Love, Victor (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Perfect Summer Bubble

ANNOUNCER: Last season,
on Love, Victor
ARMANDO: This is it, Salazars.

Our beautiful new home.

VICTOR: Dear Simon,
you don't know me, but today was
my first day at Creekwood High.


- I thought I'd finally get the chance to be myself.

To figure out who I really am.

Today, you paint the brush strokes
that define who you want to be.

- Hey, new kid.

- Easy, Lake.

Is there a girl back home, or ?
VICTOR: But my first day
didn't go exactly as planned.

No girl back in Texas.

- Got it.

- You just made Mia Brooks blush.

VICTOR: I ended up
connecting with this girl Mia,
and she's great.
a spectrum.
FELIX: You think you can
put in a good word with Lake?
I kind of have a thing for her.

You deserve a guy who
would sacrifice everything.

VICTOR: While my friend Felix
started a romance of his own
- LAKE: You're my sexy little secret.

- A forbidden romance.

ANDREW: How come we never talked
about what happened between us?
'Cause there's nothing to
talk about.
It was a mistake.

VICTOR: Things with
my family were messy.

PILAR: This is why we moved?
Because you did whatever the
hell you did with Dad's boss?
VICTOR: Which made it harder
for me to deal with my own stuff.

Everything okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Benji.

I like guys.

FELIX: This doesn't
change anything between us,
but telling Mia's gonna suck.

VICTOR: I just want to give Mia
an amazing night at the dance,
and then I'll tell
her the truth tomorrow.

The truth is, Felix
Weston makes me happy.


BENJI: I want to be with
someone who makes me feel like
I can just be myself.

That's how you make me feel.

VICTOR: And then the most
amazing thing happened with Benji.

But it broke Mia's heart.

All this time, was any of it real?
PILAR: She found out, didn't she?
I've been going through something,
and I want to explain it to you.

I have something I
need to tell you guys.

ISABEL: We're separating.

After what we've been through this year,
we just needed to take a breather.

I'm gonna change.

Victor, what
were you gonna tell us?


Not nothing.

Mom Dad
I'm gay.

I love you.

I'm sorry.
I, I don't, um
But what about Mia?
Well, I, I, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]

thought that if I could make
it work with any girl, um
it'd be Mia.

But I was wrong.

And how do you
I mean
When did you decide this?
I didn't decide it.
I just am it.

Mom, could you please say something?
I think, um, that we
should get some rest.

And we can talk about it tomorrow.


I'm sorry.

Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm sure they just need some time.


Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪

- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
VICTOR: Hey Simon, happy
last week of summer.

I'd thought I'd give you
an end of summer update.

Things are still pretty
weird with my mom.

I mean, she knows I'm gay.

I even told her that
Benji is my boyfriend
Benji and I are hanging out
with Lake and Felix after work,
so I, I won't be home till late.

Have fun with your friends.

VICTOR: But we never
actually talk about any of it.

Things are a little bit better
with my dad.
But still awkward.

ARMANDO : So, I know it's
not huge, but, uh, hey,
the place, it gets great light.

Huh? I mean, unless it's trash day,
'cause then, well, a
dumpster blocks the window.

VICTOR: He's been all fake
cheery about the separation,
even though I know he's
totally bummed about it.

Oh, you, uh you headed to work?
Tell the
Benji-meister I said, "Sup!"
VICTOR: He's channeling his discomfort
with me having a
boyfriend into nicknames.

Benjamin Button.
Ben-venido! [CHUCKLING.]

I'll, I'll tell him.


But it's not all bad.

I'm kind of a mess ♪
VICTOR: Benji is the actual best.

It's what you do to me ♪
VICTOR: We aren't Instagram
official or anything.

No one from school even knows we're
a thing except our best friends.

It's kind of been great that way.

Like we're in our own
little summer bubble,
and we have this totally perfect secret.

And I gotta say, the bubble is hot.

Whoops! Yeah, no, don't, don't mind me.

I'm just, uh, looking
for the caramel syrup.

Hey, do you guys call it
car-mel, or care-a-mel?

