Love, Victor (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

The Morning After

How was dinner, mijo
Mom, what are you what
are you Get out! Get out!
Ah, shit, shit, shit, shit
Victor, it's okay.

Benji, just put your clothes on.

- Mom.
- What were you thinking?
Your little brother is
asleep in the next room.

I wasn't thinking, okay?
- It just
- I am trying so hard
to wrap my head around all of this,
- and you go and
- I'm sorry!
- It's just
- It's just what?
What excuse
could you possibly have
for doing that in my house?
What do you mean by "that?"
Benji, please.

I mean having sex with
Adrian in the next room.

- Oh, sex, or gay sex?
- Stop!
Look, that was awkward for all of us.

But we're in a serious relationship.

She wouldn't be acting like this
if she'd caught you
having sex with a girl.

Why is everyone yelling?
It's nothing, mijo.

Victor just knows that he's not allowed
to have friends over without us.

- He's not my friend.
He's my boyfriend.

- Benji!
Benji's your boyfriend?
You need to go.

Just go.

Okay, mijo.
Let's get you back to
We'll talk in the morning, yeah?
Hey, Isa.

Thanks for coming over.

I don't have any master plan.

- I just figured we could wing it.

- That's fine.

I mean
Is this an ambush?
Because I already said I'm
It won't happen again.

It's not an ambush, mijo.

I'm here to talk to Adrian.

Your mom and I thought I should be
here for the follow-up conversation
about you being gay.


Papi's here?
- Hey.
- Hey!
Well, we all wanted to talk
to you about last night.

Do you know what
it means to be gay?
Yeah, of course.
Elliot Felter's two moms.

Yes! Exactly.

And Spongebob.
Spongebob is gay.

- No.
He's a sponge.

- Oh, Mom.

Uh, well, do you have any questions?
Why was Mia your
girlfriend if you're gay?
Uh good question.

I was still figuring some stuff out.

Sometimes people don't know
what they like until they try it.

Um, like when you thought
blueberry pancakes were the best
until you tried your mom's French toast.

Glad you found your French toast.

Thanks, papa.
Me, too.

Where am I?
Uh Is it morning?
I think we passed out
somewhere between the
second bag of Doritos
and third hour of Family Feud.

That explains the
Steve Harvey nightmare.

He refused to crown me Miss Universe.

You okay?
Yeah, no, it's, um,
um, my mom wants me to visit her
at the hospital after school today.

- That's good news, right?
- Yeah.

Yeah, no, I I guess.
It's just, um,
I don't know what I'm walking into.

A few days ago your mom
didn't want to see anyone,
and now she's asking you to visit.

I think that's a good sign.

Hey, you know, um
between my mom and the breakup,
this week has been hell.

But last night was like,
more fun than I had in like

Me, too.

Um, well,
thanks for the hang, senator.

Mia! Breakfast!
Ah! There she is.

Good morning, my love.

I made us breakfast burritos.

- Ah, ah, ah!
- Uh-oh.

Did I just walk into a
breakfast burrito conversation?
A what?
Whenever you have bad news,
you always make my favorite
breakfast to soften the blow.

Well, it used to be my favorite.

Now I associate breakfast
burritos with surprise and trauma.

All right, actually, I do have
something I want to talk to you about.

Mmm, let's see.

All right, so you're already
getting married next week.

And you're having a
What is it now?
Long lost brother? Tax
fraud? Secret second family?
Okay, look.
The president
of Stanford is retiring,
and he offered me the job.

Stanford, Stanford.

Like, like all the way
across the country Stanford?
That one.

But listen, the job doesn't
start until next year,
so don't worry.
You'll be able
to finish out your semester.

Now, if I take this,
I really want to know
how you feel.
Because you know me.
I'm Mr.

I think you should take the job.

Really? I thought you'd
need more time to process.

What's there to process?
I mean, yes, moving sucks,
but you've worked your entire
career for a shot like this.

Um, wow.

California, here we come.

- Thanks.

- Mmm.



Uh, my parents spoke
to Adrian this morning.

It went pretty well.

He said that you were my French toast.

