Love, Victor (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

The Truth Hurts

Dear Victor, Benji has a boyfriend?
That sucks.

Before I was out, I was devastated
when my fake celebrity
crush, Gigi Hadid,
started dating my real
celebrity crush, Zayn.

I'm still not totally over it.

How are you holding up?
Honestly, Simon,
I'm fine.

Things with Benji are great.

Hey, Benji, can you open the
and hand me the
I also need the
Hey, handsome.
What's up?
Him having a boyfriend
is the best thing that
could have happened.

It means he's off the table.

So, I can focus on Mia.

And everything else is
starting to lock in, too.

I found my Creekwood people.

I'm in a good rhythm
on the basketball team.

Oh, dang!
Oh, you're on fire, Salazar.

You keep it up, we could actually
beat Whitman this Friday.

And then maybe the other coaches
would add me to their group text.

All right, don't get cocky.
you scored on Cooperman.

Like to see you make
that shot on me, yeah?
Well, I didn't I didn't mean, like,
right now, okay? I wasn't ready.

Is it too late ♪
And even my family
seems to be getting along.

, do you make a poster
for every one of Victor's games?

"Salazar" is a "Salastar".

You are a pun wizard,
and I'm under your spell.

Thank you, Felix.

At least someone appreciates
my hardcore fandom.

Yeah, hardcore is right.

Back in Texas during regional semis,
she got ejected from the
game for excessive dancing.

Since when is dancing not allowed?
We don't live in a Footloose world.

Not everyone enjoys watching
you twerk like a geriatric Cardi B.

Honey, even though the sign
says Victor is number one,
I'm just talking about
the basketball game.

I love all my kids exactly the same.

But if you had to rank
us, I'd be on top, right?


Oh, you're still here?
All right, I am so glad you were
able to make it for dinner, Felix.

And breakfast.
It's, uh, it's
almost like you live here.

I feel that way, too.

Pilar, it's your turn to say grace.

- And before you complain, please just
- Actually, it would be my honor.


Bless us, oh Lord, and bless
this pizza which you provided.

Bless the hands that prepared it.

But most of all, bless
my mother, Isabel.

She needs your guidance the most,
'cause she's nasty, and
she knows it.

Hey! I don't care if you are
jealous about Victor's big game.

You may not speak to me that way.

Your room.

do you guys, uh, always
do grace roast style?
Go away!
Brought you the last slice of sausage.

What's your deal?
This can't be about Mom's pun posters.

Of course not.

Victor, Mom had an affair.

What? No, she didn't.

After I finished setting
up her Facebook page,
some guy named Roger R.

started messaging her all this
creepy romantic crap.

This is, um
We don't know what any of this means.

"I miss you.
I wish you
were here.
Please call me".

He's probably just some
Internet creep, okay?
That's why Mom hasn't written him back.

She hasn't written back because
she hasn't seen the messages yet.

I changed her Facebook password
and said her profile got a virus.

Moms really don't understand
how the Internet works.

It's probably just spam.

Mom stopped watching Jimmy
Kimmel after he got skinny
because she was having impure thoughts.

There's no way she had an affair.

Yep, Simon.
Everything is going great.

Waiting for the time ♪
Waiting for the place ♪
And I, I, I ♪
I, I need ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪
- Ha ha.
- Dad!
You're home.

Wait, how long have you
been standing there?
Not too long.

Come here.
I missed you, beans.

Is that for me?
Aah, aah, aah.

- What?
- All the way from gay Paris.

And what makes you say, "Uh-oh"?
Because you have
disastrous taste in souvenirs.

This gift is good.
I promise.

Dad, this is gorgeous!
Wait, you picked this out?
Well, not exactly.

My, um, friend did.


What's an, "um, friend"?
What, were you in Paris with a lady?
- Thought this was a work trip.

- It was.

It really was.

I was there for an academic
symposium at the Sorbonne.

Veronica, she just tagged along.

Mm, right.
Just like Monica
tagged along to Denver,
and Lauren tagged along to Miami,
and Sidney tagged along to Sydney!
Now, now that was a strange coincidence.

Look, it was brand new, all right,
and I didn't know if it
was going anywhere,
but then, I guess it went somewhere.

Yeah, to a hotel suite
in the city of romance.

