Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

No Me Puedes Dejar Así

What now?
You better sit down, Micky.
- What's wrong?
- Just do it.
Speak already!
The album did badly, didn't it?
Hugo and I were talking and we think
you should leave the country for a while.
Is it really that bad?
So bad
that your Latin American tour
sold out in two days!
Romance is your best-selling album, dude!
Record stores can't keep up!
It's the biggest hit of your career!
You earned it, dude!
You deserve it, for being so bold.
I love that.
How do we know the girl is his?
Well, after that dinner with the Villegas,
you weren't here,
so your dad went ahead and
- What?
- Yes.
I took advantage of the fact you left
without saying goodbye to make inquiries.
Apparently, it's true.
I'm very sorry.
Apparently, Luis Miguel
has not only refused to acknowledge her,
but also to see her.
Maybe he doesn't know, Mom.
Maybe no one told him
Érika, don't be so naive, please.
It's the same thing he did
with his nationality.
Of course he knows she exists.
Then, why wasn't it
in the newspapers, Dad?
Because the
The girl's mom
comes from a discreet family.
They don't want the attention.
And they don't need money.
Where are you going, honey?
I want to be alone.
- Hugo López?
- Yes.
- Come on in, please.
- Thanks.
Have a seat.
Your biopsy results came back.
I'm afraid it's bad news.
Your white blood cell count is very high.
We need to run more tests
to have a diagnosis.
Fine, run them.
But I'll be in Paraguay,
so I'll call you
to find out about the results.
Maybe I wasn't very clear, Mr. López.
If you travel
without knowing what you have,
you'll be risking your life.
What tests do you need to run?
Please, take this to the first floor.
What are you doing?
I'm trying to open my best bottle of wine
so we can celebrate.
I can't believe it.
It's so old, the cork has gone bad
or something.
What are you celebrating?
What kind of question is that?
Tomorrow, your boyfriend will be Mexican.
And he also has the best-selling album
in Latin America. What do you think?
Don't get so excited.
I'd be more excited if I didn't know
you had a child.
Who told you that?
So, that's the problem?
Honey, you know that's a lie, don't you?
It's not true.
- We have the family's phone number and
- We?
Jaime. Unbelievable.
- Don't turn this on me.
- I'm not!
I don't even know her name!
I never said it was a girl.
Honey, listen.
It's important you know
she's not my daughter.
She's not mine.
I don't know who you are.
What if we run out of alcohol?
Which one of us will get more?
No, leave it there.
What's wrong with you?
I thought it was another earthquake.
My kid is so funny!
I have a meeting
with Gómez Escolar tomorrow.
Kids your age don't get hangovers.
Join us.
I don't care! I'd rather sleep.
Then, sing for us.
Come on, sing us a song.
He sings like an angel.
Micky! Okay, fine. Good night, boy!
Come, sit here.
Give me that.
Do you like it?
Yes, I like it. I do.
You need to hear what Martinoli's doing.
What was it called?
"When The Sun Burns Bright."
- A total smash hit, kid.
- I can imagine.
- Are you ill?
- No.
It's just that
I didn't get much sleep last night.
The night before meeting
with your composer?
- Did you go to a party?
- No, no, it's more like
the party came to me.
Micky, we need to be professional.
I won't waste my time, okay?
- Yes, you're right.
- Good.
I'm glad you came. Hand me those aspirins.
You missed a great party last night.
- Those women!
- Yes.
I heard everything.
- Everything?
- Everything.
Open this for me, I can't.
Escolar got mad at me.
I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Dad, seriously. You need to let me
get a good night's sleep.
Please, I couldn't sleep
at all last night.
You have some nerve,
telling your father what to do.
If you don't like our life,
get your own house.
And you can find a new manager too.
- No, it's not that. It's that
- Don't give me that, kid.
You just won a Grammy!
You got the biggest award at Viña Del Mar!
- And you complain like
- What?
Viña Del Mar?
- Didn't I tell you?
- No.
Well, you left in the middle of the party,
we were celebrating.
Yes, you're singing at Viña Del Mar.
WEA called me yesterday with the news.
- Really?
- You're the headliner.
We leave next week.
- Really?
- Yes.
Careful, I still have a headache, boy!
Come on, get off.
- Everything will be fine.
- Yes!
- And stop complaining.
- I'm sorry. Yes.
Come on.
- Who?
- But Butaburra
Right, grandma. He's a great player.
- Such a great game.
- It was.
He's the best.
Wait here, Sergio. Don't move!
