Lupin (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES God dammit, what is that? Get up, Mr.
- What? - The perimeter is compromised.
- What? - Follow us into the panic room, please.
Come on, catch it! What's that? Careful! I got it! Watch out! To your left! Quick, the door! - We have neutralized the intruder.
- Who? What's this? The device is destroyed.
It's under control.
Yeah, good.
I'LL GET YOU It's fine.
The perimeter is clear.
I have checked.
How's it going? Don't recognize me without my glasses? Assane? That's right.
Smile, Dumont.
I brought you a present.
Your Circé.
You did break it? - What now? - I want to know about your friend.
- My friend? - Pellegrini.
What did you want to tell him? Where is your wife? - At work.
- No.
She's not there.
You leave my wife out of this! - She should be there.
- It's nothing to do with her! So spill the beans.
If I give you a name… you swear you'll stop? I swear.
- You give me your word? - You have it.
- Are you a man of your word? - No.
Got a choice? You want to bring down Pellegrini? There's a woman, Fabienne Bériot, who can help you.
She's a journalist.
A few years ago, she almost got him.
You didn't hear it from me.
See you soon.
- Hello? - Where are you? - At the office, why? Is there a problem? - No.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
- You sound off.
- I wanted to say I love you.
OK, darling.
I love you too.
- Have a good day.
- Have a good day.
Next time, you carry the groceries upstairs.
So, what's your story, Fabienne Bériot? Come on.
Don't be scared.
Of what? I'm not scared.
I'm too old and weak.
Here to steal? You'll be disappointed.
The most expensive thing here is a bad Merlot.
- Do I look like a thug? - You look like a trespasser.
I'm not a thief.
I'm a fan.
Sign it for me? - What's this? - It's your book.
- No, I don't think so.
- Stop it.
- I know you're Fabienne Bériot.
- She doesn't live here anymore.
I need you.
Fabienne doesn't exist anymore.
She was silenced by big money! Right, J'accuse? What you wrote here is the truth.
It was the truth, but I faced an army of lawyers.
I didn't have the means to defend myself and was destroyed.
Then we have a common enemy.
It's Pellegrini.
I'm busy.
Don't let me keep you.
You're like me.
You want revenge on Pellegrini.
I did teach him to bark when hearing that name, but that's old.
- Not into that anymore.
- Impossible.
You were a real sniper.
Pharmaceutical labs, Françafrique.
You took them all down.
What about him? The fight is over? You stopped believing? How do I know you're not working for Pellegrini? That you're not here to make sure I'm still at rock bottom? Well, you see.
I'm there.
All right.
Good day! He framed my dad 25 years ago.
He threw him into a cell as a thief.
He hanged himself out of shame.
I was 14.
He fucked my life up too.
You're the only one who fought back.
I need you.
This book is tough.
Where is its writer? I want to help her finish the job.
No, I'm sorry.
He's got spies everywhere.
He's untouchable.
Just beat it.
Go away.
Go home.
I want to make sure I understand.
You think the guy who kidnapped me also stole the necklace? Because? You investigated the theft 25 years ago.
- Is that all? - No.
There's also the MO.
Whether it's the theft or your abduction, there's kind of a… Showmanship.
That connects both cases.
And if I may, I want to add something.
I know I'm the only one who thinks this.
I really think there's a shared source of inspiration.
- Not this again.
- Yes.
Shared inspiration? And who would this inspiration be? Arsène Lupin, Commissioner.
Gentleman Burglar by Maurice Leblanc.
The Queen's Necklace was published in 1923 in Le Journal.
A great classic.
The pseudonyms used, Paul Sernine, Luis Perenna.
Anagrams of Arsène Lupin.
And the method, panache, style, talent.
Our suspect is playing at being Arsène Lupin.
I made a list of the similarities.
I can send it to you.
- Yes.
I want that list at once.
- There.
Now that you mention it, I remember.
The guy who kidnapped me had a top hat and monocle.
We've got footage from surveillance cameras.
We'll do a composite sketch.
We'll soon know the face of the one who targeted you.
Go ahead.
Don't let me keep you.
How'd you find me? A good journalist never reveals her sources.
- Did you change your mind? - He took my most valued thing.
My career.
He made sure all of Paris knew not to hire me.
That I was a crazy old cat lady.
- That's not the truth.
- Well, no.
More of a dog person.
When you're a woman of my age, looking like me, the decision is easily made.
But he went a little too far.
I've got nothing left.
