Love, Victor (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

Close Your Eyes

Hey, can I talk to you for a
- Hey.

- Hey.

What's up?
Uh, can you go to Mia's
dad's wedding with me?
Aw! That's sweet of you to ask.

- Hard pass.

- What? Why?
Let's see, all of your
friends are painfully boring,
and I couldn't pick
Mia's dad and Veronica
out of a line-up of old people.

Pilar, please.
I feel really bad
for showing up solo last second.

Why don't you bring Rahim? He
loves all that cheesy romantic crap,
he's always trying
to start a conga line,
and he has fancy blazer
napkins for every suit he owns.

Do you not know the
term "pocket square"?
I'm just saying, you two
would have fun together.

I mean, there's like, it's
like zero pressure, but,
w-would you wanna go?
Are you sure Benji'd be cool with it?
Honestly, Benji kind of
lost his right to an opinion
when he bailed on me last second.

And besides, we're friends.

Why wouldn't he be cool with it?
I would
love to go with you.

All right.
Felix is meeting
us here around three o'clock.

- See you then.

- All right.
See you then.

Well, I'm off to show my new listing.

The house was the site
of a pretty grisly murder.

I'm trying to distract with my cleavage.

I would totally buy a
murder house from you.

- Aw! I'll see you at my place tonight?
- Yeah.

I'm making fried chicken,
so have a light lunch.

- And wear some loose pants.

- I'll be there.

- Mmm.

- Mmm.


- Hi.
- Shelby.
Uh, what are you doing here?
I just I need to talk
and you're not answering my texts.

Isn't he the absolute
worst with texting?

All right, well, I was
just heading out, so, um
It's nice to meet you, Isabel.

You, too.

You want a donut, or
I'm sorry.
I didn't know she'd be here.

I just I'm worried about Victor.

He's barely left his room
since his "break" with Benji.

Which I know was at
least partially my fault.

- I was pretty horrible to that boy.

- Well
It's never too late to be un-horrible.

Maybe you're right.

But it's not just Benji.

When Victor saw you with Shelby
Yeah, I know.
I, I could
tell it really got to him.

Mando, we've been
separated for six months.

And you're seeing another woman.
I believe we can save our marriage.

I want to save our marriage.

But if you don't,
then it's time to start this
new chapter in our lives.

This living in between is just
it's too hard on the kids.

It's too hard on me.

It's time for you to
decide what you want to do.

I know.
You're right.

Thanks for the donut.

Hi, sweetheart.

Hi, Mom.


- Welcome home.

- Oh
- I missed you.

- I missed you.

I swear to you,
this woman truly believed
that she was the lost sister
of the Queen of England.

And when people would pass by
her, they would have to curtsy,
or she would just lose it.

It seems like you're doing good, Mom.

I feel good.

I mean, not that there
weren't tough days, but
when it would get hard, I would just
close my eyes, I would
take a deep breath,
and I would think about all
the things that I would miss
if I didn't get my shit together.

Like having brunch with you
Seeing you graduate.

Seeing you get married.

And that made it
clear as day what I needed to do.

So I would drag my ass out of bed,
I would take my new meds
I would curse that place for not
allowing me to have Swedish Fish,
because, like
And then I would go to therapy.

You know, Mom, I can
bail on the wedding.

No, you should go,
and I don't think that Lake would
take kindly to you standing her up.

Yeah, um
I was gonna tell you about that
once, uh, you got back up on your feet.

Um, Lake and I broke up.

Oh, Felix, I'm so sorry.

What happened?
She betrayed my trust.

I mean, she told her
mom about our situation.

I understand why you feel betrayed.

But I want you to know that
whatever happens between
you and Lake in the future,
I will forever be grateful to her.

What do you mean?
She risked your relationship
to make sure that I got
the help that I needed.

And I think that that
makes her pretty special.

Plus, that girl looks
great in a crop top.


