Lupin (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5

You were right.
Shouldn't have involved her.
About that… I don't want to find you hanged.
So, what do I do? Lie down? Give up? Let him win? Or apologize, if you like.
Sorry for the trouble, Mr.
Sorry, sir.
Again! You have a life.
You have a wife and a son.
A son whose birthday is today.
Did you plan something? You promised Raoul.
- I don't feel up for it.
- Yeah.
But if you cancel, he wins.
- What? - You'll see, he's really sweet.
Just don't mention you-know-who.
Who? Pellegrini! Youssef.
It's shitty you got pulled from your case.
It's nothing.
Don't worry.
Besides… paperwork is my passion.
- All right, ciao.
- Ciao.
Who is this guy? Luis Perenna, Sernine, the Louvre.
813, Perenna, The Teeth of the Tiger, Salvator.
Of course, yes! No… The Queen's Necklace.
Dammit, what am I missing here? Salvator, The Seven of Hearts.
There has to be a connection.
Forensics have nothing.
The guy robbed the Louvre, and they've got nothing on him.
- Either he's lucky… - Or the greatest thief of them all.
Don't you start with that too.
- Guédira had a lead.
- He isn't on the case anymore.
Want to join him? By the way, where is he? I didn't fire him.
He sent me a text saying he's sick.
- Did he look sick yesterday? - Honestly… he always looks sick.
All right.
If he's in Paris, we'll get him.
Dad? - Happy birthday, son.
- What have you been up to? Nothing.
I missed my bus, so I ran a little.
- What is it? - Open it.
What is this thing? Look.
There! There you are.
- Assane, let me remind you, he's 14.
- So? - You don't like it? - Well… I dig the Lupin books.
I'm not sure about the costume.
I'm sure.
You're gonna love it.
Trust me.
It's not over yet.
In fact, we have to get going.
Where? - Surprise.
- Well, have fun.
You're not coming? No, I'm not coming, no.
I already have plans.
Doctor's appointment? Did you snitch on me? If you have any questions, just ask them! - None.
- I have nothing to hide.
- What do you want to know? - If you're coming.
- The train's in an hour.
- What train? Our train.
I got you a ticket.
You're annoying.
You're always putting me on the spot.
He never gives me any notice.
He's three hours late or doesn't show up.
Does he often ditch you? Is his work very time-consuming? His work… if you can call it that.
- What does he do? - You don't want to know.
Let's just say, if you run into him on the street, watch your wallet.
I don't know the half of what he does.
- 295.
That's the place.
- Here? You got the call too? - Yeah.
- Yes.
I got two guys stationed inside.
Check under the windows in case they try to sneak out.
- They're still here? - There were four of them.
Three took off on a scooter, one's inside.
I'll take care of him.
- Should we go with you? - A kid on foot.
I'll manage.
Check under the windows.
Thanks, guys.
- Yes? - Madam, it's the police.
- Open the door, please.
- Who is it? - It's the police.
- All right, come in.
Thank you, madam.
Calm down, madam.
I have two of my men standing guard downstairs.
It's going to be OK.
You're safe now.
I don't suppose they took anything from here? - I don't think so.
- Well, you're lucky.
They completely emptied your neighbors' apartment.
- Really? - Yes.
Do you have an alarm? - No.
- That's not OK, madam.
That's not good.
They're going to come back.
- You think so? - That's for sure! Those bastards won't let it go.
If they haven't finished the job, they come back.
Stuff their pockets.
Take everything.
- But you're staying here? - No, madam.
I'm not staying.
I can't.
All the money goes to the projects.
There's nothing left for honest people.
- My God! - As you say.
- There might be a solution.
- Yes.
Tell me.
A bit complicated.
If you have really valuable items, leave them with me.
It's for the best.
Let's do that.
I will put them in the station, safe and sound in the evidence room.
You can come pick them up after we catch the guys.
Let's do that.
It's going to mean paperwork for me.
- I will have to - Please.
All right.
Let's do that.
Only the most valuable.
My husband gave them to me.
He worked in diamond mining in the Belgian Congo.
- The good old time.
- The locals were sitting on a fortune.
- They didn't realize.
 We helped ourselves.
- You did the right thing.
- The earrings too? - Yes.
Thank you.
I… have one last favor to ask you.
I have a Fabergé egg.
Madam, I can't take everything.
- You're fearsome.
- I know.
All right.
- In memory of the Belgian Congo.
- Thank you, young man.
You are a gentleman.
This man is your soul mate.
"Soul mate" is a bit much.
Those are your words.
During our last session, you said, "Assane is made for me, whether I like it or not.
" "He's my soul mate.
" So, you believe in soul mates? Let's just say that when he holds me really tight in his arms, yes, I believe in it, but… when I've made dinner, and he's three hours late, it's more complicated.
I keep thinking it'll get better, and then there are moments when we're good.
