Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

La Incondicional

You, the same as yesterday
- The one I didn't know how to love
- I don't know why
The same as yesterday
The unconditional
The one who expects nothing
After a couple of weeks in our Top Five,
the second single
from In Search Of A Woman
finally reaches our top position
in our Billboard Hot Latin Track list,
replacing José José's "Like You"
with our unconditional love
for Luis Miguel.
Fuck yeah!
How is the cutest girl?
- Congratulations, Micky.
- Thanks, Pily.
Huguito, our first number one hit.
To us both. Let's celebrate.
What's up with you?
Nothing, we're being investigated
by WEA.
It looks like there's a huge debt.
As far as I know,
your dad hasn't been paying
the artists, the musicians, the tailors,
the concert halls for months.
It's a miracle
we're not flooded in reports.
- Okay, let's pay them.
- There's no money in the accounts.
From my money, then.
No, there's no money in any account.
Have you checked with René León?
Maybe the money from royalties
hasn't cleared yet.
Yes, that's all fine.
Why don't we put on concerts
at the Premier?
Listen. You can't pay your dad's debt
just because you don't want to see him.
What if we make a greatest hits record?
The greatest hits record is a good idea.
The thing is
We have two LP records with WEA.
It's not enough to make
a greatest hits record.
You made the other ones with EMI.
Your dad made the agreements.
I don't want to meddle with that.
Let's talk to Jaime Ortiz.
He can't say no to me.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
So glad to see you. Come in, gentlemen.
- Jaime, how are you?
- Very well, thank you.
You look just the same.
Please. Thank you.
How are you, Luis Miguel?
- Very well.
- I'm so glad to see you.
- Please, take a seat. Hugo, how are you?
- Fine.
Take a seat, please.
- How are you?
- Everything's fine.
- How are you?
- This brings back memories.
- Yes, I can imagine.
- Sure.
Well, so
Hugo has told me about your idea.
And? It's good, isn't it?
Yes, great.
But I have a better one.
Everyone should know
we need to talk to René first,
and see if WEA will agree to this.
Having said that
Come on, Jaime, tell me.
You can't rerecord
your childhood songs with them.
You do remember you have
an exclusive agreement with us, don't you?
Yes, but these are old songs.
And as soon as you record them,
they become new.
René, back me up.
You know the state of the accounts.
I have no choice.
Neither do I.
I could do without getting tangled up
in your dad's bad business.
Why don't you tell them to remaster
the records they have of you as a child,
and launch a compilation album,
like everybody else?
We proposed that, but Jaime says
he wants something new.
He's not dumb.
They either accept your initial offer
or you get into legal problems with us.
We're almost there.
Watch, there's a step. A step.
There you go.
Don't let me go.
No, I won't let you go.
Another step.
Come on.
- Can I?
- Not yet.
There. Wait.
On three. One, two, three.
- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!
The house, silly. The house.
I know your birthday is in two weeks,
but, well
I wanted to give it to you now
so we can get settled.
The moving company comes later.
This afternoon.
It's beautiful.
And we've got a room each.
- I've already chosen mine. Come.
- Have you?
- And I've picked mine.
- Did you pick yours?
- And the kitchen is fully furnished.
- Let's go see the rooms. Come see my room.
Let's go to the rooms,
I'll show you the kitchen later.
- It's beautiful.
- Is it?
- Go.
- Let's go.
- Go, Leti.
- Of course it's not in my name.
Just saying
I don't have to.
What, it's in Marcela's name?
What if you get divorced?
Don't you know?
They're not married, damnit.
Yeah, but it's always the same.
You argue and
If the IRS comes for me,
I have no properties in my name.
That's very good.
You know what you're doing.
Let's celebrate, seeing as we're here.
So, how's the factory going?
It's going great. I just need a lathe.
What lathe?
A lathe for the factory
I'm setting up in Cádiz.
By the way, that is mine, all mine.
It's in my name.
Don't worry.
What do you mean in your name?
I want a business in my name, too.