Okay, so which one of these says,
"Lake Meriwether is single
and ready to mingle?"
Who am I kidding? It's the
It's always the jumpsuit.

Look, I'm so glad that
you are ready to mingle,
but I only invited like
four people to this wedding,
and they're either gay, my
boyfriend or your ex-boyfriend.

Morning, ladies.

- Good morning.

- Dad!
Isn't the groom not
supposed to see the bride
- before the wedding?
- Ah, well
I think when the bride
is hugely pregnant,
all the traditional rules
kind of go out the window.

- Excuse me, Mr.
- Oh.
Excuse me, ladies.

- Hi!
- Hey.

This is for you.

Oh, it's beautiful!
Yeah, it was my grandmother's.
I know she would have loved you.

Except for you being
knocked up.
And white.

Yeah, actually, she
probably would've hated you.

But I I like you,
and I, I thought it could
be your something old.

I love it.

I'm really glad we're gonna be a family.


I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry, we can't
I know.
I know.

Guys, what's going on?
Hey, uh, sweetheart, listen, um
I'm gonna go ahead and
take the job at Stanford.

What? I thought you turned it down.

I know, but you know what, sweetheart?
I realized it's too
big of an opportunity.

Now, I was gonna tell you.

I just
wanted today to be
perfect for all of us.


Hey, Mia, come on.
Look, let's just
talk about this for a second.
I mean, there's nothing to talk about.

And I'm so stupid for
thinking that there ever was.

Oh, hey.


Uh, I'll tell Victor you're here.

Victor, Felix is here!
So, uh, my mom, she got out
of the hospital this morning.

Yeah, she's doing really good.

That's awesome.

Yeah, you know, I didn't, uh,
really know what to expect.

Part of me was scared
she'd be on a ton of meds
and a completely different person.

- But, uh, then I saw her
- Felix.
I can't do this.

I'm really glad that
your mom is doing better,
but I can't just pretend that
everything between us is normal
after I kissed you.


I like you.
And you don't
like me back.
Which is fine.

But I think it's best if you go back
to being Victor's nerdy best friend.

And I go back to being his moody sister.

And we'll say "hi" sometimes
when we see each other at school,
or when we're taking out the
trash or whatever.
But that's it.

You okay?
I'm, I'm good.
Yeah, but
Not as good as you.
I mean the
the tie, the hair, the face.

I mean, hot damn potato chip!
Knock, knock.

Good God, you two.
the rest of us a chance.

You do look really good.

You clean up pretty
well yourself, Salazar.

Okay, if someone doesn't give
me a compliment about how I look,
I'm not going.

Come on.
We've got a wedding to get to.

You look great.

Don't worry.
We'll figure this out.

No, we won't.
But thank
you for saying that.

Sparkling lemonade?

Hey! I didn't know you'd be here.

I'm not a guest.
I'm a cater waiter.

Hence the super cool bow tie.

Well, you are rocking the
hell out of that bow tie.

Oh, God.
There's Felix.

He looks super cute in that little vest.

I thought you guys broke up.

No, we did.

I might not be as single and ready
to mingle as I'm pretending to be.

If my boss asks, you're thirty-four.

Is this seat taken?
No, you, you look, uh, beautiful.

Thank you.

Where's Benji?
Victor and Benji are on a break.

Wow, Victor wasted no time at all.

They're just friends.

"Just friends" is for
two fives.
Not a pair of nines.

I vow to always be your best friend.

I vow to always put
your happiness first,
and my ambitions second.

I know there will be tough days.

It's on those days that I
vow to love you the hardest.

I vow to always remember that
we are worth fighting for.

No matter what.

No matter what.


I think it's about time
you and I had a little talk.

So, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Uh, actually, I wanted
to bring you something.

A Tupperware of some chicken?
It's my pollo guisado.

It's what we were supposed
to have for dinner that night
before the first day of school.

I remember.

I am sorry that I ruined that night.

I'm sorry for a lot of things, Benji.

