Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Cuando Calienta El Sol

I've got a call from Madrid.
Your father is in the hospital.
Is he?
He's dying.
Micky, you have to say goodbye to him.
Or you'll regret it all your life.
When the sun burns bright on the beach
I can feel your body sizzling next to me
It's your heartbeat
It's your face
It's your hair
It's your kisses
They make me tremble
When the sun burns bright
You've been living off me for months,
you and your cousin,
your wife and your kids.
Look, I kept my part of the deal,
didn't I?
You haven't got me a single fucking gig!
What about José José's gig?
José José, right.
You think I'll be the supporting act
of the so-called Prince of Song?
Me, Luis Rey? Seriously?
I'm fucking Luis Rey.
You're a selfish prick,
just like everybody else.
I brought you to Mexico to make money
out of your gigs,
not to pay for a stupid family trip!
You're calling me a leech now?
I should have known better.
I heard about the fellows
you ripped off in Puerto Rico.
- Don't you dare call me a con man.
- Yeah, man, keep it civil with my cousin.
You shut up.
This is over, Luis.
You have ten days to get your ass
out of this house, or I'll call the cops!
What story would you like to hear tonight?
Don't know, Mom. I'm too tired.
You are?
That's okay.
We can't even pay
for our tickets back to Madrid.
Those tickets had already been paid for!
I can't
Juan, you can't kick us out.
Where's my lighter, by the way?
Did you look under everything?
You pair of entitled punks.
Ten days.
You know what will happen
if you're not out by then.
- It looks nice.
- I'll keep it.
Fucking Juan.
I'd shove this lighter up his ass.
We can't go on like this, Luis.
The kids need some kind of stability.
What the hell can I do?
Nobody is giving me a job here.
We can go back to Spain,
they respect me there.
Honey, we came from Spain because you said
they didn't treat you right.
Juan might no longer be your agent,
but you still have friends here. Right?
Yeah, I'll come up
with something, don't fret.
What about your friend Andrés?
Can't he give us a hand?
He's doing pretty good in the movies.
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
Why the hell did we hire so many models?
The curly-haired one got all the shots.
Mariana was the best dancer.
She takes flamenco classes
So you hooked up with her or not?
It was so hard to get her
in front of the camera.
She was helping the director.
Do you like it, Dad?
No, I don't.
I love it, Micky! It's fantastic!
It's awesome, Micky!
A sure hit.
Well done.
Here, let's have a drink.
- I'm okay, Dad.
- Take it, this calls for celebration.
We're celebrating the video?
Yeah, the video and
our partnership.
You've earned it, you've been working
your ass off for years.
- No kidding?
- No kidding, Micky.
I've talked with Serna,
he'll bring the papers
to make the modifications,
and when you turn 18, it'll be done.
It'll be yours.
Hey, don't get too emotional yet.
I have one more surprise in store for you.
Another one?
But first, a toast.
- To the family.
- To the family.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Why are we here?
Follow me.
Come on, go in.
Go in!
Come on.
Your keys.
It's under my name
because, you know, you're a minor,
but it's all yours.
- Mine?
- Yeah.
Take it as an early birthday present.
No No way.
You're kicking me out of home so soon?
Of course not!
This is not meant to be your home.
It's for having meetings,
get-togethers, parties,
a place to bring over girls.
Is that a pool?
No way
Mariana will love it.
Yeah. Mariana or any other girl.
Top models, Hollywood stars.
Any chick would love it here.
You're really into this Mariana girl,
aren't you?
Are you in love?
Go on, come on.
I'll talk about the top model
in the video.
Don't even think about it.
Just watch the first shot.
- No!
- Come on.
- Please!
- You'll see who'll appear.
It's so embarrassing.
- Yes come on.
- No
Brother! What's up?
How are you? This is my girlfriend.
How are you?
- Buddy!
- Hi!
It's a big pleasure to welcome him
here in Baby'O, his home. Luis Miguel!!
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
We're just
a few minutes away
for my video to come out.
Shooting this video brought
many changes in my life
and in my career.
I'm really happy to share it with you.
And I'd like to thank my friends
and their great acting skills
in the video.
And there's one particular person
I'd like to especially thank.
Where's my dad? Dad!
We've been working together
for quite a few years now.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
My pleasure, son.
And in a couple of days
we'll be going on tour.
But tonight is for celebration.
Right? We're going to party tonight.
