Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Mamá, Mamá

Turn that thing off!
Don't tell me you're just getting up.
I had a little party.
Yeah, we're making a video!
There's a lot to celebrate.
Bullshit, Micky.
Hey, no, but
tell me. How
How's Grandpa?
I don't think he's well.
They say he's getting by.
I don't know.
And Aunt Adua?
Have you talked to her about Mom?
Yeah, and she says she knows
where Ridone lives.
She knows him, but
what if Mom is with him?
Yeah, Alex, but it's better to know
where Mom is, with him or not.
We'll see if Aunt Adua wants to,
Micky, I don't know.
If anybody can convince her, it's you.
You know she adores you.
- You go, spoil her, and
- Champ!
- Micky!
- And Yes.
- Micky
- Dude!
I'm going.
- Micky?
- Let me know if there's anything you need.
- Okay. I love you. Bye.
- I love you more. Bye.
Did you think my anger would just go away?
Did you think I wouldn't come back?
No, I didn't say that, Genaro, please.
Here I am, sir.
And now I have proof
that your client's car
fell into the sea that night in Acapulco.
- Mr. López.
- Yes.
You are listening to me, aren't you?
Mr. Genaro, with all my soul.
I won't leave without making
a deal with you, sir.
You told me that already, Genaro.
My daughter could have died, sir.
I really understand you,
I'm truly sorry about the situation.
The thing is I'm going to Argentina again
on personal matters.
I need you to give me a couple of weeks,
then we can reach an agreement.
Don't beat around the bush, Mr. López.
I'm not beating around the bush,
Mr. Genaro. I'm a gentleman.
You have my word.
A couple of weeks.
We'll reach a satisfying agreement.
So, are we gonna start or not?
Whenever you want, Micky.
Look what I brought.
These are the permits,
requirements and clauses
so that you can use the Military College.
It says here
if you want to get on a plane,
jump off a parachute, whatever,
you have to go through basic training.
Let's do it.
It's done.
- It's done.
- Micky
It's a week.
It's a one week training course.
After that, you have a week
shooting the video.
And then, you have a week
and you start your tour.
A wound, an injury, anything
You will not only miss your video,
you will lose millions, Micky.
I told René León I don't want to do
"When The Sun Burns Bright" part two.
- It's fine. I
- No.
I trust your instinct, Micky.
- What I don't trust
- What?
What? You look like Hugo now.
No, Micky, don't start with Hugo.
In the time we have, Micky.
Let's do something Micky!
Let's do something nice and simple.
I won't bother you anymore.
Think about it for this afternoon.
Before the meeting with René.
But with a cool head, Micky.
There's a lot at stake, Micky.
Do you want me to leave it here?
Should he leave it here or not?
- Yeah, leave it.
- Okay.
He's freaking out
There has to be another way.
Luis is going to get really mad.
There isn't.
An audit might help me,
but who knows what could happen to Micky.
Everything is in his name. Everything.
That's why I say an internal investigation
is better, from WEA,
even if Luis gets mad.
Listen, are you sure
he was embezzling the money?
From taxes?
That too.
Then what the hell are we talking about?
Do you still go to the office?
No, no.
Well, I don't know,
it's what needs to be done.
Look, tomorrow
I'm going to Buenos Aires again.
- How is Lucía, by the way?
- Better.
Send her my regards, please.
What I'm saying, Armando,
is that nobody ever regrets being brave.
How far is it? 100, 200 miles?
Well, 500.
Whatever, it's fine.
We'll sleep in the car.
You got a lot of presents.
No, it's fine. We'll sleep in the car.
You hadn't seen them?
We'll sleep in the car.
- No, man, we're used to it.
- Aren't you happy?
Sure, let's talk later
I'm just a little tired.
Yeah, you must be tired.
You shoot the movie during the day,
and in the evening you have shows.
It's too much.
Do you want me to talk to your dad
to put off some shows?
