Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

La Malagueña

No, Burro, I don't want
to go to the same fucking parties
- with the same fucking chicks.
- But Sophie said she was coming.
Then you take a bus
with your little friend
and Miguel and I will go clubbing
with Luis Miguel.
Dude, I've never taken a fucking bus
in my whole life.
Hey, champ, you're on TV.
In other entertainment news,
we've been confirmed that Luis Miguel
You look pretty, princess.
He's Cinderella, man.
saw Roberto Carlos' manager
and owner of the Premier Theater,
and begged him on his knees
to become his agent
because he can no longer deal
with his dad, Luisito Rey.
This adds to the comments
we've heard
from people close to Luis Miguel
- Shit.
- He turned into a pumpkin again.
On your knees, Micky? Seriously?
That's pathetic.
Bob, get the car ready!
Hey, what about our party?
Your bus is waiting for you in the garage.
- Shut up, asshole.
- Your bus
Is Gina there?
Can you please tell her to call me as soon
as she gets there? It's urgent. Thanks.
It's okay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Darling, why didn't you tell me
you were coming?
Are things so bad?
I haven't heard any shouts yet,
but he hasn't come out
since he learned about it.
If he throws me out of the window,
you can keep the Grand Marquis.
It's your favorite.
Wait. Did you really talk with Hugo López?
- Micky.
- Wish me luck.
I don't give a damn about attorneys, DAs,
or any other motherfucker.
I don't give a shit,
I'll get to the bottom of this.
- We tried calling him
- Micky.
Leave us alone,
I want to talk with my son.
Okay. Excuse me, sir.
I was just talking with Armando, Micky,
discussing how we can sue
that son of a bitch.
How could he say you begged him?
That motherfucker doesn't know
who he's messing with.
Sit down, you look worried. What's wrong?
I just
I don't know where to start.
Start from the beginning.
Fuck. Was it true?
- I was upset.
- Shit! Like a fucking crybaby!
Begging Hugo to defend you
from your daddy?
I didn't know it would leak
into the media.
I told you that motherfucker
was not reliable, son.
Didn't I tell you that?
Didn't I tell you that, Micky?
Yes, Dad. I'm sorry. I screwed up.
Don't start apologizing now.
I'm the one who is fucked up
the most here.
Or will you throw a press conference
and explain to Mexico what happened?
Now everybody believes I'm a bad manager.
And a bad father.
But I'm not done with this yet.
Can I have one, please?
You pour it yourself.
If you want me to keep working for you,
from now on,
we'll put all our cards on the table.
Now, tomorrow Rosy will send
a press release announcing
- we're doing the commercial.
- No.
Yes, and the movie, too.
- But I hate acting!
- I don't care!
People have to know there are
no hard feelings between us, Micky!
I screwed up. I'm sorry.
I'm already feeling like shit, all right?
Dad, I need to feel that you listen to me.
That I have a say in every respect.
Being the owner isn't enough
to make you feel that?
Not if I can't decide what to do.
You, brat, laying down conditions
after screwing up like that.
I need to do something
that feels meaningful.
Something related to my music.
Music is my life.
What do you want?
Yes, that, too.
I'll talk with the people
from the chips commercial,
- and you'll issue that tomorrow.
- Okay.
And send me the contract,
I'll take a look at it
- while I'm on my way, all right?
- All right.
And call Veracruz.
Can Tito come over?
I need to ask him a favor.
Sure. Go ahead, he'll catch up with you.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
You all right?
- Get down to it.
- Go on.
Let's see if he trusts
that motherfucker again.
Well, you got the commercial
and the movie, that's not bad.
I told you.
Then take that look off your face.
You should be happy.
Wait until you hear what he asked.
Wait, I'm going to need
to hear that again.
What does he want?
A duet with Michael Jackson.
You mean the biggest star in the world?
Yes, I want him to sing with my son.
can you give us a minute, please?
Luis, the album is almost done.
Micky will record it and maybe
we can get that for the next one.
No, René, that duet has to be in this one.
Well, that's very easy to say,
but how do we do it?
Don't ask me. You're the CEO of WEA.
It's not possible.
There's not a chance.
That's exactly what EMI said once
and look how they ended up.
Luis, we've never exchanged threats,
let's not start now.
Are you going to help me or not?
Ask for something else,
something reasonable.
It's okay, I'll get it myself.
And when I do it,
let's have dinner together
- and discuss a few things.
- Luis.
See you.
What's wrong with him?
Let him go, he'll make a fool of himself.
Now is not a good time
to ask your father for money.
You always say that.
