Lovely Runner (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Lovely Runner)
(All people, organizations, locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
(July 22, 2009)
Are we rolling right now?
- Gosh. Look at that. - Over there!
- There it is! - Gosh.
Hey, what's that?
- Look at that. - What?
- What is that? - Look!
- This is so fascinating! - Oh, my. So beautiful.
- I mean, how - Gosh.
Did you all take a look at the sky just now?
There hasn't been a total solar eclipse
of this magnitude in the past 61 years.
The Moon is smaller than the Sun by 400 times.
- When I saw the Moon slowly - Are you ready?
- swallowing up the Sun gradually - Okay. Great.
- Get in. - It felt
- so surreal to watch it. - How can you smile right now?
- It gave me a feeling that - Let's go.
something incredible would happen.
I was sort of wishful that a miracle would happen to me.
- So I hope that - I'll get going now.
your lives will be blessed with a miracle.
We will begin Part One of the show after this song.
Hey, we're late. Hurry up.
Let's go.
- Hello. We're Eclipse. - Hello. We're Eclipse.
Hello, we're Eclipse.
- Hello! - Hello!
Then there's no break.
No way.
Okay. I can rest up after this then.
Yu Ri.
I'm a huge fan of yours.
Can I tell you my wish?
Sir, you can't do this here.
It's fine.
He's my fan.
What's your wish?
- Please hurry. - Okay.
- Let's begin right away. - Hello.
- Don't mess it up. Okay? - Okay.
Do a good job. Okay?
One, two, three.
- Hello, we're Eclipse. - Hello, we're Eclipse.
- We can't wait to work with you! - We can't wait to work with you!
All right, we've had the opportunity
to hear a nice introduction for each member of Eclipse.
By the way, there's something
all the new singers on our show must go through.
- I should paint your toenails - It's to test
- your popularity with the public. - with your favourite colour, yellow.
- Yellow. - Yes!
It's a great way to gauge
- the public's reception - Sol.
- of your song. - Look out the window.
It's so sunny today. The weather is amazing.
Should we go out for a walk?
The doctor said lying in bed all day wouldn't do you any good.
To practice navigating in the wheelchair,
- I'll go first. - let's try moving around a bit.
- Yes? - Hello.
I'm so busy. Who's calling me?
Who is this?
This is the leader of a new group, Eclipse. My name is Baek In Hyuk.
What? Your name is Back In The Day?
- She said, "Back In The Day." - Oh, no. You failed.
- Oh, no. - Hello.
- Oh, no. Sol. This must hurt. - We're calling
- from a live radio show. - Are you okay?
Eclipse is joining us today.
- Sol. - So we were running
a popularity test with our listeners.
- Is that so? - All right. Ma'am.
Let me give you a special hint.
It's a surprise guest that comes to us
during the hot summer out of the blue.
- I'm sorry. I cut it too short. - When you see this,
you can also see the rainbow.
I'll hurry and get some ointment.
Guess what this is.
I'm such a klutz. Seriously.
- The answer was the sudden shower. - Gosh, the sudden shower.
Okay, ma'am. Thank you for answering our call.
Unfortunately, you couldn't give us the correct answer.
However, you know that we're quite generous right here
on "Hamster Seung Yeon's 10-10 Friend."
Just like In Hyuk's brimming confidence,
our show brims with generosity.
We'll send you a present for accepting our call,
We'll send you a red ginseng gift set,
so you could maintain good health for a long time.
- Congratulations. - Congratulations.
- Congratulations. - Congratulations.
We'll continue with the second try.
Who should try after In Hyuk?
Why don't you give it a try, Sun Jae?
Oh, sure.
Your phone is ringing.
No one is answering the phone.
I hope you'll at least get to try even if you succeed in the end.
That's so noisy.
Just answer it.
Can you hear my voice?
- What's this? - Hello. My name is
Ryu Sun Jae.
So what?
Do you know who I am?
I don't.
Do you know Eclipse?
We made a début two months ago.
I said I didn't know who you were.
That was another failed attempt. What a bummer.
Okay. Hello. Thank you for accepting our call.
This is DJ Hamster from "Hamster Seung Yeon's 10-10 Friend."
I'm hanging up.
Hold on. Don't forget about your present.
- I'm good. - The weather
has been amazing lately.
We'll give you a pair of functional running shoes,
so you can wear them when you go on a picnic.
