Love, Victor (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Who the Hell Is B?



Why didn't you call me
when you fell apart ♪
You know I need you
like a light in the dark ♪
There's blood on my side of the car ♪
Too ♪
Now you're packed up on the inside ♪
Hey, Felix.
Are you awake?


: [YAWNS.]

I am, now.
What's up, man?
- Hey, man.

- Hey.

I, I could have come to yours.

Oh, no.
My, um, my
mom's a really light sleeper.

So what's up?
I don't know how I'm
gonna say this, but
I know that if I don't say it now,
I'm gonna lose my nerve, so, um
Here it goes.

Can you turn around?
I'm, I'm sorry, it's just too much
pressure with you staring at me,
especially since you hardly ever blink.

What are you talking about?
I blink a normal amount.

Felix, uh
like guys.


Like, I'm into them.

I thought I might for a while,
but I wasn't totally sure, and
I really wanted to make things
work with Mia, because
she's awesome.

But I, but I can't.
I like guys.

Can I turn around now?

I, um
I really don't know the
perfect thing to say.

But I'm really happy you told me.

And this doesn't change
anything between us, obviously.

Actually, as As far as
perfect things to say go,
that was pretty good.

- Felix, don't cry.

- I'm not crying.
made me aware of my
Irritated my eye.


How does it feel to get
all this off your chest?
- Kind of amazing.


But, um, you were the easy one.

Telling Mia's gonna suck.

- Yeah.

- But she'll understand.

It's not like you cheated
on her, or killed her cat.

I kind of kissed Benji.



Yeah ♪
Waiting for the time ♪
Waiting for the place ♪
And I, I, I ♪
I, I need ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell
me it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪

Hi, my love!

I didn't hear
you come in last night.

How was your basketball trip?
It was It was perfect.

I'm so glad.



I have to get ready for school,
but good luck on your
first day of piano lessons.

Thank you.
Hey, is this a new jacket?
- Yeah.

- Suits you.


- Welcome home, huh?
- Hey.


Oh, wow.

Did, uh, somebody turn our living room
- into a piano academy?

So, uh, who are your new students?
Like, what are their names?
Nah, I just mean, like,
um, what's their deal?
Are they, uh, guys?
Girls? How old are they?
Well, let's see.
Kyle, the ninth grader
who wants to be the next John Legend.

There's Lisa, the fourth
She's all thumbs.

And there's Fabian, the
male underwear model
who insists on playing without a shirt.

I was going for a
joke to break the tension.

- Didn't work.

- Nope.

Don't worry.

Just say good luck.

- Good luck.


Good luck, and have a
great first day of lessons.

- Okay?
- Okay.



The school dance.

The perfect place for a night
of romance with my sweetie.


- If my sweetie didn't think
being seen with me was social suicide.

What's the latest with you two?
She still doesn't want
anyone knowing we're hooking up.

- Mm.

- But she did tell Mia, so baby steps.

Or what's smaller than
baby steps? Fetus steps?
- Ugh.

- No, no, no.
It's okay.

I totally get it.

She is completely out of my league.

We're kind of like if Taylor Swift
was dating the dog from A Dog's Purpose.

Hey! You're not a dog.

Okay, you're charming,
you have thick, shiny hair,
and really nice brown eyes.

You are literally describing
the dog from A Dog's Purpose.

Okay, do you want to
be with Lake for real?
Of course.
I mean, I've thought of
so many ways to ask her to the dance.

I mean, skywriting, flash
mob, a cappella serenade
Then ask her.
But, you know,
in like, a, a normal way.


Oh, God.

So, what's the game plan with Mia?
Uh, I'm gonna ask her if
I could come over tonight
so she has some privacy
when I tell her the truth.


Am I doing it?
Am I walking towards her?

You are fully rooted in place.

Now, let me just give a tiny Yep.

- Hey.

- Hey.

How dope is Mia for letting me
borrow these for the school dance?
I've said it before
and I'll say it again.

She's way too good for you.


Hey, look, before you say
anything, I, I know I've been M.

