Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Culpable o No

Get closer.
Silence, please! We're on a photo shoot.
Next to each other.
Wait, I tell you.
- Ready?
- Ready.
One, two, three.
That's beautiful!
Now turn around. That's great!
Let's continue.
That's great, too.
Keep it quiet, please.
Don't get distracted, guys.
We're working here.
Wait a second.
Give me ten, I've finished the roll.
- Okay, guys, let's continue.
- Give me a sec.
We need a change of wardrobe.
We need to get Luis Miguel out of the water
and do something with his hair.
That model is super hot.
All yours. Go.
Can you help me moving the tripods
over there, please?
And the flash. Let's set it up.
- Mariana
- Hold on.
And put the 35mm on the camera.
- Yeah, tell me.
- These are the names,
and the walls where each one goes.
Let me see.
I'm sorry I didn't give you
the list before,
but I was confirming it until yesterday.
I imagine. What a mess.
So, are all these coming today?
Yeah, sure.
They will be here in two hours
for the group photo.
Okay. Thanks.
You're welcome.
I love your radio show.
I listen to it every day.
How nice, thank you.
Yes. Relax, okay?
Or your face will look all clammy.
Are we ready, Mariana?
I swear I didn't know
I was going to take your photos.
I wouldn't have accepted the job.
Just take my pictures.
You do remember
we weren't together anymore, right?
Is that your defense?
It took you less than a week
to find a replacement.
It wasn't like that.
Stop it, Mariana.
If you wanted to sort things out,
you should have talked to me before
hanging out with your little singer.
Yes, you're right.
But I thought you wouldn't want to see me.
Let's go drink some beers
when we finish, okay?
So we can talk.
With a truly special touch
Who is always herself
With such a normal look
That sometimes you don't notice her
Who is not a hurricane
Who never clouds the sun
A familiar smell
That is almost like honey
Who is so lovely
That I write it on a poster
Fine. The verse was very good,
let's do the chorus now.
- Give more.
- More air.
Won't you sing a whole song for me?
I'll leave you wanting more.
Just one.
Listen, especially you, Juan Carlos.
I've been talking to René.
They've heard all the songs.
We're doing fine,
but they want something more
Haven't they heard "The Unconditional"?
I don't know, Micky,
they want to see you with a broken heart.
I don't know what that is.
Unfortunately, I do.
You do?
Since you do, please start writing songs,
because we are short on time
to deliver the record.
Tell my friend to give me something.
I need some wood to start a fire.
You must have had some problem,
some argument with a fling
You write, I'll sing gladly.
But don't do that to me.
We're grown-ups, dammit.
Another one, come on.
- Okay.
- Go.
A man looks for a woman
That unknown flower
Who goes through life
Without a care in the world
You have to sign these too, Mr. Luis.
Fuck the damn separation of the kid.
- What a mess, damn. Give it to me.
- Okay, sign them.
At least we got to an agreement with WEA.
I just talked to their legal team,
and we got Hugo López
to be in charge of the creative part,
and we'll be in charge
of the administrative part.
No, but the kid will come back.
I tell you he'll come back, damn.
Come on, get me something.
- Whiskey?
- Yeah, whatever.
Do you want me to talk to Micky
to explain the situation to him?
No, don't worry, I'll talk to him.
Who's this?
Hi, Mariana. How are you doing?
Would you put Micky on the phone?
Okay, then
Look, Armando will give you
some documents.
Tell Micky to sign them whenever
he has the chance, and to send them back.
Could you do that for me, honey?
Great, perfect.
Okay, bye.
I can't stand her.
I can't stand this girl at all.
No, thanks, Mr. Tito.
No? Okay.
Hi, darling.
I missed you.
You didn't tell me
that last week's interview
included kissing that girl.
- Honey
- By the way,
your dad called,
he wants you to sign some papers.
It was a last-minute thing
the photographer asked me to do.
I swear it was nothing.