Did your mom apologize?
Benji, she walked in on us having sex,
and then you basically
called her homophobic,
and then outed us to my little brother.

I want to say I'm kind of
waiting for you to apologize.

She was getting ready to tell him.

- I told you, she's been doing better
- Bullshit.

I saw her face when she walked
in on us.
She looked disgusted.

And you didn't even
stand up for yourself.

Because walking in on your
kid having sex is disgusting!
You have no idea where
she's coming from.

And I'm sorry that we can't
all have totally supportive,
liberal, white parents like you do.

What? What does being white
have to do with anything?
You have no idea what it's
like to come from my family,
and you never will.

Okay? So the last thing I need
is your meaningless opinion
on how to deal with my shit.

Screw this.

Benji, where are you going?
I don't know.

Here we have a female
North American teenager,
peeping on her crush.

Watch as she gently swoons in
the recirculated school air.

Shut up! Ugh, he's so frustrating.

We fell asleep watching TV,
and this morning he said it was
the most fun he's had in forever.

And then he punched me in the
arm and called me "senator.
Less adorable.

I can't tell if he "likes" likes me,
or if he thinks of me as
his moody little sister.

Okay, Pi.
I need to
tell you a hard truth.

- Okay.

- You're hot!
- What? Shut up.

- Okay, I know it doesn't go with your low-key
serial killer vibes, but it's a fact.

Okay? And he's giving you
all the straight boy signs.

He even responds to your texts
in less than thirty seconds.

Okay, so he wants you.

Grab your phone, text him, make a plan.

I don't know
It's just always been kind
of a dream of mine.
See? What did I just tell you?
Hey, dude, I'm freaking out, man.

I mean, I've never had a breakup before.

Do I sit with you guys and Lake,
or do I find a new lunch table?
- I mean, my pulse? Skyrocketing!
- Okay, deep breaths.

Just because you're not together anymore
doesn't mean you can't eat with us.

All right? Come on.


Hey, babe
Uh, hi you.
Hello, Lake.

How's it going?
A little hypertensive,
but thank you for asking.

Good morning.
I know it's lunch,
but I didn't get my morning kisses.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Oh
Ew! You used to be so cool.

What happened?
Hey, is everything okay?
Um, sort of.

Uh, I was going to tell
you before everyone,
but I might as well just
rip the band-aid off.

It looks like I might be moving.

- What?
- Wait, wait.
Force of habit.

My dad got a job offer from Stanford.

So if he takes it, then I'll be
moving to California over winter break.

So, wait, he just straight up told you
you're moving across the country?
No, he pretended to have a
conversation, but I know the truth.

I mean, my whole life, my
dad has put his career first.

There are hardly any Black
university presidents,
and so he's constantly just
trying to prove himself.

And if that means missing
vacations, or family dinners,
or leaving for weeks on end to
visit alumni, then he does it.

And and I understand why he has to.

I'm proud of him.

Your father is a
very impressive human.

But that doesn't mean he gets
to blow your life up like this.

Hey, Andrew, I could try and fight
it, but at the end of the day,
he's going to choose his job over me.

I learned that a long time ago.

Hey, Benji, um,
did you turn off your phone?
Mia, uh, she told us all that
she's moving to California,
and I just really wanted to talk to you,
so if you could call me
back, that'd be great.

Oh! Rahim
Uh, were you standing
there the whole time?
Um, you, you didn't see me.

Then you started leaving a
really emotional voicemail,
so I didn't really know what to do.

I didn't know anyone
actually used this room.

Well, I do.
For yearbook.

I actually have really great
shot of you on this roll.

- I'll make you a print.

- Okay.

That message you were leaving
sounded pretty intense.

Benji and I got into a fight.

- A bad one.

- Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.

It's okay.
It's just, uh
he skipped school and
he turned off his phone,
and I'm trying not to freak out,
but I'm kind of worried about him.

Worried? Why?
I, I can't really talk about it.

You sure? Nothing ever leaves
this dark room, I promise.

Please don't tell anyone,
but Benji's had some problems
in the past with drinking.

He's sober now, but I don't know.

He just seemed so upset today, and
What was the fight about?
Uh, he's really mad that I haven't
been standing up to my mom more.

