Lucifer (2016) s04e07 Episode Script

Devil Is As Devil Does

I never felt like that before.
That was Exhilarating.
That man was so terrible.
Truly evil.
We made him pay.
Who can we punish next? I want to feel like that again.
Yes, it's quite the rush, finally being who I'm meant to be.
But, sadly, my dear, criminals don't line up to be punished.
So that's why you work with the LAPD.
It all makes so much sense now.
You use them to find the bad guys.
Well, I want in.
Ah! - Do you now, darling? - Mm-hmm.
Maybe we could do it together.
Find the worst of the worst and give them what they deserve.
So, Julian, you admit to human trafficking and to the murder of Gary Van Blunt and officer John Reyes.
You're going to jail for a really long time, cop killer.
- At least I'll be safe there.
- What? If you didn't break your back falling down a hill, we need to know about that now.
I fell down the hill.
I f fell down the hill, I sw I swear! Chloe.
What's up? Julian's reaction.
Does it look familiar to you? - Huh? - Like people we've seen before after a certain consultant has been left alone with them.
What do you mean? - I think Lucifer did this.
- That's crazy.
You know what's crazy? How much Lucifer gets away with.
I'm sick of it.
Aren't you? Lucifer wouldn't do this.
He wouldn't go this far.
He would never take justice into his own hands? Especially as a cop was killed because of his stupid recklessness.
You need to cut him some slack.
You have had a target on his back ever since well Charlotte.
I'm just not sure if you're looking at this objectively.
That's all.
Like you are? I could understand Lucifer callously ignoring our duty to keep humans and the divine separate.
But you? How could you do this? A child with a human? Wonderful human.
I know how difficult this must be for you.
All right? I used to be just like you.
Looking down on humans as if they were ants.
But we need to realize that we are not above them.
I am above them.
But you You don't even have your powers anymore, do you? No, I can no longer slow time and I'm glad.
My powers, they kept me at a distance, kept me disconnected from humanity.
And I think that's why they're gone now.
Because I don't want that anymore.
You were the one who taught me that celestials and humans need to be separate.
Yes, Remy, I did, and now I am telling you that I was wrong.
Let me show you.
Hey, Ella, who do we have? Hey, Chloe.
Victim died from a gunshot straight to the head up on that bridge.
But apparently murdering wasn't enough.
So they tossed his body over the bridge like day-old garbage.
Broke nearly every bone in his body from the looks of it.
Are you okay? Just death.
People die.
Well, we just deal with it.
Anyhow, what do we know about this guy? Sam Zofrelli.
Rap sheet filled with drug possession charges.
Oh! We also found traces of cocaine in his pockets, but no sign of drug use.
So I'm thinking probably dealer.
- So you think this was about drugs? - Maybe.
Pockets were empty.
Keys, wallet, all gone.
But the body was here for hours so could have been taken by anyone brave enough to frisk a corpse this effed-up.
But why throw a body over a bridge that's already dead? Where's Lucifer? Oh, he's been ignoring me actually.
Oh, he's with Eve.
Yes, probably with Eve.
What you think of her? I think that she's rubbing off on him and not necessarily in a good way.
Good morning, Detective.
Please don't tell me she's behind me.
She's behind you.
This is a crime scene.
No visitors.
No offense, Eve.
Eve wants the same thing we do.
- Catch a killer.
- Yes.
I am here to learn from you, Chloe.
I want to know everything there is to know about catching criminals.
Especially the very, very bad ones.
Can I talk to you, alone? Of course.
This isn't gonna work.
I agree.
A gingham pocket square can be a bit aggressive, but I'm feeling it.
- No.
Eve being here, not OK.
- Why not? You can't just join a case for the fun of it.
We are solving a murder.
This is serious.
Oh, I agree.
Very serious.
If that's how you feel, I completely understand.
Where are you going? If you don't want us here, we'll find the killer on our own.
You can't do that.
Oh, yes we can.
Okay, fine.
Eve can ride along just for this case.
Exciting! This is going to be so much fun.
Lucifer, this guy looks really guilty.
What about this guy? That's one mean looking face.
- We should punish them.
