Luna Nera (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES RED - BLACK I wish I'd been able to bring the girl too.
But her fellow witches helped her escape.
I shall inform His Eminence.
Please also tell him that I would like to meet him soon.
In due time.
Time is flying.
And we can do nothing but try to keep up with it, dear Sante.
Be patient.
I shall wait.
But I've been very patient.
You've never been good at hide and seek.
What's that book? What are you talking about? You ask a lot of questions for a person who doesn't believe in us.
I know enough to believe in what is right.
And on the contrary, I tell you what isn't right.
You have forgotten the only thing that matters in the couple of years you have spent in Rome.
Your family.
I cherish my family more than I cherish myself.
But less than you cherish that girl.
You know nothing about her.
What she is capable of.
She's a witch, Pietro.
- A witch! - I'm tired of hearing it, Cesaria.
Even from you.
In the past, you and I understood each other without speaking.
At that time, you would never have doubted my word.
The moon is in position.
It's time to say goodbye to our sister Antalia.
Nec, ut soles dabis iocos.
Who is that woman? You'll catch cold like this.
You'll fall ill again.
- I'm fine.
- I'll take you back to your room.
- That woman - It's up to me.
That woman is our mother.
She and grandmother are the same person.
How was the world Before the execution? Ade.
This is your brother Valente.
And who are you? My name is Natalia.
I am your grandmother.
The person we believed was our grandmother all these years was really our mother.
She was a witch.
I thought she was dead.
I tried to remember her.
To conjure her up.
On the contrary, she has always been there.
Beside me.
I thought she was dead too.
For all these years.
And now she is really dead.
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I will do all I can to free you from this absurd persecution.
I'll find a way to calm my father down, to make him see reason.
His hate is stronger than your good intentions.
He's blinded by pain.
And he lies to himself.
But we will never lie to each other.
Any truth, even the most dreadful, shall never come between us.
We must make a pledge.
I promise.
Can you hear me? They've caught her.
Come and get me, they'll kill me! Come and get me! He says he loves me and we shall never part.
But I fear that once he learns who I am, I'll never see him again.
It's difficult to love someone and to conceal your true identity.
If what you are is what keeps you apart, perhaps it's the only way.
But this isn't love.
I think Spirto wants to become one of them.
And I don't know how to convince him how wrong that would be without telling him the truth.
The truth.
I swore to Pietro that no lie would ever come between us.
And at the exact moment I made my pledge I lied to him.
What's troubling you, my son? Nothing.
I'd be delighted if my son wanted to share this nonsense with me.
If I can't go out I've got to distract myself somehow.
It's a girl.
I should have known.
Have you fallen in love with her? It's complicated, Mother.
There's a lot more to it than this.
But love is much more than anything.
And if it is love, you'll always know how to make the right choice.
Antalia was the most powerful of all of us.
How can we cope without her? - Don't worry.
Ade will be able to help us.
- How? - She's young, she has put us in danger.
- I know.
It's her fault if the book is now in the hands of the Benandanti.
It's important we find other sisters before they find them.
They'll hurt me! Please, help me.
I beg you.
Listen to me.
You've got to come, quickly! They will hurt me! They will hurt me! Listen to me.
Someone's there.
Where? What are you talking about? Must be all the things going round in my head.
I'd better go to bed.
It's been on my mind a lot.
All the time, day and night.
It niggles my brain.
It's a riddle.
But now I know what to do.
What to do about what? It was so easy.
- Marry me, Ade.
- You're mad! Think it over.
Everything will be fine.
My father won't persecute you anymore because you will be part of the family.
In the village, everyone will stop thinking you are a witch.
- You'll not be at risk of being killed.
- They won't change their mind.
Why shouldn't they? It will ruin your life.
You will end up hating me.
My life will be ruined if you don't accept my proposal.
To be honest, I expected you to say "yes" immediately.
But if it's so difficult to answer me Wait.
Can't you grant me a day to think it over? I tell you that there are lots of girls in Serra who are dying to be asked.
Well, then, I won't keep you.
- Is that it? - Impetuous and conceited.
I'm not convinced that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Well, let's see if I can convince you.