Gardel, play it.
When the sun burns bright on the beach
I can feel your body sizzling next to me
This is not our cut.
It's your heartbeat
It's your face
What is this?
It's your hair
This is not our cut.
It's your kisses
They make me tremble
You had more shots, honey, I swear.
It's okay, honey.
Seriously, I don't care.
But it's not fair
- It's all right, honey.
- Please, wait here.
- Uncle.
- What's up?
What is this? It's is not our cut.
Where's Mariana?
- Don't ask me, ask your dad.
- We had a deal.
It's your heartbeat
Your memory
I don't care, really.
It's not fair, I spent hours editing this.
It's okay.
When the sun burns bright
But why? Why did they have to change it?
It wasn't
It wasn't very dynamic, it dragged.
I don't know, son.
That's it? They changed it
without asking me?
Well, don't you have eyes?
Come on, bring Mariana over here.
Honey, let me introduce you to my dad.
- Okay.
- This is my girlfriend, Mariana.
Hello, girl. How are you?
Nice to meet you, sir. Sorry.
- It's two kisses.
- Yes
That's how we do it in Spain.
- Okay.
- We're touchy people.
And don't call me "sir."
You make me feel old. I'm Luis, okay?
- Okay.
- Hey, a toast to the video!
And to this girl here. She did well,
considering she's not a model.
Dad, did I tell you
Mariana dances flamenco?
And she's a great photographer, too.
She's such a great photographer.
She's having an exhibition in New York.
- Honey.
- And I want to be with her
at the opening, before the tour.
You're traveling together already?
When will that be?
You can come too,
it's the week starting on the 27th.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
It'd be fun, the three of us there,
but I can't make it.
All right? It was nice meeting you.
A real pleasure.
- Likewise.
- Two kisses.
See you.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Bye.
- I told you he was a nice guy.
- Yes.
two bottles of whiskey,
and two bottles of rum.
She said she'd listened to my album,
and she was there
Okay, okay, it's my turn now.
Let's see.
- Noriega?
- I'm in, man.
- Who's that?
- Never heard of her?
Are you crazy? That ugly slut?
- She's hot, dude.
- Only as a back-up.
Fucking ugly bitch.
- Next.
- Let me think.
That chick that plays
the mermaid in Splash?
- Yes.
- The actress or the character?
What do you mean?
Do I fuck, marry or kill
the actress or the mermaid?
What's the difference? The mermaid.
What do you say, Micky?
I'll pass.
The boy is in love.
He even bought her a house and everything.
I bought it for myself.
But who's going to decorate it?
I just put up some of her photos.
You can decorate my willy.
- You're so whipped.
- Pussy-whipped.
- We lost him, guys.
- He's gone.
Who do you pick?
- The mermaid, of course.
- Yeah, right?
- Definitely.
- She's hot stuff.
Imagine her here
bouncing her tits up and down.
- Maybe she already died.
- I'll pick Noriega.
That's so basic, man.
She's right around the corner
However strange they may seem
I am who I want to be
And I love the freedom of living
However I choose to live
That's why I feel free
Even if they put up barriers around me
Because I am
Who I want to be
With no obligations, no boundaries
I am who I want to be
Give me your love if you wish to
If you don't
Keep it from me
That's art, man!
That was great! Bravo!
We're going to miss you, Luisito.
Thanks. I'll miss you too, Andrés.
- Come on, let's go have a smoke.
- Sure.
Micky, come here.
Give it to him,
and tell him it's a goodbye present.
And don't forget to call him "uncle."
- Uncle Andrés.
- Boy.
You've grown so much.
Next thing we'll know,
he'll be competition.
Here, a goodbye present,
for you to remember us.
For me? You shouldn't have, boy.
That's solid gold.
- It's heavy.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Micky, you want to go back to Spain?
- No.
- He doesn't want to go back.
But I can't seem to find a job anywhere.
We're broke and Juan wants us
out of the house.
So, as soon as we get some money,
we'll have to go back.
Alex doesn't want to go either.
The kids love Mexico.
But what can we do? Life is tough here.
I can't believe it, Luisito.
That Juan guy wants you
out of the apartment?
There has to be something
we can do for you.
Go back inside, come on.
Here, have a smoke.
You know I'd do anything.
That one over there? Look, kids.
- It's lovely!
- This is so great, man.
Come on, get out.
