Lovely Runner (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(Lovely Runner)
(All people, organizations, locations, and incidents)
(in this drama are fictitious.)
You should be polite.
What's wrong with you?
It's raining.
Why are you crying, then?
I didn't make you cry.
(Breaking News)
Why are you crying?
Why do you always cry when you see me?
What did I say to make you cry?
Hey, I think he made her cry.
Come on. It must be a lover's quarrel.
What's going on? What did he do wrong to make her cry like that?
What is it?
- Come this way for now. - Hey, it looks serious.
Sun Jae!
(Episode 2)
After all the things I said yesterday,
why am I crying without saying a word today?
So this is how you looked when you were 19.
Why is she staring at me like that?
- What are you? - What?
I'm a fan, sir. No.
I'm a fan of yours, Let's Kidnap Sun Jae and Run.
That's my username in your fan community.
What are you talking about?
I know. What nonsense am I saying?
Sun Jae is an ordinary student now.
I can't do this.
My name is Sol. Im Sol.
I know.
(Im Sol)
Why do you always cry when you see me?
You cried yesterday too.
Well, that's because
you remind me of something.
Something I liked very much.
Something you liked?
A dog.
A dog? I look like a dog?
That's not it.
That dog was a great swimmer.
So you're saying
I look like a dog that was a great swimmer?
That's what it is, I guess.
How did you know about the game and come to the arena yesterday?
You knew my name as well.
Okay. Let's try to fix it.
It can't be difficult to convince a 19-year-old.
I'm a fan of swimming.
- A fan of swimming? - Yes.
I told you. My dog was a great swimmer.
Naturally, I became a fan of swimming.
Watching the videos of swimming competitions,
I naturally learned about you, the ace of the swimming team.
So naturally, I went there to cheer you on.
Watching you swimming,
my dog came to my mind naturally. And I got emotional.
So naturally, I said I love you.
It doesn't sound natural at all.
Anyway, you were flustered a lot, right?
It's all because you remind me of my dog.
What's the name of the dog?
The name?
The name is
- Otter. - You called your dog Otter?
They're good swimmers. Both otters and my Otter.
Why didn't you name your dog Seal then?
Oh, that's a great idea.
My goodness.
Take it.
Did you also give this to me because of Otter?
It's yours. Take it.
Oh, my gosh.
No, Sun Jae.
Let's live together.
Let's live together.
Darn it.
Oh, my gosh. I'll be running late.
I'll get going first. I'm sorry.
What? Hey, where are you going?
My goodness.
I should've not opened my mouth. He'd think I'm weird.
Why did I bring this?
He'll get rained on.
I'm so dumb.
What? This is my classroom.
Thinking it was a dream, I didn't take a good look at it yesterday.
- Hey. - That's what he said.
- Here. - Give it to me.
- Don't hide it. - This is
- Seriously. - Hey.
I haven't seen them for a long time.
Have you guys been doing well?
Oh, my. Hi.
Da Hye. Bo Rim.
It's been such a long time.
Young Sun, I remember you were an excellent student.
What was your name?
Oh, right. Kim Eun Ju.
You cuties.
Sol, what was it yesterday?
Hyun Ju.
I'm so happy to see you! Oh, my gosh.
Where did you go, skipping school?
You weren't there when I went to your house to give your bag to you.
Oh, my gosh. Your skin is amazing.
You were so sad about your freckles, girl.
Be honest with me. Something happened yesterday morning, right?
I can't remember because I wasn't myself yesterday morning.
What did he say to make you lose your mind
and skip school, which you've never done before?
Yesterday? He?
- Good morning, ma'am. - Good morning, ma'am.
Oh, my gosh. Ma'am!
Ms. Kwon.
I tried to let out this place a long time ago,
but there's still no tenant.
Are you even trying?
Don't let it out. Just sell it
and buy an apartment in Pangyo.
When the subway opens, the price will skyrocket.
Pangyo, the empty plain next to Bundang?