You know how careful he is with it.
Careful? I don't even have a credit card.
That's not being careful,
that's being cheap.
It's not like I'm asking him
for a new car.
But you didn't even tell me
what you need it for.
Look, if it is for parties,
girls, trips, you know that
It's none of those things.
It's for something else, Tito.
Just ask Armando
to authorize the payment, okay?
Come on.
Into a world of tears
And down from the sky they will fall
Wait. Hold on, son.
It should come from down here
and get shaped here.
Your diaphragm is everything.
If you can't control it,
you'll mess up your voice.
It's a simple lesson,
but you have to learn it.
All right?
Let's try again.
Those stupid kids again.
Go away. Get out of my face! Go!
That damn ball!
You'll get tired of fucking chicks.
Those losers won't even touch the boobs
of their high school girlfriends.
You'll see.
Wait until you grow up.
- Who the hell is it?
- Can I come in?
Go ahead.
How is it going, Luisito?
- I'm a bit tense, I'm sorry.
- Hi, Micky.
- I have great news for you.
- Hi.
Take a guess.
Spit it out. I don't like guessing.
They want Micky on TV in Ciudad Juárez.
I've just talked with my agent,
it'll be on prime time.
I swear it.
- Am I going to be on TV?
- Wait, calm down.
Let's go to your place, you'll tell me
all about it over some booze.
- Give your uncle a hug.
- Thank you, Uncle Andrés.
- Don't mention it, champ.
- Hey, Micky
You can go play with the kids now.
You have one hour.
No longer than that.
What do you want?
Shouldn't you be singing with your dad?
I'm going to be on TV.
Yeah, on a show full of gays like you.
It's in Ciudad Juárez.
I'm so jealous.
Get out of the way.
We're already four against four.
- Faggot.
- Don't call me that.
Come on, Héctor, beat that fag up.
Fa ggot.
- Fight, fight!
- Get him!
- Fight, fight!
- Come on! Get him!
How are we supposed to survive?
That show won't pay us anything.
You'll make money eventually.
Just be patient.
I really hope so.
Thank you, man.
No need to thank. We're family.
I owe you a bottle.
You owe me more than one.
No, Micky,
you shouldn't have reacted like that.
What should I have done?
You should have turned the other cheek.
They called me a faggot.
What does "faggot" mean?
Micky, you've got rehearsal!
I can't go, Mom, it hurts all over.
Leave it to me.
I'll talk with your dad.
The boy got into a fight.
His body is full of bruises.
Well who cares?
It's time to rehearse.
I don't care if he got into a fight
with the neighbor, with a tiger,
or if he got hit by a bus.
One less rehearsal
won't make any difference.
What are you now, Marcela?
The boy's new singing teacher?
You know nothing about raising a star,
so stay out of it.
He's a kid, he needs to rest!
He'll rest when we get back
from Juárez, all right?
When I was his age,
I was already living on my own.
I was in and out of nightclubs.
You think I rested?
- It was a different time.
- Different my ass!
It was the same, if I had rested,
I wouldn't have had anything to eat.
It was as simple as that, you understand?
Let me through.
Leave him alone.
- Come on, let me through.
- Please, leave him alone.
I told you to let me through!
I'm here.
See? He wants to rehearse.
- Are you sure about this?
- Come, sit down here.
Who won?
- Me.
- Cool.
- Alexito.
- What's up, bro?
Weren't you shooting
a commercial with Dad?
I'm on my way,
I wanted to say goodbye first.
- Let me get those up.
- Thanks, Doc.
- Hi, Doc.
- Hi.
So when are you starting school?
Next week.
Hey, listen
I left you a message,
did you listen to it?
What message?
I called Mom ten times. Ten times, bro.
You called Madrid?
Yeah, because Cata still has no news
from her in Argentina.
I had no choice.
What did she say?
Every time I called,
Grandma Matilde picked up
and told me Mom was
at the mall, at the park, at church.
I don't know, bro.
I think something is up.
Why don't you trying calling her?
I don't think that's a good idea.
I doubt she's still mad at you.
I'll give her a call.
If you like discovering new things
Saboritas chips are what you need
"Sharing your Saboritas
is the key to friendship"?
What the hell is this?
Who wrote this shit?
I doubt it was Shakespeare,
but we don't care about that.
You just look into the camera,
sing your lines and be done with it.
This is hell.
Micky, here's something I learned
during my first tour.
The dough is all that matters.
Just focus on the money.
Focus on all the profits
you'll get from this commercial.
I'm working
on the Michael Jackson thing.
Does that mean you made progress
or that he hasn't picked up your calls?
