Love, Victor (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Sincerely, Rahim



RAHIM: Dear Victor, I hope
it's cool that I'm reaching out.


- My name is Rahim.

I'm a friend and "colleague" of Pilar's.


RAHIM: She said you might be a good
person to reach out to because
I'm gay.

But it's still scary to
say the words out loud.

on my patio set ♪
Whatcha gonna do with
all them good good vibes ♪
We moving, we shaking ♪
RAHIM: Especially because my mom
and dad are super traditional.

And super Muslim.

Not having my parents'
approval has always seemed like
the worst thing imaginable.

Until recently, that is.

Now, the worst thing I can imagine
is that I never get to experience
what you and Benji have.

Hoping you might have
some words of wisdom.

Sincerely, Rahim.

Wait, is it weird to
end with "sincerely?"
I'm going for it.

Sincerely, Rahim.


Vibe ♪
Whatcha gonna do with
all them good good vibes ♪

Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪

Ay, mijo, you look so adorable.

I look ridiculous.

Even I want to punch me.

Why does Adrian look like Willy Wonka?
Mom is going to sing
at church this Sunday,
and now she wants us all
to show up looking insane.

Uh, congrats.

Thank you.

Can you come?
I know you haven't been to
church for a while, but
it doesn't feel right singing
without my biggest fan there.

Uh, I, I don't know.

You know, they don't exactly
welcome people like me.

Wait, what do you mean, people like you?
People who don't make their beds.

Again with the bed? You're obsessed!
He's just a little kid.

He's not ready for that.


VICTOR: How am I supposed to
give another gay kid advice
when I can barely talk to my own mom?
She still won't tell
Adrian that I'm gay.

And have you told her how
any of this makes you feel?
No, no.
Not really.

We live in a constant
state of unspoken weirdness.

It's the Catholic way.


I don't know.
Maybe I'll just see
if Rahim wants to come over later.

So your mom can give him
her trademark judgment eyes?
- She has choir practice.

- And it's more like
- Oh, yeah.
That's good.


Hey, you know, it's kinda
like you're this kid's Simon.

Oh, yeah! I should text Simon.

I bet he gives great advice
on how to give advice
- Yeah.
Yeah, I heard it.

- Mm-hmm.

on, Mom.
Just take it.


They make me feel like a zombie.

Plus, they make my eyelid twitch,
and then when I go to the bodega,
the guy thinks that I'm
winking at him.
I mean,
you wish, Glen.

Fischer said the side effects
will go away if you keep taking it.

Fischer is a joke.

All he cares about is
getting me on a new drug,
and getting the next
patient in his office.


- GEORGINA: Felix, it's Georgina Meriwether!
You didn't tell me
that Lake's mom was coming over!
I didn't know.

- Hey.

- Oh, hello.
You must be Dawn.

Hi, y yes.
Nice to meet you.

I'm sorry about the mess.

I, I mean, you know
how teenage boys can be.

No, this all me.

Well, I hope I'm not interrupting.

I just wanted to come by and
give you a little something
to thank you for having
Lake over the other night.

My guy at the farmer's market
had pears out the wazoo.

- So
- Oh, wow.
Thank you.

That's so generous.

Um, sorry.
Uh, if I knew
you were coming over,
I, I would have gotten dressed.

Oh, please.
As soon as I come home,
I take off my bra and
let the girls swing raw.

'Cause stars, they're
just like us.

DAWN: I, um, can I get you something?
A, a cup of coffee, or some tea?
Oh, well, I'm on my way to the station,
but I could have a quick cup of
We understand
the news waits for no man
sexist no woman.

Say goodbye, Mom.
gonna walk Georgina out.


It was nice to meet you.


- Did Lake say something to you?
- Is that why you're here?
- Lake cares about you, honey.

She's just concerned
about your situation.

Oh, so this is a welfare check.

'Cause we're fine.

And I see that.

But if things are ever not fine,
I want you to know that
I'm here if you need me.

Yeah, well, we don't.

Thanks for the pears.

- Hey.

- Hey.
Uh, what are you doing?
I told you to text me from the driveway.

What am I, your date or Postmates?
No, when I pick up my girl,
I come right up to the door
and say hey to her father.

Mmm, that's okay.

- You really don't have to do that.

- HAROLD: Ha ha ha!
Thought I heard that
What's up, man?
- How you doing?
- ANDREW: You getting fit for the wedding?
- You look swole!
- Aah, see? [LAUGHS.]

I may have gotten a Peloton.

Listen, are you two kids hungry?
Because, uh, we're
in the middle of doing
an appetizer sampling for the wedding.

Uh, no, actually,
we're headed to a movie.