The price surely increased dramatically.
The price of apartments in Seoul will decrease only.
Why would I buy an apartment in Pangyo?
"Basic Instincts."
It's been overdue for as long as a month.
Who on earth is it?
(Ryu Geun Duk)
This is Gold Videos.
Please return the tape.
I haven't rented anything.
I'm calling you because you did.
You rented "Basic Instincts."
My gosh. I didn't rent it.
And who watches a VHS tape these days?
We don't even watch DVDs that much anymore.
What did you say?
Your family might've rented it.
Please check it.
Please return it quickly.
The overdue fine is 15 dollars.
This guy is funny.
He was embarrassed about renting a R-rated movie.
So he pretended not to know about it.
I guess he watched it until the tape was stretched.
The Great Wisdom Heart Sutra
Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva
- He came to receive offerings. - When practicing deeply
- The Prajna Paramita - We're Christians.
- Amen. - Hallelujah.
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.
I'm the bodhisattva.
I'm the bodhisattva who is living with you.
Come on!
- Mom. - Are you Geum?
You completely fooled me.
What is it called? Oh, right. Mammoth acting.
It was perfect.
Right? I'm a good actor, right?
What do you mean you're good?
What kind of audition is it this time?
Why do you always make a scene? You can't become an actor.
Mom, you never know.
Who knows? I might step on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival.
All the things you say make me want to step on you.
Get out.
You could go there as my family too!
Cannes Film Festival, my foot.
If you draw a graph based on these conditions, it looks like this.
Take a look.
Time isn't passing.
Yes. I think I travelled to the past when I pressed this button.
Is this like a time machine?
I might be able to go back if I press the button again.
No. What if I go back and can't come back?
I should never press it.
Number 15. Come out and solve it.
Hey. You're number 15.
Nothing has changed.
- Im Sol. - Yes?
- Come out. - Yes, ma'am.
That was close.
This is a bigger problem.
I blame the passage of time.
How can I not remember anything?
What's the matter? Are you sick?
Yes. I have cramps.
I have bad cramps during my period.
Go to the infirmary.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Oh, my gosh. My back hurts.
Her period ended last week.
(Jagam High School)
Where is my Sun Jae?
Oh, he's over there.
It's nice that I can watch him easily when I want to.
Hey, the competition is around the corner.
- What is this? - You got this!
- You got this! - You got this!
We got this!
I'll protect you by your side from now on.
So that you will never have bad thoughts.
I should stick to him for 15 years then.
How can I get close to him?
Why does it smell like cigarettes?
Don't do it. Seriously.
Those punks are smoking here of all places.
The smoke is entering the gym.
Those delinquent kids.
Are you smiling?
I should just
Darn it.
You're dead!
- Darn it. - You punks!
- Gosh. - Oh, my.
My goodness.
Darn it.
You crazy witch! How dare you!
How dare you!
How dare you say that to a woman older than you?
You're fighting and smoking in someone else's school.
The gym is near here.
Do you know how bad secondhand smoke is for the swimmers' lungs?
You try so hard to look cool.
I'm confiscating this. Go now.
I told you to go. Are you not going?
Hey. What?
Excuse me, ma'am. I think we should run.
What? Hey!
Kids these days are scary.
No. Are they kids in the past?
Did you take a year off?
I took 15 years off.
I confiscated it and you took it?
Give it to me.
You don't look like you're older than me.
Give it to me.
- I saw you somewhere. - You
(September 2007, Jagam High School festival)
I love you.
Yes. I remember.
The first artist I became a fan of and my favourite in the past.
What was your name?
(Kim Tae Sung)
Oh, right. Kim Tae Sung.
Oh, my goodness. It's so nice to see you.
- How long has it been? - What?
- Yesterday, you - I used to chase after you
like crazy.
You looked so cool back then.
But looking at you now, you look tacky.
So it's you.
Why are you so different from yesterday?
Do you have multiple personalities?
