Love, Victor (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Table for Four

- VICTOR: Here you go.

- CUSTOMER: Thank you.

Sorry I'm late.

I had that dream again
where the Hemsworth brothers
- teach me how to surf.

- Mmm.

Still holding out hope
that it's a premonition.

Well, lucky for you,
today's the only day
you're allowed to be late.

Happy birthday.


And I'm glad you slept in, 'cause
I can't have you tired for tonight.

I have big plans for us.

Oh, yeah? What kind of plans?
Uh, let's just say I may have "borrowed"
a bottle of champagne
from my mom's wine cabinet.

A little bit of drinking, a
little bit of fooling around.

And that's all I have planned.
I have tried a little bit harder?
No, that's perfect.

My parents should be out cold after this
bougie dinner they're dragging me to.

I'm sure it won't be that bad.

You haven't heard my mom try
and impress a French waiter
with her pronunciation of ratatouille.



Oh, wow.
I accidentally summoned her.

Hi, boys.

- Hey.

- Ooh!
Said it before and I'll say it again,
the softest cheeks in Creekwood.

Can you believe this
sneaky cat left the house
without letting his own mother
wish him a happy birthday?
Happy birthday, darling.

It's a pain au chocolat
from Café Jacquot.

Odd gift, considering I'm
surrounded by pastries all day.

- But it's very sweet.
Thank you, Mom.


Oh, Benji, before I go,
could you make me one of those
delicious oat milk lattes?
- Sure, Mother.


The coast is clear.

I'm sure Benji mentioned that we're
taking him to Chez Luisant tonight.

Well, I was hoping
that you could join us.

As a fun surprise for him.

Yeah! Yeah, of course.
That'd be great.

Oh, wonderful.
You may
want to dress up a bit.

But don't worry, it isn't,
um, hoity-toity.
It's more, um,
cozy chic.

Oh, I'm gonna take
a rain check on the latte.

My, uh, my matcha's just kicked
in and I'm feeling a little buzzy.

I can't wait to celebrate you later.

- Bye, Victor.

- VICTOR: Bye.

Did my mom just wink at you?
That's how you pay your respects to
"the softest cheeks in Creekwood.
- Softest, huh? Let me see.

Hey! Come here.

Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there
before, say it right now ♪
'Cause I just need to hear it ♪

This is nice.

- Yeah, it's fine.


Is it me or does it feel like we
have a very emotional chaperone?
MIA: Give her a break.

Felix still won't talk
to her.
She's a mess.

I mean, she's not even wearing heels.

Her motto is usually "give me
three inches or give me death.
So Felix just barely
made the cut.
If Mia accidentally got your mom
committed to a 72-hour psych hold,
which of these surprise dates
would make you forgive her:
a visit to the Jimmy
Carter Presidential Library,
or a visit to the Center
for Puppetry Arts.
Be honest.

These are real places?
God, Atlanta sucks.

Guys, this is serious.

I-I really have to think
of something amazing
to remind Felix how much I love him!


I'll help you find the
perfect thing.
Thank you.

Now I'm gonna go order
us a bunch of Chinese takeout,
like they do in movies where the
lawyers have to stay up all night
cracking the case.
Okay? [SIGHS.]

I thought we were gonna order pizza.

I know.
I just need to
be here for Lake, is all.

Look, if we finish early,
we can order pizza from
the comfort of my bedroom.

LAKE: Oh, uh, can you
hold on for a second?
Smash on your own time, okay?
A relationship hangs in the balance.

Betrayed by my lover.

They took away my mother.

Will I ever recover?
Uh, hey, Felix.

When was the last
time you took a shower?
- RAHIM: Yeah, you're really making me regret having a nose.


My nose is my second favorite body part.

Wouldn't you like to know?
All right.
I'll go.

Hey, would you guys be able
to keep an eye on him tonight?
Benji's mom invited me to
Chez Luisant for his birthday.

I heard J.
Lo ate there every
night while she was staying here
filming that new movie
about being a scrappy mom
finding true love.

- Hasn't she already made that movie?

Oh, and every Avengers
movie is uniquely different.

You're not actually
gonna wear that, are you?
Uh, yeah.
Benji's mom said
it's "cozy meets chic.
Are you sure you're gay? I
I wash my hands of this.

Okay, don't don't mind her.

We'll find you something to wear.

Something clean and classic.

You know
Okay, wow.
You, you really love
the non-descript athletic tee.