I don't need them.
I wonder what kind of present you would like then.
How about the latest indoor exercise bike?
I said I didn't want anything.
I don't need whatever you're trying to give me.
You call that a present?
Do you think you can make me walk again?
That's what I want!
If you can't even do that,
why are you calling me and harassing me
when I haven't asked for this?
Are you having fun, doing prank calls like this?
Good for you guys
that life is fun for you.
Somewhere in this world,
there are people who don't want to live
because the weather is darn too good.
So don't do prank calls like this ever again.
You're making me want to set your TV station on fire!
I see. I'm so sorry.
It wasn't our intention
Are you still listening?
You're listening, right?
Mom! Turn this off.
"Thank you"
"for staying alive."
Your loved ones around you would be relieved
and be grateful
that you are still with them.
you should live your life
because it's a great day.
It will rain tomorrow.
as you wait until the rain stops,
live another day.
If you keep this up,
there might come a day when life doesn't seem so miserable.
Gosh. Come on.
I would like to apologize sincerely
to the people who accepted our calls
- and our listeners. - What is it?
What's wrong?
After we listen to "Sonaki" by Eclipse,
we'll come back with Part Two of the show.
Cry it out. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(December 31, 2022)
(Ryu Sun Jae)
(Episode 1)
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
(Sun Jae)
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
(I love you, Ryu Sun Jae.)
Come on.
I submitted my resume a long time ago.
If they were going to hire me, they would've already contacted me.
I shouldn't expect anything from it. Let's just move on.
You startled me!
What's that on your face, Grandma?
Miss, you look so pretty.
Am I pretty?
How did you get that out?
Let me see your hand, Grandma.
You wish!
Where did she learn to talk like that?
- Grandma! - Whatever!
Give it back! Come on, let me have it.
- Hello. - Hello.
- Mom. - What is it this time?
This old lady is scary!
You called me Miss earlier!
Come on. That's my dear Sun Jae's.
I'm going to die if she makes a scratch on that!
- No way. - Please! Oh, no.
Grandma, come on!
Dear me!
- I'm home. - You're back.
- Another all-nighter at work? - Where are you going, Grandma?
That jerk, General Manager Kim.
I should just quit my job or something. Seriously.
- Did you eat? - I must go back after a shower.
- Again? - Grandma!
Geum! Can you take that from her? Please?
Gosh. She'll give it back to you once she's done playing with it.
- Come on. - Right.
Oh, no!
Okay. Just sit tight.
- Mom. - Oh, no.
If you give it back to me,
I'll let you watch "Secret Jouju."
- Jouju? - Yes.
- Bibbidi boo. - Bibbidi boo.
My dear Mal Ja.
- Are you in a good mood? - Yes.
Gosh. You brat. It's just a watch.
Why are you yelling at your grandma at this hour?
All right. Let's watch
- "Secret Jouju." - It's not "just" a watch.
I bought this at an auction. I paid 3,000 dollars for this.
Three thousand dollars?
Three thousand dollars?
It was 300 dollars.
Goodness. That was a slip of the tongue.
There's a power struggle going on
between my brain and my lips these days. Right.
Seriously. You must be the most enthusiastic fan.
Goodness. You sure are the most loyal fan.
- Get my spell! - Gosh.
So the concert is today?
It's been five years since their last concert.
Hey, Sun Jae.
What happened?
You met with Director Park and said you wouldn't do the movie.
Are you out of your mind?
Sun Jae.
Didn't I tell you?
I said you could take a long break once you were done with this movie.
I said I wanted to retire.
I didn't ask for a break.
Why don't you just go out there?
Look at the sea of people out there. They're your fans who came
to watch you perform after waiting for years and on.
You're going to regret this later!
I won't regret it.
Your body will remain,
but your spirit will leave this world
when you have fulfilled the time in this world.
Gosh, you can't ask me to edit this at the last minute like this.
I have an important plan today. Seriously.
Have you forgotten that I'm your first client?
Then I'll hire someone else.
Gosh. Come on, don't be like that.
By the way, didn't Sanzu Bridge appear
in a drama or something?
You must have enjoyed watching the drama.
Gosh, don't tell me.
Are you Jang Man Weol?
The crew did a good job
at integrating authentic elements into the drama.
You think only the living realm undergoes development?