- One criminal at a time, dear.
No, I will not accept his call.
Who was that? Nobody.
Ah-ah-ah! Lucifer's bringing his girlfriend on cases now, huh? She's actually really sweet.
Anyway, you know what? Why not do whatever makes you happy? Because any second, bam! You can get hit by a chunk of blue ice from an airplane or get blown up into a million pieces by some crazed killer.
Or you could mysteriously break your spinal cord and become, you know, paralyzed.
Is anybody investigating what happened to Julian McCaffrey? Nobody's buying his "I fell down the hill" story, right? He didn't file any charges, so there's nothing to investigate.
Even if we wanted to, remember that house he lived in? It's probably been professionally cleaned.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
Oh, that's Daniel.
He's a douche again.
Oh, shall we punish him too? Believe me, his existence is punishment enough.
Hey, Ella.
What do we have? Well, we still don't know why Sam's body was tossed off the bridge.
Because the killer is a maniacal monster who needs to be taken down.
Er maybe.
But I did discover that the killer pistol-whipped poor Sam before he died.
- Sounds like it could be personal.
- And aggressive.
And cruel.
And a mistake, because I was able to recover something from the gun marks on his face.
Gold flakes.
- Gold flakes? - Mm-hmm.
In there? That's amazing.
Ah! Well, you know, I'm just doing my job.
Do you get to be there for the punishment too? Er, no.
Golden gun.
It's unique and it sounds familiar.
Yes, Roger Moore's Bond films.
Perhaps our killer's Scaramanga, the man with three nipples.
Ella, do you remember there was a hitman or something who carries a golden pistol.
Do you remember that? Ah, let me see.
Er ooh, right here.
Greg Grabowski and goes by the nickname "Pony Boy".
Pony Boy? Stay gold indeed.
And you're never able to pin him down because he's so good.
But if this wasn't a hit and it was personal, it would explain why he was so sloppy.
He sounds terrible.
- Let's go punish him! - You mean, bring him to justice.
That's what I said.
Oh! That clears that up.
Come on.
When I was a newborn demon I was smaller than my opponents.
But I was fast.
So I used my speed, kept low and always went for the major arteries.
With my first vanquished foe on his knees, I slit my blade across his throat.
I felt the heat from his blood dripping down my face.
And then a stranger heat in my loins.
When I mentioned that the baby could hear everything from inside the womb I imagined introducing him to things like classical music and stories that aren't about graphic murders.
Why would you want to hear a story not about graphic murder? We can talk about that later.
- I have to go to work.
- Great.
Give me a second to get my knives.
Maze, sweetie.
You can't come to work with me.
I have to! Do you know all the things that could happen to you or your baby out there? Er heartburn? You could get gunned down in a drive-by shooting, Linda.
Or kidnapped by a cartel who use women as drug mules, not to mention what an angel baby will fetch on the black market.
How comforting.
You said I'm part of this family, Linda.
So I'm going to protect you.
Maze, the people I am seeing this afternoon are a vegan chef who compulsively shoplifts and a record producer who wets the bed.
- But I - Maze I don't need protecting.
What you doing? Oh, hey.
Er I paid off the cleaning crew in Julian's house.
What? I'm looking for something in his trash to prove that somebody was there the night he was paralyzed.
Well, I don't know about any of that, but I can help if you want.
Lucifer's brand.
What did you say? Er, nothing.
I, uh, found what I needed.
Oh, er Don't worry about me, Dan.
I can clean up.
Damn, these guys are huge.
We can take them, right, honey? Of course I can, darling, I'm the Devil.
In that case, I hope this guy we're after is the biggest, meanest one there is.
We don't want that.
I do.
Makes it more satisfying when Lucifer beats them up.
We don't beat people up in the middle of the street.
Do we take them back to Lucifer's penthouse? Anyway.
We don't beat people up anywhere.
Unless they resist and then it's Devil by TKO.
Don't worry, they always resist.
There's Pony Boy.
Look at those arms.
Let's not get carried away.
Greg "Pony Boy" Grabowski, LAPD.
You're under arrest - for the murder - Okay.