Come on.
It'll take
two minutes.
Come on.

Taste this food.

Hey, check this out.
brought in reinforcements.

Andrew, hi.
Nice to see you.

Sorry, I got started a bit
The potato's hungry today.

She likes to call our baby a potato,
because she refuses to give him a name.

If you're still taking suggestions,
might I recommend Andrew?

- He's hot and funny!
Did I say hot? I'm so
Um, it's the hormones.

You know, these two actually
beat us down the aisle.

In first grade, they had the
cutest little playground wedding.

- I was just in it for the tax break.

- Mmm.

Um, you about done with that slider?
Mia, why don't you show Andrew
your dress for the wedding
so you guys can coordinate?
MIA: We just started dating.

It's way too soon to talk
about Andrew coming with me.

- Sorry, I mean, I just
- No, no.
Mia's right.

It's too soon.

Yeah, I-I guess we
gotta get to that movie.

But thank you so much.
This is great.


- Hey.

- Rahim, this is Victor.
Victor, this is Rahim.

I'm not sure why he's wearing
an old-timey bowling shirt.

Uh, my dad drove me here,
so I had to get this polyester nightmare
from my brother's closet.

So you can't get away
with a Blackpink shirt,
but you can get away
with purple nail polish?
Uh, I told my parents the
nails are for drama club.

They've been waiting for
Creekwood's production of Wicked
for the past year.

You pretend that you're straight
by saying you're in a musical?
I already told you, I need advice.

You know, from someone who
came out to their parents
and had it go kind of okay.

Yeah, I'm not so sure
what Pilar has told you.

ISABEL: Hope everyone's hungry!
Choir practice ended
early, so I got Thai.

I didn't Sorry.

Didn't realize you had company.

PILAR: This is my friend, Rahim.

He's pretty much the only kid at
Creekwood that doesn't suck ass.

Very moving introduction.

Hi, Mrs.

Can I just say, I'm really digging
these terracotta accent walls.

Thank you.


Rahim, honey, would you
like to stay for dinner?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Adrian's at your dad's house.

I have enough pad see
ew to feed an army.

- What do you say?
- Uh, j'adore Thai food.

Let me just call my parents,
and I'll help you whip
up a quick tablescape.


He's nice.



- What are you doing here?
- You weren't answering my texts,
so I figured I'd stake you out.

You didn't hear me throwing
pebbles at your window?
What window?
Second floor, far left.

I mean, I literally flashed you,
and you straight up ignored me.

That's Victor's little brother's window.

Well, I either traumatized
him or made his night.


- Anyways, Felix,
I, I really had no idea my mom
was going to show up like that.

That's not the point.
promised you wouldn't tell anyone.

No, I know that, but I
Listen, I know my mom can be a lot, but,
she's actually kind of amazing
when it comes to stuff like this.

I don't need her help.

No, I, I know you don't need it,
but you're allowed to want it.

Our family friend is this
insanely legit psychiatrist.

She usually has a year-long waitlist,
but my mom asked,
and she agreed to see
your mom whenever you want,
free of charge.

Just promise me you'll
think about it, okay?
What? Do you Do you hate me?
No, it's just
No one's ever cared about me
enough to try this hard to help me.

I am your girlfriend.

- You know, that's kind of part of the gig.


I, I can't believe you flashed Adrian.

Well, at least now he knows what
perfect breasts look like.

You're in theater?
That is so great.
loved high school theater.

No way.
What roles did you play?
What roles didn't I play, baby?
Did she just call him "baby"?
- ISABEL: Frenchy in Grease.

- RAHIM: Mm-hmm.

Anita in West Side Story.

Type-casting, but when it
makes sense, it makes sense.

Oh, and senior year,
Audrey in Little Shop.

Suddenly Seymour ♪
- Oh, my God
- Standing beside you ♪
- He don't give me orders ♪
orders ♪
He don't condescend ♪
I will pay fifty dollars
to make this stop.

You know, you are such
a delight, Mrs.

Yeah, my parents
definitely won't be this Zen
when I come out to them.

You don't think they'd understand?
They're devout Muslims who
emigrated here from Iran.

Let's just say we don't sing Little
Shop of Horrors over green curry.

Well, I hope they surprise you.

But, if they do take it badly,
just know that they love you so much.

And part of the reason they
might struggle is because
they thought they knew
everything about you.

And then all of a sudden, they didn't.

So even if they say the wrong things,
I hope you don't give up on them.

I just think it's unlikely.

Like, that all the
superheroes know each other.

Like, Spiderman is in high school.

And Thor is a god from another planet.

Or Sweden, maybe.

Like, how did they even meet?
All right.
Next time, I'll
pick a movie that's more you.