Ah, it's actually called
the city of lights.

That's not the point.

Listen, sweetheart, I would like
for you two to meet each other.

We were thinking, you know,
we could all have dinner
maybe later this week.

Yeah, of course.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

- And thank you for this.

- Aah.

Your, um, friend has amazing taste.

I'm excited for you to meet her.

Yeah, I can't wait.

I just can't, with this dinner.

Every time my dad gets a new girlfriend,
they just get younger and dumber.

- What kind of car does he drive again?
- Ha ha.

So, if you're meeting
the girlfriend on Friday,
does that mean you
can't come to the game?
Oh, no.
I can do both.

Lake, here, is coming
with me to the dinner,
- so she can get us out of it early.

- Mm-hmm.

- How?
- Oh, uh, I'm the excuse queen, so
- What does that mean?
- Well, it means
Oh, my God.

Uh, you guys, my little brother
just swallowed a golf ball,
- and now he's in the hospital.

- What?
Oh, my gosh.
Is he okay?
Excuse queen.

Oh, my God.
That You're
like, the next Judi Dench.

So, how are you guys so sure your
dad's girlfriend's gonna be terrible?
'Cause they're all terrible.

Starting with my drunk mother,
who checked herself into
rehab on my 12th birthday,
and never came back.

We had good banter
Did I kill it? I killed it.

I'm so sorry, Mia.
I, I knew
your mom wasn't around, and
No, it's fine.
It was a long
time ago.
I am very over it.

It's weird.
Before your mom left,
I used to think she was the coolest.

I guess we don't always know
what's going on with our parents.


Even though there's no way Mom did
what you think she did, we need answers.

Mom's little golden
boy turned on her.

I didn't turn.
I just want to
prove he's some random stalker,
and move on with our lives.

So, should we just ask her who he is?
No way.
She'd just make up some lie.

- So, what do you think we should do?
- I've already been doing it.

I've been messaging him all day as Mom.

- Pilar!
- What? She won't know.

And get this.
He's coming to Atlanta
on Friday to attend a conference,
and he wants to see Mom.

That's not good.

The only conference he's trying
to attend is in Mom's pants.

I think we should go meet
up with him in her place.

- But before you say no
- Let's do it.


All right.

Now remember, get in, get out.

Meet Harold's new playmate.

Smile blankly as she shows us
pictures of her Chihuahuas
that are probably named
after Bachelor contestants.

Hear about how she's thinking
of starting a new jewelry line.

And at eight on the dot,
I'll excuse queen our way
straight to Victor's game.

Hashtag "Not My First Rodeo".

Mia, sweetheart, she's here.

How ya doin'?
This is weird.

She's like, twice my
So not his type.

She must be great in the sack.

Lake, why would you say that?
What? An older woman knows how
to do things a young woman doesn't.

You know, in the baño.

I think you mean in the
Baño means bathroom.



I want you to meet Veronica.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- It's very nice to meet you.

- Hi, Mia.

I've been waiting to meet you for weeks,
but your dear old dad
thought it might be too soon.

We can talk about
his stubbornness later.

Please, it wasn't just me, all right?
She's been swamped with work.

Veronica runs the Global
Women's Advancement Initiative.

- Mm-hmm.

- Is that a jewelry line?
No, actually it's a nonprofit
that supports women through
economic and social initiatives.

She's out there
trying to make the world a better place.

That's one thing I love about her.

- Aw!
- Oh.

All right, so who's hungry?
I tried to make this fancy lamb thing,
but, uh, I want to make sure that we
have enough time to order takeout
- just in case it's inedible.

- I'm sure it's gonna be great.

He cooks, which is one of
the things I love about him.

Come on, let's get you some wine.

How do we know which one is Roger?
His only profile picture is a dog.

Oh! Look at that guy.

By himself.
Two drinks.

Obviously waiting for someone.

Plus, he looks like a Roger.

How does someone look like a Roger?
The khakis.
The receding
The windbreaker.

I'm starting to think
this was a bad idea.

I'm going in.

Oh, please stay calm, and Or
better yet, just let me do the talking.

- It'd be better
- Hey!
We know who you are, and
we know why you're here.

- Isabel already has as a family.

- What?
She has a husband and three
kids who she loves very, very much.