I've explained to him that
my mom is trying her best,
you know, with me being
gay, and he's just
White? Sorry.

I did not mean to be presumptuous.

Um, it's just most of
my friends are white,
so they don't get it at all.

How can you love your parents
when you hate a lot of
what they believe in?
But you do, because
you know how much they sacrificed
to build a life for you.

You're right.

I mean, my dad's worked
basically every single Saturday
of my entire life to make
sure that we have what we need.

My parents left
everything they knew in Iran
so that I could have
better opportunities.

I'm not saying that gives them
a free pass to be homophobic.

But, my, my parents were
set up by their parents.

And they only met twice
before their wedding.

In their eyes, marriage is
between a man and a woman
who come from a good
Iranian, Muslim family.

So, I know it's gonna be hard for them,
when I do come out, but
I'm willing to stick it out.

I have to.

They're my parents.

That's exactly it.

Anyway, uh,
I'm sure Benji's gonna be okay.

And I know you two
are gonna work it out,
because you're kind of
annoyingly perfect for each other.

Case in point
Wow, this is amazing.

Don't act so surprised.

- How was CCD?
- It was fine.

Fine? Usually you're talking
my ear off about church gossip.

Is Victor going to Hell?
What? Who told you that?
Father Lawrence.

I told him about Victor's
boyfriend, and he said it was a sin.

Adrian, look at me, okay?
Victor's not going to Hell.

Your brother is one of the most
generous and loving people I know.

- But Father Lawrence
- Father Lawrence
is wrong.

But he said it's in the Bible.

Well, the the Bible
can be interpreted in
many different ways.

But in this family,
we believe that Jesus knows
who has love in their hearts.

And he would never
punish people for that.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Come on.

- Where are we going?
- I forgot something inside.

It takes eight hundred and thirty hours
to fly from Atlanta to San Francisco?
Oh, wait.
I'm on walking.

It's only five hours by plane.

It's still very bad.

Okay, guys, enough
talking about me moving.

I'm gonna go make us
some mac and cheese.

All right, and we're
gonna eat it in silence.

We can't let this happen, Andrew.

I don't really think it's up to us.

Or is it?
Oh, hey, thanks for, uh,
coming over so last minute.

- Of course.
Of course.

- I appreciate it.

Yeah, man.

What are you doing here?
Uh, I was making sure you're okay
'cause you never showed
up at school today.

Got it.
Well, Hank was just leaving.

Uh, Hank, this is my boyfriend, Victor.

Hank's my, uh my sponsor.

It's nice to finally meet you, Victor.

It's, uh, it's nice to meet you, too.

- See you later?
- Yeah.

I didn't know you had a sponsor.

Well, I do.

- You want to come in?
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.
No password?
Old people are so bad at cyber security.

Whatcha doin' here, Lake?
I am going to post an offensive
tweet to Harold's account.

Something just bad enough
to get him lightly canceled.

Now, does Harold strike you
as more of a flat-Earther,
- or Holocaust-denier?
- Uh, Lake,
I have always found your
crazy kind of endearing.

Right now, I'm just
finding it a bit unnerving.

I can't lose Mia, Andrew.

It was bad enough that seeing
Felix in the lunch room today
almost gave me a panic attack.

A week ago we were happy and in love,
and now I don't even
know how to say hi to him.

I can't lose the other most
important person in my life too.

I hear you.

Okay? I really do.

- No, just give that back!
- No.

- Andrew
- I'm sorry.
You're in a very dark place right now.

What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you even care that she's leaving?
Of course I do.

Okay, look, the girl I love
is getting ripped away from me.

There is nothing I can do
about it, and it is killing me.

You love her?
You love me?
Of course I do.

I love you, too.

So why don't you fight for us?
- Hi.

- Hey.

- I got you a coffee.

- Oh, thanks.

How was seeing your mom?
It was okay.
Yeah, um,
they, uh, got her on
new mood stabilizers.

So, that seems to be helping.

And she really likes her new therapist.

That's great.
Yeah, no, it's just, um
It's so sterile.

White walls, white floor.

And everything she loves is off limits.

