Luna Nera (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [ethereal music playing.]
[strangled sobbing.]
[man 1.]
Stay strong.
[man 2.]
Chin up.
[Father Tosco, in Latin.]
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem.
Ut benedicat in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.
Amen [in Italian.]
More gently.
You look different.
Your mother really wanted to see me wearing this dress.
She gave it to me.
My deepest regret is that I didn't fulfill her desire.
They said blood suddenly started oozing out of her eyes, mouth and nose.
A horrible thing.
The doctor, Sante's son, did his utmost to save her.
There was nothing he could do.
Who was with her when this happened? Only her family.
They didn't have time to call anyone.
Do you think it's his work? It doesn't seem a natural death, that's for sure.
We have got to get going, Janara.
Now that his wife has died, there will be no stopping Sante.
There are too few of us.
We've got to find the others.
Yes, you're right.
Ade, where are you going? I've got to see him again.
I've got to explain.
If you go outside, you'll die.
I've got to try.
I'm not asking you to help me but just not to hinder me.
If it were you in my place and Spirto was out there, what would you do? It's madness.
I won't let you go alone.
If you go, I'm coming with you.
["Son of the Dust" plays.]
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? When the Lord calls the most virtuous souls unto himself it is to remind us how unrelenting the battle against evil is.
Misfortune to all who call evil good and good evil.
Misfortune to all who shun the Lord and entrust themselves to the perversion of faith and customs that is called "science.
" Those that keep on shunning God pave the way for the rebellion and apostasy of modern times.
And shall die with no consolation of divine forgiveness.
Let us pray.
Thank you.
Not now.
There are too many people.
Let's go home.
You go.
I'm going to stay here a little longer.
I have to say farewell to her.
On my own.
[tense music playing.]
You shouldn't be here.
I couldn't not come, Pietro.
I want you to understand.
It's impossible to understand.
My mother died so quickly that I didn't even have time to relieve her pain.
But what I saw I never wanted to see that vision.
I never wanted to give you such pain.
I don't know what you saw.
Or what you thought you saw.
I only know that my mother was recovering.
The medicines seemed to be working and then everything went wrong.
I don't know what to think.
Believe in me.
In us.
Not now.
I've got to reflect on things now.
Now, more than ever, my place is next to my father.
And that girl? Cesaria? We are very fond of each other.
Now she needs me too.
I've got to go now.
Farewell, Ade.
[tense music plays.]
You've got to learn to understand your power, Ade.
And to accept it.
You mustn't be afraid of it.
Pietro's mother would have died anyway, with or without your power to see death arriving.
You allowed Pietro to bid farewell to her for the last time.
To tell her how much he loved her and let her leave this world in peace.
It's your power, Ade.
But it's also a gift.
You create a possibility of life where there is only grieving and death.
Do this for the other women.
Wield your power for them.
But I can't, I don't understand them, I don't know where they are! Trust us, Ade.
[chime dings.]
Let's begin.
My brother was the best part of me.
Twin siblings: we were identical to everyone except to ourselves.
I found him.
Lying on the floor between the bed and basin with his mouth open.
He hadn't managed to stop our father from arranging the marriage with that woman.
They say that the last women to leave church on Christmas Eve are destined to become Janara.
But I didn't know.
They married me off as a child against my will to a man who didn't love me condemning me to a life of silence and solitude.
But he didn't have the courage to call out the name of his loved one.
A man's name.
When I felt the noise of the blade on my hair a shiver shook my body.
I was waiting for the boy I had fallen in love with to appear.
I waited until the end of the Mass but he never came.
Fate brought him death.
When he died, they accused me of poisoning him.
- [woman 1.]
They broke my hands! - I felt as if the muscles, tendons, skin, eyes were falling away, not hair.
- I die without clamor or forgiveness.
- I was the last to leave the church.
Only fire could cleanse his shame - and give us back my freedom.
- [woman 2.]
I'm cold and frightened! - The more they cut, the weaker I became.
- [woman 3.]
Crows will devour me! - That fire reduced everything to ash.
- [female voices overlapping.]
[pained screaming.]
They shouted "witch," "janara.
" - Witch! - [woman 4.]
Save me! It was just then that I discovered my powers.
I don't remember my real name anymore.
I became weaker and weaker.
[female voices overlapping.]
- [woman 5.]
Tell me you can hear me! - [woman 6.]
Listen! Save me, only you can! [Tebe.]
Every pain has a different voice, Ade.
Follow the pain and you will find the source.
My hair has never grown since that day.
I set fire to my house.
"Better to be a witch than mad," I yelled.
I traveled far, before finding my way.
But now this is my family.
[woman 1.]
Can you hear me? I'm thirsty, I need to drink something! The sun is burning, help me! I'm dying.
