Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


So what happens next?
That's exactly
what I wanted to talk about.
As a private investigator, I have limits.
I have, let's say,
obstacles I can't avoid.
Red tape, paperwork.
Information I can't get hold of.
Not only with hospitals,
also with the police,
even with the morgue.
I'm trying to make them let us
into the hospital
to see if the woman in the photo
is your mom.
Only family can visit.
I've explained your case,
but there's no official report
to back it up.
Unless you officially report your mom
a missing person.
In that case,
the authorities would be involved.
So, you want to say publicly
that we don't know where she is?
I understand it's complicated for you,
you're a public figure, and this
will probably leak to the media.
I suggest you talk to your family,
you think it over,
and you tell me if you're willing
to take that path.
Of course, without that, I don't think
I can do anything else for you.
I'll talk to Alex. In the meantime,
please, keep trying with the hospital.
Thank you very much, Inés.
- Give me more.
- Shut up. You have too much.
Come on.
Pippo! Pippo, how are you?
Everything okay?
- No, don't serve from mine.
- Kids, be quiet.
- Sorry, Dad.
- One moment, please.
- One moment.
- Micky!
This is Pippo Baudo, the host
of the San Remo Music Festival.
Talk to him.
Okay. Take him.
One moment.
Oh, right
- Take him.
- What's going on?
Hello. Yes, this is Micky's mom.
You want my son to play
the San Remo Festival?
Yes, yes.
Yes, I think that will be okay.
- Say yes to everything.
- In a month? Yes.
Thank you. You're so kind. See you soon.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Micky, you're going
to the San Remo Music Festival!
So many stars came out
of that festival.
I'm worried, Luis.
Don't start.
San Remo is Italy's biggest festival.
My family has hardly heard of Micky.
They'll get to know him.
And we said
we'd travel around Spain together.
Then come with us.
And after that we can go to Italy.
We can celebrate your dad's birthday
with your family.
You hate visiting my family.
Well, but I need a translator.
Don't worry about the kid.
You'll see he's more famous
there than you think.
We were alone
Everybody left
And in my room there was just a little
Light in a corner
I kissed you on the face
I kissed you on the lips
You were afraid
And looked at me without talking
- Make up your mind
- Make up your mind
Don't hesitate, make up your mind
- Make up your mind
- I can't stand not having you
I blame my luck
- Make up your mind
- Make up your mind
There are less than half the people
we'd thought would come.
And let's fly to distant worlds
Holding our hands
Make up your mind
One more song and then a break.
- Okay?
- Okay.
We need to talk to Pippo.
Tell him it'll be better
if Micky comes back next year.
Like every night
We need publicity.
And now. Quick.
At 9:30
Publicity? What for? It's Luis Miguel!
I just want to ensure that as many
people as possible hear about him.
Your show is very important to us.
Luis, I'm starting to regret
having invited you.
- No, no.
- Shut up, I'm doing the talking.
No, look, listen to me.
It's really important for us and for you
that the kid goes there,
- because he'll be seen
- Luis Miguel is already famous!
Yeah, but not everybody.
People know him, but not everybody.
Why don't you call your wife
so she translates for you?
I don't understand what you're saying.
I don't understand!
Think a little It's Luis Miguel.
A glass of red wine. Thanks.
I just remembered
why I never come to these things.
I know, if it wasn't work,
I wouldn't come, either.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Nice to meet you, I'm Ornella.
Marcela, nice to meet you.
Do you work for San Remo?
I help with the publicity.
I'm also editor of a magazine.
Which one?
It's called "Ragazza In."
Really? I can't believe it! I read it
all the time when I lived here.
So you work for "Ragazza In."
I do. Why?
and this is Montecarlo.
You have to be there in two weeks.
In two weeks?
- Micky, what are those awards called?
- World Music Awards.
You have to go to those, Micky.
Yes, and then there's the record.
The label is calling me every day
to ask how the record is going,
if you're working on it with Carlos, etc.