What do you mean it was nothing?
It was work.
Sometimes I have to do things like that.
When did you take these?
This is from
Let me see them.
So you saw your ex
and didn't tell me about it?
It's my job.
Sometimes I have to do things like that.
There she is with the folder,
I see the pictures,
she doesn't say anything,
I ask her, and she says,
"It's my job, too." Bullshit.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean
she's cheated on you, namesake.
- Huh?
- This guy
It doesn't mean that.
Maybe it's the opposite.
Maybe they just wanted
to have a proper goodbye.
A proper goodbye.
You do understand, don't you, Micky?
Yes. Yes, I think I understand.
Excuse me, namesake, but you're surrounded
by women in your videos,
in the magazines, everywhere,
and you don't ask her permission.
That's my job. I'm not taking photos
with my ex-girlfriends.
Look, I say you make the most of her anger
and we all go get some ass.
You're wise, dude.
I say don't do anything, Micky.
Mariana doesn't look like a girl
who would cheat on you.
Why do you defend her so much?
- Damn traitor.
- What do you have against her?
Easy, easy.
- Let's try this
- Thanks.
Dude, I think her ex will go to Yuri's.
Why don't you go there with Mariana
and mark your territory, mate?
Don't let him fool you, Micky.
- Yeah.
- Enough is enough.
Right? Put her in her place, dude.
Shut up.
Good morning, everyone!
This is the news.
The Mexican economy is still in decline.
External debt has increased by 92%
in the last three years.
Total external debt stock stood
at $71 000 million.
The crisis is hard, isn't it?
The next one will find us out of here.
against the Mexican peso.
It's very important
this bad streak
Here, I leave this here.
A kiss.
By the end of the day, there
Did I spill something on me?
Damn it!
Easy, by the time you get there,
it will be dry.
What's up, my sun?
Alex locked himself in the bathroom.
- Again.
- Oh
Alex, get out of the bathroom
and let your brother in!
Kid, wake up, look at the time.
Come on, we're running late.
Here we've tried to highlight
his sweetness
and his blond hair.
That's why we chose,
"Micky, the Golden Spaniard."
Well, we can also go down
the other path we've been working on,
to highlight his Spanish identity,
"Luis Miguel, the Light from Cádiz."
Cádiz? What Cádiz? I don't understand.
Luis Miguel was born in Veracruz.
See? I told you.
The kid speaks funny, but he's Mexican.
Right, cut it with that Spanish shit,
it doesn't work.
I'm sorry. We could work
We could get the audience
to identify with the exotic foreigner.
He speaks funny, he's blond
But there's nothing exotic about him,
for God's sake.
- Gentlemen.
- We should
Gentlemen, listen.
Mexico is in crisis, isn't it?
It needs light.
Luis Miguel will give it to it.
"Luis Miguel, the Sun."
"The Sun of Mexico."
- I love it.
- There!
- I love it.
- "The Sun of Mexico."
"The Sun." Brilliant.
I have many more like that.
My head is bursting with ideas.
Bring some whiskey to the next meeting.
All that water, bastards.
Hey, Luis, man,
how the hell are we going to prove
that Micky is a Mexican national
if the kid if he was born in Puerto Rico?
Would you shut up?
Nobody here knows where he is from.
We just have to say he's Mexican,
and he is, period.
Listen, the "Light from Cádiz" thing
didn't sound bad,
because of Camarón de la Isla.
Camarón de la Isla.
Try to get it.
I want the kid to succeed in Mexico,
not to wear a polka-dot shirt and clap,
like they made me do.
The kid was born in Veracruz
and that's it.
Come on, Hugo, I don't know why you make
such a fuss, it's just a wedding.
So what if I go with Mariana?
No, Micky, no, you won't go with Mariana.
We've arranged months ago
that you'd go with this girl
This girl, I told you.
- Alex!
- Yeah?
What's the name of this girl,
the one from the soap operas?
