Lucifer (2016) s04e08 Episode Script

Super Bad Boyfriend

1 Lucifer.
What's going on? You've been avoiding me, Dr.
Arn, so I had to force a meeting.
Yeah, sorry about that.
- Work has been so crazy - Don't care.
I granted you a favor.
Now you owe me one.
It's time to pay up.
I need a medical consultation.
If I was to tell you I had a mole or two on my back perhaps you could reshape them, maybe zhuzh them up a bit? I'd have to see them first.
Not possible, I'm afraid, but I have visual aids.
Wait, you have moles that large on your back? You need to get them checked out, have them removed.
But I tried removing them in the past, but the stubborn buggers always seem to grow back.
I just need you to dress them up a smidge.
Maybe you could attach some white feathers or tattoo them.
Something cheery, flowers, maybe.
Tattoo your moles? I was thinking maybe I could get you a discount on some botox, but I don't need botox, doctor! What I need is for you to fix them, because they are disgusting! Please don't hurt me.
Lucifer, what's going on? God, I really need to put a lock on that elevator.
Useless, doctor.
Get out of my sight.
- Lucy, what were you doing to him? - Nothing.
Huh? What happened there, brother? Hit another bridge whilst flying? That happened one time, Lucy.
And no, I got into a fight with Remy.
Remy was here? Oh.
How is your little clone? Angry.
She wanted to take Linda's baby, my child, back to the Silver City with her.
The argument escalated.
Of course, I was victorious and now the child will be raised here on Earth, which is actually why I'm here.
I have a favor to ask you.
Apparently, there's a tradition here on Earth to ask someone to be a back-up parent in case something happens to the child's real parents.
Are you seriously asking me, evil incarnate, to be the child's godfather? Ha! The irony.
Well, Lucy, this birth is imminent.
And I still don't know how to be a father.
How am I supposed to prepare? Well, I would have thought it patently obvious by now.
I'm the last person to come to for fatherly advice.
But if you really want to know how humans raise their children, maybe you should, I don't know, ask them.
That's actually not bad advice.
And as for being the child's godfather, trust me, brother, the biggest favor I can do you and the child is to stay as far away as possible.
Hey, Ella.
Oh, hey, Dan.
So what's up? Nothing.
Crime scene stuff.
So, about the other Yeah, I wanted to - Me too.
- It was - Totally - But, you know - Working together.
- Crossing lines.
Bodies crossing.
Maybe we shouldn't.
No, we shouldn't.
- Cool.
- Cool.
I'm so glad we could talk about this like adults.
- Yeah, okay.
- Cool.
Oh, sorry.
I'm just Okay.
When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love evil shall be released.
Everything alright, detective? Did I do something wrong, per usual? Perhaps I should check myself into detention whilst I'm here.
Everything's fine.
Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, Lucifer.
Hey, Dan's ex-wife.
I mean I mean Chloe.
So what do we have? - This is Sandra Baez - The victim is Yeah.
She was 32 years old and a history teacher.
Whatever's happening here is undoubtedly somehow my fault.
- Er - Maybe you I'm sorry.
We're all good.
- We're totally cool.
- All good.
In fact, the janitor, he's the guy who found the body claims that Miss Baez, every morning, jogs the track, showers and then she heads to class.
And apparently someone ambushed her as she was getting dressed.
And do we have a cause of death? Cause of death is a blunt force trauma to the head.
It turns out that Miss Baez was a faculty adviser.
- Yeah, she was.
- To YEA.
Uh, YEA is Youth Academy of American Entrepreneurs.
The club met last night, so probably the last people to see her alive.
Right, thank you.
Can I talk to you? Right now.
Okay, well I need to tell you something.
I'm all ears.
Or horns, rather.
I went to see Father Kinley.
Did you now? Conjuring up more ways to send me back to hell, are we? No.
Father Kinley had been asking to see me, so I finally went and he told me about a prophecy.
