Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

La Chica del Bikini Azul

Doc, talk slower. I don't understand you.
The press?
Why is the press here?
How did they know?
I'm coming.
I'm coming. No, don't go
We can leave
through the back door, can't we?
Through the other door, Doc.
I don't know. Yeah, the other door.
So? Will I see you
when I go to Mexico City?
Of course. I'll call you, okay?
Are you sure?
Don't you have a flight to get on?
- Is everything cool?
- No, I can't tell you
Hey, don't get mad,
but there are
two or three fans over there.
- Weren't they by the front door?
- Yeah, but I think they
- You look fine.
- Are you sure?
A sun.
Yeah. Just
There are more than two.
What do you mean? How many are there?
About a dozen.
Come on, move to the side.
Stop it, damnit!
"Luis Miguel mistreats fan.
He's taking a nosedive
with that terrible attitude."
Come on, Hugo, give me a break.
I'd arrived from an endless trip.
You had just drunk
15 whiskies, which isn't the same thing.
You do that
a month after releasing the record?
Do you know how many careers
are ended by bullshit like this?
I don't know, Hugo, how many? Tell me.
Don't play it cool with me.
All we can do now is an event
with the fans in Acapulco.
Yeah, I've cut you some slack
about Mariana.
What's wrong with you?
Can't you stop drinking?
Do I have to send you to rehab?
You've been like this for months.
You've got to stop!
Don't make such a fuss.
It's not a big deal.
Tell me you understand, please.
Okay. Do you want some coffee?
We only have enough to pay
the drummer in Acapulco.
I can't believe it. Is it really
all we have left in the account?
Yes, the rest is to pay taxes,
and that's it.
Honey, you've got to talk to Luis.
- Yes.
- Today.
- Any problems with customs?
- Everything was fine.
Here's the bank
and the deposit information.
- Thanks, Tito.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks.
- I've always wanted to visit the Alps.
- Mr. Luis.
- Hi. What's up?
Can we talk in private?
Where are you going? Stay here.
Tell me, what's up?
Another check bounced, Mr. Luis.
That's fine, it happens sometimes. So?
We don't have enough money
to pay Micky's musicians.
Relax, have a drink with us.
You look stressed.
I am stressed, yeah.
That's fine, I borrowed a little
to pay some debts I had,
but I'll cover it this week.
Relax, damnit.
Or even better, look, it's 11:00.
Go to my club, ask for Susi or Deborah,
they'll get you really relaxed.
Come on, Armando, you need it.
- Excuse me, Luis.
- You're welcome, champ.
- He's going nuts, huh?
- Sure.
Are the rumors true?
Please, they're completely false.
Luis Miguel has arrived
in a bad state.
He was coming from a tour in the north
and he had the flu.
Well, we hope he's feeling better.
So you said you had a surprise
for our radio listeners in Acapulco.
We've invited a select group of fans
to the VIP area with Luis Miguel.
Suddenly, flash
The girl in the blue bikini
Suddenly, flash
The color of the sea has changed
It's the only one
She's my only chance
I've got the ace
And I can't mess it up
Great! Thank you so much for being here.
Like every week,
we've got something very special.
This time, we're offering the last chance
to go backstage and meet Luis Miguel!
You just need to answer
a very simple question.
Pay close attention.
It goes like this
What were
Luis Miguel's first three singles?
Me, me, me!
- Me, me, please!
- You.
Yeah. Let's see.
- "Straight To The Heart."
- Yeah.
- "Make Up Your Mind."
- Yeah.
- And
- You're running out of time, hurry.
And? You're running out of time. Hurry
"One Plus One Equals Two Kids In Love"!
Don't be jealous, girls,
a round of applause. Come on.
Come, come. Come here.
We want to meet you.
- What's your name?
- Fabiola.
A big hand for Fabiola, please. Very good.
Tell us, Fabiola,
what are you going to tell Luis Miguel
when you see him?
I don't know That I love him!
Yeah! And we say
Who are we?
The Little Suns
Why are we here?