The one from Quinceañera?
- Noriega.
- Adela Noriega.
We had arranged that you'd go with her.
Precisely, for the fans,
you are a guy with no strings attached,
Why letting everyone know about Mariana?
I want her to be seen with me.
What's wrong with that?
I want her to be seen with me. Period.
Tell Adela maybe next time.
- Take care of that, okay?
- Sure, dude.
- Don't worry about it.
- Tell her.
Do you really want me
to go to the wedding with you?
What I want is to make up with you.
Okay, but you have to admit you blew it
with the magazine and the Acapulco thing.
If I admit it,
will you go to the wedding with me?
I trust you, you trust me.
What a fool.
Hey, hey.
Do I have to pour cold water on you?
Now you?
I can't sleep at Dad's place.
Stay here with us.
I'll leave my things and be right back.
Would you get me a jacket
from the room, please?
Thanks. I'm cold.
Are you cold? Come here.
Why don't we turn on the chimney?
- Micky.
- It's okay
When were you going to tell me, bastard?
Why the hell
are you going through my stuff?
- I was looking for her jacket.
- It's just a postcard.
It's a postcard from Italy.
Don't you understand this is the first time
we can track her down?
Do you see an address, a phone number?
If she wanted us to find her,
she'd have written something here, man.
It's your fucking fault.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Dad. It's always Dad.
That too
Do you want to talk about Buenos Aires?
Fucking awesome.
Just tell me something.
Has she called you?
Don't you care about Sergio?
You have a four-year-old brother
who knows nothing about his mom.
Maybe you don't miss her, but he and I do.
So if you don't tell Dad
about this, I will.
You don't fucking care about anything.
You tell him,
but get the fuck out of my house!
Seven times one?
Seven times two?
Seven times three?
Very good.
Héctor, please, come to the front to do
seven times four and seven times five.
Sure, Miss.
Very well.
Thank you.
Let's see Luis Miguel.
Do the next two.
See if you can do it, little girl.
Hurry, we don't have all day.
Seven times six?
Seven times six, Luis Miguel.
I don't
Miss. Hi, kids.
I'm sorry for the interruption.
I need to take Micky with me.
Honey, let's go, dear.
You again?
Always so timely. Right, Luis Miguel?
Honey, get your things.
Stay there.
I'm sorry, but you can't take him.
I'm even more sorry,
but I have orders from his dad,
so please, Micky, honey, let's go.
The class ends at 1:00.
When it's over, you can take him.
Anything else?
Excuse me.
- Hey.
- Finally.
Hi. Sorry we're late, Luis.
The teacher got stubborn
and she wouldn't let me take him
until the class was over.
And she won't let me leave early.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's do it.
You're here now, that's what matters.
We can't waste any more time.
- Did you learn "Lies"?
- Yes.
Come on, to the microphone.
- How are you?
- Come on.
- Hi, Jaime.
- Don't worry.
Remember what I said.
Seven and eight a little more volume.
There, a little pinch there.
There we are.
- Yuri!
- Yuri!
Luis Miguel! A photo!
How are you? Good evening. How are you?
What's your next project, Yuri?
You look beautiful.
- Micky!
- Hey!
You look gorgeous.
I'm so glad you came. Let's celebrate.
- You look beautiful.
- Micky, you look very handsome.
Thank you, darling.
You are girlfriend and boyfriend, right?
Of course we are.
And what about that model?
I don't know who you're talking about.
Micky, one more question.
When's your wedding?
I've just introduced her to you,
and you want a wedding?
Luis Miguel, how's your new record going?
Micky. Micky, how's your new record going?
When will you release the new single?
Uh there we go.
Luis Miguel, you look so handsome!
- Micky.
- Here, please.
- Micky, can you sing for us?
- Yes, please!
- Sophie!
- Sophie!
Now that you sing, too, when will you make
a duet with your cousin?
