Luna Nera (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The Book

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Burn in hell witch! Leave it.
Father Tosco told me to look for a book.
We're going back to the old woman's house.
We shall go.
Do not fear, we'll find it.
- Good.
- Spirto, saddle the horse.
Come close, Ade.
Don't be afraid.
Mother! How is it possible? Mother! Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Take everything we may need.
Let's burn them.
Cesaria, look.
What's happening? I don't know.
They are the Devil's drawings.
Let's take them to Sante.
Get all of them.
I've found it.
Come here and give me a hand.
Get the dagger.
It's witchcraft.
Cursed witches.
Let's go.
It's strange, I've seen this place before.
It feels familiar.
Perhaps in a dream.
No, not in a dream.
Your memory serves you well.
Who are you? Follow me, Ade.
I'll explain everything to you.
- The book's there.
We couldn't take it.
- Why? We tried to free it.
It's attached by roots.
I've never seen a book like it.
Those are the drawings of the devil.
Not even fire managed to destroy them.
Father, I promise you I shall catch that witch.
Was it not enough to burn that woman whose only fault was to have tried to achieve the impossible? Look.
- Potions, poisons, symbols of the devil.
- I see Dandelion.
To cure the liver and rheumatism.
Borage for the heart.
Chamomile and mint for the stomach.
They are medicines.
This doesn't burn.
Have you seen a sheet of paper that doesn't burn? I shall catch that little witch and show you that your studies are useless when confronted with her.
Witches will stop existing when you stop burning them! Father.
I swear.
It didn't burn in that house.
I believe you.
I trust you.
Let's get this book out of there.
- How is he? - Better.
Don't worry.
He is in good hands.
Inite somnum, miseri mortales.
Everybody sleeps at night.
And I never sleep.
And why do you have the medallion? I am sorry, you can't come.
I've got to be alone with her.
Why do you pay so much attention to this one here? You'll know shortly.
Persepolis, that's enough.
Ade, come nearer.
Have you ever seen a book with symbols like these? Now I'll tell you a story about yourself.
Many years ago, we all lived here.
Boys and girls Our teacher's name was Diotìma.
She taught us all she knew.
Your mother, Janara and I were the most gifted.
We were the only ones she taught the secrets of the Book of Kingdoms to.
Marzio was one of the boys He was very talented, but he didn't respect the rules.
He was envious of our knowledge.
He wanted Diotìma to let him take part in our lessons, but they were only for us.
No, Marzio, you can't stay here.
Go away.
Diotìma had seen a black hole in his heart.
She didn't trust him.
She told him to leave her dwelling forever.
But one night Marzio returned in secret.
He had found the secret passage that only we knew about.
He wanted to know the secrets of the Book of Kingdoms at all costs.
If you touch my sisters one more time the love I feel for you will turn into hate of a strength you can't even imagine.
It's your sisters that have harmed me.
Me How could I harm you? Don't believe him, Antalia! Go away.
Antalia, don't let him go.
Don't trust him! That night No! we lost our teacher we entrusted the book to your mother and we separated.
The dwelling was closed and protected by a spell.
The Book of Kingdoms speaks about the arrival of a chosen one.
Your mother sent you all the way to me because she understood that you have a great gift, Ade.
Tell me, are they telling the truth? Is it true that you felt that baby's soul winging away from its body? I am a normal girl.
I don't have this gift or this power.
I am not what you think.
We all have a power.
We have just got to discover it.
And not be afraid of it.
It's in the house.
The book's hidden in the house.
We've got to get it before someone else finds it.
The book's hidden in Antalia's house.
- I'll saddle the horse.
- Take care, Janara.
What did you tell her? Not everything.
She's not ready yet.
Give me the medallion back.
No, not my hair! That's enough! I said that's enough.
Enough! - I'll kill you if you touch my hair again! - You stole my medallion! Why are you acting like this, why? You've been with us for four years.
You were welcomed into the fold, baptized.
You belong to the Lost Cities.
- You don't need any medallion.
- So why has she got one then? She's one of us.
Give it to me.
I'll keep this.
And you will work together from now on.
Hand me the ax.
It's protected by a spell.
Stand up.
- Stay here to guard it.
- All right, sir.
- We're not moving.
- Reinforcements are coming.
Come on.
What really happened today? I can't tell you everything, Leptis.
But are you really sure it's her? I hope so.
Yet she seems just like any other girl to me.
It must be her.
Antalia wouldn't have sent her to us.
Tebe, I shall be at your side in any battle but you have to tell me what I am fighting for.
Don't you know not to spy into other people's rooms? I don't accept being rebuked by a thief.
Better than being a harbinger of bad omens.
Before you came, I was leading a normal life.
You can relax.
I won't be here for long.
And how can you leave? You no longer have the medallion.
There's a secret passage.
I shall find it.
And how do you know that? I know it, that's all.
The Benandanti are guarding the house.
- How many of them are there? - Too many to get in.
I see you are not tired out yet.
We will use your energy to chop wood tomorrow.
The house is still cold, we've got to heat it.
Have you found the book? Not yet.
Where's the girl? The girl can't have gone far.
We'll find her.
Speaking of the book can you explain to me what it's all about? I don't know.
They only say to look for a book.
Who wants it? His Eminence.
Tell His Eminence that the Benandanti need money and horses.
