Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e11 Episode Script


I'm very sorry, sir.
You were looking for your mother,
is that right?
Don't worry, please.
No one will ever know you were here.
Whatever. It was unlikely to be her.
My friend! How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- Fine.
Is someone else coming?
No, no. Have a seat.
So, what's up with all this?
- With what?
- The bottle, the mystery.
I need to ask you a very important favor.
What's up? Tell me.
I can't see that happening, buddy.
You're not asking me to introduce you
to the local Police.
I have no connections in the FBI
or Mossad.
But maybe your dad does,
someone in your family.
My grandfather was president 40 years ago.
I seriously doubt his connections
are still relevant.
God damnit!
Why don't you ask Fede?
No way. The guy hates me.
I'm sure he can help you.
I won't ask him any favors.
None at all.
- This is about finding your mother.
- No shit.
I'm sorry, buddy.
Let me see if there are any more options.
Will you stick around?
I'm leaving for Mexico City tomorrow.
Problems with the album.
What kind of problems?
What do you mean Juan Carlos
still hasn't finished the songs?
That's exactly it.
He's never failed us.
Well, he did this time.
There have to be some songs
that can be used.
One. Maybe two.
René, I won't make a greatest hits album.
You're crazy.
Micky, you know we love you,
but that's in your contract.
You have to deliver new recordings
in two months,
and we don't have new recordings.
Hugo, do you agree?
I agree that we mustn't fail the label.
You can't have more time.
I won't make a greatest hits album.
That's not an album,
that's just a fucking scam.
Well, unless you have 10 songs
lying around somewhere,
that's what we're going to do.
Give me one month.
Give me one week
and I'll come back with something.
If you don't like it, I'll make
your greatest hits album.
But whatever you do,
you have to do it fast.
During that night of passion
My heart
Everything that could be
Burned itself down
And today, only ashes remain
Man, turn the volume down!
It'll blow my ear off!
It's done.
- How much longer do we have?
- Ten minutes.
My God, this is going to be so expensive.
- Again.
- Wait, this isn't as easy as it looks.
Wait, I need to focus.
I need to receive the muses.
Okay. He looks so handsome.
One more comment, and you're out of here.
One more and you're out!
- Hit it.
- Let's do it.
This is so much better. Yes.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Fine, and you?
How did you get in?
I still have the keys you gave me
to furnish the house.
What are you doing, holed up in here?
Me? Holed up?
Yes, you've been here for days
but haven't dropped by to say hi.
I don't know who told you that.
Sorry. I've had some problems
with the new album.
You know.
I'd never seen you like this for an album.
If I tell you something,
would you promise me
Would you swear you won't tell anyone?
Yes, of course.
Alex overheard the other day
that your father-in-law,
the former president,
helped find missing people
by hiring a foreign agency.
- Yes, like the FBI.
- Right, exactly.
I met Miguel and asked for his help and
He said he doesn't have
those connections anymore.
- Do you want me to ask Fede?
- No, no.
- No way.
- My father-in-law is so nice.
- I'm sure he'd help you.
- No, Érika.
I'll find someone else.
- Let me tell Fede.
- No.
You swore to me. No.
I don't like owing people favors.
Okay, all right.
What are you watching?
I love this movie!
- You do?
- Yes!
I thought I was the only one
who likes these old movies.
No, of course not. They're the best.
Classics never go out of style.
What did you say?
Classics never go out of style.
Classics! Classics never go out of style.
Are you drunk, man?
No, no, listen.
We won't make a new album. I mean
It will be new, but old.
Micky, I don't understand.
I'll sing new versions of old songs.
Just think
A ranchera, or a bolero
An Argentine tango, boludo!
Tango? Please
- So?
- It's not a terrible idea.
You love it! Admit it.
Now we have to persuade René.
I think I know who I can take
to the meeting with him.
How did you come up with this idea?
Won't you eat?
I'm not hungry.
I had a late lunch.
Here, on your own?
Yes, I was here.
Can I ask you a question?
Sure, honey, anything.
I was talking with Luis Miguel earlier
- and he said something
- Luis Miguel?
- Earlier today.
- Today?
Did you have dinner with him?
I was at his house
for, like, 30 minutes tops.
While your boyfriend was on an airplane.
- Fede, it wasn't like that.
- No, no.
I'm probably just crazy, aren't I?
So what about him? He must have been
so happy to be with my girlfriend.
He didn't even know I was coming.
I surprised him.
You know what?
Why don't you go away with Micky?