Juan Carlos is working
on the songs, right?
- Yeah, pretty slowly.
- That's Juan Carlos.
Yeah, well, but they want a record.
We have just finished the 20 years tour.
It's in your contract, Micky.
I wanted to go to Acapulco
to talk to Alex about my mom.
We need to make
a very important decision about that.
If you want to see
your brother, I can't say no.
Go, see your brother, hang out
with friends, with girls
And come back in a couple of days.
McCluskey and I promise not to bother you.
Not to bother you too much, Micky.
Exactly. And come back with energy.
Go. Family is very important.
Are there more?
We still have to unload the second bus.
And what are we going to do
with all these Boscos?
We can make a disco ball out of the CDs.
Luis, this is not a joke.
I know it's not a joke.
I'm the one losing money here.
I don't know, maybe we can move
to a smaller place.
No. This office is our trademark.
Luis, right now all we can do
is cut our costs.
Right, now you're the manager
of the company.
Don't be a nag.
These are the last ones.
- Is it the last one, Ana?
- Yeah.
Jorge this one goes to the main suite,
please, by the front door.
Thanks, guys. Here on the terrace.
Put the yellow cushions on it.
Saúl, this one goes here. Thanks.
Hey, hi!
What's all this?
What do you mean? You can't not have
the best piano in the world.
- How are you?
- Hey.
- Hi. Doc.
- Fede.
- Micky.
- Hi, Doc.
- Is everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
- Okay, listen to me.
- Okay.
I bought you some soft, squishy pillows,
some divine sheets and a duvet to die for.
I went to Paris to buy everything.
She went to Paris.
If you wanted to save money,
you should have asked somebody else.
I can see that now.
You're going to love it,
you can't complain. It's beautiful.
Stay, we can have a drink,
decide where we to sit
Sorry, no, I'm sorry. We can't stay.
We're having dinner with my parents.
Remember, honey?
But we're having a little party,
why don't you come?
- Yes, that would be cool.
- We have the thing with Bobby.
- Yeah, right.
- What?
Bobby was cast for a soap opera
and we said we'd celebrate.
Sure, sure. Anyway,
Micky, if you want, we'll be there.
- Hey, thanks.
- No, thank her.
- Both of you.
- Let's go, honey.
I'm glad about Bobby, but if you finish
early, why don't you come?
- It's a small party, a little wine.
- Okay.
Yes, transfer everything here.
Okay, perfect.
I'll tell my attorney to drop by
and deliver all the documents.
Okay, thanks, see you, bye.
Are you really going to use
the Bahamas account?
Go on like this and you'll have
nothing but your lighter and your watch.
- And the cars.
- What cars?
I have a meeting with Jaime Torrens.
What for?
So he can come and see the offices,
and see how well we're doing,
and so he'll want to invest in us.
Lately you doubt me too much.
Smile, damnit.
Dude! I'm so glad you could make it!
- How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- I wasn't going to miss it.
- Are you ready for the competition, dude?
More than ready. Are you happy?
- Really happy, dude. So happy.
- Right?
- Main role, huh?
- No, but almost.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, bro. Come, sit here, dude.
You know, the director
was blown away by my audition.
- Really?
- He was crying, crying, dude.
Yes, he was crying, but with laughter.
He told me my audition was the best
he had seen.
Admit it. You had to blow him
to get the part.
No, Burro, your mom did that to me.
Wow, dude.
Anyway, the thing is
my character is great, dude.
Like halfway into the story, the villain
puts a bomb in my car, and blows it up.
And so I disappear
for about 20 episodes
- Why are you laughing?
- What?
Why are you laughing, dude?
What's so funny? I don't get it.
Nothing. Soap operas. Go on. Sorry.
Are you laughing
because my character disappears?
What, doesn't that happen in real life?
- People disappear, don't they?
- Easy!
- Yeah, come on.
- Shut up, idiot.
Or am I wrong, dude?
- You just can't, dude.
- Good night.
You can't stand not being
the center of attention.
