Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Alguien Como Tu

A love story
That was nothing
You, my eternal you
A hotel, your body and a farewell
You, my hidden friend, you
A surge of passion
Early morning love
There are no ties between us
That's it.
Just a little taste.
Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Really, Luis Miguel,
I don't know which I like more,
your singing
or your new haircut. It looks so good.
So good.
- It's a new era, Vero. It was time.
- Really?
We love it, don't we girls?
We love it, and the old one too.
Before we say goodbye,
we've got a surprise for you.
Your surprises scare me, Vero.
You'll see. Are you ready?
Go on then.
It's a private call
that we decided to make public,
we've got permission to make it public,
and here it is on air, and it's so sweet.
- The call, or?
- The call.
Yes. Here it is. Ready?
- Who's there?
- Alejandro Gallego.
- No way!
- Your beautiful brother.
- Hey, good evening.
- My dear brother,
I love you, I adore you.
How's it going?
I'm here
I'm fine, a little tired.
How old is Alejandro?
Alejandro is 17, right?
I'm 16, actually.
He's going to be 17.
Yes, yes.
What's up, little brother? Where are you?
What do you mean, Micky?
Where you left me, in Miami.
What are you doing there, Ale? Tell us.
I'm studying at high school.
So tell us,
are you going to Luismi's concert?
Because it's the last concert on his tour.
That's a great idea, Vero.
Send me a ticket.
Of course I'll send you a ticket,
for the front row.
A plane ticket, man.
Little brothers, eh?
You give them your hand,
and they take your arm.
Ale? Did it get cut off?
Did the call get cut off?
Is he there? Ale?
Your ticket to Las Vegas is for 8 o'clock.
I know you wanted to fly later,
- but it wasn't available.
- We have to send Alex a ticket.
But you'll stir up
the hornet's nest, Micky.
- Didn't you hear how he was?
- Yes.
He's really angry.
Yes, and you know how your dad
reacts to that.
I don't give a damn how my dad reacts.
The only thing left for that asshole
is to take my brother away from me.
- Alex and Sergio are my only family.
- Yes.
- It's okay.
- Thank you.
- Well, I'm going to say goodbye.
- Me too.
Look how beautiful it is.
- Jesus
- What? What do you think?
Jesus. Wasn't there anything a little
more modest, Luis?
Modest? Come and look at my office.
Let's see.
So how are we going to pay for this,
with the kind of artists
that want to sign with us?
No, my man.
When word gets out about Rey Music,
you'll see the new talent
that comes for auditions. You'll see.
We've lost Armando and Rosy,
I don't talk to my dad,
and we don't have funds to pay the IRS.
The last few months have been
so shitty. Damn!
The best thing to do is
concentrate on the show.
You have to button this bit,
or the collar looks like it'll fly off.
As soon as we finish here, I'll go
to the IRS to ask for an extension.
- We're going to the IRS.
- We're not going, I'm going.
You've worked all year,
you must be exhausted
and in need of a vacation.
- There's still not enough to pay the debt.
- Don't worry about it.
Let me go.
Tell them to calm down.
- Sorry, I forgot to say you were coming.
- Sorry, Alex.
- How are you, dude?
- I'm fine.
You're looking great.
Micky, Alex, sorry,
but the show's starting.
Yes. Are you staying, or does it bore you?
I want to talk to you, Micky.
I know, we can talk after the concert.
I have to go back tomorrow.
Right, we'll go out afterwards.
- The people are desperate already.
- Yes, thanks, Doc.
- We're on our way.
- Well, I
- Give me a second.
- A second, okay? Sorry, Alex.
Three months, man.
Three months, not a phone call,
Sergio is still in Spain.
I've heard nothing from you,
no idea what's up with you
Let's go for dinner after the show.
I know.
Alright? I love you.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go.
- So, Micky, what are we doing?
- I'm craving sushi.
And you? What do you think?
Yeah, whatever. I just want to talk
about what we're going to do.
- Fucking hell!
- What happened?
I forgot I'd arranged to eat with Jaime.
- Jaime Jaime?
- Yes, Jaime.
He told me he was coming a few days ago,
with the disastrous
I forgot, I'm sorry.
Cancel it right now.
Come along with us.
Don't mess with me.
What's more important, your brother,
or a man you hardly know?
He's our uncle, dude.
If he's our uncle,
then you went out with our cousin.
I didn't go out with Érika,
I just kissed her.
That was years ago. Let's go.
Let's go for a little while.
Come on, let's go.
What am I gonna do, Micky?
I've got friends in the IRS.
Are you sure you don't want me
to call them?
No, really, thank you.
It looks like they're really
going after artists right now.