Easy. It's enough for you to ask me.
What's enough?
When I was his age, I was in cabarets,
in clubs, in nightclubs,
away from my family, working, singing.
Yeah, Luis, but he's 12.
Why should he be tired, damnit?
Please, Luis, he's barely awake.
Listen, he has the rest of his life
to sleep.
Listen, Luis, I'm asking for a week.
We let him finish the movie
and then we'll carry on.
Who do you think you are?
Who the hell do you think you are?
His manager? His uncle?
A friend? Don't fuck with me.
If I was his manager, I assure you
he wouldn't be working night and day.
Since you are not
his manager, his uncle, or anything,
I'm the one who decides
what he needs and what he doesn't need.
And he needs discipline.
I'm here so Micky can sing at your place,
not for you to nose into our business.
I understand, Luis, but listen.
I'm asking for a week.
- The place will be just as full.
- Enough.
Come on, we're leaving.
- Come on.
- Bye, Hugo.
Bye, Micky. Sleep well.
Mind your own business.
Let's go.
Yes, they want to show it
in all the movie theaters in Mexico.
And if it goes well,
they'll take it to Spain.
- He's doing very well.
- Yes.
I'll go talk to him.
Hey, very good, you're doing really well.
Look who's come to see you.
Your Uncle Jaime.
And Érika.
No, Dad.
But you look handsome, kid.
And you're the main character.
What else do you want?
She'll bother me all the time.
All the more reason. Do it better.
Cry louder, it looks like
you're having a wart removed.
Bang things, scream more, I don't know.
Luis, if you'll excuse us, please.
- Yes.
- Let's do it.
Clear the set, please.
Camera ready.
Clear the set.
Let's do it. This is the final one.
Come on, Micky. Don't get nervous.
This one will be good.
Sound, camera rolling.
Scene 8A, take 3.
Here we go, action!
What are you doing?
I asked you what are you doing?
- What happened?
- He forgot his lines.
I'm sorry.
We have half an hour to do this.
Let's reset all this, and, please,
somebody help the kid learn his lines.
What the kid needs is some rest, Mr. Luis.
Sure, but rest is precisely
what he can't do.
We have a show tonight.
Can't you cancel it?
Cancel And what do we do
with all the sold tickets?
No, man, no, we can't cancel.
I don't know what to say to you.
There's no magic formula
to prevent exhaustion.
When I was young, I used to take some
No, not vitamins. Something stronger.
Ephedrine. It was ephedrine.
- Ephedrine?
- Yeah.
What, Luis?
That's very dangerous medicine.
If I had it,
I wouldn't give it to a child.
How long have you been working
as a doctor?
No, well..
Not that long.
You probably get paid very little.
I'll give you double.
What you're asking for
is very hard to get.
How much do you want?
Then the dude keeps staring
but he doesn't speak,
he's frozen.
Great. Then Hugo isn't coming?
- Here you have Alex himself.
- Temporarily, Micky.
Damn, Micky, your Aztec Top Gun version
won't come cheap.
What did you expect?
It's the number one song.
I asked the director for another idea.
- Did you talk to him?
- Yes, we did.
- And?
- And
That's the one.
Micky, you in the Army?
Do you think it's a good idea?
It's fine, René, come on.
When do we start the training?
I'm ready.
I'm sorry.
This isn't a game, young man.
The Military College
isn't an amusement park.
Yeah, totally. That's why we want
to represent you well.
Your friend told me that.
McCous? McClousk?
Alex, yes.
But I'm not convinced.
This is a military training school.
We don't need your approval.
If you want to shoot your movie here,
you'll have to train.
Like everybody else.
Yes, my general!
Tello is studying to become a pilot.
You'll watch him closely all this week.
Whatever Tello says, you do it.
One show of insubordination,
and goodbye to your video.
- Is that understood?
- I understand completely.
Hey, Tello, what are the nurses like
around here?