But most of all,
I am sorry if I'm the cause of
problems between you and Victor.

Thank you for saying that.

Please don't let me be the reason
that it doesn't work
out between you two.

Okay I appreciate you coming here.

But our problems are
bigger than just you.

Too big for a couple of
sixteen-year-olds, that's for sure.


All relationships have problems,
whether you're sixteen or forty

What matters is how hard
you're willing to work at it.

How much of yourself you're
willing to put into it.

And I've never seen Victor put
more of himself into anything.

He even stood up to me.

For the first time in his life.

And we all know that Victor is
the world's biggest mama's boy.

But he put our whole relationship
on the line to defend you.

That's how much he loves you.

Anyway, I just needed
you to know all of that.

Reheat that at
350 for twenty minutes.

Don't you dare put it in the microwave.

I don't know if this is
for me.
It looks so creamy.

I know, but YOLO.
On three.

- One, two, three.

- Clink!
Oh, my God.

- Yeah, I don't like that.

- I don't see the appeal.

But they're really expensive, so
we should probably have some more.


Thank you for inviting me.

I'm having a great time.

Me, too.

You know, you could always live with me.

House is pretty big,
you're pretty small
Hey, kids.
Do you mind if I cut in?


- I can't do this.

- Hey, Mia, please.
Just wait
She'll come around.

Listen, you don't know this,
but I have always respected
the hell out of you.

Your drive, your success, the way
your suits always fit just right.

When I was younger,
I'd always think, "Man,
I want a big, impressive
life, like Harold Brooks.
I appreciate that.

But when Mia told me today what you did,
for the first time ever, I
lost some respect for you.

Well, I'm very sorry to hear that.

Harold, you and I both know
that Mia never fully recovered
from her mother leaving.

It is a miracle that she is the
strong, happy person that she is today.

But you doing this,
ripping her away from her home,
from her friends, from me
I don't think she'll
ever come back from that.

All right? And that'll be on you.

- Hi.

- Hey.

I just wanted to tell you that
I stopped by Brasstown earlier.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

And I did my best to
be un-horrible to Benji.

It wasn't easy and I don't know
if anything will come of it,
but at least I know I tried.

Wow, Isa.
That's that's great.

Well, if you'd have
told me a few months ago
that my wife would be trying
to get Victor back with a boy,
- I, I wouldn't have believed it.

- Yeah.
Me, neither.

Well, I am going to celebrate
my big mama bear moment
- with a glass of wine and a scoop of
- Chubby Hubby?
We both know you mean two scoops.

- Yeah, but the second one is
- So small it doesn't count.

Uh, anyway, I better get going.

Yeah, I should let you go.



Guess who got two offers
on the murder house?
Yeah, you did!
Well, come on.
I got a
drumstick with your name on it.

I know you like legs.

Ooh ♪
Have any more champagne?
Could use a little liquid courage.

That jumpsuit is all
the courage you need.

I'm so glad ♪
- I will never find another lover ♪
- Hey.
Wanna dance?
Sweeter than you, sweeter than you ♪
I'd love to.

And I will never find another lover ♪
More precious than you ♪
I love this song.

R&B from before I was born is my jam.

Well, uh
Do you wanna dance?
You are the only one,
you're my everything ♪
And for you this song I sing ♪
- You go waist.

- Okay.

I prayed for someone like you ♪
I don't think I've ever actually
slow danced with a guy before.

Oh, I definitely haven't.

That I, that I finally found you ♪
Lake, there's, um
There's something I
should've told you by now.

Thank you.

For giving me back my mom.

And I will never forget
what you did for me.

Even if I'm around at 100,
I'd still hobble about and tell people,
"Lake Meriwether got my mom
the help she needed.
- Well, I like your old man voice.

- Mmm.

What's in your pocket?

You're all I'm thinking
of, I praise the Lord above ♪
For sending me your
love, I cherish every hug ♪
I really love you ♪

All my life ♪
I prayed for someone like you ♪
And I thank God that I ♪
Will you excuse me a minute?