And nothing left to lose.
When you came to my place, when you showed me my book, believe it or not… no one had spoken to me in days.
And saying nice things to boot.
So, I thought about it… - I'm going to help you.
- Are you sure? A little adrenaline couldn't hurt.
I don't want to let him win.
- I need to be able to trust you.
- You came to me! I also need to be able to trust you.
Your name? Guillaume Berlat.
Yeah, right.
- Nice try.
- OK.
My name is Jean Daspry.
Last try.
Otherwise, you'll have to get on without me.
My name is Assane Diop.
Nice to meet you.
- Fabienne Bériot.
- Nice to meet you.
This is even messier than my place.
I broke into his house to look for papers.
- Looking for information, but… - What do you want? To bring him down.
Find something compromising.
I know he framed my father to get the insurance money.
- What year? - 1995.
Yeah, that fits.
That's the year when his company almost collapsed.
He frames your father, he gets the insurance money, and he saves his empire.
That's it.
He swindled everybody.
Except I can't prove it yet.
- Everyone must know this guy's a crook.
- I tried it before you.
It didn't work out for me.
He could kill the story then, but now? - What do you mean? - We need something big, Fabienne.
Something to drag him down.
Something he can't cover up.
We need some noise.
Then he's dead.
I may have something.
A little closer.
Not the eyes.
These eyes? That's not bad.
Show me the next one.
- I also have this.
- That's looking good.
- It's closer.
- That one isn't bad.
This one will give you… Yeah.
Is this your only option? It can't be that complicated.
The Objector.
The paper where I worked my whole life.
From my internship to the day Pellegrini got me fired.
The archives are on the third floor.
There's a box inside.
It's labeled "'80s Sports.
" And in there, there's a green VHS tape.
That's what you need to get.
- What's on it? - Don't worry.
Well, no.
I'm taking all the risks.
 Is it worth it? It's worth it because I say so! And you trust me! It's a meeting that Pellegrini attended in 1996.
Believe me, it could hurt him.
You only decided to get this tape back now? I tried a hundred times, but they know my face.
I can't get through the door.
But I just met a guy who loves to break into places.
- Are you using these files? - No, take them.
- You know the coward trick? - No.
Front desk.
This is Nathalie Lacombe.
I'm an investigative journalist.
- OK.
- An informant is to drop off a file.
An odd duck, but he's a solid source.
His intel is gold.
The issue is that he's a little scared.
So if he shows up, don't let him leave.
Send him straight to my office.
What does he look like? A tall Black guy.
Looks like a nerd.
I see him.
He's in front of me.
- Is he holding some files? - Yes.
Don't let him leave.
Send him to me straight away.
Third floor.
Third floor.
OK, Mrs.
- He's running away! - Go catch him, you moron! Yes! Sir? - Sir, please.
- Me? Yes, follow me.
I talked to the journalist.
Take the first left, and then to your right.
- Thank you, sir.
- OK? You're welcome.
More like that one.
Yeah, the fourth one.
- You see that guy? - Yeah.
He's a top-level informant.
I sent him to Mrs.
There you go.
Who did you say? Mrs.
Lacombe, Investigation Services.
Third floor.
She's on sick leave.
- You sure? - Yes.
Sir! Sir! Go on, go the other way! Shit.
Start the car.
Are you kidding me? - Your software is crap.
- It's not his fault.
Four different people.
That's true.
As though he could alter his appearance.
What? It's true! I mean… I'll keep it at that, because clearly… "French Chess Championship 1983.
" Don't tell me I almost got caught for that? I had to make sure no one would watch it.
Kuala Lumpur attack in 1996.
Does it ring a bell? - A terrorist attack? - Eleven dead.
Eight French citizens.
The truth? It was revenge.
A go-between swindled the Malaysian arm traffickers.
So they blew up the French embassy.
And the crooked go-between was… Pellegrini.
Play it.
My situation has evolved.
I don't like it either, but that's the way it is.
You'll have to pay double for the weapons.
Double? What is this blackmail? My client won't be pleased.
I have lots of other potential buyers.
You made a deal with him.
I don't care who buys the weapons or where they end up.
If you refuse to pay, I'm warning you, this is over.
Forget about this deal.
You don't give us a choice.
These weapons were used to attack the embassy.
Maybe he bought them with the insurance money from the necklace.
Let's get it out.
I don't care who buys the weapons or where they end up.
- He's responsible for the attack.
- We've got him.
He's a goner.
We'll use Twitter.