What is it this time? Are frogs about to start falling from the sky or perhaps winter is coming.
All of this celestial stuff, it is new to me.
I don't know what is good and bad, what is real and fake.
But what he said It scared me.
Well, come on then, detective.
What did he say? He said, "When the devil walks the earth and finds his first love evil shall be released.
" Well, this is wonderful news.
- It sounds kind of bad.
- Oh, it's bad.
It's bad, but it explains why I'm changing.
Wait up listen, if this prophecy were to actually come true What then? Would there be demons running around? Nothing of the sort.
But let's not get bogged down in specifics, because none of that will matter if I can stop the prophecy altogether.
- How? - Well, clearly the first part, when the devil walks the earth, has happened, because hello, here is me, walking the earth.
- Yeah.
- And since Eve was my first girlfriend, then she's - Your first love.
- Exactly.
So to stop evil being released, all I need to do is, drum roll, please Break up with Eve! So there you have it.
I mean, usually these prophecies turn out to be gobbledegook, but this one seems legit.
So Wow.
I had a feeling or maybe I just knew all along.
- Knew what? - That you love me! Right.
And how exactly did you end up there? The prophecy, silly.
I mean, if you believe it to be true then, "When the devil walks the earth and meets his first love," means you consider me to be your first love.
Ergo! - You love me.
- Mm Oh, my God! I can't believe you said it first.
I've been dying to say it for so long.
Have you? Interesting you should focus on that part of the prophecy, when evil being released really is the the relevant part.
And much as I hate to say this, I think it means that we need to you know break up.
- No? - Mm-mm.
Lucifer, I know what you're doing.
- Do you? - Yes.
You're scared.
Because you've been hurt before.
You don't have to worry, okay? I promise you that I will never, ever, ever give up on you.
You know why? Surprise me.
Because I love you too.
Ah Boop! Shit.
Thanks for speaking with us, Miss Shaw.
Please, call me Lexy.
Anything to help find the person who did this.
We're speaking to everybody in the YEA club, because you all were the last to see Miss Baez last night.
Did you notice anything out of the ordinary with her? No.
She was her normal, cheery self.
Miss Baez was awesome.
She did so much for me.
She was also the SAT prep administrator, so helped me get into my first choice.
It was Harvard.
- Oh.
- She's also just so good at giving advice on anything.
School, parents, relationships.
Relationships? What advice would Miss Baez give to, say, a student in a relationship who, I don't know, needed to break up with someone? Oh, well, I wouldn't know.
My boyfriend and I are super-solid.
We'll probably get married.
After we both finish college.
At Harvard.
Do you know of anyone who may want to hurt Miss Baez? Not really.
Well, unless Have you spoken to Caleb Mayfield? No.
Why? Miss Baez was particularly talented at giving advice to the more troubled students.
Nah, I didn't really know Miss Baez that well.
To be honest, I was thinking about quitting YEA altogether.
You were going to break up with the entire club.
How does one specifically say nay to YEA? Could we just stay focused, Lucifer? Lucifer? As in the club owner who grants favors? You've heard of the favors? Some people I hang around with, they may have mentioned it.
Well, granting favors is much lower on my resume these days than releasing death and destruction upon the world.
So you didn't spend much time with Miss Baez? Not really.
Did you guys talk to Nate Benedict? He was fighting with her.
We had, you know, words.
What were you fighting about? I was pissed because she was sleeping with my dad.
Miss Baez was having an affair with your father? My parents are separated, and they totally could have fixed things, but Miss Baez was standing in the way, so hells yeah, I was angry.
- I see.
- But not enough so I'd kill her.
And where were you yesterday morning? At my girlfriend Lexy's place.
My dad said he had things he needed to take care of, He needed me out all night.
We'll have to speak with your dad to confirm your story.
And his.
Thank you.
Oh Your parents' marriage failed.
What exactly was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship? Weirdly enough, things got really bad after they went to couple's therapy.