- What? - What? What was that? I thought they always resisted.
I've been through this a hundred times.
I'm just gonna wait for my lawyer.
Lucifer, you should torture the truth out of him until his lawyer shows up.
Eve, that's not how this works.
Everybody calm down.
Eve just wants to see the devil do his thing.
And there is one thing you haven't seen me do.
Tell me My little Pony Boy, what is it you desire? I I wish I wish wish my boss had let me kill Sam.
- Oh.
- Hmm.
Sorry, darling, we can't punish him after all.
The man's innocent.
Are you crazy? Watching the devil do this thing is so hot.
So you wished your boss let you kill him.
Then who's your boss and if it wasn't you, who used your golden gun to do it? Lawyer.
I mean Turn around.
It's fun, isn't it? Hey, Chloe.
I know that look.
You found something.
I hope so.
Hitmen are often paid as corporate employees through shell companies to hide the money.
But it also sometimes means that they get the corporate perks.
Like covering their gym membership fees.
So who's paying for Pony Boy to get so jacked? It looks like it all tracks back to Jacob Tiernan here.
That paralyzed dude's dad? Does this have something to do with that case? Tiernan's son shows up paralyzed from the chest down.
Then this guy dies.
So it has to be, right? I think Sam's bones were broken before he was killed in the exact same spot that Julian's was.
Julian McCaffrey? - Yeah.
- What does this have to do with him? Maybe Tiernan thought that Sam broke Julian's back.
Normally he'd hire Pony Boy to do his dirty work, - but it's his son so - He wanted to enact revenge himself and borrowed Pony Boy's gun to do it.
- Yes.
- I'll get you the ME report.
I did that.
I broke Julian's back.
Tiernan killed an innocent man.
What does that mean? It means, my dear, that now more than ever that monster needs to be punished.
Tiernan, I don't know if you heard but a drug dealer was killed this morning.
What does that have to do with me? Well, that's the interesting part.
He had the exact same spinal injury as your son.
So it would seem that possibly someone is out for revenge.
My son worked with a lot of bad people.
In fact, Julian wasn't exactly a good person himself, which is why I had to excise him from my business.
You you love your children, but at a certain point - you have to let them - Stand on their own two legs.
Mr Tiernan, do you know a man named Greg Grabowski? Goes by the colorful moniker "Pony Boy".
That's odd, because one of your companies pays his bills.
I have a lot of companies paying a lot of people a lot of money.
I don't keep track of every penny.
You kept track of your son, though, didn't you? Which is why you consistently bailed him out of jail.
Always getting him out of trouble.
He never learned, did he? In fact, some might say it's your fault he became a killer, a human trafficker.
A broken little doll.
My son had a lot of friends.
Maybe one of them decided to make the piece of garbage who crippled him pay.
Really? Because I had a little chat with Julian right before he shot a police officer in cold blood.
He said that you were an even worse person than he was.
That must make you a true monster.
Unless you have actual cause to charge me with something, this little chat is over.
Oh, I'm the devil, Tiernan, I have all the cause I need.
Detective, I think it's time you left so I can do what I do best and punish this man.
Get out.
He will be punished.
Lucifer, stop.
Lucifer, do it.
Get out! Detective leave.
This isn't over.
Tiernan killed Sam, but we have no proof.
So? So Tiernan's gonna double his legal defense now that you've hulked out in his office.
Devil is as devil does.
What about this other guy? Uh, Pony Boy.
Pony Boy already posted bail.
Or Tiernan posted it for him.
You're saying that we don't get to punish anybody? Honey you promised.
Can we give us a moment.
What the hell is up with you? I finally figured out who I am, that's all.
Lucifer, this is not who you are.
I think Eve is a bad influence on you.
This has nothing to do with her.
It's who I am, I punish people.
So do I, but like I said, there is a right way and there is a wrong way.
What makes you the authority on right and wrong? I'm a cop and it's the law.
Well, I'm the devil.
I ruled Hell.
Bad people were sent to me so they could get what they deserved.
It is my job to do the same here on Earth because when I don't When I don't, bad things happen.
That is why I broke Julian's back.
And that is why I won't let Tiernan get away with it.