Please, I beg you.
Can you hear me? Yes.
I can hear you.
[bird cawing.]
["El Luchador" by Black Casino and the Ghost playing.]
[horse whinnying.]
High were the mountains And deep was the sea He was ready to cross To set my soul free With the eyes of a wolf He made me feel so divine I remember his hands They knew me better than mine "You know, boy With that fist that you have You should try And do a little something The day was cursed The room was naked and cold He began to make a living As a luchador Are we ready? [all.]
Not even one must be spared! You don't need to do this for me We're gonna find another way High were the mountains And deep was the sea He was ready to cross If it was meant for me "You've got to stop this shame If you still want me around" I begged and prayed With my knees on the ground It's late, my love I can't just turn around Now I need you to be strong Just trust me I'm tied to this And I'm not going back [woman.]
No! Let her go, I beg you.
She is my only daughter! [woman screams.]
Where are they hiding? Sir, I swear I do not know.
I don't know what you are talking about.
I beg you, let me go home.
Don't waste my time.
Tell me what you know about the women of the wood.
Sir, I don't know any women of the wood.
I beg you, let me go home to my mother.
You saw that she's old.
I beg you, she needs me, she needs my care! I beg you Protecting witches - makes you a witch too.
- No! [Sante.]
Take her away! - No, please! - [Sante.]
We'll interrogate her at Serra.
Mom! [horse whinnies in distance.]
- [man 1.]
On you go, go swiftly.
- [man 2.]
Let's go.
Make them talk.
[man 3.]
Let's go! [horse whinnies.]
[man 4.]
Get moving.
Where have you been, Father? You were born right here, in this bed.
It's strange.
Once, this bed reminded me only of nice things.
Life, joy.
And now all I can see is the face of your mother when she was dying.
Torturing and killing all these women won't bring her back.
[scissors snipping.]
You will be wondering who we are.
And why we saved you.
We are your family.
You thought you were alone in the world.
Damned, persecuted.
We are here to tell you that you are alone no longer.
Here you can be whatever you want to be.
Don't be afraid.
Is it you? Is it you that found us? That saw us? Do you know who we are? I think so.
[mystical twinkling.]
[ethereal music playing.]
[uplifting music playing.]
- Come on.
Let's make a toast.
- Yes.
[indistinct sounds of merriment.]
Are you looking for company? Hmm? Leave me alone.
Had a bad day? I told you to go away.
Hmm what a nasty sort.
Innkeeper! The guy isn't well.
I'll deal with him.
Are you deaf? [player.]
[woman 2 laughs.]
Ah! It's time to go home.
I want to drink.
Bring me another one.
I told you it's time to go home.
And I told you to bring me another one.
- [man 2.]
That's Sante's son.
- [man 3.]
He's drunk.
- You'll have to call his father.
- Yes, I'm Sante's son.
- What is it, are you frightened? - You'd better go.
I will do what I want! [patrons jeer.]
[man 4.]
Who do you think you are? I'm the son of the great captain of the Benandanti, am I not? I can do whatever I want! I can even drink all the wine in this inn, and you you can't stop me.
That's what you say.
- [man 5.]
He needs a lesson.
- [man 6.]
Let's teach him one.
[patrons jeer.]
[man 7.]
Come on! That's enough now, stop! - [man 8.]
Seen this? - [man 9.]
Who's she? What does she want? You can see he is drunk.
He started it.
Take him away! - [man 10.]
We wanted to have fun.
- [man 11.]
Take him home! There no pleasure in beating a man who is defended by a woman.
[man 12.]
What woman? - [man 13.]
Looks like a tomboy.
- [man 14.]
You call that a woman? Who spoke? Me.
[patrons yell indistinctly.]
Could you lend me your charcoal? The honor is all yours.
They never last long enough.
[Ade laughs.]
[Cesaria pants.]
We are still a great pair.
We will always be.
I could have managed even without you.
However what I want to say is thanks.
[footsteps approaching.]
Our destiny does not always correspond with our desires.
My desires died along with Pietro's mother.
I did what had to be done, I think.
We haven't finished yet.
I know.
I'll be ready tomorrow.
It might be even more difficult tomorrow.
Surely, our actions did not go unnoticed.
I'll manage to do it.
We'll manage to do it.
Tebe, I understand how important it is.
Do not fear.
I have felt so much pain, I will be angry forever.
It could have been me out there.
Locked in a damp cell and eaten by rats ready to be burned.
If I had been in such a situation, I would have prayed every day for someone to save me.
Now I know I am that person.
I know I have the power to save.
I know who I am.
Did it do you any good? What? The wine.
Are you feeling better? There are sorrows you don't forget.
