Love, Victor (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Day One, Take Two

In honor of your first
day back at Creekwood,
I wanted to say I'm proud of you.

You and Benji coming out
as a couple at school
that's huge! If you're anything like me,
you're probably trying to pick the
perfect look for your coming out
your "coming outfit"?
There's a lot of pressure
on gay guys to be stylish.

Good morning.

Are you going to school, or
back in time to play jazz?
Uh, lose the hat?
Burn the hat.

Okay, come on, it's
your first day of school.

We're already late.

I wanna see more shoes on
Less belly button on you.

Hashtag free the belly button.

Um, honey, I know
things have been, uh
not the same between us.

But I love you
so much.

- I know.

- Good.

So, this thing
between you and Benji
your boyfriend
I don't have to tell you how unkind
kids in high school can
be when you're different.

You don't.

And once you start telling people,
you know, you can't take it back.

People are gonna hear your name,
it's the first thing
they're gonna think about.

I just want to make sure
that that's something that
you want.

It is.


Are we done?
I'm sorry, son, but
the rent is due in full.

And you can't keep
bribing me for extensions
with homemade banana bread.

Okay, fine.

I didn't want to do this,
but I have some old pills from
when they thought I had ADD.

Now, they're very expired,
but if you crush 'em up,
I'm sure they're gonna give
you a little bit of a rush.

Felix, uh
I haven't seen your
mother around in weeks.

Is everything okay?
You know, she's, um,
feeling a little under the weather.

But, you know, we've lived
here for twelve years,
so, you know, we're good
we're good for the money.

Get it to me by Friday.

But no more grace periods.

And, uh
Leave the ADD pills in my mailbox.

What was all
that with the landlord?
But, uh,
"landlord" is a f is a funny word.

I mean, what is he?
Lord of the land?
Oh! Victor.

Should we walk to school? I vote yes!
Oh, my God.
That felt
like Ford v Ferrari.

I can't believe you
passed your driver's test.

No, I know.
I can't believe it
I'm, like, a danger to others.

Okay, can we talk about the
gay elephant in the room?
Look, it's gonna be a strange day,
but the sooner that everyone
knows Victor is with Benji,
the sooner we can move past it.

Okay, yes, queen.
Love how
glass half-full you're being.

I do feel like we need
to get on top of the story
and make it absolutely clear
you did not turn him gay.

Oh, come on.
Nobody's gonna
think that I turned him gay.

Sweet, naïve Mia.

You know that kids here love to gossip.

Remember that time I went
to a Harry Styles concert,
and everyone was saying we
hooked up in his dressing room?
Nobody was saying that, except you.

Good for Andrew.

I mean, how many times did you have
to tell him you're not interested?
Move on dot org.
Am I right?
Let's go this way.

God, I love the first day of school.

You get to see who got
bangs, who got boobs
who got a new boyfriend
Are you stressed about telling everyone?
I'm good.


I, I didn't see you there.

Well, at, at least I didn't
walk in on a make-out sesh this time.

It was really weird
not talking to you all summer.

I mean, I totally get
why you were ignoring me,
but, um, it's really good to see you.

I should go.

Well, that was horrible.

Yo, Salazar.

You still, uh, Vic deep in that?
You get it? It's like, dick deep, but
No, no.
Yeah, yeah.
get it.
Just not funny.

Um, also, we broke up.

What? Why?
You know.

I, I was here for the summer,
and she was 200 miles
away at some summer camp,
you know, eating s'mores, or whatever.

It was just really hard to do the
long-distance thing over FaceTime.

Well, you know what they say.

You know, camp brings out the tramp.

No, she didn't cheat on
me or anything.
It was
Don't worry, Salazar.
find you a new honey soon.

For sure.

What was that?
- I thought we were gonna be honest.

- We will be.

Okay, it's just the first
minute of the first day.

Can we just kind of
ease our way into it?
Whatever you want.

Victor Salazar and Mia
Brooks broke up this summer.

Don't let your girl go to camp!
Why'd they break up?
She cheated.

I heard she was FaceTiming with Victor
right before she had full-on
sex with some lifeguard,
and she left her camera on,
so he saw the whole thing.

I heard she put his junk
between two graham crackers,
and the next thing you know, s'mores.

Did you hear about Mia and this Victor?
- Yo, what was Mia thinking?
- They broke up.

Mmm, she's so fine.

- That slut.

- Oh, my God.
Victor and Mia broke up?
- Oh, my God.

- Can we not slut-shame, please?
Mia and the s'mores! That's gross.

Oh, hell, no!
Well, hello, everyone.

I think his tongue is
so far down her throat
it's cutting off her hearing.


This one can barely
keep her hands off me.

Can you blame her? My
body's been next level
ever since I started drinking
raw eggs for breakfast.

He's had food poisoning twice.

So, have you guys started
telling people you're dating yet?

Um, hey, can I talk to you for a second?
Look, I want to tell people.

Just maybe not today.

Victor, all I wanna do is
reach across that table,
and hold my boyfriend's hand.