In 24 hours, everyone will know.
This is big, Fabienne.
It's intense.
Where'd you find it? A good journalist never reveals her sources.
- It's an economics lesson - That's perfect.
It's a charity dinner! You want to attract donors? They need to have trust.
It needs to be fiscally interesting.
- That's the way it is.
- Stop it.
This is nonsense.
Let's have a more cheerful background color.
What's the matter? Are you bored? What's going on? Are we disturbing you? Could you please leave us alone? What's going on? Thank you.
- Can you explain? - You explain to me.
This was posted on Twitter.
What's this ultimatum? It's easy.
We have to delete it.
Who is this Salvator813? It's a fake account.
It's anonymous.
- Do you know what this is about? - Absolutely not.
Why delete the tweet if you don't know what this is about? I don't want the world to think we have something to hide! - Yeah? When it's not the case? - When it's not the case.
This foundation means a lot to me.
I am invested, so if something could compromise it, you need to tell me.
There is nothing.
Do you promise? Would I lie to my own daughter? It was retweeted 2,000 times.
Come in.
- You going out? - I'm having drinks with girlfriends.
If they waited for me.
Raoul is in his room.
See you later.
See you later.
Did you finish the book? Yeah, it was awesome.
I even started the others.
That's cool.
I wanted to give you the set for your birthday.
I'll find something else.
I'll dazzle you and your mom.
I doubt it.
With all the dates she goes on.
What dates? She's already seen tonight's guy.
Tonight is girls' night, right? Dad… Oh yeah? Good for her.
- Who's the guy? - A doctor, I think.
Pretty good-looking too.
He's got money.
- That helps.
- And his ride is dope.
How do you know all this? - Have you met him? - He's stayed the night.
- What? When? - I'm kidding! You know, Mom talks.
Because she's happy.
Good for her.
Stop pretending you don't care.
It's pissing me off.
Head shot! You suck.
A day after the mysterious tweet from the anonymous Salvator, we are live from Hubert Pellegrini's home, where a press conference is starting.
Pellegrini! France is a country one can be proud of.
Our economy, our culture are envied, copied.
Our influence over the world remains strong.
And yet, for some time now, some have tried to damage our country's image and those who, like myself, love and defend it.
I built my company on work and effort.
I pay my taxes in France.
I am a philanthropist.
Despite all that, yesterday someone launched a nauseating and anonymous rumor.
This rumor puts my integrity and that of my company in doubt.
Usually, the one who calls himself Salvator813 wouldn't deserve my attention, my energy.
I'm standing before you today because my own daughter and the foundation she will launch to help youths are threatened by this rumor.
I cannot accept that.
So if this Salvator wants to create a scandal, if he's convinced that what he's saying is the truth, and that the world must know, I have one question.
Why remain in the shadows? Come out.
Show yourself.
I have nothing to hide.
If that's your case, prove it.
- Thank you.
- Mr.
Pellegrini! Mr.
Pellegrini? Do you have the blood of the Kuala Lumpur victims on your hands? - That wasn't planned.
- She'll be caught.
She's crazy.
That's all I had to say.
Thank you.
Pellegrini! Please! What a woman.
Well done.
Come on, you shouldn't have.
- Honestly.
- You were amazing.
It felt so good! I've been hiding for ten years, and I'm in the middle of the action.
That loser Brizac.
- The one you see on all the TV shows? - Yeah.
He tried to ask a question.
No way, mister! Fabienne Bériot is the one asking the right question! Before everybody else! Like in the old days.
One of Pellegrini's guys tried to follow me.
- What? - Don't worry.
I lost him.
- Are you sure? - Listen.
I have experience.
I know how to lose a tail.
All right, what's next? We out him.
We post the entire video online.
Better yet, I contacted The Other Edition.
I told them Salvator wanted to make his TV debut.
The Other Edition? That's not journalism.
Two million viewers every night.
These people will know the truth.
- You can't shut up two million people.
- OK.
- I'm ready.
- I know.
But no.
Tomorrow, I'll be Salvator.
Are you kidding? I'm going with you! I dragged you into this.
You have already done a lot.
It's my turn to take risks.
I owe it to my father.
What was your father like? Proud.
He was stubborn too.
Reminds me of someone.
I don't know what you mean.
Let's get to work.
Time to get Salvator out of the shadows.
- Were your witnesses drunk? - I'm sorry? None of them looks like my abductor.
They look like four different guys! What about him? I took the forensic identification guy to Vincent Morville.