What do you expect after what my dad did?
I can't believe Luis could be
so irresponsible.
Irresponsible or an asshole?
Why don't you two come to my house
in Aspen this weekend?
We're going in my plane. The distraction
would do you good, don't you think?
Thanks so much,
but I have to go back to Mexico
to sort all of this out,
and Alex has to go back
to his boarding school
You and I have to talk.
I leave at nine,
in case you change your mind.
- Alex?
- What?
Is everything ready for Mexico?
Yes, I've arranged everything.
You just arrive, and go to the meeting.
This came in from the office.
What happened?
The singer Laureano Brizuela
has been arrested
at the Mexico International Airport
for tax evasion.
You're next on the list.
We can't go to Mexico.
Not just now, until I get them
to give us an extension.
- Done.
- Did you tell Jaime to wait for us?
- Yes, he'd already gone to the airport.
- Shit!
- Come on little bro', let's go.
- I'm coming.
Micky, what about my school?
They'll tell Dad.
Blame me.
We'll have a great time in Aspen.
I don't get it.
Aren't you going to Mexico?
We don't even have skiing clothes.
Don't you worry.
And we'll buy clothes there.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Escaping with you
Going round the world
In a second
Like two friends
Super millionaires, vagabonds
There's nothing more than love
The wind bites, lightning strikes
And every moment is so different
But no, you can't leave me like this
Like a fool thinking of you
Not knowing why you're leaving
No, no, no, no
You can't leave me like this
Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
Luis, in Brazil,
we're going to have to do playback.
- No, don't joke around.
- No, yes.
Or he'll have to sing simpler songs.
It's his age. He's becoming a man.
His voice is changing.
Yes, but who can assure me
that man is going to sing well?
Me, damnit, I'm his father.
Also, I had the same problem
when I was a child star in Spain.
Don't worry, I'll sort it out.
No, Luis, at EMI we need the opinion
of a professional speech therapist.
- A fucking speech therapist.
- Yes.
Luis, it's all we have to guarantee
he'll still be a good singer.
Then we can all relax, please.
Fine. I'll find the speech therapist,
but you're paying.
He's asleep already.
He's really upset, Luis.
- You're not going on tour like this.
- No.
- You overreact more than EMI.
- But he can't sing.
It was the same for me, Marcela,
and I didn't have any problems.
Look, Micky doesn't even have a tutor now.
Maybe it's best if he goes back to school,
and you can relax,
we can spend some time together
before his little brother is born.
Look, today I managed to convince Jaime
to have a professional speech therapist
come and see him tomorrow.
- Seriously?
- Seriously.
Tomorrow morning.
And then it's solved. No need to worry.
I recommend at least one year's rest,
so as not to strain his vocal cords.
At this age they can get damaged.
What about some cough syrup?
There is no medication for this,
Mr. Gallego.
You have to give him time.
- Very good, thank you so much.
- Excuse me.
Don't make that face, boy,
it's not like you have cancer.
What am I going to do
if I can't sing for a year?
I can't give concerts,
- I can't make records
- Of course you can sing, kid.
This is This is just a question
of testosterone.
- And that's it.
- Seriously, Dad.
You heard him.
If I keep singing I'll lose my voice.
But he's just a speech therapist, son,
he's not God.
Don't worry.
Your dad will sort everything out, okay?
Come on.
We're really very happy to present
this new project from Rey Music.
As you already know,
I've belonged to the music world
for a long time,
so go ahead. Ask me whatever you want.
Yes, Mr. Luis Rey,
will your son be part of the project?
Are you still in touch with him?
- Will he be at the launch party?
- Tell us about Luis Miguel.
- When can we see him?
- Look, I'll answer you quickly.
Of course Luis Miguel will come
to the label's launch party.
- But when will we see him?
- Yes, when will he come here?
- Well, we're looking into that.
- Do you still get on well?
You didn't answer me. Will he record
for the label, take part in the project?
- Give us a date, please.
- Thank you, take a tour of my office.
It's exhausting, man. All the press stuff.
Hey, Luis, you know Micky
will never come to this.
How many times have we argued about this?
How many?
And nothing ever happens.
Right now let's worry
about finding a good singer.
The thing with Micky doesn't bother me,
believe me.
- Get on with some work.
- Come on, make a start.
Well, kid, write it down.
Three from Rivera
And that just leaves one, right?
- Diana Correa.
- Yes.
- Tell her to come in.
- In the seafood place downstairs.
What are you going to sing?
- "Sand" by Trigo Limpio.
- What time do we finish? I don't know.