Uh, well I could probably borrow
one of my dad's button-ups.

Uh, you know, he, he's a
little bit bigger than I am,
- but I could tuck it in.

- We're probably the same size, right?
Oh, no, no, no.
it's okay.
It's fine.

And it's, uh, it's last
season St.
Laurent, so
try not to spill anything on it.

Well, uh, try not to spill
anything on this, either,
because it is present day Old Navy.


Just yeah.

- All right.


Oh, damn, Victor! Lookin' good.

That will be the first and last
time I ever catcall my brother.


- Hey, guys, there's snacks in the kitchen.

- Rahim, Keto friendly.
I got you.

- Oh.

Mira que handsome.


Hold on.
Your collar is all crooked.


So guess where I'm going tonight.

My first PFLAG meeting.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I need a little advice on
how to talk to Adrian about
who you are.

Thank you.

Thank you for being so patient with me.

You guys are out of towels.


CHARLES: It was so good meeting you.

Well, look who the cat dragged in.

CHARLES: And what a dapper cat he is.

Wait, Victor isn't the cat.

He's what the cat is dragging.

That is such a strange expression.

Victor, what are you doing here?
Uh, good to see you, too.

- No, sorry, I-I just meant
- We asked Victor to join us
as a little birthday surprise.

VICTOR: Ah, well, you guys look great.

I wasn't totally sure what "cozy
chic" meant, but now I think I get it.

It sounds like my wife gave you one
of her indecipherable dress codes.

Last week, it was
"fireside fashionable.
MARGARET: Well, no matter what I say,
he always wears the same sweater vest.


Oh, there's our table.

Oh, Victor, you are in for a treat.

The food here is truly divine.


- LAKE: Any other ideas?
Ponce City Market has
rooftop ice skating.

Oof, no.
Felix doesn't like ice skating.

He thinks it's a recipe for
disaster to wear weapons as shoes.

Oh, my God! The aquarium
has a deep sea fish exhibit.


Oh, uh, Felix taught me about this
weird glow-in-the-dark deep sea fish
the very first time we kissed,
and it's kind of our origin story.

He would love this.

All right.
Aquarium it is.

What's the look?
I just Okay, are you
sure this is the right move?
I mean, Felix has a pretty
good reason to be upset.

And maybe what he needs more than
a fancy aquarium date is just

Yeah, but what do you mean
he has a pretty good reason to be upset?
- Mia, I was trying to help him.

- I know that.

But he asked you not to say anything
about his mom, Lake.
And you did.

And now she's being
detained at a hospital.

'Cause she's sick, and she needs help.

I'm just saying Felix trusted you,
and you betrayed that trust.

I know what it's like
to have a mom go away.

- And it hurts.

- I know it hurts.

Because I was there for
you when it happened.

Holding your hand and being your friend.

Which is clearly something you
can't be for me right now.
Lake, come on.

No, uh, thanks
thanks for the support.

Now I just gotta figure out how
to make an aquarium romantic AF.

And I think Let's put in
an order of le ratatouille
- for the table.

- SERVER: Great choice.

Thank you, Henri.

Your mom really does say ratatouille
like she's trying to win
a Michelin star.


Uh, Mom, can I actually
talk to you for a second?
Right after the
sparkling cider toast.

Benjamin, we couldn't love you more.

We all know that the last couple
of years haven't been easy
- Mom, I, I just
- Let her have her moment.

She practiced this at home for an hour.

- A very long hour.

- Shush!
After your car accident last year,
you were so hard on yourself,
and things were
pretty dark for a while there, and
you decided to put in the hard work.

Look at you now.
so committed to your
your sobriety, and your AA meetings.

And last week, you
earned your one-year chip.

We couldn't possibly be
prouder of you, darling.

We love you so much, Benji.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Wait, wait.
You're, you're sober?
I have to go to the bathroom.

Did you not know?
I, I knew about the accident, but
I didn't know that he was in AA.





Hey, buddy.
We're having
a J.
Lo movie marathon,
because apparently if
someone mentions J.
Rahim has to have a
Wanna join?

- Oh, my God, uh, no.
This is, um
This is my mom's social worker.
Hi, Alison.
Uh, what's up?
Okay, the doctor thought
I understand.

Yeah, uh, can, can I have a second?
Um, based on evaluations,
they are doing an extended hold.

It can, uh, it can, it
can be up to 14 days.

