Love, Victor (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

It's You

PILAR: Last season on Love, Victor
VICTOR: Mom, Dad.

I'm gay,
and I'm with Benji now.

I don't want it to be a secret anymore.

When did you decide this?
VICTOR: I didn't
decide it.
I just am it.

Benji's my boyfriend,
and I'd like you to call him that.

Some guys on my team
don't want me changing.

You should be around people
who want you to be you.

Say the word, and I
will ditch these gays
like a corporation after Pride Month.

Wait, are you and Felix
gonna do it this weekend?
So on three, we're
gonna drop our towels.

Benji's had sex before,
and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Mia, I've waited pretty
much my entire life
to be exactly where I am right now.

- Last night was
- Yeah, it was.

- I love you.

- I love you, too.

ISABEL: What excuse
could you possibly have
for doing that in my house?
Sex or gay sex?
FELIX: She's been
depressed for a while now.

She barely gets out of bed.

- I think we need to get you some help.

- No.

He asked you not to say
anything about his mom and now
she's being detained.

Wait, wait, you're sober?
We tell each other everything.

I've put up with a ton of your shit.

RAHIM: Dear Victor.
name is Rahim.
I'm gay.

You're a catch, Rahim.

- Someone has a little crush.

- On Felix? Yeah, right.

FELIX: Last night was, like, more fun
than I had in, like, forever.

I can't just pretend that
everything between us is normal
after I kissed you.

FELIX: Lake and I broke up.

I'm not giving up on
I'm giving up on you.

Thank you for being so patient with me.

The president of Stamford is retiring,
and he offered me the job.

ANDREW: Ripping her away from her home.

I don't think she'll
ever come back from that.

MIA: Let's go see my mom.

I never really saw you with him anyway.

Who'd you see me with?
Someone totally different.

I know that it's hard sometimes ♪
RAHIM: I swear I never meant
to get in between you and Benji.

I feel like such an idiot.

I'm not allowed to have a friend?
I don't think that's all this is.

Now, imagine all the future things
you wanna do with your boyfriend.

Who do you see?
We'll be making sense of this ♪
Together, we can work it out ♪
- Hi.

- This could be the end of it ♪



I I couldn't let the night end
with you thinking that I moved on.

Victor, I, uh
Did I ever tell you
about the first time that I saw you?
It was my first day at Creekwood,
and you were at the water fountain,
uh, by the teacher's lounge,
looking insanely cool.

And at that moment, I realized
this lie that I've been telling
myself for my whole life just
went up in smoke.

You changed my life.

I love you, Benji.

It's always been you.

I love you, too.

CHARLES: Good God, man.

Benji's mom is always on me
about being more romantic.

I should take lessons from you, Victor.


- Dad, can you get out of here?
Actually, maybe we can get out of here.

There's, uh, somewhere I wanna take you.

But, you would have to drive.

I-I kind of ran here.

And he ran here? Go.

Have fun.
Take my car.

But not too much fun.

Don't have sex in my car.

I just got it detailed.


You know, when you said you were
taking me somewhere romantic,
I wasn't really picturing school.

Yeah, but where exactly
at school are we?
Never meant to cause you trouble ♪
BENJI: The bench where we
had our first real kiss.

Spring Fling.

But you holding me with something ♪
Locked behind your eyes ♪
Can we just
go back to that perfect moment?
You know, start over?
Are you sure nothing's
going on with you and Rahim?
kissed me at the wedding.

And I didn't stop him.

I thought we were friends, and
things got confused, but
I-I'm not confused now.

I swear.

Is he a good kisser?
I feel like I should say no,
so I'm just going to go with no.


Benji, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry
for being such a jerk about your mom.

I I just I hated seeing
you get hurt over and over again,
a and I wanted to
protect you.
I just
didn't know how.

So, I lashed out.

I'm sorry I didn't fight for us sooner.

I wish we could've just
talked like this before.