Sernine's Louvre accomplice.
He gave us a very detailed description.
That's not him either.
For the last time, stop trying to connect both cases.
It's going nowhere.
- It's him.
- No, it's not him.
What he's trying to say clumsily is that he likes to change his appearance.
And you like to take me for a fool! The theft was three weeks ago.
You haven't made any progress! I'm putting another team on this.
No, we can do this.
You two.
You have one week, no longer.
- Us two? - You know what I meant.
Did you see his face when he saw the last sketch? What did you think? - It's super shady.
- Thank you, we agree.
We can't investigate our commissioner.
What? Who is this? It's him! - There's our suspect.
- Hey, Guédira.
Drop it now, OK? You heard Dumont.
You're off the case.
OK? Latex sponge.
- Did someone teach you makeup? - No.
I managed on my own.
I often do.
Brush number 12? You been living here long? - Is this an interrogation? - No.
Occupational habit.
Blending brush.
Come on, Fabienne.
This is for blurring, not blending.
- You're serious? - Yes, I'm serious.
I never joke around with makeup.
Yes, that's the one.
By the way… this is for you.
- To thank you.
- I don't need a reward.
I knew you'd say that.
It's my pleasure.
I hope it'll make you want to write again.
You know, the first time you came to my place, I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't Fabienne Bériot.
I hadn't been that woman in years.
You brought Fabienne Bériot back, Assane.
That's my gift.
Thank you.
Tonight on The Other Edition, an exclusive interview.
Hubert Pellegrini, one of the wealthiest and most generous men in France.
His empire ranges from import-export to energy and media.
Nothing can resist him.
But our guest tonight is a man who is questioning his integrity.
We are joined by Salvator.
Good evening, Salvator.
Good evening.
You're showing your face for the first time.
You're either very brave or completely insane.
Your viewers will decide.
Your appearance is intriguing.
It may startle some.
We weren't expecting this.
- What do you mean? - You are… - Old? - Aged.
When you have a Twitter account and you battle injustice, they expect a young person.
You're forgetting something.
Most people in this country are older than you.
You got your message across.
You came here tonight with a videotape that is allegedly compromising.
Pellegrini even came out of his legendary retreat to say he's not afraid of this video.
- That's right.
- Tell us more about it.
What is on this recording? Even I don't know.
Let's be candid.
You'll see.
This is footage from a meeting that took place in 1996.
In Malaysia.
You can see Hubert Pellegrini illegally selling weapons to the terrorists who attacked the French embassy at the time.
Really? Well, let's all watch this video.
My situation has evolved.
That's the way it is.
If you want a deal, you must keep your promise.
I'm warning you, this is over.
Forget this deal.
All of that for this? I'm confused.
There's nothing compromising.
I don't understand your accusations.
Clearly the cat's got Salvator's tongue.
We'll be back after the commercial.
Stay tuned.
Assholes! How much did he pay you? - Enough with the conspiracy act.
- Piece of shit.
But I don't give a damn! Turn the building upside down.
I need him! I'll call back.
- Yes, sweetheart.
- Dad? I told you, right? - A pack of lies.
- I saw.
I'm sorry.
I have to tell you something.
This Salvator, I think I know who it is.
How so? I'm not sure, but I think it's Assane Diop.
You know, Babakar's son.
It was him at the gardens.
He stole the necklace.
Why didn't you tell me sooner? I don't know.
I should have, but… Nothing makes sense.
- What does he want from us? - To destroy us.
I won't let him.
He's held me responsible for the death of his father.
It needs to stop.
The elites have outwitted us once again, J'accuse.
We won't let them get us twice.
We'll make him some coffee, J'accuse.
To cheer him up.
And then we'll set out again.
Evening, Fabienne.
Pellegrini wants Assane Diop's address.
- Who? - Salvator.
- I have no idea.
- Quit wasting my time.
We thought you'd learned your lesson.
I'll be clearer.
Where does he live? Tell me now, or I'll take care of you.
Last chance! Assane Diop's address! Where is he? A good journalist never reveals her sources.
I don't get you, Fabienne.
What's going on? Fabienne.
My dear Assane, tonight, we may have lost a battle.
But I know you.
You won't give up.
You know the difference between good and evil.
You never give up, in spite of the danger and the forces trying to stop you.
That's why I admire you.
We're going to fight.
For your father, your family.
For ourselves.
We're going to fight, Assane.
Your friend, Fabienne.
It's you.

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