Are you gonna teach me to jump
with a parachute, and shoot and all that?
Yes, sir.
- Don't call me sir. It's Luis Miguel.
- Blondie!
Not "Blondie", eh?
"Micky", "dude".
See you tomorrow at 6:00.
At six. Sure.
In the morning.
No, no, what do you mean
6:00 in the morning?
Tello, no, I have to
I have to do something.
Yesterday we were watching
Cantinflas' Don Quixote.
- Don Quixote?
- Yeah.
Can you imagine a South American
playing Sancho?
- But it was good. The dude
- What the
Who are you? What's going on here?
Ismael Salazar, at your service.
We're here from WEA corporate offices.
Inventory, contracts?
What's all this?
An internal investigation, Mr. Gallego.
Can we go in?
One moment. That's my meeting room.
As a service provider, you have to open up
your books and your doors. Please.
Mr. Gallego,
I ask you to let us do our job.
The sooner we finish,
the sooner we'll leave you in peace.
All right.
Let's start with
If we open up our books,
we're screwed, Luis.
You have to talk to René to stop this now.
This wasn't René, fuck.
We train men to be victors
- In our minds there's no room
- In our minds there's no room
For defeats or fatigue
- Micky?
- For defeats or fatigue
- Hey. We're here.
- What's up, honey?
It's Doc. We're here.
- Oh, no. No way.
- What?
No way.
- Micky!
- Damn. How long did I sleep?
About 45 minutes.
- Okay, five more minutes.
- No, we're here, Micky.
It's really late.
Excuse me.
Okay. I'm ready.
- There.
- There
There you go. Are you okay?
Good morning.
What's up, Tello?
Hey, I think
I think something disagreed
with my stomach.
Can we meet tomorrow and train?
I have orders to be
in the track with you in 20 minutes.
I didn't even have breakfast.
I'll take you to get changed.
This way, please.
At the Heroic Military College
Wait for me
We train men to be victors
Tello, you're going too fast.
In our minds there's no room
For defeats or fatigue
At the top of the Anahuac
- To the south of the big city
- Seven
- To the south of the big city
- Eight
- It stands majestically
- It stands majestically
- The Military College
- Two, three
The Military College
At the top of the Anahuac
- To the south of the big city
- To the south of the big city
If my binge drinking offended you
You owe me a hangover.
- Damn Tello.
- I have a friend who says that.
You do?
Hey, so, did I do enough
for you not to tell the General?
This time.
I owe you one.
Do you know what you can do for me?
My mom is your fan. Would you sign
one of your records for her?
- Yes, sure.
- Really?
Yes. Do you have them with you?
In my dorm. I'll get them now, sir.
Don't call me sir.
Hey, and your mom, your family,
do they live here?
No, that would be nice.
They live in Ocosingo, Chiapas.
- That's cool.
- You don't know where I come from.
- Do you see her often?
- I go once a year, if I go.
This month is my pilot's exam,
and then I'll go visit.
And your family?
My dad's around.
My mom, too
I haven't seen her in a long time.
Look, there's another one coming up.
- Let's see how he does.
- Let's see
Hurry, the reservation is at 8:00.
You're being very quiet.
- Hi, Marce.
- Hi, Irma.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- What's up? We were leaving.
- Yes?
I ran here because I've got more
orders for costumes.
When do you need them?
Next week.
If you want, I can sew here with you.
Not right now, no sewing.
We're all leaving to celebrate
my birthday to Los Angeles Club.
What is that?
Don't pay any attention to them.
I'll show you. You'll love it.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
Hey, what time is your wife coming?
She said 10:00.
But it's best if she's late.
I don't want her to see the doctor.
Where did she go?
To have dinner with your wife.
What? Rosana is in Guadalajara
with her mom.
Look, Luis, I've heard rumors.
Rumors about what?
At the office,
they're saying Marcela
is making costumes for a kid's band.
Like Parchís here?
