Lupin (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3

It is 7 a.
Time to wake up.
Thank you, Circé.
You're welcome.
Good morning.
Letting yourself go, Dumont.
It is seven degrees in Paris, with cloudy skies.
Wear undershirts today, kids.
Go on, hurry.
- Thanks, Circé.
- You're welcome.
Circé, play "I Can See Clearly Now.
" I'm sorry.
I don't understand your request.
- "I Can See Clearly Now.
" - OK.
- I'll play that track.
- She likes you better.
Hey, don't be jealous.
I'm not jealous.
Hurry up.
Go on! Go around, sweetie.
Come on, time to get this started.
Don't worry, Dumont.
That's precisely the plan.
Anything else? A neighborhood association opposing the opening of a roof terrace eatery on rue Vieille-du-Temple.
Yuppies worried about their apartment's value going down.
They're my constituents.
We'll shake them up if they get on my nerves… Yes? Me? - Excuse me.
- Please.
- What is it? - I'm from IT.
- Yes, and? - You have an office here? I must've set foot in it twice.
Why? I've had to update the computer.
- And I found some things.
- What? Well, kind of steamy stuff.
What's this bullshit? - You think I'm here to look at porn? - It'd be more convenient in your home.
Are you stupid or what? I don't watch porn.
I'm the last person who would judge you.
You're pissing me off.
I have work to do.
Erase all that and let's leave it at that.
- OK? - I won't erase anything.
I won't touch your computer! If you want it erased, erase it yourself.
Or not! Anyway, I have to file a report.
- Hello.
Is the meeting over already? - No.
- Computer issues.
- Yes.
Michael isn't here? - Michael? - Well, yes.
Tall, brown hair.
Bit listless.
It's his job.
Well, no, Michael isn't here.
He's on leave.
I'm filling in for him.
Show your papers.
- You show your papers! - Excuse me? You're rude, so I'm rude too! Besides, I don't give a damn! Not my job to erase your porn! Seriously! And "your papers"! - That's borderline racist.
Here! - Ok! - Let's not get worked up.
- I'm not! - Where is this office? - It's this way.
- Very well, let's go.
- Let's go.
Have a nice day, madam.
This isn't the office at all.
Where are we? We're almost there.
- Heard of energy points? - What? Well, now you know.
Not too hard waking up? - Where am I? - The question isn't where.
But why? - Who are you? - Wrong question again.
You need to focus, Dumont.
We're going back in time.
Remember him? I understand.
Memory gets bad with age.
It's normal.
Don't worry.
I'll help you remember.
Get comfortable.
We have plenty of time.
Ah, Dumont.
How's the investigation? Mr.
Diop continues to deny the facts.
He's a clever old monkey.
Poor choice of words.
I… I meant it was to be expected.
All guilty people deny.
So do the innocent.
Without a necklace, he'll be let go.
Are you kidding? His prints are all over my safe.
He has to confess.
Do your job.
Sir, I am precisely doing my job.
You had the necklace insurance policy increased before it was stolen.
Why did you do that? I talked to a collector who told me that it was largely underpriced.
- I can give you his contact details.
- Yes, please.
Another thing.
Diop has no criminal record.
He's peaceful and kind.
Did you know he's raising his son by himself? - No.
- Yes.
He doesn't fit the profile.
Because there's a profile? No, you're right.
The worst crooks can be above suspicion.
What exactly are you playing at, Dumont? No, I'm not playing.
I'm trying to get to the truth.
See you soon? As soon as I know more.
And what about this? Babakar Diop's deposition.
The investigation report.
The autopsy report.
Your name is everywhere.
So what? That's normal.
I was in charge of the investigation.
You call this an investigation? Why did you frame him? What are you talking about? I didn't frame anyone! You didn't search very hard.
You never found that necklace.
All you had was a vague suspect.
A bullshit reduced sentence for a bullshit confession.
Your investigation is full of shit.
You did a shit job.
You don't know anything.
If I don't know anything… explain it to me.
Go ahead.
Why insist on that confession? He wouldn't back down.
Because he was innocent! Give it a rest.
