Lupin (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Guard! Your new cellmate.
What are you in for? 2 DAYS EARLIER You kidding? I wouldn't have called otherwise.
Check again.
I checked it all night! Original clasp.
Original setting.
No marks on the gemstones.
I guarantee you this necklace has never been taken apart.
If so, the story about the scattered gemstones is bullshit.
The necklace never left the Pellegrinis' safe? - Why would they lie? - No idea.
Maybe they lied about everything else, including my father's theft.
For 25 years, I've believed my dad to be a thief.
- I've been wrong for 25 years.
- Easy, Assane.
You have the necklace.
You made it out.
- Who cares about the rest? - Who cares about truth? No, I'm not saying that, but… You told me you'd stop after this necklace, that Raoul needed his dad.
- Think of him.
- That's all I'm doing.
He should know who his grandpa was.
Take them out.
- Assane.
- I know what I'm doing.
What are you doing? Nothing special.
- Hiding something? - Me? Not at all.
- He doesn't believe me! - Kids… Police! Open up! Lt.
Dumont! Open up! Don't make me break it down.
Sit down.
- How old are you? - Sixteen.
- You live alone? - I live with my mother.
- She'll be back.
- Really? Let's wait for her.
Pack your things.
We're going to Social Services.
Did you hear? Come on! Hurry up! What's the holdup? Work on your escape technique, sonny! - Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
Just passing through.
I'm off to the foundation.
I heard about your father's necklace.
They recovered a copy.
Probably driving him crazy.
You seem heartbroken about it.
Don't worry.
The police have a lead.
Says the media, but since he owns most of it, I have my doubts.
The necklace vanished again after 25 years.
Bad luck.
Back luck, indeed.
It really upset him at the time.
It could be even worse now.
How are you? Slowly but surely fading away in this gilded cage your father gave me.
He did pick out the orchids.
- Steered clear of chrysanthemums.
- Stop it.
- He doesn't hate you.
- No, he's afraid of me.
I know where the bodies are.
Watch out for yourself.
He adores you, you adore him, but… he says it himself, you're with him or against him.
Goodbye, Mom.
Goodbye, Juliette.
Goodbye, François.
Pellegrini? For you.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Medium rare, no onions.
Thank you.
Yes, madam? That's right.
Medium rare, no onions.
Thank you.
You're in a hurry.
Good, so am I.
How much do you want? My price is zero.
I don't want money.
I want answers.
I can't see his face.
I can't hear! His hand is over the mic.
Fix it, goddamn it! Fix it! I want to hear them! All units, the Louvre thief is there! Don't intervene until he makes a move.
Got it? I said no police, Juliette.
- You stole the necklace from us? - I'm asking the questions.
Why did you lie? - Lie? About what? - The necklace.
It wasn't taken apart.
That means my father never stole it.
That's true.
I mean, it wasn't taken apart.
My father and I got this idea of the scattered gemstones to build up the buzz before the sale.
Daddy bought it back from a jeweler in South Africa.
- That doesn't hold up.
- I swear.
- Look at me.
You know me.
- Stop it.
Shit, they know each other.
Look at that.
I'm sure they do! Pellegrini is playing us.
Belkacem, I want to hear! Get closer! Get between them and the exit.
If my father finds out, you're a dead man.
Give me back the necklace.
I'll tell the cops I don't know you.
Tell me my father was innocent.
I would love to tell you that, but he was guilty and signed a confession.
I think you don't know your father.
OK! He's on the move! All units! Bring him in! Stop! Stop! Get him! He left on a bike.
Get him! - We can't let him get away! - We're on him.
Gotta get him this time! He's headed for Vavin.
Catch him at the exit.
What's this? How did he manage that? Guys, headed for the Senate! I can't believe it! Shit! He's headed for the observatory.
Exit six, let's go! Everyone go! Stop! - On the ground! - Come here, dammit! - Give me everything! - Your hands.
It's not him.
Burger, medium rare, no onions? - It's not him! - Don't move! Shit, dammit! Take off your mask! - Show your face.
- Lock the park.
No one gets out, OK? It's impossible! Where is he? Shit! FOR ASSANE My son, I am ashamed.
I am guilty of what I am accused of.
I wanted to give you a better life.
I failed.
So I hope you will forgive me.
Remember, the truth will always lie in "libraryes.
" Don't "comet" the same mistakes I did.
I love you.
De Gaulle with one L? Be careful, Assane.
Spelling is everything.
If your mother could see you! MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS KILLED HIMSELF IN HIS CELL - I always make spelling mistakes.
- You and I both.
My father, never.
Let alone two in a row.
- Yeah? So? - Look.
- "Comet," "libraryes.
" - Yes.
- And? - I looked around.
There was a guy in prison with my dad.
Called Étienne Comet.
Where did he work? - The library.
- Exactly.
Hang on, Assane… That's called a coincidence.