We wasted so much time.

Somebody to tell me
it'll be all right ♪
Somebody to tell me
it'll be just fine ♪
If someone has been there before ♪
Say right now, 'cause
I just need to hear it ♪

That's the third time you've
looked out that window tonight.

Just admiring the window dressings.

Is this raffia?
You know they are.
You picked them out.

Who are you waiting for?
I thought someone might show up.

Now, I'm not so sure.

Is this someone a boy?
Why don't you pray?
That's your answer for everything.

Or you could look out the window
That seems to be working.

Good night, Maman.

That's four times.

Mm! Fun fact.

Did you know your tongue print
is as unique as your fingerprint?
So, you know, you shouldn't go
committing crimes with your tongue.

How about less fun facts, more kissing?

- Hi, Pilar.

- Felix is waiting for Victor
to get back from the
That's why he's here.

Uh, hey, Felix.

- So, we have a little news
- BOTH: You're back together!
- What? How did you
- It was either that or divorce,
and it'd be really weird to announce
a divorce while holding hands.

- ARMANDO: Look at that.


Uh, your mother and I,
we really want to make it work.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions.

No questions.
I'm happy.

Good job.

Guys, just bring it in here!
Oh man.

Gosh, I love love.

Oh! And, you know, speaking of love
Oh gosh.

It took a second for the
emotions to hit me, but, wow,
we really are a family again.

Thank you, cariño.
we just want you to know
that we love you so much.

- Same, same, same.
Go Salazars!
- ISABEL: Yay!
- ¡Felicidades!
If you're hungry, just
So, from the way you flung
me clear across the room,
I'm getting that you
don't want them to know.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

It's just that we've been
together for, like, 10 seconds.

I just want to enjoy the
fun fooling around thing
a little bit longer before we
start telling people about us.

I guess our unique tongue prints
do have some acquainting to do.



MIA: Well, this is the
address in the emails.

It's not too late to turn around.


I, uh, haven't seen
my mom in five years.

I want some answers.

Then let's get you some answers.

I also really have to pee.


Sorry to just show up like this.

Oh my God, I can't believe you're here.

I've missed you so much.


Look at you! [LAUGHS.]


Is it me or does champagne just
taste better when it's stolen?
It tastes better
when it's a $400 bottle.

- Hm.




Still nothing from Felix?


I think it's really over with us.

You sad?

But, not in an Olivia Rodrigo
I-could-castrate-him kind of way.


I'm really glad I met Felix.

He helped me stop caring
about what other people think.

Were you sad when you
broke up with Andrew?
but mostly 'cause I left my
favorite hoodie at his house.

But, actually
Dating him helped me
figure out some stuff, too.

What kind of stuff?


Oh, shit.
We got to go.

Oh, uh, your parents?
Oh my God, I wish my
house was this nice.

Wait, Lucy, whose house is this?
I don't know.
There was
a for sale sign out front.

- I thought it was empty.

- Oh my God.

We got to go.
We got to go!

MAN: Somebody there? Hello?

The day is getting shady ♪
Playing in the isle ♪
There's nothing in this life to do ♪
But stay here for a while ♪
The day is getting shady ♪
Playing in the isle ♪
You know, my family's going up
to Aspen for the winter break.

Is there any chance
you'd like to come with?
To Aspen?
I-I don't know how to ski.

Oh, you'll pick it up.

Or you'll look cute
falling on your butt.

Oh, okay!

Now, hold on a sec.


Think there's an accident?
OFFICER: License and
registration, please.

Have anything to drink tonight?

It's a DUI checkpoint.

Okay, so? It's not like
you've been drinking.


So, before you came over, I was upset.

Just a few drinks, and I
know I shouldn't have driven,
but my dad was standing
right there, and I just
I-I didn't know what to
do, you know? So, I
Switch with me.

You just got your license back.

Put the car in park and
switch with me, Benji.


