Love, Victor (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

Fast Times at Creekwood High

"Hey, Rahim.

You haven't written back
to any of my messages,
so I figured what's
the harm in one more?
I hope you're having
a good winter break.

Mine's been just okay.

Been spending a lot of quality
time with Pilar and Felix".

Hey, guys!
Oh, thank God.
It's just Victor.

- What're you guys doin'?
- We are watching Home Alone.

I'm in Oh,
you don't want me here.

All right, well, um, all right, yeah.

Uh, I'll let you guys get to it, um.

You kids have fun.
gonna see you later.

"And my parents are happier than ever".

Hey, uh, I think we're gonna
wrap presents in our room.

"A little too happy".

Three, two, one! Happy New Year!
"Anyway, I really miss
hanging out with you.

I know what happened
between us was weird,
but I feel like it's nothing
that can't be hashed out
over that gross green
tea ice cream you like.

Okay, well, I hope you write back
or see ya at school next week.


Wait, how many E's is in "byeeeee"?

Victor, Victor You okay?
Yeah, just, uh
Still no word from Benji
since he left for rehab?
They don't allow phones.

Stupid rehab and their
stupid "focusing on sobriety".

Hey, at least he's back
this weekend, right?
Yeah, it's just, you know,
he left in such a hurry,
I, I don't really know where we stand.

I mean, for all I know,
he could be with some
hot, recovering addict named Joaquin.

Okay, well, first of all,
I am sure Benji misses you, too,
and if there's some
hot hunk named Joaquin,
well, I'll fight him with ya.

- He does sound strong, though.

- Thanks, man.

Well, it's, uh, time for us to make
our triumphant return to Creekwood.

And I will be forced to face Rahim
for the first time since the wedding,
which won't be awkward at all.

Yeah, well, you know, at
least you tried to reach out.

Felix, you still haven't
reached out to Lake?
I, I thought you were gonna
apologize for, you know,
abandoning her on the dance floor.

Yeah, look.
Okay, I was,
but every time I go to text her,
I, I, I panic and then I bail,
and then I go watch Love
It or List It with my mom.

So, Lake doesn't know
about you and my sister?
She has no idea.

Really hope it doesn't destroy her.

I really hope Felix is okay
when he finds out about me and Lucy.

And why do we care
about Felix's feelings?
Last time I checked,
he broke up with you.

Maybe it's okay if he feels a
little bad about me and Lucy.

Are you and Lucy going
Creekwood official?
I mean, yeah, it's only been two weeks,
but we've hung out pretty
much every day of winter break,
and are pretty into each other.

I'm getting a selfie of us
kissing made into a puzzle, hm.

Some strawberry tarts comin' in
hot for my strawberry tart.

Aw, thanks, babe.
For the
Not that weird nickname.

I know waiting can be stressful,
but I also know morning pastries
can relax you, so be calm.

Uh, hold up.
What are you waiting for?
It's a long shot, but
my dad is going to dinner
with the exiting president
of Stanford this weekend
to ask him if he'd be willing
to stay on another year,
so that I could finish out school here.

Oh my God, that would be incredible.

I could finally stop praying for
"the big one" to level Stanford.

Well, whatever happens,
we will figure it out.

And if you do end up moving away,
we'll visit each other all the time.

Plus, I just got that new iPhone
with the hi-res selfie camera.

Hey, can we stop talkin' about this?
Yeah, seriously, no one wants
to see your junk in 4K, Andrew.

Agree to disagree.

But if Mia wants to
stop talking about it
we'll stop talking about it.

She does.
But do you
know what Mia does want?
Mia wants to throw a party.

I'm sorry, did Mia Brooks just
say she wants to throw a party?
- Are you feelin' all right, babe?
- I'm fine.

I just wanna stop
stressing about what's next.

And I say we take advantage
of this empty house
and the credit card that
my dad left for emergencies.

Whoa Uh, wow.

Okay, w-why do you look so beautiful?
I'm just pickin' out my outfit
for my first PFLAG meeting.

But that's not till Friday.

Yeah, I know, but I
outfit-plan when I'm nervous.

It's called stress
It's a real thing.

Come here.

PFLAG is just a bunch of parents
going through the same thing we are.

You have nothing to be worried about.

Actually, I think I do.

What are these people gonna think of me?
You've been going to
these meetings for months,
learning how to support our son.

And now all of a
sudden, I'm gonna walk in
and they're gonna be like, "Oh, look!
There's the one who took
forever to get on board".

Nobody's gonna judge you I promise.

- Thank you for saying that.

- Yeah.

It is Monday morning.