It's just, it's between
work and this trip
I've been really crappy
at keeping in touch.

And I'm sorry.

So, just because you're aware
that you've been acting crappy,
I'm supposed to forgive you?
That's the hope.

What if we hung out after school today?
Maybe I could come over to your house?
Are you free?
My dad and Veronica are going
to a Billy Joel concert tonight,
so I have the house to myself.

And I had kind of a weird plan.

Um, I'm making homemade sushi.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Ever since I saw, um, that Jiro
Dreams of Sushi documentary,
I've been dying to try it.

So, are you in?
We'll either have an amazing dinner,
or we'll get mercury poisoning.

I'm in.

Well, mata ne.

It's, uh, it's Japanese for "I'll
see you later".


- Bye.

- Bye.

Mm, Lake.

I've been thinking.

I should be more honest
with you about what I want.

Look, I think we should
go to the dance together.

Uh, I, I'm not
really into dances.

What? You love everything dance-related.

Dancing with the Stars.
World of Dance.

Dance Dance Revolution.
So You Think You Can Dance.

- [HUFFS.]
You're such a good listener.

- Mmm.

- Felix

Couples who go to
dances are scrutinized,
and I'm just not ready to put us
under the Creekwood microscope.

So we can only see each
other in a supply closet?
I can't live in the shadows,
I'm pale enough as it is.


Well, uh, my parents won't
be home after school.

Wanna come over?
Maybe it'll be so hot
you'll catch a tan.

Oh, my God.
And just to be clear, we're
not advancing bases.

We're just advancing
to an actual bedroom.

Totally understand.

Just one thing.
Is this
a no-shoes household,
because if so, I want to plan
my sock situation accordingly.




- Didn't think you were working today.

- I'm not.

I'm clearing out my stuff.

Starting next week, I'm
transferring to a different location.

Is this because I kissed you?
I guess kind of.

You don't have to switch stores, Benji.

What happened on our trip,
it it won't happen again.



My relationship with
Derek isn't perfect.

But I don't want to lose him.

And when you kissed me,
it put me in a tough spot.

You told him?
There's no reason
He'd just get upset.

But the idea of working with
you every day makes me feel
- guilty.

- Why?
You didn't do anything wrong.

I know that.

Well, I guess, uh
Guess I'll see you at school?
I think it's best if we stay
out of each other's way.



VICTOR: Dear Simon, I'm
coming out to Mia tonight.

And if that wasn't enough,
Benji won't even talk to me.

Why does everything have to be so hard?
Lake, your room is beautiful.

Oh, my God.

Is that you as a little girl?
Look at your little baby
I could just bite 'em.

Okay, could we not make
this about me as a baby?
We finally have some privacy.

You're right.
What's wrong with me?

GEORGINA: Sweetheart, I'm home!
Uh, crap.
Uh, my mom's
home early.
Just get under the bed.
Okay? Go.


- Go.

She's coming.
Okay? Go, go!
Hi, Mom.

- Whose bag is that?
- Uh, mine.

Boy bags are the new trend.

Oh, honey, no.
as far as boy bags go,
that is a very ugly backpack.

Um, thought you were getting
your hair toned tonight.

Well, my stylist bailed,
because her "child has croup".

Anyway, I
was already at the mall,
so I did some shopping for
you, so fashion show.

Oh, uh, that's okay.

Lake, you're traipsing around
school with a boys' backpack.

This jacket just makes your
shoulders look like you're a bouncer.

Please? I really want you to go
through some of these looks.

Uh, okay.

Yay! Fun!



SIMON: Hey, Vic.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.

Telling Mia is gonna
be really, really hard.

You just gotta rip the gay Band-Aid off
and hope that eventually
she forgives you.

As for Benji,
when I screwed things up
with all with my friends,
they wouldn't talk to me, either.

So, I wrote them a big
apology on Creek Secrets.

I'm not saying you should do that,
but maybe try and help Benji
understand where you're coming from.


For things that I can't explain ♪
You and I ♪
You were always with me ♪
Like a light ♪
The things I can't throw away ♪
- Hey.