Come and get me.
I'm here.
Did you hear? What? Someone's there.
A woman.
It's the wind.
You'd better go, before your father realizes you are not at home.
I'll be back tomorrow at the same hour for your answer.
Whatever it may be.
No! I beg you, don't! Don't do it! Help.
Come here.
Can you hear me? Help me! Help me! - I'm dying.
- Come to me.
- Save me.
- Listen.
I need you! Come and save me! Listen to me! You have to protect yourself.
Not from them, but from love, my daughter.
Mother? Love is deception, my daughter.
And you are well versed in deception, aren't you? I was obliged to be, you weren't ready yet.
Ready for what? You will understand when it's time.
When? Tell me what's going on! It's your destiny, Ade.
It will be able to talk to you.
Listen to it.
And it will be fulfilled.
Explain yourself.
I don't understand.
Mother! There were voices.
Women's voices calling me.
And then my mother appeared.
Her ghost.
- You've got to tell Tebe.
- I don't want to be like this.
I don't think there's much you can do.
My world is upside down, and nothing I believed in makes sense anymore.
You've got to believe in us, Ade.
We all saved each other.
We all look after each other, we protect each other.
We are more powerful than what people out there think.
We'll be the ones to write our own story, not those who call us witches.
But that's what you are.
Yes, that's what we are.
We all are.
And so are you.
For all that means if you see yourself through the eyes of who despises us, you will always only be a witch.
And never yourself.
You are no longer alone, Ade.
You could kill someone, don't you know? I know I could.
If you wanted the bow, you could have asked.
I would've given it to you.
You didn't need to steal it.
- The wind did it.
- Sure.
The wind.
And perhaps you could draw the bowstring harder.
I don't need your advice.
- Come here.
I'm scared.
- I can't move.
Can you hear me? - Come and save me! - Ade, what's wrong? - I have pains everywhere! - Come and save me! I'm thirsty.
- Stop it, I beg you.
Stop it.
- Help, I've got to drink! Make them stop, please! What is she talking about? - Save me! - Stop doing what? Call Tebe, quick.
Ade What's happening? Go ahead, tell her.
Women, I can hear their voices.
Voices buzzing in my head all the time, they never stop.
It's them.
- It's the others! - What are they saying? You have to listen to the voices.
We have to find out where they're coming from.
Ade, listen to me! Those women are like us.
They are our sisters.
And they are in danger.
But we can help them.
And only you can tell us how to find them! One of them is calling me louder.
Which direction are they coming from? Ade, you have to concentrate! Try to focus on only this voice, you can do it! Perhaps I know where it is.
Clever girl.
Let's go and look for her.
I have to ask you to stay here.
Are you telling me that you don't want me at your side during our battle? Or should I say your battle? We will be fighting with weapons that you don't know.
Weapons you don't have.
I have all the weapons I need.
They are not enough, and you know it.
My sword can find unexpected ways.
I can accept you being my enemy but not losing you.
We'll lose each other anyway.
Go to Spirto, you must tell Pietro that I was compelled to be absent at our tryst.
You have to take a message to Pietro.
Tell him she couldn't come to meet him, and that she'll come tonight, to the usual place.
She who? All right.
I'll tell him.
We can kiss now if you want.
It's not that girl Pietro defended? Because if that is the case, I swear There are things you cannot understand, Spirto.
How can I understand if I don't know them? - I know nothing concerning you.
- You know enough.
That you consort with that group of witches? If that's it, I'd rather not have known.
Just as I'd rather not know that you go around with a group of masked cowards.
Do you think those women are so different from me? - You're not a witch! - It's only a word, Spirto! A word that doesn't convey the care, protection and love they are able to give me.
The love neither of us have ever received.
A family.
The family you are also looking for in the Benandanti.
It's you I love.
This is the only thing that matters.
Are you angry because you aren't going with them? You're not like them, are you? Valente, we are different.
We don't have the powers the other have, but it doesn't mean we are useless.
With this, I will kill them all.
Start with him.
Close your eyes.
Can you see it? How can I if my eyes are shut? True aim is not in what you can see.
It's in your mind.
Prepare the arrow Now.