I've been a cop for over 30 years.
I've seen innocent people.
Your Babakar was guilty.
There was evidence, a motive.
Yeah, sure.
He killed himself out of guilt? There, see… You're starting to get it.
Why are you telling me about this? Why now? Anything to do with the burglary at the Louvre? The same necklace, 25 years later.
The reference? It's 95-CF-JRT-43.
I think there are pages missing in the file.
Are you sure? OK, thank you.
- What? - Dumont was kidnapped.
- What? - OK, everybody.
Listen to me.
Commissioner Dumont is missing.
He was at city hall in the 3rd arrondissement.
He left the meeting with a guy.
- No news since.
- Is there a description? Not yet.
You and Guédira, interview everyone at city hall.
Hey! I want all hands on deck.
Understood? Go! Get up, Dumont.
Your life is a success.
Lovely children, a loving wife.
You spoil them.
But I have a question.
How much does a commissioner make? Six, seven thousand euros a month? Even with overtime, the numbers don't add up.
Earlier, it was Babakar Diop.
Now my salary is the problem? Ludovic Reynaud, drug squad regular.
His thing is coke.
Showbiz, fashion, parties, big and small.
Damir Cilic.
Ten years in Fresnes for armed robbery, pimping.
Trafficking girls from the East, including minors.
Already less glamorous.
The money isn't wired to your savings account.
I had to do some digging.
Banking secrecy isn't what it used to be.
Those two paid for lots of vacations.
Well, Commissioner? Were you doing your job then? - You'll denounce me to Internal Affairs? - No.
Internal affairs is no fun.
Your wife.
No, not that.
It's up to you.
Tell me why you framed Babakar.
We'll forget the rest.
What do you want to hear? I did my job.
I caught the guy! He hanged himself.
Very sad, but it's not my problem.
Have it your way.
- Hello? - Hélène? Hélène, it's me.
- I'm OK.
- Hello? Hélène, it's me.
Save it.
She can't hear you.
- Not yet.
- Hello, Gabriel? Gabriel, is that you? Hello! - Last chance, Dumont.
- Hello! - Answer! - Go to hell! You hear me? You want to rat me out? Do it.
Yes, I took the cash.
I didn't spend it on watches or coke.
The money was for my kids! I'd do anything for them.
Even the stupidest shit.
And Babakar - he fucked up for his kid too.
- What do you know about that? Fresh off the boat from Senegal.
Not a penny to his name.
A kid to raise… I get it.
- Maybe I would've done the same thing.
- Impossible.
You were pressured into framing him.
No need.
Believe it or not, I liked my job back then.
I was good at it.
I'd like some water.
I can't take it anymore.
- Hi, Claire.
- Hi, how's it going? Great.
Did you think of something for Raoul's birthday? Hello? - Yes.
- You forgot? You're crazy.
Me, forget my son's birthday? You're nuts.
I thought of something.
But it's a surprise.
Assane, do you remember you said the same thing last year? I really have a surprise.
You're too much.
What's keeping you so busy? It's crazy.
- Filing away some old paperwork.
- I'm not an idiot.
I know that's not true.
You don't have to lie to me.
I don't know what you're doing.
I'm not sure I want to know.
Do I want to know? No, you don't.
That bad? That bad.
You know you can talk to me.
I'm your buddy, even if we're not having sex.
I know.
Thanks, buddy.
- You take care of yourself, OK? - Promise.
- Don't do anything stupid, OK? - Never.
Take care of yourself.
Have a nice day.
Hey, Claire.
Hi, how's it going? Want some help with your homework? Give me a private lesson? What's that? You're shy! - You're cute.
- Sorry, I'm late.
- Who's that? - A new kid.
- Your boyfriend? - Which is yours? What did you say? Take your seats now.
You OK? Not really.
I don't know how to thank you.
I'll tell you something.
There are two kinds of guys.
The barbarians and the knights.
The barbarians don't care.
They invade your space.
You have the knights, a bit like you, who think that women are fragile things that always need protecting.
It's funny.
Both annoy the hell out of me.
- You're Assane? - Yeah.
Heard about your dad.