Yeah, sorry about that.

This sucks, I mean, no one
deserves this less than Felix.

He's literally the sweatiest person.

No, you were about to say sweetest.

Looks like someone has a little crush.

On Felix? Yeah.

He's like a sweet, goofy Muppet.

- Humph.


I got bored waiting for you
guys, so I started Hustlers.


Two questions: What's a lap
dance, and why is it so expensive?
SHELBY: Hi, everyone.

This week's meeting
will be starting in a few minutes.

- Thank you.

- SHELBY: Now, y'all grab a snack and take a seat.

- Hey.

- Hey, you.

I know.
One creamer,
three Splendas.
You remembered.

- Ah, bless you.


- Well
- Lord knows I could use the caffeine.

Zoey kept me up watching
another Kristen Stewart movie.

I swear, my kid is obsessed
with that fidgety woman.

- Kind of like you.

- Oh, stop.

After you

- Hey.

- Hey.

I'm really sorry you had to
find out about AA like that.

What about at the cabin?
- We, we were drinking vodka.

- I was drinking orange juice.

I switched out my cup
when no one was looking.

Whenever we're around
alcohol, I, I just fake it.

It's easier for me to
pretend that I drink
instead of explain why I don't.

I mean, I, I get that.
I do.

With other people.

But why didn't you tell me that?
We tell each other everything.

I don't know, Victor.

I, I guess I just
didn't want you to think of me
as your boyfriend, the alcoholic.

I would never judge you like that.

No, of course not.

It's just my own stuff.
Look, can you
I'm sorry, okay.

Can, can you just forgive me?
I want to.

It's just that you always push
me to be more open with you.

And this is like, a huge part of
your life that you just hid from me.

You know, you could at least try
and be a little more understanding.

I've put up
with a ton of your shit,
- and never made you feel bad about any of it.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Oh, nothing.
You know, just forget it.

No, please, tell me.
What shit
have you had to put up with?
I don't know, Victor.

There's the fact that you're
completely new to being gay.

And every single thing that we go
through is this massively big deal
that we have to examine.

And then, then there's your mom,
who thinks that you're going
to Hell for being with me.

And every time she takes
a tiny step forward,
I'm supposed to jump for joy.

I mean, I, I'm not even
allowed in your house.

But do I ever make you feel
guilty about any of that stuff?
No, I've been nothing but
patient, and, and understanding.

The very least you could do
is just, is return the favor.

I guess I just didn't
realize how much patience
and understanding it took to be with me.

Happy birthday, Benji.


I can't believe Lake's
trying to smooth things over
by bringing you to some aquarium.

Me, neither.

And I can't believe Benji said
it's exhausting to be with you.

I think being around
you is invigorating.

Thank you.
So you agree
Benji's being a total dick?
Although, you
- What?
It's nothing.
It's just
Must be hard for him, you know, to
see you struggle so much with your mom.

And don't get me wrong, I love
me some Izzy Salazar, but
watching her make you feel like
crap these past few months
It's been tough.
I'm not even banging you.

Or are you banging him? Did
you guys ever settle on that?
Well, it must be hard for Lake, too.

You know, to see you going
through all this stuff,
and have to deal with
your mom all by yourself.

So what, they just
love us both so much they
can't bear to see us in pain?

It's a curse to be this beautiful.

Where are you going?
I am going to hear her out.

So, good luck with Benji.



Can you believe J.
looks this good at 50?
She's 50?
Am I into cougars?
Hey, guys.

Hey! Wanna join us?
Oh, no, I'm actually gonna go meet Lake.

Lake? Like, Lake, your girlfriend, Lake.

Good luck.


Hey, little man.
You mind taking this

- tempting bowl of carbs back to the kitchen?

- After six, it sticks.

: "Lake? Lake, like,
like, like your girlfriend, Lake?
Cool, cool, cool.
: Are you sure you
just see him as a sweet, goofy Muppet?
You're right.
I think
he's the sexiest Muppet.

- He's basically Gonzo.

- There it is.

If J.
Lo taught us anything,
it's that the hot,
tough-ass Puerto Rican chick
usually gets what she
wants in the end, right?
And to wear sunscreen.

- Always wear sunscreen.




I didn't realize you were here tonight.

Were you at the meeting?
Only long enough to see you flirting
up a storm with some other woman.

Are you talking about Shelby?
I mean, she's a new
friend, but I barely know her.