Your mother will stay here forever.
This will be her resting place forever.
You always find the right place for everything.
You've been doing it since we were children.
On the other hand, I never manage to sort things out.
My life is like a messy chest.
It's always been easy for me to understand where my place is.
And it's at your side.
Not now.
[Cesaria exhales.]
If you still remember this moment tomorrow then we'll talk about it again.
They're rounding up all the women.
They're seizing all the women, without any distinction.
The Benandanti are looking for us.
It's our fault they are seizing them.
- We knew it could happen.
- But why aren't we fighting out there? We can't run such a risk.
Since when is saving women too much of a risk? I thought that was exactly what we were doing.
Or perhaps you believe that the witches deserve to live - and the others don't.
- Don't say it even in jest.
In order to save them all, now we have to focus on those who can help us.
Without them, we are destined to lose, Leptis! There are few of us.
You have to come right now.
- Are you sure? - [Ade.]
I'm sure.
There's another one.
Her voice is very powerful.
How much time have we got? Not much.
Let's get ready.
Will you get another one? We'll try.
When I become skilled with the bow, I'll come and help you too.
At times, I feel as if I cannot manage on my own.
And if I were wrong? If I arrived too late? - One has already died because of me.
- Ade.
If they need you out there you must go.
[girl whimpering.]
Is anyone there? Help me! I'm down here! I'm down here, I beg you! [dog barking.]
[dog continues barking.]
They know nothing, Father.
What does that mean? Don't they speak? We tortured them all night.
- If they had known something - You're useless.
We can still catch them, Father.
I heard that two witches condemned to eternal suffering were saved by strange women on horseback that are well versed in wielding swords and daggers and then disappear like the wind.
It's them.
Get my horse ready.
- [Cesaria.]
Something's not right.
- [man.]
It's too light.
Cursed witches! [Leptis.]
That's not a dummy.
It's your worst enemy.
It's him you have to think of before shooting the arrow.
Of his eyes.
And of the grimace of pain when the blade pierces him.
Clever boy.
I can't believe it.
I did it! You will have really done it when you do it ten times, one after the other.
Pick up the arrows and keep practicing.
[ominous music playing.]
Did you send for me, Eminence? Sit down, Sante.
Sit down here opposite me.
I heard about your wife and I wanted to express my condolences personally.
I shall never forgive myself for not having saved her.
And for disappointing you.
Don't be foolish.
You haven't disappointed me.
The path is still long.
Look at me, Sante.
If I were to tell you that there is still a chance? We don't know where she is.
I am talking about your wife.
If there were the possibility to see her again My wife is dead, I saw her die with my own eyes.
You are underestimating me, Sante.
There is a way.
I can do it.
I can let you see your wife again.
But I need you to bring Ade to me here.
In not interested in the others.
You can kill them all.
Or rather, you must kill them all.
But I need her alive.
I don't understand, Eminence.
Are you telling me it's possible to bring back the dead? But that's sacrilege, a mortal sin.
Not if he who does it is driven by a pure heart.
Capture that witch and bring her to me.
Only this.
I'll deal with the rest.
It's not easy.
The witches protecting her are very powerful.
They are swift, unpredictable.
It's impossible to flush them out.
I know very well, Sante.
But you will see that soon, very soon you will be stronger than them.
I will grant you that strength.
I will be able to grant you that power.
Here where everything came into being we celebrate the rebirth of the Lost Cities.
Today they surprised us, weak and unprepared.
With only our worldly means.
But it was only a mishap.
Because we are destined to win.
As of tomorrow, our strength will escalate.
We have a great ally.
And together with him, those witches won't stand a chance.
Our enemies are getting ready to destroy us.
To wipe out our existence.
Because we represent what they fear the most.
The possibility of creating a new world with the face of a woman.
Your face.
[ominous music playing.]
May your tricks be dreams for us.
[water gurgling.]
May the rock forge your arms.
May you be able to make any seed of our thoughts germinate.
The most ancient of the Lost Cities.
Whoever is born with this name has their path already carved out.
The sac that wrapped you and protected you at your birth I have kept it since that day.
We proudly carry this chosen symbol around our necks.
It calls us to our destiny, to battle.
You are destined to lead this battle.
Because you are my son.
Sworn enemy of every witch and every devil.
May this light illuminate your path, even in the darkest night.
Lord who watches over us and shows us the way fight on our side.
May courage guide us! May faith burn within us! [Pietro breathes rapidly.]
Pietro! Where are you going? [Cesaria.]
Come back here! ["Son of the Dust" plays.]
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I know you can see All my deepest secret And I know that surely you know My devotion I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? How can I pray till the end? I will obey till the end But my hands are full of sand Full of sand Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone?
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