Love, Victor (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Boys' Trip

Simon, thank you for your last message.

You said some stuff I
really needed to hear
That there's a world beyond
high school and my family.

A world where there are people like me.

You said if I could go and
see your life in New York,
I'd know there's a place where I belong.

And you know what?
I really need to see it.

So, I did something a little crazy.

- Good morning.

- Honey, please.

- Buenos.
You going somewhere?
- Good morning.

This weekend's that
basketball camp at Georgia State.

The team's leaving right after school.

Did you forget?
I told you about it, like, forever ago.

I gave you a permission
slip and everything.

No, you didn't.

Maybe you weren't paying attention with,
you know, everything
going on between you two.

Did you
- I don't remember a slip.

- No.


Here it is.

Uh, yeah, okay.
and I'll sign it right now.

Or I can.
I forge Dad's
signature all the time.

Permission slips, checks.
You name it.

You know we can hear you, right?
I got a bus ticket to
come and visit you.

In New York.

So, I hope you're cool with me
crashing on your couch this weekend,
because in 22 short hours,
I'll be in New York City.

Waiting for the time ♪
Waiting for the place ♪
And I, I, I ♪
I, I need ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪
Lake, you look perfect in pink.

Like a sexy bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Get a hold of yourself,
But thank you.

Uh, everything okay?
I was supposed to hang out
with Victor this weekend,
but I guess he and his dad planned
some last minute boys' trip.

So after bailing on meeting
your dad, he's bailing again?
The nerve! And what is
this about a boys' trip?
I mean, I was not invited,
and I'm pretty sure I'm a boy.

Pretty sure?
Shut it.
I am in a terrible mood.

My boyfriend Omar dumped me.

Well, he's making a huge
mistake, Ms.

You're a catch.

Oh, thank you, Andrew.

That's very inappropriate
coming from a 16-year-old boy,
but you know what? I'll take the win.

Okay, textbooks.
Page 33.

"Self-esteem and depression".

Guess you'll make a move on anyone.

You still mad I kissed
you? I said I was sorry.

Meet me later to kiss this Pepto Bis.

WTH? Who is this for?
You! Wanted to borrow your lipstick.

I had a breakfast burrito this morning
that didn't agree with me.

Are you ignoring me?
I was trying to, but
you won't take the hint.

Feeling a little left out.

What are we all texting about?


You've all earned yourselves
Saturday detention
for texting in class.

Told you I was in one
of my terrible moods.

Go directly to jail?
Lock her up! Lock her up!
The remote got stuck in the couch,
and your brother spent the
day watching Fox News.

Okay, Carla.
See you Monday at 4:00.

Guess who just booked
her first piano lesson?
Why are you so embarrassing?
Um, Pilar,
I was thinking about getting some
new work clothes at the mall tomorrow.

Do you wanna come?
Oh, I totally would.

But I don't want to.

You can get whatever you want,
as long as it's not sexy,
crazy, or over $40.

Can I get my cartilage pierced?
Uh, no.
That would fall
into the crazy category.

She can always take it out.


If you look like a pirate, I will pull
it out with my own hands, okay?
I'm just
Adrian, come help me
decide if I should go helix or snug.

I don't know what any
of those words are.

Come on!
Oh, my God.
Three thank-yous, and a hug.

You saw the hug, right?
I didn't imagine that.

Isabel, you are playing with fire.

You give that mouse a cookie,
she's gonna want a glass of milk.

Mm, now I want a cookie.

Victor, I really wish you'd
given me a heads-up
that you were coming to New York.

I'd love to see you, but I'm not there.

What? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Do you mind?
I'm stuck in Jersey at my
cousin's bachelor party.


But even though I can't
be your gay sherpa,
I know someone who can.

Someone who's probably
more fun than me, anyway.

You remember my boyfriend
- Bram, right?
- Victor, hey!
- Hey.

- How was your trip?
- It was good.

- Ah, I'm so excited to meet you.


It's all good.
It's New
Nobody gives a shit.

Trust me.

It's the weekend.
Nobody's coming.

Love this, but, um, no more hickeys.

You're my sexy little secret.

Right, right.
It's like a
a forbidden romance between two spies.

Like Kissin' Impossible.


Um, okay.
Come on.
Detention time.

Um, I'll just head in there, and
you stay here and count to ten

One two three
I cannot believe I'm here on a Saturday.

I'm missing the hot dad next
door teach his kid how to swim.

- Did you guys come here together?
- Me and Andrew?
He wishes.

- Is that a hickey?
- What?
- Are you hooking up with someone?
- No.

No, I burned myself on a curling iron.

