Lucifer (2016) s04e09 Episode Script

Save Lucifer

1 [LADY.]
It'll be great for entertaining or whatever you guys wanna do.
- It's just kind of the perfect house.
- [2ND LADY.]
It's gorgeous.
- And those marble countertops.
- Right.
They really tie the whole kitchen together.
And now here's the garage, room for two cars and storage.
Say, the Murphy twins, they're your older sisters, right? - Yes.
- It must be so amazing.
It really is.
You know, it's nice to be a part of a family business.
Are they gonna come by? They can get pretty busy, but sometimes they like to pop in and surprise people.
And there's really nice neighbors all around.
These neighbors [SHOCKED GASPS.]
Lucifer! Hi.
Erm Listen, about everything that you said last night.
It doesn't matter.
Er, I really think it does.
No, I'm way beyond that, detective.
You see, I've made a breakthrough.
Really? What is it? I hate myself.
Well, I'm not quite sure what to do with that, but it doesn't sound like a good thing.
But of course it is, detective.
All my time with Dr.
Linda has been about exploring the denial that I'm in, but I've overcome that now, I've had an honest-to-Devil epiphany.
Now all my problems should just, you know, go away.
Well, a new case just came in, but I really do wanna talk about this more later.
- I'm gonna grab my keys.
- Alright.
- Hey, Lucifer.
- Ah! Morning, Miss Lopez.
Whoa! What's wrong with your hand? Mm? Lucifer, that is the worst case of psoriasis I've ever seen.
This is impossible.
I have some creams in my lab.
Hold on.
What are you doing? [RATTING.]
I'm gonna punish Lucifer for what he did to you.
Where is my shuriken? I had to hide most of my weapons so Linda wouldn't get rid of them.
Oh, yeah! - [RIP.]
- Thanks.
Maze, you can't hurt Lucifer.
Oh, I definitely can.
No, you can't hurt him because I love him.
I want him back.
I just don't understand why he would say that he doesn't love himself when he is with me.
What does that even mean? [MAZE.]
It means, he is an idiot, which is typical for Lucifer.
Not realizing how lucky he is.
How do I get him back? [SIGHS.]
Lucifer is like any other man.
He wants what he can't have.
Okay I can do that.
You know, I just need to show him that I'm fine.
You know, that I'm fine without him.
I can do that.
- Yeah.
Okay, maybe I can't do that.
Unless you help me.
- Please! - Well In the old days, I could just enter your body and take over.
Um demons used to be able to possess humans.
But only when they'd just died.
But then Lucifer forbade it.
Why? Above my pay grade.
Must have pissed off someone in the Silver City.
It was fun, though.
The looks on their faces when you pop up and be "Rah!" [LAUGHS.]
But it'd have to be coming from Hell, Eve, so no luck there.
We'll have to do this the old fashioned way.
What is that? You're gonna get your shit together.
And then we are gonna go and rub in Lucifer's face just how much you don't need him.
Thank you.
Since when do you voluntarily wear evidence gloves? Detective, it's well, I This is about the other night, isn't it? Lucifer, I don't want you to feel like you have to be someone you're not when you are around me.
And if this is part of the reason why you think you hate yourself No need to worry on that front, detective.
All my self-hatred is also self-inflicted.
No one to blame but myself on that.
But I still don't see how this epiphany solves anything.
- [ELLA.]
Stop! - "Hammer time!" - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS.]
'Cause she was killed with a hammer! Come on, guys, I've been waiting years to do that one.
Victim's name is Megan Murphy, 34.
- One half - [CHLOE.]
Of the Murphy Twins.
Yeah, they're local celebrities for their twin shtick.
- Any suspects? - The other twin, actually.
She was found standing over the body, hammer in hand.
She bolted after eyewitnesses saw her.
We have a BOLO out, but no luck finding her yet.
The realtor who found the body was the twins' younger sister, Beth.
And according to interviews, Beth wasn't aware of any tension between the sisters.
Sometimes there's a darkness waiting just under the surface.
- Waiting for a chance to emerge - You can't touch this! Yes, I get it.
It's the lyrics to the song.
No, it's because I haven't bagged it yet and you never wear gloves.
Wait, you're wearing gloves.
- Did the cream not work? - Cream? [SOUND OF MOTORBIKE APPROACHING.]
You know what this is? Haven't a clue.
Heard you got a suspect on the run.
We'll catch her in no time.
We? What, you two are working together now? Yeah.
We're partners.
She's got a natural talent for hunting bounties.
