Luna Nera (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [woman, in Latin.]
Animula vagula, blandula, hospes comesque corporis quae nunc abibis in loca pallidula, rigida, nudula, nec, ut soles, dabis iocos.
[horse whinnies.]
[breathes deeply.]
[woman 2, in Italian.]
Tebe the horses are restless.
[in Italian.]
The heart is still beating.
There are more dead in the wood.
- How many? - I've counted 12.
Thirteen deer.
They all died the same night.
Maybe the water is poisoned.
Something terrible is about to happen.
Waning moon.
Night of bad omens.
If they find us here, it's the end of us.
Let's go.
The moment we've been waiting for is almost here.
Janara it's time to go back to our ancient dwelling.
[horses snorting.]
[woman pants, gasps.]
Here it comes, another one's coming.
It's sore.
It's never-ending.
Push, if you feel the urge to push.
Don't hold the baby back! I feel it's stuck.
The baby is ready.
Come, sir.
You cannot stay here.
[woman 2.]
Come, Ade.
Help me.
[woman panting.]
It's dying.
The baby is dying! What is she saying? Send her away! I'm cold! Away from here! [Ade.]
The world of the dead is opening up for him.
I can feel it! Send her away! She's a witch! Witch! Go away, witch! [dramatic music playing.]
[distant crying.]
- Quick, let's go.
- We can't go away, we have to help them.
There's nothing else we can do for her.
Now run.
Don't stop.
[suspenseful music playing.]
["Son of the Dust" plays.]
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? - [birds cawing.]
- [bells ringing.]
This is the era in which we will begin to acknowledge the line between magic and science.
We will stop believing in ancient superstitions.
And we will realize how the world works, how bodies function, how life evolves, without considering strange theories or magic inventions.
In our lessons, let knowledge always be without barriers.
They say this man died from an evil spell.
Which one of you would like to measure the difference between science and magic? Me, Professor.
Seemingly nothing is wrong with him.
Careful, Pietro.
Eye and mind.
Lue Syphilis.
Only tiny spots.
We will trust our mind until we overcome the tyranny of witchcraft with the mere strength of reason.
We will put shame on all those who go around at night, covered up, in the name of God hunting for witches and dark wizards.
Every time obscurantism blames magic, we will oppose it with scientific knowledge.
Because if a God exists, he must have given us the gift of intellect We will surely not be heretics, if we wield it as the most powerful of all weapons until our world is more illuminated.
[distant hooves clopping.]
[distant horse whinnying.]
My friend.
[man 2 exhales.]
[man 2.]
He died without being baptized.
I'll speak to Father Tosco.
I had felt him.
I'd felt him moving strong and alive in the belly a moment before.
Cursed witch.
You've finished with your witchcraft.
Valente! Oh How is he? Oh, power of the moon Get the decoction in the third jar.
Every time he's like this, give him a spoonful of this.
Why are you telling me these things? You'll do it as usual.
It won't be like before.
Grandma, what have I done? Why did I feel that thing on that woman's belly? What did you feel? [Ade.]
An icy shiver.
A door opening like lots of voices whispering.
- And his tiny soul - You saw it? soaring from the body.
It never happened before.
What have I done? [woman.]
You saw what was about to happen but you didn't cause it, you're not a jinx.
- How do you know? - I know because I know your soul.
I have raised you since you were little.
I know everything about you.
- Now listen - No! You listen to me.
That woman called me a witch.
I saw that baby die in the womb, but it isn't possible.
The world is full of truths that people ignore, Ade.
But they feel them, and they are scared of them.
Listen to me because there's no more time.
Women preserve ancient wisdom.
But men fear it, they fight it.
You defend it! I don't want this wisdom.
I'm a normal girl.
Accept it, Ade.
Or the effects will be terrible.
[ominous squawking.]
There is no more time.
The book! - Are we ready? - Yes, Father.
The moon is going down.
Giambattista's firstborn is dead.
Another witch appeared, and she's very powerful.
Every time we let a witch operate the Devil becomes more powerful.
It poisons our city's healthy body.
