Luna Nera (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The sac that wrapped and protected you at your birth.
Your mother is dying.
I felt it, Pietro.
It will happen and you can't stop it.
Lord You're like me, Pietro.
Fate is calling for us heroes.
who watches over us and shows us the way.
Fight on our side.
- Because you're my son.
- Believe in me.
May courage guide us! May faith burn within us! It is strictly forbidden to sell food to provide food to help and to speak to any woman on her own, not accompanied by a man.
Anyone who is caught abetting a witch will be persecuted tortured and executed, as stated by the current laws.
Anybody holding any information on the young witch named Ade Bruno of unknown father and fails to report it will be executed immediately.
So it is said.
The time is coming, Ade.
When the lunar cycle is complete the chosen one's powers will be awakened.
The Book of Kingdoms will be deciphered.
The Furious will awaken.
And everything will start over again.
It's my fault the book is now in the Benandanti's hands.
We'll get it back, Ade.
But I fear that they are led by someone far more powerful than them.
Marzio Oreggi.
He's the successor of the Furious here on Earth.
In order to defeat him, no hesitation shall be allowed.
But always keep in mind the first and the greatest of all powers is being aware of who you are.
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? God! God! You abandoned me! I wasn't worthy of your trust! So I beg you to forgive me if what I'm choosing is not the path you had shown me.
God! Father.
I was not able to save her.
I have been given another chance.
And this time I won't fail.
We can see her again, Pietro.
- We can see her again.
- What are you talking about? The dead don't come back.
Wisdom greater than ours is embracing our cause.
The book There! We can cross the boundary between life and death.
We can see her again.
You stay with me.
Stay with me.
Don't leave me alone on this journey.
Let's go home.
I'm hungry.
That's enough.
I'm going to the village.
Didn't you hear the decree? It's prohibited.
We can't go out.
No one will give us food anymore.
Shh! Here.
Ugh It's disgusting.
Sorry, I'm still practicing.
- Are you sure it's not poisonous? - Sure.
I think so.
Huh? We will manage on our own.
They can't stop us from hunting.
Just like they won't keep us locked up here.
This doesn't seem poisonous.
Let's find out now.
Pietro! Seemingly that kiss That kiss didn't even last a day.
Listen, Cesaria, I'm sorry.
But I've never been so confused in all my life.
I'm really puzzled.
And is all this confusion called Ade? No.
Not only that.
Remember when we were children? And your mother used to read us Tristan and Isolde? I thought it was our secret.
Don't worry.
I would never harm you.
Your father wants you to see the weapons Spirto is preparing.
Your father needs you.
Don't you hurt him too.
- What should I look at? - I don't know.
They look like normal weapons to me.
But extremely sharp.
His Eminence will be blessing them this evening at the inn.
- His Eminence who? - Cardinal Oreggi.
He's the one your father gave the witches' book to.
The only one capable of opening it.
Are you all right, Spirto? I don't know.
Your father asked me to look after the weapons.
It's a great honor.
He says that I may be a Benandante tonight.
But you don't seem all that pleased to me.
Have you ever craved something and when you were about to obtain it, weren't sure if it was the right thing for you? I've changed my mind so often over the last period of time that I don't know what's right for me anymore.
Have you seen that girl again? Persepolis? Yes.
Perhaps she has news of Ade.
I don't know, but now I'm frightened to meet her.
I understand.
However, if you see her I beg you, tell her I What? Nothing.
Don't tell her anything.
After all, I don't even know who that girl really is.
- Psst! It's me.
- Who's there? Is it true that you'll become a Benandante? You can't stay here.
And what will become of us? Marry me.
You could marry me and the edict would no longer apply to you.
I would like to take it from you and hide it away.
You've already done it.
Sante had the weapons polished.
Tonight a cardinal will bless them at the inn.
His Eminence Oreggi.
He has the book.
They say he is the only person able to open it.
Let's go to the inn.
We shall give Sante what he deserves.
It's too dangerous.
There's very little space and only one entrance.
We shall depart when the moon is high, just before sunrise.
We'll follow Oreggi when he's alone.
We'll find out where he keeps the book and we'll get it back.
What about Sante? - The book is our priority.
- I thought it was the women in danger.
All of us are in danger.
You think of winning a single battle, my aim is to win the war.
My goal is to fight for what is right.
What is right doesn't always correspond with what is good.
Let's get ready.
It'll be an important mission.
Have you seen him? Who? Come on, I beg you.
At least tell me how he is.
He seemed worried.
Did he mention me? Did he mention me or not? Yes.
What did he say? Come on, tell me! He said that he doesn't know who you really are.
Ade! She doesn't understand anything.
You mustn't say that.
I was nothing before Tebe arrived.
My brother had just died and I would have met the same fate.
I didn't know who I was.
Do you know what it means to be a woman in this world and feel you desire something else? And because of this, you deserve to die? She granted me the gift to be myself.
I shall never betray her.
But that man is guilty.
He killed my mother and wants to kill Ade too.
I know it's difficult.
But for the sake of love, we have to accept also what we don't understand.
Can I keep it? - Where's the dummy? - I'm repairing it.
Little bird! Little bird! No! Little bird, please don't die! So you can also feel death before it happens.
Don't be afraid.
Only the most powerful understand the mystery binding life to death.
You have a great power.
Use it.
I can help you.