Er, don't you need an actual bounty to be put out? Because right now there isn't one.
Like to get a head start on the competition, Chloe.
There was no need to make a scene at my work.
I'm not! Listen Luce What you said hurt a lot, but I really think that the break-up was the best thing that's ever happened to me.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I'm having more fun than ever with Maze.
I think it's exactly what I needed.
Well, that's wonderful news.
Come on, Eve.
We've got a murderous twin to catch.
Sounds fun.
How did I do? Pretty damn good, lady.
Is he still looking? I bet you he's still Detective, I need to talk to you inside, now! Okay.
Detective, I'm afraid you were right.
Things aren't as simple as I thought.
In fact, my epiphany may have backfired on me.
What do you mean? [GASPS, SNIFFS.]
- Is that how your face gets - Yes.
Though "devil hand" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
Detective, this hasn't happened to me before.
It's going to be okay.
We'll figure it out.
Put the glove back on and I'm sure it will go away in no time.
That's just it, detective! It started out as a patch of skin, but now it's spreading.
This is all your fault.
You and your epiphanies.
Turns out self-help is actually self-harm.
Hey, Lucifer, it's okay to be afraid.
That means we're making progress.
Oh, we're making progress in precisely the wrong direction.
Oh, Lucifer! What's happening to you? Exactly what I'd like to find out, and quickly, because I can't walk around like O.
Bloody Simpson forever.
Thank you for feeling my pain.
At least it's not my wanking ha [LINDA GROANS.]
Please tell me you are not giving birth to that child now.
No, no.
I'm not due for another couple of weeks.
It's just Braxton Hicks contractions.
Ah! Doesn't mean they don't hurt like a son of a Alright.
- Better.
- Good.
We know subconsciously you control what happens to your own body.
So, some part of you is reacting to this revelation.
Yes, and it doesn't seem thrilled, so if you could just de-enlighten me, that'd be lovely, thank you.
Look, Lucifer, I think you need to step forward, not backward.
You need to dig deeper.
If you really hate yourself you need to figure out why.
I've had a realization.
- I really don't care, man.
- I hate myself.
What's the punch line? Well, me, apparently.
Because I haven't the foggiest idea why.
Look at me! Why would I ever hate me? [CHUCKLES.]
- I might have some ideas.
- Which is exactly why I've come to you.
So please tell me more.
Er well, you don't take anything seriously.
You get away with everything, - make everything about yourself.
- Yes, Daniel, I know all that.
Please, just dig deeper into your cold douchy heart.
You are the reason Charlotte Richards is dead.
Daniel I need reasons that are actually my fault, not excuses.
I should have known you'd be spectacularly useless.
So, Moira's on the run.
We have contacted family, friends, co-workers, nothing.
Still no luck on the BOLO.
So, if you were caught standing over the dead body of your twin sister, where would you run to? I would run and run.
And never look back.
I mean, she literally killed someone with her exact same face.
- How do you do that? - You'd have to hate yourself.
Hello! Detective this woman may have the answer to my current dilemma, we need to find her immediately.
Sort of what we're trying to do here, Lucifer.
So, Moira's phone record finally came in.
First call she made after the murder her accountant.
If I needed money to skip town, that's who I'd call.
- Let's go talk to him.
- Quickly, we can't waste a moment.
Move! Am I sexier like this or like this? Er [LAUGHS.]
I don't know.
What do you think? Oh! Maybe this isn't going to work.
Where are they, anyway? They got the same phone records we did.
I promise they will be here.
Okay, okay.
What about dating someone else? Someone not Lucifer? Oh, my God! [GASPS.]
You're right! - Yeah? - Yeah! Of course! Nothing better to get his jealousy going than to see me happy with someone else, of course! How about that detective he hates so much? You know Don? The douchy one.
- Dan! - Or Maybe you deserve better.
Like who? - [EVE MURMURS.]
- Ah! [KISSING.]
Hi, guys.
Hi! Didn't see you there.
Sure didn't.
Oh! Did you see his face? You are a genius.
Of course! Being with you would make him super-jealous.
Oh, my God! Thank you! [EVE SIGHS.]
You're welcome.
Thank you! These two maniacs barged in here and tied me up! Yes, I can see you've had a most unpleasant time so far.
Well, it wasn't all bad.
- Back to - I need you to focus.
Tell me, why did Moira hate herself so much? Hate herself? She didn't hate herself.
She must have, she literally killed a mirror image of herself.
I need to understand why.
She called you after the murder.