They build bridges over rivers in the afterlife too.
Gosh, I got it.
How would I know that? I haven't been to the afterlife.
All done.
(Grandma Celestial)
I'll post it now.
I'm late! Oh, no!
Come on.
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
I almost forgot the most important thing.
(Eclipse's Concert)
Will you keep putting me under your spell?
I love you so much.
See you soon.
I've got zero problems
I'll start running again right now
- Are you that happy? - Of course!
It's my first time seeing him in person.
Of course, I'm thrilled.
Thank you. I know you're busy.
Don't mention it.
I switched to a big car
so I could give you a ride like this.
Check the shopping bag there.
It's a present from me.
What is it?
(Jagam High School)
- Hey! - Hey!
It turned out my junior's older brother was
in Graduating Class 13 at Jagam High School.
I asked to borrow it.
Oh, my! I can't believe this!
Was Sun Jae in Class Five when he was a senior?
Class Five Let's see.
Oh, my.
He's been so handsome even in high school.
I totally want to kidnap him and run!
Why didn't you do that when you had the chance?
You could have done that if you wanted.
Exactly. His school was across from ours.
How come we never saw him?
How did we miss such a dazzling young man back then?
Had I been his fan since high school,
I would've been the most successful fan.
That's because you were someone else's fan back then.
Like who?
Right. I was.
Which class was he in?
He's not in the yearbook.
Was it after your accident?
Was he in a group fight with students from the adjacent school?
Anyway, it was a huge scandal.
He could've gotten expelled,
but they just let him withdraw from school.
I didn't know.
- Hyun Ju. - Yes.
Can I cut out Sun Jae's picture?
Sure. It's not mine. Do whatever you want.
Thank your junior's brother for me.
One, two, three.
(Sun Jae over stars.)
This is cute.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
(We're always on your side.)
(I love you, Eclipse. I can't live without you guys.)
(I love you, Ryu Sun Jae.)
- Sol! - Hey!
- Sol! - You're here.
- Have you been well? - Yes. You're here early.
(I'm always grateful.)
Then what should we eat?
- Tteokbokki? - Sounds good.
It took five years for them to hold a concert because of somebody.
It's not like this is Ryu Sun Jae's solo concert.
Seriously. In Hyuk isn't some filler on stage.
If he wants to be an actor, he can just leave the band.
What does he think he's doing?
Is he trying to use Eclipse as his crutch?
Fans like them are the origin
of breakup rumours surrounding the band.
Our kind Sun Jae still considers people like them his fans.
So even when they write hate comments and spread rumours,
he's letting that slide. Seriously.
Hello. This is Choi Jung Hoon. I'm calling from Bon Cinema.
You applied for an internship, correct?
I'm calling you after checking your portfolio.
Yes! I did apply for it!
By the way, is it possible
to come in for an interview now?
We need to process this really urgently.
If you can't
I'll be there. I can!
Thank you.
Are you going somewhere?
We have two hours left until we can enter.
Yes, it's an interview for an internship.
I'll be back in a jiffy. Get in line first. Okay?
- Don't be late. Okay? - Okay.
You're all set.
(Planning Room, Editing Room)
I think it looks good.
That's fine.
Get back to work.
What brings you here?
I got a phone call just now.
I'm here for the internship interview.
I see.
I see.
I would love to work with you,
but as you can see, this is a two-story building
without an elevator.
- I'm truly sorry. - Darn it.
What a bummer!
I would have gotten the job
if it weren't for those annoying stairs.
Why don't I go and see Sun Jae perform?
Why aren't you back already?
We'll enter pretty soon.
Excuse me!
I'm really sorry.
Could you please let me in?
Were you not able to go in?
I really wanted to get here quickly.
You can't enter past the admission time.
I know that. I'm well aware.
It's the last day of the year. So it was so hard to get a cab.
I went through so much trouble of taking the bus
and barely managed to come here.
But I ended up coming late.
I can tell that you're very good at your job.
Could you please
help me out?
Well, I really shouldn't.
It's cold.
Gosh, it's so cold.
If you show me your ticket, I'll let you in.
Really? Thank you!
Hold on.
Where did it go?
I'm screwed.
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
Ryu Sun Jae, Baek In Hyuk, Hyun Su, Jay.
- Towards the sunset - The sunset!