I'm sick of you two treating me
like I'm stupid.
Tito, please, the factory is what it is.
Imagine that, instead of a screw factory,
it's a laundry.
Damnit, to launder.
- Laundromat, damnit.
- No?
Man, even Leticia and Dolores
know what we mean.
Don't you, Leticia?
Let's celebrate!
Pedro has finally come to visit.
- It was about time.
- Cheers.
Come here, sit with me.
Yes, for a little while.
Two, three?
Like 20 or more.
Do you really owe that much, dude?
- Dollars?
- How are you gonna get all that money?
We might make a new record or something.
I wish I was a singer.
To be a singer,
you need to be able to sing, Burro.
I play the guitar.
You can't even play the tambourine.
- Is everything okay, dude?
- Yeah, everything's fine, dude.
I'll be right back.
- Get a guitar and I'll show you.
- What guitar, dude?
Let's see how you play it.
Help me, dude.
No, no!
Careful with the beer. No!
I did call you, dude. You see?
I left like a thousand messages, dude.
It's been a tough week, please.
Give me a break. You're on holidays.
On holidays, sure, dude.
You're in Italy, dude.
Yeah, man, it's so cool here.
After the Ridone affair, Aunt Adua
doesn't want to talk about Mom,
and now it's worse,
with Grandpa in hospital
What happened to Grandpa?
Check your messages, dude.
I'm not your assistant.
Come on, please. Change your attitude.
No, Micky. You have to come here now.
Grandpa isn't well, and I'm sick
of going around in circles like an ass.
This arrived.
It looks like it's urgent.
Doc, get the car ready,
we're going to see Hugo.
It's really bad news.
The company was audited.
Another one? I don't understand.
No, the thing with WEA wasn't an audit,
it was an investigation.
This comes directly from the IRS.
I think your dad made some enemies
and at some point, somebody turned him in.
They're asking us to pay taxes
on the last three years' income.
Plus a 25% fine.
You haven't paid taxes in three years?
If we don't pay, we'll face penal charges.
What do you mean penal charges?
Yeah, you'll have to do time.
What do you mean time?
You'll go to jail, stupid!
- You'll go to prison.
- Yeah.
The company is in your name.
Everything is in your name, Micky.
Let's not freak out.
The money must be in some other account
and we're making
a big deal out of nothing.
Hugo, it's my dad.
My dad won't let me go to jail.
- How are you?
- Fine.
You know what? I love my new house.
Thank you, honey.
Why do you thank me?
It's Dad's gift.
Dad chose it, but
he bought it with the money
you earn with your job.
So the gift is from you, too.
You're welcome, Mom.
What are you going to sing tomorrow?
I don't know. What Dad tells me to.
And what would you like to sing?
I don't know.
Let me hear.
Make up your mind
Just, baby, make up your mind
And let's fly to distant worlds
Holding our hands
Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Make up your mind
What a pleasure
What a pleasure to have
Luis Miguel back, right, girls?
I have some news for you.
I think you're gonna love it. Okay?
And I think it's a surprise.
I want to request the presence
here at the studio
of someone very important to you,
in your career,
but, of course, in your life, too.
My great friend, Luisito Rey,
come here, please,
Luis Miguel's dad!
- Dear Luisito.
- How are you?
I'm so glad to have you both here.
Let's see
What better than to have him here
to give you this,
a recognition of your undeniable success.
Let's see if we have it here,
it's a platinum record for you,
Luis Miguel,
- a big hand for him.
- Thank you!
A platinum record!
Thank you, thank you.
That's a lot of copies sold
for a 13-year-old.
I'm still 12.
Oh, whoa, he's still 12.
What are you gonna do with all that money,
what do you think?
Many things.
I bought a really nice house for my mom.
And I'd like to buy a car,
a convertible, like my dad's.
There you go.
A convertible, you deserve that
and much more.
Keep dreaming, I'm sure
you'll go very far, Micky,
because you're very talented.
It's a great pleasure having you here.
Thank you so much, don't go away,
we still have a lot more in store!