What did she want? Well, that's the thing.
She called to accuse me of killing Megan.
Why would Moira accuse you of murder? I tried to ask her that, but then she hung up on me.
I love those girls.
They're like family to me.
Less motive, more location.
Where is she? Or I gag you again.
No, you will not.
And we're gonna talk about proper procedure later on.
Um, they owned a lot of properties.
Maybe Moira is at one of those? I can get you the address.
Sorry you had to see that.
What? Oh, the snogging.
No need to apologize for a bit of fun.
Well when the lightning strikes, it strikes, I guess.
So what? You're saying that you and Maze are together together? I was just looking for the right time to tell you.
Well, all I care is that you are happy, Eve.
- Are you, though? - Why wouldn't I be? [CHLOE.]
Did Megan do anything strange before she was murdered? Anything to help us figure out who killed her? Her sister killed her.
Maybe, but murderers don't often use their first phone call to accuse someone else.
Megan took over her company's finances a couple of months ago.
Is that normal? I figured that she wanted to be more involved in the business.
But, then, two days ago, she dropped off a thumb drive with a copy of her financial files.
Which isn't strange, but she did seem upset.
Did you notice anything odd in the files? I haven't looked, but the thumb drive is in the filing cabinet.
- Can I see it? - Sure.
Of course I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? [LUCIFER.]
You and Maze it's just a bit surprising.
Well, if you think someone else would make me happier - then maybe - Hey, Lucifer! - You look cold.
- Detective, I know I'm wearing gloves, - but it's actually rather warm - No.
It's best you stay covered up.
Oh! Right.
Always so thoughtful, detective.
Detective, there seems to be a problem.
- What is it? - The thumb drive's missing.
Someone must have stolen it.
What about the name Zoriel? That's a good name for a warrior.
We can call him Zori for short.
Or Ezekiel.
Erm I was thinking about the name Jack.
Short for Jackiel.
We could definitely put that on the list.
Right after Azmortiel.
I was hoping for a more mainstream name.
Our child is going to have enough challenges considering his nature.
All these names are very mainstream in the Silver City, Linda.
But that's not where he is going to be living, is it? No.
No, of course not.
But I suppose he could visit.
You could fly him up and back down on holidays.
Do you guys have holidays? No, not really.
But that sounds great.
- What about Michael? - No.
Definitely not Michael.
Let's keep looking, then.
Ah! Sorry I'm late, detective.
I had to run home to replace your ghastly scarf.
One thing I refuse to hate about myself is my style.
Did you think I was Chloe? [LAUGHS.]
Easy mistake, I guess.
We are both thoughtful - smart - Okay, where is the detective? You haven't murdered her and assumed her identity, have you? [SIGHING.]
Lucifer no.
Maze and I brought in the runaway twin.
I believe Chloe is interrogating her as we speak.
I'll - I'll go and join her in there.
- Great.
I'll just be here, working on the case, looking for bad guys to bring in to justice.
Ah, there she is.
- The answer to all my questions.
- Lucifer Tell me, Moira.
Did killing your sister make it go away? - What? - Your self-hatred, of course.
If so, do you think if I made a dummy of myself and murdered it, it might work for me? What are you talking about? I didn't kill Megan.
Uh? [MOIRA.]
Two days ago, I got a notice of an overdraft on our corporate account.
I called Megan, because she handles more of the financial side.
She is the smarter one.
Ah, so you hated your own lack of intelligence and took it out on her! It's not particularly relevant to myself, but, perhaps Moira, please go ahead.
Megan told me it was no big deal.
I could tell something was wrong, but I just figured she'd handle it.
Yesterday I knew we were showing a house, so I went.
But I found Megan dead on the ground.
I picked up the hammer.
It was instinct.
But then I saw Beth staring at me, looking at me like like I killed our own sister.
But but you ran.
If you are innocent, why not just explain to Beth that you didn't do it? Because I looked so guilty! I figured I had to find out who the real killer was.
That's why I called Willy.
He claims that Megan took over the financials for the last couple of months, so [SIGHS.]
Maybe someone else had access to them? Megan's husband.
Oh, God, it could've been him.
Okay, good, we will bring him in and Excuse me.
Lucifer, look at this.
Detective, please, we both know I'm not a paper trail kind of crime solver.
- Is something wrong with his eyes? - Look again! - [MOIRA.]
Mm? - Mm-mm, no, no.
He just was up all night going over the case, he is tired.
We will be right back, Moira.
- [MAZE.]