Uh, yeah, I know you guys are horny,
but anyone gonna make
my sugar-free iced mocha?
- On it.

- Yeah, right away.

As for Mia,
we haven't actually
talked since the dance.

She took off the second school ended
to be a camp counselor
in North Carolina.

Caroline! Hey, put your top back on!
This is not that kind of camp!
VICTOR: I just really hope
she doesn't hate me forever.

But the weird thing
is, despite everything,
this has kind of been the
best summer of my life.



Hey, so school starts Monday.

We should probably talk about
what we're gonna tell everyone.

I know.

I want to tell people.
I'm ready.

No more hiding who I
Or who I'm into.

FELIX: So, last weekend
before school starts.

What are we thinking?
There's a ten part docuseries
about human trafficking,
and Atlanta Weekly
said it was grueling
but important.

Or we could go to Lake Lanier.

Finally have that bonfire we've
been talking about all summer.

I pick Victor's thing.

- Yes.

- VICTOR: Great.

But, can we do it on Saturday?
Mia comes home on Sunday,
and I love you guys,
but Mia's my best friend
and if she's still mad at you, so am I.

Hos before homos.

Oh, and also,
can we do after dinner?
Adrian's going to my dad's,
and Mom's making pollo guisado.

Ooh! Love her pollo guisado.

It's heaven on rice.

Sounds delicious.

You still haven't been over to Victor's?
Not since we started dating.

We always hang out at my house.

You know my mom.
you guys know how she is.

If she's not ready, she's
not ready.
It's fine.

You know what? Why don't
you all come over for dinner?
I mean
how am I supposed to be out
to all of Creekwood on Monday
if I can't even have my
boyfriend over for dinner?

- Ugh.

- That will be $800.

You know, I hope you are this
good at business in real life,
so you can put me in one of
those fancy old folks' homes
with the make-your-own omelet stations.

- Mom, you need to dream bigger.

- Nah.


- Hey, honey.


Did you have fun with your friends?
I invited them over for
dinner, if that's okay.

Of course.

Um, Benji's coming, too.




VERONICA: I need a
little twisty piece
HAROLD: Yeah, right there in
front of you.
A little twisty
- VERONICA: No, it's right there

HAROLD: What are you talking about?
- It's the little screw.

No, this.

This is a little twisty
HAROLD: Well, excuse
I didn't realize
you had a Master's in building cribs.

- No?
- No.


- Hi, guys.


- I'm home early.

- Mia.
Welcome home!
- What?
You told me you weren't
coming till tomorrow.

MIA: Yeah, well, we packed
up the bunks a day early.

- Aah
- MIA: So we decided to drive home today.

- HAROLD: All right.



- Welcome back.

I wish I'd known you were coming.

- We were gonna get your room ready.

- Yeah.

It's full of boxes of baby stuff.

It's fine.
It's fine.
worry about it.

So what do you think
of Papi Palace? Huh?
And, uh, the place gets great light.

Right? And, uh oh!
I was thinking maybe
we could watch Jumanji!
Got it all queued up.

Heard it's problematic,
because Jack Black plays a woman.

Do you have any games?
Um, not really.

Can I go home?
What? No!

If you could choose one thing
to make this apartment
more fun, what would it be?




Hey! We're here.


- FELIX: Hey, Mrs.

- LAKE: Ooh, love your top!
Good to see you, Mrs.

I I've heard so much
about your famous chicken.

And a lot of other
great things, of course.

Thank you, Benji.

Um, listen, guys, I
don't know what happened,
but I went to go check on the food,
and the stove must be
broken or something,
because it's totally burnt.

It's just chicken ash.

So, why don't you guys go
out? Get some pizza on me.



Why don't we just order delivery?
I did not think of that.

That sounds good.



Oh, uh, excuse me.

This has been, uh, really great so far.

I just gotta quickly
take this call outside.

Away from here.

Let me show you around.

- Mia.

- Hey.

- I called you like a million times
- I've been off the grid

I just, I needed time
to, to clear my head.

But I'm home now.

And, um, my dad and Veronica
won't stop making out.

Um, and I'm staring at
a breast pump.