Of course.
Excuse me.
Do you have any children? Why? Did Ramona send you? Hey, man, I'm all paid up on my child support.
Excuse me.
Do you have a good relationship with your father? I love all my daddies.
Excuse me! Do you have a good relationship with your father? I'm dancing half naked in a nightclub for money.
What do you think? Hey do you know where I could find Lucifer Morningstar? He's not here right now.
- Damn.
- What do you need from Lucifer? Just - a favor.
- Whoa, hold up.
Maybe I can help.
I'm Amenadiel, Lucifer's brother.
- For real? - As God is my witness.
I'm Caleb.
So what's the problem, Caleb? This.
Xanax and Adderall.
- Where did you get all these drugs from? - A dealer.
His name's Tahir.
He asked me to sell it at school.
I did once.
I'm just trying not to do it no more.
Problem is, he said if I don't, he'll mess me up bad.
I was hoping maybe Lucifer could buy them off me.
Just take them off my hands.
Could you? Listen, even if I did, that wouldn't solve your problem.
It sounds like this Tahir would just, you know, make you sell more.
What am I supposed to do? I just want out.
Hey, Ella, you wanted to see me? Yes, Sandra Baez's autopsy report just came in.
I'll go and get Dan and we can go over it together.
No! Don't.
I'll just tell you what it says and then you can tell Dan.
Because, you know, you probably see him all the time, like when you're handing off Trixie, the child you made together when you were married together.
So what does it say? Contusions.
Two of them on the victim's skull.
Unusually shaped, so it appears that the murder weapon is a golf club.
A driver, to be exact.
Got it.
I'll tell Dan that we need a search warrant for the golf lockers.
Yeah, I worked the Tiernan case.
I'm sorry, where did you say you were calling from? So how do you like being a prison guard? Boring.
Unless you get to mix it up, you know, fight with an inmate.
How's bounty hunting? Look, I'm going to get to the point.
Usually I go straight for the sex, but my friend thinks I'm too invested in her baby thinks I need to find a connection of my own, so I'm looking for someone I can do that with.
I'm in.
You're too clingy.
This is never going to work.
I recently learned, doctor, that counseling is a good way to help relationships grow, evolve and then reach their final destination.
Yes, it can be.
In the right circumstance.
Linda, I'm so happy to finally meet you.
And being here in this room Woo! It's kind of like being inside Lucifer's mind.
Scary thought.
Ha-ha! Yes, well, I'm very happy to meet you too, Eve.
You're the first woman ever.
It's like meeting a dinosaur.
Not that you look old.
I mean, it's like you're my great-great, great-great whatever.
Ah! Never mind.
What can I do for you guys? I think, if you looked up "perfect relationship" in the dictionary, you might just see a photo of myself and Eve.
Mm! But complacency is the enemy of excellence, so I thought it wise to get your expert perspective on our wonderful kinship.
I'm guessing this isn't going to end well.
Please, tell me about this wonderful relationship of yours.
Well, I'd say that we are impulsive.
I mean, we often text whilst driving.
We moved in together after one day.
Also we consume an unfathomable amount of drugs and alcohol and regularly invite strangers into our bedroom.
It's true.
Did I mention that Eve has just come out of a long-term relationship? So, what say you, doctor? Hm.
Yes, well while you claim to be happy, I'm sensing a hidden trepidation by the words that you're using to describe your relationship.
In fact, I'm concerned that you're returning to a familiar pattern of Denial.
That's exactly what I was going to say.
Don't you just hate it when he takes the exact wrong message from every single conversation? Oh, my God! Every single time! - Right.
Why don't we get back on track? - How have we not met? - I don't know! - Right, there's a prophecy.
Now he's just deflecting.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
You know, Lucifer has a tendency to project his issues onto external sources when what he really needs to do - is face his issues head on.
- Head on.
Finally! You sure you know what you're doing? Caleb, I'm the Silver City's greatest warrior.
