Love, Victor (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

There's No Gay in Team

VICTOR: Dear Simon,
when I came out in front
of the whole school,
I said I didn't care
what people think
Yes, queen!
VICTOR: But people sure don't
mind telling me what they think.

I want you to know that I see you.


Love is love.

VICTOR: It's like coming out gave
everyone an excuse to
share their opinion.

Or to get my opinion about
things I know nothing about.

Hey, girl!
What do you moisturize with?
- Water.

- Water?

Fine, don't share with us your
flawless skin secrets, bitch!

I never thought coming out would be
an invitation for
strangers to talk to me.

Or that the people I used to talk to
would suddenly feel like strangers.

COACH FORD: Hey, Salazar!
Do you mind if we chat?
Um, yeah, sure.

COACH FORD: First day of practice.

How's my star player?
Uh, excited.

I've been practicing
my jump shot all summer.


So, um, I heard about
your recent announcement.

It's okay.
We, we
really don't have to talk about it.

Listen, I think it's
I really do.
I mean, I'm basically gay, myself.

I've been living with my best
friend Mike for twenty years,
and we share a SodaStream, so
Okay, um
The point I'm trying to
make is that I want you
to feel comfortable and safe
both on the court,
and in the locker room.

And also, uh, in fact,
if-if you would now like to maybe
change away from the other guys,
I mean, we could figure that out.

I actually have an empty coach's
office that nobody's using.

It's got its own shower.

I mean, you'd have
your own changing area!
I mean, Steph Curry
doesn't even have that.

Uh, thanks, but I'll just keep
showering and changing
with the rest of the team.


It's, it's not a big deal, but, uh,
there have been some complaints.

Complaints about me
changing with the team?
I'm just trying to keep
everybody happy, okay?
So would you think about it?
You're a good kid, Victor.

And I'm very proud of you.

I'll see you at practice.
Go, Grizzlies.

Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪

: I still
don't get what you're going for.

Um, if I say it's a, a,
a physical manifestation
of the metaphysical human experience,
does that make me pretentious?
But it also makes you pretty cool.

Where are you, anyway?
Why are you working there
instead of the campus studio?
Um, so I'm in a, a warehouse off-campus.

That's a really nice sketch.

It's a surrealist
take on my parents' backyard.

How much longer are you gonna
hide out in here during lunch
because you're avoiding Victor

: And that's the totally
non-obnoxious way I'll fail
to be the next Kehinde Wiley.

That is so, uh, thought-provoking.

Uh, what are you up to tonight?
I need to finish this piece,
but, uh, there's a party on Buck
Row I was maybe gonna hit up.
Um, no reason.
I, um,
I'm mean, I'm probably
gonna just be working, too,
but, uh, maybe send me the deets,
and if I finish early, I'll stop by.

Sounds like a plan.

Bye, Mia.

- Bye.



- Was that cool?
Um, making art while seducing older men?
You are literally Beyoncé.

I just got invited to a college party.

Okay, if I'm a cool college kid,
I need some cool college friends,
so are you and Felix down to come?
We need a fun night out.

Now come have lunch with us
so we can plan our college party looks.

Oh, no
This was for my grandma.



Rainbow sprinkles.

A little on the nose, right? [CHUCKLES.]

Okay, let's get started.

Welcome to PFLAG.

For our first timers,
this is a support group
for parents, families,
and allies of LGBTQ people.

My name is Jack.
My son Simon
came out a few years back,
and we're here to talk
about how great, and weird,
and complicated coming out can be.

Not just for the people doing it
but for all of us.

Uh, sir.

Why don't you start us
off? What's your story?
Uh, okay, uh,
I'm Armando, and my son just came out.


That's pretty much my story.

Who in your family's gay?
Here she is.

Five-hundred words, ready to go.

There's nothing too
smart in here, right?
Like any words I
wouldn't know or anything?
It's a solid C plus.

We want your improvement to
be miraculous, but believable.


- Hey.

- Hey.

How it's going with your mom?
Still not great,
but I have a new side
hustle to make rent,
and I can pay you back this week.

- Cool.
No rush.

- Cool.

If you ever wanna, like,
hang out to vent or whatever
I'm around.

