Lupin (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1

- Hello.
JANITOR Come on, let's hurry! We don't have all night.
Is this the Queen's Necklace? Yeah.
It'll be up for auction next week.
For over 20 million.
You can afford it.
It's… A thousand years of minimum wage? THE QUEEN'S NECKLACE - That's for you.
- Thanks.
You look like crap, Assane.
You're handsome, but you look like crap.
- Can't afford a razor? - I can.
- I'll have you know I have a job.
- A job? Why, that's wonderful.
- Congratulations! - Thanks.
What is it? I have to guess? It's… It's complicated and it won't last? As usual.
Stop hiding things.
For you, for me.
For our son.
- Can I see Raoul this weekend? - Of course you can.
Is he going to want to see you? - You stood him up three times.
- I'm not the perfect dad.
Well, Saturday at eight? Saturday at eight.
- Things are going to change, Claire.
- Yeah, we'll see.
I'm going to change.
Tell your son that.
I'm a bit late.
Keep your money.
Buy Raoul a present instead.
See you Saturday.
Don't be late.
- Who is it? - It's Perenna.
Come in.
You got the money? Actually, something came up.
I don't have the cash, and I wanted to know Come here.
Let's get some air.
- What are you doing? - Move, asshole, dammit! Wait, listen to me! Vincent! Listen to me! Oh shit! Where's my money? I don't have it.
I gave it to my son's mother.
Give me more time, please.
We'll pay your son's mother a visit.
No! You won't go anywhere, understood? Pull me up and I'll tell you how to make a lot of dough.
More than you could ever spend.
Or just toss me over.
Don't leave me hanging.
I'm scared.
- Kevin, pull him up.
- I'm scared.
I'm a cleaner.
At the Louvre.
- What a shitty job.
- Depends.
What I clean is worth millions.
All within my reach.
- Every evening.
- I still don't see my cash.
It's coming.
Next Friday, a necklace will be up for auction.
It belonged to Marie-Antoinette.
It's worth millions.
It won't happen, because this necklace… we'll steal it.
Send him flying.
- Dammit, really? - You underestimated me.
You didn't look at me.
You saw me… but you didn't look at me.
- Just like they don't look at us.
- Who? Those I work for, who live there, while we live here.
Those at the top don't look at the bottom.
Thanks to that, we'll be rich.
I need someone who can make good decisions fast.
A strong guy.
I know the museum.
What do I do? Right.
The auctions will be here.
Careful, there are cameras everywhere.
This is the only place without cameras.
The janitors' locker room.
Nothing valuable there.
Separate hallway.
Separate entrance.
Separate elevator.
They can't have people seeing us.
That means they won't see you.
- What do you mean, you? - The three of you.
Enter as janitors, leave as millionaires.
Do we rely on our good looks to get in? I'll get you in, don't worry.
Where is that pass? What are you going in with? They scan everything.
Except the outgoing trash bags… and the incoming cleaning products.
Fill it up as you wish.
Bleach, window cleaner… or chloroform.
Be in the locker room when the auction starts.
There, Vincent and Kevin, you steal the guards' uniforms, for later.
Rudy, run to the surveillance room.
There's one guy there.
Always spaced out.
No worries.
Then, you deactivate the cameras.
After two minutes, the cops are notified.
They rush out.
It takes them three minutes to arrive.
Two plus two plus three.
Seven minutes to get out.
- What? - It's intense.
You'll be where they keep the necklace after the auction.
Steal it and get out.
Rudy'll be waiting with the fastest, most discreet car he can find.
And we're rich.
You can observe pure gold suspending a river of diamonds.
- Any questions? - Questions? - What will you be doing in the meantime? - Me? I'm buying the necklace.
Please follow me for the rest of the tour.
You work here? It's different! Are your bosses cool? Let's just say that they are presumptuous.
- Presumptuous, Assane.
- Dad, seriously? Presumptuous.
P-R-E S-U-M P-T-U-O U-S.
Well done, my son.
Pellegrini? - Do you need help? - No.