So you need to leave our mom alone.

Who the hell is Isabel?
I have no idea!
It's that woman you're always
on the phone with, isn't it?
We've been over this.
That's Siri!
She's not a person.
She is my phone.

I don't think that was Roger.

Uh, yeah! That was stupid.

And as much as I love ruining
random strangers' marriages,
I have a game to get to.

So why don't we just
I know that guy.

That's Dad's old boss.

I thought Ramon was his old boss.

Ramon was the foreman.
This guy was the big boss.

I met him at the company
holiday party back in Texas.

I don't get it.
How would
Mom even know his big boss?
- And why would they
- Let's go.

- We didn't even get to talk to him.

- We're going.

I, I don't want to be here.

The fundraiser's almost over,
and this pretty lady hands me a napkin
with a large number written on it.

- Oh
- I'm thinking she wants
to make a donation to the university.

It was your number.
Oh, she
was giving your dad her number.

Got it.

Lake and I are
gonna clear the plates.

- Okay, yeah.
Uh, sure.

- All right.

Why were you laughing at her?
That was mildly humorous, at best.

I don't know.
She's charming,
and age-appropriate.

I thought you'd be glad she's
not some 20-something floozy
who thinks Kamala Harris
is a "Real Housewife".

I thought I'd be glad, too,
but for some reason, I'm not.

Well, do you wanna bail early?
I created a fake text saying
my parents are in the hospital
for carbon monoxide poisoning.

God, no.

Hmm, I don't want to go just yet.

Something's not right.

Oof, yeah.
Your dad's
lamb is not sitting well.

All right.
Hold off on the excuse.

I want to figure out
what her deal really is.

- Oh!
- Look at that!
Yes, please! The diet
can start tomorrow.

So, Veronica,
ever been married?
Um, no.
Actually, I haven't.

Hmm, that's odd.
accomplished, intelligent,
pretty-enough woman
like you.
What happened?
Come on, you're
being a little rude.

It's okay.
I've testified
before Congress.

This is nothing.

I guess I just haven't really
prioritized my personal life.

For many years,
- I was really addicted to
- Pills?
I was going to say I
was addicted to my work.

I have a tendency to
place my career first.

- Got it.
Ever have any children?
- No.

Well, how many partners have
you not had children with?
Mia Brooks!
Oh, no! My house has monoxide.

I'm sorry about this,
My daughter
has clearly gone insane.

It's okay, Harold.

I think I understand
what's going on here.


You're acting out, because your
dad is in a real relationship,
and that freaks you out.
I get it.

But Mia, I just want you to know,
I'm not trying to replace your mother.

I wish you would replace my mother,
because then you wouldn't even be here.

What the hell has gotten into you?
The lamb was everything.
Love this.

They're already here.

I can't even look at her.

Promise you won't say anything
to Mom until after the game.


So, are we gonna talk about that dinner,
and how "jealous daughter"
is not a good look on you?
We're here to support
Victor and have fun.

Go, Grizzlies!
Your mommy is cray.

I been up ♪
I been down ♪
- You all right, man?
- I'm fine.

Bring that aggro out onto the
court tonight.
I want to win.

All right, all right, guys.
it in.
Grizzlies, bring it in.

All right.
We haven't beaten
Whitman in four years.

But by a stroke of good luck,
their star center fell off a
ladder and broke his femur.

- All right.

- Sorry, that sounded overly gleeful.

I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Look, the point is, I think we
have a real shot this year.

Especially since we got Salazar.

So for the love of God,
let's just win this game.

- Come on, put it in.

- All right, guys, bring it in.

Grizzlies on three! Grizzlies
on three! One, two, three
Here we go, Victor, here we go.

- Here we go, Victor, here we go.

- Mm.
Must be Victor's parents.

At least one of us has a normal family.

Mom keeps it tight, and
Dad has a full head of hair.

That bodes so well for
your someday babies.

Turn it around!
Yeah, come on!
Come on, guys.
Set it up.


- Shoot it!
- Go, mijo!
- Come on, man!
- Victor, let go!
Salazar, pass, bro!
Yo, Salazar, what's up?
Yo, Victor, get your head in the game!
Hey! Ho!
Vic, Vic, Vic, Vic!
Oh, my Come on!
Dude, get your head out of your ass.