- Seriously? - A hidden message in spelling mistakes? - You're reaching.
- You don't understand.
It's been under my nose for years.
Trying to prove his innocence.
Thanks to this Comet.
And I did nothing.
You're right.
You have doubts.
See this to the end.
Go see Comet.
- Where is he? - In prison.
- Make a visit request.
- He's sick.
He doesn't leave his cell.
- Well… - I'll find another way.
- No! - Yes.
- No! - You said, "See this to the end.
" I must see Comet.
Fucking hell! Shit! Assane! Wait! Wait! Wait! Visitor.
Djibril Traoré.
Hey, Cousin.
Have a seat.
You and I are cousins? I don't have any.
Well, now you have one.
Your cousin has a present for you.
You… get out.
I go inside instead.
Hang on.
Are you totally stupid? Oh, I know! Actually… The guards won't notice anything because you and I totally look like twins.
The guards just switched.
And the other inmates? You've been quarantined for a week.
Tonight, you're being moved to a cell.
Nobody knows you in prison.
OK, but aren't you forgetting something? Shit, the handcuffs.
Shit, the handcuffs.
I'm so stupid.
How did I not think of that? - Know the handcuff trick? - The what? Now you know it.
Guard! We're done.
I know why you're here.
Deal so much as a joint, I'll find you.
I got you out.
I can get you back in.
- See you, Cousin.
- Go ahead.
Give Auntie a kiss for me! Guard.
I know it's hard here at first.
You'll get used to it.
We respect all individual faiths here.
Personally, one book often brought me… answers… and comfort.
Welcome, my boy.
Pellegrini, one thing is bothering me.
Based on the video, you and the suspect… seemed to know each other.
Lieutenant, it sounds like you're treating me as a suspect.
- Am I accused of anything? - No, not at all.
If that's the case, no problem.
You can detain me.
I'll send for my lawyers.
You'll get fired within 15 minutes.
OK? - No.
hang on - Change your tone.
And focus on your investigation.
I'm asking you what you two said to each other.
OK? Absolutely.
I told him that… the officer in charge is a moron who got me a plastic necklace.
No more notes? Find our necklace, Captain.
You don't want to disappoint your superiors, do you? - No, madam.
- Very good.
Thank you.
I made coffee if you'd like some.
Thanks a lot.
Know a guy named Comet? Étienne Comet.
- What do you want with him? - Nothing.
Just a mutual friend.
Who is your friend? I'm quitting.
Not good for breathing.
You interested? Cell 241.
I want to know everything about him.
Vincent Morville, tell me about the theft.
His name was Luis Perenna.
Never seen him before.
- 241, Comet.
- Yeah.
- Guard? - Yes, coming.
- Where's Étienne? - At the infirmary.
- When is he back? - I don't think he's coming back.
OK, thank you.
Hey, who are you? - Who are you? - Djibril.
Djibril Traoré.
He owes me 1,000 euros worth of dope.
- Now you owe me.
You've got three days.
- Three? Is it too much time, Djibril? No, it's fine.
- Yeah.
- It's fine.
- What's going on here? - Nothing.
- He just got here.
Already sick.
- It's all right.
I'll take care of it.
Have a seat.
So, what's the matter? It started with pain all over.
Thought I was pregnant.
But that's not it.
Probably not! I figured… a night in the infirmary.
For observation.
It'd be wiser, right? Listen… I know it's hard at first.
But a big boy like you will get used to it.
Right? And my night here? You'll have to do better.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
Got a minute? - No, I'm going to see the boss.
- Please, a minute.
I need to show you something incredible.
Paul Sernine.
Luis Perenna.
- What are you doing? - Don't you see? They are both anagrams.
- And? - It makes sense.
A link between the thief and Arsène Lupin.
We should study this.
Do I talk to Laugier? Yeah, sure.
Great idea.
If you want to look like an idiot.
He's in a good mood.
Seriously, what's this? What's next? D'Artagnan? Three Little Pigs? Get back to work.
Let's make progress.
Can't we do better than this? We're the police.
The guy puts on a costume, and we're done! What's this mess? He is playing us! We're nowhere.
We suck! The investigation is bullshit! - Tell me.
- What do you want? - How were you getting the dope? - Why the hell do you care? Just curious.
You stupid? He swallowed it.
- Then out of his ass.
- There you go.
That's where you're gonna put your cash.
Does he have a death wish? There you go.
I suppose you did this to yourself? Right.
A stupid accident.
I was shaving, and… I slipped.
All right.
I'll keep you in overnight.
Finally! Make some friends.
It's useful in here.
Good night.
Étienne? Étienne? Étienne.
My name is Assane Diop.
My father was named Babakar Diop.
You were in prison together.
Étienne? - Babakar.
- Yeah! Do you remember? Yeah, maybe, yeah.
- He stole a necklace, right? - Yes.