Well, we've got Quincy's number.
Do you really think it's possible?
Focus on that stupid jingle,
that's what matters now.
You got those lines?
Come on, practice.
The sooner you learn them,
the sooner we'll get out of here.
Help me out, Dad.
I can't, I'm not an actor.
You're better than me at that.
Saboritas for you
Smile, open the bag
And enjoy their flavor
What? What did I do wrong now?
It was all right.
try to turn around sooner
and put a bit more feeling into it.
Imagine you're singing to an old friend
that just came from a long trip.
An old friend that just came
from a long trip?
That's right.
- Roll camera.
- Camera rolling.
We always express and share
our feelings with Saboritas.
If you like discovering new things
Saboritas chips are what you need
Sharing your Saboritas
is the key to friendship
We're trying to sell chips here.
What do I do then?
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up?
I don't know what to say.
"Hello"? "Thank you"?
Why did you buy all my pictures?
Can you see
how offensive that was for me?
"Offensive"? Offensive how?
I told you I didn't want to become
"Luis Miguel's girlfriend."
I wanted to build a name for myself
and you didn't even give me
a chance to see if I could do it.
I bought your photos
because I like them and
to apologize for what I said.
I would have loved
to be with you in New York.
I never thought it would bother you.
I thought it would make you happy.
You don't get it.
What is he saying?
He's busy until next year.
A date, Rosy. Make sure to set a date.
We need to set a date.
Rosy, Hugo López?
That motherfucking bastard!
What does he have to do
with Michael Jackson?
Give me that, give it to me.
- Hello.
- Luis.
Me, Luis Rey.
Hugo López, no manager, okay?
Get that into your head or tell your boss
to Don't talk to me like that.
Tell your boss you're dealing
with Luis Rey, asshole, and
- That bastard hung up on me.
- Oh, God.
Rosy, get your shit together!
Wake up, Rosy, wake up!
Shut up!
Shit. That fucking bastard!
They'll never pick up our calls again.
Right, so now it's my fault.
You shouted at him. Why did you do that?
Because that idiot
was fucking around with us!
We're talking about Michael Jackson, Luis!
I could fill up a book
with excuses like that.
The point is that you and Armando
keep screwing up.
- When have we let you down?
- When?
I don't know. A minute ago?
Look, I can talk with López
and settle this.
We've been friends for years,
I'm sure he'll agree to meet me.
Asking López for a favor?
After he spread those news
about Micky to show off?
We don't have a choice, it's either that
or we forget about the duet.
It's your decision.
Listen, Rosy, I'd rather be
out of this business for good
than speak again
with that fucking Argentinian.
You got that?
Did we really have to meet here?
After what you did, did you expect us
to go for a stroll down Reforma Avenue?
You tried snatching Micky
the moment he had a fight with his dad.
What were you thinking?
Rosy, he came to me.
Because he's just a teen, Hugo.
He trusted you.
I didn't tell anybody about our meeting.
Yeah, right.
Rosy, if you're here to bash me,
I have more important things to do.
I didn't come to bash you.
Actually, I came to ask you a favor.
You owe us one.
No, I don't.
Hugo, I need you to get me
in contact with
Michael Jackson.
- What for?
- It's not funny.
It's for a duet with Micky.
A duet? Luis Miguel and Michael Jackson?
I'm serious.
I'll lose my job and my relationship
with Micky if I don't get that.
Come on, that's impossible, Rosy!
I'm his promoter in this area,
and he doesn't even pick up my calls.
He has never talked to me.
Look, if you really want to help Micky,
what you have to do
is get his feet on the ground,
help him set achievable goals
and realize who he is dealing with.
Well, he dealt with you.
Now he knows what kind of man you are.
I didn't call the press.
I didn't even know who Chapoy was.
Then who leaked it?
Somebody from my office?
Think about it, Rosy. What would I get
from a fall-out with Micky?
Now, think about Luis.
What would he get if his son
believes I'm a blabbermouth?
This blue one is too old, Marcela.
Then you pick one.
I said I was sorry.
And that I can't go with you to Juárez.
Is this how it's going to be?
Hey, come here, babe.
I'd go with you to the end of the world
until you get dead sick of me.
What if I'm already sick of you?
Well, look at that.
In that case, you can stay
and look after Alejandro
and take a break from your husband.
I'm a fool.
- You are a what?
- You are a what?
You're such a fool!
You want to give me a hand with that?
Come on, let's go.
Can you manage? Are you strong enough?
Let Dad take that.
ham, cheese,
and some fruit as well. Okay?