Thank you. You hold it.
Show it off.
- Show it off.
- Luismi, Luismi!
This is your house, you know it, right?
Hey, wait. Close the door.
Where did you get the nonsense idea
that you bought the house?
Don't fucking laugh,
I don't think it's funny.
Mom told me.
So Dad doesn't do anything here, huh?
From now on, it's like this.
Let Mom handle it.
She'll get you deals,
she'll close the deals,
she'll get you concerts, all this shit
Your mother will take care of all this.
No, no. No, Dad.
Then cut the bullshit.
And now leave me alone.
I have a meeting. Come on.
Let's go.
So, you do have the money.
Of course I do, it's invested.
Why do you think I made all those trips?
To get the money away
from people like Serna.
But you owe three years' worth of taxes.
Yeah, I'll fix that with the IRS.
It was important to get the money away
so they didn't keep stealing from us.
Damnit, Dad,
why don't you tell me anything?
Hey, the thief here is Serna, not me.
If it was Armando's fault,
he'd be in jail.
That doesn't mean he's innocent.
I don't wanna talk about that
or anything else right now.
I need you to give me that money.
How much is it?
Twenty million dollars
by the end of the month.
- Twenty million?
- I'm not kidding.
Don't worry. I'll get it in two weeks.
I promise, Micky, damn. I do.
- Luis. Luis!
- What?
What about what you took to Bahamas?
No, no, that stays there.
We won't touch that.
Let's do this.
You go to Switzerland
and take ten million out.
I've called the bank this morning
and it's cleared.
We'll do it this way.
Luis, I have expenses, too.
If you're taking something for you,
I want my slice, too.
What the fuck is there for me? For me
It's for Micky, he wants to buy a house
or something, whatever.
Everybody wants a slice. Damnit!
It's not that, Luis, damnit.
I told Rosana I'd take her on holidays
and what you give me isn't enough.
Look, it's great. Take her to Switzerland
to eat chocolate, it's a great plan.
Here it is.
Mayra! Put me through to EMI,
to Mr. Jaime Ortiz. Quick.
No, no.
Half the songs are mine, for God's sake.
Read the contract, Luis.
It says we have the royalties.
Let's see
Scope Royalties here.
But if you pay Luis Miguel,
I want my part, too.
You've been exploiting your son
his whole life.
Even when he has nothing, you want more.
I didn't expect this from you.
And you know what?
Don't expect anything else.
Your contract.
I still can't believe you're leaving.
Honey, you need somebody
who is with you a hundred percent.
While Armando is unwell,
my mind is elsewhere.
Micky, forgive me, please.
I understand you. Really.
But what are you going to do?
Look after him.
And rest a little, to be honest.
It's been too much. A lot of stress.
Then I'll see what I can do.
Right now we're worried about you, honey.
Somehow, we can't stop thinking
it was our fault.
No, no.
Why your fault?
Because if Armando hadn't found out
what your dad was doing,
and I hadn't started
that investigation with Hugo,
maybe you wouldn't have had
an audit from the IRS.
Rosy, if it hadn't been for Armando,
the IRS audit would have hit like a bomb.
I have to thank you
and apologize to you both
for having doubted you.
Don't worry about me.
I've talked to my dad,
and he'll give me all the money.
I'll go to Europe,
and he'll give it to me there.
You're going to Italy, aren't you?
Yes, to find her.
I don't wanna hear you're managing
somebody else's press, okay?
Who else but you, honey? Who?
I'm really gonna miss you.
Me too, my beautiful boy.
Me too.
Your meeting went well.
You could at least fake it.
It went great, Marcela, very well.
Why do you always
have to turn Micky against me?
Poor kid was really upset
after everything you said to him.
And why did you tell him he's the one
who bought the house?
I just wanted to tell him I appreciate it.
Be careful, because it looks like
I don't do anything here,
and I work my ass off
for you and the kids.
Yeah. And the new car
and drinking all night?
Come on, Marcela, come on.