Oh, my.
I didn't know because I was blinded by love back then.
But you're a delinquent kid.
Smoking cigarettes and stuff.
Get it together.
- Smoking is nothing but bad. - Okay, ma'am.
I'll give this to you too.
Good luck with running away by yourself this time. Okay?
- What? - I got you guys!
You skipped class.
What are these? Did you smoke?
No. These are not mine.
That punk!
I only taught delinquent students a lesson.
I plucked up my courage to keep the lungs of the athletes healthy
and prevent secondhand smoke.
This is unfair.
So a girl came to a boys' high school
and taught other students a lesson?
How dare you lie to me!
I should just
I wasn't punished even when I was a high school student.
But I'm receiving a punishment when I'm over 30.
Oh, no. Please pass by.
Straighten your posture.
- Please. - Hey.
Just go quickly.
Please go.
Where do you think you're joking around?
Stay like this until the bell rings.
I'll be watching you through the security camera.
Don't even try to slack. Got it?
will be so sad.
Seeing its owner living recklessly.
Quit smoking.
I don't even burn mosquito repellents in summer,
let alone smoke.
I do drink a little when I'm having a hard time, but I don't
Sun Jae. I don't smoke.
I was a model student.
- For real. - Oh, right.
That camera is fake, not real. So you can just go.
Wait. Not before I clear the misunderstandings.
Sun Jae.
(Quit Smoking.)
I told you to run away. Why did you follow him and receive a punishment?
Did you wait for me to make me angry?
I waited for you to get my lighter back.
I threw it away.
You're so disloyal.
I saved you from the bullies.
And you ran away by yourself?
- Were you trying to save me? - Yes.
I ran away with you as you were coming at him,
and I was worried you might get hit.
Oh, I got it.
I guess you wanted my attention.
I didn't know you were this kind of guy.
You're unbelievably annoying.
Thanks for the compliment.
But hey,
don't step forward and think about your own safety from now on.
Or you'll get hurt badly.
Why did I like someone like him when I was younger?
Tae Sung!
Gosh, she's bothering me again.
Hey! Tae Sung!
Hey. Get out of my way.
That was so rude!
Hey. What did you just say?
Hey, look down.
Oh, my gosh. Look at you.
Look down.
Let's think about my own safety. Or I'll get hurt badly.
Don't you dare come near Tae Sung again.
Let's go.
The kids in the past are scary.
I got a new key ring for my phone. Isn't it cute?
Gosh, you're cuter.
Hyun Ju, I can walk again.
You would've been so happy if you had seen me walking.
Do you want to get a bread refill?
No. Hold back. Your uniform will burst.
You'll lose weight when you're older. Just eat.
No. I'm going to hold back.
Oh, right.
I must get close to someone. What should I do?
It's been too long since I got close to someone and opened up my heart.
So I don't know how.
First of all, the first impression is important.
The first impression?
- Mom. - No.
Let's live together.
Let's try living together.
It was the worst.
The second impression better be good, then.
Quit smoking.
- It was even worse. - Give it up, then.
Then don't approach the person hastily.
Ask the person to be your Ilchon.
What? Ilchon?
Is this person a guy?
You've moved on to another guy already?
I thought you were gloomy because you got rejected
when you asked Tae Sung out yesterday.
I've had a crush on you since I saw you perform
in the school festival last year.
This is my gift to you.
Hey, Tae Sung.
Who the heck are you?
Look at her.
I won't let you get away next time!
That little piece of rat ran away again.
Hyun Ju, did I ask Tae Sung out yesterday?
I wondered why the stars were missing from the night sky.
I guess they were in your eyes.
No wonder why I couldn't see you straight.
It was because you were so bright.
Tae Sung, you are my star.
A big star.
Did it have to be yesterday?
I should have come a day earlier.
This is embarrassing.
Why were the stars missing from the night sky?
They were in your eyes.
What is it?
When did you get in here?
Give it back to me!