You're drunk, Bobby.
Where are you going, dude?
What's up, dude?
We've been your fucking cheerleaders
for years,
going to your concerts,
your fucking rehearsals, dude.
Bobby, I'm sorry you traveled
around the world for free
without paying a cent, ungrateful bastard.
You're ungrateful, dude.
You can't stand that today
isn't about you, man.
I'm leaving because you crossed a line.
I couldn't care less
about your five minutes of fame, dude.
My soap opera is on
during prime time, dude.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
Come here.
You're never gonna be me, Bobby.
Who the hell wants to be you, dude?
Just go. You're all alone.
You have nobody.
Do you know why?
Because you're a piece of shit.
See what you did to Sophie.
- What does she have to do with it?
- What?
Do you think it isn't important?
Did you go see her?
Have you seen her?
Do you even know the girl, dude?
You're a piece of shit, dude.
Your party was great. Thanks.
- I'm glad. Have fun. This is your house.
- Congratulations.
Come by whenever you want.
Hi, Alex. You're so grown-up.
You're very handsome.
- Micky, help me with the suitcases.
- I'll say hi to him.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Go upstairs. Marcela!
Hello, Dad, hello.
- How are you?
- Fine, fine.
- Have you seen how cute he is?
- So cute.
Like his mother.
But he's named after his grandpa.
- I'm sorry we're late.
- Don't worry.
- We did a photo shoot with "Ragazza In."
- "Ragazza In."?
- Yeah.
- It's great. How did you get it?
I met a journalist in Rome.
Was it you, then?
Well, now it's all thanks to this Ornella.
Don't boast so much.
But, yeah, he's on the cover.
- How are you?
- We're on the cover.
- Marcela, help me out with the suitcases.
- Yeah, I'll get them in a minute.
- Hello, Aunt.
- Darling!
Isn't he beautiful? Isn't he?
Haven't you heard of elevators here?
Let me help you.
Pull. Gently.
- Bravo.
- Good.
- So, Grandpa.
- What's up?
- Let me take a ride, just a ride.
- No.
- Hello, Grandpa.
- Hello.
I'll take care of it!
Luis, you're 15.
You can't even take care of yourself.
Grandpa would rather lend you
his underwear before the bike.
- Hey, let's go.
- Where are you going?
We're going to a bar, my friends
are playing. Do you want to come?
- Go, Micky.
- No, I can't go out in public.
Hey, don't get mad at me,
but nobody knows you here.
- Go, Luis, go.
- Let's go.
- Bye, Grandpa.
- Bye, kids, have fun.
Yeah, yeah.
No, thank you, Luis.
Are you sure? It's a Vega Lilia.
What's that? I don't know
about those things.
It's the best Spanish wine. No?
Well, okay.
What are you going to do
for Sergio's birthday?
Whatever he wants to do.
I'll pay. Let's go to a nice restaurant.
- You'll pay?
- Yeah.
Don't you like the idea?
I don't think Sergio likes it.
He doesn't like to spend.
He likes eating at home, spending
his birthday at home with his family,
as he does every year.
You'll see.
I'll book a table for Friday.
I'll make a reservation for Friday.
- No, I'm here with
- Hi. He's with me.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
See? I told you nobody knows you.
I love it.
Hi, everyone. He's Luis Miguel,
Luis Miguel, these are my friends.
Drink it all!
- Have you just got back?
- It's late, isn't it?
Have you been drinking?
A little.
A little, huh. Are you having fun here?
Sure, Mom.
Dude, how are you? How do you do?
What's up, Miguelito,
what are you doing here?
I've come for you.
So you don't end up by yourself as usual.
And Bobby?
The party was over as soon as you left.
He's so stubborn, you know.
I'm sorry, dude, but he got me so mad.
You know him, he's always been like that.
He started it.
What do you care if he's like a peacock?
- What do you care?
- I don't care about that. It's not that.
Is it about Sophie's daughter?
- No.
- I thought you were okay with that.
It's not that.