You know her well enough to
know how she takes her coffee.

It's not like that, Isabel.

What's it like, Armando?
Because I know you like I
know the back of my hand,
and I saw the way you
were looking at that woman.

Is this what you want?
To see other people?
When we decided to take this time apart,
we agreed that we needed
to work on ourselves.

To find a way back to our
marriage with fresh eyes.

If we're meant to come back to it.

We've been together since we were kids,
and I just think
I mean, what's the
point of being separated
if we're not gonna try and
find out what we really want.

I'm gonna need you to say the words.


I'd like to see other people.

Thank you for your honesty.



Thank you so much for coming.

I really, really missed you.

Missed you, too.

- Look.




You taught me about that creepy fish
on the night we first kissed.

And in a way,
it represents the start
of our relationship.

I guess I was hoping that it
could represent a new start, too.

I am so, so sorry for
betraying your trust,
but when I saw how much pain your
mom's situation was causing you,
all I wanted to do was
just take that pain away.

I know.

- You do?
- Yes.


I understand why you told
your mom about my mom.

I really do.

But I trusted you.

And now she's gone, and I don't
know when she's gonna be back.


That night I kissed you,
I told you the only thing
a male angler fish wants
is to make its mate happy.

Yeah, I remember.

I don't want to be that fish.


I think need to be happy, too.

And right now
seeing you makes me really, really sad.

So, I'm sorry, Lake.

I don't think we can be together.




Victor, I'm going out for a sec.

You're on Adrian duty.

: There is a
rapper that's named Ivan,
or, you know
You're back?
I'm back.

What are you doing?
I've, um, been coming up here
every night since my mom's been gone.

We never skipped Millionaire,
so I have been keeping
the tradition going.

Are you taking notes?
No, uh, keeping score.

- My mom and I are very competitive.


Mind if I join you?
I'm not a very good hang right now.

This might surprise you,
but sad and pissed is kind
of my ideal vibe, so
pretty simple.
Just write down
what you think the right answer is,
- and
- A: Wimbledon.

Okay, pro tip
you'll have a much better
chance of getting it right
if you wait to see if
they phone a friend.

- Hmm.

- MAN [ON TV.]
: But you were right.

It's, it's Wimbledon.

Ha! Pilar: one.
Felix: zero.

Well, they start out with the
easy questions first, so
You're a dead man.

It's on.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

- Oh, okay.

- Oh, ho ho!
- You're about to enter a world of hurt.



- Hey.

- Hey.

I was kind of surprised
when I got your text.

Yeah, well, my, my mom's not
here, and even if she was, I
I needed to see you.

Listen, I I know dating
me can be a lot sometimes,
- and I know you try to be patient.

- It's fine, Victor.

I was just
really embarrassed that
you found out about AA.

I wanted to keep that part
of my life separate from you,
because I hate that part of my life,
and you're the part
of my life that I love.


Let's go to my room.

You're really thinking about
Lake right now.
Aren't you?
- No, no.
I'm super into this.

- Mmm.


- You have your phone in your hand,
and you're waiting for her to text you.

Yes, because I was gonna record us.

- I'm, I'm secretly super kinky.
- Mmm.

- You need to get your mind off of Lake.


And this pizza is
gonna help you do that.


- Oh, hey.

LAKE: Hey.


Felix broke up with me.

Oh, God, I am so sorry.

No, you were right.

I messed up big, and I
was just dumb to think
I could fix it with
some romantic night fish.

Mmm, no.
Don't blame yourself.

ANDREW: You know what'll
make you feel better?
And you're in luck.

It's just about to get
here, so I'll bounce.

Give you two some privacy.

: Thank you.


Aw Tell me what happened.

- Mmm.


- [SOBS.]

- Oh [GRUNTS.]



I've been talking to
myself in the mirror ♪
Don't know why I burn the ends ♪
Making up some shit that's wrong ♪
Taking pictures off
the wall, see it clearer ♪
- You said, you said things I'm too scared to say ♪

And I go, I go
turning love into hate ♪
I swear you could read my mind ♪
'Cause you know me that way ♪
- How was your dinner?


When it's just the two of us, yeah ♪
I forget all my defenses ♪
When it's just the two of us, yeah ♪
Wrapped in your
arms, I'm defenseless ♪
I'm drowning alone ♪
But I'm scared to need ya ♪
Baby, face to face, I need ya ♪
When it's just the ♪
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