There's no need to worry.
Ha! Tell me something.
How did you get involved in this business in the first place? I met Tahir and his boys at a club.
He seemed cool, so I start hanging with them.
Then one day, Tahir offered me a way to make some extra cash.
Why didn't you just say no? Tahir's not really the kind of guy you say no to.
I'm pretty sure I can reason with this Tahir convince him to let you off the hook.
And then maybe, after we can go and get some ice cream together.
Ha! My man, Caleb.
What's good, man? Oh, you need bodyguards now? What's wrong? The white kids at school loving them beans a little bit too much? Actually, Caleb won't be selling them beans anymore.
You see, he no longer wishes to be a part of your illegal drug operation.
- Oh - Excuse me.
Caleb is out.
His obligation is done.
This dude right here means business.
But it don't work like that.
You see, I've got expenses, and he needs to pay me out, one way or another.
Alright, fine.
I'll be the one to come back and pay for those drugs.
Uh-oh, hold on, man.
The honor code's broken right now.
You'll have to leave me some kind of collateral.
- What about the kid? - That's never going to happen, Tahir.
What about that bling around your neck? This bling is a gift from my father, Tahir.
It's priceless.
That's good.
That means you'll be highly motivated to come back with my money.
I will be coming back for that.
Know this, Caleb.
If anything blow back on me, I blow back on y'all.
You feel me? I can't believe she's gone.
Miss Baez was a great mentor to Nate.
Nate said that you asked him to be out of the house last night.
- What was it you needed to take care of? - Work stuff.
Work stuff? Like murdering a beloved teacher? You think I killed her? That's insane.
Is it? You were sleeping with her.
Yes, we were having an affair, but that's over.
Broke off last week.
You didn't have to kill her to break up with her, did you? Of course not! - Oh.
- It was mutual.
In fact, I already started seeing somebody else.
So you were having an affair on your affair? Not exactly.
I started seeing my ex, Emma.
We had gone to counseling.
It was rough at first, but ultimately it helped bring us back together.
Now you tell me! Last night I was with Emma.
We didn't want to tell Nate, we didn't want to mess with his head.
He had taken our break-up really hard, but he's doing so great lately.
He's seeing Lexy, great girl.
Crushed his SATs, he got into Harvard.
We didn't want to rattle him until we knew it was permanent.
I'll need your ex-wife's information.
Er why did you and your wife break up in the first place? I suppose I was the cliché bad husband.
Infidelity, selfishness, neglect.
In hindsight, I gave Emma no option but to break up with me.
Cliché bad husband, I see.
You're going to get it! Er, babe? I thought we had plans.
Nah, sorry right, Lynn, you're up next! Move! Move! Ah! Aha! Yes! Yes! Suck it! Suck it! Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
In your face! Ah! Yes! Detective.
How can I help? We know who the killer is.
Meet me at the precinct.
Erm Eve! I have to go.
Hey, are you sure you can't stay a little longer? We have queso! It's work.
Yo, did you see the look on their face when you busted up homeboy's hand? I told you I've got skills, young buck.
Not bad.
I'll never doubt you again.
See, I knew that you were smart.
Which does make me wonder, Caleb, why would you even want to be friends with those guys? I mean, you must have lots of friends back at school.
Yeah, but I don't really fit in with the rich, white crowd.
Tahir and his boys, they look like me.
They let me be me.
I mean, if I knew what they was into in the beginning, maybe I would have found a new crew to hang with.
It's just kind of hard finding your own kind.
Your own people, you know? I've got a question for you.
Why are you even helping me? I, erm I have a son on the way.
And I've been worried if I'm going to be a good father.
So, what? I'm like a test run for you? I was just playing, man.
I'm cool with it.
Are you Caleb Mayfield? - I said are you Caleb Mayfield? - Yes, this is Caleb, officer.
- What's the problem? - We've got a warrant out for his arrest.
- He's wanted for murder.