You know, if there is a next time.

I mean, who knows if we'll still
be hanging out next weekend.


I know that was weird
earlier, but I just
I just didn't know if you wanted to come
to some boring, stuffy wedding.

Whatever you say.

I, I should go home.

I'll see you tomorrow?

The whole thing was weird,
but a good weird.

My mom sang showtunes,
and gave Rahim this big speech about how
even if his parents don't
react well when he comes out,
they still love him.

Well, I'm glad she was nice
- to Rahim.

- What does that mean?
I mean, she's never
been that way with me.

Or you.

I know, but she's
she's really trying.

I just don't want you
to get your hopes up
because of one good night.


- Um, I have to go.


Hi, mi amor.
wanted to say goodnight.

Um, Victor do you wanna
go get lunch sometime soon
so we can finally really talk?
Yeah, how about after
you sing tomorrow at church?
- You'll come?
- Yeah.
If that's cool.

Yeah, it's cool.

It's really, really cool.


Just gonna leave before
you change your mind.



Do you wanna have some tea?
My stomach is being so weird.

I probably should have quit
after the third slider last night.

Veronica, uh, we need to talk.

I'm glad we've gotten closer now,
but we need to set some boundaries.

Uh, first, please stop saying
that the guy I'm dating is hot.

He's a teenager, and it's, um, weird.

Noted, and, uh, agreed.

Second, please don't
invite him to your wedding
when we just started dating.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
I thought that things were going
so well between the two of you.

They were.
Uh, but now he
thinks that I'm not into it.

And that's my fault for inviting him,
and not your fault for
being weird about it?
What? Y yes.

Why do people think that I'm
Look, just because I
want to take things slow
- with him doesn't

- Are you okay?
I think so.

It's just little cramps.
So oh, my
Oh, my God.
Okay, that, that
feels like a contraction,
and, and it can't be,
because it's way too early.

Will you hand me my phone
so that I can call your dad?
Um, y-yeah.

- Okay, we can call him from the car.

- I'm taking you to the hospital.

- Yeah, okay.

- Okay.

- Okay.

Oh, yeah
Guess what? I found a 1956 Thunderbird.

The exact same car
that your grandpa had.

I mean, it needs ton of work,
but once I'm done with it,
it'll be worth a hundred grand.

You're restoring old cars now.

You can learn how to
do anything on YouTube.

Hey, Mom, um,
would you be open to
trying a new doctor?
There's this psychiatrist,
and she's on all of the
"Best of Atlanta" lists.

Plus, she has like six more letters
after her name than Dr.
Fischer, so
Honey, that doesn't sound like
someone who would take our insurance.

Normally she wouldn't, but, um,
in this case, we're really lucky,
because she is a
friend of Lake's family.

Did her mom say something to
you after she came by here?
No, okay? They just know
you're having a hard time,
and they want to help.

- We're not a charity case!
- And nobody thinks that.

- But I think it might be good if we actually
- No, I
I'm the parent.

Okay? And what I want you to say is
thank you, but no, thank you.

Yeah, I'll drop it.

- Love you.

- Love you, too.



- I got you some
- Oh, thanks.

Yeah, um, s uh
So what did the doctor say?
She said that I have
"an irritable uterus,"
which feels vaguely misogynistic,
even though she's a woman.

They're gonna keep me for
a while longer for observation,
but they said that
everything looks fine.


- Thank God.

- Yeah.


Sorry, I don't
I don't know why I'm crying.

- This is weird.

- Hey.
It's okay.

For a minute there,
this was really scary.


How are you so calm?
I'm not.

I was a mess.
I think I just hide it well.

Mia, this isn't my first pregnancy.

I had a miscarriage when
I was in grad school.

I had to have two surgeries.

And the doctor,
she said she didn't
know if I'd ever have
a viable pregnancy after that.

So, this one really was a surprise.

It's kind of
felt too good to be true.

That's why I call him the
potato, and not the baby.


I thought maybe that would help
Make it hurt less if
something bad happened, but
sitting here in the E.
I realize that if I lost this baby,
it would hurt just as badly
with or without a name.

I guess I was trying so hard
to protect myself that
I didn't realize how
attached I'd already gotten.

I know what you mean.



It's good to see
It's been a while.

- Yeah, yeah.
Couldn't miss my mom's big day.

- Mmm.

Your mother tells me you've got
a lot on your plate right now.

Oh, no, not really.

Listen, I know you're
at a crossroads, son.

Your mother is praying for you
to find your way back to the Lord.

But you gotta put the work in, too.







No, no, no, we're not gonna open
with gun control legislation.

I want to lead with rat
poison in chicken nuggets.