And what did you hear, exactly? Tell me.
- Well
- What?
Everything's ready, Mr. Luis.
Okay, come in, I'll pay you inside.
And you stay here.
I want to know everything.
Hi, Mom.
Lower your voice.
Everybody's asleep.
Where have you been?
To a dinner.
And what are you doing?
The teacher's coming to the set tomorrow.
But why didn't you study
in the afternoon, as usual?
Luis, wake up.
What's up?
Could you tell me
why my son is working all day?
He says he didn't have a break on set.
That you left at 7:00 to go to the concert
and he didn't have time to study.
Just two more weeks, Marcela.
Two weeks working at this pace,
I don't know how he can do it.
I don't know how you can do it, Luis!
If you care so much,
you be the babysitter.
Go with him and study the texts with him.
To talk to the stupid director.
Now you offer me that.
No, don't be mistaken.
Don't be a smartass.
I heard you have other things going on.
What other things?
I don't know.
You tell me.
But of course
it's more important than Micky.
Nothing is more important than my son.
Do you smell of alcohol?
Next time you want to be
Mother Teresa or her fucking mother,
I suggest you drink whisky,
or eat some mints,
before coming here to give me a lecture.
Now let me sleep.
Hi, Micky.
What are you doing here?
Why didn't you call?
I had this picture
on my night table, right?
I don't know, I don't remember.
Why? Do you want it?
No. What for?
I haven't come here in a while.
Ever since you gave it to me.
Ever since I told you
the company was yours.
So, what do you think?
What's up, Dad?
Nothing good, son, nothing good.
WEA is doing an internal investigation.
They got into our offices,
they looked at the contracts,
the accounting books, everything.
There shouldn't be any problem, right?
Or does this mean you owe something?
No, it means somebody has it in for us.
- René?
- No, not René.
In this country, orders
always come from somebody else.
Somebody else?
I don't know. Somebody close
to Rosy, to Serna
Somebody who doesn't like me.
Or you, either.
We'll have to think of something,
and that's it.
I wanted you to know about it.
I didn't want you
to find out from rumors or Hugo.
No, I'm not with Hugo anymore, so
I didn't know I heard
that you had argued a little.
A little more heated than that.
Heated enough to harm you?
Dad will fix it.
I knew you'd like abseiling.
It was amazing.
You did very well.
Unlike the diving board.
What? I dived from the 30-feet one.
Yes, but like a little soldier boy.
Excuse me, Louganis.
How do you know about Louganis?
I have a TV,
I don't live in a golden cage.
You're the one who lives in a cage.
Do you ever go out?
Sure. Yeah, sure.
Come on.
We're going out tonight. Come.
I have to be here tomorrow at 7:00 sharp.
Tello, it's great you're
so disciplined and all,
but you also need to have fun.
We can have dinner and whenever you want,
Doc can bring you back.
Is Doc your doctor?
He's my assistant.
And you say
you don't live in a golden cage?
- Son of a
- Okay.
We have to celebrate.
We finished the training.
Come on.
You know what?
I'll give you something to give your mom.
Give me five minutes.
Okay. Dress up.
Are you sure you'll get me back here?
Is this the restaurant?
This is my house.
Weren't we going to have dinner?
We'll go in a sec. Get out.
Change that face.
Doc is here.
When you want to go back,
Doc will drive you back.
Thank you.
Are you ready for this?
Because this party is in your honor.
You're the king of the party.
- Hey, isn't that?
- Everyone here is who you think they are.
People, let me introduce you
to Cadet Tello.
Look. Let me introduce you.
Hi. What's your name?
You have to get up early, eat early
Everything is too early.
Run early And Micky did it.
Yes, sir.
You have to Not like that
And that's how you hit the bullseye.
Did you hear?
He's the boss.
Who wants some?
To our guest of honor, General Tello!
I'm a cadet.
To General Okay. To Tello!
Tello, Tello!