I'll tell him.
But if you want some advice this way, it'll sound like blackmail.
Please just tell him.
Let's go! Did you think it was that young girl? No.
It's only a wolf.
Tonight you can sleep without any cares.
You must realize that if we find her, you can say farewell to her.
If not, they will send men from Rome.
They will torture and burn her to death without you ever seeing her again.
Let me get past.
I've got to get some sleep.
Tomorrow we'll set off again at dawn.
Move away! Why are you so frightened of horses? Because I fell off.
One night I stole a horse.
I was chasing a boy.
We had grown up together in an orphanage.
But one day he was picked to work at a tanner's.
But he didn't want to go.
When they came to take him away, we were in the refectory.
I was crying.
And yelling.
The nuns were holding onto me tight.
But I was in a rage.
And I kept on yelling and yelling until the plates began to wobble.
And then suddenly, they fell onto the floor.
Then they began to pray to cross themselves, and to call me "witch.
" Before throwing me out, they cut off all my hair.
And it's not grown since then.
And then Tebe arrived.
She was the one who welcomed me when nobody else wanted me.
What's this boy's name? Spirto.
His name's Spirto.
- Has it been a while since you saw him? - Since you arrived.
Are you sure? I saw you come back the other night.
Did you go to him? What about you? Is there a sweetheart of yours out there? His name's Pietro.
- I met him by the river.
- Is he handsome? Yes.
He said we will meet up again, he'll send me a sign.
He'll color the water of the aqueduct fountain red - when he can meet me.
- The fountain? It's difficult to see from here.
Have you finished? Yes.
Drink it.
It's doing you good.
I don't recognize him anymore.
Your father is so pained by my illness that it is poisoning him.
Don't try to understand by reasoning.
Love him.
Because love is the only cure.
Do you want to read me something? "Since Messer Tristan of Cornwall loved Iseult the blond bride of King Mark and they shared a secret tryst that when Messer Tristan wished to speak to her, he went into the king's garden where there was a fountain and stilled the stream gurgling from this fountain that flowed through the palace where the beautiful Iseult lived.
And when she saw the slack water, she knew Tristan was at the fountain.
" I have a surprise for you.
You have to close your eyes.
Do not open them! Open.
You really stink.
You have to have a bath if you want to meet that boy.
Help me.
Come I'll take your hand Don't be afraid To be afraid With me, oh, come We'll go somewhere Not very far We'll dance outside We'll sleep under the stars Come Thanks.
We'll learn to see Instead of looking How to get free We'll just be Come Oh, oh, oh-oh Oh, oh, oh-oh Oh, oh, oh-oh Come No words I'll say If that's okay? Just let me tell it one time I want to play with you Go through the rain with you I'll comb your hair for you I'm ready to be shy and true Oh, come Oh, come Oh, come Oh, come I know how to plait hair as they wear it in Rome.
I've never been there.
It's beautiful.
The women are very elegant.
And you can buy all kinds of scent, all kinds of fabric.
Maybe we'll go one day.
I have another surprise for you.
With this, you can see things nearer.
From small, they become big.
So you will see your fountain.
What is it? Look.
What can you see? A cloud.
Is it magic? No, it's not magic.
It's science.
What is it? Can I see too? Ade, look, the fountain! I have to go.
Now, right now! Take this, you'll need it.
You saw me come back inside.
Do you know where the tunnel is? Be careful, it's very dark.
I'll be back before night time, I promise.
And this.
Do you know how to get to the fountain? Ade, be careful.
You are putting your life in danger, and all of our lives.
You know what having a love in a different realm means.
Go! I've waited for you a long time.
I was afraid I would never see you again Half-skirt.
My name is Ade.
I am Pietro.
I know.
I came as soon as I saw the water changing color.
I dreamed of you one night.
- Tell me.
- I dreamed we were dancing.
It wasn't me.
I am very bad at dancing.
Me too.
It means we will learn.
What's wrong with you? They are looking for you everywhere.
This isn't a safe place for you.
Pietro, I found shelter in a safe spot.
You must trust no one.
These people, they could sell you for a pittance.
The people that welcomed me would never do it.
How long have you known them? It's as if I've always known them.
In Serra, everyone thinks you're a witch.
What do you think? I think witches don't exist.
Or only in people's mind.
If they were right? If I have this curse inside me? I don't know who I am, and who I could be.
I can find the answer only in that book.
Wait! She said nothing? I looked everywhere, she's not around.
Maybe she can tell us something.
You spent a lot of time together.
How is it possible you don't know anything? I know nothing.
But you were becoming friends.
- She said nothing to me.
- So did she escape then? No.
She would never have left her brother.
If they find her, they will torture her and kill her.
Think about it.
What will your loyalty have achieved? She said she would be back before nightfall.
She'll be back.
You have to tell me what you know.
She went to the aqueduct fountain.
Be cautious.
And can you do this? And one, two, three, four The Book of Kingdoms speaks about the arrival of a chosen one.
We all have a power.
We have just got to discover it.
And not be afraid of it.
Vedi vagi vacueface.
Leave her! - Fight with me! - Come on.
Why didn't you kill him? It was a woman.
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I know you can see All my deepest secret And I know that surely you know My devotion I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? How can I pray till the end? I will obey till the end But my hands are full of sand Full of sand Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord
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