- Come on, Micky.
- Come out, Micky.
Come on Alex, hurry!
- Come out, Alex.
- Look, there's a garden!
Go in. Come on, honey.
- Wow!
- Be careful.
- Let's go, Marcela.
- Wow!
Andrés, thank you so much.
No problem at all.
That's what friends are for, isn't it?
Be careful with those, guys. Thanks.
Luisito, I know it's not a huge house
It's a three-story house!
The new tenants are coming
in three months.
You can only stay until then.
Don't worry, we'll be off
as soon as we gather some cash.
- Come, settle in.
- Listen.
I have something for you,
a couple of songs
that really suit your style.
- For your gig in Juárez.
- You'll show them to me later.
Check it out!
I'll put this one up.
Oh, yes, that one is nice, honey.
Where are the postcards
we brought from Spain?
What's wrong, my sun?
Don't you like your new room?
It looks much better than the other one.
Don't you think?
I like it, but
Why bother putting up drawings?
We'll move out in no time.
Well, they make it look nicer.
Besides, nobody knows
what will happen in a month.
Come on.
Look. Here.
I said no. I don't fucking care,
I don't want it.
You give it to him.
Everything okay?
Hello, gentlemen.
We're ready here,
you can go ahead and sign.
That fucking Hugo López.
He says Roberto Carlos
needs our dates,
and since the Premier Theater is his,
we can go fuck ourselves.
I'm not following.
He changed our tour dates
without telling us.
If he put them off,
that won't do much harm.
Put them off? They're a week earlier.
But that's on Mariana's weekend.
It's her exhibition opening.
- You can't go.
- What do you mean I can't go?
You heard me, it's either that or nothing.
I won't blow off my girlfriend
because of that asshole.
Don't worry, I'll fix this.
You promise?
I promise.
All right
Where do I sign?
If you had stayed honest all the way
If you had picked up when I called
If you had loved me when I loved you
You'd be the woman of my dreams
If you didn't know how to love me
You can go away
Turn up my mic, please.
Let's see
If only you knew
How much I suffered for you
Trying to forget you
Never knowing why
And now you call me
You want to see me
You swear you've changed
You want to get back together
If you didn't know how to love me
You can go away
All right, guys.
Your timing keeps getting off.
Just turn up my mic a bit more.
And the keyboards.
We'll be back in a minute.
Ricardo, nothing can go wrong,
it'll be broadcasted live.
Get your timing right, please.
What do you think?
Just this room is the size
of my whole house.
What are your plans for it?
Your photos.
My photos?
- Whose else?
- Are you sure?
Why don't I bring a book
and we pick them together?
You should pick them
because this is your house.
Micky Honey.
Mariana What is it, babe?
We've been dating for two months.
Don't you want to live with me?
I've never lived with anyone.
Not even with that old guy, your ex?
He's not old, he's 30.
And no, not even with him.
So you're saying I'm not ready to live
with my girlfriend.
Your first girlfriend.
Okay, cool.
If I had known it would be like this,
I wouldn't have rescheduled my tour
for you.
I didn't ask you to do that.
And I wanted you to be my date
at the awards show.
What for?
To appear in a thousand photos
as "Luis Miguel's girlfriend"?
Well, I'm going
to your exhibition, aren't I?
But that's about me, it's not the same.
You do understand why it means
so much to me that you come,
don't you?
Yeah, I get it.
You want me to be known
as Mariana's boyfriend.
I don't want to become your accessory.
You're right.
I'm just too excited
about the new house
You're my first girlfriend,
you're six years older than me
Before I met you, I was a virgin.
I'm serious.
I'm not kidding. I'm honest.
Seriously, it's the truth.
Maybe we're going too fast
You don't have to be anybody's accessory
or my date for the awards show.
I hate you.
I'll go wherever you want.
When she saw I had no car
She sent me packing
And I'm still
That's okay. Just a second.
That's cool and all, but
I'm performing in a nightclub
in Ciudad Juárez.
You'll put everybody to sleep with that.
It was a number one hit in Spain.
Well, you'd better bring some good jokes
or chicks with big booties or boobs,
something more entertaining,
or I'm not taking you with me.
No, Luis, no.
We made a deal.
All right, here's what we'll do then.
You'll get on stage with me
and while I sing, you'll show your boobs.
Remember how much you suffered
when you went in and out of nightclubs.
Is that what you want for your kid?