I don't know why my friends
are still my friends.
Not you, dude, come on.
Come on, let's go to Érika's party.
What for, dude?
To hang out with Fede and Érika.
To have a drink with me.
- How are you?
- What can I get you, sir?
A tequila shot, please.
Are you having fun?
- Thanks.
- Good evening.
Dude, your Luismi costume is awesome.
You're just like him.
Even the hairdo and everything.
Are you already drinking? Cheers, dude.
It's really cool.
This guy looks exactly like Luis Miguel.
Have you seen him?
Why didn't you tell me
it was a costume party?
I swear I was going to tell you,
but then I decided not to.
If you want, I can give you a mask.
No, no. Let's go over there,
it's too hot in here.
What's your costume?
What? I'm Winona Ryder.
But Winona Ryder has dark hair.
Not in Edward Scissorhands.
You're so weird.
You're weird,
you're not wearing a costume.
Are you okay?
What's up? Tell me.
You're gonna make fun of me because
I'm gonna sound like a poor rich boy.
You know, fame and how hard it is and
Well, but I'm sure it has a hard part.
I'm tired, you know.
Of hotels, of traveling
of being alone.
Of not being with the people
I want to be with.
No, yeah, you do sound
like a poor rich boy.
See? I told you.
What's up?
- Honey!
- What are you doing?
Yeah? What about?
- Movies.
- Okay, cool.
Honey, can you help me, please?
I can't find something.
Give me two minutes, we're just talking.
- I'll get it for you in a minute.
- No, no.
- Don't worry, I'm leaving
- No!
- Yeah.
- You just got here. Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm I'm tired. No, no.
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then.
- Tomorrow?
- What's happening tomorrow?
- At
- Right, sorry, Micky.
Tomorrow we have a poker game
here at 9:00.
Alex arrives tomorrow. I have to see
what he wants to do and
If you want to come, you're both invited.
Bring money, this one's serious.
Or we can lend you some cash
if you need it.
What's wrong with you?
Don't be a pain.
I'm glad you visited us, Jaume.
Look at that view.
Good, very good.
Everything looks very nice.
Thank you.
Do you want me to show you upstairs?
Listen. Tell me you haven't brought me
to show me your office.
No, for God's sake.
Do you want something to drink?
- Water.
- Boy, get me water.
That's my office.
Luis, I'm in a bit of a hurry,
so let's get to the point, okay?
You want me to give you money
for your label, don't you?
Well, damn, if you say it like that
it sounds like I'm asking for charity.
Charity. A loan. I don't know,
call it whatever you want.
Investment in a company
that's about to go bankrupt.
Well, I have some liabilities, but look,
there's clearly nothing to worry about.
Okay, and assets?
The only asset I remember is this kid
I don't remember his name,
the one who did lip sync.
Do you know how much that kid's worth now?
Nothing, Luis. Not even a cent.
I am the asset. I know all the singers.
I also know all the singers, Luis.
Do you know what the singers
are gonna tell you when you talk to them?
That they're not leaving
their label for you,
none of them are going to go with you.
You've forgotten who created Luis Miguel.
And just like I created Luis Miguel,
I can make another one.
Well, if you have such a gift
to make singers and artists,
why don't you start
a singing academy, damnit?
Family, come, quick.
Micky, come here.
- Hi, Dad.
- Look.
- Mom!
- There you go.
The photo is horrible,
but well, here it is.
No, it's horrible. Did you buy it here?
- Yes.
- Let me see.
- Do you think I went to Rome to get it?
- I can't believe we got the cover.
Well, the kid got it.
- Amazing!
- I went to the city for something else.
Grandpa, I've organized a party
for your birthday.
Have you ever been to Mezzaluna?
Yeah, it's a restaurant for tourists.
Well, but tourists with money.
Nothing, I booked a table
for all of us to go.
No. Adua cooked and I bought the wine.
You know he doesn't like those luxuries.
What's it to him?
What's it to him if I'm paying for it?