- Who are you? - I am Marzio Oreggi.
And we are more alike than what you imagine.
I knew him, Oreggi.
He said I was like him.
Why? What have you seen? I was a child.
There was a bird flying in the air and I looked at it and it died.
Oreggi knew that I had killed it.
That child, the woman in the tower, Pietro's mother, I killed all of them and you don't have the courage to tell me.
It's not like that.
Death always comes, always.
Everyone knows how death acts.
But understanding the ways of life is much more complex.
You saved the Cities.
You are learning how to wield the power of life.
- Why did he say I'm like him? - Don't listen to his voice.
You do not bring death.
On the contrary, you can save everyone.
But only if you have the courage to choose the light.
Ade, your power can halt the army of the Furious forever.
But if I know nothing about myself how can I help others? Believe me, you are doing it already.
She is very distraught.
She remembered meeting him here when she was a child.
- Did you tell her anything? - No.
The moment has almost arrived.
She must have no hesitation.
Do you think he can recognize her? I don't know.
- Where are you going? - Valente has gone out.
I don't know what he intends doing.
He turned the dummy into a Benandante.
He can't have left, he doesn't know the secret passage.
Yes he does, he saw it.
He was waiting for the right moment.
Ade, you can't go alone.
He is all I have left.
I swore to my mother I would protect him.
I've lost everything.
I'm not going to lose my brother.
We are ready.
You would be a perfect leader of the Benandanti.
It's a pity you are a woman.
- Valente has gone out.
- His bow's not here.
What did you put into his head? - When did he go out? - I don't know.
We lost sight of him.
He's only a young boy with no powers.
Where can he have gone? He changed the dummy into a Benandante.
An arrow through its heart.
The inn.
He's gone to the inn.
And that's not all.
Ade followed him.
- Janara, let's go.
- I'm coming with you.
What you do isn't my business.
It's time.
Can I ask you a question? Why are you coming, if you don't agree? To understand.
To know.
This morning, I wanted to go back to Rome, to my studies, but then Spirto, I know who my father was.
I've got to understand what's happening.
What's changing him.
Please, come in.
For your trouble.
Thank you.
Away, go away! Come on, away.
Out, out, out! You can wait for us at home.
He's here.
Stand up, Sante.
- This boy - Your son, Pietro.
Great is your soul.
Great is your power.
Seeing you brings joy to a troubled heart like mine.
You Benandanti outpost against the witches' evil powers you are my eyes when you flush them out.
And my legs when you chase them.
My arms when you seize them to wrest them from this world.
I anoint you as my army.
But your hearts must not waver.
Since you'll be shown obscure truths, unknown powers.
And you, foremost among mortals will be by my side.
And through your leader, you'll discover the boundary that divides life and death.
Armis de antiquo et obscuro imperio benedico.
Vitam formidabilem ac formidabilissima potestatem dona eis.
Wear it.
As a breastplate, it will protect your heart, the center of life.
And this is your weapon.
An ancient and powerful dagger that will cross the boundary of death.
- Father! - Valente! The witches are here.
Get out of here, run! Chase them.
Chase them! Over there! Let's split up! Let's go.
Stop! You are Spirto, right? Persepolis is my friend.
Let us go.
You wanted to kill me, eh? Don't touch him! Nobody's here.
Ade Come.
Come to me.
Over there! Let me go! Stridor flagella! Go, Ade.
Go! Valente! Let's go! Come! - Tace! - Hurry! Let's go! Get your sword and strike the ground! Valente! Leptis! Leptis, no! Let's go, hurry! - What about the others? - Don't touch him! - There's no rush.
We have all we need.
- Let me go! I promised my mother I would protect him.
We had no choice! You lied.
You said always stand united! Always! - You lied! - That's enough now! You're not the only one to have lost someone.
We did what we did to save you.
Secure the dwelling.
And stay on watch all night, if necessary.
Leptis! I knew your mother.
She was beautiful and kind.
But naive and stubborn.
I owe her a lot.
I began to practice magic with her.
I can teach you, if you want.
I have no powers.
Ade has.
But soon I'll be able to grant power to whoever I want.
Not like those who jealously guard it.
Whoever follows me will have great powers.
You're very like her.
I can get you out of here if you take me to Ade.
I'll make sure you will always be together.
Just tell me where she is.
I'll kill Sante.
Then I'll kill you too.
So be it.
She didn't talk.
It doesn't matter.
We have everything we need to catch that witch.
Spread the news.
Tomorrow after the Candle Festival, they will be executed.
Even the young boy? Didn't our Lord Jesus Christ say: "Let the little children come to me"? Claude, paeclude.
Nulla manus aperiat.
This is the only key that can open the dungeons.
Put it to good use.
Soon I'll have Ade back and you'll see your wife again.
Is it true you'll kill a young boy? You've seen it for yourself now.
- We have to do what is right.
- I don't know what is right.
I know killing a young boy will never be right.
And you know it too.
There's something on your face.
Ade Don't cry, my daughter.
I'm here.
Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? I know you can see All my deepest secret And I know that surely you know My devotion I've been such a good Christian son Said all my prayers Joined your house and children Every Sunday But still, I'm feeling so ill But still, I wonder if you give a Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? How can I pray till the end? I will obey till the end But my hands are full of sand Full of sand Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone? Why have you left me? Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah Good Lord, where have you gone?
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