But Andrés won't give me the job.
He won't.
And without a job, we'll be down and out.
Completely broke.
Let me sew again.
I was making a lot of money in Argentina.
And I can work from home.
Yeah, I know.
No, honey, we need money and fast.
Either the kid sings in Juárez
or we're going back to Spain.
There's no other way.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Thanks.
- Excuse me.
- Micky.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Hey, Mariana.
- Hi.
- Come here.
- Nice to see you. I'm coming!
Excuse me.
I saw you.
I thought you were Dad, man.
Do I look that bad?
- This is my girlfriend, Mariana.
- Hello.
- Alexito.
- Hi.
- When did you arrive?
- Two days ago.
You could have called,
what are you doing here?
I was lazing around.
You want a drink?
That's my kind of girl.
I had already forgotten
about these stupid parties.
Tell me about it. I hate them.
Good thing that they end at 9:00 a.m.
Wow! Is that your mom?
Yes. When was that taken?
That was taken before
I left for the boarding school.
You still haven't talked to her?
No, but I
I'm going to call her. I promise.
I missed you, bro. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- To us three.
Nice meeting you.
I couldn't wait for you to meet.
Alex, where are the keys
to the wine cellar?
When did you get here?
I didn't see you coming.
We wanted to say hi to Alex,
I haven't seen him in a while.
All right. Come on outside,
I need to talk to you.
I'll keep an eye on her, Micky.
You can go.
Make sure she doesn't snoop around.
Excuse me. Let's go.
All right. I'm coming.
- Please.
- Just go.
I'll be right back.
Welcome to the family.
Do you want to go somewhere else?
What is it, Dad?
Go on, tell him. Go on.
What should I tell him?
That Hugo López, that fucking bastard,
didn't want to change the dates.
You're kidding me?
I did everything I could.
But it's Mariana's exhibition!
I told you about it!
- Wait a second
- What did he say?
What happened?
I tried, but that son of a bitch
wouldn't change his mind.
Come on, let's go on with the party.
That bastard must be so excited
about my concerts.
Micky, let your father
handle this business.
It's my business, he's making me look bad
with my girlfriend.
- Who's Hugo López?
- A promoter, a manager.
We go back a long time.
But don't worry, I'm going to fix this.
I don't want to get you in trouble.
And I don't want to miss your exhibition.
I'll talk with Hugo and we'll settle it.
Excuse me! Thank you.
- Do you have a minute?
- Micky!
To what do I owe the honor?
If you came to talk about the tour,
let me tell you first
that it's an honor to have you back
at the Premier.
I really appreciate it.
And still you wouldn't do me that favor?
What favor?
Why can't the concerts be a week later?
Your dad asked me
to reschedule.
- We added one more Sunday.
- No, that's not it.
My dad asked you to give us back
the original dates.
No. Your dad asked me
to change them forward.
I don't buy that, Hugo.
Come on, Micky,
don't get an attitude with me now.
It's too much.
You're too complicated, you and your dad.
You set the dates one day,
the next day your dad changes them.
I'm getting tired of this.
It's not hard at all.
Just give us back the original dates.
I've got a better idea,
you talk with your dad,
agree on the dates,
and then you two get back to me, okay?
Why do I bother?
It's pointless.
Good night, sir.
How are you feeling, buddy?
Are you nervous?
A bit.
- Which table did we get?
- Eleven.
Mariana is half an hour late.
You're presenting her to the public?
I suppose you told the organizers
about her.
Of course, I gave them her name.
- And you told her the right time?
- Yes, but she's half an hour late.
Hey, Micky, you are a lucky man.
You got the same table.
Sasha, just one picture!
- How are you?
- Hello, sir.
- Hello, Sasha.
- Hi, Micky.
Come on, I have to go.
Sasha! Look here, please!
You look great together.
- What a lovely couple!
- Let's go. The ceremony is about to start.
Your left arm, Micky, come on.
Come on. The other arm.
Come on.
- Sing, boy.
- Shit, Luis.
I asked you for boobs
and instead you bring me your son?
Wait until you hear him sing.
Come on, Micky. Sing.
Let me believe
That life can be
Eternally peaceful
Let me believe
That only people without malice exist
Let me believe
That we can all live in harmony
Let me believe
That love will never
Betray me
Thanks for telling me you were not coming.
- You're upset with me?
- If you hated it so much,
why didn't you tell me?