Dan! - Oh, my! [GUN CLICKS.]
Maze? Hey.
What the hell you doing here? Just getting some air.
In the backseat of my car that is parked in a garage.
Look, I'm sorry about what I said to you at Lux the other night.
I was just drunk.
Dealing with a lot.
I still am, but I didn't mean what I said.
Don't worry about it.
Wait a minute.
I was right about you and Eve, wasn't I? No! But why did you think that? Because I've never seen you look at anyone the way you looked at her.
Like you weren't thinking about stabbing them.
Can I give you some advice? No.
I only had a few weeks with Charlotte.
But we could've had so much more time together if I hadn't waited.
And I wish I had that time back.
Don't make the same mistake I made.
If you have feelings for her, you gotta tell her.
I kind of tried that, you know.
It kind of backfired.
So find a way to show her.
Grand gesture and all that.
What do you have to lose? [SIGHS.]
Here you go.
Is that the husband with a high-priced lawyer to boot? That bodes well for his guilt.
Well, he denied everything and the search warrant for the house didn't yield any information.
Ah, so it is the sister.
Killed the twin and ran off with the evidence.
No, we just got the time of death back.
Megan died 30 minutes before Moira was found standing over the body.
So she either stopped to admire her work Or it isn't her.
- Does the husband have an alibi? - No, he's still our best suspect.
Megan's laptop is missing and he did have easy access to that, so, maybe he was stealing money from their company.
Maybe she caught him and they got into a fight.
And after a little brutal murder, he ran off with the evidence.
We're still trying to get the husband's financial records to see if he spent a lot of money recently, but his lawyer is stonewalling.
Er, Lucifer What is Eve doing sitting at my desk? Detective, I was going through the case and Listen, Eve.
If you want to dress like me, that's fine.
Weird, but fine.
But this is an official LAPD case file.
I think I know how to catch the killer.
Okay, ten seconds, go.
Whoever stole the thumb drive was obviously covering their tracks.
- Right? - Right.
So clearly, there's something in that file that can help us catch the killer.
But Willy never made a copy of the thumb drive.
But what if he did? - Er, he didn't.
- What if he did? Well, he didn't, but if we claimed to have a copy of it - And then stage a sting.
- Yeah.
Have Moira tell the family that she is selling off the company to a wealthy buyer And then we have Moira present the fake copy of the financials to Lucifer, at a party at Lux.
Then just sit back and wait for the husband to steal them.
You know that's a very good idea, Eve.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Yes well done detective.
- [SIGHS.]
Lucifer, where are you? The party started downstairs.
The husband should be here soon.
I'm not going, detective.
Mm? I thought this case would help me understand my self-hatred, stop what's happening to me, but I think it's time I face the truth.
What truth? The prophecy, it's coming true.
"Evil will be released," right? Well.
The only question that remains is what kind of monster will I be when it's done releasing? Lucifer, I'm going to have Father Kinley transferred to our holding cell.
If anyone knows more about the prophecy, it's him.
It will take a couple of hours, but we will figure this out.
Okay? Until then, I think it's best to keep you distracted.
I can't go downstairs, detective.
Between my sunglasses, scarf and gloves, I'll look like Stevie Wonder on a snow day.
Don't worry.
I got you covered.
A masquerade party.
Detective, you were right.
This is exactly what I needed.
Thank you.
Now, all we have to do is wait for Megan's husband to arrive.
Then you can take center stage and hopefully, he will take the bait.
Oh, there is Moira.
I'm going to make sure she is okay.
So everything is going according to plan, huh? I guess we make a pretty good team, huh? Indeed.
So, when should I move my stuff back in? [LAUGHS.]
What? Luce, I saw the way you looked at me at the precinct.
I understand that I wasn't giving you what you needed before, but I really think I can now.
Oh, my God.
Lucifer Your eyes, are you okay? What's happening? Nothing.
Just an end-of-the-world prophecy being fulfilled.
But maybe you can help me.
Of course.
Of course, anything.
Eve why don't you hate me? [SIGHS.]
- What do you mean? - I treated you terribly, I hurt you, I used you.
No, you didn't I did! Deep down, I knew it wasn't gonna work, but I strung you along anyway for my own selfish wants, [VOICE WAVERS.]
so why don't you hate me? Because I love you.
Well, you shouldn't.
This is for a special girl.
A grand gesture to help redefine things.
Today's gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you By now you should have somehow realized what you gotta do I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do About you now Well, I'll be damned.