When did you unbox it?
Give it to me.
Get out.
- Get out already! - Hey.
I almost had them.
Then don't approach the person hastily.
Ask the person to be your Ilchon.
(Im Sol wants to be Ilchon to Ryu Sun Jae.)
He was crazy about swimming at this time.
(A new message has arrived.)
(From. Sun Jae)
(Ryu Sun Jae has declined to be your Ilchon.)
(Don't be upset and find other precious friends.)
(Declining the offer to be Ilchon)
It feels like we are getting further away.
He refused to be my Ilchon.
Let me help you.
- Here. - Thank you.
Please wait!
We use the same bus stop to take the bus.
Have we ever taken the same bus before?
Have you seen me before?
Even if I have, I haven't seen you.
Have you seen me or not?
Do you always ride the bus at this hour?
I usually go to school earlier.
I don't have early morning practice because the competition is near.
That's why I'm going to school now.
I should ride the bus when he rides it from now
to be close to him.
Do you have a competition soon? What kind of a competition?
If I tell you,
are you going to come running again?
Get off.
- We're here. - Yes.
- Hey. - Don't push.
- Excuse me. - Come on!
- I'm getting off. - Gosh.
Excuse me.
- I'm getting off. - Excuse me.
- Excuse me. I'm getting off. - Please wait.
- Excuse me. - Please wait.
Hey. I have to get off.
- It's because of you. - He's so hot.
- It's your fault. - Sir.
I couldn't get off.
Sir, please stop.
He's awesome.
Sun Jae.
Sun Jae, are you all right?
You have to keep it together. How could you not get off?
Still, thank you.
I didn't do it for you.
I stopped the bus to take my umbrella back.
Right. I was going to give it to you.
Still, don't do that next time because it's dangerous.
Who tries to beat the bus by running?
You're an athlete.
You have to be careful and always play it safe.
If someone with my umbrella did get off the bus,
I would have played it safe.
Gosh. Is this what he was like when he was younger?
You are constantly talking back.
Your father must have a headache because of you.
Look who's talking.
Quit smoking.
How did I fall in
Is that why
you declined my request to be your Ilchon?
Why? Do you feel guilty?
I said I was innocent.
Here. Do you want to smell them?
The fingers of a smoker smell like cigarettes.
Smell them.
They don't smell, do they?
You're right. They don't smell.
Why did you crawl into his nose?
That's not a nose. That's an outlet.
Who was he talking to?
It's a 220-volt outlet.
Come on. Stop bothering me.
I thought you said there was nothing between you two.
But you come to the school together.
I just got my umbrella back.
Right. Your umbrella.
Right. I remembered where I saw her.
It was in our practice room.
She has a crush on Kim Tae Sung.
She came and left chocolates for him secretly.
No wonder she looked familiar.
Who is this Kim Tae Sung?
He is the bassist of our band.
He is known as the best-looking guy on the internet.
Don't you know him?
I don't know him.
- Why? - What?
Why are you getting angry?
I didn't get angry.
- Isn't it amazing? - I mean
Come on down.
That was what I wanted to do.
(Jagam High School's bulletin board)
(The 27th Presidential Cup Swimming Tournament)
It was the first competition after my shoulder surgery.
That competition
ended up being my last one.
Was it this tournament?
Cool! Check the menu.
Will you stop
Sun Jae, can I talk to you for a second?
Hey, use what I taught you yesterday.
I have the training to do right now.
Sun Jae.
(Jagam High School)
Sun Jae.
You can't participate in the competition this time.
- Why not? - If you do,
you'll get injured again.
You won't be able to swim again.
you shouldn't enter the competition.
Why not?
Didn't you hear what I just said?
What did you say?
You'll hurt your shoulder.
This tournament will be your last.
What is this? A superpower?
If you have nothing to say, I'll get going.
Sun Jae, take a look at this.
Wait a second.
If you enter this competition, your athletic career will be over.
Take a look at this for a second.