This is the news, not the snooze, right?
- DAWN: Ooh, no, I, I am telling you
- Oh, no.

DAWN: She knows me.
No, no.

What? She knows me.
Georgina, hi.

It's okay, Lois.
She's a friend.

- I told you.

- Hey, Dawn.

What a totally unexpected surprise.

Why don't we step into my office?
No, I don't want to go
anywhere with you, okay?
And neither does Felix.

- I'm sorry.
What are you talk
- You're trying to take him away from me.

He said that you called a
Who else did you call?
Georgina, did you call the cops?
- Did you call CPS?
- No, of course not!
- Let's just take a breath.

- I don't want to take a breath!
You think that I'm crazy and you're
trying to take my son away from me!
- Lois, call security please.

- DAWN: This is not your business.

He has a mother.

Why would you try and
break up my family?
He is all that I have.

This is not your problem!

There you are.
Why did you
leave in the middle of my song?
Mom, I thought we were
finally making some progress,
and then I find out that you're
trying to pray me into being straight?
What? Who told you that?
Father Lawrence.

Is it true?

You know, I am trying so
hard to be proud of who I am.

And it's almost impossible when my
own mom thinks I need to be fixed.

I am doing the best that I can, Victor.

This is the best you can do?
Because Benji doesn't
feel welcome in our home.

And you still won't
tell Adrian that I'm gay.

- Adrian's just a child.

- Don't say that.

That's what people say when they're
shielding their
children from bad things,
like murder.

Or drugs.

Not that their son has a boyfriend.

You're right.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

You don't know this, but growing
up, I had an aunt named Yoli,
who never got married.

She never wore dresses.

She always had a "roommate.
And when I asked my mom
why she didn't have kids,
she just said, "De eso no se habla.
"We don't talk about that.
You have to understand,
Victor, from a very young age,
I was taught that
being gay was shameful.

I don't, I don't think that way anymore.

At least not up here.

But these things that I was taught
when I was young, they are so
engrained in me.

I wish I could just snap my fingers
and be a perfect mother for you.

But for now, I will say this
The next time Benji wants
to come over to the house,
I promise I will make him feel welcome.

And I will tell Adrian.
We will tell Adrian soon.

Was Aunt Yoli the one in the pictures
with, like, a whole bunch of dachshunds?
- She had seven.


- Is that a gay thing?
- I don't know.

MIA: Andrew.

What are you doing here?
I know you didn't ask me to come,
but I just wanted to
make sure you were okay.

You know, in like a
cool, casual sort of way.

I'm glad you're here.

Even if I don't deserve it
after how I treated you.

You know, I, I think
I've gotten used to people
I care about leaving me.

You know, my mom took off.

My dad travels all the time
And Victor
Which, you know,
obviously wasn't the same,
but it still hurt.

And I've known you ever
since I can remember.

But the deeper things get,
the more I start to care.

And, uh, that's just
kind of terrifying for me.

Mia, I've waited pretty
much my entire life
to be exactly where I am right now.

I'm not going anywhere.

SOCIAL WORKER: They've admitted your mom
on a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

Once the three days are up,
she can choose to
remain voluntarily, or
C c can I go and see her?
No visitors right now,
but they're gonna take
good care of your mom.

Do you have a family
member you can stay with?
Uh, he has me.
Um, he
can stay at our house.

I already asked my mom.


Hey, it's like she's getting
a a tiny little glow up,
then she'll be back, better than ever.

You think this is just gonna
be three days and that's it?
- Well
- Lake, I'm a minor.

Which means that social worker,
who's known my mom for thirty minutes,
is in control of our whole lives.

She can petition a
judge to keep her here
as long as she wants.

She can remove me from her custody.

- Felix, we'll get through this.

- No.

Not "we.


I'm really sorry about last night.

You were excited about your
mom, and I shit all over it.


I think we had a major
breakthrough today.

She told me about her lesbian aunt
who had a thing for dachshunds.

Uh, it's a long story.

I really do feel like she's changing.

Yeah, well, heard that before.

Well, that apology
lasted all of ten seconds.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You're right.
And I'm
Okay? For real.



- CUSTOMER: Excuse me?


Felix, what's going on?
- Is your mom here?
- PILAR: Mom?
Salazar, I'm Alison,
Felix's case worker.

Can, um
Can I stay here for a couple days?
Of course.

Honey, what's wrong?
I'm trying ♪
You can stay here as long as you need.

Ooh ♪
I'm just trying to be brave ♪
Ooh ♪
It's the body of water ♪
That splits us right down the middle ♪
And I'll be coming back for you ♪
I'll be coming back for you ♪
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