No Millionaire, no weird knick-knacks
Swedish Fish Why is
Swedish Fish contraband?
It's like they're taking away
everything that makes her who she is.

Felix, it sounds like
she's getting better.

And your mom is fierce.

It would take way more
than an inhumane Swedish
Fish ban to dull her sparkle.

She's getting discharged next week.

She's really put in the
work this time.
I'm proud of her.

You should be.
You should
be proud of yourself, too.

How strong you've been through all this?
It's pretty inspiring.
Or whatever.

You always know what to say.

I know.
I'm really smart.

No, seriously.

I mean, you act like you
don't care about anything,
but you might be one of the most
thoughtful people I've ever met.

- Uh
- Pilar.

- I'm sorry.
- No.
No, no, no.
Don't be.

I, uh, you know, our, our friendship
- means the world
- I have to go.

Pilar, wait.

Um, Dad?
- Can we, can we talk?
- Of course, baby.

Mom emailed me.

Mmm, a few days ago.

Totally out of the blue.

What'd she say?
Not much.
How are you?
Something about how the last few years
have been really complicated for her
And that she'd love to hear from me.

Did you respond?

I think about answering
her every morning.

But I just can't bring
myself to write her back.

Even though I have, like,
a million questions
- Yeah.

- Because I feel like
writing her back would be,
like, a betrayal to you.

You know.
She left.
You stayed.

You're my family.
Not her.

I choose you.

So how come you never choose me?
My whole life, you've
put your work first.

Which I understand.
Because I know how much it means to you,
and I don't want to hold you back.

I never ask you for anything.

But this is me asking now
This is me saying
just please, don't move us.

Okay? Just this once
choose me.

I'll, uh tell Stanford
that my family is happy
right here in Atlanta.


- Thank you.

- Of course, baby.

Hey, Mia.
You know, you should answer
your mom, if you want.

Did we have an appointment?
No, we did not.

You told Adrian that Victor,
who he loves more than
anyone in the whole world,
is going to Hell?
I did not use those exact words.

I was just trying to explain that
Victor needs his family's help
- to find his way back to Jesus
- What Victor needs
is for his family to love
and accept him for who he is.

Isabel, you and I both
know it is not that simple.

Actually, I think it is.

Today, I saw Adrian accept his
brother without a second thought.

I have been raised to believe
a lot of ugly things, Father.

Things that will probably take
me the rest of my life to unlearn.

But I will unlearn them.

And I won't pass them on to my kids.

And no matter what
you or the church say,
I know in my heart
that God loves my son.

My beautiful, perfect, gay son.

You're gonna have to find a
new music director, Father.

Isabel, I urge you
not to give up on God.

I'm not giving up on God.

I'm giving up on you.

Yeah, Harold Brooks, here.

I have.
I, I have given
it a lot of thought.

And I, I really appreciate
the opportunity, I do
And, uh
I can't wait to get to work.

Yeah, California, here we come.


Uh, your sponsor's kind of cute.

I always expected sponsors to just
be these big, old, grizzly men,
filled with wisdom.

He's straight.

In case you were wondering.

I wasn't.
I, I trust you.

You can't just fall off
the face of the Earth.

I was really worried today.

This is exactly why I didn't
want to tell you I was in AA.

What do you mean?
Well, now every time we have a fight
or I don't respond to a text,
you're gonna think I'm
off getting hammered.

Well, I was right to worry, wasn't I?
I mean, you had to call your sponsor.

That's not the point.
What's going on with us?
I don't know.

Everything was amazing,
and now it feels like
all we do is fight.


I've been thinking a lot about
this perfect day, from last summer.

We had that picnic at Kennedy Park,
and then after, we chased the
Mister Softee truck for 15 blocks
so we could get soft serve.

And the park was packed but
it felt like we were the
only two people in the world.

It always does.

I love that.

Me, too.

Why does Rahim hope I'm okay?
Oh, I just I needed
someone to talk to.

So I told him that we had a fight.

Did you tell him about my drinking?
Jesus, Victor.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I know
I shouldn't have told him.

But he's not gonna
say anything to anyone.

- Okay? I can trust him
- But I can't trust you.

I think we need to take a break.

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