- Murder? No.
No, that can't be right.
Down on the ground, hands on your head.
Listen, punk, I said down on the ground, hands on your head.
You're hurting him! - Sir, stop right there, put your hands up.
- Put my hands, wh Why are you pointing your gun at me? I've done absolutely nothing wrong.
Put your hands on your head now! Look, you guys are making a big mistake here, alright? Now I have friends in the LAPD.
Just let me call them.
- No, no, please just do what they say! - You're hurting him! - Put your hands on your head! - Get off of him! I'll tell you one last time, asshole.
Put your hands up! - I'm not putting my hands above my head! - Don't make me shoot you.
I don't want to shoot you! Stand down! He's my friend! He's a friend.
Are you okay? A golf club with Caleb's prints and the victim's blood was found in his locker.
Caleb was known to sell drugs, so the working theory is that Miss Baez found out, threatened to turn him in, so he killed her.
No, Dan.
Caleb is not a killer.
But the kid looks guilty.
What exactly does "looks guilty" even mean, Dan? Are you talking about the color of his skin? He's guilty given all the evidence against him, man.
Come on, how dare you? Are you okay? I know it's not fun to have guns pointed at you.
Why wouldn't those officers listen to me? I tried to talk to them, reason with them, but they They wouldn't listen.
It's like they'd already made up their minds.
Those two cowboy hotheads are way out of line I'm filing an excessive force complaint against them as soon as all this is over.
And what changes will come as a result of your complaint? Probably nothing.
Hey, Dan can I talk to you for a second? Okay.
I'm not really sure how to say this, but Hold on a second.
I thought that we were on the same page about us.
This is about the Tiernan case.
I'm sorry.
What about it? To close the case, due diligence interviews were done by the detective pool.
Someone told them that it might've been a cop who came to Jacob Tiernan and told him that it was Lucifer himself who broke his son's back.
It's an outrageous claim.
I know! But what if it's true? Someone might have it out for Lucifer.
I guess it's possible.
I could narrow down which cop it could be by tracking the department cars, but I don't know what to do, whether to tell Chloe or not Whoa, Dan! What are you doing? I'm flattered, but I just You're right, we need to be on the same page here, which is that this is no bueno.
I got caught up in the moment.
It won't happen again.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
And the Tiernan thing, sounds like it's way out of left field to me.
Yeah, you're right.
Er Okay.
Anyway, er Later.
So listen, I talked to your parents.
They're flying back from vacation.
We're going to get you a good lawyer, clear your name and you'll be out of here soon.
Let me ask you something.
What makes you sure - I didn't kill that teacher? - I know you wouldn't.
You figured all that out by knowing me for one whole day? Yes.
I know you wouldn't murder anyone, Caleb.
But that doesn't matter.
So who cares if you believe me? The cops don't.
But you're innocent.
The truth will come out and they'll have no choice but to set you free What kind of bullshit, fantasy world do you be living in, man? I mean, look what happened to you.
You didn't even do anything and you almost got shot.
The only truth that matters is theirs.
And to them, I am a black kid who is selling drugs, whose fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.
My life is over.
Just go.
Stop wasting your time on me.
I'm not leaving you, Caleb.
Now, there are good people out there who can find out the real truth, but they're gonna need your help.
And I'm not asking you to have faith in them.
Have faith in me.
Okay? This is an interesting pair-up, huh? Loved your profile.
And all those stories you made up about murderous exploits Wow! Ah.
Consider me turned on.
But I don't see this working out.
I mean, we're both clearly Alphas.
We'd just wind up butting heads and locking horns.
I just don't see a future together.
But have a lovely evening and good luck, milady.
Argh! Oh, hey, Maze.
Have you seen Lucifer? No.
Are you okay? That was my 21st bad date.
And my 22nd is about to arrive any minute.
Talk about stamina.
I know this must sound crazy but I'm starting to think that maybe I'm the problem.