I don't want to hear about you
or him ever again.
- Fede!
- Excuse me.
Look, Mom.
These letters are from my Italian fans.
Let me see.
There are so many of them!
It's not every day you're the runner-up
at the San Remo festival.
"You're the most beautiful boy
we've ever seen."
Wait up.
"I remember the first time
I heard you sing."
Stop it!
Okay, give me that.
Okay, help me choose the clothes
you want to take.
This one?
No, better this one.
I can't believe you'll be away
so many months.
This is the last box.
Not that suit, Marcela.
Everyone's seen it already.
- Everyone's seen it.
- Where does the tour start?
- Let's see
- We'll start in
Panama, then Chile,
Colombia, Brazil,
- Peru
- What about Argentina?
- Yes, right?
- Yes, Argentina too.
Good! I'll tell Cata.
She'll want to hear everything
about San Remo.
Marcela, we'll be working.
If we have time, we'll call Cata
and hang out with her.
Yes, but you haven't seen her
in a long time.
I'm sure you'll have some free time.
Look at her. She'll be scheduling
our tour from Italy.
We've done well enough, haven't we?
I don't want to fight.
Did you talk to the EMI people?
I'll be right there.
Yes, I'm on my way.
They insist on keeping all the rights
to the new songs
and a two-year waiting period
after the contract is over.
Do they want to stop Micky's career
for two years?
That's their way of making sure
we'll renew the contract indefinitely.
- Those sons of bitches.
- Yeah
These are the same terms
as in the previous contract.
Exactly, they are the same terms
when he wasn't a platinum-selling artist
who sells out arenas.
They think this is fair,
after all the money they invested in him.
We can send them a new draft,
saying these terms don't apply.
No, no. No more drafts.
I'll take care of this myself,
even if I have to go to London.
Luis, the tour starts tomorrow.
You don't have time to fly to Europe.
I don't have time for them to laugh at me.
I want them to look me in the eye
after this shameful negotiation.
Listen. You go to Panama
with the kid tomorrow. All right?
I'll join you when everything is done.
Fine, as you wish.
Javier, we'll talk again later.
Okay, Mr. Luis.
Don't tell me anymore
What would have happened
Before we met
I know you've had happy moments
Even though you weren't with me
I don't want to know
What could have happened
In all these years
That you've lived with other
Micky, how does it go?
We both met each other
Imagine this,
but with one of Armando's songs.
But do you want my opinion,
my blessing or what?
- We want you to produce it.
- We want you as producer.
- We want you as producer.
- We want you to produce it.
You want me to produce the whole album?
What do you say?
Well, thank you,
but I'm not sure, Luis Miguel.
I don't know if your fans
Do you really think they'll like this?
Well, for starters,
I think the songs are beautiful,
and, second, I think
you could do some amazing arrangements.
- But keeping the songs' essence.
- Yes, of course.
Imagine giving these songs new life,
introducing them to my audience,
giving your music to a new generation.
So, maestro, why don't we get together
and see what we come up with?
If nothing comes of it
at least we'll have had fun.
- Great!
- It will be a pleasure.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Take care of your voice,
it's worth gold.
See you soon.
This is your home.
That's cool.
- I'll meet you at the studio.
- Yes, sure.
- One less problem.
- Yes.
- Do you think they liked it?
- Yes, they did. They loved it.
You know what I say:
no one ever regretted being brave.
Don't chicken out now.
Come, give me a hug.
Now, back to work. Let's go to the studio.
Can I have a second?
I need to make a call.
- Sure. Don't take long.
- No, I won't.
Hello, Fede, how are you?
This is Luis Miguel.
What do you want?
Is everything alright?
You tell me.
Will you keep stepping on my toes?
What are you talking about?
So you're cynical too.
Big time.
Next time, be straight with me.
Don't use Érika as your messenger.
Luis. Luis!
Look at you, man! You're so handsome.
- Do this.
- Shit, fuck
The distribution people
are already in there.
So, let's give them a smile. Like that.
Listen to this part.
You're the reason of my pain
All the songs are already recorded.
54 minutes of high quality music.
I wanted you to be the first to hear it.
- Thanks.
- I must say the recording sounds great.
Thanks. So you would only have to invest
in distribution and touring.
Listen, Luis, right now,
we're only signing young artists,
- and you already have a name.
- You have a name.
Of course
All the songs are already recorded.
I wanted you
to be the first to listen to it.
I think it'd be good to release
8000 copies
Maybe 5000 copies
on cassette, vinyl, CD.