Thank you.
It's me, madam.
It's Babakar.
Your husband's new chauffeur.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
I didn't recognize you.
I have a problem.
- The hood, please.
- Yes, OK.
Get in! Where are you and your dad from? Senegal, madam.
Not far from Thies.
Where is your mom? Try it now.
Yeah, it's fine! Thank you very much! - I will drive you, madam.
- No, thank you.
No, I insist.
Well, then, all right.
Do you know what your dad is? A gentleman.
It's true.
Yes, it's true.
Good evening.
Thank you.
Good evening.
Thank you.
- Welcome, Mr.
Paul… - Sernine.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
Our auction will begin soon.
Good luck.
The legendary Queen's Necklace.
The necklace whose history is intertwined with that of France.
Louis XVI gave it to Marie-Antoinette.
It vanished during the Revolution, but resurfaced two decades later in the hands of Napoleon who gave it to Joséphine.
Then began an incredible journey across all of Europe, from tsarist Russia to Constantinople.
It finally ended up in the secret treasure of the Third Reich.
It was purchased by the Pellegrinis, from whom it was stolen 25 years ago.
After you, sir.
The door.
Put the car in the garage.
- I don't want it to get rained on.
- Yes, sir.
Thought to be lost.
In fact, it had been taken apart and its seven gemstones were scattered across the world.
They hadn't counted on Mr.
Pellegrini's tenacity, who tracked down every gemstone.
Today, the reconstituted necklace is finally back home, here in Paris.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the daughter of its owner, the delightful Juliette Pellegrini.
Good evening.
Pellegrini said I could use the pool.
Are you the chauffeur's son? I'm Juliette.
You're supposed to answer.
It's a conversation.
- My name is Assane.
- How old are you, Assane? I'm 14.
Next week.
Tell me, Assane.
Is what I hear about Black people true? What? What are you saying? Black people can't swim? - I can swim.
- Yeah? Show me.
Swim to me and I'll kiss you.
A real kiss.
Not like your mother's.
Thank you.
Good evening.
When my father reconstituted this necklace, he promised himself he'd do something exceptional with it.
That is why tonight, the sale will help create a Hubert & Juliette Pellegrini foundation.
The foundation will support cultural and artistic projects… Thank you.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will now begin the auction with, for the Queen's Necklace, a starting price of 17 million euros.
Central, we're checking the locker room.
Perhaps a starting bid of 18 million, as a warm-up, if I may.
Who wants to bid 18 million? 18 million? Eighteen million for Herr Kruger.
Danke schoen.
I have 19 million here.
Thank you.
Twenty million for the lady.
Thank you, madam.
Twenty-one million for Herr Kruger.
They're coming! Hi.
Guys, it's not instantaneous! We have 29 million on the phone.
Do I see 30? Kevin! Central! Thirty-two million for Herr Kruger.
Do I see 33? We are at 32 million for the Queen's Necklace.
Central, you OK in the locker room? Central, you OK? Yes.
False alarm.
Copy that.
Thirty-two million going once, 32 million euros going twice… I have a 33 million bid from the gentleman over there.
Thirty-three million? I… Excuse me.
Thank you.
We're at 33 million euros for this gentleman.
Welcome to the bidding! Thirty-three million.
How can you say such a thing? Do you have any idea of the situation I'm in? You've got me by the throat, dammit! Please, do go ahead.
I don't pay you to read.
Excuse my husband.
He's worried about his business.
I understand.
Take a book for your son.
Pick one.
Well? Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar.
Great choice.
Do I have 36? Thirty-six for Herr Kruger.
Thank you.
Thirty-seven million.
Thirty-eight? Thirty-nine million euros.
Do I see 40 million euros? I don't have 40? Thirty-nine million going once… Thirty-nine million euros going twice… Thirty-nine… 40 million for Herr Kruger.
I'm at 40 million from our first bidder, We would've saved some time if we had started off at this price.
Never mind.
That's OK.
He's good! Excuse me? Shit.
Come on.