- He doesn't have to pay!
- Show some respect, it's his birthday.
Respect? Damnit!
I can't believe
you didn't know how he'd react.
Your family, kid,
they never stop surprising me.
You know what? I prefer my family
to your sponging parents and cousins.
Why don't you take a ride around the city?
- No.
- I can lend you the bike.
- But don't tell your dad, okay?
- Fine.
On one condition.
Come back in time for my party.
Sure. Thank you so much.
- You're going too fast!
- Don't you want to make it on time?
- I'd rather make it alive!
- Hold on tight!
Luis, be careful, please!
- Aren't you worried?
- Why?
- About your son.
- Why?
He should be here by now.
Dad, relax.
You know how teenagers are.
Relax, it's your birthday.
Relax, Dad.
Luis, what are you doing?
Luis, in my house, I pay. Is that clear?
Man, no, some wine,
because of this shit you brought,
I can't breathe. Don't worry!
I don't understand.
Giovanni, come here, please.
- Giovanni
- Don't listen to him, come here.
Thank you.
How much do I owe you? How much?
Here you go. Thanks, Giovanni.
Thanks, Giovanni.
We're celebrating!
The good wine is here, it's Spanish.
This is good wine.
This goes down smoothly.
It's like I can't breathe.
Come on, the party starts now.
You'll see, look at him,
because look at him
- Is it so bad?
- He doesn't want to move, look.
- Come here, Luis.
- But what happened?
He's been hit by a whiskey train,
that's what happened. Look.
Did it go that badly?
I'm gonna get some water.
Luis, man.
Jaime. Son of a bitch.
- Yeah.
- Son of a bitch.
I don't want water.
Don't give me water.
- No! Shit.
- No, no.
I don't want water.
Don't give me water.
Have some.
- Son of a bitch.
- Yes.
- He'll know
- Easy, Luis, easy.
That's it.
Hi, Micky.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Come on in.
- Is everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
Go to the police, file a report.
Here? In Spain?
And in Italy.
And any other place where mom might be.
That would also help get access
to the hospital on the Canary Islands.
What? What's up?
- We can't.
- Why not?
How long do you think it'll take the media
to find out about it? One day?
That's exactly the point.
I don't care about the media.
And Grandpa, Micky?
He's really ill, dude.
If he finds out his daughter
is officially missing, he'll die.
Alex, you saw Grandpa.
He's old, he's not well,
he forgets things.
It's one thing to forget some things,
it's another to have the papers and the TV
reminding him all day
about his missing daughter.
What if we do all that, and the woman
on the Canary Islands isn't Mom?
We need to find another way.
I'm not going to let them
use me like this. I won't let him.
Who will want to work with me when
When they find out
I've had to close down my offices?
You can start another label.
With what money, girl, what money?
Maybe you don't need anybody.
What do you mean?
Who can sing and write better than you?
- Is that him?
- They're here.
They're here.
Oh, my God. What happened?
We had an accident.
- It's not serious.
- What do you mean it's not serious?
- It was an accident.
- We fell off the bike.
Show me your arm.
- I'm fine, Mom.
- Let's go inside. Come with me.
I'm sorry for the bike, Grandpa.
Easy, honey.
The bike can be repaired,
don't worry about that.
No, it's not Luis Miguel's fault.
It wasn't the kid's fault.
If his grandpa lends him his bike,
what's he going to say?
"No, Grandpa, don't give me the bike,
I'm gonna have the time of my life."
Of course, man, it's your dad's fault,
and that's it.
- So it's my fault.
- Well, yeah.
- Luis!
- Thank God I have money to spare,
and I can buy 50 bikes like that,
but, listen to me, it'd better be
the last time you risk my son's life.
Apologize for what?
For letting my grandson have fun?
For letting him have a normal life?
Instead of exploiting him like you do?
I'll do whatever the hell I want
with my family.
Your family? You mean your slaves!
My slaves!
Just apologize and that's it, man,
admit you made a mistake, damnit.