Vinyl, CD, cassette
- Cassette, vinyl, CD
- Luis, Luis.
We thought you'd asked us here
to talk about Luis Miguel.
We're not interested
in releasing your album.
Barcelona, then Seville
Seville, Valencia,
Barcelona, Valencia.
Valencia, Seville. Seville, Zaragoza.
What do you think?
Leave us your demo
and then we'll talk about it.
We'll call you in a few weeks
- with a decision.
- Yes, of course.
We just signed a new artist
and we need songs for his album.
How much do you want for the songs?
Wait, wait. The songs?
I don't sell my songs,
only I can sing them.
Luis, after the Bosco debacle,
your name is
- Let's go.
- It's complicated.
- Micky, wait!
- How could you tell Federico?
- I didn't! He wouldn't let me finish.
- You swore it! You were in my house.
- You told me you wouldn't say anything.
- Can I explain?
He hung up on me.
- He hung up.
- Calm down.
We were having dinner,
and when I said I'd talked to you
- he lost it and left
- Then, why would you tell him?
Why would you?
I'm sorry. I didn't think
it'd be a problem.
No, because you can only
think of yourself.
How can you say that to me?
You just ruined the only contact
I had to try and find my mom.
Can you see that, or are you too dumb?
You can't talk to me like that.
- Hello, Minerva.
- Ma'am.
Thank you.
Honey, it's so sunny!
Alex, watching TV again?
What about your homework?
- I'll do it later, Mom.
- Yes, sure.
Marcela, you got a fax
from the travel agency.
- I did?
- I think it's about Micky's tour.
Yes, thank you.
Come here with me, honey.
We just got a fax from you
and I wanted to confirm everything.
It's just the printout is blurry.
I assume they are plane tickets, yes.
To London?
And what name are they in?
Yes, I'm here, sorry.
Can you send me the invoices
for all the tickets purchased for Mr. Rey?
Yes, the same fax number.
Paris, Bahamas,
- Cuba
- What are you talking about?
You've given Rita a great life,
haven't you?
I envy her.
I've been working for 15 hours,
and I'm flying to London in two days,
so I'm going to bed.
Working or fucking her?
Well, both.
Are you surprised I'm with other women?
No, I'm not surprised.
So stop pestering me. You know who I am.
I used to know.
You were hard-working, you were ambitious,
and I believed in your talent.
I have talent in spades.
Since when is living off someone else
having talent?
If it wasn't for me, you'd still be
in that shitty Italian village
- making dresses.
- Yes, yes.
Well, I'd rather that
than being here all the time
while you and your whores
travel the world with my son!
Careful what you wish for.
So what? I have nothing left to lose.
I'm just sorry to see what you've become.
And what are you going to do?
Are you leaving me?
It's long overdue, don't you think?
If you leave me, I'll kill you.
Everything you are,
everything you have,
is thanks to him.
I know it
and you know it, better than anyone.
No, no. That's not included.
Tito, help me out.
- Sir, your check and your receipt.
- Thanks.
- At your service.
- Thank you.
Let's celebrate.
How much did they give you
for the furniture?
Enough for the plane tickets.
Plane tickets? Where are we going?
We? No, girl.
You're not going anywhere.
This is for Tito and me.
- Where to, brother?
- Mexico.
I've talked to Andrés,
he'll be waiting for us.
And once we're there,
we'll sell the penthouse.
What about me?
What about you, Ana?
When I need you, I'll call you.
You could have sent a driver.
It's not a big deal.
I brought you the sweater you left at home
during the World Cup finals.
Érika, I'm sorry.
I was right to be mad,
but I shouldn't have disres
No, you weren't right to be mad,
you didn't know what I was going to say.
What were you going to say?
That Luis Miguel invited you
to his concert?
Or that you would decorate
another one of his houses?
See? You don't let me finish!
We can't communicate,
that's why we didn't work.
There's nothing between
Luis Miguel and I, that will never happen.
But you have to See?
You have to know what he told me.
He needs your help to find his mother.
Don't stand up.
What, you couldn't find
a more secluded table?
Thanks for coming.
I did it for Érika.
Yes. She said she told you
about my mother.
this is very hard for me.
I'm out of options.
I wanted to know if your father
could help me find my mother.
I love the fact
that you have to ask me a favor.
I didn't mean to interfere
in your relationship with Érika.
- Okay?
- Sure.
That's why you were in Acapulco
every other day, isn't it?
- That's where I live.
- Yes.