Your hair's straight today.

Who are you? The hair police?
My hair's straight.
I surrender!
They're my DVDs, Omar!
I'm keeping them, okay?
You don't even watch Rizzoli and Isles!
Welcome, detention-ees.

Uh, today we're gonna be
getting this place in tip-top shape
for the Spring Fling.

Andrew and Lake, you're a team.

- Mia, and where's Lone Stone?
- Here.

I'm here.
Sorry, I was
going to the bathroom.

I hear it takes longer to pee
when you only have one ball.

That is not at all medically accurate.

And just to be clear, I have two balls.

There's no shame in just having one.

My father just had one.
Led a
very full life.
Now get to work.

way past 65 ♪
Hey, you.

I have a weapon.

I drop what I do ♪
Oh, my God.

The elevator's broken.

But on the plus side, all those
stairs are killer for your glutes.

Uh, who are these people?
Uh, you think that we could
afford an apartment in Brooklyn
with no roommates? No.

I prefer the term "flatmates", actually.

It makes us sound more European.

I'm Justin, with soft J, like "joosh".

I'm Victor.

- I'm Ivy.

- I'm Kim.

And before you ask, my
pronouns are they, them, theirs.

Oh, okay.
Nice to meet they.

So what's your deal?
My deal?

Oh, I'm just, uh, visiting.

I'm Bram and Simon's pre-frosh.

We all used to go
to the same high school,
so my college counselor hooked us up.

Wanted to get a taste of NYU.

You know, check out
the basketball program.

You wanted to come
to NYU for the sports?
Ooh, your college
counselor hooked you up
with the wrong-ass people, girl.

- Ooh!
- I'm not a girl.

- Don't mind him.

- He's harmless.

Any friend of Bram and
Simon's is a friend of ours.

You should totally come
with us to Messy Boots tonight.

- Oh, my God!
- What's Messy Boots?
- It is the best party in town.

- Yes.

They have this drag show
where they bring people
- from the audience on stage.

- Nah.

I mean, it's just, I just have so much
to do with this pre-frosh thing.
Um, can I steal you for a second?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Nice to meet you guys.

Nice to meet you.

What is a pre-frosh?
Okay, what was that? Why did you
tell them that you're my pre-frosh?
Because I don't know them.

I barely know you.

Look, Simon is the only
person I've told, and I
I'm not ready to open up to
a whole bunch of strangers.

I get it.

And I'm sorry.
I forgot how scary
it is when you're first coming out,
even around other gay people.

I'm sorry.

I, I know I came out here
to experience gay stuff,
- but it all just feels so
- Gay?
Come on.
I gotta show
you something, all right?
Ah! Finally.

I was starting to worry you were
back there getting devil horns
tattooed on your forehead.

Which is a very good
look for some people.

Can I see it?
Oh, it's cute! A little hoop.

Do you love it? Oh!
You're rad.
My mom never
let me do anything like this.

Well, yeah.
I'm a cool mom.

I just really believe that you have
to let your children express themselves.

Right, Pilar?
That'll be 80 for the two piercings.

What did you do, Pilar?
You said everything was too gay
for you, so, thought I'd butch it up.

Gravy ♪
You came here for the sports, right?
Let's see what you got.

Hop in, walk out ♪
Pipe up, clock out ♪
New wrist, watch out ♪
Lil, that's a knock out ♪
Hop in, walk out ♪
Pipe up, clock out ♪
New wrist, watch out ♪
Lil, that's a knock out ♪
Hop in, walk out ♪
Pipe up, clock out ♪
New wrist, watch out ♪
Lil, that's a knock out ♪
So, what'd you think?
That was embarrassing.

At Creekwood, I'm
actually considered good.

- Oh, I know.
These guys are insane.

- Yeah.

Jason was in the NBA.

First openly gay player.

Hey, good game, Bram.

Maybe next time you'll even make a shot.

Oh, that's cold.

- Get out of here!
- He's gay?
They all are.
It's a gay league.

We play here twice a week.

I just wanted you to see that
there's no one way to be gay.

Right? You can be femme,
you can be butch, athletic,
or in Simon's case,
painfully un-athletic.

But the one thing
you can't be is afraid.

Victor, you came here because
you wanted to belong.

I got an apartment filled
with super gay roommates
who would be thrilled to accept you.

So don't be too scared to let them in.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

So everyone here is gay?
Oh, yeah.

- Even Darius?
- Yeah.

He's, like, six-foot-eight.

Oh, you should see him in heels.

That's just me forgetting
You are a cute
I know, right? So offensive.

I mean, it's 2020.
Women can be sexual
beings without being labeled a ho-bag.