And, and I know why
that sounds scary, but
sometimes in the long run, doing
something scary is worth it.

Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia!
Hey, boo.
Where do you
want to sit this year?
Can't talk.
Girl drama.

Have you seen Creeksecrets?
I never read Creeksecrets.

Why are you gasping for air?
So, um, there's a rumor going
around about you and Victor.

It's not actually that bad.

That's a lie.
It's horrible.

Maybe we should just transfer schools?
Oh, my God.
I Wait, I thought
I thought Victor was gonna tell
the truth about him and Benji.

Yeah, well, obviously he didn't,
and you know the rumor mill here
is just absolutely disgusting.

Hey, Mia.
Got you something.

Since you love s'mores so much.

It's not true, dumbass.

Victor's our boy, right?
And something happened,
- or you'd still be together.

- Yeah.

Just tell them, Mia.

Yeah, Mia.
Tell us.

Come on.
We're leaving.

Okay, if it's not true,
why are you walking away?
Yo, what's your problem?
She cheated on you.
We were
just having your back, bro.

You don't need that s'more whore.

- Ah! Ow.
What the hell?
- Whoa!
Oh, shit!
Come in.

Oh, no.

Sad girl music.

What was it, a lousy
first day of school?
- Come on.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.

I just had a day.

- You look nice.

- Oh.

Well, thank you.

It's the botany department gala tonight.

As a matter of fact,
why don't you come with?
Come on, Beans.

Look, Veronica is stuck at work.

This is a great opportunity
for you and me to hang out.

One on one.
We don't
get to do it that often.

All right.
All right, I'm in.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- But
if you call me Beans in
public, I'm out of there.

You got it, sweetheart.

Now, let's get dressed.

Fifteen minutes, we leave.


Victor, when your principal called us
to tell us that you
shoved another student,
I thought she had the wrong number.

Because our son
doesn't do things like that.

I'm, I'm so sorry, okay? I, I messed up.

Yeah, you did.

But we told her that things
have been hard at home
because of the
separation, and they're
they're letting you off with detention.


That, that's it?
Well, the principal told us that
Wyatt was spreading
nasty rumors about Mia.

So we understand
you felt you had to
- stand up for her.

- Yeah.

Whatever else you're going through,
it's clear that you
still care about her.

So, I I'm not
I'm not punished.

Did you want to be?
I'm just getting the rules straight.

So, I, I'm allowed to shove someone,
as long as it's over a girl?

We just understand why you're upset.

No, you don't.

Do you want to know why I'm so upset?
It's because all day,
I could hear your voice in my head
begging me not to tell
anyone that I was gay.

No, I was I just
told him to be careful.

I was just trying to protect you.

You know how cruel kids can be.

You're the only one that's being cruel.

The only reason why you don't
want me telling anyone that I'm gay
is because you don't want me to be gay.

You're putting words in my mouth.

Then tell me I'm wrong.

Tell me that you're okay with it.

Tell me that you support me.

Victor, this this is
all really new for us.

But of course we support
No matter what.

Not you.


And Lake is making me take AP French,
because she thinks
that the teacher is hot,
but he's actually not.

She's just kind of
confused by the accent.

Hey, Philip.
How you
doing, man? Good to see you.

Look, I gotta get a little face
time with the donor committee.

Now, as soon as I'm done,
I'm all yours, all right?
I'll be back in two,
maybe three minutes.

Don't judge.

I'm not on the meal plan,
so this is my dinner.

Starving artist and everything.

You're an artist?
Me, too.



What year are you?
Um, freshman.

- College freshman.

- Same.

So, what brings you to this
rager for the botany department?
- Oh, is that what this is?
- Yeah.

I literally just saw
food and an open bar,
and like, walked right in.

Do you want to get out of here?
Or I mean, not like that.

I mean just, like, go do something fun?
I could really use a little fun.


A couple of my roommates are
having wine and cheese on the quad.

That sounds perfect.

It's BYO wine.

Whatcha doing?
Which you
shouldn't do in the dark.

Strains the eyes.
Causes migraines.

Okay, boomer.

Boomer? I am ten months older than you.

Yeah, but you're such a grandpa.

You probably have a Werther's Original
in the pocket of your cardigan.

I wish.

You know, sometimes I come out here
to escape the badness of my apartment.

My parents' separation,
and how weird my mom
is being with Victor.

So, what are you escaping?
Mom stuff.
Money stuff.

Yeah, I kind of eavesdropped
on you with the landlord.

We're basically broke.

My mom always goes
through these episodes
where she's either depressed or manic.

She usually bounces back
after a week or two.

But this time, um, she
stopped going to work.

And lost her job.

Anyway, um
I'm two hundred dollars short on rent.

And she won't get out of bed.

I don't know what to do.

Two hundred, right?
Holy shit.
Pilar, how did you get that?
It's from my summer job
selling mall pretzels.

You get a lot of tips when you
smile and bat your eyes at old men.

I guess pervs love pretzels.

I, I, I can't I
can't take your money.