Her breathing is steady, she has never woken up.
The remedies are finally taking effect.
Which remedies? Your smelly infusions? It's thanks to those smelly infusions that my mother's getting better.
She'll never recover until we manage to wipe out evil.
The evil you are speaking of doesn't exist.
The witches you defend so fervently who have made your mother ill and who will infect the whole world if we don't stop them.
But we shall stop them.
We'll pursue them one by one until we flush them out from their hiding places.
You rant as if you were the one with the fever.
Is this the outcome of sending you to Rome? To learn how to be disrespectful to your father? Pietro, is that you? You have to decide.
Are you with me or against me? Help me! - Ade, what's wrong? - I can't take anymore! Come on! There's no more time! - Too many stairs.
- Come on! I'll go up.
Maybe they won't find me.
- Which direction? - They might not find me.
- What's the voice saying, Ade? - I'll try to hide.
I don't know where to go anymore! She managed to escape, she's hiding.
You must hurry up! You must hurry.
She doesn't know where to go, she is blind.
Talk to me, keep talking to me.
They'll come to get me once again.
Help me.
I beg you.
- Where are you? - Help me.
Hear me.
Listen to me.
I see her.
- She's at the top of a tower.
- Listen to me.
- I curse you for what you're doing! - Come on! There won't be forgiveness for you! Either in this life or in the next one! Never! Lets go! Here she is, over here! Come on! There will be no forgiveness for you.
No forgiveness.
No forgiveness.
Where are you? Is that you? Are you here? Become what you are! No! No! She's dead! - There's someone down there.
- Let's go! - There's someone down there.
Let's go.
- Who are they? Come down! Let's go, quick! Fla, ventum.
- What? - The torches! Come on, let's go! It's the witches! Let's catch them, they're running away! Don't let them escape! Come on, let's catch them! Finally.
Not knowing how to use your power is like not having one at all.
How are you feeling? You have to look forward, Ade.
- You'll see, next time you'll manage - There won't be a next time.
That woman died.
She died in front of my eyes.
There are other women we can save.
Others we have to save.
How many others shall I have to see die? None, if you start trusting me.
I trusted my mother.
She was like you and she lied to me all her life.
Trusting each other is the only chance we have to survive.
Only you have the power to save them, Ade.
The power to save us all.
And we can help you do it.
Aperi, enuntia ac manifesta.
Lucet animus, eternitat quiescat.
Did you feel that too? The book has been opened.
And there's only one man who can break the spell that protects it.
But he cannot break the spell that will stop him from using it.
He's back.
Him first, then all the others.
Him first I'll come back to get you.
For now, it's safer if you stay here.
I know you'll hate me but it's for your own good.
But do you really never sleep? I wanted to say goodbye.
Where are you going? To Pietro.
He proposed to me and I decided to say yes.
You are going straight into the wolf's lair, do you know that? He will protect me, we will run away together if necessary.
You'll get killed.
But I can't stay here a minute longer.
This is not me, nor is it my life.
Do you understand? No.
But if this is your decision Good luck, Ade.
The summons by His Eminence honors this humble servant of yours.
I would like to inform you that the search for the girl is proceeding relentlessly.
We almost caught her, but I'm sure next time You'll be more determined.
I'm convinced of it too.
You'll be as powerful as a fury.
I wish I were now.
Come nearer.
Soon you'll be ready to face any devil and every secret will be revealed to you.
But don't be hasty.
Haste is the nemesis of good.
And we, my dear Sante we embody good.
I waited for you all night.
You don't know how much I hoped you would come back here.
Should I take that as a "yes"? No! No! Please, no.
No! Ade, are you alright? What's happening? Tell me, please.
Go home, Pietro.
Why? I've just arrived.
Your mother My mother what? Your mother is dying.
What do you mean? She's better.
She's recovering.
You can't You can't know that.
I saw it.
It will happen and you can't stop it, you can only run faster than the wind to get to her in time to say goodbye.
Ya! Go! Ooh-ah, ooh-ooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I know you can see All my deepest secret And I know that surely you know My devotion I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? How can I pray till the end? I will obey till the end But my hands are full of sand Full of sand Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone?
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