If anyone got to know Amanda Rogers,
they'd understand that she
is just super affectionate.

Mostly with the football team.

Did you know that Lake and
Andrew are hooking up?
I mean, I don't have a
problem with it, obviously.

But I just don't see
them together.
Do you?

I definitely do not.
you excuse me a minute?
Thomas wants us to switch.

Fine by me.

I've been pretending to mop
for, like, an hour now, so
you got a lot of work to
do there, Lone Stone.

You're hooking up with Andrew.

What are you talking about?
Oh, cut the charade.

Mia told me everything.

She saw the hickey that you gave
me and assumed it was from Andrew.


This is why I said no hickeys.

But this jealousy thing is kind of hot.

Look, Lake, I've been trying to be cool,
because I don't want to mess this up,
but I'm starting to feel like
you're super embarrassed by me.


No, not super embarrassed.

Is it the Lone Stone thing?
Doesn't help.

But I I'd love to keep
doing what we're doing.

You know.
On the DL.

- Hey, guys.

- Hey.

- Hey.
Hey, pre-frosh.

- Hey.
What's up?
Justin, that's a lot of look.

Girl, we are going to a
drag show, not church.

Why do so many gay people
like dressing up in drag?
Is it, like, fun to be a character?
Be someone that you're not?
Okay, pre-frosh.

This was me three years ago.


My parents would have me put
on this gorgeous ensemble,
and walk around the neighborhood
and try to convince people
to join a religion that I knew
wanted nothing to do with me.

As you can probably tell,
I was not loving my life.

It was
It was a dark time.

That was putting on a character.

That was drag.

This is just me being me.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

my parents are religious, too.

Not like yours, but, um
I really worry
how they'll react if I ever
tell them that I'm, um
I'm like you guys.

Why would she want to punch a
hole in her tongue, on purpose?
Because she's demented.

Our daughter is demented.

- I told you.
I told you
- I was desperate, Armando.

I just wanted our
daughter to like me again.

Isa, she likes you.

- Of course she likes you.

- No!
Ever since we told the kids about Roger,
Victor's been able to
get over it, but Pilar,
she doesn't look at me the same.

And she doesn't know what you did, so,
I'm the only bad guy here.

Wait, no.
Hey, listen, I Isa!
Quit slacking.
Let's go.

You know, you're like, a tall
super tall giant.

Are you hitting on me?
No! No, I'm insulting you.

I'm not good at trash talk, because
unlike you, I'm a good person.

I'm a good person.
I just
like busting your ball.

Do you know how many times I
scrubbed the word "Lonestone"
off these walls today?
Twenty-one times.
each time is your fault.

Ever since you created
that stupid nickname,
I wasn't a person.

I was a joke.

And no girl wants to date a joke.

Oh, come on, man.
I just
like to make people laugh.

Nobody's laughing because you're funny.

They're laughing because they don't want
to be the next victim of a dumb
clichéd jock straight
out of an '80s movie.

Mia, why would you tell Felix
I'm hooking up with Andrew?
I don't know.
Because you are.

Not that I care.
Live your life.

I swear on my crocodile-embossed
Chanel 2.
55 handbag
with the black and gold clasps that
I am not hooking up with Andrew.

But clearly, you do care.
A lot.

So, what's up?
He kissed me.

No, don't gasp.
I shut
it down right away.

Or almost right away.

It was the night Victor stood
me up for the fundraiser,
so I was already feeling
weird, and Andrew was there.

He was looking hot
in his blazer, and I
I guess he thought we
were having a moment.

Well, were you?
I don't know.

Do you remember how I told you
I lost my virginity to
some rando at camp?
Well, it wasn't at camp,
and it wasn't some rando.

You and Andrew.

Why didn't you tell me?

The night it happened, I was
feeling really sad about my mom,
and it was just a mistake that
I try never to think about.

Anyway, I'm sorry.

Best friends don't keep
secrets from each other.

I'm actually hooking up with Felix.

Are you, like, totally grossed out?
No! I'm just uh, s-surprised?
Me, too.
Just sort of happened.

And then it happened again.

- And every day since.

- Aw!
Well, Felix is so sweet,
and sleeper cute.

And it's about time you
like an actual nice guy.

- He is cute, isn't he?
- Yeah.

- Oh, it's baby's first gay club.

- Aw!
What do you think?
So, everyone here is

Just a ginger ale for my friend.
is drunk enough on boys, already.

Oh, you're one to talk.

Come on.

Yo, I'm Mike.

Uh, nice.

- Victor!
- He was trying to flirt with you!
He was?
- Yes.
You're hopeless.