Can I come over?
Wait, you're home? I thought
you were back tomorrow.

Well, I I'm actually at Victor's.


Is that okay?
Because if it's not,
I will leave right now.

Queens before peens.

I mean, you say the word
and I will ditch these gays
like a corporation after Pride month.

Lake, it's fine.
we'll hang tomorrow.

Yes, please.
But also, we're having a
bonfire at Lake Lanier tonight,
and Victor and Benji will be there.

But you should come.

MIA: Maybe.
I'll think about it.



The secret is two layers of sunscreen.

Sunscreen, primer, sunscreen again.

And then, only then, foundation.

I call it the sunscreen
Nobody steal that.


- VICTOR: Hey.

I got some chips.
know, until the pizza comes.

- Cool.


- Thanks.


- LAKE: Mmm
- BENJI: Mmm
Hits the spot.

So good.

This salsa homemade? [CHUCKLES.]

I love chips.


Mom, did you know Benji's in a band?
He sings and plays guitar
and piano.
Like you.

Um, yeah, actually my
mom just got a new job
as the music director
at Saint Frances Church.


You know Benji actually likes a
lot of the same music as you, Ma.

Like, um, Billie Holiday.

You love her, right?
Yes, I do.

Felix, is it true that your job
at Brasstown is coming to end,
because I absolutely
love your fruit smoothies.

You really know your way around a mango.

Oh, well, uh, you know, Benji, he, uh,
he taught me everything
I know.
So, uh
I just, uh, follow his instructions
and hit puree.

Well, you are gonna have to give
me your recipe someday, Benji.

I mean, usually that's top secret.

But for my boyfriend's mom,
I'll make an exception.

I've had too much salsa.

Um, I've got this, like,
acidy reflux thing, so
I'm gonna let you guys hang
Ma, you had, like, one chip.

Why don't you just wait
to see if it passes?
Victor, if I said I don't feel good,
I don't feel good.
Déjame, okay?
Why don't we just go
to that bonfire, yeah?
- Yeah.

- Sounds good.


- LAKE: Okay, so how long is the drive?
- Hey.

- FELIX: About an hour.

I can't believe you let me get a turtle.

Pilar was right.
separated Dad is the best.

She said that?
- [SIGHS.]

- I'm gonna call her Heather.

Why Heather?
Because it's a beautiful name.

Wait, we need to go back.

We need another tank.

What? Why? This one's got everything.

It's got plants, and a little
rock for her to sun herself.

Yeah, but we need two tanks.

One for your place and one for mine.

Mijo, Heather's only
gonna live in my apartment.


Then I don't want her.

What? Why not?
I already miss you half the time.

I don't need to miss a turtle, too.

Let's just return her.



ANDREW: Hungry much?
Hi, Andrew.

How was your summer?
I missed air conditioning.

And there was a week when my
whole cabin's periods synced up,
- and it turned into The Hunger Games.

- Wow.

Um, but I mean,
other than that, pretty good.

I got your care package.

I'm sorry that I didn't respond.

- Oh no, it's fine.

- No, it's not.

Uh, but, um, between Victor being gay,
and my dad getting engaged,
and Veronica getting pregnant,
I I just wanted to take the summer
to figure out where I fit here.

And? Well, did you figure it out?
Didn't even come close.

- I
- LUCY: Hey.
Sorry I'm late.

- Oh, do you know
- MIA: Lucy, right?
Um, you're friends with Benji.

Uh, and we, we had English
together freshman year.

- Yes! Ms.

Why was she always
assigning those erotic poems?
Yeah, if I had to read one more
haiku about a quivering flower

So, uh, when did you guys
Uh, Steve Danahey's
Fourth of July party.

- Huh.

- Weird, right? I'm so not into jocks.

And yet somehow this
walking protein shake
wormed his way into my heart.

Well, the heart wants what it wants.

And mine currently wants this
Uh, shrimp lo mein, so I'm gonna
I'll see you at school.

- Wanna go?
- Yeah.

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ♪
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪
- Hey, guys.


What is all this stuff?
Mom, meet Heather.
My new turtle.