And did you have to buy the house
next door to Jaime's?
Did you want me to go
to a different bay or what?
I wanted you to respect my relationship!
I did.
More than you think.
What do you want?
I'm here. If you have
something to say, go ahead.
Damnit, Fede, nothing happened.
Even if I'd wanted to,
Érika wouldn't have let me.
Well, you can relax now.
She's not my girlfriend anymore.
I'm sorry.
- That's a lie, you're not sorry.
- Fede
I'm not asking you to be my friend,
I'm not asking you
to believe me about Érika,
and I'm not asking you to forgive me.
I'm asking you to help me find my mother.
Look, I even kept a Brioni.
I've lost so much weight.
Stop complaining. We're meeting Andrés,
not your next wife.
But I like looking good.
Let's see
And what will you say to him?
Luis, please don't give him that speech
you gave the label people. Please.
No, brother, he's my friend.
- I'll talk to him as a friend.
- Fine.
- Fifty something 54 minutes.
- 54.
Of high quality music, Andrés.
High quality.
I mean, I've had many offers,
but I'd rather do it myself,
so I can have control over the product.
And I was thinking maybe
we could release 1000 copies
- and then
- 500.
I'd sign them all,
so they'd be collector's items
and they'll be beautiful.
And that copy is yours.
You can keep it.
And if you can use it in a movie,
just go ahead, you know?
Luisito, don't hit it that hard, man.
He's the same as usual.
The same, yes, the same.
Have you seen Micky?
Not yet. We're leaving now for Acapulco.
I called Jaime and said,
"Jaime, let me use your plane,
I want to go see my boy."
But he'd already lent it
to someone else, so he couldn't
You've been out of touch for many years.
You went to Spain
and you stopped talking to us.
Andrés, don't lecture me, buddy. Come on.
Now is not the time for that.
There's more here, buddy.
- You still have it!
- Of course.
Keep it, buddy.
Keep it.
I quit smoking.
Some romances in life
Can never be forgotten
Permanent moments
Now I'm listening to him,
this is a great idea.
Don't try to steal the credit now.
This was Micky's idea.
Shut up, you fool.
- Excuse me.
- Come in.
Federico here is looking for Luis Miguel.
- Thanks.
- Come on in. Thanks, Pily.
- How are you?
- Hello, nice to meet you. Hugo López.
- Nice to meet you.
- How are you?
With a new love
You have a visitor.
Thanks, René.
Let's take 15.
I'm sorry.
- Sure.
- I'll be right back.
What's up, Fede?
I talked to someone
at the President's office.
You have an appointment with an agent.
Here is the information.
Thank you so much.
I hope it helps.
- I mean it.
- You're welcome.
- Marcela!
- Cata!
How are you?
Let me help you.
- We need to hurry, or we won't make it.
- Yes, he's upset.
- Micky!
- Yes?
- Look, honey. Come in.
- Mom!
- What a surprise!
- My son!
- What are you doing here?
- How are you?
How are you, kid?
Sergio? You're so big!
He is!
Where is Dad?
I think he's leaving for London tomorrow.
We have to go out now, Micky.
- Hurry up.
- I want you to come with me.
Of course!
I'm so glad you're here.
Nothing in the world
Is worthy to me without you
My cloudy sky
Was lit up by your sun
You have taught me
The truth about our love
I'd like to give you roses
But they may be jealous
Of your skin
I'll always sing your name
I wrote this love song for you
I will love you forever
I'll never leave you
Well, are you going, then?
What do I have left?
I don't have a record,
I don't have any money.
But he doesn't even know you're in Mexico.
I talked to McCluskey.
He'll let me into the backstage area.
Fine. And who says Micky
will want to see you?
After a long time, I want to see him.
Do I look okay?
Yes, you look good. You do.
I'll be back in a few hours.
In the meantime, you pack up everything.
Okay. Here.
I think the wind is blowing
You're finally here
- And I'm crazy about you
- I'm dying for
Someone like you
Someone that loves me
Someone like you
To keep my fire burning
Someone like you
The one I've always waited for
I'm dying for
Someone like you
A good friend
Someone like you
Without barriers
Someone like you
Who never says goodbye
Someone like you
Thank you so much!
Thank you for being with me tonight.
It's a very special night.
I thank you, with all my soul,
with all my love.
Thank you, Mexico!
If you despise me for being poor
I grant you reason
I grant you reason
- Did you see that?
- Did you see the girls in the front row?
- Micky!