And therefore we, today, with the courage our Lord gives us, with the strength of faith and the belief in good we will end its wicked reign.
May courage guide you! May faith burn inside you! [all.]
That courage guides us, faith burns us! [horse whinnying.]
The Benandanti are coming.
I can't hear anything.
You too will learn how to hear noises before they happen.
Have they come for me? Nobody, for now, knows what has happened tonight.
They won't look for you.
- Come.
- No! [woman.]
Promise you will always take care of him.
Keep together.
Each one strengthens the other.
You're scaring me.
Promise! I promise.
[tense music playing.]
Copy me.
Do it, there's no time.
[in Latin.]
Vedi, vagi, vacueface.
Vedi, vagi, vacueface.
[Ade, in Italian.]
What's happening? [slithering.]
[tense music playing.]
Who are you really? [ethereal slithering.]
[tense music playing.]
There's a barrier between the living and the dead.
Women keep it closed but if it were opened, an army of furious dead would populate the Earth.
At first, it would wipe out these women, and then it would impose its power on the world.
Which women? Witches? That's what they call them.
But they're much more than this.
[wind gusting.]
If you don't see me coming back, search at the end of the wood.
Right in the very center, in a viper's nest.
There you can find the Lost Cities.
The sign is strong.
They will be back there.
Take the book with you, it's important.
They'll explain.
Do not go.
I don't want them to take you for something that is my fault.
Take shelter.
Don't leave the shelter, no matter what happens.
Don't go away.
Don't leave me like the others did before.
Be strong, my child.
For yourself and for your brother.
I love you.
More than anything in the world.
[horse whinnying.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[horse whinnying.]
[men grunt, yell.]
[woman groans.]
Let's take her away! [strangled gasping.]
Death to the witch! [men all yell.]
- Where's Grandma? - Shh! Sleep.
[distant bell ringing.]
Pietro! [Pietro.]
Spirto! How long has it been? Any news from Serra? Lots.
But not very good.
It's your mother.
What's wrong with my mother? A pain in her bones and in her head that has tormented her for days.
She only had a bad headache.
Then the midwife came.
And after that woman came she started to get worse.
Tell my mother to wait for me.
I'll get my things ready and I'll soon be back.
There's no woman involved.
We've got to find the root of this pain.
And cure her.
Now go.
[child groans.]
[child 2.]
Come on! Leave me! - Anna, do you have any milk? - [Anna.]
Children, come.
[goat bleats.]
Bruno, Valente is sick.
Do you have anything to eat? [Ade.]
Rosaria? Do you have an egg? Bread? My brother hasn't eaten since yesterday.
There's nothing here for you.
Grandma looked after you when you were in need.
She cured you with herbs! [Rosaria.]
Your grandmother is just a wicked witch.
Lord, please protect our home.
Go away from here.
[footsteps approaching.]
That's the spot where the current is strongest! If I were you, I would choose another one! I know this place rather well.
I've never seen you here, though.
It was a suggestion! Anyway, pleased to meet you.
I am Pietro.
You're pretty like this! As you're not saying your name, I'll call you "half-skirt.
" [Pietro.]
Come over here.
I can help you.
I think you are right.
Go ahead, horseman, I beg you.
So I can follow you safely.
[horse whinnies.]
[horse brays.]
[Ade laughs.]
Goodbye, Pietro! Your pelts or your life, boy.
- [Pietro grunts.]
- [knife clatters to ground.]
I thought studying in Rome would have made you serious.
- But you've still remained the same idiot.
- Disappointed? Very much so.
Come here.
I missed you, little sister! I missed you too.
- Deer? - Yes.
We found many dead during the night.
Take me to my mother, Cesaria.
Pietro, it's you.
[mother exhales.]
[choked sob.]
I thought I heard your voice.
I thought I was dreaming.
Cinchona powder From now on, take this.
It will calm the fever.
You can't sleep in the room with Cesaria anymore.
You're no longer kids.
And she isn't your sister.
I'll put you in the study opposite.
Pietro your father he is convinced it's all caused by that lady, the witch.
He thinks her spell made me worse.
He says she is the same one who killed Giambattista's son.