We talk about the future, and all of a sudden, it's like he can't help ruining everything.
The vicious circle? I actually don't know if I'm in love with him.
It's been so long.
We have fun, we've been through everything together.
He's my best friend, but… I don't think he's the one.
You don't owe him anything.
You're not married.
No children.
I'll talk to him tonight.
And that way, we… - Well, we'll see.
- You'll see what? Whether he cares about me.
That prick! - You didn't see him? - No.
- He got away through the roof.
- Shit.
- He got away.
You didn't see him? - No.
We don't get paid enough to risk our lives.
He dropped this.
- Here.
- Really! - Not bad.
- Good jackpot.
I'm taking this to the station as evidence.
- I'll handle the paperwork.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- It's only fair.
- Have a nice day.
- Goodbye.
They're fast at that age.
They scurry around.
They're agile.
- Yeah.
- OK, thanks! - Goodbye.
- Thanks.
Can I see you tonight? I need to talk to you.
What? I'm using my serious voice? No.
It's my normal voice.
Serious, yes.
Can we have dinner together? OK for 7 p.
Pick a quiet place, Assane.
Nothing over the top, OK? OK.
See you tonight.
- Which number, Assane? - 85.
- 84, 85 and 86.
- 85… - 86… - Here! - There.
- Great.
Le Havre isn't exactly exciting.
We're not going there.
Really? Then where? Under the Fréfossé fortress.
"Downstream from Étrerat, the maidens' room.
" "Under the Fréfossé fortress, the hollow needle.
" Exactly.
We're off to Étretat, darling.
- A celebration for Lupin.
- There.
That's why I love you.
You see? I've known this person for 25 years.
Of course he asked me to read The Hollow Needle.
- So I remember some of it.
- Some of it? - Some of it.
- Hang on.
"Two feet on the letters in stone.
" "Measure 19 fathoms.
" "Turn the cross.
" "Climb onto the 44th step.
" "Then, on the 357th…" "You will find Arsène Lupin's treasure.
" You two are actually totally nuts.
Yeah, nuts, but connected.
- This place isn't bad.
- What do you think? I don't take you just anywhere.
I naively thought you were scouting the location.
I already told you.
- The more money there is… - The bigger the suckers are.
I know.
I found the perfect place for my shop.
In the flea market.
A large ground floor for normal clients, and a basement for clients who aren't.
- Closest police station? - Not close.
That's perfect.
- I think so.
- We're good.
First sale for the shop.
- Is this a Fabergé? - Yes, why? We're taking off.
I understand why we're here.
- Of course not.
- Yeah.
I'll be back.
Stop following me.
Are you kidding or something? You're following me.
What are you doing here? Very handsome.
I'm taken.
Do you mind? That's new.
- It's a mistake.
- It's annoying how you doubt yourself.
- I don't.
- No.
That's the problem.
It's a problem? Then it's a big problem.
- Can't do this to Claire anymore.
- Claire? Even her name sounds boring.
I can only imagine the rest.
I'm a good guy.
No, not at all.
You're not a good guy at all.
That's what I like.
I see.
I won't wait for you my whole life.
You can stop waiting.
- I love Claire.
- And I love you.
So, what do we do? I won't let you go.
I'm sorry.
I'm happy to get away with you two.
It's cool.
Is it the doctor? His name is Marc.
None of your business.
Have you seen Marc again? Since last time? None of your business.
- She hasn't seen him again.
- Hey! - Should we take a picture? - Go on.
Hang on.
Show me.
- Let's see.
- Stop it! - We want to see.
- Yes! It's cute, right? He really likes himself.
I'm pretty good-looking.
You're not too bad either.
Where are we at? I'm riding the train with him.
- Did he see you? - No, I don't think so.
But he's with his wife and his kid.
Leave them alone.
But get rid of him for good.
- Don't let me down.
- Yes, sir.
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, Raoul! Happy birthday to you! Bravo! Thank you! Stop it! Bravo.
Worth celebrating.
For real.
This is nice! You recognize him? - For you.
- OK, it's nice.
Help yourself.
- Marble cake, my favorite.
- Nothing to drink.
Hang on.
- I'll take care of it.
- Forget it.
I'll be right back.
Your ticket, please.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
Your ticket, please.
Thank you.
When are we arriving? - In 20 minutes.
- Thank you.
Your ticket, please.
Thank you.
Fucking shit! Where's Dad? He's coming.
Couldn't find anything to drink.
- But champagne's on me.
- Where were you? - I got in a fight.
- Huh? I ran into a guy who told me The Mysterious Traveler is the best Lupin book.
- Well, it's good.
- But it's not the best.
I explained this to him.
I told him nicely.
The guy got worked up.
Took it the wrong way.
I agree.
It's nonsense.
And the guy… Well… It's all sorted out.
We got into a scuffle.