- Yes!
Get used to it, Victor.
I have a feeling
you're gonna break a lot of hearts.


You can forget all about that Benji kid.

Wait, how, how did you
How'd you know about Benji?
Did Simon tell you guys
about our messages?
Victor, look
So you all
just pretended not to know who I was.

Then you've just been lying to me.

This whole time.

- Wow.

- No.


No, Victor
Look at her.

You know, I'm starting to
think she's keeping us here
so that she doesn't have to go
home to an empty apartment.

Hey, uh, you've known me forever.

You don't think I'm a bad guy, do you?
I mean, I know, uh, I
like to mess with people,
but I'm an nice guy.

And people know that,
right? You know that?
I think deep down, you're a good guy.

But I'm not sure that matters much,
if on the surface you're a total jerk.

Sure you want to sit next to
me? The janitor might see.

I'm sorry about earlier.

You're not embarrassing.

I'm embarrassing for caring
about status, or whatever.

I'm not ready for
everyone to know, but
I did tell Mia about us.

So, baby steps, okay?

Come over here! Come here.

I have some amazing news.

Omar's taking me back.

Yeah, he really liked the
edible arrangement I sent,
so, um, I gotta rush home
for some sweet, sweet

So, uh, you're all free to go home.

Thank God.
Is anybody else hungry?
Hot dad neighbor usually
barbecues on Saturdays, so

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here I come.

- What?
- Can we talk?
I know it's been a tough year,
but all this sulking in your
room, and the tongue piercing,
it's got me wondering, are you okay?
My tongue hurts pretty bad.

I mean, generally, you seem angry.

A lot.
Especially at your mom.

You have to forgive her, Pilar.

She made a mistake.

And if I know your mother,
she will beat herself up about
this for the rest of her life.

But she's still your mom.

Same one who sung you
lullabies about Pilar, her star.

So, I'll say it again.
You, you
have to forgive her, Pilar.

Have you?
Have you?
Of course.

Hey, man!
God, I've been texting with Bram,
and I just felt so bad about
missing this whole thing
that I, I left the
bachelor party, and
Wait, what's the matter?
Why aren't you inside
with everyone else?
Simon, I trusted you.

I thought that what I told
you stayed between us,
but now I realize this whole time
you've been sitting
around with your friends,
laughing about my
stupid, messed up life.

Well, no.
Victor, that's not
That is not what happened, I swear.

Look, when you first
messaged me, I was touched.

You know, I was scared, too.

I, I know you want me to be this, like,
guru who has all the answers,
but the truth is, I don't.

And I didn't want to push you too
hard, or tell you the wrong thing.

Or make your life any
harder than it already was.

And look, like you said
in your first message,
we're not the same.

I never had a girlfriend.

But Bram did.

And I, I didn't have
super religious parents,
but Justin did.

Every one of my friends
had a little bit to offer.

A little piece of the puzzle.

They weren't sitting around
laughing about your life.

They were in your corner, listening,
and helping, and, and cheering you on.

Why would they want to
help a complete stranger?
Because you're not a stranger.

You're one of us.

To me, that's the best
part about all of this.

Having a community.

A group of friends that
gave up an entire weekend
to help a kid that they've never met,
just because they know
that on some level,
we've all been through the same thing.

Because we're family.

So, uh
is it always this cold
in New York, or

It's a little something to remember
your weekend in the city.

Also, Bram said that he would, uh,
burn it if I wore it one more time.

Shall we?
Ah! You're back!
Oh, my gosh.
Victor, I'm so sorry.

Why is nobody dancing?
Dreamland ♪
I need you ♪
I close my eyes and you lead the way ♪
Dreamland ♪
Dreamland ♪
I close my eyes and you lead the way ♪
Dreamland ♪
Thank you.

Aw, that looks good.

- Can I have one?
- No.

- What?
- You gotta earn the fry.

- It's a rite of passage.

- How do I earn a fry?
You look as good as us.

Hey, it's Victor.
Leave me a message.

Here's Katya!
Woo! Yeah, girl!
New York City! Welcome to Messy Boots.

Can I just say,
you are the sorriest-looking
crowd I have ever seen!
Except this one.

Who's this little chicken?
Come on up here.
Get your butt up here.

Yeah, Victor!
What's your name, honey?
Uh Victor.

How's your night going, Victor?
It's been the best night of my life.

I never wanna die ♪
Is it a blessing or curse ♪
It's too soon to decide ♪
God this feels good ♪
God this feels good ♪
Ah ♪
I'm Mr.
Bright Eyes, don't
know how I went this long ♪
Ah ♪
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