You, um
You made me feel like such an idiot
this morning when I asked
about your students.

You told that stupid joke
to make me think that your
students were all children.

That you weren't giving lessons to
grown-ass men in our apartment.

- Armando!
- But of course you would lie to me
about something like that.

That's exactly what somebody
who betrayed her husband
and her family would do.


That man you saw wasn't a student.

He was dropping off a student.

So, how long until I
can play "All of Me"?
In a month, I'd like to serenade
Kira Brownstein at her bat mitzvah.

That sounds amazing.
Where were we? Okay.

Oh, honey.
This one's a keeper.

Thanks, Mom.
I really appreciate it, but I think
I can do my own shopping.

Oh, you just worked so
hard to lose all that weight,
and I just want you to present yourself
in the most flattering light possible.

I think I'm presenting just fine.

Just fine?
I mean, do you think I'd be the
top-rated anchor in greater Atlanta
if I presented "just fine"?
I guess not.

No, you bet your ass, I wouldn't.

I mean, when I first started as a
production assistant at Channel Nine,
do you know what they called me?

Because I was a small
town girl from Omaha
with a crappy haircut
and polyester clothes.

So I lived on ramen and air
until I could afford an appointment
at the nicest salon in town.

And on the weekends, I scoured
thrift stores to find designer clothes.

A year later,
"Omaha" was the youngest field
reporter in Channel Nine history.

Now look, you do fine in school,
but clearly, your grades
aren't gonna open any doors,
so you need to get used to
putting your best foot forward.

And that means knowing how
to look curvy, but not big.

And attractive, but not like a floozy.

Public perception is crucial.

Uh, yeah.
You're right.
Thank you.

Um, I'll just try the rest on later.

Oh, that's my girl.

Okay, for the
record, she is insane.

- Your body is literally perfect.

- Felix, please.

I'll just sneak you out the back door.

I can't even look at you, knowing
you heard that conversation.

Actually, I want to take you somewhere.

Show you something.


We should probably eat
these before they get cold.


- Just a good old-fashioned sushi joke.


Um, you okay? You seem kind quiet.

No, yeah.
Yeah, I'm great.


- Cheers.


Should we drop out of high school,
run away, and start a sushi restaurant?


- Hey, Mia, look.
I, I wanted to talk

HAROLD: Mia, we're home!
Why are they back?
Uh, wow.
I guess you're
finally gonna meet my dad.

Oh, look at this.

I didn't realize we were
having company over.



Hi, I'm Victor.


- Victor.
Nice to meet you.

- Veronica.

- Nice to meet you.

- VICTOR: Nice to meet you.

Uh, what happened to the concert?
Ah, we decided to bail.

Veronica, she wasn't feeling too well.

I guess I'm not really
in a New York state of mind.

It's a Billy Joel reference.

You know that song
- Never mind.

- HAROLD: Here you go, sweetheart.

- Thank you.

- MIA: Well, did you guys eat?
Uh, no.
Actually, I'm starving.

Well, we have plenty
of sushi.

Thank you.
I'm okay.

I'm not a huge sushi girl.


Yes, you are.
You eat it all the time.

So, Victor, um
You wouldn't know this, but we
are big fans of your Instagram.

Thank you.

- VERONICA: Harold!
You can't tell him we
look at his Instagram!
Oh, my God.
Are you pregnant?


Come on, that's ridiculous.
She's, um
I'm, I'm ten weeks pregnant.

HAROLD: I thought we were gonna
wait for the right time to tell her.

I think it became the right
time when she figured it out.

- Maybe I should go.

- No.

Uh, stay.

Did you guys plan this?
It was [CHUCKLES.]

an accident, actually.
But a happy one.

Because it really brought into focus
how serious we are about each other.


And on that note, uh
Mia, we're getting married.

We were gonna tell you.
We were
just waiting for the right moment.

Much more exciting to have
figured it out on my own.

I'm sorry.
I just I, I need a minute.

Honey, you

VICTOR: Well, uh

So, this is where I live.

I've never shown my
apartment to anyone before.