Luis. Luis, can you hear me?
Sergio, go tell the neighbors!
Quickly! Go!
Come on, honey.
I saw you in the papers,
with the president.
It was crazy.
It was.
Everything always turns out fine for you.
I just need to find my mom,
who's been missing for six years.
But other than that
everything turns out great.
I saw your daughter.
You're still on about that?
I saw her.
Did her mother tell you
she was in a committed relationship?
While she was with you?
Yes, the very few times we were together.
think about the odds.
Is it more likely she's mine
or her boyfriend's?
Have you seen her?
She's not my daughter.
I won't see her, if she's not mine.
I'll leave this here.
She looks just like you.
Did you hear me?
She's so beautiful!
- She even looks like you!
- Because we have the same hair color?
The same hair color, the same eyes,
even the same teeth, dude!
I don't know what to do.
Go see her.
What if she is mine? What should I do?
What should I do?
Some of us
would love to have that problem.
- I'm sorry. No, no, I'm an idiot.
- It's fine, don't worry.
- It's fine.
- I'm sorry.
I'll tell you this. Life vanishes, dude.
It vanishes.
Money, career, albums
It all goes away.
The only thing left
are the people who love us.
Listen to me.
I can't lose Érika.
If you don't go and see the girl,
you'll lose Érika.
Listen to me.
When you walk hand in hand with her
you'll remember this fool.
And you'll be a good father, you'll see.
- Do you think so?
- Yes.
How are you doing?
I'm just holding on.
I'm going on tour tomorrow.
I came here to apologize.
I talked to her mom. I'll meet her
when I come back from the tour.
She does look a lot like me.
What do you want me to say?
that I've fled the consequences.
This thing about the girl
got me thinking about everything.
I want to be the kind of man
my father never was.
But I can't do it alone.
I need you.
I love you.
No, not now.
I'm very confused. Not now.
Can we talk when you come back?
In two months?
Have a nice tour.
Are you leaving for the airport already?
Have you talked to him about the tour?
What did he say?
He's happy, he wants you there.
We know you're the most fun
of the two of us.
What's the matter?
- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?
I'm not buying your story.
You're not skipping the tour because
you have family issues.
My doctor thinks I have cancer.
- In the colon.
- What?
Since when?
No idea. I'm having
all the tests done this week.
Listen to this.
Don't say a word to our clients.
Specially not to Micky.
Do you swear?
I swear.
Who else knows?
My doctor.
ITALY 1986
Yes, it's confirmed.
Flight Pisa-Madrid, 5 p.m.
Thanks. Bye, thanks.
- Are you really going?
- I am.
Marcela, you were so depressed
just a few days ago.
You couldn't even stand up.
- Seeing Micky will be good for me.
- Will it?
- And seeing Luis will be bad for you.
- No.
Not seeing my son is worse for me.
At least, call Micky first.
Try to meet him on his own.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Luis?
- Hello?
Luis, I can't hear you. Speak up, please.
What's up, girl?
Is Micky there?
Micky is in Chile, in Viña Del Mar.
What? In Chile?
So, I'm not seeing him?
Yes, after Viña Del Mar,
we'll be flying to Madrid.
Do you swear that?
- Yes, of course.
- Good.
- See you in Madrid, then.
- See you there.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Yes, bye.
Who was it?
It was Rosy.
She said she's on her way to the airport.
It's too bad you'll miss Viña Del Mar.
Yes, but I have to work.
I'll meet with your composers
and get the album ready.
No parties, just work.
Show me the clothes
you'll be wearing for the concerts.
And there's the cirrhosis.
We diagnosed him a few months ago,
but your son hasn't stopped drinking
and that, unfortunately,
has brought on some complications.
What's going to happen, doctor?
If I were you
I'd call his loved ones.
So they can be with him.
Where's Sergio?
Don't worry. Pedro is taking care of him.
Do you want me to call Alex and Micky?
Luis Miguel would never come, Mom.
I think it'd be good to talk to them.
Did the doctor say that?
- Just as a precaution, Luisito.
- A precaution, Mom?
- My God
- Mom!
Let me see.
Come here.
Like that, son.
My God.
My God!
Someone help us, please!
Your father is in hospital.
Is he?
He's dying.
When the sun burns bright
When the sun burns bright
We don't know if it's true.
What if you cancel the tour, and then
realize it's all been for nothing?
I talked to my grandma.
She said my father could die today.
How do you know she's not in on it?
She and Luis are very close.