I'm sorry.
You know, what can I say?
The sexy stress dress
has got me so confused.

I don't know what I'm doing.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey.

One word, so many meanings.

But, you know, I guess that's,
that's the magic of "hey", right?
- It's, it's like "aloha" or, or "shalom".

- Stop talking.

I'm trying.
I can't.

Oh God, and here's Lake.

Oh my gosh, it is too
early for this awkwardness.

What up, fam? Can I pull off "fam"?

Uh, so guys, um, my
dad is going out of town
and I'm having a party Friday night.

Why? Did you lose a bet?
What? No, I It was my idea.

I'm fun.

What? I'm fun!
Uh, hey, Lake, do you mind if we,
uh, talk in private for a minute?
Oh, I We don't, We don't need to.

Yeah, I just, you know, I, I
just, uh, I wanna be upfront
and, uh, let you know I'm,
I'm, I am seeing someone.

Pilar, actually, so.


Well, that's so great,
and so geographically desirable as well.

Yeah, yeah, I, I only
date guys in my building.

It was either Felix or the ghost
of the guy that died in 304.

Um, I'm, actually, dating someone, too.

Really? Wow.
who, who's the lucky guy?
It's Lucy I'm dating Lucy.

Wow, that is, that is so
That is so great.

Yeah, I'm, I'm so I'm, I'm
I mean, I'm so happy for you.

I mean, I'm happy for us,
for, for, for all involved.

I mean, we, we, we, rebound fast.

Uh, not that you guys are
Y-you're not a rebound.

Ooh, so, uh, Friday.

You all will be there?
- Great.

- Great.

- Great.

- Great.

One word, so many meanings.

Vic, Benji isn't gonna
suddenly text you from rehab.

Yeah, man, it's a party, all right?
Have fun.
Go dance on a table.

Not that one, though.

That one has weak legs.

Um, I'm, I'm just gonna go find
I'll talk to you guys later.

So, should we get some drinks or
Or stare at your ex-girlfriend
and her new girlfriend?
No, I, I j Okay, I'm sorry, it's
Felix, I know it's a lot to get
your head around, Lake and Lucy,
- but that's all this is, right?
- Yes, yes.
100%, okay?
Y-you know, um, why don't we,
uh, go play flip cup, all right?
Let's see if you are
still attracted to me
once you get a taste of
my hand-eye coordination.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, sorry, um
Thank you for the drink.


I'm zonin', I'm zonin' ♪
- Hey, um, have you been getting my texts?
- Yep.

Doin' my thing, I'm zonin' ♪
Great party, babe.

People are already saying
this is the rager of the year!
Look, do you need anything
else? Water, soda, chips?
Okay, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.

I know that you're worried about me,
but I am trying to have fun,
and you following me around
and making sure I'm okay
is actually really unnerving.


Hey, man.
How's it goin'?
I've been better Mia's dad stuff.

- Yeah.

- You?
I've also been better.

Benji stuff Rahim hating me stuff.

Victor, Andrew, this
couch feels amazing.

- It's like petting a cloud.

- Are, are, are you guys okay?
We're better than okay, man.

Are you guys on something right now?
No If we were on something,
would, would you want some, though?
- Nah, I'm, I'm good.

- Nah, that's sweet, though.

I feel so happy.
can bring me down.

- Yes, please.

- Maybe a little.

How are you? Good
to see you She's great.

- Everyone seems really friendly.

- Why are you so surprised?
I told you, no judgment.

They're all in the same boat as us.

They love their kids like crazy
and they're constantly screwin' up.

All right, if everybody can come
on in.
Bring it in, bring it in.

We're gonna get started.

Welcome to PFLAG.

Uh, it's so nice to see all of
these new faces here tonight.

Um, so, would any of our first-timers
like to introduce yourselves?
Stand up.
Share your stories? Anyone?
- Hi.

- Here we go.

I'm Theresa This is my son, Asher.

Uh, Asher came out to
me about a month ago,
and in that moment, my entire
reality turned upside down.

I'm not proud of this.

It took me 30 seconds
to get off that couch.

Thirty long seconds before
I wrapped him in my arms
and said, "I just want him to be happy".

Thirty seconds?
Hey, look, we don't know her deal.

She's probably not religious like you,
so maybe that's why
it was easier for her.

Well, uh, I was nervous because
my parents are religious,
but, uh, they immediately put their
beliefs aside to be there for me.

Oh, last week, we met
Asher's boyfriend, Michael.

He is just darling.

For spring break, she's taking us
to see a Troye Sivan show in Miami.

