Lupin (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Chapter 6

Thank you.
Sir, your ticket.
Ladies and gentlemen, tickets.
Raoul! Raoul! Stop! Let go of me! Stop! Raoul! Raoul! Raoul! Lupin? Looking for a child dressed up as Lupin? Yes! A little boy! He's 14.
He's our son.
He's wearing a top hat.
-Mixed-race? -Yes.
I saw a mixed-race boy tussling with a guy.
Wait! Raoul! Raoul! They went that way.
In a gray BMW.
-What was he like? -Black.
Beige raincoat.
Badly shaved, skinny.
Shit, Assane.
This is your fault! It's the guy from the train! Who the fuck is he? You lied to me! Stop! What are you doing? What are you doing? Let go of that car! I'm calling the cops.
No, not the cops.
Stop it.
Calm down.
Let me handle it.
OK? -I'll call them.
-Trust me! Not the cops.
-I'll bring him back.
Trust me.
-I stopped trusting you a while ago.
Claire, not the police.
What are you doing here? I want to help.
MUSIC CONSERVATORY Claire? How was your rehearsal? Don't want me to walk with you? What did I do? What's going on? Claire? Not everything revolves around you.
I left the room.
It was like this when I came back.
I bet no one fessed up to it.
-People will do anything.
-Can you fix it? Fixing it would cost more than buying a new one.
Hang on.
What about my audition? Hang on… Here.
Try this one.
It sounds great.
-How much? -3,000 francs.
I don't have enough.
I'm sorry.
Can we rent it? -And you are? -Assane.
He's a friend.
You can rent it for 350 francs a day.
But not you.
-Why? -Yes, why? Because.
It's my shop.
I decide.
Good luck for your exam.
Come on, Assane.
Let's go.
-Do you know the area? -No.
Get your phone, see where we are, and where they could be.
Wait a minute.
Fuck, no reception! Must be a map in this car.
They passed through Bourneville! -Is it far? -I'd say four, five kilometers.
Maybe they stopped there, or someone saw them.
We have to stop there.
I need to make a call.
-Are you kidding me? -No.
My wife's in Étretat.
How am I supposed to tell her? You know women.
She'll be thinking I'm the one who was kidnapped.
Come on! CALL FAILED Shit! Look somewhere else.
Or I'll make you.
Come with me! I said get in there.
Get in there! -What do you suggest? -A missing person report at the station.
After 24 hours, we send a broadcast to all services.
A broadcast to all services? Do you realize that this is a kidnapping? OK, you're useless.
-Where are you going? -To find my son.
You scream, I'll kill you.
Good, you learn fast.
Do you have a phone? And some change? Well, you have to buy something.
-Who is this? -It's Léonard.
I'm in Bourneville, a village in Normandy.
-Why there? -I followed our client, as planned, but I wanted to tell you that… there was a small setback.
-I'm with his son.
-His son? -Yes.
It's the father I want.
Clean up your mess, and do it neatly.
Don't be stupid.
Sir? Have you seen a gray car? A Black man at the wheel? A teenager? A gray car? Sir? Answer me, at least.
Even "no" is an answer.
-Hello? -Hello, it's me.
-Still sick? -No.
-I'm in Normandy.
-What? You need to get back here.
Shit's getting real.
-Why? -We caught the wrong Sernine.
-Of course.
I'm with him now.
-What? -He's right in front of me.
-Sernine? Yes, Sernine! -I'm in Bourneville.
-Why are you with him? He's coming over.
Is everything OK? -You can't talk? -Yes, right.
-Do you need backup? -Yes.
We need to catch him.
I love you too.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a Black man in a gray car.
With a 14-year-old teenager.
Mixed-race, curly hair.
He's my son.
He's been kidnapped.
So, if you know anything, tell me.
Buy something.
-I'm not kidding around.
-It's him! -I'll continue on my own.
-I have to join you! I can help you catch this guy.
Get in.
Her exam's on Friday.
A church in the 11th district.
-Why did they break her violin? -She's too good.
For real.
I heard her play.
She's incredible.
So, if you find her a violin, you'll be her hero.
For now, I'm more like her problem than her hero.
The asshole from the shop won't rent it since she's friends with a Black boy.
Seriously? -What would Lupin have done? -You know him best.
I think he would go back to the store, steal a violin, and give it to Claire.
There! I'M ON MY WAY! -It's my wife.
-Yeah? No! We've lost him.
I'm opening up.
Don't be stupid.
It's your son? DAD, I TOOK THE GUY'S PHONE.
-It's his son.
-You a fan of Lupin? -Yes, I love it.
-So does my son.
If he wrote this, he'll spot the mistake.
If he doesn't… It's a trap.
Don't be scared.
Your dad's on his way.
I'll take care of him.
And then, I'll take care of you.
This way.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Hide! Hey! He can see you! Well, it's your father.
-Dad! -Shut up! Dad! I'm here! Touch one hair on his head, I'll kill you.
-I'm here! -You want your son? Come and get him.
CLOSED -There's a way in through the back.
We get the violin.
We'll give it back to him.
-Once she's passed her exam? -Yes.
You coming? Who will keep lookout? You're right.
What's that noise? -Call the police.
It's their job.
Police are either incompetent or corrupt.
Or both.
-Don't say that.
-I'm telling you.
My son's kidnapper has the police in his pocket.
What? All right.
What would Lupin do? This isn't a game.
-Why are you here? -Waiting for you.
Something for you.
Open it.
Assane, what did you do? Relax, I just borrowed it.
Go on, try it out.
-No, I can't.
-Go on.
No! Play for me! Come to the audition.
How much time do I have? For what? Before they get here.
-Who? -Your colleagues at the station.
The ones you called.
Your wife.
When do they arrive? -I don't know.
-You're lying, Guédira.
I know your name.
You're a cop.
Been searching for you for weeks.
-Only I figured it out.
-I know.
-I'd have arrested you if… -If you were armed.
You're Ganimard.
How much time? One hour, maybe a bit less.
Thank you.
Hey! Untie me! I can help you! I already told you.
I don't work with cops.
ESTIMATED TIME TO ARRIVAL: 45 MINUTES Raoul? Raoul? Raoul? Like father, like son… Raoul! Raoul? Raoul, can you hear me? Where are you? Answer me! -Raoul! -Dad! -Dad! -Can you hear me? Dad, I'm here! Raoul! -Raoul, answer me! -Dad! -Raoul! -Here! Here! Help! Dad, is that you? Help! -Help, I'm here! -Signal me, Raoul! Can you hear me? Raoul! Help! Help! Help me! Get me out of here! Dad! Raoul! NEXT TIME TRY THE CAR Raoul! Raoul! Raoul! Raoul.
Don't move.
My son.
-He's inside.
-Hands behind your head.
-I said, hands behind your head! -My son… Your hands! Give me your arm.
Get up.
I said, get up! Get the fuck up! Come with me.
-I really believed it.
-What? That we were as good as Lupin.
My son… He's in there.
That won't work.
Not falling for your tricks.
Don't move.
I'm sorry! Raoul.

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