Backbeat, the word was on the street That the fire in your heart was out I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would like to say to you But I don't know how I said maybe You're gonna be the one that saves me And after all You're my wonderwall - [APPLAUSE.]
Maze That was beautiful.
Message received.
Loud and clear.
Yeah? Yeah, I know exactly what I need to do to get him back now a grand gesture! Thank you.
Hey, Ella.
Heard you were looking for me.
What's up? I know it was you, Dan.
What are you talking about? I went back and tracked down who's police cruiser was outside Tiernan's office.
It was yours.
Which explains you going through that trash the other day - in the conference room.
- You're right.
Turn me in.
I deserve it.
I won't do that.
In fact, I scrubbed your cruiser's location history.
Why would you do that? Why help me out? It was unforgivable what I did! You weren't the one who barged into Lucifer's penthouse with a gun.
I might as well have been.
My daughter almost died because of what I did.
So why help me out? Why are you gonna let me off the hook? Why is everybody always letting me get away with so much bullshit? I'm not.
I just think that you are in pain.
More than any of us realize.
And I think maybe now is the time to finally get some help! [CLUB MUSIC PLAYING.]
Lucifer, Moira just got a call from Megan's husband.
Please tell me it's a full confession so we can skip to the arrest.
No, he's not coming.
 He couldn't bear to see the business sold.
So he is not the killer.
Which means this whole charade is a complete waste of time.
Lucifer, your face.
Okay, I'm gonna call the precinct.
Hopefully Kinley is there by now.
I was just about to call you.
- What's going on? - Detective Decker, something's happened.
Detective, what is it? [SIGHS.]
Father Kinley escaped.
Thank you for helping me.
God certainly sends us unusual assistance when we are most in need.
But I must confess - I'm not sure why you helped.
- Me either.
Well, you know, I need to redefine things.
Just like you suggested, Maze.
It seems like Lucifer is clearly worried about this prophecy.
That must be what's holding him back.
And the father here can help him realize that is all just a bunch of nonsense.
And then he has to love me again.
I'm familiar with the demon Mazikeen.
But you are Oh.
Forgive me, Father.
I am Eve.
Of course.
The first woman.
Lucifer's first love.
First and only.
Does this mean you'll help me? I'm sorry, my child, but now that I know who you are, the original sinner, I'm all the more convinced that the prophecy is real.
Lucifer, don't worry, we'll find Father Kinley.
Let's go to the scene of the escape see if we can find any clues.
Looks like our staying is a bust anyhow.
And right now, your problems are far too important.
- Yes, it appears so.
- I want to divorce my husband.
That's lovely for you to say, but now's not a good time.
I wanna be famous.
I wish I hadn't had that tattoo.
I wish I'd told him how I felt why didn't I tell him? Lucifer, your mojo! It's affecting everyone.
Let's go! - [GUY.]
Wish I'd left church as a child! - Move! [LADY.]
I wish I hadn't cheated on him.
- Excuse me! - I want that thumb drive.
I need it! - [LUCIFER.]
Out of my way! - [LADY.]
Come with me! - [LUCIFER.]
Out of my way! - [GUY.]
I broke up with my girlfriend.
Get back.
Out of the way! Keep away! [DOOR BANGS.]
Beth! You're Megan's younger sister.
Why did you want the thumb drive? You were at the scene of the crime.
I I was showing that house.
You could've snuck away for a few minutes without anyone noticing.
Why did you desire the files on the drive? Because I didn't want anyone to know what I had done.
Ever since Charlotte's death, I've been pretty angry at Lucifer.
And it's felt pretty good.
You know to have someone to blame.
But it's not his fault.
Who's fault is it? I don't know.
But you feel like it's your fault, don't you? [SIGHS.]
I've been doing some really stupid things lately.
Like I'm trying to [SIGHS, SNIFFS.]
I don't know.
Punishing yourself? There's nothing you could have done to save her.
But that doesn't make the hurt any less, does it? It's a long road to dealing with a loss like this.
But this is a good beginning.
And I think that You think that what? That you need to take me to the hospital because my water just broke.
Hey! You think you can maybe work your magic on the priest? Convince him that he is wrong about the prophecy, using your knives and other sharp objects? I've tortured guys like Kinley before.
He is a fanatic.
Nothing I do will change his mind.
That's okay.
That's fine.
I just need to figure out another plan.
I got this.
Maybe it's Los Angeles, you know? Maybe I just need to take Lucifer out of town.
To just be us again, you know? Just us.
No distractions.