Yeah, that would
actually be great.


LAKE: Hey, bae.
Exciting news.

So, we are going with Mia
to a college party tonight.

Uh, tonight? Uh, I kind
of have a lot of homework.

Again? I mean, you're like, crazy smart,
and this school isn't even
that good.
What's going on?
I may have started a little business
writing essays for kids.

What? Felix, cheating is serious.

I mean, look what happened
to Olivia Jade's mom.

And more importantly,
Olivia Jade's brand.

I mean, what do you
even need the money for?
DJ equipment.

Yeah, I'm saving up for the
new Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT
Okay, I need you to stop
saying letters at me.

Felix, I mean, DJ equipment
is not a good reason to cheat.

Or to totally blow off
your girlfriend all week.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

All right, I'll,
I'll go to the party.

Yay! Thank you.

So, uh, do you wanna come over after
school so we can hang out before?
Sounds great.

- I'm really sorry, Vic.

- Sorry about what?
Some guys on my team don't
want me changing with them.

- What the hell?
- Seriously?
Yeah, I know.
kind of insecure asshole
can't handle showering around a gay guy?
This is bullshit.

VICTOR: It's just so stupid.

You know, like, I, I've
been changing with these guys
for over a year now.

Do they think that now that I'm out,
I'm gonna turn into some
kind of sexual predator?
But also, like,
why are they worried
about you looking at them?
You are literally dating the
most gorgeous guy at Creekwood.

FELIX: Well, I mean,
you know [CHUCKLES.]

beauty is in the eye
of the beholder, so
Behold Benji, bitch.

Yeah, I'll be right back.

Uh, hey.
Hey, Andrew.
can we talk for a second?
What's up, Salazar?
You know what's up.

All right, listen.

I don't know who complained to
Coach Ford, but it wasn't me.

I don't care who checks
me out naked: guys, girls,
the old widow next door
when I leave the blinds open.

It's all very flattering, you know?
You're the team captain.

You know who complained.

What if I tell you who it is? Then what?
You call them out, and suddenly they
realize how ignorant they're being
and they apologize to you?
Victor, look, you are the
best player on the team.

So what?
So show up tonight at
practice and, and dominate.

Then hopefully they'll realize how
ignorant and stupid they're being,
and everything will
just go back to normal.

Just be undeniable, yeah?
Trust me.


Um, hey.

I'll see ya.

- Hey.

- Jack.

Jack, hey, uh, listen, I'm,
I'm sorry I didn't say much.

Uh, this is just all pretty new to me.

Are you feeling okay?
- Huh? What?
- You're really, really sweaty.

Oh, yeah.
I sweat when I'm nervous.

Uh, anyway, l-l-like I
said, my, my son, um, Victor,
he, he just came out recently,
which, I mean, you know,
he's a basketball player,
so I guess I never
really saw that com
I Not that that has anything
to do with who a person wants to
Listen, I have to get
back to the office.

Maybe we could grab
a beer later tonight.

I know that these meetings
can be overwhelming, so
Jack, that, that would
be great, actually.

And I, I, I promise to change my shirt
- into something yeah.


- Less moist.

- Moist.

I hate that word.
I don't know why I said that.

- JACK: All right.
I'll see ya.

- Okay.

COACH FORD: All right,
Bring it in.
Gather up!
Welcome to the first
practice of the season.

I hope you all had a good summer.

I rented the cutest little lake house.

And then I got a staph
infection on day one.
Went through me like a wildfire.

I almost lost a finger.
But I didn't.

I didn't lose my pinky,
and we're not gonna lose
any games.
Right, guys?
- PLAYER: Sure.

All right, great.
Pair up.

Let's run some passing drills.


PLAYER: Pass it up.

Yo, Vic.
You and me.
Let's go.


All right, come on, now.

ANDREW: Yeah, put that up, Vic!

That's what I'm talkin' about! Let's go!
COACH FORD: Whoa! Nicely done!
ANDREW: Here we go!
That a way, Salazar!
Take it!
Yes! Attaboy, Victor!
- Good job!




LAKE: Oh, my God.
Mia's already there.

This is such girl
code violation.
Section 348,
chicks before dicks.