- Fly with all your strength - Fly
- Bring back the dreams - Bring back the dreams
- That have been forgotten - That have been forgotten
- In the city, there's a chance - Chance!
- If the wall is high, break it - Break it
- Follow your heart - Follow your heart
In the burning sunset, the old days get hot
- The moment we've been waiting for - Waiting for
- Right now - Right now
I've got zero problems
- I'll start running again right now - Running again
Believe me, don't you worry
- We'll meet each other after all - We'll meet each other
You save me like a god of love
We'll meet each other in the end
You shine so brightly
When you feel like hiding
Like the night sky that embraces us
Every moment of every day, stay with me
- Just you and I, for you and I - Just you and I, for you and I
- You and I, just you and I - You and I, just you and I
This song
is our début song.
It's been a long while since I sang it live.
Is Sun Jae talking right now?
What is he saying?
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
I didn't want it to stop
- On the day - This song wasn't on the set-list.
You first came to me
I didn't want you to be the rain
That soaks me wet only momentarily
I've prayed so hard
Do you know how I feel?
I've dreamt of you every day
My heart is soaked in you again today
- You are a gift - You are a gift
From the sky
When you're all alone in this world
- I'll protect you - I'll protect you
You have fallen to me
Like a sudden shower
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
But I sing to you again today
My precious
Please move carefully and slowly.
Many people are heading home.
Please head to the bus stops nearby.
(We've got your hunger covered!)
It was so touching, though I heard it from outside.
If I had seen it myself, I would have passed out.
This is the first snow of the season.
Sun Jae must be thrilled.
Let's go home now!
What a day today!
In Hyuk, calm down, please.
- In Hyuk, let it go. - Move!
- You! - In Hyuk!
- Who do you think I am? - You should talk it out.
- Let go of me! - Talk it out.
In Hyuk.
How could you let me find out about your retirement from someone else?
You're retiring?
- Are you out of your mind? - In Hyuk.
Let's do this some other time.
I'd like to be alone for a moment.
Sure. Do as you please.
Don't do this!
In Hyuk!
Why is the bus stop so far away?
And why is this bridge so long?
Wait. What?
You can't stop right here.
There you go.
Let's go a little further, please.
Are you serious?
I would love to work with you,
but as you can see, this is a two-story building
without an elevator.
If you show me your ticket, I'll let you in.
It's so cold.
What are you doing right here?
Did your wheelchair
break down?
Right. Yes.
Dear mouth, say something.
It's Sun Jae. Why aren't you saying anything?
You looked cold.
Thank you.
Why are you crying, then?
I didn't make you cry.
I'm crying
because I'm so happy.
Actually, I
I'm your fan.
I can tell.
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run!)
This is funny.
It's a nickname I've been using on the fan club website
for more than ten years.
Actually, I've been your fan since your début.
I haven't been distracted by other singers, not even once.
Thank you.
I'm the one who should thank you.
For giving me the will the live again.
I want to thank you for everything.
For existing in this world.
All fans feel the same way.
How are you getting home?
- Well - Do you want me to ride you home?
- What? - I can't leave you behind
when you're my fan.
My friend is here to pick me up.
Thank you for everything today.
Take it with you.
Give me a second.
It's unfortunate I have nothing to give you.
I know you like these.
Will you take these?
Mom, the one who saved me when I had the accident
Do you remember his or her name?
That's so long ago.
Why do you ask all of a sudden?
It's nothing. Because I met the person who made me live,
I wondered about the person who saved me.
I feel bad because I didn't thank the person back then.
I should have gotten this autographed.
It feels like I just woke from a dream.
Wait. What was it?
Did I see it wrong?
Will Sun Jae's wrist be this big?
About this big?
What's up with the outfit today?
My Sun Jae looks better in person.
The camera can't deliver his beauty.
Goodness. This is crazy!
I'm not the guilty one here.
This collarbone is the guilty one.
Gosh. Look at this.
(Mr. Kim)
(Mr. Kim)
(Mr. Kim, Missed calls)
Hey. I ran into Ryu Sun Jae in the lobby.
Really? I'm jealous.
How was he? Was he tall? What about his shoulders?
Is he handsome?
His face is that of CG.
Hey. How come you saw him alone? I wish I had seen him too.
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run! Group Chat)
(A new message has arrived.)
(Did you see the news?)
- Did you see the article? - What's up with that article?