The wrong treatment, and not a witch, makes you worse.
I am here now.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [horse whinnying.]
Good morning, madam.
I'll sell this basket in exchange for some fruit and vegetables.
I'm not interested.
I said no.
Good morning.
I'll sell this basket in exchange for milk for my brother.
It's strong.
It's made of cane and wicker.
[woman 2.]
Isn't she the midwife's granddaughter? I don't know.
I can't see her that well.
She wouldn't have dared! - It's her.
- Also a piece of bread.
How much do you want? I'm doing you a favor.
It's worth more than what you gave me.
Do you want the milk or not? - It's her! - All right.
[woman 3.]
The witch's granddaughter! - [man.]
She is the witch's granddaughter! - I[woman 3.]
It's her! [man 2.]
Witch! [crowd shouting.]
Accursed! You have to die! [woman 4.]
Go away! [indistinct jeering.]
[Ade groans, shrieks.]
Stop, beasts! [crowd quietens.]
She is the witch's granddaughter.
They killed an innocent baby.
Go away, stranger.
He is Sante's son.
But they killed an innocent baby.
Are you filled with good or evil when you fling stones at a starving young girl on her own? [hammering.]
Father! Father Tosco! Father! Father! Father Tosco! [lock turns.]
"A pin test showed Natalia Bruno was a witch evil, profane condemned to death.
" You are condemning an innocent person, you can't! Father! They are condemning an innocent person! You can't! [woman.]
If I were you I wouldn't make all this noise.
Who are you? You don't understand, you don't know anything.
I understand better than you.
Go away.
You're not able to do anything else for her.
Unless you too want to be burned to death.
[goats bleating.]
[Valente sighs.]
Put the nettles on to boil.
- [Ade.]
Where did you see this one? - He came to the village.
Together with the one who brings the news.
He knocked on the door.
Is he a Benandante? Is he a witch hunter? Yes.
Is it true that they will burn Grandma to death? They say she is a witch, that she killed a baby.
We must tell them it's not true.
We must tell them! We must stop them! We can't do anything.
Do you understand? Nothing! Put the nettles on to boil.
[footsteps approaching.]
At long last! You shouldn't have left college halfway through the year.
Why didn't you tell me about Mother? There wasn't much to tell, I'm dealing with it.
How? By burning a poor old woman? She isn't a poor old woman.
She killed Giambattista's son.
She cast an evil spell on his house.
The same one she put on your mother.
There are no such things as curses, Father only illnesses.
There is always a reason, even for obscure and painful events! I didn't send you to study so that you could speak back to your father child.
Or to make you feel more powerful than the devil and the Almighty.
You can't burn her.
You are not a murderer.
But unlike you, I know what it is to fight a war.
And you'll know how to shortly, if it's true that my blood flows in your veins.
Let me past.
[footsteps receding.]
["How Was the World?" plays.]
How was the world Before the big melt happened? How was the sun When you could touch your skin? How was it all before the city died [door opening.]
Mother, is this our new home? Yes, my love.
We'll be safe here.
[pained gasping.]
Mother, what's happening? [strangled sobbing.]
I've got to go away.
- No, Mother, don't go away.
- Yes, my love.
Listen to me.
When that door opens again whoever enters bringing your little brother will protect you.
Don't cry, my love.
Your tears won't save you.
Only your strength can save you.
You know that we posses a very strong inner power.
And that's what they are afraid of.
Our strength.
That's why they want to make us weak.
But we are stronger.
Never forget that.
[dramatic music playing.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- You've improved a lot.
- [chuckles.]
It's you.
Why do you always come so stealthily? To excite you all the more.
I'm excited all the same.
Coming from beyond the wood? Why can't you tell me where you live? - Does your mistress not want you to? - It's not my mistress.
It's a different thing, a special thing.
You have a master, I don't.
When I was a kid they always made fun of me because I didn't have a mother or father.
They said I was abandoned as a child.
I was as skinny as hell.
Now, yes! I have a master, I ride a horse! People respect me now.
But you have to ask yourself if you respect the people whose respect you are seeking.