She's gonna live here,
and at Dad's apartment.

- Come on, Heather.

- Okay
Yeah, I know.
I, uh, I
wanted my apartment to be fun,
and, uh, kinda spiraled
from there, so
How is your new place?
Oh, my place? It's
Yeah, my place is great.

Yeah, it's good.
It's, um
It's depressing as hell.

We're doing the right thing, right?
- The separation
- I think so.
We were stuck.

We were stuck in a cycle of just
fighting and guilt tripping
Wasn't fair to us.

Right? It definitely
wasn't fair to the kids.


Yeah, I know.

So Benji came over tonight.

We were all supposed to
have dinner together
- Hmm.

- But then I saw him and Victor
acting like a couple and I, I
Yeah, I, I know.
I get
It's it's a lot.

It's, it's a lot for me, too,
and it's lot for, for me
to wrap my head around.

Do you think you ever will?
Of course.

Isa, he's my son, and it's who he is.

I have to.

We both do.

- BENJI: Okay, I think we got it
- Oh, wait! No.

I wanna I wanna do
the lighter fluid! Please?
- Go for it.

- FELIX: Thank you.
All right.


Okay, I'm scared.
I don't
want my face to burn off.

My mom says I have the jawline
of a young Hilary Swank.

- Aw, Felix, just do it.

- Come on, man.
Come on, just do it.


- Whoa!

All righty.

Hey, Felix, let's go get the
fireworks from the car, huh?
But it's cozy.

I'll make it worth your while.


Those two are kind of perfect together.



I'm sorry things didn't go well today.

With your mom.

It's okay.

I'm sure things will
get better eventually.

You know, you don't have
to pretend everything's okay
when we talk about how
shitty your mom was being.

I mean, she can barely
look at us together.

She won't let you tell
Adrian that you're gay.

You're allowed to be pissed off.

My mom has put my
family through so much
You know, with the move, and the
affair, and the separation, and
I forgave her because she's my mom.

But I tell her I'm gay, and now
she can barely even look at me.

And on Monday we start school.

And part of me is so excited
to yell from the rooftops
that you're my boyfriend.

But there's another
part of me that is
completely terrified.

I understand.

VICTOR: I just wish things
could be as simple as
you and me, Lake and Felix,
in our perfect little summer bubble.

No, Victor.
It is that simple.

You and me.
That's what matters.

School Parents
It's all just noise.

As long as we remember
that, we'll be okay.


- LAKE: Hey, break it up, Romeo and Romeo.


Got some fireworks.

- Yeah, look at these.

- Aah whoa.



What the hell is going on? ♪

The dust has only ♪
Just begun to form ♪
Crop circles in the carpet ♪
Sinking, feeling ♪

Hide and seek ♪
Trains ♪
And sewing machines ♪
- LAKE: Okay

Ready to blow the roof off this place?
- Sure.


They were here first ♪



- FELIX: Oh, wow!


What, what, what did you say? ♪
They were here first ♪
Oily marks ♪
Appear on walls ♪
Where pleasure moments ♪
Hung before ♪
The takeover ♪
The sweeping insensitivity ♪
So, are you excited for your
last day at Brasstown tomorrow?
Yeah, uh, hey,
I, I know the summer rush will be over,
but is there any chance I can,
I don't know, keep working there?
I mean, pick up a few extra shifts.

I need the extra cash.

Dating Lake is not cheap.

I don't know if they
have any openings, but I'll ask.


Hey, Mom.
How you feeling?
Spin me 'round again ♪
FELIX: Did you eat?
I'm not hungry.

You gotta eat, Mom.

I'll heat you up some soup.

When busy streets ♪
Amass with people ♪
Would stop to hold ♪
Their heads heavy ♪
What'd you say? ♪
- That you only meant well ♪

Hi, mijo.
Did you have
fun with your friends?
Yeah, we had a good time.

- Mom?
- Yeah?
Benji is my boyfriend,
and I'd like you to call him that.

You have a good night.

Mmm, what did you say? ♪

What what what did you say? ♪
Blood and tears ♪
They were ♪
Here first ♪
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