Come on. We've been through this many times.
- What if it's true? - I don't believe it.
The reporters are giving a false report again.
Does it even make sense that he tried to kill himself?
What are they talking about?
He was right before my eyes not so long ago. How could he
It must be the haters spreading a rumour again.
(Let's kidnap Sun Jae and run! Group Chat)
(Breaking news, Singer Ryu Sun Jae is reported dead.)
(The report is being checked.)
(There are video clips too!)
My goodness!
That's Ryu Sun Jae, right?
- Yes. - Oh, no!
I don't think he's breathing.
Oh, no!
No way. Was it Sun Jae? It can't be, can it?
No way.
- Is he going to be all right? - Oh, no.
(- The concert has just finished. - Isn't it a fake news?)
(- Haters are on it again. - This is a false report, right?)
He's being transferred to Hanguk University Hospital.
Hanguk University Hospital?
Clear the way. We have an emergency patient!
My goodness!
- Charge 150 joules. - Charging 150 joules.
Charging complete.
Charge 200 joules.
At 12am on January 1st, 2023.
Patient Ryu Sun Jae has passed away.
(The unfortunate passing of Ryu Sun Jae from Eclipse)
(Breaking news)
(The unfortunate passing of Ryu Sun Jae from Eclipse)
Sun Jae.
No. It can't be right.
(Ryu Sun Jae)
(Ryu Sun Jae, Profile)
(Ryu Sun Jae was about to announce his retirement.)
(Ryu Sun Jae suffered from depression)
(and anxiety and was under medication.)
You looked cold.
No. This isn't true.
You were alive a moment ago.
(Ryu Sun Jae is assumed to have committed suicide.)
Thank you
for staying alive.
Sun Jae.
You should live your life today
because it's a great day.
It even snowed today.
You like a snowy day.
Why didn't you continue to live your life today?
You're dozing off, aren't you?
What kind of dream did you have that made you mourn bitterly?
For goodness' sake.
Am I in a classroom?
Yes, you're in a classroom.
It can't be your master bedroom, can it?
You're still dreaming, aren't you?
Right. Is this a dream?
"Is this a dream?"
Look at you.
Stand up at once!
One, two, three!
Gosh. Stand behind the classroom until you're fully awake.
Okay. Where were we? Page 64?
Open page 64
What are you doing?
Is this really a dream?
Does that mean
It's Jagam High School!
Im Sol!
Where are you going?
Im Sol!
Where is Sun Jae?
Where is Sun Jae?
(Galhyun Indoor Swimming Pool)
Park Tae Hwan's mock competition
- at 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - Please check it.
will begin in a moment.
Athletes, please proceed to the arena now.
(2008 Beijing Olympics Mock Competition Training)
One, two,
three, four.
The weather is amazing today.
It seems like a sign of a dazzling summer.
Singer Bob Marley said something like this.
"The Sun is shining."
"The weather is sweet."
"It makes you want to move your dancing feet."
It's a dazzling day
that makes your heart pound,
reminding you of someone you cherish.
Even if just one second passes, the present becomes the past.
The most special moment in your life
would be today where you stay with your loved one.
Before it's too late,
run to your loved one right now.
Sun Jae!
Who is it?
Get out!
What are you doing?
You must've been struggling by yourself, feeling so lonely.
You couldn't even tell anyone that you were having a hard time.
I didn't know you were in so much pain.
I'm sorry I didn't notice it.
I love you, Sun Jae.
Did you not see the "no entrance" sign?
- Drag her out! - Why?
It's a dream. Let me just stay with him.
Sun Jae.
I love you, Sun Jae!
Sun Jae!
Let go of me!
Sun Jae!
Wait. Let go of me.
Give me a moment.
Let me go inside just for a moment.
This game is being conducted in strict secrecy.
Don't you ever talk about it to someone else.
Let me go inside just once.
If you understand, you should leave right now.
Are you all right?
No, it hurts.
It hurts?
Why can I not wake up from the dream?
I was definitely looking for Sun Jae's watch.
I found it.
No way.
Your body will remain,
but your spirit will leave this world
when you have fulfilled the time in this world.
Your spirit crosses long Sanzu Bridge
to go to the underworld.
Am I
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm sorry.
We're dead, right?
Are you a ghost?
"A ghost?"
You're Sun Jae.
Hey, why are you crying?
Right. I can see him.