To meet
Who are we gonna meet?
Luismi, Luismi, Luismi, Luis Miguel
I love you
When I love you, I know I love you
I am fire that reaches the sky
And I cover you and I feel you
And we're two
Two kids in love
We're two
Two kids in love
Of a love
That's sweet, free and clear
When we dream
Little by little
We enclose the world in our hands
We're two
A big hand for Luis Miguel, make it loud.
Did you like it or not?
Come here.
I guess you didn't, huh?
How did I do?
Did you see them all screaming?
How did you do?
Too stiff, kid. You were wooden.
And you look at the camera all the time.
You have to look at your audience,
not at the camera, kid.
What happened to the second falsetto?
You came in too late.
I thought you had forgotten the lyrics.
That's it, he forgot it again, it's over.
girls are in love with him.
This song has been at the top
of our list for several weeks,
and it's my favorite.
- Why is he taking so long?
- I have no idea.
Okay, kids, go and get changed.
Thank you so much.
Marcela, Rosy, can you come here, please?
What do you think?
Well, I've got good news and bad news.
- The good news first.
- The bad news first.
- Okay, the good news.
- The good news? Okay.
The good news is I liked it a lot.
Really. We have to make some adjustments,
some sizes, but great work.
- Thanks.
- I told you.
- Really, very good.
- Thanks. And the bad news?
The bad news is we're going on tour.
I need three changes for each member.
- Three changes.
- That's not bad.
The thing is we're leaving in two weeks.
You'd have to finish them before that.
Two weeks? Yeah
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
Okay, then. Thank you very much.
To you, darling, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- See you.
- Excuse me.
A huge success.
- What did I tell you?
- He liked them.
Yeah. You're so talented.
You can do it, right?
Yes, I just need some help.
I don't want you
to have trouble with Luis.
Don't worry about him,
I'll take care of it.
I'm going to need a good sewing workshop.
Of course, I told you,
don't worry, I'll get it.
- But a good one.
- Yeah, sure, the best.
I can't believe it.
- It's wonderful
- Two weeks, then.
- Two weeks
- I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
We think it's time Micky
had a "meet and greet" with his fans.
- A what?
- Meet and greet.
What the hell is that?
- A party?
- A cocktail party?
No, nothing like that.
We want them to meet him in person.
Man, we could charge entrance.
People would pay to see the kid.
- No, no.
- No, no charging. How could we?
It's for him to be with the fans,
so they get to meet him
That's right, so they get to meet him.
- For free?
- For free, of course, Jesus.
Could you set that up, please?
I ask you, please
To believe in me
I can't stay away from you
How could I stand a life without you?
I love you
I love you
I love you
Thank you, Acapulco!
Thank you so much!
- I love you, Micky!
- I love you.
You'll always be in my heart.
Thank you so much..
- Hey, McCluskey.
- Yeah.
Take the models in the limo.
- Shall we all go?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Are you coming?
Come on, get in.
Let's go, Doc!
Yes, Alex.
Damn, Micky.
How can you tell me this over the phone?
I had no choice.
And I didn't want to wait any longer.
Remember how you got about the postcard.
I don't get it, Micky.
So, was that Ridone
her boyfriend in Italy?
But when Mom was young,
she lived in Buenos Aires with Cata.
When was she going out with Ridone?
I don't know,
when she was on holidays, Alex.
I don't know.
I can imagine how you must feel.
Dad was upset, too, really upset.
What's up, man? Get down here!
I'll go on holiday to Italy, then,
to see grandpa, and
I don't know, maybe aunt Adua can help.
Alex, all we need to understand
is Mom has a new life.
That's it.
No, Micky, don't say that.
Listen, I'll call you back later,
I have to go now.
- But call me, okay?
- Yeah.
- Micky
- Alex, I'll call you back later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Where are we?
Is everything okay? Hi.
What's up?
- Julia and
- Hi.
Andrea and There were more, right?
They vanished on the way.
Idol! How did it go, dude?
How's it going, man?
- Great.
- A nice surprise.