Come on.
- Seven minutes.
- Forty million euros.
Do I have a bid for 41 million euros? 41 million, sir.
Cameras… off.
LET ME KNOW WHEN IT'S DONE Forty-one million euros.
Do I see 42? Forty-one million euros… Do I have 42 million euros anywhere? Sir, you're already holding the highest bid.
But I think this auction is dragging on a bit.
Let's save some time.
I bid 60 million euros.
- Did I hear 60 million euros? - Correct.
Sixty million euros! Listen… Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth.
Sixty million euros.
I can't breathe in this.
Any other bidders for the Queen's Necklace? No? 60 million euros for the gentleman going once, 60 million euros going twice, 60 million euros going thrice.
Sold to the gentleman.
Well done! He could double-cross us.
Don't worry.
We'll double-cross him first.
Thank you.
Five minutes! Five minutes! Everything seems to be in order.
Thank you.
I must admit, Mr.
Sernine, I wasn't expecting a buyer like you.
Like me? Meaning? Well… So young! Here is your necklace! Just as soon as your money transfer is validated, of course.
Of course.
Pellegrini is very strict about procedure.
Actually, his daughter would like to meet you.
In case… No, I would rather not.
Can I see it? For that price.
Just a peek.
- This necklace is my baby now.
- Of course.
All right! Thank you.
The necklace is always inside! Can you access my study? - Yes, but - You know the safe is here.
- No! - Of course not.
I saw you lurking around the other day.
I was dusting the bookcase.
- Madam was here! - Don't involve her! The truth, Lieutenant Dumont, is that he's in a precarious situation, an injustice, he says.
He stole the necklace from me as revenge.
On my son's life, I never touched it! - Then who else? - I don't know! Calm down.
We'll clear this up at the station.
- All right? - Take out this… This what? Huh? This what? - Calm down! Let's go.
- Let go of me! - Help me, Mrs.
Pellegrini! - Let's go! - Let's go! - Tell my son! I'm innocent! Let go of me! There.
Stop! You really don't mess around.
- Evening.
National police.
- Good evening.
Turn it off if you're not driving.
Yes, of course.
- Think about the planet.
- Exactly.
- Have a good evening.
- You too.
Come on, guys.
I didn't do anything.
I'll say Hey! What are you playing at? Get out! Let's go! Help! Thief! Thief! There was a robbery.
No one can leave.
Let me check with Central.
Central! Two men are escaping through the janitors' hallway! Damn.
Come on! What's with this car? There was nothing more discreet? - What were you thinking? - It's all there was! Come on! Get in! I'm gonna kill you! - Your father is on the way.
- Thank you.
D3! Diop.
Diop? Shit.
Call a doctor, fast! Suicide in D3! Hello, Assane.
I'm sorry.
Can I do anything? Yes, madam.
Thank you, madam.
Sorry, madam.
Go to hell, madam.
Rudy, I'm gonna kill you! I swear it's not my fault! It's that shitty car you got! More power than I thought.
Let me go! Kevin, don't move! It doesn't even have ABS! Nobody touch anything.
I want statements from everyone.
You must be joking? He's the victim! He was roughed up! Even though we fought back.
Leave it, Thibault.
I'm at the captain's disposal.
Never heard of your company, Nanobay.
- What is it? - You used your cell phone today? - Yes.
- I've made money thanks to you.
- Hello? - Captain, it's Guédira.
We're at the station.
Questioning the suspects about accomplices inside the museum.
- You checked the necklace? - We got it back.
- It'll be analyzed at the lab.
- Great.
Captain, I have a question.
Are you familiar with Arsène Lupin? What are you talking about? This necklace story is reminding me of the adventures of Arsène Lupin.
I've read them… - Not now.
Wait for the results.
- OK.
- I'm going.
- OK, thanks.
We have the necklace and the thieves.
- Go home.
We'll call you if necessary.
- Are you sure? - Yes, it's fine.
Go ahead.
- Thank you.
- Thibault.
- Mr.
- We'll meet again for the necklace.