I didn't know who Troye was at first,
- but Asher showed me some of his
- She is an unusually good parent.

Uh, most of them are bad like us.


- How's it going?
- All right.

Except the girl I'm dating keeps
staring at the guy you're dating.

Oh my God, same.

What do you think is going on with them?
I mean, I really think Felix is into me.

One time, we were watching
TV and I went to the bathroom,
and he texted me he missed me.

I mean, it's the same with
I know Lake likes me.

It's just she clearly has
some unresolved Felix baggage.

So, what do we do?
I feel like my hearing is better
than it's, like, ever been.

Like, I can hear your
heart beating right now.

- Aw.

- Why don't we hug like this more often?
- Men should hug like this more often.

- Yeah, I fully support that.

Who's that talking to Rahim?
I don't know, but they look like
they're on the expressway to bone city!
Oh my God, that would be so good for me
because then, maybe, Rahim would
stop hating me for choosing Benji.

You should wingman for
Help him seal the deal.

That's a great id You know what?
I am so glad that Mia found
you and that you're nice now.

Aw, don't make me cry.

- Hey, guys, what's goin' on?
- Hey, I'm Rider.

I've never seen you at Creekwood before.

- Oh yeah, I go to St.

- Ohh, so you're smart.

- You know who else is smart?
- Victor, what the hell?
He's, he's smart,
he's hot, and he can bake.

- Okay.

- I'm sure he's all of those things.

I, I came here with my
girlfriend, and I just
I hope you didn't think
Did I think that you were
hitting on me when you told me
your girlfriend likes my jacket?
No, I did not.

It was really nice meeting you, Rider.

I, I was just trying to help.

Shit, I am so sorry.

All good.
Um, refreshing even.

Wait, Rahim.
Wait, wait, wait.

Can we just talk for a second?
Victor I really thought
you would get the hint by now,
but since me not answering
your texts didn't work,
and me not talking to
you at school didn't work,
I'm gonna make this as
painfully clear as possible:
leave me alone.

Rahim, wait! You're
kinda being a jerk right now.

I'm the jerk?
Look, you kissed me, and I
decided to stay with my boyfriend.

And I understand that sucks for
you, but we were really good friends,
and, and Benji's in rehab, and I,
I could just really
use a friend right now.

Benji's in rehab?
- Shit.
Why'd I say that?
- Probably because you're high right now.

Look, you know what? It's okay.

Because Benji told me that I, I can
tell people I trust, and I trust you.

Victor, admitting how I felt about you
was the bravest moment of my life.

After the wedding, I went back
home, and I waited for you.

All night, I stared out the
window waiting for you like a fool,
and I get that you chose Benji.

I'm not mad at you for that.

But then you decided to
just brush it all aside
by sending me jokey
texts and life updates.

I thought that we had a connection,
and you made me feel
like I was crazy for that.

If you can't see how hurtful that is,
then we weren't very
good friends to begin with.

Oh, wasn't that beautiful?
Yes, give them a hand.

That was just delightful.

So, um, would anyone else like to
You're new Would you
like to share your story?
Uh, no, that's okay.

You know what? I was nervous at
first, too, but it's not that bad.

Okay, you wanna hear
my story, Theresa? Um.

I am a terrible, horrible mother.

Took me way too long to
accept my son when he came out.

I'm not talkin' 30
seconds, I'm talking months.

Months of me judging him, of me
not accepting him for who he is.

Uh, we had an unbreakable
bond and I broke it.


I'm Isabel It's so nice to meet you.

O-Okay, um, well.

- Hey come with us.

- Huh?
- Felix.

- Ooh.

You two need to figure your shit out.

- Huh?
- You guys need to go somewhere
private where you can talk about
whatever's going on between you two.

Oh, I mean, there's, there's nothing.

- Nothing
- Okay, no, no, no.
No gaslighting us.



- Now.

- Uh, yeah, no, fine.

You think we did the right thing, right?
Honestly, I was way more
confident about it two minutes ago.

I didn't think they'd go upstairs.

There you are.
Been looking for you.

Chris P.
and Kristi T.
did a three-way makeout session
with Christine C.
This is the rager of the year!
Are you having fun?
Oh yeah, I'm having so much fun.

I'm also so, so sad.

Sorry, are you on, are you on drugs?
Oh, I am just feeling
my feelings in a very
- feeling-y way.

- Mm, so that's a yes.


I am trying to be
strong and positive for you
because I know the last thing you need
is another person to take care of.

But the truth is,
I am so scared
waiting for your dad to
tell us about you moving.

It's killing me.

And I know high school romances
are usually just whatever.