Tello, Tello!
To Micky!
Inside my soul you are
Mom, Mom, Mom
We can't have back
The games you and I
Used to play
No, no, no, no
- What's wrong? Cut!
- Micky! Micky!
- What's wrong?
- Call the doc!
- Get his feet up. Get me some water.
- Call the doc!
At the hospital, they said he fainted
because of some medicine.
It's what the doctor at the set
That's some doctor you got.
If I had known
I wouldn't have let him give him that.
I thought they were vitamins!
You have to be more careful, damnit.
I can't cope with everything, Marcela.
I can't.
I can deal with work.
But his health
You've always taken care of that.
Don't worry. It's fine.
It's fine.
We'll get somebody, a girl,
to help us out.
That's it. Let's eat.
Doctor! Doctor!
Are you sure it's here, Aunt?
If she's here, I'll never forgive her.
Then turn around and let's go.
What's the good of going in?
I told you.
Ever since we said goodbye,
your mom hasn't been well.
Maybe we need to give her some time.
You can live in doubt.
I'll go and see if she's in there.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
Is this Mr. Ridone's house?
Bruno hasn't lived here for many years.
He left with another woman.
Why do you ask?
We want to talk to him.
Do you know the woman's name?
No, please, ma'am!
It's very important for us to find them.
Last thing I knew he was working
at a restaurant in Pisa.
Do you know the name of the restaurant?
We can be there in an hour.
I don't know!
Congratulations, young man.
I heard you did well.
Thank you so much, General.
Thanks for accepting.
I know it must have felt like
a tedious formality.
But it was for your safety.
Really, thank you so much, General.
Do you know where can I find Cadet Tello
to say goodbye and thank him?
My secretary will tell you.
But run, maybe you'll catch him.
Where did he go?
He was suspended yesterday.
What do you mean he was suspended?
Wait up.
Why did you take the blame, dude?
What good would it do
saying I went to your party?
Well, but
You'll be back for the exam, right?
I missed the exam.
Until next year, I think.
What do you mean until next year?
A suspension is a suspension, Micky.
No, wait.
I know people.
Let me talk to them, please.
They'll give you another chance.
Come on.
No, Micky.
I made a mistake.
I have to take responsibility for it.
Take care.
I offer him help, I offer him my contacts,
and he says it was his fault
for coming to the party, not mine.
He's got a point, this Tello.
In not wanting help? No way.
In taking responsibility.
Let's see, Micky
Have you spoken to Hugo?
What for?
What do you mean what for? To apologize.
He sends in an investigation,
and I have to apologize?
- He sent it for your dad.
- Yes. To fuck us over.
He knows perfectly well
Armando was the one stealing.
You're making a mistake, Micky.
Because I believe my dad?
Excuse me if I don't believe Hugo.
He has no fucking idea about loyalty.
No. You talk about loyalty. Mr. Loyalty.
He was the only person at your side
who was loyal to you.
To the last moment.
He had to change his trip to Argentina
to stand by you.
Yes. He had to go to Argentina
to see his wife.
Oh, please.
Didn't he tell you?
So I have to quit everything.
Are you sure?
You worked so hard, your independence
I'll recommend you
to continue the business.
You're too kind, Marce,
but it's yours, all yours.
Are you really going to leave it
just like that?
I have responsibilities to my family.
To yourself too, don't you?
You owe it to yourself to be happy.
His name is Lorenzo Juárez.
He works for Timbiriche. He'll call you.
Really? Are you sure?
Kid, if we're late, I'll kill you.
Hi, honey.
Where are you going?
To the movie's wrap party.
You didn't tell me.
Look at the time.
Help me with the boy.
Make him hurry.
He doesn't fucking listen to me.
Luis, the deal was to do
more things together.
Yeah, and we'll do them.
Now do me a favor
and help me out with the kid.
We're late.
Micky, damnit, get downstairs now!
Come on, we're in a hurry.