What am I supposed to look at?
(Study hall)
Does the time stop when I talk about an event in the future?
Obama becomes the president of the United States.
What? That was scary.
How did you feel after you quit swimming?
I regretted, wondering if I had pushed
myself too far.
Perhaps, it happened because I was destined
to be a singer.
If you didn't quit swimming,
would still be alive.
(Jagam High School)
You just went a little over 1 minute 50 seconds.
Are you finally going to reach 1 minute and 49-second range?
- Yes. - That'll be a new record!
Hyung Gu. Aren't you going to focus?
Yes. Be careful.
Sun Jae. What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Right. Okay.
(Jagam High School)
I heard you'll compete in two events.
I just found out about it.
Why are you competing when you just got surgery?
Because I can.
Don't push yourself too hard.
If you mess up your shoulder again,
you won't be able to lift a spoon for the rest of your life.
Why? Are you nervous
you'd get no medals if I make a comeback?
Mind your own business.
(Jagam High School)
No. It was how you behaved.
Stop talking nonsense.
She's here again. Are you here for Sun Jae?
He will come out soon.
He is right back there.
- My goodness! - She'll ask him out.
- Hey, Sun Jae. - I think she'll ask him out.
Sun Jae, I know I'm crossing the line.
Yes, you are.
They say, "Take a step back to make a leap."
If I take two steps forward, I'll leap further, won't I?
Check the condition of your shoulder first.
They say, "Look before you leap."
I don't need to. I just need to swim.
You think you're in a good condition, right?
But that's not the case.
- Are you going to be all right? - What?
- Hey! - Yes!
You can keep following me if it's all right.
He's so stubborn.
I don't think I can talk him out of it. What should I do?
are you acting like this over a small late fee?
The small late fee doesn't matter.
It can be that you make a mistake.
I checked everything through and through.
There's no member with a name similar to yours.
So, I just can't make a mistake.
Gosh. What a weird lady!
If I say it's not the case, it's not the case.
Did you call me a weird lady?
For goodness' sake!
Are you doing this because you are embarrassed
about watching a naughty movie?
What? Am I embarrassed?
I'm old enough.
If I wanted to rent it, I would have rented it confidently.
Was it "Basic Instincts?"
I already watched it with my wife
in a theater a long time ago.
Hey. Detective Lee. Treat him nicely.
Your statement is
My goodness. You got into a fight
because they spat on your bike?
Aren't you going to swing your fist if one spits on your child?
Who gave birth to your bike?
My heart did.
I see.
Is it maternal love or paternal love?
Also, they started the fight first.
- Aren't you going to shut it? - You started it.
- You started it first. - Sit down. Gosh.
My goodness.
Wait. Hello, sir.
What brought you here, Lieutenant Kim?
Do you still fight around like this?
I can go since my legal guardian is here, right?
Hey, Kim Tae Sung!
Is he your son?
Dad, it went well again today.
I'm on my way home after the training.
Hey, kid.
Make a donation to Grandma Celestial.
I see. Okay.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
You were born in late October when the first frost falls.
I see the energy of a ghost around you.
The ghost's door is bolted.
- You have a door for a ghost. - Pardon?
You're not feeling well physically, right?
Doesn't your shoulder feel heavy?
Water ghost!
A ghost of an unmarried woman who unfairly died in the water
is stuck to you.
A ghost?
She is looking for a bachelor to take
to the underworld after passing the 49th day.
Stay away from water for a while.
Just for three days.
The day after tomorrow is the 49th day after her death.
I'm a swimmer, and I have a tournament tomorrow.
Forget about the tournament. It's not important.
Is it more important than your life?
Unless you want to cross the Sanzu Bridge in the afterlife,
don't even dip your feet in the water!
Okay. I'll keep that in mind.
Are you going to keep that in mind? How can I trust you?
I won't even take a shower. Okay?
Thanks for telling me.
I don't think he's buying it.
Kid. You have a mole below your collarbone, right?