- Do you happen to remember how Hamlet ends?
- Yeah.
With a murder.

Which is exactly what's
going to happen here
if you don't shut that
laptop and get ready.

Felix, um,
I'm not a "me" anymore.
I'm a "we.
And I'm really excited for us
to go to this party together.

"We," too, Lake.
"We," too.

I just need 30 minutes to learn
Mandarin for Chad Jacobson.




: What the hell?
I thought Coach was gonna
have him change somewhere else.

PLAYER: Yeah, let's go.


I'm sorry.

I thought they'd realize
that you're still just you.

You know?


Whoo! Yeah.


Don't I know you?
- You're Mia, right?
- Mmm-hmm.

I'm Derek.

Your ex-boyfriend stole my ex-boyfriend?
Small world.

I thought that you were in high school.

I am.

I just lied to impress a
guy who hasn't even shown up.

Do you wanna play?
Uh, no.
No, I'm good.

But, uh, careful.

That drink is lethal.

It'll make you forget your own name.


Hey, which one of you frat boys
wants to get out-drunk by a chick?
- ALL: Whoa!

MIA: All right, give me a ball.

I mean
This generation I can't keep up.

I can't keep up, man.
Last night I'm reading about pansexuals,
and I'm like, what?
Dios mio.
What, people can
fall in love with bread?

- No

- Yeah, but then I see,
no, a pansexual is somebody
who is into all genders.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It can be a lot.

It is.
And I'm scared.

Every time I open up my mouth,
I'm scared that I might say
something to make my son hate me.

His mother's having a hard
time with the whole thing.

It's made things between
them really strained, and
I don't want that for me and Victor.

We've always been so close.

Before Simon told me he was gay,
I had a whole idea for his life.

The kind of girls he would date,
the kind of advice that
I would give, and
When he came out, I realized that
those were just my hopes, not his,
and I had to let 'em go.

And once I did
Yeah, I realized that
there are a lot of ways
that you could be a man.

You know what I mean?
- That makes sense.

- Yeah.

But, I mean, I don't even
know where to begin with him.

I think about sitting
down to talk to him, and
- I just get stuck.

- Yeah.

Well, you know, not every
conversation with Victor
- has to be about his sexuality.

- Mm-hmm.

So what did you guys talk
about before he came out?
Sports has
always been our thing.

Well, there you go.
Start there.

- Mmm.

- And once you start talking,
once he realizes that you're
still a soft place for him to land,
you'll be surprised where
the conversation might go.



I'm going to go.

Yeah, no, that's a good idea.

Uh, you know, I'm almost
done, so I'm right behind you.

No, I'm
I'm going to go alone.

What? Why?
Because I told you
tonight is important to me.

More important than you making money
to buy some DJ BB-8 thing.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Just go home, Felix.

- I can't.

- Why?

Because our internet is turned off.

And I can't finish what's
due tomorrow without it.

Wait, why was your internet shut off?
I was lying
about the DJ equipment.

My mom stopped going to work.

She can't.

- Because of her manic depression?
- Yeah.

She's, um, she's been
depressed for a while now.

She barely gets out of bed most days.

We need the extra cash.

Help us pay our bills.

Uh, how long has this been going on?
This time, most of the summer.

It's gonna be okay, all
right? I'll figure it out.

I'll figure it out.



Hit me with a worksheet.


I told you.

I'm not a "me" anymore.

I'm a "we.
But "we" don't know Mandarin,
so hit me with something else.


How was practice?
Um, it was great at first.

The, the guys were being
totally normal on the court.

Uh, but then we got into
the locker room, and
I'm just so confused.

Like, these guys are
supposed to be my friends.

Why aren't you more upset about this?
Like, you've been oddly quiet all day.

I, I mean, of course I'm upset.

I'm just I'm not surprised.

Everyone thinks that coming
out is easy these days,
but it's not.

I mean, two days after I did, my
lab partner asked to switch desks.

Said it's 'cause he couldn't see
the board from the back of the room,
but everyone knew that was bullshit.

And on top of everything,
you play sports,
which is not exactly
the most evolved group
- you could be a part of.


I don't know.
Maybe I should just
change in the stupid extra office
No, you're not doing that.