That is crazy.
You're awesome.
What are you doing on these dates? Normal stuff.
Well, why don't we figure this out.
Let's practice on me.
We can pretend to be on a date and then try to figure out what's going wrong.
I'll start.
I'm Eve.
I'm Maze.
Nice to meet you.
Want to have sex? Good.
There's nothing wrong with having sex on a first date.
But, you know, maybe just wait a few sentences before you go there.
Okay, tell me about yourself.
Well, I like sex.
And? It's just hard to open up about my life.
- I am a demon after all.
- What's wrong with that? Anybody worth dating should understand everything that makes you you.
Anyway, don't you have another hot date coming? Looks like he's a no-show.
Why don't we keep going? You know, this is really helping.
So how are things going with Eve? Not good.
I tried being a super bad boyfriend so she'd break up with me, but it failed spectacularly.
Of course it failed, Lucifer, because that's not who you are.
How do you know who I am? Caleb Mayfield is innocent, Chloe, you really need to look into it.
Did he say something to you? Yes! That he's being set up.
Did he say by who? Because I've been looking at it as well and I agree, something doesn't add up.
It's just too easy.
Whoever framed him must have known that he would make a really good target.
- You mean they knew he sold drugs? - Yes.
I had Caleb write down a list of all the kids that he sold to.
Here's a list of everyone who had access to the golf closet.
If one of these kids is on Caleb's list too, then that person would have means and opportunity to set him up.
So let's see.
None of the names match.
Aren't those two dating? Lexy Shaw and Nate Benedict.
And they're each other's alibi.
I'm sorry I didn't come forward sooner.
I was afraid.
Maybe I didn't want to accept it.
That he could do something like this.
So Nate killed Miss Baez? I love him.
But he can get so angry sometimes, - it's scary.
- Mm-hm.
And Nate was devastated when his parents split up.
I think he blamed it on Miss Baez.
I just never thought he'd go this far.
Lexy, let's take a break, alright? And I'll go grab you some tissues.
She's lying.
Then tell them the truth, Nate.
It's all because of stupid Harvard.
Lexy had to get in.
She insisted that I go too.
And she got us a ton of Adderall so we could study harder.
My grades went up and then the SAT came and Miss Baez was the test administrator.
You stole the test.
We knew she had a copy in her office.
I didn't want to do it and she made me.
And then Miss Baez found out.
That's why you were fighting after the YEA meeting? She told me that if I didn't come clean, she was calling my dad and then the cops.
And when I told Lexy, she freaked.
Said, "I have worked too hard to get into Harvard and I'm not letting Miss Baez ruin it," and she made me steal Caleb's club You? You killed her? No! I couldn't do it, but Lexy Lexy did.
And I'm just as bad because Because I covered it all up and I lied about Caleb.
He didn't do anything.
Why should we believe you, Nate? - I'm telling the truth and I can prove it.
- How? Lexy's bloody clothes I was supposed to get rid of them and I didn't.
I didn't even care about Harvard.
Lexy just wanted me to be someone I'm not and I should have stood up to her before anybody got hurt.
I'm so sorry.
So you're free to go.
You got your necklace back.
Yeah, I paid off Tahir, so you don't have to worry about him anymore.
Looks like I owe you a favor now.
How can I get you back? Know something? I've been thinking about that and I will accept nothing less than a game of one-on-one tomorrow.
As long as we can get ice cream afterwards.
By the way - you got nothing to worry about.
- About what? Being a dad.
You gonna to crush it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
And he got all upset with me because I laughed at the end of the movie.
I thought it was a comedy.
Have you seen it? Marley And Me? No.
But maybe we can watch it together.
Yeah, that would be nice.
Anyway, enough about my bad dating stories.
Don't you have any? Bad dating stories? Er, no.
I was married for, like, thousands of years.
And then, on my second try, I found the one.
Yeah, but how did you know that Lucifer was the one? With Adam, I guess I felt like I was always trying to be someone that I wasn't.