Without realizing it
You pinch me hard
You tell me your love is already cold
And just one touch is enough
For you to say make love to me
We're carved from the same wood
I'll call you in a sec.
And maybe there's no better way
Sand, you give me one of lime
And another of sand
If you're not there, I die
Like a fish in the sand
I am just the wave
And you are the tide
Are you her mom?
- Yes.
- Good. Do you have five minutes?
With the right manager
your daughter could be a star.
- Really?
- I never lie.
I'll tell you something,
if you sign with me,
I'll get you the best composer
in the Spanish language.
- Seriously?
- It's the truth.
Are you sure you don't want one?
- No, no, thanks.
- Sure?
Sand, you give me one of lime
And another of sand
If you're not there, I die
Like a fish in the sand
I am just the wave
What? Is she or isn't she
as talented as my son?
She is going to break records.
- Nobody denies you've got a good ear.
- Man!
- Look.
- It's barely noon, man.
- So what, damnit? We've gotta celebrate.
- Celebrate what?
- I've found a composer for Diana.
- Luis, please.
Imagine how that voice would sound
with your music.
- Sit down a moment.
- No, damnit, I don't want to sit down.
- Are you serious?
- I hope so.
I thought you wanted my opinion.
That's why I came.
I didn't think
you were going to offer me a job.
Well, now you know.
Luis, I can't commit to working with her.
With her or with me?
- Don't put me in that position.
- You're with Micky, right?
That's right.
Give me a few days
to think about it, okay?
Of course.
I await your call.
Someone like you
Someone that loves me
Someone like you
To keep my fire burning
Someone like you
Really, Dad? Luis Miguel?
- That's awful.
- Do you really think I'm awful?
Don't worry, Érika.
I don't like this guy's music either.
How did the shopping go, honey?
Really well, Dad. I'm just exhausted now.
I know how you feel.
Buying so much stuff is tiring.
Well, I'm going to my room.
I'll leave you with his "music."
And that ass Doc
hasn't woken up yet, dude.
Cheer up, Alexito.
I know, sorry.
Let's go skiing.
Or we'll do what you want, but let's go.
You look like a different person.
I find it hard to distract myself, man.
How can you think of doing other things?
We'll work on it, but not right now.
Good morning.
Érika, please. Can't you dress
a bit smarter? You have visitors.
Calm down, Elegance.
You're eating cereals from a glass.
That's gross, Micky!
Yuck to the little brothers.
- Pass me your napkin to clean myself.
- No, pass me the juice.
No, Micky, that's gross!
- I don't want it now.
- Do you want some juice?
Pass me the milk.
Please be good, honey.
Come on in.
Family! Micky! Look, this is Rita.
Your tutor.
- We have to pay the taxi. Did you pay it?
- No.
I'll pay, wait.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Call me every day.
- Yes?
- I promise.
- Come on, let's go.
- Be good.
Go on.
- Listen, take care of them.
- Okay.
Put this in the trunk, take it.
Alex, help her with the other one.
Come on.
- Okay.
- And she was the best one, or what?
Didn't you want the boy to study?
He is going to study, for God's sake!
See you later.
That teacher looks really young,
doesn't she?
Yes Too young.
- Bye, honey!
- Bye, Micky.
Have fun.
Érika, are you sure you're not coming?
Bye, see you later.
- Who's going?
- Us. Who else do you want?
No. Some friends are coming over.
- Pajama party. How sweet.
- No, it's a get together.
Good, have a nice time.
Honey, what's wrong?
With me? What have I done now?
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Tell me about my daughter,
sir, please.
Please, call me Luis.
Very well. Could you talk to the composer?
- The composer?
- Yes, the one you told me about.
No, but because
Because I got you something better.
Better? Better than the best composer
in the Spanish language?
What would Diana say
to doing a duet with
Luis Miguel?
With your son?
- I thought you didn't speak to each other.
- No? Why? He's my son.
- Well, that's what the gossip press says.
- Do you believe everything they say?
No, you know they're nonsense.
No? Listen to me.
If you sign with me,
I'll get you that duet with Luis Miguel.
Wait till you see where I'm taking you
after dinner, little bro'.
I've invited some models,
you're going to die.
I invited some models to the club.
Fuck, Micky.
Fuck what?
I've told you twenty times,
I want to talk about Mom, damnit.
How many times have I told you,
not right now?
When, then?
- You are selfish.
- It's not my fault, asshole.
She went away.
And she'd rather we didn't find her.
What's wrong with you?
How can you think that about Mom?
What's the alternative, Alejandro?
Tell me, please.
You know what, you stay with your models.
I'm going home.
- I don't get you, dude.
- I don't get you, asshole.
He's sleeping here?
- Yes.