Hugo, if it's true,
this could be my last chance
to find out where my mother is.
What about the investigation, Micky?
Have you talked to the Mossad?
They haven't answered my call in months.
No one knows anything.
Why would it be different with them?
I'm just saying that you won't have
new information because Luis is ill.
We'll see.
Okay, go say goodbye.
But don't get your hopes up,
that's all I'm saying.
I have to go Hugo.
Alex is on the other line.
Hugo, I need to know where she is.
Do you understand it?
Of course, I understand that.
- Okay, be well. Bye.
- See you. Bye.
Yes, sir.
A Mossad agent came a while back.
Would you get
his phone number for me, please?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Yes, Alex.
Yes, we're leaving for Madrid
as soon as we find a private jet.
Why don't you borrow Jaime's plane?
I won't call Jaime!
What about Miguel?
I called him, but he can't,
his family is in Rome.
Then just buy a ticket
for a commercial flight, dude.
We don't want everyone to know!
Dude, it's Dad!
Do you want the hospital
to be full of photographers or what? Shit!
Calm down, Micky.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
McCluskey will send you your ticket
and I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- I love you.
What's up?
Everything will be fine.
I'll take care of it.
Sure, Micky.
I'll see you there.
Micky, let's cancel the tour.
They'll understand. He's your dad.
We won't cancel, not even one show.
Not one.
You know what?
Just buy me a regular ticket.
Listen to your brother, call Jaime.
I won't call Jaime, shit!
Especially not now
he thinks I have a daughter.
So, what's the flight route?
From here to Rio, then London.
You'll have a three hour layover,
then on to Madrid.
I talked to Hugo.
He'll be going to Madrid
in a few hours too.
I hope it's not too late.
- Is the car ready?
- Yes, Micky.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Cheer up. No, no, wait.
Who is it?
Hello, Micky.
What are you doing here?
- How did you get here?
- Come with me.
Thank you so much.
Alex, dude. Thank you.
Let's go. The pilot is waiting for us.
Honey! You have no idea how good
it is to see you.
I was so worried about you.
Come on, man, stay still.
I'm sorry, Luis.
I'm the one who needs
to convince Marcela to sign the papers.
And how do I look?
Totally calm.
Did you talk to the WEA lawyer?
Yes. Everything is settled.
Listen, do you really
want me here when Marcela comes?
Do as you please. I can manage on my own.
Pedro will be here any minute too.
Here, a toast to the kid.
I'm sure he's killing it in Viña.
Your first Viña Del Mar Festival, honey!
- Are you excited or nervous?
- Yes.
- A little bit of both, actually.
- Yes, a little bit of both.
Do you remember when you were little?
You always wore that cross
your mother gave you.
You said it helped calm your nerves.
Do you remember?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, honey.
Have you talked to her?
No, I think she's mad at me.
No, honey, why do you think that?
She understands you did it
out of loyalty and gratitude.
You did it for your career, honey.
I'm sure
she doesn't even want to talk to me.
What? Marcela loves you
more than anything in this world.
You're her son, honey.
Don't ever think that.
I think I did the right thing.
I made a good decision.
I was right.
I did the right thing when I decided
to stay with my dad.
Have you talked to your son?
Are you seeing him alone?
Or will Luis be there too?
Every time you see him,
you are left devastated.
But now,
you're eating, sleeping, and doing better.
Why don't you stay here
for a few more months?
Didn't you tell me I had to see my son?
Yes, but not at that house,
with Luis there,
like you were a normal family.
Let me remind you
I'm the one who left him.
Yes, but if you go and see him
at that house,
Luis will think he can do
as he pleases with you, don't you get it?
What you don't get is that I won't see
my son if it's not this way.
Then, try to see him at a concert,
- or in Mexico, whenever Luis is not there.
- Aunt, please.
Stop telling me what to do.
Stop it!
How can you talk to me like that?
Do you have the nerve
to talk to me like that?
- Yes!
- After everything I've done for you.
I'm protecting you!
I know the truth hurts.
But how can I not tell you the truth?
This is my life, my son.
I have to go now.
I have a long trip ahead.
- Grandma.
- I'm so happy!
What happened?
Hi, Grandma.
- What happened?
- Where's Dad?
They took him for emergency surgery.
- When will he be back?
- Can we see him?
He's unconscious.
The doctor doesn't know if he'll make it.
All we can do is wait.
Thank you.
Excuse me. This is Érika.
I don't know, Hugo. He had
an internal hemorrhage two hours ago.
They're talking to them now.