Nobody saw.
Everything's gonna be okay.



Carrot cake sans raisin.

Sans cake.

Just frosting.

- That's how I like it.

- Mm.

Okay, my parents are in the next
Could you kiss a little quieter?
Alternative solution.
don't we just tell your parents?
Pilar, they've been really good to me.

They took me in when my mom was
going through all that stuff.

I just I don't feel
great lying to them.

After the first few
times, you get used to it.

Don't you think they'd be happy for us?
Can we slow down? I mean,
we haven't even gone on
a date.
We just kissed.

Oh, who did you kiss?
What? No one.
Who did you kiss?
Pilar, come on.
I just heard
you say you kissed someone.

PILAR: I was reading a text.

Honey! It's okay.

You can tell me if there's
someone special in your life.

There's nobody.
I promise.

Uh, yeah, I, uh You
know, I think I should go.

I don't know when, um,
uh, Victor's coming home.

So, that's
Yeah, that's I mean, that's
the reason why I came here, right?

Such a sweet boy.

What the heck happened to my cake?
You don't think that
house had cameras, do you?
Oh, Lucy, don't even joke.
can't go to prison for this.

All that overhead
So unflattering.


Hey, uh, do you think I could
borrow something to wear?
This uniform smells like shrimp
cocktail and minimum wage.

Yeah, sure.
Help yourself.

You know, you never did tell me
how you ended up
cater-waitering Harold's wedding.

I pick up a lot of jobs.
trying to save up as much as I can
so I can get out of here
as soon as humanly possible.

Um, you don't like Creekwood?
You know, if you're not
happy living in a town
with two Lululemons, I
don't know what to tell you.

They, uh, just turned
the animal shelter into one.

I just feel like I'm
kinda stuck here.
I'm waiting for my real life to start.

You probably don't
know what that's like.

I mean, high school is always amazing
for the popular, pretty girls.

Uh, I-I'm okay.

But you are, like, next-level gorge
and way cooler than I am.

Like "Twilight"-era Kristen
Stewart, but capable of smiling.


Yeah, but you have, like,
the perfect hair,
and the perfect clothes,
and the perfect body.

Uh, I'm hardly perfect.
My right boob's a tiny
bit smaller than the left.

Perfect to me.

thought I heard my phone.

Still no word from Felix.

Oh, that's too bad.

You know, it's kind of late.
I think I'm going to go.
Can I get this back to you another time?
Whenever you want.

- Okay.

- Bye.



NAOMI: I swear, I woke up this morning,
and I just knew something
good was gonna happen.

The universe brought you here.

one of your emails did.

'Cause you mentioned
that you were crashing
with your friend Layla in Savannah?

- Only since I've been back in the States.

Oh yeah.
You were in Ghana, right?
For a-a sculpture installation?
That's so cool.

Well, Ghana is a marvel.
Have you been?
- Um, not
- To Ghana?
Oh, she's been meaning
to, and then she remembered
she's in high school.


Let's not talk about high
That's boring.

I still can't believe you
ended up with Andrew Spencer.

Remember when he used to chase
you around on his scooter?
Oh! And he
had the chunkiest cheeks!
Oh, Layla, honey.

Can you get over
how absolutely
breathtaking my daughter is?
It's good to see you, baby.
mom talks about you all the time.

Uh, guilty.

I'm very, very proud of you.

LAYLA: There are two guys back there,
and one keeps talking about you
But, like,
what is she proud of?
She doesn't know anything about you.

Wait, wait.
No, I know things.


I-I get bits and pieces
from your dad's posts,
like your sophomore art show.

Those lightbox portraits.

They were gallery-ready.

I just I wish I could
have seen them in the flesh.

I mean, you could have.
was a high school art show.

I can't imagine tickets
were very hard to come by.

Andrew, it's fine.
It's fine.

It's fine.

I should have been there.

And I wasn't.

Could you, uh, excuse me for a moment?