- I'm sorry.
- Silence.
Sir Knight, won't you get settled in? Take off your coat? - My name's Claire.
- Nice to meet you.
- They came down together? - Belkacem? OK, great.
- Well? - I might have something.
This van was circling for an hour.
Last seen after the kidnapping.
Going north.
Lost it on Magenta.
I ran the license plates.
- Is this your guy? - Yeah, with the hat.
- Anything clearer? - No.
And Dumont's cell phone? It was off three minutes after the meeting.
Orange Hat must've gotten rid of it.
How long has Dumont had the phone? Why? They updated the chipsets on police phones.
GPSs have autonomous batteries.
We can track it down.
- OK.
- I'll try.
Well, go.
Move it.
- It's the same principle as the - Who cares? Go.
I hope it won't take too long and the battery is still active.
All right, Dumont.
I know your whole life.
Your whole family.
"Being perfect is…" - Touch my kids, I'll kill you.
- Calm down.
I'd never touch your kids.
On the other hand… Letting yourself go, Dumont.
You're a fucking loser, Dumont.
It's called a deepfake.
It's really fun.
Why won't you tell me the truth? Corruption is my passion.
- Bastard.
- I have your voice.
Your face, expressions and body language.
Hours' worth.
You'll say whatever I want.
News networks could get a video saying you're into ISIS… Or little boys.
I love hanging around schools after class.
- I can choose.
- You're a fucking sicko.
- What do you want? - Just the truth.
I've already told you the truth! - You don't want it! - Quit fucking lying! Stop it! Tell me why you framed my father! Assane? Assane Diop? Assane… is that you? There… - You know what you're doing? - Can't go faster on 128 bits.
- Who cares? Hurry! - Guys.
The van is at Pantin.
Let's go? We wait to see if the phone is in it.
The van could be a decoy.
- Where are we at? - The van is at Pantin.
Waiting on the phone.
Provided Mr.
Guédira figures it out, because - We got it! - OK.
We have Dumont.
He's at Pantin! Come on, all hands on deck! Perraud, Moretti, let's move! Everyone at Pantin! Go! Move it! Assane… are you there? You know, I remember you.
I was young.
Trying to look tough.
It wasn't right, what I said.
Please forgive me.
Your dad was a good man.
Just tell yourself he was tempted.
That's all.
It happens to everyone.
I should know.
You say I forced him to lie.
What are you doing? The only difference is that I am innocent.
I want to see my family again.
You have a family too.
Think of them.
Untie me and disappear.
I won't rat you out.
I promise you.
Hey, guys.
Claire and the Black kid! No way.
Come on, guys! - How is your book? - Awesome.
- Lupin's kind of a Romeo, right? - Meaning? He's got game.
He gets tons of girls.
Yeah, he gets around.
OK, great.
No, that's not what I meant.
He's always onto something.
- He's not afraid.
- What's up, lovebirds? Don't move.
It's like with bears.
- Play dead, they go away.
OK? - That hasn't been proven.
- Think they've slept together? - Your scarf… - Remember the barbarians? The knights? - Don't worry.
You're a total moron.
- Assane? - What? What do you mean "what?" I don't need a boyfriend.
I'm fine on my own.
You don't know.
- What? - I'm the man of your life.
Yeah, OK… You're the only guy I can stand.
So, yes.
- Wait.
- What? The man of your life, but no hooking up? Yeah, that's it! You're not stupid after all.
Now let me treat this, please.
And stop moving! - Wait.
- What? How does it work? No! "When Lupin loses… he still wins.
" - Stop pressing on it! - I'm not.
I'm cleaning it! Still at Pantin.
No good if the GPS dies.
Go on, move! Move it! Move! You know… I always say… one does not change.
But I'd like to change my mind about you.
I want to believe you.
You're not a knight, but not a barbarian either.
So, I forgive you, Dumont.
TIME ELAPSED - Police! Freeze! - I didn't do nothing.
- What do you have on you? - Nothing.
Anything dangerous? Easy.
Shit, he's laughing at us.
This is pointless, boss.
He's been leading us on! He could be anywhere.