You should be around people
who want you to be you.

End of story.


- Uh-oh.

- What?
It's my ex.

Texting about your ex.




Excuse me, do you mind if I
talk to my friend for a second?
Um, hello.

I'm a woman with agency.

You can ask me to talk to me.

- I'm gonna go.

- Thanks.

You happy?
Come on.
Let's, let's
take you back home.

Do you seriously think you can come here
and be my knight in shining armor?
I'm a cool college kid at a
cool college party, and, um

- Okay, okay.
Come on.

- Okay.
I do I want to go home now.

Not because you want me
Because I want to.

Okay? Because I'm a woman with agency.

- You told me that already.

- MIA: But I'm telling you again.


- Hey.

- Hey.

Uh, sorry I texted you so late.

That's okay.
I was up
sneak-watching Euphoria.

Then I googled Zendaya red carpet looks
and lost three hours of my life.

- Ah.
Well, we've all been there.


I'll grab my jacket so we
can go outside and talk.

Actually, uh, I don't need
to talk.
I'm here to pay ya.

Two-hundred dollars.

That was fast.

I, uh, told Lake about my mom.

And, uh, she helped me
with my homework hustle,
so now I can pay the
bills, and give you this.

- Oh.
You told Lake everything?
- Yeah.

Yeah, which I should
have done a long time ago.

But, uh, you know, it's good
news for you, too, right?
You don't have to spend all
that time listening to me
yammer about my crazy mom.

- Seriously.
Thank God.


So, anyway, uh, thank
So, goodnight.


VICTOR: Have another glass of water.

You'll be glad you did in the morning.

- [SIPS.]

- Thanks.


MIA: It's the guy I like.
showed up to the party, after all.

When he wasn't there, I just
assumed he was blowing me off.

Guess I just got used to
guys I like not showing up.


Mia, I'm I'm sorry.

For everything.

Did you know you were gay
the whole time we dated?
Kind of.

But, like I also didn't.

Um, I just loved being around you,
and, and I thought that
if there was any girl
in the whole world that
I could be happy with
You know what really sucks?
I feel like I'm not
allowed to be mad at you.

Because, I mean, coming out is,
is the most important thing
you've ever done, and
I am glad you did it.

Because I want you to be happy.

Because I love you.

But, um, I
just wish that you doing
the most important
thing you've ever done
didn't make me feel like shit.

I wish I didn't lose my best friend.

You didn't lose me.

I'm right here, and I miss you so much.

And I love you, too.

This is not how I used to
imagine our first "I love you" s.

You are so amazing.
You know that?
- Okay
- No, no.
I'm, I'm serious.
Even after everything, you still
You still want me to be me.

Of course I do.

What kind of person wouldn't?

It's him.
The college guy.


Take it.

I have to get going anyways.



: Yo!
I got stuck at the studio,
so I just got here.
You leave already?
: Oh, uh, yeah.

Well, come back.

I can't.
I'm, um
Uh, Tyler, I'm a junior in high school.


Yeah, I'm sorry I lied.

I just, I, I liked you, and I,
I wanted to hang out with you.

But, um, if you don't want to
hang out with me anymore, I
Mia, don't be ridiculous.

I turned 18 last month.

What are you doing tomorrow?


COACH FORD: All right,
bring it in, guys.
Come on.


Salazar, you're late.

Give it time, it'll shine on you ♪
I've been told ♪
What are you doing here?
I, uh, have a surprise.

Nothing good ever does come easy ♪
But you'll get there soon ♪
Vintage Air Jordans.
Now, I-I know that they got all
these fancy sneakers nowadays,
but for my money, these are the
best basketball sneakers ever made.

And just in time for the new season.


And I-I was also
thinking maybe if, uh,
you didn't have too much homework,
we could hang for a bit.

I'll get there soon ♪
You should return 'em.

I believe, I believe ♪
Why? Don't you like 'em?
I don't need 'em.

I quit the team.

I believe, I believe, I believe ♪
- I'll get there soon ♪


I can see, I can see, I
can see it coming in view ♪
I believe, I believe, I believe ♪
I'll get there soon ♪
I'll get there soon ♪
Oh ♪
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