You broke Julian's back.
What am I supposed to do with that, Lucifer? It's not your place to do anything about it.
Then why? Why ask me to leave when we were in Tiernan's office? You were going to hurt him and you wanted me to leave because you knew it was wrong.
Because you've made it plainly clear that you can't handle who I am.
Mr Tiernan, the cops are back.
- I have nothing more to say.
- I'm here about your son.
Thank you, Margaret.
He didn't just fall down that hill.
Someone deliberately broke his back.
And I know who it was.
Why haven't you arrested this man? I don't have enough proof to put him in jail but he needs to be accountable for his actions, and I know you're a powerful man a man who ruins his enemies.
I'm listening.
You could finally give him a taste of the punishment he deserves.
What is this man's name? Lucifer Morningstar.
Since we know the murder was personal, I looked back over the autopsy report and I was hoping we could find spit or urine or something we could use to track DNA.
It's amazing how many dudes do that.
I really don't get why.
Do you get why? Anyway, no luck there, but I did notice that one of his fingers was broken.
Still post-mortem, but not from the fall.
It looks like someone broke his finger to pry a ring off.
Probably whoever stole all his money and drugs.
Er, you okay? Do you think there is such a thing as celestial justice? Because if celestial justice does exist, like heaven and hell, then what we've been doing here, say arresting criminals why even bother? I know you're religious and I thought you may have some thoughts on it.
Well, I was religious - and - Oh.
when I used to believe in all that stuff, I really thought that I was doing my part to uphold right and wrong on Earth and everyone would get their comeuppance eventually, but we still needed to keep people safe.
But now I believe we are all anybody's got and if we don't hold people accountable, nobody will because heaven and hell, they don't exist.
But what if they do exist? - Say, the devil.
- He's not real.
Chloe, look at the Bible.
It is so full of contradictions.
Take the devil, for example.
The devil's supposed to be pure evil, right? But he started out as an angel.
You can't start good and the turn all evil.
I mean, that's what they want us to believe? You're right.
He's an angel.
No, my point is that it's all bullshit.
I This is where I came with the mother of my child right after we found out that we were going to be parents.
We both realized just how wonderful it would be.
All I see is weakness.
They're pathetic.
If you raise your son surrounded by them, he will become like they are.
They may be flawed, yes, but so are we and flawed doesn't mean weak.
Sounds like something a weak person would say.
Amenadiel, I just want the best for your child.
So do I.
I'm taking the baby.
No, Remy, you're not.
I'll never let you find him or his mother.
Too late.
I picked up the scent this morning.
I've listened to you out of respect, Amenadiel, for what you once were.
But I'm convinced more than ever of what I need to do.
I won't let you take my child.
Try and stop me.
Oh, my.
Maze! What is it? I thought someone was following me.
- Who? - You.
You are following me.
Why are you following me? I'm protecting you when you leave the house.
Don't you have anything else to do? Like hunting bounty.
I cleared my entire schedule.
I am never leaving your side.
I don't need you to always be around.
I need you to back off.
But how else am I supposed to protect our baby? Our? Maze, this isn't I just need some space.
Okay? Sure.
Since we're here, do you want to grab a coconut water? I will never let you anywhere near Linda or my son! Who's gonna stop me? You? There's only one way to find out.
Can't have anyone saying it wasn't a fair fight.
I'm not going to let you raise this baby here, where everything special about him will be leached away.
He will be special because he's raised here! With his family.
Funny, I thought I was your family.
You are my family, Remy.
But this is my son! Earth hasn't made me weak, Remy.
It's made me stronger.
A true warrior admits their defeat.
So you'll respect my wishes? I will reluctantly.
But be careful, brother.
I still fear one day you'll come to regret your decision.
Hey, Linda.
So I'm just calling because I'm a little worried about Lucifer, and thought that you might know what's going on with him.
When you get a chance, call me back.
What's wrong with Lucifer? Is he okay? Yeah, Lucifer's okay.
I think he's just He's just going through something right now.
Don't you always say that when somebody's going through something, that's when they need their friends the most? You know what? You're right, monkey.