Are you from the fan club "Luismi Queens"?
- Aren't you with them?
- Yeah.
- What's your name?
- Fabiola.
Wow! Welcome!
- Please, come in.
- How are you?
- Come on in.
- Luisito!
Hi, girl. You're right on time.
I miss you. Are you having dinner?
Yes, some salad.
Yeah. Bullshit.
A sad sandwich.
What's up?
It's the baby.
I'm scared I'll lose it again.
But are you resting in bed?
Yeah, I'm not crazy.
And your mom?
My mom is here with me,
but she has to go back to work on Monday,
and I'm having
the same pains as last time.
Could you come? I know you're busy, but
Nothing is more important than you,
so, as soon as I can,
I'll catch a plane and I'll be there.
Do you promise?
Come what may.
Kisses. I love you.
You're welcome. I love you.
Hey, man, stop that, let's go dancing.
We're going to Baby. Let's go to Baby.
Keep the party going.
Let's get out of here
and let's go to Baby.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Really, dude?
- Hurry.
- Wait for me.
Ladies, please.
The party is over. Let's go.
You can take the drinks.
- I'll take the lady, asshole.
- Are you taking the drink, or?
Who's there?
Who is it?
Fuck! Who are you?
I'm sorry.
You scared me.
How did you get here?
You scared me.
Micky, what are you doing, dude?
It's not an award ceremony, dude.
Let's go!
Are you okay?
Hey! Big gun!
What are you doing, dude?
Don't be a jerk. I'm coming.
Do you want to come?
Look at what I got you.
What's that?
I didn't know we had money for gifts.
For that and much more. Look at it.
What did you do in Switzerland?
Nothing, honey.
Luis sent me on an errand, and it's done.
Wasn't he mad at you?
Try it on. What, don't you like it?
Yeah, I do like it, but
Where did you get so much money?
Come on, honey,
can't you just accept a gift?
Do you have to question everything?
I can't get it right with you, huh?
What a drag.
I'll send a car to pick you up,
and you can come to mine.
I'll sing you one of those saetas,
many of them,
I know you like them.
Say yes, go on.
Mr. Luis.
Hold on a second.
What the hell do you want now?
You said you'd return the money
to the company before the weekend.
I'll call you back later.
Okay. A kiss, my princess.
Nagging until the last minute.
What's the matter?
We don't even have enough
for Micky's traveling costs.
Are you suggesting
that I can't look after my son?
I'm just letting you know
the situation, Luis.
I don't need you
to let me know anything, Armando.
You're here to do the numbers,
do you get it or not? That's it.
I'm the one signing the checks,
and I can get in a lot of trouble!
Leave me alone, the money is mine
and I do whatever I want with it!
If you don't like it, there's the door!
Take something from the tax money
and don't bother me, goddammit!
Get out of here!
Come on, come on!
Step on it, dude! Come on!
Come on, dude!
- What do you say, Fabiola?
- Watch out!
Take it easy, dude
What's up, dude?
Weren't you the big thing?
Did you get tired of taking a beating?
To the sea or you're a chicken.
What an asshole.
Weren't we going to Baby?
Relax, this is just getting good.
To the sea, let's go.
What happened?
No, no, I was sleeping. But what happened?
But is she okay?
I understand.
I had tickets for Sunday,
but tomorrow I'll get the first flight
and I'll be there.
But she's fine, isn't she?
Okay. Look after her for me, okay?
Thank you.
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks. Bye.
To the sea, let's go.
The first to brake is a faggot.
One, two
We're winning!
We're winning!
That's it! That's it!
Hey, Burro!
Burro, are you okay, dude?
Where's Micky, dude?
Find him, dude! Help!
I can't find him.
Don't mess with me.
What are you doing, why didn't you stop?
- Hey!
- Damn, it's okay, dude!
- Where's the girl?
- I don't know.
- Come on, dude.
- Call someone.
Why didn't you brake, asshole?
What's important is your daughter
is out of danger, Mr. Martínez.
Who was she with?
Who brought her here?