Please, Luis. Please!
Yeah, I know.
I'd like you to be here, too, Cata.
Next year, we'll arrange it
and you'll come here, okay?
Hold on a sec, Micky's here.
He wants to talk to you.
Yeah. Okay. Kisses. Bye.
How are you?
Are you still in Buenos Aires?
Yeah, a million copies.
Who told you that?
You'll get better soon, Grandpa.
Where is Marcela?
Did you come
with her?
Sergio, don't strain yourself.
You'll get better soon.
Be strong, Grandpa.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Rest, Grandpa.
Hey, Micky, have you seen Dad?
Tell me the look on his face
when you told him Ridone was dead.
We didn't talk about that.
What, Micky?
I've come all the way to Italy, dude.
Alex, I know.
I didn't want you to be worried,
but I'm having serious money issues.
You always have issues. You and Dad.
What do you think?
- About Ridone?
- Yeah, dude.
I don't know.
Maybe he thought Mom left with Ridone
and he never checked it.
Alex, Dad said he talked to Mom
and she told him she had left with Ridone.
So what songs did you choose
for the record?
That's much better.
So we don't have issues with my dad.
Hey, Hugo, I have to go.
Thank you so much. Really.
Okay, bye.
Thanks for taking care of Alex.
And for going to Monzone with him.
Thank you.
Hasn't she sent you any more postcards?
What do you tell Grandpa
when he asks about her?
I tell him we don't know where she is.
I tell him the truth,
but then he forgets. He's old, Micky
and sometimes that's a good thing.
When your mother went looking for you
did she say anything about me?
I think she was mad at me when she left.
What do you mean she went looking for me?
Yes, your mom went to Chile to see you,
didn't she?
To Chile, Adua? What are you saying?
She went to look for you in Madrid.
She called Grandpa and told him
you weren't in Spain
so she had to go to Santiago to see you.
I was so mad at her.
I didn't dare talk to her.
We had a huge argument before she left.
It was over something silly,
but she never spoke to me again.
Don't tell Grandpa, please.
Don't tell him, please.
If he finds out Marcela doesn't call us
because of me,
he'll kill me.
Do you promise?
I promise.
Didn't you have money issues, dude?
The hotel owner is my friend.
Just don't empty the minibar.
Are you gonna tell me
what we're doing here or not?
If you promise you won't freak out.
Micky, come on.
Come on.
Mom was in Las Matas. Aunt Adua told me.
What? Is Mom here?
After Argentina, she came here.
If Mom was in Spain, we have to talk
to Grandma Matilde. She must know.
See? You had to come here.
This is the song King David used to sing
Today is your day
So we sing it for you
Thank you.
Wow, honey.
Wait. You have to make a wish.
What was your wish?
- If I tell you, it won't come true.
- Great
- I think this one will come true.
- Do you?
What are you up to?
- Come on, Micky.
- Nothing.
- You and I have to go to work.
- Nothing?
- It's late. Come on, go take a shower.
- No. Today?
Yes, I have a very important meeting.
- It's not up to me.
- Oh, no
Come on, Micky, go take a shower.
But you'll be back for lunch, won't you?
Yeah, sure. What do you think?
Come on, Micky.
- Thank you, honey.
- Come on.
I loved it.
Come on!
Come on, let's go.
She hasn't got a clue.
The numbers are great, gentlemen.
In Ecuador, we have sold 400,000 copies.
But listen. In Brazil,
we sold almost 850,000.
If we continue like this, in a month,
we'll have a platinum record there, too.
That's fantastic.
I think we're doing better than expected.
Dad, she comes back at 12:00,
- we have to go now.
- No, wait.
We're going to move on to Latin America
with these goals.
What other countries do we have?
- Dad, we have to go.
- Wait a second.
- Everything's fine, right?
- Yeah.
With these figures
And now the Latin world is like
coming together, and then Spain.
- Mom, it's for you.
- Oh, honey.
You're welcome, Mom.
- Did you do it?
- Marcela!
- Yes. They're finally here.