- Thanks.
Sernine? Would you mind? You want to search me? It was a souvenir.
Am I under arrest? Thank you, Inspector.
We've learned tonight that the alleged thief of the Queen's Necklace killed himself in a prison in the Parisian area.
The man, a father originally from Senegal, was the main suspect in the disappearance of the jewelry.
His death leaves investigators with no credible lead to solve the theft of this priceless artifact, purchased by the Pellegrini family years ago.
A staff member of the main house allegedly stole the necklace… What? You remind me of your mother.
Happy birthday.
Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar.
"This is the story of a thief.
But not just any thief.
" "The first thing you need to know is that no one knows who he is.
" "You may have come across him.
" "Let's not get carried away.
" "Let's start from the beginning.
" 2 WEEKS EARLIER Good morning to all our viewers.
Welcome to our morning edition.
We're starting off with some history and this breaking news we have just received: the Queen's Necklace, which once belonged to Marie-Antoinette, was found last week.
The priceless necklace had vanished following a theft 25 years ago.
It'll be exhibited at the Louvre before being put up for auction by its owners, the Pellegrini family.
This auction… THE AUCTION WILL BE HELD AT THE LOUVRE "Arsène Lupin is a man of many talents.
" "He is a master of disguise.
He can change his identity in an instant.
" I have no openings.
But the agency told me that… The agency was wrong.
- Where in Senegal are you from? - Bakel.
Know it? My dad's town! We'd go grocery shopping at this guy's, near the gas station.
You know Abdoulaye? Yeah, I know Abdoulaye! Let's hurry! We don't have all night.
"You should never trust Arsène Lupin.
" "His name might not even be Lupin.
" "In reality, he has countless names.
" Luis Perenna, there's a shitty name! - You want cash? - Yeah.
I'll give you 1,000.
Interest is 10% a week.
- Ten per week? - Yeah.
- Not good? - Fine.
You get me.
Ever try to screw me over… - Thanks.
- Don't come back without the money.
"Lupin uses his talents to commit his larcenies.
" "No obstacle can thwart his plans.
" "His greatest talent…" - Excuse me.
- Thank you.
"…is to always be one step ahead.
" Very good.
"Arsène Lupin is a lone wolf… who occasionally calls upon his friends… with questionable morals but also unyielding loyalty.
" Here is the copy.
Ah, yeah.
You've surpassed yourself.
I did what I could in a week.
- Next time, give me more time.
- There won't be a next time.
It's time to move on.
It was just important to me to get it back.
Thanks, man.
Let's go! Help! Thief! - Thanks.
- They scan everything.
Except the outgoing trash bags and the incoming cleaning products.
- That stuff stinks! - We both agree on that.
Who comes here to change their kids' diapers? At the Louvre! Enter as janitor s… leave as millionaires.
Hello? Yes, Lieutenant? We just got back.
Great, thank you.
Hey, Guédira.
According to the lab, the necklace is fake.
Let the buyer know.
 Paul Sernine.
- How is it spelled? - Paul.
Sernine with an S.
Yes, Lieutenant.
Small-time thugs.
Convictions for minor offenses.
Three, yeah.
I'll send you their statements.
No worries.
See you later.
- Yeah, see you.
Huh, you're early.
I told you.
I've changed.
Raoul! Dad's here! - He's not late? - Thanks for your faith in me! I won't ask you what you did last night.
- Honestly, nothing special.
- Yeah? - Chilled.
- Sure.
- Better, right? - Thank you.
So? Don't I look classy? Are you kidding me? - You OK? - You're crushing me.
I'm your father.
I'm supposed to crush you.
- Not too late, OK? - Bye, Mom! Bye.
I hear you're glued to your phone.
That's a shame.
At your age, I liked to read.
There were no phones in your day.
Low blow.
No present for you.
What present? Here.
You'll like it.
Your granddad gave it to me.
I wish you had known him.
Arsène Lupin is more than a book.
He's my heritage.
My method.
My path.
I am Lupin.

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