If I tell you, you won't believe me.
Do you want some chilaquiles, young man?
Thanks, Ofe.
Micky, do you want anything else?
No. What did they tell you about the car?
I talked to the marina and it's fine.
- What a fright, dude.
- I'm going.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Doc. Can you leave me?
- Yeah.
It's Mrs. Rosy Esquivel, young man.
Send her in. Thanks.
Thanks, Ofe.
What's up, Rosy? How are you?
What happened?
Nothing. I have a headache.
What do you mean? Let me see.
Look at me. Micky, look at me.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Take a seat.
Tell me what happened.
You don't wanna know.
Well What do you need?
We have a big problem with the company.
- What's the problem?
- Your dad has been taking money.
We don't know what for, but we don't have
enough to cover the payroll.
- What do you mean there's not enough?
- Just what I say.
Armando is scared
because he signs for all the outgoings,
and the promotion agreements.
He might end up in jail, Micky.
Come on, Rosy, aren't you overreacting?
No. No, I'm not overreacting.
No, I swear I'm not.
What do you think?
That I don't fucking want to be involved
in money issues.
- I'm just telling you so you are aware
- My dad isn't stealing.
I didn't say your dad was stealing.
I said we have a problem and we don't have
enough to pay your people.
You're telling me that I, the person
who brings money to the company,
have to do your and your husband's jobs.
I don't recognize you, Micky.
What's up, Dad?
Son, it's so good to see you.
- Do you want to eat something?
- No, thanks, I'm fine.
Take a seat, go on.
What's up? You don't look well.
Are there money issues in the company?
When have I let you down
with the numbers, Micky?
Well, Rosy came to talk to me.
She said there were serious problems,
and if I didn't help,
Armando would go to jail.
Armando must have done something.
- Do you think he's stealing from us?
- No, that's not what I'm saying.
He's trustworthy, isn't he?
Yeah, but when there's money involved,
I don't trust anybody.
I'll look into it to see what Rosy says.
This is the acetate fabric we have.
We have acrylic, too,
but, honestly, I prefer this one
The color doesn't fade, it doesn't shrink
and it doesn't get wrinkles.
You really know.
So, which one do you want?
As you see fit.
But you're the designer.
I think I think acetate is better.
We can't afford
not to say what we think, Marcela.
We have to say what we want and that's it.
- Acetate, then.
- Very well.
- When do you want it?
- Now.
No, this takes some time.
I need at least two weeks.
No, no, I need it sooner. Much sooner.
It can't be done.
If I stay here and help you out?
We have to say what we want
and that's it, right?
Okay. Do you want to start now?
- It'd be perfect.
- Okay.
Let's see.
You're doing very well.
Like I say, everything we learn,
everything is good for life.
Fucking hell! Fuck!
Where is the costume
your mom made for you?
Don't look at me, I'm here just to teach.
Have you looked in the closet, Dad?
- Yeah.
- Come, I'll take you.
Let's see, let's go.
Let's see! Fuck!
I know where you got the money.
Damn, Rosana, you scared me. What?
What? You're stealing
from Micky, aren't you?
Answer me!
What are you saying?
Don't imagine things, Rosana.
This is all a lie, come on.
Don't imagine things and shut up, okay?
No, you want to blame it on Armando.
No, come on.
You and Luis are full of shit.
Marcela was always right,
of course she was.
No, Rosana, wait, girl, wait.
- Then what is that?
- It's nothing.
Easy, don't get all worked up, woman.
How can you say I'm just like him?
Tell me the truth.
Where did you get the money from?
Easy, don't talk.
What an asshole. Son of a bitch.
- Have you read this, Hugo?
- Yeah, sure.
How dare he sue Armando for fraud?
Asshole. Son of a bitch.
- What an asshole.
- I can help you with the bail.
Thank you, darling, but no, what I need
is your help to get good lawyers.
We have to investigate Luis, anyway,
because I think, if we do that,
we get him out of the game.
- Hugo, no, please.
- Why not, darling?