Your bottle. Wait.
Come on, Mom, I'm not going to starve.
They only serve junk food on airplanes.
I don't get why we can't all go.
We just can't, Micky,
don't ask about it again.
It would cost too much money
if we all went to Juárez.
What if I forget the lyrics?
What if I get hoarse?
Don't even think about that.
Forget about those thoughts.
Come here.
I want to give you something.
Something just for you.
Take it.
You don't have to wear it
if you don't want to.
Is it for good luck?
It'll help you remember who you are.
Since the moment you were born,
you've been my sunshine.
You've always been that.
And remember, I'll always be by your side.
- Always?
- Always.
Come on, Marcela, we have to go.
Be yourself, Micky,
and it will all take care of itself, okay?
Do you understand?
Come on, boy.
- Let's go.
- Drive safely.
Come on, get in.
Ale, take care of your mom, all right?
Come on. Let's go.
Wave goodbye to your brother.
Hello? Gina?
How are you?
Yes, it's me, Rosy.
Are you busy?
No, please.
How could I be angry with you?
We all know how this business works.
Yes, in fact, I was calling about that,
I need to ask you a huge favor.
How did you get the story?
Was your source?
So you got it by fax?
Don't be mean, Gina.
Do me a big favor and give me the number.
Yes, I know that's a big, big favor.
I promise I'll give you
the next exclusive on Luis Miguel.
Yes, Pati has it.
Sure, I'll hold.
Yes, here I am.
Okay, 55
It's 55-9090? Are you sure?
A hundred percent sure, Gina?
All right.
Thank you so much. Sorry for the bother.
Sure, you've got the scoop.
Thank you, girl. Bye.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Are you deaf or what?
You have some nerve coming here.
I need to clear something up.
Just give me five minutes
and you won't see my face again.
I have two things to tell you.
First, your dad won't be able to get
Michael Jackson, that's impossible.
You don't have a chance.
I'm his promoter in this area
and I can assure you
that guy doesn't answer any calls
from absolutely anyone.
- Is that clear?
- No.
You can't do it because you're not
the number one singer in Latin America.
Nobody can, Micky, trust me!
How can I trust you
when you told Chapoy about us?
Look, I don't want any trouble
with you or your dad.
I have enough problems already,
which leads me to the second thing.
I didn't tell the press.
So I suggest you talk with Rosy
and ask her
who leaked that information.
That's all, thanks for your time.
Excuse me.
So, tell us, Luis Miguel
That's a very sweet name, by the way.
- Thank you.
- Very sweet.
Luis Miguel, what do you like about
the song you're going to sing for us?
I like it because
it's the one my dad taught me,
and it's my mom's favorite song.
That's lovely, lovely.
And where is she now?
She's at home with my brother.
Mr. Luis, how did your son
get started in singing?
Well, that's something I'd like
to make clear right from the start.
I never told him, "I want you to sing,
I want you to be a singer."
No, that never happened. We're not
We're not the kind of parents
that push their kids into doing stuff.
Not at all. I always wanted him
to focus on school.
But one day he said to me, "Dad,
I want to sing, I want to be a singer."
And I heard him singing three months ago.
And I didn't have the heart to tell him,
"You can't be a singer," you know?
I don't give orders,
not even in my house.
And you are a singer, too.
Yes, but I'm in a better position now
because my son
He's the one on the spotlight.
I'm on the background and I prefer that.
It's a huge satisfaction
accompanying him on the guitar.
And he sings so well, now I don't say that
because I'm his father.
My friend says the same thing,
his singing is just incredible.
That's good.
Thank you very much, Mr. Luis.
- Thanks.
- In a few moments,
Mr. Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel
will sing for us live.
- Good night.
- Take care.
You too.
What's up?
I'm sorry about the pictures.
I fucked up.
Thanks for acknowledging it.
You were right.
You're always right.
You're talking about the awards show?
I'm talking about my dad.
After we had our fight,
I went to his house and
he said that
he had cut you out of the video.
- I don't care. I mean
- I know.
I know you don't care about that stuff.
I just wanted you to know
that I confronted him.
I don't want you to fall out with him
because of me.
Worst part is that I'm not even sure
it was worth it.
What do you mean?
He's forcing me to star in a movie
even though he knows
how much I hate acting.
And in order to convince me,
he did something pretty cruel.
What can I do, honey?
Stay with me.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Why not?
Because I don't know
what my place is when I'm with you.
It's you and me, but also your career,
your commitments, your dad
I talked with my dad and he won't mess
with us again, I swear.
The last thing I want
is to get broken-hearted.