Don't be stupid.

Me and my friends were saving
up to see Billie Eilish,
but it's sold out now, anyway, so
You'll pay me back.

Pilar, um
I can't believe this.

You've been a good friend to my brother.

And if you can't pay
rent, and had to move out,
- he'd really miss you.

- Oh.

And Victor would be the
only one who'd miss me.

Don't make it weird.

So, the whole time you were together,
- you had no idea he was gay?
- None.

Which is crazy, because
I watch so much Bravo.

Oh, my God.

Uh, I don't know why I'm going
on about my embarrassing life.

Mmm, it's probably because
you guys are strangers.

Oh! I have had at least
two gay boyfriends.

And the jury's still out on Steve.

Gay guys are better looking.

They're better listeners.

They're just better at everything.

Well, not everything.


Ah I, I really needed
So thank you guys.

You headed out? Which
dorm? I'll, I'll walk you.

No, no, no.
You stay.

Um, I live off campus.

Here's here's my number.

Um, I want to see you again.

I'd love that.

So that's why you
couldn't come out today?
Your mom got in your head?
Vic, you could've just told me.

It's just embarrassing to care
about what your mom thinks.

You're lucky that your
parents are so cool with it.

Yeah, now they are.

- It took my dad a minute.

- Really?
- What do you mean?
- Well
A month after I came out,
my dad said he wanted to have lunch.

But as we're parking in the restaurant,
I realize it's not a restaurant at all.

- It's a strip club.

- What?
I know.
So, we go in,
and he's sweating and beet red,
just trying to act like this
is a totally normal thing
for us to be doing together.

He tells me, "It's cool if you're
gay, but how can you be so sure?"
And he waves over a stripper
to give me a lap dance.

- No!
- Swear to God.

Her name was Jacuzzi.

Anyway, some Pussycat
Dolls song comes on,
and Jacuzzi puts her glittery
boobs right in my face.

So, so what did you do?
I shut it down.

Gave Jacuzzi a nice tip,
told her I was gay, and marched out.

On the ride back,
I told my dad
nothing was ever gonna change who I was.

I'm sorry.

For not being as brave as you are.

I promise I'm trying.
just please don't give up on me.


I don't think I could give up on you,
even if I wanted to.

We'll tell the school
when you're ready, okay?
And, and if I wanna hold your hand,
or do something boyfriendy,
then I'll just
I'll just do this.

It'll be our little secret.

- Hi.

- Hey.

Adrian! Papi's here
to drive you to school!
Is Victor here?
After that fight last night,
I just wanted to see him.

He said he had to go to
school early for a "thing.
Pretty sure that
"thing" was avoiding me.

Well, I didn't sleep a wink.

Instead, I ended up going
down an internet rabbit hole.

Do not Google "dad with
gay teen," by the way.

I'm not sure I can call
myself a Catholic anymore.

But no, I, I did wind up
finding something useful.

There's a group for
parents with gay kids.

They have a chapter in midtown.

Meets every other Tuesday.

I am not airing our
family's dirty laundry
in front of a group of strangers.

Well, Isa, something's gotta change.

Right now we're losing him.

I actually think you're actually
getting worse at driving.

I lightly grazed a mailbox.

Hey! I see you spreading
rumors, Marjorie Nelson!
Mind your business,
or I will tell everyone
you have two vaginas!
I don't know why, but like,
that seems believable to me.

Ah, just ignore her.

All the gossip will
blow over eventually.

You're being very Zen about this.


I guess I'm just over
the high school drama.

Can we talk for a second?

I don't know if you saw, but I,
I texted you a bunch last night,
- and
- Yeah.
I saw.

I just I want to say sorry.

For everything, like
All these rumors started
because I was too scared
to come out, and
The rumors started
because it's high school.

I mean, Creekwood gonna Creekwood.

I, I guess,
but still, you don't deserve this,
- and if there's anything I can do
- Okay.

You don't owe me anything.

You're not my boyfriend anymore.

I know I'm not your boyfriend.

But we're not nothing
to each other.
Are we?
I don't know what we are.

I'll see you around.

What do you mean you can't
afford to go to Billie Eilish?
Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

What about your pretzel money?
Something more important came up.

Hey, handsome.


- What are you doing?
- What I should have done yesterday.

Excuse me.
Uh so
Not that it's anyone's business,
but Mia didn't cheat on me.

And it's also not her
fault that we broke up.

It's not anyone's fault.
The truth is
I'm gay
and I'm with Benji now.

Aw, that's so cute!
I I don't want it
to be a secret anymore,
because I'm happy about it.
Like really, really happy.

- That's cool.

- Yeah.

So, uh yeah.

Uh, we won't be taking
any questions at this time.

Dear Simon,
it wasn't as smooth as I planned,
but Benji and I are
officially out at Creekwood.

To be honest, I don't know
how people are gonna react,
and I don't care.

You taught me everything
I know about being brave.

And, and who knows?
Maybe one day I can inspire
someone to be themselves,
the same way you inspired me.

Love, Victor.

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