No, if you investigate Luis
you'll end up damaging Armando,
he signs everything.
No, don't worry, I'll take care of that.
Anyway, excuse me,
I don't want to be rude, but
- No, I see, you were leaving.
- Yes.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, thank you.
I'm grateful to you about the lawyers.
- No, thank you.
- Oh, and excuse me.
One last thing, a huge favor.
I know, but it's important, okay?
- Tell me.
- Let's try, at least for now,
not to let Micky know anything about this.
He's already got such a huge
emotional burden,
to have to learn that his father
has been doing all this with his money.
- You're right.
- Yes
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks. Have a good trip.
- Bye.
Hello? Okay.
McCluskey. How are you?
Yes, I was leaving.
Genaro Martínez?
But did you talk to the guy
No, I'll have to go, McCluskey,
if I'm the idiot representing this kid
who keeps messing up.
Who the hell is going to go?
If I don't go, who
Yeah, it has to be done.
I'm about to leave,
but I'll change the ticket.
What can I do? I'm not mad at you.
Set up a meeting with Martínez and I'll
Yeah, I'm going over there.
Thank you for letting me know. Bye.
This is the deal, Mr. López.
And if I say no?
If you say no, then
I'll go to the press.
Although my daughter
will carry on being his fan,
I deserve an apology from him,
and the appropriate compensation.
Does your daughter know you're here?
What does that matter?
You're asking too much.
Come on, sir.
Your client is Luis Miguel.
You have plenty of money.
Can I think about it, please?
If you give me a moment.
If you give me a moment.
Could you turn that crap off, please?
This crap comes from the U.S.
They're asking us for a shitload of money,
and you're playing Atari?
- It's not Atari, it's Nintendo.
- Whatever.
Look, I can tell when somebody
is telling the truth or lying.
And I assure you
this guy will go to the press.
And then, yes, dear boy,
you can kiss your career goodbye.
Goodbye, career.
I don't know anyone who's come back
from something like what you did
in Acapulco.
Do you get it?
We have to go talk with the guy
and make a heartfelt apology,
which is probably all they're expecting.
And we make a deal.
And afterwards,
we need to talk about that, too.
Do you want me to stop drinking?
For starters.
If you prefer, I could do nothing,
and let the news
go out in the press just like that.
Micky, please, we'll be late
for the meet and greet.
Can't we stay, Dad?
Listen. And what do we do with your fans?
What do we do with those girls
who bought your record,
who know your songs,
who go to all your concerts?
Micky, let's go!
Your fans always come first.
Stop bugging me with this ball.
Alex, go inside. Come on, go home!
Where the hell have you been?
Looking for fabric for Micky's costumes.
I don't like
you going out at night, Marcela.
I don't like it at all, damnit.
Also, if you were looking for things
for Micky,
where the hell is his costume?
I had to make him wear one from last year.
Aren't you interested in his work or what?
Your place is here, Marcela,
at home, for whatever is needed.
Do you understand?
Look, Gloria,
I owe everything to my audience.
You know very well,
that since I was a kid,
my dad told me,
"Your audience comes first."
I've always tried to please them
with my music and my songs.
And that's precisely
It's a pleasure to see you.
Hello, honey.
It's a very important message
How are you?
You're everything to me,
the most important thing.
But are you with your mom?
I send you kisses and all my love.
And the baby?
Oh, honey.
I'm so sorry I'm not there.
How am I? Fine
Put Micky on the phone, please.
I'm sorry, Hugo.
Don't even mention it.
Thank you.
Put Luis Miguel on the line.
Doc, can you hear me?
What's up, Alex? How are you?
Fine. I'm calling on behalf of Hugo López,
I wanted to know if Micky was around.
Just one second.
Micky, it's McCluskey.
Hugo wants to talk to you.
Tell them I'll call them back.
Alex, he says he's busy,
he'll call you back.
Perfect, thank you.
Do you know what I'm going to do, Alex?
I don't want to talk to Luis Miguel
ever again.
Subtitle translation by Ianina Antonetti
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