All my life ♪
- I prayed for someone like you ♪
- Sure.

Yes I pray that you ♪
Do love me too ♪
All my life ♪
I prayed for someone like you ♪
- And I thank God that I ♪
- I need, I need to
One second.

- That I finally found you ♪
- Benji
All my life ♪
- Benji.
Benji, wait.

- Wow.

I can't believe this.

- We're just friends.

- Okay, Victor.

- I feel like such an idiot.

- Benji
That was crazy.
I'm not
allowed to have a friend?
I don't think that's all this is.

And I think you agree with me.

Victor, I like you.

The past few hours have been incredible.

The day we skipped school
together was incredible.
You're incredible.

I swear, I never meant to
get in between you and Benji.

But when we're together,
it feels like magic.

I can't stop smiling
when you're around me.

Even when we're just walking next
to each other not saying anything.

I've never felt more connected
to someone in my entire life.

I'm gonna go.

Let you figure out your shit.

But if you feel the same way I do,
you know where I live.

- Aah!
- Oh, sh
- What are you doing in here?
- I am having a low-key panic attack.

Lake is down there and she
wants to get back together,
and I might like someone else.

Your sister.
She kinda
kissed me the other day.

- What?
- Okay, first of all, are you gonna hit me?
- Please not the stomach, all right? I ate a lot of oysters
- Felix.

I'm not gonna hit you.

I, I didn't know it was
gonna happen, either.

But we have the best time together,
and she is really hot.

Okay, I'm being really cool
right now.
Don't push me.

Won't happen again.

That being said,
Lake is Lake.

She's the first girl I ever loved.

Wait, what's your deal?
Actually, it's weirdly similar.

- You kissed your sister?
- No!
Benji just showed up, and he
wanted to get back together.

Which is all I've wanted
since we started fighting.

But then
Rahim told me that he likes me.

And he kissed me.

And I can't pretend I
didn't feel something.

So what do we do?
Close your eyes.

- What?
- It's something my mom did in the psych ward.

Now imagine all the future things
you wanna do with your boyfriend.

Go to prom together.

Do the long distance
thing in college and
fumble around awkwardly
with FaceTime sex.

But then you beat the odds.

You actually wind up together.

Who do you see?
Is there one person
where it would kill you if you
didn't do those things with?
Actually yeah.

Yeah, there is.

Me, too.

Way to go, Mom.

You remembered
That my mom couldn't have
those at the hospital.

It's not that big of a deal.

I got them for her a while back.

I just figured even though
we're not friends anymore,
it doesn't mean the woman
shouldn't get her chewy fish.

Pilar I don't want
to be friends, either.

Um, okay.

It's kind of rude and
unnecessary to say, but

How'd it go with Felix?
Not amazing.
Yeah, he sort of just

I'm really sorry.

For what it's worth, I never
really saw you with him, anyway.

Really? Who do you see me with?
Someone totally different.

You know, I'm just about done here.

Would you wanna go hang out?

I want to talk to you
about Stanford.
I, uh
I think I made a big mistake.

You sure you wanna do this?

Let's go see my mom.

- Mando, what are you doing here?
- Hey.

I, uh I brought hot fudge.

You still have some of that ice cream?


Hey, I'm so sorry.
have been crazy with finals,
and, um, I totally missed
your DM, but catch me up.

Actually, I I think I'm good.

You're good?
Uh, I spoke to Felix about it,
- and he helped me figure it out.

- Well, that's great.

Yeah, it is.
It's crazy.

When I first reached out to you, I
I didn't have anyone to talk to.

And now I have all of these people,
because everyone important
in my life knows that I'm gay.

You have been so amazing to me.

But I think that
I'm ready to figure out this next
chapter of my life without you.


I think you're ready, too.

Don't be a stranger though, okay?
I won't.
And Simon
Thank you for everything.

Good luck out there, Victor.


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