What the hell was that?

Look, it's okay.
They waved us
right through the checkpoint.

But what if they saw us switching seats?
I don't understand how you're
being so nice about this.

I love you.

You drank.
You slipped up.

But, you'll call your sponsor tomorrow,
and, and you'll start over.

Hey, guys.
Sorry to interrupt.

I just have an early morning, so I
want to get my keys back before bed.


Why does Victor have my keys?
I-I never drove a Range Rover before,
so Benji let me drive it
for the last few blocks.

Pretty sweet ride, right?

- Good night, guys.

- VICTOR: Good night.


I can't do this.

What is it, Benji?
I have to tell my parents.

I think you should go.

Hey, man.
What are you doing?
Hey! Waiting for you to get home.

And annoying Mrs.
Loo in 202?
Things with Benji went
a little longer than expected.

- Yeah, they did.

No, not
Not like that.

He's going through some, uh,
pretty intense personal stuff
that I can't really
talk about right now.


But, uh, [SIGHS.]
what about you?
Did you end up getting with my sister?
I tried to sound supportive.

No, it's fine.
Not yet.
You know
Everything with Pilar was great, but
she got weird about
your parents knowing.


That was an ominous "hm".

Do your parents not like me?
Is my Salazar family crush unrequited?
My family loves you.

It-it's just that if they find
out that you're seeing Pilar,
they might
love you less.

What? Why?
Well, they're very protective over her.

when she had a
boyfriend back in Texas,
my dad took her door off her bedroom.

Okay, that is a little bit psycho.

Listen, man, Latino dads and
their daughters, it's a real thing.

maybe just let Pilar lead the way
on this one for a little while.

- Okay.

- Yeah.

Hey, and whatever mystery
thing's going on with Benji,
you guys are gonna get through it.

If you're half as good at
kissing as your sister
- Dude!
- I regretted that as soon as I said it.



I don't need the ♪

- MIA: Hey.

Um, sorry about Andrew.

Oh, I get it.

I'd be wary of me, too.

Um So, my dad got remarried today.

And how do we feel about her?
Veronica, right?
It took a minute,
uh, but she's actually pretty great.

It's my dad who I'm
struggling with right now.

He just got offered a new job.

He wants to move us across the country,
and he doesn't care at all what I want.

Sounds familiar.


Is that why you left?
I've only ever heard his side.

When you were 4 or 5,
I got an offer to show in
this tiny gallery in Paris.

Nothing prestigious, but
it meant something to me.

I'll never forget the look on his face
when I said I wanted us to go to Paris.

Like I was a stupid child,
living in a dream world.

So, that's why you left?
Because he wouldn't
go to Paris with you?
No, no, of course not.

Don't you understand?
I was losing myself in that house.

What about me?
I-I don't know what to say.

It was selfish.

And horrible.

And the worst thing I've ever done.

I am not the person I was when I left.

And I would do anything to
have you in my life again, so
tell me what I can do.

You could move to Creekwood.

- What?
- You could move to Creekwood.

I mean, if you were there,
then I wouldn't have to move.

- Oh.

- And we could
maybe work on our relationship.

And maybe, um
I don't know.
Try to
heal? [LAUGHS.]


I love that idea.

But I'm supposed to go
to Prague in a few weeks.

I accepted a residency
at a gallery there.

But, it's only for a few months.

So, maybe after that?
I-I think after that would work great.

This was a mistake.


I don't know why I thought
it would be different.

Can you take me home?

Oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Oh ♪





Oh, I've heard all about you ♪
All those things they had to say ♪
You're a legend 'round this school ♪
Locally famous drama queen ♪
Turn my eyes, I see you stare ♪
'Cross the room and right at me ♪
Now, you're smiling like you've got ♪
Like you've got
something on your mind ♪
You're so beautiful ♪
I don't want to turn away ♪
You've been here before ♪

- Make me feel like you're a ♪
If I could go back in time ♪
I'd shoot my shot ♪

Just so I could have a chance ♪
With you ♪
SHIRIN: Morning.

