want it.


Well, see you tomorrow,
and every day after school,
until the end of time.

We're gonna be spending
a lot of time together.

I can't wait.

I wanna be loved,
don't wanna be hated ♪
I'm too mixed up ♪
Too mixed up ♪
I'm too many colors ♪
Am I in love or just obsessed ♪
I didn't stop this gorgeous mess ♪
I played this song
like half to death ♪
And everything's all right ♪
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