- They're here.
They wanted to give you a surprise.
How are you?
Hi, Marcela. We're so hungry.
- Come in.
- Happy birthday.
- Come here, kid.
- You look gorgeous.
- Beautiful!
- Thank you.
- Honey!
- I can't believe it.
Marce, how wonderful.
- I'm so happy!
- Me too.
- How are you?
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- You look so nice.
- See? Your wish came true.
- Yes, honey, it did. Thank you.
I love it.
You know me so well.
I hung up the one you brought me
from Tokyo. Look.
Stop bringing dishes from every freaking
place you go, there's no more wall.
Don't worry, you keep sending them.
If it was for my travels,
my collection would be pathetic.
So, why are you here?
Go with your brother.
We missed him a lot.
You've really grown, kiddo.
How long has Sergio been here?
Oh, I don't even remember.
You've been with me
for a long time, haven't you?
You're staying for dinner, right?
Did Mom bring him?
I haven't seen your mom in a long time.
Carmen brought him.
Poor Sergio.
Of course, dude.
But stop talking about sad things
in front of the child.
I can't believe it.
- Do you want some? It's good.
- No, thanks, Grandma.
- Do you want some more coffee?
- No, I'm fine, thanks.
Do you remember the slide over there?
- Carmen! How are you?
- Micky!
You look so handsome.
You too.
And you, kiddo,
when did you grow up so much?
Come on in.
Only if you have time.
Don't talk nonsense.
The men are out, so we can be
by ourselves. Come in.
You were terrible!
Do you remember the day he mixed
my shampoo with honey?
And that's only what you know.
Well, no. What?
Nothing. It was honey.
Don't believe him. I'm a serious person.
Really? I'm not sure.
Oh, it's so funny.
Hey, Carmencita,
and talking about old times
when was the last time you saw my mom?
Oh, it's been a long time.
She was here with Sergio
before going to Chile.
Your father and your uncles
were here, too.
I think it was a couple of months
before the house was sold.
- Dad was here?
- Yes.
she never made it to Chile.
I don't know, that's what she said,
that she was going to Chile to see you.
She looked a little worried.
I worked that weekend,
but María, who works with the neighbors,
told me there was a party.
I guess it was a goodbye party
for your mom.
When I came back on Monday,
Marcela had already left.
And Sergio?
Your dad told me your mom
couldn't take him on the plane,
so it would be best to leave him
with Matilde.
And didn't Mom leave anything?
Yeah. Yeah, I think she left me
some of her things.
But your grandma must have taken them
when the house was sold.
There were a lot of things there.
Bicycles, photo albums,
furniture, letters everything.
Come on, tell Grandma.
Grandma, let's go to the park.
Grandma, let's go to the park!
Do you want to go to the park today?
The park is great.
I can go with you.
- Great. Let's go.
- Let's go.
Do you want to come, Micky?
I can't, Grandma. I have to make
a call for work. But I'll see you later.
Okay. See you.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Bye, Micky.
Bye, Sergio.
Kid, leave that lighter.
The lighter's not for you.
- Leave him alone.
- Enough
Bring some salt.
- I remember everything.
- Everything!
Would you like some wine?
How come they made you wait
for two hours at the airport?
It's okay.
It's not okay.
He did it on purpose.
He uses Micky to show me he's the boss.
Calm down.
Calm down
When I think I ran away from home
to be with him
what a fool, huh?
You were so young and so in love.
I wish I had listened to you and Dad.
I can't stand it anymore, Cata.
I can't.
You know? Sometimes I think
it'd be best to leave him.
- Mom, Mom, I'm starving.
- Kids! Okay
It smells great.
Marcela! Oh my God!
- Marcela!
- Mom!
- Go wash your hands.
- You have dirt in your teeth.
Grandma, have you been to Monzone?
To Monzone, Italy.
What's this?
I don't know. Didn't you give it to me?
You know? It's funny, because
I got a postcard from my mom,
on my birthday,
from this same place.
Who sent it?