Well, 3 out of 10 people have moles there.
She tells me you have a scar on your left sole.
- Did you see it? - She saw it.
That lady.
I don't see her.
You are sensitive about jinxes.
Please trust me.
Were you on a spiritual training?
You had a fistfight.
Okay. Will you give my dollar back?
If I give it back,
are you going to read my fortune? How is my love life?
You are destined to be beaten up.
I thought you liked me.
Did you read the letter?
There aren't many stars in the sky tonight.
Are they all in my eyes?
- Am I being so bright? - Stop it!
You read it so thoroughly.
Was he in a group fight with students from the adjacent school?
Anyway, it was a huge scandal.
He could've gotten expelled,
but they just let him withdraw from school.
Wait here for a second.
Okay. Give me your hand.
Be gentle.
Don't leave a scar on my pretty hand.
He's such a ladies' man.
He discretely makes eyes at me.
Gosh. This is why girls were crazy about him.
Why do you fight all the time?
Do you want to get expelled?
You should graduate high school, at least.
You're going to regret it terribly later.
Are you my mom or what? Stop nitpicking.
Exactly. Your parents must be worried sick.
Because you even look pathetic in my eyes.
I don't think they care.
I thought so in the past too.
But I was wrong.
If children get sick, their parents feel
as if their ten fingers are pulled out.
A child's cry sounds like thunder to them.
That's what my mom told me.
So, in order not to break your parents' hearts,
don't get injured or get sick. Got it?
Not all parents are like that.
Well, that's true.
But you'll somewhat understand this once you become an adult.
Okay. All good. Right?
Give back my money now.
My favourite star has once touched this bill.
I'm sorry.
I'll change it to another bill. Okay?
Seriously. That face of yours is asking to be scolded.
Forget it!
I told you I would change it to another bill.
Hey, wait.
I'll change it.
I'll be generous.
I'll change it to a five-dollar bill.
- Are we good now? - Forget it. Just go home.
Go away.
- Darn it. - What's going on?
Goodness, young man. Funny running into you here again.
You're a granny?
This is crazy.
You're Ryu Sun Jae, right?
A friend of In Hyuk. The swimmer.
Who are you?
I'm Kim Tae Sung.
She has a crush on Kim Tae Sung.
She came and left chocolates for him secretly.
Always be wary of water.
I'll get going now.
What are you doing?
What are you trying to pull in that outfit this time?
Grandma, I think you've been exposed.
Darn it. What do I do?
Are you making fun of me?
Is this funny to you?
I'm not making fun of you.
Sun Jae. Please hear me out. I can really see ghosts.
You really have to be careful around water!
I'm telling the truth!
You really have to be careful, Sun Jae! Please!
(Ryu Geun Duk)
This is Sun Jae's house?
Can you really see ghosts?
- Mom. - You startled me.
When did Mr. Bae move out? The guy from the blue-gated house?
What's up with your outfit? Are you in a circus show?
Mr. Bae moved out in spring.
Another family moved in. Did you not know that?
No, I didn't.
How could I have missed that?
You can't participate in the competition this time.
Darn it.
He won't believe anything I say now. What do I do?
Where's he going at this hour?
Check the condition of your shoulder first.
They say, "Look before you leap."
You think you're in a good condition, right?
But that's not the case.
Don't push yourself too hard.
If you mess up your shoulder again,
you won't be able to lift a spoon for the rest of your life.
I knew it. I'm so proud of you, my son.
I knew this was a piece of cake for you.
Water ghost!
A ghost of an unmarried woman who unfairly died in the water
is stuck to you.
I can really see ghosts.
You really have to be careful around water!
I'm telling the truth! You really have to be careful.
I am
I am
This jerk believes in this superstition
that he must wear the same swim pants
he wore the day before in order to win a medal.
That's why
he always practices the day before in the same swim pants.
So what do you want to do?
He'll be so flustered when he sees that it's gone.