Don't wait up.
You're as slow as molasses in January.
Mr. Martínez, I'd love to come in
and talk to you,
I want to apologize to you.
How are you? Are you okay?
Thank you.
Hello, Luis.
What's up, Hugo?
I'm sorry I'm late.
I got back from Argentina yesterday,
and I had a lot of things to do.
How is that shitty city doing?
That shitty city?
Nice, a little cold now.
Did you know I met my wife there?
Yes, Micky told me.
You were late for our first meeting, too.
Are you feeling nostalgic, Luis?
Is that why you called me?
Don't jerk around.
It was in this same bar.
Do you remember?
For an hour you negotiated
your fucking cut
of the boy's first concerts
at the Premier.
I also remember you asked for a lot
and offered very little.
What I asked for was fair.
Girl, hang up the phone!
Get me two whiskies.
One on the rocks, and the other
- Mine neat, please.
- His neat.
Come on. That's it.
Luis, be nice to her, please.
She likes it.
- Oh, she likes it, does she?
- Yeah.
Tell me, Luis, and do you remember
from that meeting
that at that moment I gave you
the money you asked for,
but for less shows?
Because Micky was exhausted.
You don't remember that.
You already wanted
to be his manager back then.
It looks like cocaine makes you paranoid.
- Gentlemen.
- Thank you, miss.
Is it paranoia, too,
that I know you convinced René
to investigate me?
An honest businessman like you
doesn't need to worry.
I'll tell you what I know.
What I think, but what I know.
Micky is fed up with you.
- Already?
- Yes, he's fed up.
He's fed up and you wanted to keep him,
and that's why you made him believe
his father was a criminal.
Or maybe I'm being his manager,
which is something
you never knew how to do.
Right, you're always so thoughtful.
Listen to me, son of a bitch.
- You might be his manager or not
- No.
But I'll be his father
his whole fucking life, do you hear me?
- Don't point at me.
- One day you'll wake up
and you'll see
you're Luis Rey Jr.'s manager.
That's why I called you.
Why are you here?
Who were you expecting?
Not Luis Miguel.
Didn't you get me anything from Argentina?
You've got balls, I'll say that.
On top of everything
Your keys.
Thank you.
So, you drove all the way to Acapulco.
And who gave you the address?
Who do you think?
McCluskey. He's so soft.
But you saw Fabiola. Take a seat.
Yes, sure. I gave her flowers
signed records, I took pictures
with the whole family.
She was she was really happy.
You're soft, too.
That's why her dad left me a message
saying he wouldn't be going to my office.
- You apologized and all
- Yeah, sure.
To her, to her dad
I owed them that.
And you, too, Hugo.
I'm really sorry. Really.
McCluskey told me about Lucía and
I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
We have to keep going.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
about the investigation sooner.
But, let's make peace.
To facing my responsibilities.
There's something I don't understand.
What happened to you?
I leave for a few days,
and when I come back,
I find a completely new guy.
Do you want the other one
who went to your office drunk?
- Give me two more of these.
- No, no.
I think I like this one a little better.
That's true. I'll take it away from you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Hey, Micky, thanks for inviting me.
- The chicken is very good.
Where did you say you were going?
Here and there.
To deal with our businesses.
So, are you going to stay with López?
Tito, we're having dinner.
Do you think Micky wants to talk
about these things?
Come on.
Thanks, Dad.
Have you started shooting the video
for "The Unconditional"?
Not yet.
We're starting next week.
No, no, Tito, I'll get it.
- Sure? Okay.
- Yeah. Sit down.
- Wow!
- Very nice.
- Delicious. Michelin star.
- Really good.
- Hello. What's up?
- Micky.
Are you alone?
Dude, Ridone passed away three years ago.
I saw a picture of his last girlfriend.
It's not Mom, dude.
They lied to us, Micky.
It was never Mom.
Subtitle translation by Ianina Antonetti
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