Nothing serious.
A little exercise.
It's OK.
I hate you.
You don't like it? It just opened.
It's the restaurant.
Who cares? That's not the issue.
I said, "Nothing over the top.
" It's so fancy.
So what? So what? Thank you.
Thank you.
I wanted a quiet place to tell you what I need to tell you.
- This is quiet.
- Château Carbonnieux? No, thank you.
Sir? Real quiet.
- Thanks.
- My pleasure.
I'm sorry.
We can leave.
- The check, please! - No! Well then, tell me.
What? You don't look well.
That thing looks serious, so tell me.
I'm pregnant.
What did you say? I'm pregnant.
With a baby? - Well, yes! - With my baby? I'm going to be a dad? - Is that what you're saying? - Yes.
You know that's a good thing? - I don't know.
- It is! You're having doubts.
That explains the face.
I'm going to be a dad! - Stop it! - I'm going to be a dad! She'll be the best mother in the world! Stop it.
I'm going to be a dad! This place isn't quiet.
Let's bounce.
Here we go! Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, we're arriving into Le Havre station.
Please take all your belongings.
We wish you a pleasant day.
You're going to Étretat? - Are you a fan of Lupin? - A great fan.
- You? - Love it.
My father introduced me to him.
Your father has great taste.
- Do you know each other? - No.
A little.
Text, boss.
Is it my wife? No.
Unknown number.
What's it say? Let's see.
"Hey, it's Paul Sernine.
" "My train's pulling into Le Havre.
" "Fancy a coffee? Beige raincoat.
" A whack-job who got my number.
"Thanks for the pen at the Louvre.
" Call Le Havre now! OK, Raoul.
Let's go.
Thank you.
I'll catch up.
- See you later? - Later.
You're going to get up, and we're going to get off nice and quiet.
Don't you try to get smart with me.
- You know The Mysterious Traveler? - Freeze! Don't move! Put your hands up! I said put your hands up! - Take your hands out! - Beige raincoat, it's him.
- Now you know it.
- Take your hands out.
Your hands! On the ground.
- On the ground.
- Easy.
- There.
- Easy.
What's this? What's in your pockets? What's this? I don't remember.
How does Lupin end up? Nobody knows.
He never got caught.
That proves it's fiction.
In real life, he would get caught.
Unless he knew when to quit.
So? Well, it'd look ridiculous anywhere else, but it's pretty classy.
- I'll be back.
- Where are you going? - To see the hollow needle.
- Don't wander off.
When are you due? I think it's December 11th.
Is that a problem? - What? - December 11th! Claire! It's Maurice Leblanc's birthday! - OK, so what? - It's a sign! Don't tell me.
You want to name him Maurice? Why not? Not Maurice.
No, not Maurice.
Assane Junior.
- Assane Junior? - Yeah.
- Are you crazy? - I know.
No, not Arsène.
I don't know his name, but I'll love him.
I'll protect him with all my strength.
So, no more screwing up? No more screwing up.
I know.
- Raoul.
- Raoul? - Yeah! - No, not Raoul! - Raoul, yes.
- No! - Raoul.
- No! Tell me, Assane.
Who was that guy? What was the problem? I know something was going on.
Don't take me for an idiot.
Assane! Answer me! I need to settle something.
Something important for me.
And for Raoul.
It's about my father.
Whom you haven't talked about in 25 years? Whom I know nothing about? What's that got to do with anything? I need to see it through.
Then I'll tell you everything.
I'll stop that crap.
I've said this before.
- A hundred times.
- Yeah.
You have no reason to believe me.
- But it's true.
- It's true.
I know this time it's true, as usual.
You've said that too.
But I need more, Assane.
This isn't enough.
You won't even answer me.
Who cares? That's not what matters.
What matters is you and Raoul.
Give me a chance.
One last chance.
Wait, where's Raoul? I don't see him.
Raoul? This isn't our guy at all.
He had a gemstone from the necklace.
We'll bring him back from Le Havre.
- Where to? - To get Sernine in Le Havre.
They let the guy go.
It wasn't him.
- He had the gemstone.
- He was armed.
He has a gun license and an alibi for the burglary.
So, the gemstone… - Someone stuffed it in his pocket.
- But wait! Wait for what? Two more weeks on another false lead? The guy was framed.
 Figure out who did it.
Go through the passenger list, recover the surveillance footage.
Basically, do your job.
I'm not gonna do it for you.
What is this crap? We can't question the guy? - This is bullshit! - What do you want me to say? Get me the list of passengers.
There could be hundreds.
It's going to take ages.
A job for Guédira.
Where is he? Raoul! Raoul! Raoul! This is Raoul.
Leave a message.
Have you seen a 14-year-old? Light brown skin, wearing a top hat? There are boys wearing hats all over.
Light brown skin, with big hair? Let me go! Lupin?
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