Well, no.
That's why I'm here.
He was wrongly convicted.
I don't know your father.
- That's impossible.
- Yes.
What do you mean? He was alone in his cell.
Always under surveillance.
I only saw him once, because… I brought him a book… when I was working at the library.
That's all.
There has to be something else.
Please, try.
When he returned the book, he said… Yeah? …that if someone came on his behalf someday, he wanted me to give it to him.
He said all the answers were inside.
You still have this book? Maybe, yeah.
Look through my stuff.
You're not playing? Came this morning.
From your father.
The guards found it in his cell.
Have you heard of the Andrésy school? One of the best private schools in France.
Someone wants you to attend next year.
A generous donor has paid for everything.
You'll get a real education there.
You'll become somebody.
This is your chance.
Seize it.
Nothing is written in stone.
I'm glad you like it.
My son, I am ashamed.
I am guilty of what I am accused of.
I wanted to give you a better life.
I failed.
- 241? - Yes.
Shit, clean sheets.
It's the Ritz! - Where are Étienne's things? - Second shelf.
Good luck.
THE EXPLOITS OF ARSÈNE LUPIN How was science class? Raoul, I'm talking to you.
Your science test, did it go OK? Is that the book Dad gave you? He scribbled on every page.
You prefer reading to video games now? How about that? "Am…" "Innocent…" TRAP "I am innocent, trapped by Anne… Pellegrini.
" Bogdan hopes you enjoy your meal.
He'll tuck you in tonight.
What the hell is this? That's it.
Restaurant is closed.
It's a weird question, but I… I need to know if… Well… Was it really Babakar who stole the necklace 25 years ago? What? A necklace worth millions was stolen and funding for the foundation is in trouble.
And you piss me off with an old story? Of course he stole the necklace from us! Forgive me.
I'm sorry, darling.
No, it's my fault.
I keep taking hits.
Everyone wants my head.
Coming from you… Your father can fend for himself.
You're with me.
You're with me? Yes.
Stop slacking, come on! There he is.
Come on.
Let's do this.
Here! Tonight.
You're in love with me.
How is he? Can I see him? Thank you.
How's it going, man? I think she digs you.
You found the book? Cool.
Can I ask you something? Anything.
Don't care how you do it, but make my wife smile.
I won't be able to anymore.
Thanks for the book.
I got what I needed.
I need to avenge my father.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Hang in there, Djibril.
Thank you.
Good night.
Put down your book.
Turn off the light now, please.
Come on.
Good night.
Let's go.
If you find a clue in Harry Potter… call us.
- See you tomorrow.
- Give me a lift? - With pleasure.
- Cool.
See you tomorrow.
DECEASED No! Help! Guard! So, all good? Done? - No trouble? - No, on the contrary.
It was too easy.
The bastard wasn't in his cell.
Don't know how he did it.
I found him in the showers.
He'd hanged himself.
"Illusion is probably the most subtle of all the arts.
" "It requires some finesse.
" "Sometimes, a fair amount of courage…" "Eventually, the means do not matter.
" "For only the outcome matters.
" - Given his condition, no need for it.
- Yeah.
"And, of course, the thrill of tricking everyone.
Excuse me.
Assane! I know you framed my father 25 years ago.
What did you do to him? Assane… What did you do to him? Made him sign the confession.
- But I am innocent! - Innocent or not, that is not the issue.
- Of course it is! - Trust me.
Better guilty and free than innocent in jail.
So sign.
Think of your son.
For Assane.
It was supposed to earn him a reduced sentence.
I was told the judge would be receptive to your situation.
A Senegalese immigrant raising his son alone in France.
But the judge was so strict.
Your father didn't accept it.
He hanged himself.
That confession was his doom.
I was naive.
There were arrangements.
Arrangements are only good for people like you.
Never people like my father.
After his death, I helped you.
I helped you.
From a distance.
From a distance, but I helped.
It was you? The generous donor? It was you? I felt responsible for your situation.
I wanted to earn your forgiveness.
- Your father… - Good old Babakar! You accuse him, drive him to suicide, and then you ease your conscience! I didn't accuse him! A police officer swore that he'd help him! - That's all! He lied.
- Which police officer? Which police officer? - It was so long ago - No! Which police officer? His name.
- Dumont.
His name was Dumont.
- Guard.
Dumont used my father's trust in you to frame him.
- Why did he do that? - I don't know.
I searched for a long time.
I swear.
- Where are you going? - He's lost.
That's not a bad costume! - Turn around.
- I got it.
I know.
He took the wrong exit.
- Service exit is that way! - Gentlemen, be polite.
I'll tell the principal how you treat new students.
Excuse them.
They were born rich, but with shit for brains.
Benjamin Ferel.
- Assane Diop.
- Nice to meet you.
Can I ask you something? Don't care how you do it, but make my wife smile.
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