I don't want that.
that's it?
I need to protect myself.
And you need to protect yourself, too.
Don't let anybody tell you
what to do or not to do.
Do I look that bad?
You look hideous.
What's up, darling?
Why are you here so late?
I wanted to see you.
I called your home
and I was told you were here.
Is everything all right?
Who leaked the story about Hugo?
Well, it must have been
Hugo himself, right?
We've been working together
for five years.
You think I can't tell when you're lying?
Six, darling. Six years.
My career can't be managed
by somebody I can't trust.
What would happen with Armando and me?
With our jobs?
I can always say
I found it out some other way.
You want me to keep doing commercials
instead of singing?
I need to know.
I want the best for you.
That's what I want.
And before tonight's big surprise,
let me
Dad, I forgot the lyrics.
How does the song go?
Are you kidding me, boy?
Focus! Look where we are.
Please, Micky.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
You want us to keep living like bums,
bouncing around from house to house?
- Please, son.
- And now, the big moment.
- Ready?
- On his first TV appearance,
please welcome
the little singer Luis Miguel!
Come on, boy, go for it.
Let's go.
What lovely eyes you have
Beneath those eyebrows
Beneath those eyebrows
What lovely eyes you have
They want to look at me
But unless you let them
Unless you let them
They won't even give me a glance
How I wish
I could kiss your lips
How I wish I could kiss your lips
Malaga's beauty
And to tell you
beautiful girl
That you're so sweet
and enchanting
That you're so sweet and enchanting
Like the fragrance of a rose
Encore! Encore!
I went to bed around 2:00 a.m.,
I was watching that movie with
What's his name?
Whose name?
That dark-skinned tall actor,
the handsome one.
He's on every magazine cover.
Hey, Micky, what's up, boy?
Missing your old home?
- Come sit down, have a bite.
- Sit down.
No, thanks, I'm fine.
I was just about to go see you
and tell you the good news.
Oh, yeah? What news?
Yesterday we talked
with Michael Jackson's agents,
and they loved your duet idea.
They even said we could start
working on the song already.
Please, stop lying.
- Am I lying, Tito?
- You, lying? Come on.
We all know the duet with Michael Jackson
is not going to happen.
Who told you that?
You leaked the news
of my meeting with Hugo.
Look at him, he comes home to accuse us.
No, you're not fooling me again,
I know the kind of man you are.
Don't speak to me like that.
And you, Tito,
when did you spill the beans?
That very night or the next day?
I'm not your provider, your errand boy,
or your fucking employee.
I'm your son, dammit!
Can't you see I'm doing all this for you?
It's all for you.
I'm your father, he's your uncle.
You think we'd do something bad to you?
That's bullshit!
Do you prefer that fucking Argentinian?
- Would you abandon your father and uncle?
- No, not my father.
But I'd leave my manager and his cousin.
I don't want to see you ever again!
I'm sorry, Micky,
but I can't work like this.
I'm sorry. I really can't.
Do you remember Viña del Mar,
right after the Grammys?
Yeah. How could I forget?
My dad wasn't with us.
No, it was just you and me.
Look at us now.
Did you hand your resignation letter
to my dad?
I'll talk to him tomorrow.
I need you, Rosy.
I need you and Armando,
reliable people, especially now.
I'm still a month away from turning 18.
I can't, I'm just sick of him.
I can't stand him anymore.
I hate to think how he'll react
when he learns I told you about López.
Tell him it was me.
That you talked with Pati Chapoy?
You babbled it to her?
Seriously? Oh, please.
That's why I'm here.
I need a favor,
but if you want to know what that is,
we'll have to unpack all this.
- Help me out if you want.
- Micky
And to wrap up the show, folks,
we have an exclusive
right from Luis Miguel's office.
It turns out that after only two movies,
the Sun got tired of acting.
He was going to star in his third movie,
but he canceled that project.
He personally said to me on the phone,
"Pati, I won't do anything
I don't want to.
I'll focus on my music,
as simple as that."
What do you think?
These are sad news for his fans,
who were hoping to see him
on the big screen.
- Sergiño.
- Micky?
How are you doing, brother?
Are you coming home soon? I miss you.
I miss you a lot, too.
I promise I'll see you very, very soon.
How are things there?
Where is Mom?
What do you mean?
Is Mom coming with you?
Isn't she with you?
- No.
- Sergio, who is it?
But since when?
Come sit down for dinner.
Sergiño, don't
Let me talk to Matilde, please
So you're not doing that movie?
I can't stay away from you
How could I stand a life without you?
Subtitle translation by Lisa Pagotto
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