Hey, how sharp. No. Yeah.
No, you'll love the record.
I'll take him with me.
What does your cousin Alejandra think
about the record?
- Love you, guys!
- You can't say no to this woman.
Hold on.
No, no.
Come on, Micky.
Ever since you have a girlfriend,
I barely see you.
I came here with Mariana.
I came here with my boyfriend, too.
No, no. Sophie, Sophie.
Let's go get some water
so you sober up a little.
Let's go.
- "I was born
- Yeah.
in Veracruz."
Yeah. Like that.
- Yeah.
- "That's why they call me"
They call?
- They call me
- Yeah.
What do you mean, Jaime?
No, man, no way.
No, we can't postpone the recording.
Yes, but the kid needs to continue
his education.
And right now is the exact moment
when we can postpone the launch.
We launch it by midyear and that's it.
- We can adapt.
- No, no.
No, no. Really, I'll take care of it.
Trust me, man.
And you've already made a payment,
- you've given me an advance.
- No, don't worry about that.
No way. That is yours.
We stop the payment schedule
and we pick it up when we continue
making the record.
- Simple.
- Jaime, really, I appreciate it.
But the record
needs to be launched in January,
come what may.
I've loved the rhythm
They're here.
- Especially the
- Sitar.
It's from India.
All flamenco musicians were like crazy,
"That's not flamenco,
that's heresy," and so.
Of course it's flamenco
because it's from our Camarón de la Isla,
and everything Camarón de la Isla does
is flamenco.
You'll see, The Legend of Time
is a record that will make history.
It gave me goosebumps
to think about Camarón.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Lasagna?
- Micky, your hands.
- What's up?
- Hey, what's up?
How did it go?
You were working late again.
Yeah. I'm exhausted.
Have a seat.
Girl, we have to get Micky out of school.
Until we finish recording.
- What?
- I'll get a beer.
No, no, wait. Luis.
- What do you mean "no, no"?
- What's the matter?
Then you tell me not to yell
in front of the kids.
Don't go against me!
Fuck. Look, when I was little,
I had to give up things, too.
When I was Micky's age,
if you had to give up things for family,
you did it, and that's it.
- It's not the same thing.
- What do you mean?
Everybody goes to school now.
Alex, what are you doing?
I've already agreed on you taking him
to Juárez to make a record.
But I don't want Micky not even knowing
how to read. I won't allow that.
Either he launches the fucking record
or we run out of money!
Don't you get it?
What's wrong with you?
Do you want some more, Micky?
I don't want long faces.
No long faces,
I have enough with my stuff.
Do you want some more, honey? No?
Where's my fork, Marcela? Where is it?
Here, it's here.
What, are you following me or what?
It looks like the other way round,
doesn't it?
How were the pictures?
Very good.
They liked them.
How did it go in New York?
I went to the MOMA to see the Walker Evans
exhibition you recommended.
I felt like renting a pick-up
and visiting those towns,
look at real poverty in the eye.
It's extraordinary. So harsh.
See, it was worth it to have that beer.
I miss you. Like I told you the other day.
Not here.
See you later.
- Genius.
- Don't be jealous.
Hey, I just saw your woman all alone
talking to Moro.
I think they didn't have
such a proper goodbye last time.
Where is she?
There, outside the toilet.
I told you, dude.
They're stealing your girl, dude.
- Easy, namesake.
- Easy, man.
He should beat up that dude.
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
What were you doing with him?
Why do you lie to me?
They saw you by the toilet.
Are you really going to do this here?
I've been thinking a lot about that time
I called you from Acapulco
and you didn't pick up. Were you with him?
Of course not.
I had a beer with the crew,
and that's why I was late, that's it.
And was he there?
No Yes.
Everybody was there. We all went there.
How do you expect me to believe you
if you tell me things halfway?
What do you want me to tell you?
Nothing happened.
How many more times did you see him?
Lower your voice.
You fucked him.