But I'm just not sure that I'm the friend that Lucifer needs right now.
You do your homework.
Could tie Tiernan to the anchor of one of his ships.
- Mm-hmm.
- Or a million paper cuts from his own hundred-dollar bills.
Oh, no, actually I know a man who owns an emu farm.
They're surprisingly bloodthirsty animals.
Just pick a punishment and let's go.
What's the hold-up? All in good time, my darling.
You know how satisfying delayed gratification is in bed, right? I think you're stalling.
What? Because of Chloe.
Look I like Chloe.
I do, she's great.
But to be honest I think she's a bad influence on you.
This has nothing to do with the detective.
It's just better when you punish them properly.
Lucifer I just want you to be the best version of yourself.
You know? That devil I met in the garden.
I held myself back for so long and I can see you doing the same because of her.
I just think she might be a little too involved in your life.
That is preposterous.
Hi, Lucifer.
Who's this? That is the detective's offspring.
You have a piano up here? Yes, but no! Please! Please don't touch that.
I don't know where you've been.
Look at all those books! Yes, emphasis on the look Whoa, a pony.
Be careful with that, that was a gift from Napoleon.
- Do you have a pet? - Yeah No, not really.
You have stairs to get to your bedroom.
Like a princess.
Like a what? How dare you? You have a hot tub on your balcony? No! Please don't jump on that, it's Italian.
This is the coolest place ever! Does your mother know you're Does your mother know you're here? Yes? Well, what are you doing here? I came here to make sure you're okay.
My mom said you needed a friend.
But it looks like you already have one.
I'm Eve.
Trixie ready? Trix, Dad's here.
How's the case going? We know who the killer is but we don't have proof.
Who is it? Er, Julian's dad, Jacob Tiernan.
Jacob Tiernan.
What, he killed somebody? He thought that Sam was the one who broke Julian's back, so - Simple revenge motive.
- You're sure about that? I mean, I didn't think he was capable of - of that.
- Trix.
Trix? Come on.
Dan! Yeah? - Trixie snuck out and went to Lucifer's.
- What? Well We've got to go find her.
Where do you live? Here.
- Where are you from? - Far away.
I came here for Lucifer.
Keep the commentary to yourself, lady.
- Have you ever been married? - Yes, it didn't work out.
- How come? - We weren't right for each other.
- What do you do for work? - I don't.
Pretty much just get to be me.
Well, that's kind of cool.
- Favorite color? - Red.
What's yours? I'm asking the questions.
Would you excuse me whilst I do something less mind-numbingly boring like color-sort my suits? Are you the kind of friend Lucifer needs right now? I hope so.
I care about him very much.
Oh, my Lucifer! I didn't think there'd be anyone else here, but can't have any witnesses.
Oh, please Let's go! Let's go! What are you? Tiernan sent you, didn't he? Yeah.
Where is she? Where's Trixie? She's safe.
She's through there.
Mommy! Daddy! Sorry.
Monkey, you're okay.
You're okay.
I love you, honey.
I hope you know I would I would do anything to protect that little urchin.
I know.
I also know what you're thinking of doing to Tiernan.
Especially now.
And you, detective.
Don't you want to punish him? He almost killed your child.
I do, yeah.
But I'm gonna do it by following the rules because I believe in right and wrong and and deep down I think that you do too.
You're the devil.
But you're also an angel.
I'm not sure that I am an angel anymore.
What do you mean? After I killed Pierce when my devil face returned I never checked to see if my wings were still there.
I still haven't.
Afraid that they're gone.
For good reason.
Well, you know I think you should look.
Maybe you'll be surprised at what you find.
The police are done.
Thank you.
Thank you for Trixie.
You're welcome.
We're going to get this guy, right? I mean we've been looking for the worst of the worst.
Here it is.
You're right.
It's time for Tiernan to get what he deserves, but I need to do this on my own.
It's important to me.
You know, I I only want us you to be happy.
We have you dead to rights on attempted murder.
So if you don't help us take down who really killed Sam Zofrelli Well.
It was your golden gun used on the murder so you might be looking pretty damn good for that, too.
Look, I love Julian.