If you despise me for being poor
I can't offer you riches
I can offer you my heart
I can offer you my heart
In exchange for my poverty
How did he get backstage?
Hugo, don't say it. It was you!
Both McCluskey and I thought
He's your father, goddammit!
He probably wanted money.
Maybe, but he brought a ham
Didn't you see his face?
He looked like the living dead.
I swear I don't get how you can give him
the benefit of the doubt.
You're the one who needs to relax,
or you'll be alone forever. Relax.
Come in.
Thanks for coming. Hugo López.
- Hi, how are you?
- Ari Hassman,
with the Institute for Intelligence
and Special Operations of Israel.
First of all, I want you to know
I'm here as a special favor to Federico.
We usually don't intervene
in private matters such as these.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, it is.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I understand
your mother disappeared around 1986, 1987.
Yes, 1986.
Can you tell me where and when
you last saw her?
What's going on?
Look at him!
- What do you think?
- What did they do to you?
- Does he look like me or not?
- No!
Poor kid.
- He looks great!
- Cata!
- What?
- Look here! Look at Sergio!
- He is so handsome!
- No.
I'll change him.
- Don't! I'll take a photo.
- No, no. Don't change him.
- Really?
- He looks beautiful!
- Let's take a photo.
- We have to document this!
- Poor baby, he's so little!
- Get ready!
Yes, but he looks good.
How does this work?
- There we go.
- He looks so good.
- Honey.
- Let's see
- Come on.
- Okay, get together.
I'll get the camera ready,
you get your faces ready.
Beautiful family! Here I go!
One, two and three.
- There it is.
- Another one!
- Another one?
- Yes, one for me. Come on.
Okay. Ready
Yes, I liked that kiss.
- So nice.
- Give it to me.
Shake it.
No, don't shake it. Don't.
Poor baby The door.
- Are you sure?
- It must be Rosy.
- Let's see.
- Here, give me the baby.
My sun, what if we tell Rosy
you're staying here tonight as well?
It's just that the plane to London
is leaving too early.
- Really?
- But I'd love to. You persuade her.
- Do it, please.
- I'll try.
Oh, Sergio
Hello, Dad.
Did you have a party without me?
- Dad.
- How are you?
- How are you?
- They look good, don't they?
Yes, it looks very nice.
- Hello, Micky.
- Check it out.
How nice.
- How are you?
- Fine, and you?
Let's go to the kitchen.
I know you must be hungry
and I have some sweets for you.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were going to London.
- What about you?
- I wanted to see my son.
You just want to ruin my life.
It wasn't enough for you
to leave me there,
now you want
to turn the whole family against me.
Please, Luis, calm down.
- Calm down? I won't calm down for shit!
- Keep your voice down!
- How can I keep it down?
- The kids are here, please.
Wait now! The kids?
So, are they kids?
Because the other day it almost was
as if the oldest one was my boss.
Because I owe him everything and shit.
- Please, stop!
- "Stop, stop"!
- Yes, it's over.
- Is it?
- Good. Kids, come here!
- What are you doing?
- It's over!
- What are you doing?
Well, your mother made a choice.
She wants a separation,
so you have to choose
who you want to live with:
- your mother and the baby or your father.
- No, no.
Okay, Alex, you first.
Who do you want to live with?
Who do you want to live with?
Your mother and the baby or your father?
- No!
- Come on, choose.
- You can't do that.
- No, Dad, please.
This is your doing!
I had to leave a meeting at EMI
to come here and put an end to this.
- You're crazy!
- Choose!
Your mother and the boy or your father.
Fine, with your mother.
I'm not surprised. Luis Miguel.
Come on.
Luis Miguel!
Keep the baby quiet. Come on.
Do you want to live with your mother
or your father?
I'm also your manager.
Think about your career.
Who do you want to live with?
Come on, Micky, we don't have all day.
Don't make this more painful.
You have to choose!
Come on, choose!
- No!
- He's made his choice.
This is how you want it.
Let's be clear about that.
The kid and I are going on tour,
we have to go back to work.
Let's go.
- Luis
- Move. Let's go.
Let him go.
Don't make this more complicated,
they're kids!
- Come on.
- My son!
I'm so sorry for what I did to you.
Federico came to see me,
I met with the agent
and he'll give me the results
in a month.
I'm so glad.
For you and for Alex, really.
I was horrible to you.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
Is there anything else
you want to tell me?
I'm having dinner with my dad.
I just
wanted to apologize
and thank you for what you did.
Subtitle translation
by Ivana Chimento Martino
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