Not even Victor.



Believe it or not, didn't
always look like this.

My mom and I have lived
here since I was born.

Used to be normal.

Fun place to live.

I had a ton of toys.

All my Legos went in that corner.

I had an Xbox over there, at one point.

And I had this trampoline that drove
the downstairs neighbors crazy.

But, uh, I realized eventually that
my mom was buying me all that stuff
to distract me from what
was really going on.

She always suffered from depression.

Over time, it got worse.

And she developed this inability
to part ways with stuff.

So your mom's
like a a hoarder?
I like to think of
her as a overactive collector.

But yeah, no, hoarder works, too.

Felix, why are you showing me this?
I saw your life.
wanted you to see mine.

Look, this might be where I live,
but this is not a
reflection of who I am.

The way your mom sees you
is not a reflection of you.

You are already the
best version of yourself.

You're smart.

You're funny.

You're beautiful.

And for the record, I know
what beauty looks like.

There's about a thousand Cosmo
magazines in that corner to prove it.






MIA: Hey.

Sorry I'm being so angsty.

VICTOR: This isn't angsty.

Angsty is when my sister
gets so mad at my parents
that she drops their keys
down the garbage disposal.

My dad is, like, the only family I have.

And now he's gonna have a new wife.

And a new baby.

He's moving on.

Just like my mom.

He's not moving on.

You're still gonna be
his whole world, Mia.

Look, he might suck at showing it,
but that man is crazy about you.

And that's never gonna change,
no matter how many
wives or children he has.

He's not your mom, Mia.


What would I do without

FELIX: So um
Thank you for coming.

Thanks for bring me.
Meant a lot.


Looks like my Lyft's here.



Come to the dance with me.

I mean, who cares about public
perception? We're great together.

I can't.

It's just
I care too much about
what other people think.

I understand.

Thank you.

But whatever this is, Lake,
I can't do it anymore.

I'm sorry.
This is over.


Like sleep on a red-eye ♪
- Like money on a bad bet ♪

Like time worrying about every
bad thing that hasn't happened yet ♪
I know I'll be all right ♪
Um, this is really good turkey, Mom.

Just the right amount of cumin.

I know I'll be all right ♪
But I'm not tonight ♪
What's wrong? You guys
think it's too much cumin?
I lost a friend, I lost a friend ♪
I'm gonna go take
Adrian out for ice cream.

Let you guys hash out the source
of this awkward-ass dinner.

Come on.
Put on your shoes.


I don't feel comfortable with
you giving piano lessons.


And here I thought you
were going to apologize.


- No, Armando.

I'm not gonna give up doing what I love.

I messed up.

But I am tired of being
this family's punching bag.

You screwed up, too.

If you hadn't have beaten the crap
out of Roger after what happened,
you wouldn't have been fired, and we
would have never had to move here.


I'm on the mend ♪

Hey, Victor.
Um, we were just

Yeah, what's new?
Dad beat up his boss?
We didn't want to overwhelm
you guys with all the details.

But you're cool
with overwhelming us
with your constant fighting.

You don't think we could all
tell how off you guys are?
You and Pilar know we've
been having some problems,
but I don't think Adrian
Adrian can sense it, too.

He's little.
He's not dumb.

Look, I get that you guys
are going through something.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry it's been so hard
for you guys.
I really am.

But you make this house feel like
a shitty place to come home to.

You need to do better.

For all of us.

If it was black and white ♪
I'm sorry for swearing.
But, um,
I'm gonna go and take a shower.


Hey, Vic, can I borrow
ten bucks for ice cream?
VICTOR: I can't hear you!
If I can go into your room
and take ten bucks out of
your wallet, say nothing at all.

Nobody believes me ♪
Say I know that he don't need me ♪
'Cause he made a little too much
money to be twenty and sad ♪
And I'll be fine without 'em ♪
But all I do is write about 'em ♪
How the hell did I lose
a friend I never had ♪
VICTOR: B, first of all, I am
so sorry for kissing you.

But please, just hear me out.

Who the hell is "B"?

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