You talk in a complicated way.
Speaking of your master, where is the witch everyone is talking about? - Why are you asking me? - Do you know or not? Spirto, your girlfriend's attractive.
Wishful thinking.
I'm not interested in women.
- Sure.
That's right.
- Where are you going? - Do you mean where are we going? - At night? [banging.]
Pietro! What's up? Did you hear? Someone's there.
It must've been your lamp bumping against the table.
The dead don't have legs for walking.
If you say so Let's go.
Was it useful? Spirto, it was more than useful.
I knew there had to be a reason.
The baby had a dark mark around its neck.
- She suffocated it! Oh, Jesus Christ - Not her! The umbilical cord suffocated the baby.
She only tried to save it, do you understand? Spirto.
How powerful man would be if only he trusted his intellect.
[bell tolling.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[drum beating rhythmically.]
Open! [Ade.]
I beg you! Open and let me see my grandmother.
- Ahh! - [Ade.]
Grandma! [man 1.]
Kill her! - [man 2.]
They will kill her! - [man 3.]
Put her to death! [sobbing.]
No! [crowd jeers indistinctly.]
- [man 4.]
We want to see her die! - [woman 1.]
Death to the witch! - [woman 2.]
It's what you deserve! - [woman 3.]
Witch! [panting.]
[indistinct jeering.]
[woman 4.]
Witch! [man 5.]
Witch! Stop! I have the proof! She wasn't the one who killed Giambattista's son.
The baby had a dark mark around his neck.
- I saw it.
- [man 6.]
What is he saying? - He was suffocated.
- [man 7.]
He's mad.
The cord twisted around his neck, and that's what suffocated him.
Exactly that way.
But the truth you bring us is that this innocent creature died a violent death and not a natural one.
Strangulated? Yes.
[Father Tosco.]
So a creature incapable of moving can strangulate itself? - But, Father - My son, with your knowledge instilled by the good Lord, you come to give us the biggest proof of all.
The witch, and the devil working through her, killed this creature by suffocating it in its own mother's womb! - [crowd.]
Yes! - Father! [crowd jeers.]
[man 8.]
Burn her! [man 9.]
She's a witch! [Sante.]
Set the old woman alight! [crowd.]
Burn her! [crowd jeers indistinctly.]
[man 10.]
Burn the witch! [jeering intensifies.]
[fire crackling.]
[Natalia coughs.]
[in Latin.]
Nebulae, nimbi, nubes [in Latin.]
Nebulae, nimbi, nubes.
[dramatic music playing.]
[thunder cracking.]
[raindrops pattering.]
[in Italian.]
Don't look! - [Sante grunts.]
- [Valente screams.]
We have to get out of here.
Thank you for all you did for us.
Farewell, Pietro.
No! It's not farewell.
We will meet again.
This isn't a safe place for us anymore.
[horse whinnies.]
Do you know the aqueduct in the wood? There is a fountain there.
And I will color it for you.
That is the sign I am waiting for you.
Half-skirt! [sighs.]
I don't even know your name.
Her power was so strong that as she burned in the name of the Lord, the sky darkened.
So her body didn't turn into ash.
But her death is certain.
And her death awakened your wife.
- [woman.]
- [Giambattista.]
What? - The young girl.
- [Giambattista.]
What? - What are you saying? - [woman.]
It was the young girl.
It's the girl.
The girl.
[tense music playing.]
Right in the very center in a viper's nest.
Where, Grandma, where? [Ade.]
Where, Grandma, where? Ade.
Clever, very clever.
That's what they call them.
But they're much more than this.
If you don't see me coming back, search at the end of the wood.
Right in the very center in a viper's nest.
There you can find the Lost Cities.
[stone scraping.]
Hey, don't play jokes on me! I'm not leaving you.
Never! [ethereal music playing.]
Where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Whoa, oh-oh Where have you gone? Why have you left me? [chimes chiming.]
Come, Ade.
We've been waiting for you.
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I know you can see All my deepest secret And I know that surely you know My devotion I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? How can I pray till the end? I will obey till the end But my hands are full of sand Full of sand Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord
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