- Here? Here?
Yes, here, in the next room.
Just a tiny detail. You didn't tell us.
- I told you my cousins were here.
- No.
One thing is your cousins,
another is them.
I don't see the difference.
I mean, he's like a cousin.
- I just can't believe it.
- You're a fan.
Of course.
He has George Michael's hair,
but he isn't George Michael.
- He's not even that good looking.
- Yes.
Speak of the devil.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
How are you doing?
Aren't you going to introduce me
to your friends?
What a terrible friend you are.
This one.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing? You begged me to come
and sing your favorite song.
No, actually I thought
Alex was here with you.
Yes, he was.
He came and said, "Good night," and left.
- Good night. I leave you. A pleasure.
- Bye.
Wait, wait.
I would like you to sing us something.
Yes, me too.
He's here now.
Okay, seeing as I'm giving you a show,
more drinks? What can I get you?
Thank you.
No, let's see. Alright.
- It's just Érika told us
- No, I didn't
- I didn't say anything.
- What did my cousin tell you?
You know what? It's a rumor.
I didn't say anything.
- Yes.
- Come on, don't be traitors.
We didn't talk about anything, Micky.
I can't believe this guy has done nothing
to find our mother.
He doesn't even want to talk about it.
Well, everyone has their own
way of dealing with things.
Micky gets angry.
Angry the way someone his age shouldn't.
What's more important,
your family or your career?
Alex, no
Alex, it's not about that.
Micky could go to jail.
- What?
- You have to understand him.
You have to understand those you love
before you judge them.
It feels horrible being this alone.
Stay here.
I'm going to help you.
But stay.
I'll get you some breakfast.
It's the only one
She's my only chance
Son, turn the TV up a moment.
I've got the ace
And I can't mess it up
He can't reach it, damnit,
he can't reach it.
Nothing, he can't reach the note.
He can't do it.
Well, don't worry.
- I worry just enough.
- Fine.
in the blue bikini
Suddenly, flash
We talked without talking
Listen, why don't you go to the bedroom?
I'm going to talk some things through
with Tito, and I'll be up.
- Okay.
- I won't be long.
- I'll wait a little while for you.
- A little while? I'll be right up.
- I'll wait for you.
- Okay.
Boy, charge this to my room.
Look what I'm bringing you, Micky.
Who? Who is she?
- Her name is Mirna. Mirna, right?
- Mirna, yes.
She's here to do whatever you want.
Anything you want.
That's sure to make your voice drop.
You're beautiful.
Relax. You'll like it.
I'll be in the next room.
If you need anything
talk to her.
- Let's go, Tito.
- What?
It's not on! I pay his flight, bring him
to Aspen and he doesn't say goodbye?
Okay. Turn the drama down, will you?
It's not like he left
at three in the morning.
I'll give you the money you need.
I don't want you to think about this
one second longer.
No, no way.
- But why not? It's a loan.
- It's so much money.
It's lucky I have it, isn't it?
I don't know what to say to you.
Thank you so much.
You don't know what this means to me.
Yes, I do.
So you can take care
of what's really important.
What did Alex tell you?
I know I have to look for her.
I want to look for her.
What happens if I find her,
and she has another family?
What do I tell Alex?
What do I tell Sergito?
I don't know.
But it's better to know the truth
than live in doubt.
Can I interrupt your moment
of contemplation?
- You know what? Yes.
- Yes?
Interrupt me.
Are you sure? You looked very focused.
No, I was getting horribly bored.
Do you remember my mom when we were small?
I remember you.
You bugged me all the time.
Do you remember when you tied my braid
to a swing?
- Me?
- Yes.
- I didn't do that.
- Don't lie!
At my party in Acapulco,
you tied it to a swing.
You're crazy.
You remember perfectly.
You know what I do remember?
The times you teased me
when I made that film where I lost a leg.
I remember our first kiss.
Which one?
I remember your mom a little.
She looked like you, didn't she?
She was so quiet.
And she treated you so well, remember?
Yes, Mom. What's wrong?
- Call your aunt Rosana.
- Okay.
- Hurry up.
- But Okay.
Oh, Rita.
I'm gonna have a shower.
- How do you feel?
- Not great.
Can you give me a hand, please?
What time is it now?
Eight o'clock in the evening.
Okay. Can you pass me the phone
and the directory, please?
Luis is in the tub.
What are you doing
in my husband's bedroom?
I'm giving a class to your son.
At this hour?
Here there's a time difference.
Right, it's eleven at night over there.
What the hell are you doing there?
Put Luis on right now
Make up your mind
Just, baby, make up your mind
Why are you watching yourself?