It means I'm dead.
What is wrong with her?
I have the same watch.
It's yours. Take it.
- It's mine? - Yes.
This is actually better.
I'll go with you.
I'll go with you so that you don't feel lonely on the way there.
But what about my poor mom?
Mom. Grandma.
I haven't crossed the bridge yet. There must be a way.
Let's go back together.
Never cross this bridge.
I should if I want to go home.
No, Sun Jae. You shouldn't cross the bridge.
Yes, I should.
No, Sun Jae.
Let's live together. Okay?
Let's live together.
"Let's live together?"
- Sun Jae! - Taxi!
Please go straight.
Sun Jae!
There's a cab
in the underworld?
Where are you?
I heard you had skipped school!
It's really Mom's voice.
Cut the chatter and come home quickly.
If you don't come back in an hour,
you're going to take an express train to the underworld!
The underworld?
(Training Journal)
(Tests in Exercise Science)
Oh, my. Sun Jae, the Shortfin Mako.
What's "Shortfin Mako?" It's weird.
Hey. Jo O Ryeon, the Asian Seal.
Park Tae Hwan, the Marine Boy.
You need a nickname too.
How did the game go today?
It wasn't even an official competition.
the records were good.
I knew it. I'm proud of you, son.
I knew you would make it.
How was your shoulder?
Of course, it was fine.
Father, I'm going to eat.
Yes. See you later.
You must've been struggling by yourself, feeling so lonely.
You couldn't even tell anyone that you were having a hard time.
I didn't know you were in so much pain.
I'm sorry I didn't notice it.
I love you, Sun Jae.
She wasn't in her right mind.
What? Mine was here.
Why did she give this to me then?
(Gold Videos and DVDs)
(To Let)
(34-1, Nuri-dong)
No way.
It looks just like it did in the past.
The whole area was redeveloped.
Go back to your position as if you didn't attack.
Come here.
Hey. Where did you go
after leaving your bag at school?
Why do you look so young?
The flattery is useless, you punk.
Why did you skip school? Where did you go?
You're a senior in high school now.
Why did you do something you've never done before?
- Wait. Hold on. - My goodness.
"Year 2008?"
My granddaughter surely has good luck when it comes to food.
Come in. Drink the misugaru.
Oh, my. Don't run.
You'll become hungry.
Grandma, look at me.
Who am I?
Why do you ask? You're Sol, my youngest grandchild.
Right. I'm Sol.
My gosh.
Call me again.
Say my name again.
Why are you crying?
Who made you cry?
Oh, my.
There, there.
(Im Sol)
If it's June,
it's before the accident happened.
Why are you crying?
It's weird.
I can't feel my legs.
What happened to me?
I can't remember.
Will I open my eyes here tomorrow?
What if everything disappears like an illusion
when I wake up
as if it's a dream on a midsummer night?
I can't move my legs.
I knew it.
It was a dream.
What's going on?
Im Geum.
My brother!
I'm sorry.
I'm going to school!
Make sure to bring a small umbrella when you go out today.
As the atmosphere becomes unstable,
rain is forecasted to occur in many places.
Especially in the Seoul and Gyeonggi Province areas,
brief showers are expected to form due to the intense heat,
providing temporary relief from the heat.
The light showers are expected
during the morning.
No, I don't want to.
Okay. Let's run.
Run? I really don't want to.
I should return it to her.
Wait for me.
We should go out.
- Hey. - Don't do it.
- Yes! It's almost over! - Hurry up and come.
Sun Jae.
(Breaking News)
How was the mock competition yesterday?
Get off me.
So did you do well or not?
Of course, I did well.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying, then?
I didn't make you cry.
(We'd like to thank Park Tae Hwan, Kwon Yu Ri, Han Seung Yeon,)
(and Lee Su Ji for the special appearance.)
(Lovely Runner)
I must get close to someone. What should I do?
Quit smoking.
Give up. No.
Have you ever seen me by any chance?
Even if I have, I haven't.
Hi. Oh, my gosh.
They like Kim Tae Sung.
- Who is Kim Tae Sung? - You don't know him?
- You're Ryu Sun Jae, right? - Who are you?
Sun Jae, you shouldn't participate in the upcoming competition.
Who are you?
Why on earth are you doing this to me?
Because I want to protect you.
I'm trying anything because I have to save you.
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