I'm just off tonight, okay?
It's all right.
It's all right.

Nice pass.


You called that before I
even touched the ground!
Creekwood, get your point under control.

I'm under control.

Salazar, take a seat and cool down.

You're benching me?
This is bullshit!


Victor, stop.

What is going on with you?
We didn't raise you to behave
like that.
It's disgraceful.

I'm disgraceful?
I'm not the one having an
affair behind Dad's back!
You cheated on Dad with his boss!
- Does he know?
- Victor!
I know.

I know.
She told me everything,
and it wasn't easy, but,
hey, she was honest.

She got with your boss,
and you think she's honest?
Oh, bueno.
We are not doing this here.

Not in front of your little
brother, so just get in the car.

Victor, get in the car.

Oh, my God.

I know.
I'm sorry, okay
All right.
Let's go.

The first thing you kids
need to know is that
your mom and I, we're
we're not perfect.

But we love each other.

Very much.

And what happened with Roger
with your dad's old boss was
He hired me to give
his son piano lessons.

And, uh, we became friends.

After the lessons, we would
have a cup of coffee, and just

I was just
I liked having someone who
showed an interest in me.

And that was it.
was just a friendship.

Two friends having
Listening to music.

And then
somewhere along the way
I just, I need you guys to know
that as soon as it crossed the line
and it got physical, I shut it down.

- As far as
- Isabel, they don't need details.

What I did was wrong.

And I love your father
more than anything.

I took your mother for granted.

And she needed someone to talk to.

Anyway, so, um,
after all of that,
we decided that the best
thing for our marriage,
for the family, was a fresh start.

And then Dad got this
great job offer here, so
This is why we moved?
Because you did whatever the
hell you did with Dad's boss?
I'm so sorry, mijitos.

I don't know what else to say.

I'm so I am so, so sorry.

Thank you for saying that.

For, um, trying to make
me not the bad guy.

Well, thank you for
not telling the rest.

They hate me already.
should they hate you, too?
I just felt like I, I knew her better
than anyone else in the world.

You know? Like
I know that's lame to say about my
mom, but it's how I felt.
You know?
I'm sorry.
I really shouldn't
be complaining to you.

Your mom's been through it, and
Um, Victor,
uh, my mom's not an addict.

- But, but at lunch, you said that
- Yeah, I know what I said.

So when my mom and dad met,
he was this young psych professor.

And my mom was this
total free spirit artist.

She was taking one of his classes.

And, um, anyway, they
eventually got married,
um, because he wanted to.

And then they had a kid,
because he wanted to.

And when he became university president,
they moved into this giant house.

And then all of a sudden,
she was alone all day.

Trapped in this huge house.

In this life that she never wanted.

Trapped with me.

I think at a certain point, she just
couldn't take it anymore.
So, she left.

No explanation.
No goodbye.

So why do you tell people
that she was an addict?
because, um
I don't, I don't want to admit that I
wasn't enough to make her stay.

Lying doesn't hurt as much.

But hey.
I, I know what
happened with your mom
is a lot.

But I saw her cheering
for you at the game,
and she loves you an
embarrassing amount.

So, just try to forgive her.

I'll try.

And look at the silver lining.

If she hadn't made that mistake,
then you wouldn't have moved
here, and we wouldn't have met.

You know, your mom was a
total idiot for not realizing
what she was walking away from.

You know that, right?
Kiss both your eyes and cheeks ♪
I know we're not the same ♪

You're an angel ♪
In disguise ♪
You're an angel ♪
Why is it on mute?
I can't figure out how to get the
sound to play through the TV again.

I, uh
I like the poster you made.

It was a good one.

Not my best pun, but it's getting
hard for me to top myself.

I love how close we are, Victor.

What you and I have is special.

And I really hope that what I did
I just
I hope it hasn't changed us.

I love you, Mom, but
I don't want to talk
about this right now.

I don't think I'll ever
want to talk about it.


I already know your ways ♪
But I don't expect to change ♪
I won't be in your way ♪
I won't be in your way ♪
Hey, Victor.

Sorry for being out of
commission the last few days.

The fam was in town
for parents' weekend,
and Bram and I were showing
them around the city.

We had a pretty great week.

How was yours?
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