Your mom.
It was you, wasn't it?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Grandma.
You're going to tell me the truth.
Your father wanted to do something nice
so you'd enjoy your birthday.
He said you were kind of sad
and that would cheer you up.
Your mom had left. She had left you.
I didn't know what to do.
Don't tell your dad I told you.
I'm sorry, Micky.
Please, forgive me. Please, Micky.
- Thanks, Cata.
- For what?
And the kids?
Rosana is with them.
Luis went to drop off his cousins.
May I? Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
How are you, how are you feeling?
Fine, fine. It must have been
the excitement.
Well, from now on,
no more excitement like that, ma'am.
Congratulations, you have to be careful.
You are eight weeks pregnant.
- No, Cata.
- Honey
Excuse me.
It's not possible.
My dear.
What? Sergito!
What happened? What are you doing here?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Micky! Hey!
How are you?
- How are you?
- Fine, fine.
I'm glad.
And my dad?
He's picking up Pedro.
He'll be right back.
Alex, honey.
- How are you?
- I'm fine. How are you?
Micky, don't worry, Rosana and I
have just come back from Switzerland,
and your dad will give you
the ten million.
What do you mean ten million?
I need 20.
Damn, Micky.
What house are you going to buy, kid?
What? What house?
Your dad said
you need the money for a house.
Tito, this is not a joke.
If I don't pay what my dad owes,
I'll go to jail.
Wait, what do you mean jail, man?
Your dad said
I need the 20 million.
No way
Your dad wouldn't do that to you.
What a nice suite.
Well, we only need Marcela now.
Hi, Pily, how are you?
Yes, is there any way you can ask
Your dad has millions
spread out all over the world.
There's 15 more left in Switzerland,
you know?
Hey, let's all go eat at La Trainera,
- Luismi's favorite restaurant. Okay?
- Micky.
- You look great. How are you?
- Take a seat.
I have what you asked me for here.
Dad, can I talk to you in private, please?
Do you want some whisky?
How much is there?
A little over ten.
I asked you for 20.
I took out all that was left.
Luckily, because the motherfucker
from the bank
made some bad investments
and we're almost down to zero.
Dad, that's only half.
What do you want me to do? What can I do?
Why don't you talk to your manager?
Ask him to book you
some concerts or something,
maybe you can make some money that way.
I've seen Aunt Adua.
She's very worried about my mom.
Of course she is.
Why didn't you tell me she was with you
in Las Matas after Argentina?
What for, Micky? Don't you think
I've told you enough already?
Where is my mother?
You already know where your mother is.
You were the last person who saw her.
What happened that weekend in Las Matas?
Why didn't she make it to Chile?
Tell me the truth.
Micky, the truth
You know the truth.
The truth is your mom left
with that fucking Ridone
Ridone is dead.
I know he's dead
and I know Grandma
sent the fucking postcard!
Please, please, stop telling lies.
Micky, I haven't lied to you.
All I've ever done is protect you.
Protect me?
You've stolen from me.
You've exploited me.
You've lied to me
the same way you lied to my mom.
You did everything to break us up.
Well, you took care of that, too, huh?
Son of a bitch.
I work my ass off for all of you and this
is how you thank me, insulting me.
Are you going to let them
send your son to jail?
Micky, if you need money,
come back to your father.
Come back to me, damnit.
Don't be ungrateful like your mom.
Don't you fucking talk like that
about my mom, ever again.
Don't you ever threaten me,
hear me?
Don't you ever fucking do that again!
Listen to me.
I don't want to see you again
until you tell me the truth about my mom.
I'm not going to help you at all
until you don't give me back
the place I deserve.
Get out of my life.
Hey, we're leaving.
We have no business here.
Come on, let's all go home.
We're leaving. Come on.
Look how you destroy this family.
No, you did that long ago.
I'm staying with my brother.
You don't stay anywhere. Let's go.
Alex, stay here.
Until he's 18, he'll do as I fucking say.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Good luck.
Subtitle translation by Ianina Antonetti
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