Bring him over.
- What's this shit? - I don't know.
Orange Hat, don't you know him? He put an ad online.
Two hundred euros to carry some gear from the city hall.
- Playing us.
- Didn't ask for details.
We saw you with him.
Where did you drop him off? - City hall in the 3rd.
- Are you listening or what? We're asking where you dropped him off! City hall in the 3rd! He said to go around the block.
He got out.
I was supposed to wait here.
- So, he's not coming back? - Get him out of here.
He's at city hall.
- What? - What makes you think that? He kidnaps someone and stays on site? Who would be stupid enough to do that? Arsène Lupin.
- He does that in a book.
- Arsène Lupin… Check all the floors! The basement! Clear! Go! Move it! Are you OK? Commissioner? - We have the commissioner.
- Son of a bitch.
ARSÈNE LUPIN GENTLEMAN BURGLAR Don't you get tired of the same book? I learn something new every time.
I was thinking about the two kinds of guys.
- Yeah? - I think there's a third kind.
This guy doesn't care about anything, except what really matters.
A guy who plays the game but who respects the rules.
- Who is this third guy? - A gentleman.
What? I like being with you.
Hey, don't get carried away.
It's not… I like the idea we'll always be there for each other.
Works for me.
Works for you? You told me not to get carried away.
- So, a gentleman? - Exactly.
Dumont got kidnapped by a guy he can't describe in detail.
He locks him up for four hours, without saying anything, and then he just leaves? Sorry, boss.
It makes no sense.
We agree.
It makes no sense.
But then, why would Dumont lie? Commissioner Dumont, Belkacem.
Besides, he put his own guys on the case.
Back to the necklace.
Where are you at? Still on Paul Sernine.
His social media profiles were all totally bogus.
Boss? Can I talk to you? It's about the necklace.
No, please.
Not Lupin.
Orange Hat, who kidnapped Dumont, I think it's Paul Sernine.
What are you saying? They're the same person? - Yes.
- What are you saying? - What's the link? - The link… It's right here.
Dumont was in charge of the first investigation.
So… you think he's innocent.
I checked his schedule on the day.
He couldn't have visited.
And the prints on my safe? The lab guys think they were planted.
Really? Fascinating story.
Who could have done it? I think you have thoughts on the matter.
You're unfamiliar with the administration in which you are working.
Let me save you some time.
I know you play golf with my boss.
You're close to the minister of the interior, but I'm going to see this through.
How is your wife? Hélène, I believe? A pediatric nurse, variable hours, lots of driving at night.
How brave.
I'm a good investigator too.
All of this is a game, Lieutenant.
A game with rules.
And I make them.
Here's how this is going to go down.
Babakar will sign a confession.
You'll solve a big case.
- It'll launch your career.
- He will never sign.
He will.
You've just had a brilliant idea.
My wife will ask him to sign for a significantly reduced sentence.
And everybody wins.
If he doesn't return the necklace, he'll get the maximum sentence.
But he doesn't know that.
My wife mustn't know it either.
Come on, Dumont.
The police are going to need people like you.
I… need you right now.
Still no? For Assane.
One does not change.
I'd like to change my mind.
I want to believe you.
I forgive you, Dumont.
Good evening.
Quite an ordeal, but everything is fine.
I need to talk to you.
It's about Babakar Diop.
There's a new player involved.
I'm sorry, you're right.
I'll be there.
Good night, Mr.
Gabriel? Gabriel! My love, you're here! Everything's fine.
OK, Circé.
"I Can See Clearly Now.
" One does not change Oh, Circé! - Sorry.
I don't understand.
- I think she's jealous.
Circé? Sorry.
I don't understand your request.
- Please, repeat - Good evening.
Quite an ordeal, but everything is fine.
- Circé! - I need to talk to you.
- Stop, Circé! - Sorry.
I don't understand your request.
- Stop! - I'm sorry.
Stop, dammit! - I don't understand your request.
- …Babakar Diop… …Mr.
Good night, Mr.
Good night, Mr.
Good night, Mr.
I need to talk to you.
It's about Babakar Diop.
There's a new player involved.

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