- That's Luis Miguel. Take his picture.
- Shut up.
When is your next record coming out?
Tell us about the separation
with your father.
Excuse me, but we just saw you arguing.
- Not right now.
- Are you no longer together with Mariana?
Is the relationship over?
We've been working for months
so he adapts to the system
here in Mexico.
Can't you wait
until the end of the school year?
If you give me the exercise books,
I could teach him,
so he continues with the school program.
I think
it's irresponsible.
Excuse me, Mrs. Teresa,
I have a private lesson with a student.
Let me see.
I think I can recommend someone,
Mrs. Francisca.
She left this place last year, but
I think she'd be willing to help you.
Ever since he got him singing,
he decides everything.
It's like he's not my son, you know?
- Sure.
- And now,
he'll spend all day at the studio.
Luis is very difficult to handle.
We know him.
But there has to be something you can do.
What is it? What can we do?
- You sew, don't you?
- Yeah.
Haven't you thought of making
some costumes for Micky?
Some costumes for his shows?
So you could spend more time with him
and make sure he studies.
Sole mio, how are you?
Hi, darling.
Have you asked your teacher to give you
all your books to study from home?
Yes? Bravo.
Today, if you want,
I can go to the rehearsal with you.
No, Dad gets mad
and says I get distracted.
- Right.
- Well
- Shall we go?
- Yeah, honey.
I've brought some clothes
so you can change your uniform.
They're in the car. Give your mom a kiss.
- Don't work until too late.
- No, don't worry.
I'll send him to bed early. Don't worry.
Bye, sole mio.
- Bye.
- Let's go, darling. Don't worry.
You've got away with what you wanted
without moving as much as a finger.
You're such a bastard.
We can't claim victory yet.
We have to finish this off.
What's this?
- Huh?
- Micky
I told you not to use my life
to write the damn song.
You're not the first man who doubts
his woman is faithful.
A lot of people will relate to this.
Uh-huh. Then give it
to some other guy to sing it.
I've just come from your dad's office.
It looks like he's taken a bunch of pills.
He's not well at all.
Excuse me, son, did I scare you?
Help me up.
What happened? Are you okay?
What happened?
Tell me.
I talked with your mom.
How did you find her?
Alex gave me the postcard she sent you.
But if I had know,
I wouldn't have looked for her.
What did she say?
Micky, she doesn't want to see us.
She wants us to leave her alone.
She says we've done enough harm to her,
and that she has a new life
with that fucking Ridone.
That motherfucker took her away.
Who is that Ridone? Where is she?
I don't know.
I don't know where she is, Micky.
She found out I was looking for her,
so she called.
She's been cheating on me for years
with the son of a bitch of her ex.
For years, Micky,
while you and I busted our asses
working day and night
to get your career, and the family,
off the ground.
You can't trust them.
You can't trust anyone.
Leave me now. Let me get some rest.
I promise I won't do anything crazy again,
but let me get some rest.
See? The percussion and the bass line
are much more important.
Can you hear?
Listen to the percussion.
Come on, get dressed, it won't be long.
Don't you see Dad
is teaching me to sing?
Today you have to learn other things.
Come on.
Luis Miguel.
Micky, come on, go with your mother.
Listen to your mother.
We continue later. Come on.
Come on, hurry.
Go, champ.
It's so late
It's always been a little hard for him,
but I think it's because we moved a lot.
First Puerto Rico, then the United States,
Spain, and now Mexico.
It's not easy for a kid.
Right, Micky?
What's your favorite subject?
Well, if you like music,
then you must like math.
Have you learned fractions?
But you can read music.
- Yeah, right.
- Look, each of these notes
represents a fraction.
I love you
You look at me
Who is this child? His name is Luis Miguel
and his voice
is going to make you fall for him.
The single was out ten days ago
and it's on the top of our list.
Hey, Luis Miguel, one question.
They say you are "the Sun of Mexico."