That's why I wanted to be the one to kill Sam.
But Julian's an idiot.
He gets into trouble all the time owed Sam a bunch of money.
Is that why Tiernan thought Sam was the one to break Julian's spine? Tiernan wouldn't give Julian any money to pay back Sam.
So Julian had to give Sam whatever he could, his car, his watch, family heirlooms.
Family heirlooms? Yeah.
It pissed Tiernan off, but he still loved the kid.
He's his son after all.
But even after all that, Julian still couldn't come up with enough to pay back Sam.
Right, so after Julian's spine was broken Tiernan thought Sam must have been the one who did it asked for the gun and then got revenge himself? Too bad somebody else crippled Julian.
What do you mean? Tiernan found out Lucifer did it.
That's why he sent me to kill him.
We thought that Tiernan was upset because of Lucifer's behavior in the office.
Where did he get the idea that Lucifer was the one to break his back? No idea.
All right.
You said family heirlooms, right? Would that also include a family ring? All right.
Have you heard from Pony Boy? Not yet.
It's time to get to the jet.
Leave town for a while.
What the hell was that? Hello again, Tiernan.
I told you this wasn't over.
It's time for you to receive the punishment that you deserve.
What about that ring? No, the ring that Tiernan had on had a family crest on it.
Do you guys really think he would wear it after taking it off a dead body? It was a family ring, so I t think Tiernan saw it as something that was taken from him.
So if we can prove that Sam had the ring on his finger before he was killed and that it's now on Tiernan's hand, we can arrest him.
Before anyone else gets to him.
I think I've found it.
Yes, that's it.
- Taken before the night he was killed.
- Let's go get him.
I believe you're looking for this man.
I happened to be walking past Tiernan's office, and I overheard him talking about leaving town.
As a concerned citizen, I felt it was my civic duty to bring him in so he can properly face the punishment he deserves.
Why did you do it? Something made me realize I might have gone a bit too far recently.
Hopefully it's not too late.
You looked.
You looked, didn't you? At your wings.
I did.
You did the right thing, Lucifer.
It's never too late for that.
Maze? Maze? What are you doing? Giving you your space.
I know your heart's in the right place and it makes me happy knowing my son's Auntie Maze is in his corner but I have to ask.
Are you in love with me? What? I mean you do have that good things come in small packages vibe about you.
But, no, we're just friends.
That's what I thought! You know, Maze, I think you're looking for something more than what this baby or I can be.
I think you're looking for your own connection.
For a partner.
Oh, hey.
Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
Oh, no, it's fine.
Working pretty late tonight.
Oh, yeah, I was just wrapping up.
Hey, Ella, do you do you ever feel just completely Lost? Yeah.
You want to talk about it? No.
No, honestly, not really.
- You want to talk about it? - No.
But I just don't know what to do, you know.
Well, I don't recommend a downward spiral into drugs and alcohol.
Tried that, did not help.
Detective Decker.
Thank you for coming.
I only came to tell you to stop putting in requests to speak to me.
We have nothing to talk about.
I'm sorry I don't have much time.
They're going to transfer me back to Rome to be tried there.
I can't say I'm sad to see you go.
There's something you need to know.
No, there is something you need to know.
You were wrong about Lucifer.
He is a good man.
One might say that he's even an angel.
Lucifer? I came over as soon as I got your text.
It's late.
Is everything okay? You have to help me, doctor.
I don't want to be a monster.
What's wrong? It's my wings.
I hadn't checked them since my devil face returned.
I was afraid they might have gone.
I was afraid what that might mean.
What that might say about me.
But earlier this evening I looked.
And? They're still there.
That's good.
Isn't it? I need to warn you about the prophecy.
Prophecy? You see, I thought that the prophecy was about you, Chloe.
But I realize now that I could have been wrong.
If it's not you, then who else could be Lucifer's first love? I saw them.
It was bad.
It was really bad.
You know who it is, don't you? Is she here? I thought I could fix it so So I didn't hurt him.
I stopped myself.
- So I don't understand why.
Why? - Why what? I just need you to hear the prophecy.
All right.
When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love Why are they still like this?! evil shall be released.