Don't change it, don't change it!
- Holding our hands
- It's a television special.
- Make up your mind
- Why did you let them dress you like that?
Hey, you're not a bad skier.
It's lucky you don't ski for a living,
because you're terrible.
- You're awful!
- You are terrible.
Stop it, Micky, stop it!
What do you want?
How can you answer your father like that?
If you're angry about Alejandro,
he left this morning.
How could I be angry?
To the contrary,
I love you two getting together.
Look, listen to me.
I need to ask a favor,
I'd like you to come
to the label's launch party.
Are you crazy?
Come on, boy,
don't be ungrateful to me, damnit.
I'm not going to help you
with absolutely anything.
I even let you and your brother
get together!
He's my brother.
I don't need your permission.
No? Do you believe that, Micky?
I told you.
But why? She's just six months pregnant.
It's going to be a very complicated birth.
If the baby survives,
it'll have to stay in an incubator.
And Luis?
Can we locate him?
Yes, doctor.
For my little man, I'll get him
What do you want?
- A Coke.
- Wait.
Soda? What are you saying?
A wine for my boy.
Well, he's not my boy, he's my man!
Yesterday he popped his cherry.
- Oh, his little cherry?
- Shut up.
- Tell me.
- Shut up!
- Is it red?
- Don't touch me.
You have a big one, asshole
Don't be ashamed.
It's good to be wanted by women
- They're just so complicated, I tell you.
- Thanks.
Very complicated.
Well, your mother, for example
who right now is delicate,
because she's pregnant.
You know It's better not to upset her.
Look, son, I need to ask you a favor.
I need you to tell your mother
that you stayed up late studying with Rita
in my bedroom.
You know why.
Come here, let's make a toast.
Cheers, to my brave little man.
Do you want me to take you
to see Mirtha again? No? Are you sure?
I've got her phone number.
I can call her right now.
- Her, or another one?
- No.
- That one.
- No!
- Did you like her tits?
- None of them!
- Are you in love?
- Stop!
My Luismi has fallen in love
with his first screw.
- My champion! Yes!
- Hey!
Cheers, little man.
I don't know where you got that from.
Érika and you
have known each other since you were tiny.
It's normal that you feel something
for her.
But it won't work out.
You're like chalk and cheese.
- In what way?
- In every way.
Don't exaggerate.
Micky, think about it.
She's a home loving girl
that still lives with her parents.
And you
are you.
You'll hurt her.
Come in.
I'm going to Mexico.
What? Right now?
Yeah, pretty much.
Don't you want to do something
before you go?
I can't, Érika.
I can't.
You spoke to my dad, didn't you?
And just so you know,
I remember perfectly.
Your house in San Jerónimo,
under the stairs,
when you gave me my first kiss.
Have a good trip.
Hello, my sun.
Hi, Mom.
How are you feeling?
Not great.
Have you been to the hospital?
- Yes.
- Have you seen your little brother?
Sure. He's really small.
He's going to be very small
for a long time.
Come here.
Tell me about your trip.
How was the concert? Better?
It was okay.
And the new teacher?
Well I don't like her much.
Tell me the truth, Micky.
Were you having a class with her
that late?
It's just The rehearsal finished
really late, at night.
So I had to take the class later.
Do you promise?
Has the mother of that girl signed yet?
Not yet.
I told you Micky was never going to come.
You know everything, Tito.
You know more all the time.
About administration, business,
my relationship with my son.
Don't mess with me, Tito.
Come on, don't fool around.
What time is Luismi coming?
Leave me alone, man. Leave me alone.
We're waiting for him for the photo.
And why are you waiting for him,
if everything he has is thanks to me?
Damnit, we're here for the launch
of my record label!
The talented one here is me!
Let me go! Why are you taking photos?
Yes, we'll meet you here, don't worry.
Thanks for letting us know. See you later.
IRS officials, boys. They're coming
at nine. We'll have to wait.
Right, let's carry on with this.
What do we do? I suggest you ignore it.
Who cares what your dad says
from so far away? Micky, it's over.
What do you mean, who cares?
He's saying we still have a relationship,
that we'll work together on
- Rey Music.
- That bullshit.
- That's fine, it's what he says. So what?
- So?
Has anyone asked me if it's true?
Hi, Leonor, how are you doing?
Do you want a whiskey or anything?
You lied to me, Luis.
Your son just gave an interview
saying he's not working with you
and would never collaborate
on a project with Rey Music.
Well these are family disputes, Leonor.
This will go away.
Diana is signing with another label.
I just came by to tell you.
- Wait, Leonor, just a second.
- Thanks for everything.
Subtitle translation by Julia Worley
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