Where does this name come from?
Well, look, my mom calls me "sole mio"
because I'm fair because I'm blond.
I think it must be because of that.
And why "of Mexico"? Aren't you from Spain?
Look, my dad is Spanish,
my mom is Italian,
but I was born in in Veracruz,
so I'm 100% Mexican.
Oh, right, crystal clear.
To conclude, Luis Miguel,
what do you want to say
to all the fans of our show?
I don't know, something nice. Be happy.
There! Let's be happy.
- Hi.
- Nice to see you!
Nice to see you, too.
- Hi, how are you? Thanks.
- Fine, and you?
I'll introduce you to him.
This, my friends, was Menudo Time.
You did great, Micky. You did great.
Come on. Let's go outside.
- Darling.
- Let's see.
Who is this child
who's going to be a star?
- Thanks.
- That's me.
Do you know who I am?
Do you?
He's Mr. Azcárraga. And I'm Raúl Velasco.
I want to invite you to my show.
Do you know it?
We heard you sing
at the president's daughter's wedding.
We liked your voice.
There's Micky!
You don't know it, darling, but these men
who went to see you are important people.
They're all you need to become
a big star here, do you understand?
Micky! Micky!
Your first fans, honey!
What a success!
Wave at them. There.
- Micky! Micky!
- And I love you
And I get tangled up in your hair
And I love you
In your hands I feel your warmth
Of this life
I love you
When I love you, I know I love you
- How are you, my sun?
- Thank you!
I'll be on TV!
That's wonderful, honey. Go, get inside!
- Marce.
- Rosy.
- You have no idea, it was crazy.
- Really?
A total success.
There were so many people, unbelievable.
- That's great.
- Really. And he was so happy.
By the way, they loved the costumes.
They are great, really.
That's a gift, Marce.
I don't know if it's a gift
Of course, it's awesome.
You know what? I just came from a meeting.
There's a children's band
that's going to be launched,
and I've heard they need
a wardrobe designer.
I think you could be very good at it.
- I'd love to.
- What do you think?
- Yeah.
- But you know how it is.
- Luis doesn't want me to work.
- Marce, it's another income,
you could use your talents, you could work.
What do you say?
Let's talk later.
Even walls have ears here.
- But tell me about Micky.
- You have no idea, it was crazy.
- Yeah?
- It was full of girls
What did Dad say?
This too.
Aren't you going to tell me anything?
Later, Alex. Later.
She can get this.
Give her the damn pictures
and tell her to give me my keys.
This is not the way, Hugo.
Damn, we should leave.
No, wait, it's not so bad.
You get like René. I have a backup.
But he's right!
- He's not right.
- Isn't he?
- He's an artist.
- We're waiting for him.
He'll get here.
There he is.
Do you have the song from the other day?
It needs work.
I can talk to the label if you want.
Though they're in a hurry, I think
they can give you a couple of weeks
No, thanks.
- May I?
- Sure, Micky.
Precisely now that you have left
I've been told you've been cheating on me
Why all of a sudden
Do you have so many enemies?
Why do I have
Let's record.
To make excuses for you?
If they are lying, please defend yourself
I know you won't
Because they're telling the truth
What a pity, you'll always hurt me
Guilty or not
What can I do now?
Lie to me as always
Please, lie to me
I need to believe you
Convince me
Lie to me with a kiss
That looks like love
I need to love you
Guilty or not
I have no right
To hold anything against you
There's nothing left of you and me
Of yesterday
What a pity
Our story could have been great
Tell me, now, my love
Who's going to defend you?
Lie to me as always
Please lie to me
I need to believe you
Convince me
Lie to me with a kiss
That looks like love
I need to love you
Guilty or not
Lie to me as always
Please, lie to me
I need to believe you
Convince me
Lie to me with a kiss
That looks like love
I need to love you
Guilty or not
Subtitle translation by Ianina Antonetti
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