I was standing there alone like a fool.
Look at me, I have my make-up on.
I even got a dress.
Why didn't you go then?
Your dad called and said
I was not on the list.
- What?
- Yes.
He was decent enough to do it himself
instead of asking his secretary
to call me. A real gentleman.
My dad would never do that. Never!
- And he didn't cut me out of the video.
- It was the record label!
Oh, yeah? According to whom?
See? You don't know.
He called me.
He said you'd be sitting
next to the Timbiriche girl.
He's treating you like an idiot.
Tone it down.
I don't get why you can't see it.
See what?
That he decides everything,
who you see, who you go out with,
who sits next to you
at a stupid ceremony!
You don't know what the fuck
you're saying, Mariana.
It sucks.
What does?
Yeah, it must be really tiring
being my girlfriend.
I forgot I should be
forever grateful to you
for choosing me.
You know what?
Maybe you should.
Go away.
- I'm sorry
- I told you to leave.
- I didn't mean that.
- Don't touch me.
- Please, forgive me
- Go away.
No need to shout, boy!
You're staying for breakfast?
If you were so against me dating Mariana,
why didn't you say so?
You called her and told her
not to go to that fucking awards show.
And you cut her out of the video, too.
Of course I cut her out of the video,
and of course I told her not to come
to the ceremony.
What would the media say
if they saw you holding hands
with an amateur photographer?
You really think you have a great voice?
You only got this far thanks to me.
Without me,
you'd still be singing in nightclubs.
So, as long as you need me,
I'll pick who you sing with,
where you sing, and who you bring along.
- Did you change the dates?
- Enough!
I told you it was important for me.
I don't need your love
I don't need your love
But if you ever come back
I'd be so happy
- Thanks.
- Shut up!
- Thank you.
- You shut up!
If you allow me,
I'd like to take this moment
to introduce to you a big singer, my son,
his name is Luis Miguel.
Here he is, Luis Miguel!
Make them go crazy, champ. Go on.
- Come on, you can do it.
- Come on, boy.
Come on.
I only know one song,
so I'll start with that one.
Come on.
Three, two, one
I am
Who I want to be
With no obligations, no boundaries
I am who I want to be
Come on, boy. Give it all!
Give me your love if you wish to
If you don't
Keep it from me
I am
That's great!
Who I want to be
I don't impose my ideas on anybody
And I respect everybody else's
However strange they may seem
I am
Who I want to be
And I love the freedom of living
However I choose to live
That's why I feel free
Even if they put up barriers around me
Because I am
Who I want to be
With no obligations, no boundaries
I am who I want to be
Give me your love if you wish to
If you don't
Keep it from me
Thank you!
Encore! Encore!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Hi, Cata. What do you mean
"who is it"? It's me, Micky.
Yes, everything is fine.
In a couple of weeks
I'll be away on tour
No. This time we won't stop in Argentina.
Is my mom there?
If you happen to see her
just tell her that
I'm no longer living with my dad,
I'm on my own.
May I?
Sure. Micky.
How are you?
Thank you for seeing me so late.
Please, sit down.
How are you doing?
I still can't believe what my dad did.
Well, you know Luis and I
are not exactly friends, but
you have to understand him, he got you
in this business when you were a kid.
He doesn't want to lose you.
It's his fault.
It might be wise to take some time
from each other gradually.
Why don't you become my manager?
I imagined you'd say that.
Well, imagine what we could do together.
You're a minor, if I remember well.
You can't choose your manager yet.
And I wouldn't like to get involved
in you problems with Luis.
Not until everything is settled.
But the company is mine,
I signed all the papers.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes, it's clear.
Things are never clear
with your dad around.
So that's a no.
No, I'm telling you
to wait until you're 18
and then come see me again.
All right?
I talked with Hugo.
When I turn 18, I want my dad
to stop being my manager.
But I want you to stay with me.
I mean, if you want to.
The last thing I want is to get you
in trouble with him.
Of course I want to.
But, dammit, Micky
Dear, they're waiting for you outside.
I told them to be nice with the questions.
I'll be there for you anyway.
Talk about your tour, your album,
and your video, okay?
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
Promise me you won't tell anybody.
- Let's go, dear.
- Yes
Luis Miguel left me for whom?
That fucking Hugo doesn't know
who he's messing with.
Subtitle translation by Lisa Pagotto
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