The only mistake I made
was letting my daughter marry you.
Dad, calm down, easy
No, no
Maybe you're right, of course,
she would've been better off
living in this pigsty
than living the life I'm giving her.
Don't worry. We're leaving
tomorrow morning.
- Great.
- First thing.
Dad, no, please, no.
First thing in the morning
we're leaving, damnit!
That's it. I'm sick of this.
- I'm out.
- I'm out.
- You too?
- Let's deal the next one.
Take your cards.
Dude, Fede
- Micky.
- Hi.
- Is your chaperone playing?
- Sure.
Let's go.
So he's Luis Miguel, like, Luis Miguel?
You're an idiot. Come on, play.
You're on.
Come on.
Well played.
For being a fan.
- Thank you.
- Okay
Alex, it's all yours.
Honey, you pay or you go.
- Alex! Good luck, Micky!
- I'm sorry, Alex!
Great, Fede.
- Oh, no!
- Great
Didn't Fede tell you about the kidnapping
of the businessman from Guadalajara?
They had to ask the FBI
for help for the rescue.
It wasn't the FBI, dude
it was the KGB.
No, it was the other ones,
the ones from Israel.
The thing is as soon
as Fede's dad got involved,
they found the businessman right away.
Right away, and nobody found out.
- Hey
- How are you doing?
- And they took care of everything?
- Everything.
Let's go. It's the last hand.
Hey, sorry. What was it called?
How's it going?
Good, Micky, I didn't know they taught you
to play poker in Always Sunday.
Classes aren't as good
as the ones in Los Pinos, Fede.
My dad didn't actually teach me.
In fact, I was busy working.
You do know what that is,
or do you need me to explain it to you?
Here, let's do it.
At least I went to school, Micky.
Come on.
Let Érika deal.
- Let Érika deal!
- Okay.
I'll deal.
- So
- Go, Micky.
There we go.
Let's see
Let's do it.
What do you think he has?
Tell me, Fede, does it feel good
to play with the money from our taxes?
Money that isn't yours, Micky.
Or are you paying the IRS now?
Come on, Fede, that's too far.
Micky, are you playing or what?
- Ten more
- Fine. Honey, give me a winner.
Such a tough hand!
- He has the aces, dude.
- I don't think so
I think Fede will win.
All in.
- Come on, Fede.
- You have nothing, Micky.
Come on
I have nothing.
- What? Really?
- He doesn't have the aces!
We want to know what he has!
You're not going to pay to look?
It's all yours, Fede.
- Congratulations, Fede!
- Congratulations!
- Okay! Fine, honey.
- Very good.
Micky, thank you. Excellent.
Now I can take my girlfriend on holiday.
Who wants another drink?
- Another barrel? Come on.
- Sure.
Let's celebrate.
What do you want to drink, Fede?
Why did you let Federico win?
What are you talking about?
Micky, I saw your cards, a pair of aces.
He hates you, doesn't he?
I don't think
I'm his favorite person, why?
I mean I heard something
Do you remember I said
we had to find another solution for Mom?
Federico's dad is the solution.
Honey, why are you with him?
I have to go.
- Come back whenever you want
- Thank you. I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
- Bye, Dad.
- Honey!
- Bye, Aunt.
No! Let's go.
- I'm sorry about the bike.
- Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
Adua, calm down.
- The bike will be a surprise.
- He's going to love it.
Bye, Grandpa.
- Bye.
- Thank you, Aunt. Bye.
Good luck in San Remo.
Your dad is so stubborn.
He didn't let me pay for his bike.
How long has she been here?
Three years. About three years.
And nobody knows who she is?
No. Nobody's asked for her, actually.
Over here.
Thank you very much
for letting me come here.
Thank Inés, she was very persistent.
I thought I was happy
I thought I had it all
All those friends
Whims, crazy lovers
I have everything but you
And the taste of your skin
As beautiful as the sun in April
How silly the day I dreamed
That you were meant for me
Subtitle translation by Ianina Antonetti
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