Yes, we're staying at the usual hotel.
Yes, Hugo.
Yes, have a nice flight.
- Do you want to talk?
- I have nothing to say to you, man.
Are you sure?
It'd be good for you.
Shall I put it in writing?
I wouldn't give you a dime.
Listen, Alex.
What comes out after Luis' death
will cause another scandal.
you go now. I'll be there in a while.
Will you call if they bring him back?
Of course.
Listen, don't worry.
I'll take care of this.
He's going to die.
You don't know that.
He's going to die
before I can talk to him.
Don't say that, you don't know that.
He wanted to see me.
You had your reasons
for not talking to him.
I was touring.
I won't have any family left.
What about me?
Hugo and I were talking about that.
Before I saw you in Acapulco.
He said I should take care
of the people I have left.
If this is about the girl, I think
- No.
- I still need to process it
This is about you.
What do you mean?
I want you to be my family.
I already am your family.
you know what I mean.
I don't know if this is
the right moment for you
to make this decision.
I don't think you're ready.
I am ready.
You suddenly talk
And your record is on, softly
You are so different
When you skip around amongst people
There's only love here
The wind blows, the thunder booms
And every instant is different
But no
You can't leave me like this
Thinking about you, like a fool
Not knowing why you left
No, no, no, no
- You can't leave me like this
- We're going to see Micky!
- Where is Micky? Here?
- Yes!
Stay a little longer
No, you can't leave me like this
Thinking about you, like a fool
Not knowing why you left
- There.
- Knock on the door.
And the blue one
- Hello.
- Hi, Daddy.
Hello, honey.
Kiss your daddy, son.
Where's Micky?
So, do we have a deal?
Micky's fans wouldn't like to know
what disease is killing his father.
It has
- A bad reputation?
- Exactly.
A bad reputation.
So you're betraying Luis.
No, wait a minute.
I'm sparing my nephew a bad moment.
By blackmailing him?
Come on, Alex. That sounds so awful.
I'm just asking for some support.
Tito. Tito!
Luis wants to see you.
- Me?
- Yes. Come on, now.
Think about it.
Where's Micky?
He went to change his clothes.
But I told him Luis is awake.
They'll be there any minute now.
Go in.
What's wrong with you?
You need to get better, boy.
I'm mad at you, you know?
Ask Mom to leave.
Leave us, please.
Fine, I'm leaving.
Do you remember
when we went to La Estrella
and you told me we had to go back there?
We had such a great time.
We still have a lot to do together.
So, you need to get better.
swear to me
on our family's blood
that you won't tell my son.
About Marcela.
If someone has to tell him,
it's me.
Swear it, Tito.
Swear it to me, Tito.
I swear.
But, listen
Are you sure this is what you want?
Are you really sure about this?
Do you think those are the last words
a son wants to hear from his father?
Are you sure?
What's wrong?
My hands are shaking.
Come here.
Leave that.
What did Matilde tell you?
She said he's awake and conscious.
Good. Do you know
how you're going to ask him?
Or what?
That's what you need to think about.
You need to relax and think
what you're going to say.
This is your one chance.
It's what you wanted, isn't it?
So focus on that.
You're my idol.
- Micky, the car is here.
- Let's go.
Thanks. I won't go now.
I want you to be with your father,
don't worry. I'll go see you later.
It's for the best. Trust me.
Come on, you can do this.
So, you talked to Tito.
He's threatening
to disclose Luis' disease.
Have some coffee.
I think the best option
would be to give him some money
to keep him quiet.
How are you, Hugo?
I'm still a little jet-lagged.
Don't play the fool, it doesn't suit you.
When will you tell Micky?
Not today.
It's not the right time.
Is he awake?
- Yes.
- Can he speak?
Yes, go in.
You came, Micky.
Of course I came, Dad.
Of course I came.
Forgive me, Micky.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I need to know where Mom is.
I need to know where she is.
She's gone, Micky.
She's gone.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why don't you tell me
what I know you know.
Do you know how much this hurts me?
Where is she?
Dad, I've been looking for her for years.
If you ever loved me
I beg you
I beg you, tell me where she is.
You already know where she is.
That bastard!
- Calm down.
- He lied to me again.
He's a son of a bitch!
Micky, Micky. Calm down.
Calm down.
There's still hope.
What's that?
I got it before leaving.
I would have wanted
Luis to tell you, but
Hugo, what is it?
Mossad's investigation.
They found her.
They found your mother.
Subtitle translation
by Ivana Chimento Martino
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