Everyone thinks that they
have an expiration date.

I feel like you and I are different.

I think we are bigger than that.

I know we are.

Hon I know we are, too.

And I'm scared, too, um.

I'm just trying to live in the moment.

- It's weird seeing you with someone else.

- Yeah, same.

I didn't think it would be, but it is.

And it's not like I
still wanna be with you.

- I mean, no offense.

- No, no, no.
None taken, all right?
Lucy is way hotter than me.

Why are we strugglin' with this?
I think it's that the
night of the wedding,
you just left me on that dance floor.

I mean, you were my first real
boyfriend and you just disappeared.

It feels like the most important
chapter of my life had no real ending.

Yeah Yeah, that's fair, um,
I was a coward, and
you deserve closure.

Lake, you will always be my first love,
and even though I don't think
we're meant to be together,
- I'm glad we happened.

- I'm glad we happened, too.

I don't know why I didn't say it sooner.

I guess it just made me really sad.

The idea of really
saying goodbye to us.

Well, thank you for saying it now.

I also think slapping you
would help give me closure.


Oh, you're, you're not
joking? Uh, y-yeah, okay.

Whatever you need, uh.

- Goodbye, Felix.

- Bye, Lake.

What were we thinking,
sending two exes into a bedroom
for some "private time"?
We might be the dumbest people
in the history of high school.

Earlier tonight, some kid
snorted a line of kosher salt.


Thanks for making us talk.

Yeah, we, uh, we needed that.

- We know.

- You're lucky to have us.

I just wanted to say
that you're not crazy.

There was something between
us and, and it was real.

I felt it, too.

Thank you for saying that.

And I I'm sorry
that I, I didn't give you
enough space after the wedding.

I I just thought if I
acted like everything was okay,
that it, it would be.

I didn't wanna lose you as a friend,
but it if you need more
space, I I totally get it.

So, um.

Yeah, that's, that's it.

That's the end of my speech.

You are officially the
most dramatic person I know.

You can't even ask someone
to be friends without a big
gesture, can you?
Yes We can be friends again.

- We can?
- Yeah, I just
I needed you to acknowledge that
what we'd been through was real,
and now you've done
that, so lay it on me.

How has that perfect-haired boy
been torturing you this week?
You know what? I'd
actually rather talk about
- literally anything else, so.

- So,
Rider was pretty hot for
a straight boy, right?
- Oh my God, yeah.
So hot.

- Yeah.

I think I'm just gonna
get ready for bed.

Theresa, the dream mom wore me out.

Hey, you need to stop beating
yourself up about this past year.

Victor's already forgiven you.

He may have forgiven me, Armando.

But I am nowhere near
ready to forgive myself.

Well done, Mia Brooks.

You threw a killer party and
your dad will be none the wiser.

You are a legend in your own time.

Hey, Andrew.


He said no.

Look, I'm sorry, sweetheart.

All right? I tried.
I really did.

I threw a party last night
because I had a feeling
that the answer would be no.

And I wanted to pack in one
last crazy high school memory
with my boyfriend before
I ran out of time,
but it's not enough.

- Mia, you have to understand that
- No, but, Dad,
you have done so much
for me over the years,
but you've also had
to be away a lot, too.

Which meant that other people had
to step in and take care of me.

All right, I mean, you were in
London when my appendix burst,
and Andrew's dad had to
drive me to the hospital,
and and Lake's mom
taught me how to drive.

And only screamed a little
when I scratched her rims.

Their families are my family, too.

So, let me stay here.

Let me stay here and,
and finish high school,
and sometimes we'll see each other,
and sometimes we'll be apart,
just like it's always been.

Sweetheart where would you live?
At Lake's.

Have you seen their house?
They have bedrooms that they've
never even been inside of.

All right, look.
I'll, uh
I'll talk to Lake's parents,
and if they say it's okay then,
they could
Andrew you stop that cryin'.

- Yeah, I know this party was your fault.

- No, all right.

Oh my God, you're, you're back?
Why didn't you call me?
I wanted to see you in person.

Uh good.
Well, come in.

- I, I wanna hear everything and how it went
- I, I can't.

Uh, Victor, it it went well,
but I still have a lot of work to do.

I'm, I'm supposed to avoid any,
uh, emotional triggers right now,
and, uh
that includes you.

What does, what does that mean?
It means we need to break up.

We, we can't be talking
or we can't be hanging out.

We, we just have to
steer clear of each other.

Is Is this what you want, or?
It's not about what I want.

It's about what I need.

And right now what I need is,
for us to be apart.

I'm sorry.

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