And then, with Lucifer I feel like I can just be myself, you know? At least I did.
Lately, I feel like he's kind of pulling away from me.
That's just Lucifer.
He can be a self-sabotaging jackass sometimes.
But he will come around.
He'd be a fool not to.
You're way too awesome.
Want another drink? - You need another drink? - Yeah, I do.
Yo, Mazy-Maze.
What's going on? We're having a drink, bro.
Yeah, 'cause it kind of looks to me like you're making the moves on Lucifer's girl.
Well, it kind of looks to me like you're wasted.
Don't sweat it.
I'm not going to say anything, because you and me, we're the same.
You should've seen how I played Ella today.
And assholes like us we've got to stick together.
I am not interested in Eve, Dan.
We're just talking.
You know, hanging out.
That's great.
That's cool.
Because that means that you won't care if I take a shot.
Back off.
Whoa, so I struck a nerve after all.
I'm going to do you a solid, okay? I'm going to go tell Eve exactly how you feel about her.
Come on, Maze.
Is that all you've got? Come on, give it to me! Come on.
You want me to hurt you? You're trying to punish yourself.
Get him out of here.
Eve? We we need to talk.
I've been thinking Actually, I have something I want to say first.
Go on.
Tonight, a friend helped me realize that I'm great.
You know what? I'm awesome.
And I deserve to be treated well.
You're right.
And you are so much more than awesome, Eve.
You have a light inside of you that brightens the world and a smile so infectious that it captures the heart of anyone lucky enough to see it.
And I'm sorry for the way that I've treated you lately.
You don't deserve that.
- That's all I wanted to hear - Which is why I should have just said this straight away.
I want to break up with you.
I don't understand.
I've been trying so hard to please you.
I've made friends with all your friends.
You see that's just it.
You shouldn't have to change for anyone.
And neither should I.
Eve, I have been trying so hard to make you happy too, trying to be someone I'm not.
Or at least someone I don't want to be anymore.
And you deserve to be with someone that wants what you want.
I want to be with you.
And I don't like who I am with you! I don't.
I have to take this.
It's work.
Detective, how can I help you? No, I don't know where Amenadiel is.
Why? Amenadiel I promise you, we will find whoever did this.
I know who did this.
I'll drive.
What's the damage, big man? - Caleb.
- I warned that boy not to do that, man.
They've lost themselves.
Earth is no place to raise my son.
How's Amenadiel doing? You know tormented.
And how are you doing? I broke up with Eve.
Well, you know, I'm sure, if it's what you wanted, then it's all for the best.
It is what I wanted.
She was in love with the person I used to be.
I understand.
You've changed.
You've become a better man, Lucifer.
You see, that's just it, detective.
Eve sees me in a different way.
But so do you.
That's what makes you so So special.
The fact you see me that way.
But I don't like how that makes me feel either.
This is all his fault.
What is? Every bad thing that's ever happened.
With Eve, with the detective.
Dear old Dad's back up to his old tricks, manipulating me.
Using these two women to tear me apart.
Do you really believe that? With every fiber of my being, but I also know it's a lie.
A grand deception I've been telling myself for since before I can remember.
Why do you think you've been lying to yourself all this time? Because the truth is so much harder to face.
What is the truth? My devil face.
My devil wings, everything that's happening to me, it's my own bloody fault.
I brought this upon myself.
How's about that for starters? Don't you see? This is progress.
Genuine progress.
Unraveling these patterns of denial is the first step toward resolving these issues.
No, doctor, this isn't progress.
Because if I'm doing this to myself, then the real truth is Is what? Is what? Come on, Lucifer.
This will weigh on you unless you face it head on.
The real truth is what? There is something rotten inside of me.
I find it near impossible to drown out the constant cacophony of voices whispering in my ear, telling me I am evil.
I'm drowning, doctor! And I can't stop asking myself why do I hate myself so much?