Enough! Lucifer doesn't love you! I'm sorry, but sometimes you have to accept when someone doesn't feel the same way about you.
I have to go.
Moira and Megan were the perfect sisters.
And I was the black sheep.
Always screwing up.
Barely even trusted with showing the houses.
Moira never believed in me.
But Megan Megan knew I could do better, so when I asked if I could help with the finances She kept it secret.
And then I heard about a sure-thing investment.
And I was going to use those profits and start my own business.
Pay them back, prove to them that I wasn't what they thought.
So I borrowed the money.
How much did you lose? All of it.
She said that Moira was right.
I ruin everything I touch.
I just lost it.
I don't remember grabbing the hammer.
I barely remember giving that tour and pretending to find her body.
And here is the worst part.
I couldn't bring myself to tell the truth.
Even if it meant my own sister going to jail.
Maybe Moira was right about me, maybe I do ruin everything I touch.
She was right.
You should've stayed away from everyone you cared about.
These roots run deep The strongest part of me Our life our dreams This is all we need [LINDA GROANS.]
Hi! Hi! Okay.
Remember this forever Alright, Lucifer, let's go.
Kinley's only a couple of hours ahead of us.
I'm afraid is too late, detective.
Well, I know with your mojo going crazy it's gonna be difficult, but we'll avoid the crowds and You know, I think if we It's too late.
They won't go back in.
This is who I am now.
Hi, sweetie.
No wings yet.
I think I have a name.
- Oh, Amenadiel, I don't know.
- What about Charlie? Charlie? After Charlotte.
I love it.
Charlie meet Dad.
You know, we still don't have a middle name.
It doesn't really matter what your name is.
They are going to love you in the Silver City.
Where you'll be safe forever.
Okay, I can do this.
I can do this.
All I need to do is get Lucifer out of LA.
That's all I need.
But where? Okay.
Vegas? Paris! Or we could just go on a deserted island where it can just be the two of us.
Pardon me, my child.
I think I may have a way to help you, after all.
What do you mean? I know a place you could go with him.
Where he could get away from the bad influences he's had here.
Where you could be together for eternity.
Where he could be a king again.
You mean Hell? Yeah I don't think Lucifer wants to go back there.
Perhaps Lucifer simply needs a reason to go back.
After all he's never been there before with a queen by his side.
- Why are you helping me? - I've dedicated my life to preventing the prophecy.
If you and Lucifer were to go to Hell together, well that would accomplish that.
It would solve both our problems.
But I I wouldn't even know how to convince him to go back.
Well, perhaps remind him of the warm welcome that awaits him down there.
All his adoring subjects, eagerly awaiting his return.
Yeah, that actually gives me an idea.
Maze said that demons can enter the bodies of the recently dead.
So, if one of his subjects could rise up from Hell, maybe they'd convince him.
That may work.
Now all we need is someone to deliver the message down to Hell.
You know, someone who's about to die and is well, definitely headed down there.
I'm so sorry, I really would like to help, but there's simply too much at stake.
So the simplest way to stop the prophecy is to simply remove Lucifer's first love from the equation.
- [STAB.]
- [CRASH.]
Oh, my God! You [GASPING.]
You can deliver the message.
This is your way of stopping the prophecy.
When you head down there, you tell them to come and get their king, okay? You tell them to come and help me save Lucifer.
Why Why would you think I'm going to hell? [GASPING.]
Just a hunch.
I know why I hate myself.
Because everything I touch, I ruin.
From rebellion against Dad to now.
Look at what I put you through.
I hate that I am poison for anyone who dares to care about me.
And especially you.
Lucifer this isn't about me.
I'm okay.
I haven't crumbled into a million pieces.
I'm still here.
And I'm fine.
If I turn around, will you be fine or will you look away in horror? - It doesn't matter.
- Of course it does, detective.
No, it doesn't.
Because this isn't about me.
This is about you.
Not gonna let you use me as an excuse to avoid dealing with what is behind all of this.
You always talk about how much you hate being blamed for humanity's sins.
You know, "The Devil made me do it," and I think I know why you hate it so much, because deep down, you blame yourself just as much if not more! You have to stop taking responsibility for things you can't control.
Lucifer you need to forgive yourself.
I can't.
Why? I don't know how to.
I don't even know where to begin.
But But what? I want to.
Lucifer! [WHISPERS.]
I think you just took the first step.
- Look at that, detective.
- You're okay.
We did it! [LAUGHS, SIGHS.]
It looks like evil won't be released after all.