I saw your tasbih on your dresser.

Was somebody praying last night?
Yes, Maman.
I don't think it worked.

Pretty sure you're not supposed
to pray for a boy to show up.

Isn't that, like, a big Muslim no-no?
When I was pregnant,
I prayed every day for a boy to show up,
and God delivered the
greatest gift of my life.

Your brother Nasser.



I know it may not feel
this way right now,
but I believe God has a plan for you.

And that plan includes
someone who will love you
with all his heart.

So, it is written.

It is written.


It's open!
Lucy! Long time no see.

I just wanted to give you this.

- Oh.

- I washed it.

Actually, I didn't, but I
did spritz it with Febreze.

Okay, well, you
didn't have to do that, but thanks.

I had a lot of fun last night.
Sorry if I kind of killed
the vibe at the end.

We don't have to talk about.

No, no, I want to.
I think I just got scared.

Not because I didn't
want it to happen, but
because I did.




So, what now?
Treat me like ♪
Treat me like ♪
Treat me like ♪
Treat me like fire ♪
Holy shit.

Fire, fire ♪
Into the pain, into the pain ♪
Into the pain ♪
Into the pain ♪

Hey, don't worry.

I told your parents
that I was helping your
dad move back in today,
so now I get to lug
heavy boxes up the stairs.

Hey, I'm sorry about last night.

There's nothing There's
nothing to be sorry about.

I ended up talking to Victor.

Why didn't you tell me your
dad's protective of you?
Because it's humiliating.

I mean, the whole time I've known you,
I've been Victor's baby sister,
and I didn't want you to
see me as some little girl
whose dad watches over her like a hawk.

I don't see that way.

Okay, I see you as a super-smart,
bad-ass, model-gorgeous neighbor
whose father would murder me
if he knew the thoughts running
through my head right now.

What kind of thoughts?
Trust me, we're not there yet.

Ooh ooh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Ooh ooh ♪
Oh oh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh ♪

Thank God.
I was, uh,
I was worried about you.

Listen, um
I handled things terribly.

I should have been able
Oh ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh ♪
We are going to figure this out.

Oh oh oh oh oh ♪

You, uh,
weren't responding to my texts,
so I just I got worried.

Well, my parents took my phone away.

Do we need to get you a burner?
L like in the spy movies?
We could hide it under a floorboard.

Victor, I'm
I'm going to rehab.

Yeah, my
My dad set it up this morning.

It's an in-patient program.

Wait, rehab? This is crazy.

Actually, it's
- It's not.

- You had a slipup.
You drank one time
- in a year.

- It wasn't just one time.

I've been drinking sometimes.

Before a big test.

After a fight with my parents.

The night I came over your
house and yelled at your mom.

Look, I've been running away from
it, just wanting it to go away,
but it-it won't.
And then, last night,
I lied to you.

I drove.
I put you in danger.

Look, Victor, if you
and I are gonna have
any real chance of working out,
then I have to figure this out.

And I have to do it alone.

Okay? So, that means three
weeks, no emails, no phone.

I think it's going to
be really good for me.


What do I tell people when
they ask where you are?
I mean, I don't want the
whole world knowing, but
you can tell anyone
that you really trust.

And what happens after three weeks?
I'm not sure.

I'm tired ♪
Of just hiding away ♪
Wrestling my ♪
Instincts to keep it at bay ♪
'Cause forgetting you is
like ignoring the weather ♪
Or wanting you ♪
Takes as long as forever ♪
And I don't know ♪
How much longer I can keep it inside ♪
Can we work it out? ♪
Can we work it out? ♪
'Cause every fiber
of my being's agreed ♪
That what you want can
become something you need ♪
Can we work it out? ♪
Go on ♪
And get out of my head ♪
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