Hey, what if he finds out?
No one will know as long as you keep your mouth shut.
Are you scared?
Do you want me to snap your wrist?
Let go.
What are you doing? Let go of me.
Should I tell everyone on your swimming team?
Or should I call the police?
Leave the swim pants, and walk away quietly.
Come on. Get your hands off it.
Who's there? Hey!
- Who is it? - Darn it. Let's run away.
- What do I do? - What was that?
Why is the light off?
My legs are falling asleep.
Who are you?
(Advance into the water!)
What? It was you?
You stole my swim pants? How could you stoop this low?
- No. I didn't steal them. - What is it?
What is your excuse this time?
Are you going to say a ghost stole them?
Why are you doing this to me?
I did it because I was worried.
I don't know how to explain this.
Yes, a dream.
I had a bad dream.
In my dream, you were badly injured at the competition.
It was so vivid as if it were real.
I got the feeling that it would happen in real life.
So I was nervous and worried.
Why are you worried about me?
Because I want to protect you!
Why do you want to protect me?
It's not like I'm going to die.
Yes. That's right. You'll die.
You're going to die.
I'm the only one in the world who knows that.
But I can't even tell you that.
Despite that, I still want to protect you.
I'm doing everything I can to save you.
Why can't you say anything?
Do you think all these behaviours of yours are normal?
Don't you think this is weird?
We were strangers before.
But you came to me and said you were my fan.
Then all of a sudden, you don't want me to compete?
Just because you had a bad dream?
Who do you think you are?
Why must I do what you say?
My son, I brought dumplings.
He's supposed to leave early in the morning. Where did he go?
These dumplings are tasty when they're eaten warm.
Goodness. He'll eat them when he gets hungry.
Boys at his age can even chew on rocks.
What's that?
What is that?
What is that?
What on earth
("Basic Instincts")
- What is it? - You were at the pool, right?
- Did you run into Hyung Gu? - What?
That jerk wanted to mess with you, so he went to the swimming pool.
You guys didn't fight, right?
That jerk was at the pool?
Yes. He wanted to steal your swim pants.
- Gosh. Seriously. - Nothing happened, right?
Goodness. Don't you think that jerk is crossing the line?
Are you there, Sun Jae?
Why can't you say anything?
Do you think all these behaviours of yours are normal?
He's right. I'm not acting like a normal person.
I don't even know what I'm doing right now.
Hey, Sol!
Are you crazy?
Why didn't you step away? Why did you stand there?
Thirty-four dash one.
It got delivered to the wrong house.
(34-1, Nuri-dong)
This package is for me, right?
It is mine.
You should take this umbrella, sir.
Come on. Take it now.
Just take it with you. You can drop it off
in the umbrella stand in front of the store at any time.
I'm giving you the umbrella because I feel bad, actually.
The next package is going to be quite heavy.
I bought a whole bunch of stuff.
And one more thing. Have this.
Bye now.
Give me the name of your account, please.
It's Ryu Geun Duk.
("Basic Instincts")
Sun Jae!
What? What's going on?
Am I dreaming?
Be my Ilchon!
My son! Have some vegetable juice.
(You declined the request.)
Come on, Dad! Why can't you knock?
It feels like we are getting further away.
He refused to be my Ilchon.
It seems he has no interest in becoming friends with me.
(Do not cross, Police line, Under investigation)
(Lovely Runner)
I'm going to compete in the tournament.
I'll compete and win a medal no matter what.
Just wait until I win the gold medal.
I'll tell her I like her.
- Right. - Make sure your timing is good.
It's all about the timing when telling a girl how you feel.
This is the right time.
There's something
It's about Kim Tae Sung, the bass guitarist in the band.
Are you his fan? Or do you have feelings for him?
Do you want to date me? You said you liked me.
Where's Sun Jae?
I didn't see him during the swimming drills.
- I'll quit swimming. - You brat.
I stopped it.
I like you.
I have feelings for you.
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